Closure of All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne - East Sussex County ...

Closure of All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne - East Sussex County ...

Urgent Agenda Item


Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Date: 4 February 2004

Title of report:


Purpose of report:

Closure of All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne

Scrutiny and Best Value Co-ordinator

To agree what action the Committee wishes to take as a result of the

failure of East Sussex Hospital NHS Trust to consult the HOSC before

deciding to close All Saints Hospital and demonstrate how services

will be re-provisioned.


To receive the report and agree one of the following options:

1. immediately report the non-compliance with statutory requirements to the Secretary of

State who may require consultation to take place, or

2. ask the Chief Executive of the East Sussex Hospital NHS Trust to explain why no

consultation has taken place. Dependent upon the response either :

a. make comment to the Trust as appropriate, and/or

b. report the matter to the Secretary of State.

1. Introduction

1.1 The closure of All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne has been planned for March 31, 2004.

Admissions to the Hospital have ceased. To date the East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has not

consulted the HOSC or the public on this closure. The Lead Officer has held meetings with the

former Project Director of the Whole Service Review which included arrangements for a phased

closure of the Hospital when re-provisioned services were in place. During those discussions no

formal proposal to close the Hospital without consultation, or appropriate long-term replacement

services being in place, had been mentioned.

1.2 It is a requirement for NHS bodies to consult on a substantial variation in provision of a

service. It is the view of the officers that the closure of All Saints Hospital is a substantial variation

in service and is a matter for consultation.

2. Background

2.1 The re-provisioning of All Saints was the subject of correspondence between the

Eastbourne, Seaford and Wealden Community Health Council and Eastbourne Hospitals NHS

Trust (now East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust) in September to November 2000. See Appendix

One. The correspondence shows that a timetable for planning the re-provisioning contains the

dates of October 2001 - December 2001 as those for public consultation on the plan. This

consultation has never taken place.

2.2 The decision appears to have been taken by the Trust to close All Saints Hospital without

appropriate long-term re-provisioning of services being in place and the necessary statutory

consultation process with the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) being followed.

2.3 East Sussex Hospital NHS Trust held a briefing meeting for voluntary organisations and

other interested organisations at All Saints on Friday, 30 January 2004. The Lead Officer for the

HOSC attended. This meeting confirmed the closure was taking place and that there would be a

presentation on 27 February 2004, led by Eastbourne Downs PCT on the plans for future

configuration of Older Peoples Services. No plans to consult the public on the closure of All Saints

were discussed or notified at this meeting.

3. Proposed Action

3.1 Christine Martin-Adams, Acting Forums Development Officer, for Eastbourne Downs

Primary Care Trust and East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, former Chief Officer of Eastbourne

Downs and Weald Community Health Council, has agreed to attend the meeting to provide

members with an up-to-date view of the situation.

3.2 Members are asked to consider the action that should now be taken by the HOSC. The

options are set out in the recommendation.

3.3 Members should note that the East Sussex Hospital NHS Trust, Eastbourne Downs PCT

and the Social Services Department have been informed that the HOSC is being asked to take an

urgent item on this matter at this meeting.


Director of Law and Performance Management

Contact Officer: Roger Howarth, Scrutiny & Best Value Co-ordinator

e-mail: (Tel: 01273 481327)




6 November 2000

Mr Alan Randall

Chief Executive

Eastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust

Eastbourne District General Hospital

King's Drive

Eastbourne BN21 2UD

Dear Alan

Re: Re-provision of All Saints

Thank you for your communication of 11 th September 2000 conceming the above noted matter. Council's

Management Committee met on 30 th October and after discussion re-affirmed Council’s view that it should

work to:

v ensure that what is re-provided is an improved range of quality services, delivered from more

appropriate and modern facilities and designed to serve the best interests of service recipients.

The Management Committee notes the inclusion in the proposed Project Group of a CHC member and is

happy to nominate Sheila Knight of Council's Hospital Services Committee as its representative on the

understanding Council's usual conditions attaching to such membership apply, viz:

v CHC membership of the Project Group is not a substitute for public consultation, neither does it

signify CHC acceptance of that Group's eventual proposals for re-provision.

v The CHC member will be able to report back, on a privileged information basis, to the CHC

Management Committee and be briefed by Council's Management Committee as appropriate.

Sheila Knight can be contacted at:

Yours sincerely

76 Bridgemere Road


East Sussex BN22 8TU

John Faulds

Chief officer of Council

SENLAC House, 55 Seaside, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 7NE

Tel/Minicom (01323) 737925 e-mail: Facsimile (01323) 410142

Chief Officer John Faulds MA

Eastbourne District General Hospital

Kings Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2UD



- NHS TRUST – Telephone: 01323 417400 Ext 4915


11 th September 2000


Mr P Brooke, Chief Executive, High Weald PCG

Miss A Knight, Chief Executive, Eastbourne Downs PCG

Ms H Hills, Assistant Director (Adults), ESSC Social Services

Mrs S Parkes-Crick, Chief Executive, EACH

Dear Colleague

Re: Re-provision of All Saints Hospital

I am writing to bring you up to date and seek your support for the next stages in planning the reprovision

of services at All Saints Hospital. I would welcome a chance to discuss this issue at the

Local Health Economy meeting on Friday.

1. Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference are proposed for the project:

"To draw up a plan for the re-provision of the All Saints Hospital services to ensure that there is full

involvement and consultation on the plans with all key stakehoIders - users, clinicians, health and

social services agencies, local authority and local residents – and that the plans are implemented

with the closure of All Saints Hospital being completed by early 2003. The plan should ensure that

new services are more accessible and provided in modern settings that better meet the needs of

patients and their relatives currently provided for at All Saints Hospital. The total cost of the plan

should be contained within the total cost of existing services excluding current overheads of

£650,000 pa which will need to be saved as part of the Trust's financial recovery plan. The plan

should however be alert to the possibility of additional funds becoming available through the

Government's modernisation plan which aims to encourage intermediate care and increased

accessibility for patients."

2. Project Board

It is proposed to establish a project board with the following membership –

Chairman - Dr Bryan Heap, MedicaI Director, EACH

Project Manager -

ASH General Manager -

Social Services representative -

EACH representative -

PCG/HA representative(s) -

CHC representative -

EHNHST representative - Andy Wood

EHNNST Non-Exec Director - Pam Oates

User representative -

Clinical representative -

Staff representative -

The steering group will be supported by three advisory/liaison groups –

a) Clinical advisory group - Care of Elderly Consultant Physicians, Clinical Director -

Medicine, GP representatives, Therapists, Nursing staff, Stroke Rehabilitation team


b) User group – Patient/relative representatives, voluntary organisation representatives

including Age Concern and the Stroke Association

c) Staff group - representative from each of the following:

• Each ASH ward

• Princess Alice day hospital

• ASH support services

• ASH admin & clerical

It will be the role of these groups to assist the steering group in preparing and implementing the

plans plus acting as key conduits for ensuring good two way communications.

3. Project Manager

The project manager post will be advertised shortly. Enclosed is a copy of the draft advertisement

and job description. It is proposed that the project manager is based at All Saints and is

accountable to Andy Wood. The cost of the post is being borne by Eastbourne Hospitals and

recouping of cost will be the first call on resulting savings/capital receipts.

4. Timetable

Set out below is the proposed timetable. A year has been set aside for the implementation of the

plan. This will of course depend upon the plan which is finally agreed and there may be

opportunities for part or all of the plan to be implemented earlier.

September 2000 - Project Board established

Project Manager post advertised

October 2000 - Closing date for Project Manager post

November 2000 - Interviews to appoint Project Manager post

February 2001 - Project Manager in post

January 2001 - September 2001 - Project plan drawn up following extensive involvement

and consultation with key parties

October 2001 - Re-provision plan published

October 2001 - December 2001 - Public consultation on plan

January 2002 - Plan agreed

January 2002-December 2002 - Implementation of plan

Early 2003 - All Saints Hospital closed

5. Success Criteria

The suggested success criteria for the project are as follows:

i) The plan enjoys support from key stakeholders - the patients and their representatives, the

public, staff and key agencies




At all stages good communications about the process and the plan will have been achieved

The re-provision proceeds at a pace that removes the present feeling of uncertainty

The cost of the new service, capital and revenue, is within the budget agreed with key


v) All Saints Hospital is successfully re-provided by April 2003.

6. Local Health Economy

This project is being led by Eastbourne Hospitals on behalf of the Local Health Economy and with

the full involvement of all local health and social services partners. It is proposed that in addition to

the Project Board reporting to Eastbourne Hospitals Trust it should report periodically to the Local

Health Economy group.

Comments and support for the project will be warmly welcomed.

Yours sincerely


Chief Executive

Copy: John Faulds, Chief Officer, CHC

Re-provision of All Saints Hospital


Project Manager

Re-provision of hospital services (£40,000 pro rata - 30 hours per week - 2 year post)

All Saints Hospital Eastbourne is a care of the elderly hospital with 105 beds and a day hospital.

The hospital and the staff there have a good reputation but the buildings are far from ideal. Better

services could be provided by developing new, more conveniently located, services. To plan and

implement this over the next two years will involve working closely with patients and staff, Social

Services, the hospital and community NHS Trusts, the PCG/HeaIth Authority and the local council.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone with general management skills and evidence of a

deep commitment to improving care of the elderly services.

For further information contact Andy Wood, Contracts & Planning Manager, EHNHST, on 01323


Closing date: 6 th October 2000

Interview date: ? 24 th October 2000

Re-provision of All Saints Hospital

Job description : Project Manager

Job Details

Job title : Project Manager – Re-provision of All Saints Hospital

Grade : Senior Manager Scale - £40,000 per annum pro rata

Hours : 30 hours per week

Department : Planning

Location : All Saints Hospital

Accountable to : Planning Manager, Eastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust

Reporting to : Chair and Members of the Project Board

Working Relationships

A wide range of Senior staff – clinicians and managers – in a range of local health, social service

and voluntary organisations.

Local authority, community health council, local media and the public in explaining and gaining

their support to the proposed plans.

Staff and their representatives at All Saints in involving them in development and implementation

of the change plans.

Key responsibilities

1. To draw up a plan for the re-provision of the All Saints Hospital Services.

2. To get agreement from key agencies to all aspects of the plan.

3. To draw up an implementation plan covering service, financial, personnel and

communications aspects.

4. To see the plan through to completion.

5. To de-commission the All Saints site.

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