Summer 2013 • V ol. 47 No. 2 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Summer 2013 • V ol. 47 No. 2 - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Summer 2013 • Vol. 47 No. 2

Board of Trustees

Diane Gilabert, CPA


Debra Patterson, CFP

Chair Finance Committee

Dana Di Ferdinando

Chair, Board Governance and Nominating


Bev Oster Ornelas


Fred Baranowski

Dr. Judith Muñoz


Sandy Arledge; Allen Blackmore; Robert Brown, Ed.D.;

George Coles; Lee Collins; Susan Davis; Diane Glow, Ed.D.;

Wayne Hanson; Lisa Miller, MD; Anne Perry; David Sear

Life Members

Vi & Dan McKinney, John Parker


Gary L. Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA

Senior Staff

Renee Harris, Executive Vice President, Community

Animal Welfare

Kim Shannon, CAWA, Chief Operating Officer/SVP

Shelly Stuart, CSPG, CFRE, CAWA, Chief

Development Officer/SVP

Kelly Riseley, Chief Financial Officer/SVP

Trish Wagner, SPHR, Vice President, People


Michael Baehr, Vice President, Communications

and Community Engagement

Photo: Christina Hall

A Message from

the President

Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA

We’ve got mail

Do you have a happy adoption

story to share? Then we’d

love to hear from you! Visit and

go to the Success Stories page for

more details.

AnimalFare Editor

Kelli Herwehe

Contributing Writers

Nicole Angelucci, Jenna Dawsey, Christina Hall,

Christina Lewis, Jenny Ludovissy, Elkie Wills

Design & Layout

Kat Godard, DraDog, LLC

Published 3 times/year by:

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Mailing Address:

Central Campus

5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110

North Campus

(For dogs)

2905 San Luis Rey Road, Oceanside, CA 92058

(For cats & small animals)

572 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92058

Main Telephone: (619) 299-7012



To report animal abuse call (619) 243-3466

Serving San Diego County since 1880, the San Diego

Humane Society and SPCA’s scope of social responsibility

goes beyond adopting animals. The Humane Society offers

San Diegans a wide range of programs and services that

strengthen the human-animal bond, prevent cruelty/

neglect, provide medical care and educate the community

on the humane treatment of animals.

As one of San Diego’s oldest nonprofit organizations, the

Humane Society has campuses in both San Diego and

Oceanside and is supported solely through contributions,

grants, bequests, investments, proceeds from the

Muttique retail store, and small fees for services.

For your privacy, the Humane Society does not sell, rent,

lend or exchange its mailing or contributor lists. The

only way your email address could ever be used for a

purpose other than what you intended is if you choose to

opt-in to a service by providing your explicit consent.

I’ve just completed my first year as president of the San Diego Humane Society.

It’s no surprise to me that in the past year I’ve completely fallen in love with this city

and the people and animals of our community.

It’s been a big year for us! On top of being my first year, this has also been a

year full of firsts for the Humane Society. We launched our first public, needs-based

spay/neuter clinic to provide affordable spay/neuter surgeries for the community.

We had our first annual Animal Compassion Awards to honor and recognize the

extraordinary people and animals in San Diego. And we’ve opened up every door we

could find to bring other animal groups into the Humane Society. And this includes

their animals. To date, this year, we’ve admitted more than 1,200 animals from

partner shelters and rescue groups in San Diego!

Looking ahead, we want to further engage the community by continuing to build

on programs that are making a dramatic difference in the lives of people who love and

care about animals. Programs like…

Project KEPPT – Provides education, resources, and services to assist our

community in keeping their companion animals in their homes during times of need.

This program is aimed at providing temporary assistance to those in need, including the

homeless, so that life’s setbacks don’t have to mean losing your animal. We’re working to

significantly grow this program so that we can help even more people and animals.

Vaccines – For the first time ever, we are providing free or low-cost vaccines to people

who need assistance in the quest to keep the animal population as healthy as possible.

Spay/neuter – As a part of our involvement with Spay San Diego, we’re continuing

to build on our new spay/neuter program so that we can provide needs-based spay/

neuter surgeries, and minimize the number of homeless animals in San Diego.

Advocacy – We are the voice for animals in our community, which is why supporting

animal advocacy is a critical part of our mission. For example, we are currently leading

an effort in collaboration with the Animal Defense Team and other groups to propose an

ordinance that will ban the sale of cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and rabbits from San Diego

pet stores. This ordinance is going to City Council early this summer.

We have an obligation to be the animal resource to the people of our community…a

resource to turn to when help is needed in caring for an animal. We believe this is the

only way to keep pets out of shelters and in their homes…where they belong.


Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA

President and CEO

Dr. Gary Weitzman has a weekly radio program called “The Animal House” on KPBS 89.5. The program

offers expert advice on all pet-related questions, and aims to deepen human understanding of animals and

explain the powerful bonds between humans and animals.

You can submit your pet questions to or via the listener phone-in number

877.610.3647. Tune in to KPBS 89.5 FM every Saturday at 5am and Sunday at 7pm to hear the show!

“When I was medically retired from

the Marine Corps I came to the

Humane Society to find a friend who

might help me start a new life. As

soon as I saw Daisy (then Dexter),

an energetic and friendly black labmix

puppy, I knew that I had found

my match. We adapted well to life

aboard my sailboat. She quickly

became my alarm clock, waking me

for our morning walks on Shelter

Island and our occasional swims at

the little beach there. Daisy became known to all the shops and stores

in the area and I became known as “Daisy’s Dad.”

Daisy has grown into a loyal companion, and I see her devotion every

night as she settles into bed at my feet facing the door. Her friendly

and protective nature is a great source of comfort for a combat veteran

trying to find his way in civilian society. She is truly a wonderful

friend and I couldn’t get by without her.”

Cameron A.

AnimalFare • Summer 2013

“We wanted to provide a forever home for a

third dog who would get along with our two

other rescues, ages 7 and 15. The moment

we saw Nicholas in his kennel, wagging

his tail like mad, we knew he was the one.

Nick is a 12-year-old Parsons Russell

terrier who ended up at the Humane

Society because his owner had passed away.

The staff told us he was a total love bug

who would make us laugh every day, and

they were right. Nick is a complete joy and

a real clown. Despite his age, he’s a very

active boy who adores going to Dog Beach,

meeting new friends and chasing tennis balls.

Thank you for all the great work you do, and for helping us to find

such a funny, charming companion. Roxy and Hannah love their

older brother Nick – and so do we! ”

Robin and John D.

“I visited the SD Humane Society’s Winter Wonderland

event in December and met Wyoming (pit bull mix)

and a sassy and confident domestic long-haired cat

named Liam. I had the most amazing and easy-going

adoption process with the help of Kira (adoption

counselor) who was very knowledgeable about these

boys and how well they would get along. The next day, I

brought Wyoming and Liam into their forever home and

introduced them to each other. They are little rascals

and give me great joy.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have my boys in my

life and I am forever grateful to the Humane Society for

all of the wonderful work they do.”


Noodle is well! He got a

bath and a haircut. He is

adjusting very well to being

held a lot, he loves carrots and

sitting on people’s shoulder. He

is even doing great around the

dogs; including my neighbor’s

dog. Thank you so much for

our little guy! We love him.

Destiny V.

“We wanted to thank you for your help and for giving us

the chance to adopt the most incredible cat in the world.

Orion is definitely one of a kind! Smart, handsome and

more loving than ANY cat I’ve ever met. How we got

so lucky I’ll never know

but we are so very, very

HAPPY that he spoke up

and “chose” us that day.

He’s come a long way

from the scrawny guy we

brought home a little over

3 months ago... 8 lbs now.”

Forever thankful,


ON THE COVER: The San Diego Humane Society’s Foster Program aims to provide individualized, in-home care for 1,500 animals this year. Read more on

page 10. Cover Photo: Emi Killeri




New spay/neuter programs stem the flow of

homeless pets

Last November, the San Diego Humane

Society launched a new needs-based

community spay & neuter initiative to help

stem the flow of homeless animals coming

into San Diego area shelters each year. A

reduction in the number of unplanned litters

and stray animals in our communities and

in our shelters would in turn allow shelters

Please enter by August 31, 2013

to provide more comprehensive behavioral

and medical care to animals in need,

significantly reducing the overall euthanasia

rate in our community.

The program provides affordable spay/

neuter services for the companion animals

of eligible individuals, based on financial

need. In addition, there are clinics offered

each month that are aimed at strategic

animal populations, such as feral cats and

pit bulls.

Gifts in any amount are sincerely

appreciated to help support this program.

Just enclose a note or write “spay/neuter

program” on your check.

We have also created the “President’s

Team,” made up of individuals and

businesses willing to make a three-year

funding commitment to the spay/neuter

program starting at $2,500 per year. This

special group of donors will help ensure

that this important initiative is funded

through 2015.

For information on how you can

join the “President’s Team” to support

spay/neuter services, please contact

Piero Berlonghi at 619-243-3441 or

For eligibility, and for more information

about our spay/neuter services, please call

the San Diego Humane Society at (619)


Optional: Include a short story (200 words or less on a separate

sheet of paper telling us about your pet.

Photo: Kelli Herwehe


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013



The following pets are looking for new homes at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA!

Photo: Emi Killeri

Photo: Jen Petit

Photo: Mark Patterson


Breed: Bull Terrier/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Age: 1 ½ years

Sex: Male

Adoption Fee: $75

Identification #: 106012

Location: Central Campus – Gaines

Pembrook is your ultimate play buddy!

With lots of fun-loving energy and charisma,

he absolutely loves to play! Loves to play

fetch… loves to play in the water…loves

to drink the water from the hose… loves

to play with other dogs… and would love

a playful companion. After all this fun and

activity, Pembrook is ready to settle down

for some tummy rubs and nap time.


Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 10 years

Sex: Male

Adoption Fee: $25

Identification #:93151

Location: North Campus – Airport Road

OC is a handsome boy with a cute and

confident personality. He absolutely

loves snuggling! His favorite activity is

being a lap cat, and he can’t wait to find

a family to curl up with!


Breed: Havana

Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $25

Identification #: 83754

Location: North Campus - Airport Road

Nessa is a sensitive and shy girl, but

enjoys being brushed. She is a smart

bunny, who takes her time getting to

know her human friends. She shows

bursts of bunny fun, doing binkies

around her play pen. Nessa will do best

in a bunny savvy home to help her find

love and trust again.

Estate and tax planning for you, your family and your pets!

Complimentary Estate Planning Seminar

Friday, August 9 th | 12:00 – 1:30pm | Lunch will be served!

With guest speaker Mark Drobny, Attorney at Law, Master of Laws (LL.M.), Taxation,

Certified Specialist, Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, The State Bar of California

Board of Legal Specialization. Topics of discussion will include:

• How to be sure your pets will be taken care of after you are gone

• How to liquidate securities and real estate and pay no capital gains tax

• Introduction to wills and trusts

• Pet trusts • Retirement strategies and tax planning strategies

• How your advanced planning can help homeless animals

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110

RSVP to Nicole Angelucci,

Director of Planned Gifts at (619) 243-3443


16 th Annual Telethon for the Animals

Smiles, compassion, and donations were in full bloom

during the 16 th Annual Telethon for Animals! More

than $290,000 was raised in gifts and pledges to help

lost, homeless and abused animals, as well as to support other

charitable programs of the San Diego Humane Society.

News 8 anchors, Barbara-Lee Edwards, Dan Cohen, and

Marcella Lee along with Dave Mason of 105.7 The Walrus, led

the three hour, high energy, live broadcast with their co-hosts

and true stars of the show…the animals! The program featured

adoptable pets, informative videos about the San Diego Humane

Society’s programs, heartwarming animal stories, the latest

animal-related news and more.

“This was a record-setting evening for our Telethon. We’re

constantly in awe of how San Diego comes together to support

its animals,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. “This was a successful

event.... but our work is far from complete. On any given day, we

may have between 800 to 1,100 animals to care for, along with

providing animal cruelty investigations, community education

and more. We take great pride in providing these services for

animals and the people who love them, and community support

is the only way we can continue.”

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, donors, and everyone

who tuned in for this special night!

A special thanks to our sponsors

Our first annual “Animal

Compassion Awards” recognized and

paid tribute to the extraordinary

animals and animal lovers throughout

San Diego County. Nominations were

collected in three categories, Human-

Animal Bond, Humane Hero and Pet-

Friendly Destination, and the winners

were announced on the Telethon!

Human-Animal Bond Award: This award recognizes

the powerful and unique relationship between humans

and animals.

Winner: Judy Fridono and her dog, Ricochet

Photos: Jen Petit

Melissa Prettyman,

winner of the Humane

Hero Award

Humane Hero Award: This award recognizes an

individual, business or group that goes above and beyond

to help animals.

Winner: Officer Melissa Prettyman, County of San

Diego Department of Animal Services

Pet-Friendly Destination Award: This award

recognizes a local business that promotes and supports an

extraordinary pet-friendly environment.

Winner: Gina Champion-Cain, Owner, The Patio

Restaurant and LUV San Diego Surf

To see the moving videos of each Animal Compassion

Award winner, visit


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013



Sending a Smiley Face

Smiley came to our North Campus in July of last year after he was found near the

Oceanside Pier wearing a spiked collar and dragging a makeshift leash someone had

fashioned out of a belt. With his adorable antics and friendly nature, the 10-year old Pit

mix quickly became a staff favorite. Smiles would follow wherever he went, especially

Photo: San Diego Magazine

anytime he played with a toy, entertaining himself by flinging it into the air and happily

prancing after to retrieve it.

It was in November that staff started to notice a decrease in Smiley’s appetite. He

had become lethargic and his gait had stiffened. Most unsettling was when he didn’t

get up for morning feedings and had to be hand fed where he was lying. After running

lab tests, our Veterinarians discovered that Smiley had Addison’s Disease. Although

affordable to manage, the diagnosis was very discouraging as it presented yet another

issue that a potential adopter must be willing to accept about the sweet boy, who

Photos: Elkie Wills

Photo: Star 94.1

already suffered from several other medical ailments including a heart murmur and

dental disease.

Fortunately, a couple looking to adopt a dog saw Smiley and were immediately

smitten. They had found their dog, and Smiley had finally found a family who could

see what an amazing guy he is. ...and that is definitely something to smile about.

Adopter Update: “Everything is going great! Smiley has brought so much more love into our family. My husband and I

find ourselves extremely blessed to have won the heart of an older dog. He loves his new forever home and is quickly becoming

spoiled. Our little man became mister personality at his new vet’s office! Dr. Hasley and her staff fell in love with him just as

quickly as my husband & I. He loves lying in the Cali sun and playing with his squeaky toys! He is sure to keep us on our toes

with his intelligence and wittiness and is sure to make it clear to everyone that he is a lapdog!! My husband and I are beyond

delighted with our new member of the family!”


Savannah’s Bake Sale…A Sweet Success

Savannah’s Bake Sale kicked off our Finding Love in February

festivities with a special event featuring sweets, baked goods, and of

course animals! We teamed up with Star 94.1’s, Jesse Lozano and his

daughter Savannah, to offer a bake sale to benefit the programs and

services of the San Diego Humane Society. The Petco store in Sports

Arena hosted this special event, raising more than $1,700 for the

Photo: Trish Moutard

s San Diego has Dog Talent

More than 30 dogs showed off their talents at the 2 nd Annual Dog Show

“Woof” at Kearny Mesa Subaru on April 13th. Local dogs competed for “Best

Wag,” “Best Costume,” “Best Trick,” and “Best Kiss.” Guests were treated to food

and refreshments, goodie bags, advice from our own “Ask the Trainer,” Amanda

Kowalski, and received tips from Humane Law Enforcement Officer, Travis

Beeson. Although, the biggest prize of the day went to Amber, a shepherd mix

pup, who found a loving family to call her own!


Spay Day 2013

50 free spay and neuter surgeries

were performed at our North and

Central Campuses to celebrate World

Spay Day on Tuesday, February 26th!

This was just the tip of the iceberg,

since we recently launched our needsbased

spay-neuter clinics as part of

our ongoing effort to spay and neuter

animals in the San Diego community.

s The Award Goes to…

Dr. Gary Weitzman

We are proud to announce that

our President, Dr. Gary Weitzman,

has been honored with the Ranch

& Coast Reader’s Choice Award

“Best Local Up-and-Comer to

Watch” AND he has been named

one of San Diego Magazine’s “50

People to Watch in 2013.”

Thank you to each and every

supporter, staff member and

volunteer who contribute to the

success of the San Diego Humane


animals. Thank you to all who donated and purchased the goodies:

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Corner Bakery, Cupcakes Squared, Three Dog

Bakery, Panera Bread, Pure Cupcakes, Ama’s Cake Styles, Cakes by

Sharon, Shades Oceanfront Bistro, Bread and Cie, Nana’s Cookie Co,

Hotel Indigo Supports Animals in Need


Thank you to the employees of Hotel Indigo for your donation of

$5,668 to help the animals! This pet-friendly hotel in the Gaslamp

Photo: Elkie Wills

Krispy Kreme, Cookies by Design, Hey There Cupcakes, and Capito

Quarter has set a goal to raise $15,000 for the animals to sponsor one


of the dog habitats at our Central Campus. They’ve been raising money

through monthly Canine Cocktails events, and through donations made

by staff to wear jeans on Fridays! Thank you Hotel Indigo for being

a great example of how to make a big difference in the lives of the



AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013




at all Ages

Imagine an animal shelter as something like a hotel. While

even the very best of its kind isn’t likely to compete with

the calm and comfort of a home environment, a hotel stay

would not pose a huge problem for most people. If the

amenities were good and the staff friendly, it might even be

a welcome change! There are some, however, for whom this

situation would present a host of challenges and emotional

turmoil. Those struggling with limited social skills, shyness,

and physical limitations – to name just a few – would likely

see an endless list of battles needing to be fought at every

turn, the results of which can range from sleep deprivation to

fear and withdrawal, to disorientation.

Although an imperfect analogy, likening an animal shelter to a hotel can help

us to at least remember that like humans, animals have distinct personalities

and histories as well as any associated challenges. Because of this, a shelter

environment is simply not conducive to maintaining positive mental health for

some animals.

cover story

The San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA’s Foster

Program is able to provide a

much-needed alternative for

animals who need special,

individualized attention to

thrive. Such was certainly the

case for Toni, a 2-year old Dutch/

American breed rabbit, who

began to display defensive and

territorial behavior at our Central Campus whenever anyone

tried to clean her kennel or interact with her. Placing her

in foster care provided an alternate environment for her in

which she did not feel as anxious. With tremendous patience

and ongoing promotional efforts from her foster dad, Toni was

given the time she needed to slowly develop trust and grow

more comfortable with human interaction. Ultimately, she was

adopted after 472 days in our care.

For some animals, being in our foster program not only

helps them on the road to adoption by providing long-term

assistance, it provides the immediate answer to a question

of life or death. An orphaned kitten in the first weeks of

life, for example, is entirely dependent on its mother – for

nourishment, for functionality, for grooming, for socialization

and in her absence the chances of survival decrease

exponentially. Were it not for the surrogate mother role that

our foster volunteers are able to assume during this fragile

and formative time in a kitten’s life, the survival of countless

kittens, like Noel, could be in serious jeopardy.

Kittens like Noel, who

was found with his five

siblings outside an autosupply

store in Oceanside

last November. Just days

old, the helpless kittens

were immediately placed

into foster homes where

they could be given

bottle feedings every

two hours, have heating

pads, grooming, and be

Noel (the kitten)


monitored around the clock. Once kittens have graduated

from the neonatal stage of their development, they are still

too young and fragile to be made available for adoption, and

therefore remain in the foster program for the next two stages

of their development: the transitional phase (typically from

2-5 weeks of age), and the socialization stage (from 5 – 8

weeks, and until they are 2 lbs).

We feel incredibly fortunate to have foster volunteers to

provide this level of care, as most animal shelters do not have

the resources or manpower to affect positive outcomes for many

of the neonates that come into their care. Unfortunately, as a

result, the underage kitten population consistently represents

the highest euthanasia percentage of treatable animals in

shelters across the US. The limited resources at many shelters

can also preclude the viability of offering extended care to

animals at the opposite end of the age spectrum. In addition

to senior animals, those with medical issues also represent

animal populations that can be tremendously jeopardized

without the additional resources and care that a foster

program provides. Foster volunteers also provide a nurturing

environment for animals recovering from medical procedures…

animals like Rita – a 10-year

old Chihuahua suffering from

severe seizures. Through foster

care she was able to receive

critical monitoring and medical

care, ultimately providing her

a second chance to become the

amazing companion she was

meant to be.

Foster. The word itself –


both a noun and a verb – is nearly as multi-faceted as its

role within our organization. As we move ever forward in

our efforts to achieve our goal of “getting to zero” – saving

the life of every adoptable animal in San Diego County

Coalition Shelters – it is resources like foster care that

provide invaluable solutions for animals who require care

outside of the shelter environment, while simultaneously

allowing us to fill those vacant habitat spaces within our

walls with additional homeless animals. We remain more

committed than ever to increasing our adoption numbers

and finding loving homes for all of the amazing animals we

serve day in and day out. Among the numerous exciting goals

and directives that we have set organization-wide, we are

greatly increasing the number of animals who will be able to

benefit from our Foster Program, thus helping to ensure that

San Diego remains one of the very best cities to own and

perhaps most importantly – to be a pet.

In our ongoing collaborative efforts to find ways to

G20 (“Get to Zero”), the Foster Program has set an

ambitious goal for the upcoming year to provide

foster care for 1,500 animals. To become a foster

volunteer, please email”


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013


In Memory of People


Marilyn Byron

Pam Anderson

Karen Henderson


Tom Nickel

Shirley Arbeitman

Brooke & Akshay Sateesh

James Ardy

Jennifer Gasko

Jason Axsom

Jan, Bob & Abby Lawry

Lawrence F. Bazinet

Carol Bazinet


Sandra Stroehlein

Robert G. Beurman

Diana Beurman

Phil Bishop

Arthur Sweeney & Jerrell


Joyce Bodenhamer

Lee & Marcia Bodenhamer

James & Claudia Prescott

Herb & Anita Stern

April Brant

Joan Brant-Love

Bob Broduer

Suzanne Morreale

Dean & Jan Nugent

Mr. Terry Bryan

Noosheen Alaverdi

Robin Andrew

GSGRA - San Diego Chapter

Tracy Harris


Stacie Knopf

Ivan Mendelsohn

Coworkers of Nitto Denko

Technical Corp

Jim & Lora Thill

Glenn Butler

Nina Kurrus

Clayton Campbell

Karen Campbell

Vona Caughey

Stacey Black

Robert Chambers

Linda Beal, Joanne, Kevin,

Sheila, Marielaine, Candy,

Carole N., Suzie, Denise,

Donna, Jan, Kaki, Linda S.,

Lisa, Mary, Nancy, Patty,

Becky, Paulette, Salli, Luis,

Fran, Carol R., Connie

Janet Chambers

Dave & Jackie Clark

David & Charlotte Garcia

Kathleen Cheatum

Pacific Beach Kiwanis Youth Fdtn

Bernadette Cherin

Debra Arsenault & Reza

Elizabeth Arsenault

Kathleen Arsenault

Amy Cormie

Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love Tribute and memorial

donations are a special way to

remember and honor loved ones and

pets. A card will be sent to whomever you ask us to

notify. The following memorial and tribute gifts were

received between December 16, 2012 and April 15, 2013.

To make a Gift of Love or for more information, call (619)

299-7012, x2276 or email

Wes & Reeni Grant

M’Lissa Michelson

Jennifer Miller

Philip Nordhues

Margaret & Chris Sullivan

Dr. Thomas Warschauer

Maureen Williams


Barbara Mizrahi

Gary & Maryjo Clemesha

Dolores Sniegowski

Jewell Cole

Mariann Hamer

Richard Cook

Shirley Cook

Charles Fisch

Sharon Copeland

Pilgrim Creek Estates Sympathy

& Social Committee

David C. Copley

Margaret Jackson

Anne M. Kinney


Charles J. Cox

S. Cox

Ray Cox

The Olson Family

Betty Currey

Pilgrim Creek Estates

Sympathy Committee

Susie Darrough

Candice Stanner

Philip M. Davies

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Dennis A. Dirksen

Sherland Dirksen

CMDR William Drake

Besty Sanders

Olive Edwards

Audrey Bunting

Shirley Faulds

Margaret Busch

Bud Fischer

Deanne Bloom

Ken & Gerry Freed

E. June Fogle

John & Cathy Jacques

Mary Sumiko Fujimoto

Jana Ahrens

Sherry Deere

The Mills Family

Rebecca Rathgeber

Edgar & Barbara Sevilla

Dr. Kristi Gaddy

Elizabeth Smith

Margaret Genaro

Sondie Callaway

Roger Georgia

California Cheese & Butter


Judi & Joel Gerber

John & Debby Porter

Jennie Glasel

Rudolph Glasel

Igor Goloskewitsch

Bruce & Tina Teppo

Kit Granlee

John & Skylar Granlee

Joseph “Joe” Gray

Automobile Insurers Bureau

of MA

Pat Gregston

Doris Hiatt

Stefanie Marie Griffith

David Griffith

Florrie Gunderson

Wally Gunderson

Victor Hall

Joyce Johnston

Evie Harp

Delilah Brazil

Hunter Lee Harris

David & Joyce Anderson

Lee Blanas

Jill Esterbrooks

The Fetterly Family

Hugh & Eleanor Jacks

Betty McDonald

Bill & Victoria Mowery

The Roberts Family

Mark & Jill Sondys

Jack & M. Helen Thomas

Max, Lark & Andrew Thomas

Shelly & Danny Wilkinson

Margaret “Peggy” Hartke

Azlyn Boyle

Karen De George

Joyce & Anthony Delisi

Lawrence & Christine Fischer

Ira & Marie Fletcher

Dorothy Gordon

David Hartke & Brenda Dabbs

Maria Marshall

Jerome & Mary Mikschl

Robert Price

Ronni Russell

Mary Sharon Smith

Nancy Smith

Valerie Young

Jess Hays

Kathy Hays

Rosemary Hewicker

La Mesa Woman’s Club

B. Jill Hirst

William & Charla Borich

Helena & Carl Hoffman

Carol Herr

In Honor Of

Sage & Beckett

Jeanne Hoppe

Jane & William Jones

Mick & Cindi McClain

Sue Minahan

Steve & Lori Rodgers

Ted Hubbard

Timothy & Kathleen Hubbard

Lynda Lauerman

Karen Ivey

Lynn & Tom Mitchell

Elizabeth Jeska

Dr. Edward Jeska

Richard Johnston

Joyce Johnston


Judith Pruyne

Ernest Joseph Keeny

Dave Martens & Rob Bridges

Steve Kelly

Joan Mara

David Klinger

Jim & Dawn Dolan

Diane Koonjy

Margaret Freathy

Chris Kyle

John Wagner

Matthew Lee

Randy Lee

Francine Leone

Mary DeRose & Steve

William L. Lucas

Murdoch, Walrath & Holmes

Jean MacDonald

Marilyn Brown

The MacDonald Trust

Marilyn MacLeod

Martha Harrington

John & Jeannette McCarty

Jeff Scott Mahtesian

Jean Batte

Brian Maidrand

Dennis Dudus & Suzanne


Jennifer Garza

John Vellis

George Mansfield

Evelyn Decanio

Peter Maple

Yvonne & Craig Smith

Molly Markos

Lois Shackelford

Terry Marsh

Lisa Laby

Lulu Matthey & Joe Joe

John & Donna Nordstrom

Jane McCarthy

Nedra Eudy

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gonzales

Marion Lanier-Gross

Leesa & Randy, Lori & Neil &


Kimberly Merritt

Sandra O’Brien

Doris Miller

Don Bickel

Darlee Helmer

Joan Jankowski

Patricia Kielty

Grace Lassiter

Kathy Smith

Kay Miller

Arthur Sweeney & Jerrell Bates

In Memory Of


Mom & Pop

Jeff Scanlon


Arthur Sweeney & Jerrell Bates

Kimberly Montfort

Margaret Plese

Wally Freund Morse

Ellen Freund

Rose Narabin

Anna Brett

Melba Nelson

Michael & Michele Binge

Cheryl Blair-Hurst

Irene Kratzer

Linda Pintarell

Cathleen Rabago

Lumen Sena

James Sinclair

Dwight Stickney

Betty Nicholas

Friends from Radiology

Alice Nichols

House of Czech & Slovak


Jack Ninteman

Clare Byrd

Fred Perrill

Charlene Brown

Daniel Pesce

Jill Davis-Prickett & David


Barry Phillips

Mary Seidel Strow

Lorraine Potts

The Conlon Family

Margaret Radcliff

Kathie Clayson


Honey Baron

Doris & Lexi Reardon

Jane Chavez

Glenn Reiter

John & Trish Ansell

Charles “Dick” Richards

Richard & Barbara Cole

Richard Eaton

Judy Pumphrey

Caroline Wilson

Sixto Rodriguez

Jenni, Kim, Michael, Kerry,

Equilla, Paula, Ray &


Willa Dean Ross

James M. Ross

Patricia A. Rubenstein

William M. Rubenstein

Matthew, Rob & George


Gail Yamamoto

Albert C. Schnepf

Yvonne & Robert Muzzy

Kathy Tulp Schwartz

Helene Schriber

Muriel Siemers

Lynda Kull

Gertrude Silverman

Messrs. Karl Sherlock & Max


Christy Skillern

Heidi Finders

In Memory Of


Barbara Smith

Anna Durbin

Lester & Sandra Fichter

Kelly Hanzen

Robert Stadge

Douglas G. Walker & Joseph

H. Brooks

JoAnn Stem

Drew & Judy Ebright

Tom & Ruth Korte

Mary Lytle

Colin & Kitty McDonald


Gail Ward & Robert Hanson


Fern Horback

Rosemary A. Stott

US Naval Academy Class

of 1938

Louise A. Strong

Vern & Barbara Neff

Rosa Struss

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Clayton, Jr.

General Dynamics

Melita & Harry Hein

Karin Yount


Bettye Neely

Colleen & Marla Tabackman

Manny Tabackman

Virginia Taylor

Barbara & Ralph Silvera

Ted Theofel

Kathryn Bucci

Angela Klavas

Jill & Peter Klavas

Glenn Thomashow

Glyder LLC

David Greenberg

Anne Monk

Jason & Krissy O’Connor

The Paialii Family

Meredith Shive

Ruth & George Tabor

Mamie Tindall

N. Jean McHenry-Durrant

Margaret Triphon

Daphne Triphon

Leonore Tuttle

Olivia Alford

Peter Attarian

Katherine Casebolt

Janet & Craig Correll

Suzanne Lyons

Bill & Mim McKenzie

Ben Van Deusen

David & Terese Bonifacini

Joel & Kristine Carrington

Leighanne Davis

George & Arlaen Dubois

The Gengelbach &

Dominguez Family

Gerard & Barby Gengelbach

Felipe & Josie Gonzalez

The Henely Family

Colleen Mata

James & Marcelle Thornton

Saul & Judy Moreno

Nicole Van Deusen

Edith Van Kekerix

Jerome & Susan Neumeyer



June Marie Walker

Dianne Egan

In Memory Of


Malfrid L. Wassdahl

The Parker & Sherrow Families

Mrs. Weaver

Greg Weaver

Ron Wiebosch

Harlan & Mary Ann Price

Suzanne M. Wilson

Jesyca Perez

John Wohlwend

Ruth Wise

Scot R. Wunderlich


Nancy and Lynn Birch

Michael & Colleen Garone

Donna George

Rhonda Henry

Jennifer Kalvelage

Nancy Klein

Beth Kriegel

Cynthia Lais & John Walkowiak

David Sarkaria

Sempra Compensation & Benefits

Troy Thomas

Barbara Yvonne Yeager

Shari Andrews

Anne Fesmire

High School Graduating Class

of 1953

Christine & Johnny Johnson

Sharon Norton

Melvin M. Young

Sandra Gonzales

In Memory of Pets


Joseph Kordas


Amanda Baker


Nancy Davis


Jay Bradbury

Abby (Brienna Pratschner)

The Family

Alesa (Vivian Terkel)

Sandy & Ed Silverman

All of our wonderful cats

& dogs

Stephen & Donna Monfort

Amanda Rose

Bob & Sarah Esch

Amber (Leslie Evans)

The Dogs on the Run team

Amira, Samantha, Toonces,

Nike, Zorri & Remy

Val & Nancy Daigle


Sabina Wong

Ani (Jill Montgomery & Libby


MaryAnita Robinson


Shirley Murrow

Annie Bear

George & Carol Lattimer


Sonja Honeyman


Sharron Cravens

Baby (Debra McEntee)

Carolyn Relac

Bacardi (Caroline & Tim Lehn)

Charlotte Shale


Lauren Johnson


Carol Shrigley

Bailey (Diane Shalom)

The Blomquist, Boyd & Gage



Cheryl Smith


Chris Shively

Bearford (Madeleine Fonteneau)

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Fonteneau


William Green

Becka Baird

Marie Simovich


Pamela Haberlen


Sally Thomas

Bella (Maralee & Clint Blain)

Susan Davis

Bella Rouge (Briana Monahan)

Ed & Sandy Silverman


Susan Brooks


Richard Stewart

Beso (Marian Gallagher)

Rick & Marty Opich

Bête Novie

William & Janet Moore


Laura Ruiz


Wendy Holman


Robert & Marilyn Klaus


Mary Romero

Blackjack (MJ Clingan)

Donna Nicol

Blade (Laurel Erickson)

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kerins

Blu (Kay Robinson)

Pamela & Garry Smith

Blue, Red & Curtis Smith

Kira Smith


John & Ann Durkin

Bob’s Cat

Florence Johnson

Boo Boo (Amante & Haide


Maureen Reyes


Madeleine Edwards

Braun (The Kinneys)

Lynn Mitchell

Brutus & Rizzio

Scott Stoffer


Patricia & Patrick Riley


Rhonda Lockwood


Mabel Zafra

Brooks & Dakota

Sondie Callaway

Brutus & Starbright

Barbara Bradbury

Buddy (Erika Ledeboer)



Laurie Justice


Susan Tate

Buster (Toni Stewart)

Sandra Fox

Cali & Inky

Mary Herold


Tom Aasen

Camille (Ruth Anderson &

Bruce Barnett)

Elaine Clelland


Margo Minan

Champ (Mike McShane)

Nancy Brownlee


Billie Jean Havranek

In Memory Of



BL Hofmann

Charlie B.

Constance Mansker

Charlie, Dozer, Cully, Thor

& Cesar

Dr. MarthaElin Blomquist


Veronica Franco

Chatsworth (Mr. & Mrs. John


Marie Galoney

Cheech (Mary Prieto)

Cathy Buffington

Cheetah (Jerry & Regina


Leah Bussell


Minako Bryant


Ronnie & Mariah Weber

Chloe (The Genovese Family)

Norine, George & Serena

Chloe (Peg Selover & Joann


Susan Brandt

Chloe & Baxter (Dr. & Mrs.

Christopher Sullivan)

Bonnie Luboviski

Chloe & Cookie (Dr. & Mrs.

Tim Bigby)

Linda Kaplan

Chloe Gleicher

Alan, Marleigh, Zachary &



Carrie Gray


Deborah Swift

Cierra (Amy Chilausky & Rick


Victor, Susan, Marissa Rose

& Kyrielle


Christa Curtin

Cosmo (The Curtin Family)

Tim Hampton

Crazy Shadow (Charlie


Susan McDowell


Catherine Waldien

Dai Dai (Leslie Pressler)

The Dogs on the Run team


Ron & Joan Dotson


Lynne De Laurentis


Greg & Sue Peters


Arthur & Ruth Savage


Julie Wirl


Karen Senz


Robert Evans


John Wagner, Jr.

In Memory Of


Destiny (Rebecca Hickman)

Sandra Underwood


Frederika Lucia

Dirty (Stephanie Knight)

Deborah Lessard

Divot (Sandy Raddatz)

Alyce & Mitch Lynn


Susan Raybuck


Andrea Shellstrom

Dorothy (Denise Rosenberry)

Kim & Mike Bentz

Dude Junior (Katie Doyle &

Mike Huovila)

Steven, Erica, Alex, Matthew,

Erin, Jenny & Marizela

Dufus (Helga Djordjevic)


Duncan (Kenneth & Erica


The Dogs on the Run team

Eeyore (Kim Bonta)

Erin Orlo

Eightball & Snoopy

Juan Corcino

Elvis (Toby & Bill Rogers)

Jonna H. Barragán, CLC


Pamela Skelton


Adrianne Pohl-Barragan


Molly Ball

Felix (Kay Allgire)

Debra Mills

Fleurie, Julie & Lafite

Yvonne & Robert Muzzy

Fluff (Jordan & Marie DuBois)

Susan McDowell

Flyq (Monica Brown)

The Dogs on the Run team


The Serwin Family

Frankie (Terry Scott)

Michele Berry


Shirley Hill

George Burns Kovacs

Rod Saponjic


Maria Pereira


Ruth Gilbert


Peggy Jones


Carol Norwood

Ginger & Stryder (Erik &

Laura Bruvold)

Mary Bruvold

Gray Poodle (Leah Clark)

Rachel Smith

Grifin & Roscoe (The Willson


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Werner


William & Charla Borich

In Memory Of


Hana (Jean & Paul Fortin)

Susan Carr

Hanky (Kathy & Gary Poulin)

Kris & John McGovern

Hannah (Joanne Himstreet)

Deb Bigley

Happy Lucy Girl

Sally M. Thomas


Connie Chovan


Emily Naanos

Harley (Michele Manely)

Patricia Allahand

Henry (Laura Leonard)

Stacey Zeitlin

Hitch (Kari Byers)

Mary, Leslie, Kathleen, Cliff,

Jack, Tasha, Patti, Jamie,

Linda & Olga


Eleanor Thomas

Honey Bunny

Keanin Daye


Doug Barrett

Ike (Leonard & Esther


Isabelle Stitt

Isaac (The Hanna Family)

Eloise Hepburn

Ivy (Pete & Joycelyn Schroeder)

Dell Schroeder


Miguel & Carla Don

Jack (Sue Subkow)

Ed Silverman


Willard & MaryEllen Buxton

Jake (Linda Cianciolo)

Bill Mulcahey

Jake & Cindy

George & Patricia Thompson


John & Deborah Patula

Jasper (David Morocco &

Armando Vasquez)

Laura Lewis

Jenny (Mr. & Mrs. Robert


Marjorie Stewart


Sharon Murphy

Johnny Mattox (Jessie

Gargas & Mark Mattox)

Jane Gargas


Janille & David Todd, Jr.


Jose Polo Rivas

Karma (Pat Brady)

Judith Richardson

Kauai (The Gilstraps)

The Frederiksens

Kelly (Bob & Pam Plumbley)

Debra Conn

Mishka & Susie Jennings

Donald Wise

Kinu (The Sato Family)

Christine Kamikawa

In Memory Of



Betty Green

Kira (Andrea Gillespie)

April & Marvin Schrader


John Casas

Koa (Dr. & Mrs. Tom Klein)

Martha Harrington

Kona (Sandra Schwarzmann)


Lacey (Ms. Darlene Whorley)

Rose Mary Mills


Rina Ralls

Laddie Little King

Marian Tills


Julia Chiang

Largon (David Edwards)

Phyllis Lanphier

Lauren & Bogey

Marilyn Braun


Nancy Rogers

Leo (Nancy Rosenfeld)

Carole Fegley

Leo (Jamie Wood & Richard


Ed & Sandy Silverman


William Peerman

Lilly Bell (Laurel Walker


Sandy Arldege

Little (Karla MaryLee Moser)

Kim & Mike Bentz


Irene Higinio


Dr. Dexter Jensen


Pat McTague

Lucy (Cara Schepps)

Chelsea & Matthew Nohelty

Lucy (Judy Shapery)

Phyllis Lanphier

Lucy (Mr. & Mrs. G. Steinberg)

Aaron & Esme Steinberg

Lucy (Erik & Susan Zentmyer)

CAPT & Mrs. Robert K.

Zentmyer MSC USN Ret

Lui & Spike

Dennis & Connie Berglund

Luka & Shanti (Joanne


Cindy Simpson

Luke (Ingrid Kruse)

Clara Marie Daniel

Mackie & Hilga

Patricia Swanton

Maddie (Kathie Hare)

Dell Schroeder


Ronald & Charlotte White


Amgen Fdtn

Elizabeth Thompson


Kathleen Loder


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013


Gifts of Love

Maggie & Misty

Richard & Carol Chavez

Mariah (Lynn & Randal Dowd)

Ruth Anderson


Kathy & Russell Higgins

Marlee May Milch

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Serene


Jan Bertaggia


Susan Botta


Barbara Glaze


Julie Peterson

Max (Bob & Jean Bartlett)

Heidi & Bernie Blotner

Mitch & Alyce Lynn


Nancy Strzepek

Meanness & Mattie

Elizabeth Smith


Lorraine Halac

Mehitabel (Catherine & Rob)

Alma & John


Sara Maxwell

Micah (Christine Koskinen)

Linda Koskinen

Mickey (Christine Demery)

The Leonard Family

Micki & Cinnamon

Tatyana Starr


Fern Horback


Jerry Richards

Miss Bailey (Mr. & Mrs. Lippe

& Family)

Dr. Vivian Terkel

Miss Gigi (Mrs. Morgan


The Velazquez Family

Missy (Lori & Bob Pfaff)

Sandy Arledge


John Wagner, Jr.

Miz Kitty

Wendy Retzlaff


Rose Mary Cech

Mocha (Pat Wilson)

Daniel Spiegelberg


Kaitlin Challis


Joanne Kleces


Suzanne McLaughlin


Mila Sanders

In Memory Of



Patricia Tanaka

Molly (Shendl Diamond &

Grant Powers)

Jean Spengel, DVM

Molly (Joanne Klebes)

Joyce Poe

Mono & Buttons

Katherine Stangl


Nancy Milch

The Morrissey cats

Melanie Morrissey

Moussee (Kay Miller)

Arthur Sweeney & Jerrell



Gary & Denise David

Murphy / Two Socks

Charlotte & Bill Marshall


Nancy Woods

Nebbie (Carolyn Young)

Roseann De Martino


Bruce & Lynnda Pew

Norman, Casey, Chloe &


William Andrakowicz

Oliver (Mr. & Mrs. Stephen


Fr. Tony & Bobbi Baron

Olivia (Karen & Richard Riehl)

Lois Berning

Peggy Hart

Patricia Sullivan

Ollie Bug (Laura Lynn Lange)

Bonnie Hugyez


Richard & Jennifer Kalenka

Oscar (Anyah Hoang)

Stacey Zeitlin

Othello (The Higginbotham


Betty Summers

Otis (The Salerno Family)

Cathy Buffington

Pablo (Tandora Grant)

Lonnie Brunini


Wajeeh Berry

Parker (The Biesel Family)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zentmyer

Patch (Lisbeth Johnson)

Carole & Dave Slicton Family

Peaches (Berniece &

Dempsey Copeland)

Nancy & Bill Boyd


Arline Blood


Joan M. Thom


Red & Joyce Moore

In Memory Of


Pepito Miguel

James Carazola & Jorge


Pepper (John & Ann McNeil)

Sonja Blair


Yvette Fontaine

Piper (Rebecca McCormick)

Martha Michener


Stephanie Salazar-Belart

Porter (The Barnyak Family)

Joanna Barnyak


Julie Merry


Donald Fong

Pudgie I and Pudgie II

Elaine Cefola

Puppy, Diamond, Reggie,

Odie, Nicki, Sassy,

Natalie, Heather & Lila

Beth Tucciarone


Tonia Warner

Rasha (Espen Correll)

John Estok

Reba & Richie

John Lavalle

Rigby (The Johnson Family)

Brian Owen

Riley (Maureen Hennessy)

K. Miller

Rocco (Doug Brown & Tim


Sandy Arldege

Rocco (Camp Run-A-Mutt)

MaKoa & Debbi Robinson


Jennifer Feng


Margaret Guider

Rockey, Tasha, ET & Pinto

Margot Adams

Rocstarr & Tillie

Jerilyn Jones

Rojo (Eloise Martenson)

Billie Hakes


Kathryn Sather

Roxie (The Cavanaugh


Reginald & Linda Frank


Larry & June Satler

Ruby (The Tock Family)

Chuck & Dana Adams

Ruger (Shawna)

Jeff Nale


John Soisson

Sadie & Duffy

Joseph & Cheri Wingate

Sam (Karen Ford)

Diana Ray

Samantha (Natalie Daley)

Nicole Farwell

Samantha (Scott & Sarah Way)

Elizabeth Hill

In Memory Of



Elizabeth Courter

Sammy (Ronni Eckardt)

Deborah McDonald

Sandi (The Mishek Family)

Elizabeth Levine

Sandy & Ivan (The Gerent Family)

Gloria Freeman


Eleanor Rich


Bonnie Peterson

Sasha (Jeanne & James Bonk)

Kelly Riseley

Savannah (Helgi & Marci


Alyce & Mitch Lynn

Schmoe (Bobbie Finster)

Readean Ellis

Scotchie, Oly, Rebel & Sissie

Allen & Jean Haynes

Scooby (Tony & Laura Hall)

Carol Butterwood

Scruffy (Eva Goode)

Patty & Mick Grasberger

Sebastian (Annie & Roger


Stacey Zeitlin

Sgt. Pepper (Eric Bowlby)

Pamela Hayhurst

Shadow & Azminov

Mrs. DL Slieff


The Groveman Family


Mr. & Mrs. Rheynard Morgan

Shawna (Gabriel Mills)

Holly Peltz

Sheba & SuLing

Beatrice Bigelow

Shelby (Esminia Riingen Fuchs)

Gary Fuchs, Jr.

Shorty (Mr. & Mrs. D. Lorenzen)

Beverly Castro-Leon


Ursula Genz


Linda Shedoudy


Michael Kick


Nancy Linstead

Sir Oliver (George & Martha


Jana Bartlit

Kathryn Bolinger

Shelly, Tuna, Puff &

Babymona Stuart


Billie Ann Hakes

Smidget (Brande Eller Stamfli)

Teresa Taylor


Christi Turner

Snickers (Travis Johnson &

Hilary Watchler)

Jacqueline Alcott

Meribeth Jeska

Kelly Riseley

Marjorie Stewart

In Memory Of



The Morris Family

Snowy (Makena Weiscopf)

Carl Weiscopf

Snowy Colombo


Sofi (Tony Embrey & Spencer)

Jeff Golokow & Samantha

Sonja (Karrol Gibbs)

Alana Asmussen


Donna Pineda

Sophie, Stanley & Simone

Sara & Ron Chaban

Sophie (Marci & Helgi


Alyce & Mitch Lynn

Space Ghost

Laura Melendez

Sparki & Laci

Peter, Katherine & Lulu


Frederick & Mabel Fontana

Sparky (Kelly Hitchcock)

Caroline Grey

Sparky (Diann & Pat Shea)

Kevin Shea


Cathy Torres

Spike & Boots

Cathy Torres


Mike & Karen Stuart

Stella (Carol Lovercio &

Steve Helmbold)

Annie Williams

Sunny (Cathy & Jim Lonergan)

Sharon & Skip Hanson


Kan Nobuta & Mayumi



Veronica Hoban


Janice Barnard

Taylor (Jay Chiang)

Cindy Chiang

Taz (Phyllis McCarthy)

Judi Richardson

Tess & Beau

Sarah Price

Theo (Leslie Winkle)

The Dogs on the Run team

Tiger & Sydney

Janet Peterson

Tigger (Diana Corbin)

Kathleen Selvidge


Molly Ball

Tiki (David & Christina Sear)

Phyllis Lanphier

Timber (Shannon Harris)

Adrienne, Kevin, Addison,

Belle, Roscoe & Cash

Tipperary (Bob & Leslie


Veronica Hoban


Cathy Paulsen

Toby (Jennifer Elkins)

Kim Ranson

Tony (Jazmina Swain)

Michael Swain


Karen Whitten

Truffle (Mr. & Mrs. Gerald


Stephen & Barbara Cord

Tumbles (Katherine Tenney)

Beverly Rutherford

Vienna (Richard & Tern Kelly)

Phyllis Lanphier


Mary Ingle


Michael Mitchell

Weasly & Sheena

Mary Curran


Kathleen Flynn Misselhorn

Willie (Mr. & Mrs. John


Galen & Maureen Hansen

Willy (Jim & Jennie Antrium)

Dell Schroeder

Woodgi (Katie & Fred


Sandy Arledge

Wylie (Laura & Milton


Kelly Riseley

Xena & Ginger

Sue Jonkers


Luz Lambert

Zanther Ferris

Valerie Ito

Ziggy (The Crenshaw Family)

Andy & Wendy


Paul & Nova Dyresen


Tony Evans


Jackie Packham

Zeus & Penny

Trudy Cohen

Zozzy (Tracy & Greg


The Silvermans & Mosses

In Honor of People


Olga Berdial


Robert & Debra Crabb


Patricia Sandoval

Malvina Blake

Moanna Mickle

Bob & Vicki Apgar

Peggy Sagnella

Chuck Bahde

Jonathan Gerson

Mary Jo Ball & Lola

Ginger Warrick

Beetzie Ballinger

Kristin Mallory

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Bates

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Lane Beck

Kelly Milne

Bob Berg, Paul Sibel &

Aggie Sibelberg

Jack & Nanci Simkin

Gunnar Biggs

Jennifer Richter

Cathryn Bolt’s birthday

Carol Curtiss

Charlie & Sara

Michaella Edwards

Christa Brazier


Joy Bredestege

Jeanne Bredestege

The Bredestege-Maynard


Jeanne Bredestege

Laurie Cane

Vivian Lodes

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Christenson

Elizabeth Pepas


Katherine Ballinger

Jen & Dave Cieslak

Jeff Nale & Casey Dexter

Phylinda Clark-Graham

Pamela Burgo

David Cohen

Ruben Venegas

Kay Compton

Diane & Lauralee

Henry Connell

Tom & Faye Forrestal

The Cravatt Family

Marrokal Design & Remodeling


June Schmock

Michael & Arianne Danforth

Duke & Ron Ferrero-Pham

Mark & Meredith D’Angelo

Katherine Kasparian

Pete & Dian Dexter

Jeff Nale & Casey Dexter

Nick & Bella Divona

Suzanne Lawson

Michael Donahue

Helen Farschan

Kelley Dukat

John Dukat

Marcia & Warren Dunn

Darren Tune

Peg Edwards

The Fischer Family

Tim Ellison

Jeanne Bredestege

Ethel Ellison

Jeanne Bredestege


Joel Vaugh & Terri Lyn Johnson

The Espinoza Family

Thomas McFarland

Bill Finn

Carla Rinn

Neal Ford & Roxanne Flores

Ann Ford

Kathleen Flowers

Gayle Walker

Bob & Katherine Foster

Elaine Burden

Donna Geiler’s birthday

Gertrud Beach

Dan Geviss’ birthday

Ed & Sharon Geviss

Diane Glow

Pamela Deegan

The Gott-Smith Family

Jeanne Bredestege

Penny & Paul Grishaber

The White Family

Mark Grock

Debbie Dawson

Rachel Guevara’s birthday

Emily Hekier

Mr. & Mrs. Anton Handal

Deborah Handal

Karen & Ron Harris

Marge Thompson

Minako Hastings

Pauline Teague

Lacey Hicks

Diane Hicks

Nancy Jefferis

Diana Radcliffe

Finn Johnson’s birthday

Hulya D’Arrigo

Tracy Rebelo

Melissa Yeates

Ernest Joseph Keeny

Tamela Williams

Kenneth Kilgast Jr., & Patty


LuAnn Porter

Martha Kaplan

Ed Weissman

Dave & Blake Kirby

F. Caldwell

Martha Krause

Ellie Waechter

Pam & Cliff Kubiak

Anne Barron

Darla Lane

Nicole Zimmerman

Denise Lapagalia’s birthday

Daysha Barahura


Joey Hill

Lauryn & Lilly

Sandra Madrigal

Randy Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sablack

Audrey Ledesma

Betty White

Brian Leslie

Patrick Leslie


John Hess

Dr. Lozada & Family

Dr. Jasmine Chow

Lulu Matthey & JoeJoe

John & Donna Nordstrom

Monique Maddox-Hendricks

Connie McCullen

Shawn Magurno & Karina

Riddervold’s wedding

Their wedding guests

Denise Martin

Connie McCullen

Charles Massey

Peter Faller

Stacie Maurer

Derek Maurer

Sheri Mayer

Danna Mayer

George & Norine McCall

Larry & Donna Tompkins

Myrtle McKee

Ruth Smith

Robert & Bonnie Theberge

Margaret McLean

Jeanne Bredestege

Pat McTague

Les Odom


Rudy Santich

Dr. Anthony Michael

The Reichert Family

Miriam’s birthday

Mary Hanisko

David & Barbara Mittleman

Justin & Candace McAloon

Donna & Bob Metafora

Robert & Tami Nale

Jeff Nale & Casey Dexter

North Campus volunteers

Liz Johnson

Marissa & Michael Odanga

Leticia Odanga

Brenda Owens

Claire Hamilton

Patricia Palafox’s birthday

Cathy Golden

The Thomas C. Poling Family

The Jack Greer Family

Abigail Powell

Elizabeth Hendryx-Powell


Vijay Ranmmaurthy

Lauretta Prestera

Gary Hackett

Shirley Swardenski

The Reed-Maynard Family

Jeanne Bredestege

The Ritchie Family

Cheryl Banks

Robin, Hannah, Zack, Ariel,

Henry Celis

Elaine Burden

Katherine & Andrew Rosen

Elaine Rosen

Maddie Salem

Chris Salem

Cara Schepps & Charlie

Madison Schepps

Lance Schimke

Judy Schimke

Art Schultz

Patricia Martin

Linda Serrano

Verna J. Campbell

Sandy Shelton

Rebecca Blenz

Andy & Lisa Simon

Al & Carol Wood

Mr. Singley

Renee Brogan

Barbara E. Smith

Christopher Smith

Gerry Soifer & Nancy


The Forgione Family

Allison Sonza

Steven Sonza

Cathi Soule

David West

South San Diego Veterinary


Elizabeth Smith

Shawn Stanfield

Jeanne Bredestege


Rebecca McClish

Cathy & Sal Strittmatter

Corey Monro

Rosa Struss

Mr. & Mrs. Heinz Gietz

Betty Stuart

Karen Stuart

Max Tanzer

GE & RD Wallace Foundation

Sandra Trinkler

Katherine Mahy

Lenore Tuttle

Constance Nelson

Elena Vasquez

The Training Team

Carney & Joan Welker

Elaine Burden

Inez Wells

David Varela

Aaron & Sara Werner

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Pamela Whisnant’s birthday

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AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013



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Vet Memorials

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Dr. Nancy Bushnell

Gifts of Love

In Memoriam

Bella (The Buckley Family)

Bijou (Kendel Lang)

Buddy (Tim & Cheryl


Cessna (The Sickels)

Cleo (Patti McCarthy & Lynn


Faye (The Bentson Family)

Hannibal (The McMillan


Larry (Suzanne Bruning)

Maty (The Krause Family)

Max (The White Family)

Maya (Lynn Labelle)

Mina (Carol & Sam


Phoebe (The Hack Family)

Pickels (The Sawchenko


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Spencer (The Stockdale


Taz (The Lopes Family)

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Tommy (Louis Below)

Wilsey (The George Family)

Kensington Veterinary


Dr. Michelle Mason

Dr. Patricia Ungar

Baby (Lynette Aquilina &

Jennifer McCarthy)

Bosco (Kit Paterno)

Foxy (Gary & Carol McElroy)

Kohl (Robert Weaver)

Mitzi (Laurie Shaw & Gary


Sammi (Therese Hunt)

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Heather Bennett)

Sophie (Phil & Linda


Spencer (Trish Stewart)

Tanka (Mary French)

Venus (Tara Jones)

Walter (Jason & Amanda


Willie (Rodney & Dorothy


Winston (Terry & Ken


Rose Canyon Animal


Dr. Bjorn Barré

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Aristotle (Susanne Schlicht)

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Beaujolais (The White Family)

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Bleu (Bonnie Ward)

Bob (Dianne Bloomberg)

Chamois (The Jette Family)

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Corey (Karen Bowling)

Corona (The Chatfield


Crickey (Penny Drawbridge)

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Daisy (Nancy Goglin)

Diver (The Smith Family)

Doogie (The Hrubovcak


Dude (Matt Longo)

Eeyore (Nick Fagiano)

Elvis (Andrea Scheuer)

Ford (Diane Schloeder)

George (Alison Labastida)

Gigi (The Clark Family)

Gracie (Nancy Undem)

Grunion (The Brinton Family)

Gifts from wills and trusts help to ensure that the Humane

Society’s charitable programs serving animals and people

will be available long into the future. The San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA wishes to acknowledge, in memoriam,

recent gifts from the following individuals’ estates received

between November 29, 2012 and March 22, 2013.

Laila Hellan

Robert & Lorrainne Deutschman

Denise Watson

Diana Nadel

Rita A. Olson

Catherine C. Briney

Carmel E. Voscinar

Ilse Gold

Ruth Noe

Joseph Louis Cyr

Helene M. Arnott

Alexandra A. Grant

Margaret L. Argall

Cecelia M. Collier

Jacqueline M. De Carlo-Dege

James R. & Martha A. Bobbitt

Thomas E. Westerman

Patricia Ann Scott

Wm F. DeLaurentis & Family

David J. Barnes

Jeanne S. Ghilbert

Haney (Jason McGehee)

Jasper (Quincy Cruz)

Jellybean (The Fadda Family)

JJ (Colleen Kenner)

Josie (Doreen Dumont)

Kaya (Irene Marsh)

Kiera (Jackie Carr)

Kiki (Karen Rosener)

Kiko (Jason Peaslee)

Kodi (Stuart Hall)

Kozar (Anthony Peters)

LD (John Treadway)

Leo (Dayna Chmelka)

Lexi (Marie Von Dyl)

Lily (Susan Grayson)

Loki (Sally Regan)

Louie (The Manges Family)

Luna (Carol Lilly)

Maggie (The Reichert Family)

Mattie (Nathan Paulick)

Maxine (Deborah Polito)

Maya (Laurie O’Donnell)

Mia (Brian Varner)

Missy (Sandra Puchahes)

Modoc (The Moran Family)

Mouse (The Paull Family)

Norton (Lucy Asyan)

Oreo (The Harcum Family)

Oreo (Karissa Nightingale)

Parker (Rhonda Whorrall)

Peaches (Patricia Pratte)

Pepper (Gabor Herman)

Puck (Lesley Marples)

Rascal (Christina Imhoof)

Ren (Laura Poveromo)

Rico (Cynthia Staab)

Riley (Jim Henkell)

Ri-Ri (The Hone Family)

Roscoe (David Kantor)

Rusty (The Walker Family)

Sabrina (Matt Brand)

Sandi (Michelle Fulks)

Sarah (Jack Maxwell)

Scarlet (The Teperson Family)

Sparky (Lori & Scott Friesen)

Sumo (Nina Leung)

Sydney (Sue Matthews)

Tennyson (The Sickmann


Tess (Pam Colquitt)

Tommy (The Coulson Family)

Toni (Sandy Geschke)

Wendy (The Cruse Family)

Willie (Lynda Sands)

Zak (Jeanne Hamilton)

Ziek (Adam Frederickson)

Veterinary Specialty


Amber (Ann Hubler)

Amber (Debbie & Paul


Angel (William & Diane


Angus (Paul & Miki Rigby)

Ashton (Veronica Czisa)

Aspen (Kathleen Muller)

Bailey (Carol Shrigley)

Bear (Tracey Franks)

Bebe (Dushon Simoes)

Becky (Thomas & Victoria


Bernice (Frieda Williams)

Binky (Paula & Richard


Blue (Hali Sokolowski)

Bodie (Nancy & John


Brenda (Dana & Ryan


Bridget (Sharon Griggs)

Brittney (Mike & Debbie


Buster (Stuart & Anne


Cali (Cresente Ulit)

Callie (Patti & Dwight


Casper (Virginia Mathers)

Cassie (Susan & Doyle


Chelsea (Brendan & Lisa


Cinders (Sally & Ronald


Cindy Bear (Joni Lesage)

Clayton (Alfred Miller)

Cody (Neil Derrough)

Cooper (Rafael & Liza Balana)

Cosmo (Rachael Schreider)

Crash (Eric Mann)

Cry Baby (David Fracalosy)

Cutie (Elizabeth Dickinson)

Cymba (Scott Shields)

Daisy (Dorie & Jon Beaubien)

Daisy (Merrie Lamb)

Daisy (Glen Vecchione)

Dixie (Annie Milleret)

Duchess (Brian Stokes)

Duke (Bana Mouwakeh)

Ellie (Tony & Jill Edlin)

Emma (Michael & Christa


Emma (Martha Jagger)

Emma (Lisa Parker)

Emma (Brian Stokes)

Faith (Lynn-Monica


Fidgtwin (Janet Potter)

Fig (Dr. Irene Cote)

Filip (Christian Przygoda)

Frasier (Michael Kachline)

Georgie (Larry & Tina Alston)

Geronimo (Beth & Chuck


Gordy (Matthew Frye)

Gracie (Robert Blazer)

Hudson (Michael Han)

Hyson (Patrick Marsch)

Idgie (Lisa D’Angelo &

Rebecca Bowdish)

Jack (Laurie Ramsey)

Jada (Robert & Kerry Phelan)

Jasper (Quing & Glenn Cruz)

JD (Nancy & Johnny Penn)

Jinxy (Nima Dolatabadi)

Kacey (Kristin Elo)

Kimo (Kathy & Ronald Gima)

Kipper (Rachel Maurais &

Stephen Friedman)

Kitty (Leah & Edward Estrin)

Kitty Cat (Antonina


Kitty Kat (Diane Kellogg)

Kona (Roberta & Jeff Jacobs)

Kush (Dorenne Charles)

Lacey (Diane Novotny)

Leif (Lynda Hague)

Louis (Bruce Sanger & Nancy


Lucky (Truong Tran & Beth Ho)

Lucky (Irina Kuzminsky)

Lucky (Jeffrey Barney & Anne


Lucy (Pamela & Jason


Lucy (Jane & Brian Findley)

Luke (Jodi & Mike Vleck)

Lulu (Heather Hopper)

Mady (Sean Reid)

Maggie (Barbara Anderson)

Maggie (Amy & Tim Bennett)

Maggie (Paul & Crista


Mariah (Elva Hoxie)

Marley (Jennifer De La Cruz

& Mark Pipes)

Max (Allison & James


Max (Kelli Glover)

Mia (Bret Park)

Mikayla (Alex Wong)

Mimi (Lisa & Cinny Wong)

Minky (Gail White)

Misty (Susan & Julio Ponce)

Mo (Misty Kummerfeld)

Mocha (Steve Gonzalez)

Molly (Linda Bright)

Morpheus (Carie & Chris


Murphy (Kevin Rigney)

Nacho (Anthony Aranes)

Nala (Marilyn Jones)

Nestley (Joanne & Chris


Nikko (Kim Gottshall)

Okalani (Vincent Villalvazo)

Oscar (Ted Schroeder)

Oz (Mary Milton)

Painter (Chris Crowley)

Patrick (Andrew & Jennifer


Pearl (Patti & Mike Tuffley)

Pepper (Loretta Mitch-Lynn)

Pepper (Gary & Valerie


Princess (Greg Seymann)

Prinze (Franklin Rodriguez)

Punky (Jurgen & Leanne


Purrcilla (Jami Hoang)

Quent (Dr. Julie Swain)

Rascal (Autumn Bradley)

Rascal (Christina Imhoof)

Riley (Bettina Patrick Singler)

Rio (Barbara Bailey)

Rolly (Hebe Bridges)

Roman (Steve Olsher)

Rosie (Susan Elden)

Rosie (Susan Kirkland)

Roux (Kathleen Collins)

Roxy (David Dufour)

Ruger (Irma Thornbloom)

Rumba (Alana Albertson)

Rusty (Chung & Randy


Sam (Paige & Greg Babikian)

Sami (Robert & Nancy Mara)

Sandy (Alvic & Joy Paje)

Sassy (Byron & Angela


Sierra (George & Tonia Ann


Sir Oliver (George & Martha


Slinky (Stephanie Wright)

Spike (Dr. Matthew Bigelow)

Spike (Cyndy Carlton)

Stanley (William Cohen)

Star (Chris Bosworth &

Alonzo Fimbrez)

Strange Cat (Stan Wong)

Sucia (Romy & Rian Hoover)

Suky (Dawn Grebner)

Sydney (Thomas & Terri


Tabitha (Kathleen & Neal


Tahoe (Becky Ivans)

Tahoe (Christine & Julian


Tank (David Andrus)

Taz (Pat & Patsy Miller)

Tigger (Ken Smith)

TJ (Karen & Mike Musgrave)

Tonka (Lisa Apolinski)

Tonka (Zoraida Baltazar)

Topaz (Eddy Laclair & Rich


Tristan (Kelly Saltern)

Trooper (Ruth Hewick)

Truman (Marianne Cline)

Tucker (Maria Randerson)

Tzimmes (Neal Swerdlow)

Venus (Jacci Hill)

Virgo (Mary Cairns)

Walter (Ben Harvey & Erin


Wina Beagle (Claire Melbo)

Xena (Benjamin & Kana


Yoda (Nadir Buyuktimkin)

Yoda (Jeffery Radovan)

Yogi (Nichole & Doug Cox)

Zena (Ami Israel)

Zeus (Philip Lucero & Burr


Ziggy (Nadine Bell)

Ziggy (Denise Nanos)

Zoe (Cal Chang)

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA w i s h l i s t


• Canned chicken

• Cheez Whiz

• Cat and dog Treats (Dog

biscuits; Natural Balance rolls;

soft-type dog and cat treats)

• Dry dog/puppy, cat/kitten food

• Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer


• Meat-flavored baby food

• KMR Kitten Milk Replacer


• Rat blocks

• Timothy hay

Animal Toys/Enrichment:

• Cat/kitten toys

• Cat/kitten scratchers (new)

• Plush dog toys

• Food dispensing toys (Kongs;

Wobblers; Tug-a-Jugs)

• Dog Chew Toys (Nylabones;

Pig ears; Rawhide chew toys;

Bully sticks)

Misc. Animal Supplies:

• Blankets/Towels

• Carefresh small pet litter

• Cat litter

• Cat trees (new)

• Digital animal thermometers

• Disposable feeding trays

Thank You to Our Media Friends

Tune in to learn about the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA!

The Coast News

Pet of the Week (Every other Friday)

East County Gazette

Pet of the Week (Every Thursday)

KFMB-TV Channel 8

Pet Friends (Fridays at 5:50 a.m.)

KNSD-TV Channel 7/39

Second Chance Animal for Adoption


KOCT Oceanside Update

Humane Education and Featured Pet


KPBS Radio

The Animal House (Saturdays, 5-6 a.m.

& Sundays, 7-8 p.m.)

• Dog houses*

• Dog shirts and sweaters

• Grooming supplies*

• Groomers Best brand pet tub


• Heating pads

• Housetraining pads

• Leashes, harnesses, collars


• Overhead trolley/pulley

system for dogs*

• Pet beds

• Pet bowls (no-spill type)

• Plastic children’s pools

• Snuggle Heating Discs

• Shower pan liner

• Ziploc bags

Office Supplies:

We can always use a variety of

standard office supplies beyond

what is listed here

• Avery labels

• Binder clips

• Binder rings

• Calculators (handheld)

• Card stock

• Double-sided mounting


• Dry Erase Markers

• Electric stapler

• Envelopes

• Highlighters

• Hanging files

• Ink cartridges

• Laminating sheets

• New file folders

Note pads

• Paper clips

• Phone message tablets

• Post-It Notes

• Postage stamps

• Rewritable CDs

• Scissors

• Sharpie pens

• Staplers

• White out tape

• Writing pens

Misc. Supplies:

• Art supplies

• Batteries*

• Bleach (unopened)

• Compressed air cans

• Dawn dish soap

• Defibrillator*

• Disinfectant wipes

• Florgal tape (green)

• Gift tissue paper

• ID Printer with software*

• Laundry Soap (liquid,


KUSI-TV Channel 9/51

Pet of the Week segment (Saturdays

at 8:20 a.m.)

Magic 92.5 FM

Jagger and Kristi’s Kritters segment

(First and second Monday each month at

8:20 a.m.)

MainStreet Media San Diego

Pet of the Week (Every Thursday in

La Jolla Light, Del Mar Times, Carmel

Valley News, Solana Beach Sun and

Rancho Santa Fe Review)

Oceanside Magazine

Humane Education (Twice annually)

Penny Saver

Pet of the Week (Every Tuesday)

• Lint rollers

• Paper towels

• Swiffer dusters

• Trash bags

• Wet/dry vacuum (small

canister, heavy-duty style)

• White boards

• Zip ties

Gift Certificates/Cards to:


• Grocery stores


• local gas stations, restaurants,

movie theaters and book stores

• Michael’s

• Office supply stores

• Petco/PetSmart

• Target

Please Note:

– All food/treats must be in its

original, unopened packaging

– Please no pillows or used

plastic litter boxes

– Please call regarding the

donation of medical items or


*please call 619-299-7012

ext. 2276 for more details

Follow us on

Twitter and Facebook!

The following media outlets provide regular coverage on animals available for adoption, behavior training advice and other

information for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA at no cost. For questions or comments on any of our media outreach

efforts, contact or call (619) 243-3437.

Featured Pet (Monthly)

Featured Pet (Daily)

Pet of the Week (Weekly)

Featured Pet (Weekly)

U-T San Diego

Pet of the Week (Saturdays)

Adopt a Pet section (Quarterly)

UT-TV Channel 114

Pet of the Week segment (Fridays at

7:35 a.m.)


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013


Anna is Smiling

Anna generously decided to give

$20,000 to the San Diego Humane

Society and SPCA to help the animals

in our community. But she had to put

on her gift-planning hat before she did.

She remembered that it’s better to

contribute appreciated stock, instead

of writing a check for the same

amount. She also remembered that

Please complete the following form to contact us:

Dear Friends at San Diego Humane Society and SPCA:

Please send me/us estate planning brochures and bequest language.

Please contact me/us at ( ) _______________________ so that I/we

can receive further information.

Please contact me/us about a personal visit.

I/we have already provided for the San Diego Humane Society

and SPCA in my/our estate planning documents. Please send

information about the Humane Heritage Circle.

Name ________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________________________ State________________

Zip __________________ Phone__________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________

Mail this form to:

Nicole Angelucci, Director of Planned Giving

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110

Planned Giving

her investment advisor told her that

stock she purchased back in 1988 is

now worth 10 times more. Sure enough,

her last statement showed she still has

those same 1,000 shares, and a quick

check of the Internet showed they are

currently trading around $20/share.

Anna considered the options. If she

sold the stock, she would have $20,000

(minus the sales commission) to give

to the San Diego Humane Society

and SPCA but at tax time she would

incur capital gains taxes on $18,000 of

growth. But if she contacted the San

Diego Humane Society and had her

broker transfer the stock directly to the

charity, she could avoid paying capital

gains tax. In addition, she would receive

a tax deduction of $20,000!

Transferring the stock was easy.

Anna called the San Diego Humane

Society’s planned giving office, and

she was helped with detailed delivery

instructions that her broker could use.

The transfer was completed almost

immediately, her gift was valued and

documented for tax purposes, the stock

was sold in the San Diego Humane

Society stock account and put to work

serving our charitable mission, just as

Anna had wanted. Smiling, Anna took

off her gift-planning hat.

How about you? Do you have

appreciated assets in stocks or bonds

that could make a similar, smart

gift? We are here to help you assess

your opportunity and make such a

gift when it makes sense to you and

your advisers. To learn more about

giving appreciated securities, please

contact our Director of Planned Giving,

Nicole Angelucci at 619-243-3443 or or fill out the

form below for her to contact you.

Tax deductible, as permitted by law.

We can arrange free towing of your car, boat,

RV or motorcycle from anywhere in Southern


SUMMER 2013 Calendar of Events

The following is a sampling of San Diego Humane Society classes, workshops and events occurring June 1 through August 30, 2013.


1 Head Start (first of five classes), 11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m., $89

1 Head Start (first of five classes), 3-4:15 p.m., $89

2 Project KEPPT Day (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

5 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., No cost

10 Head Start (first of five classes), 6:30-8 p.m., $89

12 Project KEPPT Food Bank (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

12 Happy Hour Lecture Series: TTouch (North Campus),

6:30-8 p.m., $12

14 Doggie Café (North Campus), 6-8 p.m., $10

15 Pet Loss Support Group, 10 a.m., No cost

15 First Aid for Dogs and Cats, 1-5 p.m., $60

19 Head Start (first of five classes), 6:30-8 p.m., $89

20 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.

20 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Pet Dental, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

21 Head Start (first of five classes), 6:30-8 p.m., $89

22 Head Start (North Campus, first of five classes),

11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m., $89

23 Head Start (first of five classes), 9-10:15 a.m., $89

23 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.

23 Canine Good Citizen (first of five classes), 3-4:30 p.m., $119

24- Animal Adventure Camp, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., $220

Aug 2

27 Pet Loss Support Group (North Campus), 6:30 p.m., No cost

28 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

29 Canine Good Citizen (first of five classes), 1:30-3 p.m., $119


3 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., No cost

4 Humane Society Closed for Independence Day

7 Project KEPPT Day (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

10 Project KEPPT Food Bank (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

12 Doggie Café (North Campus), 6-8 p.m., $10

14 First Aid for Dogs and Cats (North Campus), 1-5 p.m.,


18 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.

18 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Dog Reactivity, 6:30-8 p.m., $12

20 Pet Loss Support Group, 10 a.m., No cost

22- Animal Adventure Camp (North Campus), 9 a.m.-3 p.m.,

Aug 9 $220

25 Pet Loss Support Group (North Campus), 6:30 p.m., No cost

26 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

28 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.


4 Project KEPPT Day (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

7 Pet Loss Support Group, 6:30 p.m., No cost

9 Doggie Café (North Campus), 6-8 p.m., $10

14 Project KEPPT Food Bank (North Campus), 1-3 p.m.

14 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Acupressure (North Campus),

6:30-8 p.m., $12

15 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.

15 Happy Hour Lecture Series: Holistic Modalities,

6:30-8 p.m., $12

17 Pet Loss Support Group, 10 a.m., No cost

17 San Diego Humane Society Fur Ball Gala, 6 p.m.,

call for tickets

22 Pet Loss Support Group (North Campus), 6:30 p.m.,

No cost

24 First Aid for Dogs and Cats, 1-5 p.m., $60

25 Project KEPPT Food Bank, 1-3 p.m.

30 Doggie Café, 6-8 p.m., $10

All events are held at 5500 Gaines Street and require

pre-registration or reservations unless otherwise noted. Events

at North Campus are held at 572 Airport Road in Oceanside.

Please call (619) 299-7012 and the extension listed to

pre-register/reserve a space in a program, or visit our website

at for a full calendar of events.

Activities for Kids:

Animal Adventure Camp: ext. 2251

Activities for Adults/Families:

Doggie Café: ext. 2230; Happy Hour Lecture Series and First Aid

for Dogs and Cats: ext. 2860; Pet Loss Support Group: ext. 2311

Behavior and Training Classes:

Head Start, Puppy Fun Class: ext. 2334; Canine Good Citizen:

ext. 2247

Project KEPPT Day/Food Bank:

Call (619) 299-7012 ext. 2907 for more information about the

Project KEPPT services and Food Bank requirements.

Pet Loss Support

Are you:

• Considering euthanasia?

• Feeling lost without your pet?

• Finding that family or friends don’t understand or

attempt to minimize your loss?

The Pet Loss Support Group is free.

Call 619-299-7012 x2311 or check for dates


AnimalFare • Summer 2013

AnimalFare • Summer 2013


Central Campus:

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110-2572

North Campus:

(for dogs)

2905 San Luis Rey Road

Oceanside, CA 92058

(for cats & small animals)

572 Airport Road

Oceanside, CA 92058

(619) 299-7012

Central Campus Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Adoptions and Animal Viewing:

Monday-Friday, 11a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 11a.m.-5 p.m.

North Campus Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Adoptions and Animal Viewing:

Monday-Friday, 11a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, 11a.m.-5 p.m.

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