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Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 23 - Newsquest

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24 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Parents Guide

Appleton rated as outstanding

APPLETON School has

impressive exam results and

was rated as outstanding by


The school also enters students

for GCSEs when they are ready

and the majority of students

achieved GCSE success two years


The school is a specialist

business and enterprise college

and has good links with national

businesses, who assist in the

delivery of the curriculum.

The school offers more than 100

extra-curricular clubs each week.

Headteacher Karen Kerridge,

says: “As headteacher of the

Appleton School, I would like to

introduce you to what I believe is

an exceptional school, which

Ofsted designated an outstanding

school in June 2010.

“The Appleton School, a mixed

fully-comprehensive school for

students aged 11 to 16, has an

excellent reputation at both local

and national level, achieving

education of the highest quality

with outstanding examination


“It is also a leading business and

enterprise college with a national

reputation for high standards.

“The school regularly receives

national awards recognising its

very high standards including the

Ofsted Outstanding Schools

Award, the Artsmark Silver award



for outstanding work in the Arts,

and the Sportsmark award

recognising the exceptionally

wide range of student extracurricular


“It was recognised as a Centre of

Excellence for the teaching of

geography by the Geographical

Association and gained the

Investors in People award for

outstanding training programmes

for staff. We received the Healthy

Schools Award for services

provided for our students, and the

International School Award for

work with Ugandan and Ethiopian


“We are exceptionally proud of

our students, all of whom enter a

wide range of public examinations

aged 16 years. We expect only the

best from all our students and

naturally that involves hard work,

high expectations and a consistent

application to study. I am proud to

be headteacher of the Appleton

School and all my staff take

seriously their role in developing

our students into successful,

compassionate, future leaders.”

Appleton has 1,200 students, and

took on 240 new pupils in

September this year.

It achieved 96 per cent of GCSE

passes at A* to C.

Recognition – Appleton headteacher Karen Kerridge and eight members of staff who were

nominated for teaching awards

Parents Guide

Helping pupils

to reach their

full potential

THE purpose of the Billericay

School is to offer students the

opportunity to reach their full


The school provides a caring, secure

and disciplined environment.

The achievements of students are

always first priority. As a specialist

maths and computing college, pupils

are able to access facilities which add

new and exciting perspectives to


The recent Ofsted report of January

2011 found the school to be


“Outcomes for individuals and

groups are outstanding and have been

strong for the last three years.

Inspectors found behaviour to be

outstanding and they consistently

observed mature well-mannered

students with a positive attitude to


The school describes students as

“remarkable young people”.



Billericay School wants them to

have energy and enthusiasm for all

that life has to offer, to live as

responsible citizens and to succeed

academically in a rapidly-changing


This summer, exam results saw 85

per cent of students gain A*–C with 60

per cent including maths and English.

The sixth form offers excellent

facilities and opportunities, alongside

exceptional support and choice.

Students achieve excellent exam

results and play an important part as

role models.

The sixth form is an important time

and it always makes sure older

students have the privacy and space

they need to get the most from their


Aiming for everyone

to do their best

St Thomas


AT St Thomas More High

School, the aim for pupils is

to enjoy their education and

take pride in their


When boys and co-educated

sixth form girls leave the

school, it aims for them to be

fully prepared for the next

stage of their education and

the world of work and to be

ready to make a positive

contribution to the world.

While the majority of pupils

joining in Year 7 are from

Roman Catholic primary

schools, the governors are

pleased to accept applications

from committed families of

other Christian faiths, who

wish for a Roman Catholic


The acting headteacher,

Gemma Ackred said : “We aim

to develop the school’s

community to provide the very

best education for pupils. We

recognise each pupil is

different and enable all to

achieve their academic best, to

excel according to their

Working hard – a student at St Thomas More

potential, and to develop and

excel in their many other

talents and abilities.”

This aim also means

facilitating pupils to mature

morally, socially and


Top achievements in the last

academic year include

impressive examination

results at GCSE and A level

enabling successful university

Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 25


There are impressive

sporting achievements, school

productions, extra-curricular

opportunities and art,

including pupils performing in

partnership with a school in

Los Angeles through the RSC

Learning Performance School


An opening evening takes

place on October 18.

26 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Parents Guide

Focus for success


approach –

high quality

teaching for


Plans for the future – Woodlands will move into its new school in 2014

Our high achievers

THE headteacher at

Woodlands School is Andy


He said: “Woodlands School is

committed to excellence.

“Pupils are expected to be selfdisciplined

and committed to

their studies.

“High achievement is our

priority at Woodlands.

“The school’s professional

and committed staff work

closely with families and they

value very highly the extensive

extra curricular programme

and community links.”



Top achievements for


Commencement of new build

for Woodlands – move into the

new school on same site in

January 2014.

Continued success by pupils

in their exams. Outstanding

achievements by pupils in PE

and performing arts.

Continued success in

maximising opportunities for

pupils and staff.

GCSE results:

Passes at grades A–C 57 per


Passes at grades A–g 98 per


English 53 per cent/98 per cent

Maths 52 per cent/98 per cent

Science 98 per cent

Overall: five A*–C 53 per

cent/five A*–G 98 per cent

Subjects offered outside the

National Curriculum: graphics,

music, food studies, art, product

design and performing arts.

IN its most recent Ofsted

inspection in January, Mayflower

High School received an excellent

report, which underlined

“students achieve well, making

good progress in their learning as

they move through the school”.

Inspectors found “students’

outstanding behaviour and positive

attitudes make a significant

contribution to their learning”.

Facilities are constantly being

extended and refurbished to provide

state-of-the-art resources. These

facilities support and enhance all

areas of the curriculum.

Mayflower High School is wellequipped

to cater for the needs of the

21st century learner. Alongside

dedicated computer facilities in all

parts of the school, staff and

students in all subjects have access

to the latest technology to

complement high-quality teaching

and reflect a positive ethos where

students are keen to learn.


High School

As a caring school, it is always

focused on realising the maximum

learning potential of all students and

celebrating their success.

Top three achievements 2011/2012:

Continued outstanding academic

achievement at both GCSE and A-


For A-level, a 100 per cent pass rate

in all 31 subjects on offer, with 24

passes at A* grade across 13

different subjects.

For GCSE, of particular note is the

further increase in the number of

the top grades of A*and A, which

have gone up for the fifth year in a

row, with nearly one-third of

examination entries resulted in A*

or A grades. This year, 85 per cent

of students achieved five or more

A* to C grades.

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Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 27

Exciting times for Seevic

SEEVIC College is already one of

the largest colleges in South Essex,

but its ambitious team is aiming

higher and further to support local

students and their goals.

Seevic is undergoing a period of

growth and development – the biggest

being a £6million renovation project to

its Benfleet Campus.

The project will ensure students

continue to benefit from state of the

art classrooms and more social areas.

Seevic’s Basildon Campus, based at

Church Walk House, has also been

extended to accommodate the demand

of local students, and interested

visitors are welcome to stop by to have

a look around.

In addition, Seevic is expanding its

already huge course provision, with

the newly launched partnership with

The Beauty Skills Academy in


This partnership now allows Seevic

to offer funded, part-time beauty

therapy courses to 16-19 year olds,

taught and applied in a working salon.

Courses start in October and places

are going fast.

Seevic already offers one of the

largest ranges of A-level choices in

south east Essex and in 2013 will boast

36 different subjects to choose from,

along with 13 courses students can

take alongside their A-levels.

Choices include inspired and



professional options such as: Law,

Business Studies, Government and

Politics, Geology, Applied Science,

Communication and Culture, History

of Art, 3D Design, Graphic Design,

Photography, Textiles, Music

Technology, TV and Film, Set Design,

Theatrical Make-Up, Physical

Education (PE), and much more.

Specialist vocational qualifications

and subjects on offer at Seevic range

from: Applied Science, Art and Design,

Business and Finance, Beauty

Therapy, Childcare, Engineering,

Games Development and Health and

Social Care.

Others include IT Practitioners,

Media, Performing Arts, Public

Services, Sport, and Travel and


Seevic has a dedicated, nationally

accredited career service to support

students and parents through the

options and keep students focused on

their goals and career progression,

both through and after their studies.

To find out more about what Seevic

has to offer visit the website or come

along to an open evening. See

advertisement for further details.

Growth and development – Seevic’s Thundersley campus

28 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 29

Parents Guide

‘Can do’ ethos

heart of success

Excel together

St Hilda’s


CHOOSING the right school

for your child is one of the

most important decisions you

have to make as a parent.

It can be hard to find a school

that does all this, and supports

the core values which parents

want their children to live by.

At St Hilda’s School:

Children will be treated as

individuals and helped to

develop a confident, “can do”

attitude which is at the heart of


Will be taught in a small class,

which means they will get a

much more personalised level of

individual teaching.

Experience excellent teaching

by well qualified and

experienced staff, to ensure they

Core values –

children have a ‘can

do’ attitude

will make excellent academic

progress while at the school.

The outstanding pastoral care

at St Hilda’s and the wide range

of extra curricular activities

available at the school provides

every child with the best

opportunity to learn the skills

they will need if they are to be

successful as they face the

challenges and opportunities of

the adult world.

Parents Mr and Mrs Fogg

said: “We were determined to

give our daughter the best

possible opportunity available

to her and are confident she has

that at St Hilda’s”

To find out more see the

advertisement opposite or visit

the website www.sthildas

THE James Hornsby School

is working in partnership

with The King John School

in Benfleet to offer every

child the opportunity to

reach their full potential in a

caring and supporting


Students are proud of their

school and enjoy many aspects

of school life, including trips,

visits and a huge range of

activities in and outside of the

normal school day.

The school believes it is

essential it works in

partnership with the students,

parents/carers and local and

international communities to

enable students to prepare for

their future lives.

The school motto, ‘Together

we Excel’ reflects this belief



and the staff and governing

body are working hard to

ensure the school offers the

best possible educational

opportunities to help every

child to achieve.

The school has been vastly

improved and is continually

looking at further ways in

which to provide the best

learning environment and

opportunities for students.

It is at the centre of the local

community and opens its doors

outside of the normal school

day to support learning and

recreational activities

opportunities in the


School is fun – pupils at St Michael’s School

Achieving potential

ST MICHAEL’S School exists to

provide excellent preparatory

education for boys and girls aged

three to 11.

Through its broad and balanced

curriculum, it seeks to lay a solid

foundation for all children for their

academic, spiritual, moral, social,

cultural and physical development.

Within a Christian framework, the

children are challenged and

supported to discover their strengths,

establish a passion for learning and

develop as individuals, equipping

them for the next phase of their

learning. At the heart of the school’s

core values is a deeply held conviction

that every child is unique, valued and

capable of achieving their potential.

The aim is to provide excellent

St Michael’s


pastoral care and academic rigour to

ensure all children enjoy their time in

school and achieve the very best they

can. Results in National Curriculum

assessments at age seven and 11

during the last year, show the

percentage of children achieving the

highest levels is twice the national


A packed programme of extracurricular

activities adds to the

richness and breadth of the children’s

educational experience.

For further details visit or call

01702 478719 .

A school for all

Multi-cultural – parents appreciate the values of Holy Family

HOLY Family Catholic

Primary School is situated in

Benfleet and serves the local

Catholic parishes and the

wider community.

Indeed, there are many

children with other faith

backgrounds currently

attending Holy Family, making

the school one of the most

multi-cultural in the area.

Parents choose to send their

children to Holy Family

because they appreciate the

ethos and values permeating

the school.

In November 2011 the school

was judged to be outstanding by

the Brentwood Diocesan


In October of the same year,

Holy Family


Ofsted inspectors found

behaviour to be outstanding, as

well as the effective care

guidance and support given to

pupils by staff.

Children from Holy Family

School consistently attain

highly in Government tests. In

July 2012 100 per cent of the

school’s Year 6 cohort achieved

Level 4 or above in maths and

English SATs tests.

The school also excels in

music, sports and arts.

See the advertisement for


Bookworms – St John’s pupils enjoy Roald Dahl’s BFG

Passion to learn

St John’s


ST John’s School is a coeducational

independent day

school in Billericay.

The school is situated in

extensive grounds overlooking

Lake Meadows, a beautiful area

of parkland, including sports

fields, an indoor swimming pool

and other sporting facilities

which are used extensively by

the pupils.

The school is well connected

by public transport to

neighbouring towns, and is a

short walk from the mainline

railway station.

It is divided into two

departments, preparatory from

3-11 years, and senior 11-16 years.

St John’s offers wraparound

care from 8am-6pm for age three

to seven years, and an 8am

breakfast club through to 5pm

homework club from age seven

to 16. Lunchtime and afterschool

clubs are offered.

From the moment children

enter St John’s, whatever their

age, they are treated as

individuals, and it is their

passion to ensure that when

they leave they have fully

achieved their potential.

Staff believe that only within

a safe and caring environment

can children flourish. The

virtues of politeness, integrity

and consideration of others into

our pupils.

30 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Parents Guide

Keen to

learn – see for

yourself just

how students

enjoy time at

The Bromfords

School by

taking a tour

Ethos of ‘to learn and

care’ at The Bromfords

THE Bromfords School has a

great deal to be proud of.

This year’s fantastic results;

71 per cent of students

achieving five A*–C GCSE’s

overall and 55 per cent

achieving five A* – C including

English and Maths.

The Bromfords School is

“aiming for outstanding” and

is a community which values

its students equally.

It is all about academic and

personal welfare and the

school strives to ensure all

students are given learning

opportunities to fulfill their

potential. At Bromfords the

ethos is “to learn and care”.

The Bromfords


The school is a happy,

orderly, safe and secure

environment where parents

are encouraged to participate

actively in their child’s


There are mentoring

sessions with parents to

discuss progress in addition to

parents’ consultation evenings.

Written assessments and

reports are issued termly.

The school invites Year 6

students and their parents to

see the school at work.

Daily tours will take place

from Wednesday, September 26

to Wednesday, October 3 and

Monday, October 8 to Friday,

October 19 at 9am and 10 am.

To book a tour, telephone the

school on 01268 471201.

If you would like your child

to be part of The Bromfords

School success, Marian Spinks,

headteacher, invites parents to

the open evening on Thursday,

October 4 from 6 to 9pm. The

headteacher will address

parents at 7pm and 8pm.

For more information, visit

the website www.bromfords.

New building stateof-the-art

for pupils

Castle View


CASTLE View is proud of

its high expectations and its

drive for excellence which

underpin the life of the


Staff challenge students to

strive for excellence and want

to inspire all students to

believe they are “the best that

I can be” – challenged,

inspired and successful.

Castle View believes all

students deserve to follow a

curriculum which challenges

them to do their best.

Sports achievements are

outstanding and the range of

extra-curricular opportunities,

including music and

the arts, are excellent.

Also on offer is a range of

student conferences, business,

enterprise, forensic science

days, trips and visits.

In 2010, Ofsted said: “There

are very good opportunities

for all students to develop

their economic and business

understanding and financial




programmes and the extensive

Working together – pupils at Castle View School

range of enrichment and extra

curricular activities, make

significant contributions.”

The previous year, Ofsted

said: “Students make an

outstanding contribution to

the local community.”

Examination results saw 76

per cent of students gain 5

plus A* – C GCSEs.

While 56 per cent of

students gained 5 plus A* – C

GCSEs including English and


Castle View is determined to

continue with its excellent


The new Castle View School

building is a fantastic world

class, state-of-the-art building

which follows 21st century

design principles of


Purpose-built learning

spaces and light and airy

corridors encourage an

outstanding learning climate

and suggest high

expectations. Aspiration,

motivation, ambition and

confidence of students are

impacted positively.

Go along and see for

yourself its high standards.

Parents Guide

Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 31

Excellence for all


School is an over-subscribed

high performing dual status

Specialist School in

business and enterprise and

applied learning.

It has excellent facilities,

including 15 enhanced PC

suites and extensive wireless

laptop provision.

Beauchamps aims for

excellence for all and achieves

outstanding examination

results. In 2012 there was a 99

per cent pass rate at A Level.

At GCSE 94 per cent of

students achieved 5 A* – C, 74

per cent achieved 5 A* – C

including English and Maths,

86 per cent achieved A* – C in


High School

English and 79 per cent

achieved A* – C in Maths. All

results were significantly

above the national average.

Achievable but challenging

targets are set, and each

student’s progress is

monitored and tracked. The

school has the Investors in

People Gold Award and the

prestigious Customer Services

Excellence Award.

In 2012 the school was a

winner of a Basildon Business

Award for Staff Training and

Development, an Essex

Countywide Business Award

for the same category and an

Essex Business Excellence

Award for Customer Care and


One student won the

competition to design the

Olympic Mascot for the

Eastern Region. Students and

staff were chosen to feature in

a film promoting the Jack

Petchey Speak Out Challenge

which was premiered at the

Queen Elizabeth Hall in

London at the National Speak

Out Challenge Finals.

The school has had another

excellent year confirming the

statement by Ofsted 2010 that

‘the education the school

provides is outstanding’.

32 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Parents Guide

Opportunities to

excel for students

One to one attention – Thorpe Hall’s reception class

Striving to create the very

best learning environment

THORPE Hall School invests in

opportunities to stimulate and

challenge its pupils

Unlike most other

independent schools in the

area, Thorpe Hall School

operates as a not-for-profit

charitable trust. This means

that governors can continue to

strive to invest any surpluses

in improving the school and

provide the very best learning


The tradition of moving

onward and upward continues

with the school’s new Creative

Thorpe Hall


Media Studio, which was

completed over the summer.

Featuring a bespoke Art

Studio, three new fully sound

insulated and air-conditioned

music teaching rooms and a

photography studio, the new

facilities will benefit the whole

school from its nursery to

senior classes.

“I believe a school should be

small enough to care about

each individual child, but big

enough to provide opportunities

to stimulate and

challenge.” explains headteacher

Andrew Hampton.

“The facilities at Thorpe Hall

School are among the region’s

finest and our ongoing

investment programme means

we are always moving


Thorpe Hall School’s

Autumn Open Day is on

Saturday October 20 from 10am

until noon.

THE King Edmund School

continues to achieve excellent

standards through quality

teaching and learning.

This has its roots in the high

expectations of all members of the

school community and a strong

pastoral system.

Headteacher Jonathan Osborn,

says: “King Edmund is committed to a

strong home-school partnership.

“We believe by working closely with

parents and students, we will help

them achieve their personal best

academically and ensure they are

safe, secure and happy at school. Staff

focus on delivering excellent

teaching, making good use of the

school’s outstanding facilities.

“Students are supported in a wide

variety of ways to ensure they reach

their potential, with opportunities for

mentoring, one-to-one tuition and

help outside lessons. Students have

every opportunity to excel in every


An experienced special educational

needs co-ordinator leads a large team

working with staff, students and

families. In-class support and small

group work are key strategies used to

ensure individual need is met.

Mr Osborn adds: “Prospective

parents are most welcome to arrange

King Edmund


a tour of the school to see the school

in action for themselves and to get a

flavour of how we work with students

to support them achieving their very


Business and enterprise and

applied learning specialisms are a

core part of the school’s ethos.

The school has an excellent track

record of provision across the full

ability range pre- 16 and post-16.

The curriculum is wide-ranging

with firm, but fair, discipline allowing

all students to thrive.

There is also an extensive and

varied programme of extra curricular

activities, with a large number of

sports-based clubs and other

activities from chess to rocket


lGCSE 5+ A*–C: 70 per cent

lGCSE 5+ A*– G: 93.3 per cent

lGCSE passes at grade A*–C:

lEnglish Language 53.7 per cent

lEnglish Literature 90.1 per cent

lMathematics 70 per cent

lScience 85.2 per cent

Parents Guide

Echo Thursday September 27, 2012 33

The sky is the limit

LOOK how far apprenticeships

have moved on

since they were first

formalised back in 1563.

Back then apprentices

didn’t get paid and the

average apprenticeship

lasted for seven years with

only the choice of a handful

of careers.

Today, there are more than

250 different apprenticeships

to choose from, ranging from

horticulture to hairdressing.

At Central Training, staff

passionately believe apprenticeships

are the foundation

to a career, which is

evidenced by the staff.

From the managing

directors, Andy Wright and

Martin Kolton, to the

management team and

tutors, all started their

careers by completing an


They commented: “As a

company we can honestly

say that we would not be

where we are today, in the

top 10 per cent of colleges

and training providers

nationally, if we had not




completed an apprenticeship.”

The Apprenticeship

Framework really is the best

way to ‘learn whilst you

earn’ in a range of careers

from administration to


Just look at the top earners

in the UK. JCB Chairman,

Sir Anthony Bamford tops

the list of wealthiest exapprentices,


£2.15billion, closely followed

by people such as celebrity

chef Jamie Oliver, worth

£106 million, and Dragons’

Den businesswoman

Deborah Meaden, worth £40


Take the first steps in the

foundation of your career by

enrolling at Central Training

for a apprenticeship and

work for one of the many

successful employers who

also started their working

life as an apprentice.

Winners – staff from Central training Academy at the Echo’s Countywide Business Awards

34 Echo Thursday September 27, 2012

Parents Guide

Small enough to care but big

enough to make a difference

HASSENBROOK Academy is a

great place to learn. We are

small enough to care and big

enough to make a difference.

With 740 learners, our academy

has a community feel with

teachers and students getting to

know and understand each other


Year 11 students at

Hassenbrook Academy have been

celebrating recently upon

achieving the best GCSE results

in the academy’s history. 65 per

cent of students achieved 5 or

more A* to C grades including

English and Maths, with an

overall 73 per cent of students

achieving at least 5 A* to C grades.

Richard Glasby, headteacher, is

delighted with the outcome.

“Students and staff are to be

congratulated for this fantastic

set of results, our best ever. The

hard work from all concerned has

really paid off.”

“Despite a reported decrease in

GCSE results nationally,

Hassenbrook are pleased to

announce our results have

improved. Notably two of our

senior prefects, Chloe Sebastiao

and Mary Adesina, achieved an

outstanding 14 A*/ A grades with



distinctions in OCR Nationals in

ICT – an accolade that many

students across the country can

only dream of. Nearly 40 per cent

of the cohort achieved ten or more

GCSE passes at Grade C or above.

“We have limited places

available and we invite you to

consider our academy.

“Make a date to meet us on our

open evening, open day or arrange

to look around at another time.

“We are ideally situated to

accept students from both

Thurrock and Basildon.

Transport options may be

investigated if sufficient numbers

join us from Basildon.”



Newly built ICT suites

Year 6’s transition week in


Easily accessible by public


Sixth Form provision

Exam success – Hassenbrook Academy students celebrate their results

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