North Hollywood Auto Repair benefits from location ... - Parts & People

North Hollywood Auto Repair benefits from location ... - Parts & People


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Serving Southern California Automotive Parts & Service Professionals Volume 6 Number 12 December 2012

North Hollywood Auto Repair benefits

from location and selling maintenance

by Dick DeLoach

North Hollywood, Calif.—Jack

Scrafield, North Hollywood Auto

Repair owner and ASCCA Chapter

5 president, said about 60 to 65

percent of the shop’s revenue comes

from maintenance instead of repair,

much of which comes from vehicles

still under warranty.

“Dealerships have always

struggled in this area because of the

lower income level in our area,” he

said. “So we advertise ourselves as a

dealer alternative for required and

preventative maintenance on

vehicles under warranty.”

“The time spent learning how to educate

customers on how important it is to

perform preventative maintenance has

helped grow our repeat customer base,” he

said. “It’s an ideology that requires full

participation from both service writers and

technicians along with continual training

and review.”

Scrafield said that over the years, he has

seen a decline in component replacements

from their regular customer base because

preventative maintenance has made their

vehicles more dependable, with lower

costs for repairs. During the last 10 years,



U.S. Postage


Columbia, MO

Permit No. 353

Jack Scrafield (l.), owner of North Hollywood Auto

Repair, explains a brake issue to customer Alex Elliot

on his Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor.

there has become less and less on a vehicle

that an “R&R” auto technician can work

on, Scrafield said. “It requires academic

training to develop a career in the

automotive repair/service industry.”

So, continual technical-update training is

necessary, he said. “I believe in the next 10

years, there will be a greater percentage of

hybrids on the road, coupled with more allelectric

vehicles,” he said. “The

independent shop that is willing to spend

the time and money today on technical

training for these vehicles will secure a

stable business in the future.”

Electronic Service Requested

Automotive Counseling & Publishing Co. Inc.

899 Logan St., Suite 311

Denver, CO 80203

Scrafield said he also believes that

learning as much about the business

end of the industry is just as important,

if not more so, than knowing how to fix


“That’s the challenge for most

independent shop owners,” he said. “In

today’s marketplace, a shop owner

without business management

schooling is at a serious disadvantage.”

In the past three years Scrafield has

concentrated on Internet marketing to

build his business. “We don't pay for

any direct Internet ads,” he said.

“Instead we use companies like

Zenergy, Demandforce, and

CustomerLink to increase our Internet


The shop is also a AAA Approved Auto

Repair (AAR) facility, which Scrafield said

is a great source of new customers.

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Bill’s Quality Auto expands by embracing

the latest tools and technology . . . . . . . . 3

Simi Valley shop owner says

the right equipment and

trained staff leads to year-overyear


Ford, Jeep, Scion, Mustang win

SEMA ‘hottest cars’ awards . . . . . . . 3

Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO,

presented the SEMA “hottest car” awards at a

ceremony, Oct. 30, at the SEMA show.

Growing trend of extended terms poses

‘significant threat’ to industry . . . . . . 5

AASA Executive Breakfast and AAIA Town

Hall set stage for record-setting AAPEX . 7

New Product Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

TIA TPMS Town Hall says consumer

education will eradicate complaints . 11

APRA/ATRA joint show offers business

opportunities and education for all . 21


Pages 14-19 C1-C8

Recycled parts = more profit, work . 14 seminar at NACE illustrates

how using recycled collision parts can

increase profitability and save many jobs

while appeasing DRPs.

Santana’s excels with higher standards

for customers’ higher expectations . 15

The Ontario body shop, a

BASF/Glasurit Lifetime

Refinish Warranty Center,

performs warranty

refinishing work for

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and

other high-end vehicles.

Collision Repair Training Notes . . . 16

NACE returns to ‘The Big Easy’ . . C-2

Seen at SEMA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C-6

Miramar shop uses customer education

to improve KPIs, stay DRP-free . . . . . 17

United Auto Body

owner’s hands-on

work ethic, passion

for customer

education, and

unique goals for profitability have paid off.

New Collision Product Notes . . . . . 18


More photos and

articles at

Leadership keynote highlights ASRW . 23

ASA’s ASRW kicked off with a

keynote speech from Dick Cross,

former Carstar CEO, on the

personality and behavior traits of

great leaders.

Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits .24

Kia and DC Comics unveil

superhero-themed cars at SEMA . . . 25

Michael Sprague, Kia’s executive vice

president of

marketing and


unveiled five



vehicles on Oct. 30, at the SEMA show.

CAWA Banquet kicks off Industry Week,

announces major legislative wins . . 26

Mechanical Repair Training Notes . . 26

People & Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

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New Technology, Products & Practices Focus Issue

Bill’s Quality Auto Care expands by embracing the latest tools and technology

by Dick DeLoach

Simi Valley, Calif.—Bill Garcia,

owner of Bill’s Quality Auto Care,

said he has always tries to stay on

the leading edge with the latest

tools, equipment, and technology

since the shop opened in 1993.

Garcia, an ASE master technician

before moving into management,

said keeping up with rapidly

changing technology hasn’t been

easy — or cheap. “I’ve seen huge

changes in how we service vehicles

and what we use in my 35 years in

the auto repair business.”

However, Garcia said his goal from the

beginning was to provide the best service

possible to his customers, which meant

investing heavily in the shop, including

getting, and keeping, the right staff.

“It’s important to have the right tools and

equipment, but without properly trained and

motivated employees, it means nothing,”

Garcia said. “We have weekly meetings

where everyone gets to discuss issues and

new ideas.”

Technicians and service writers are given

access to more than 100 hours of training

Bill Garcia, owner of Bill’s Quality Auto Repair,

says he owes his success to having the right

equipment and a top-notch ASE-trained staff.

per year at no charge to the employees,

Garcia said.

“The training ranges from automotive

repair to service advisor training,” he said.

“Technicians receive training from

ACDelco, Motorcraft, Denso, Autologic,

ATG, WORLDPAC and Specialty

Undercar, onsite and in nationwide training

facilities, which has required travel across

the country at times.”

Garcia said he also provides all specialty

tools and equipment, 401(k), health care

benefits, Costco membership, uniforms,

paid vacations, paid ASE testing, profit

sharing, and bonus programs.

The shop’s service writers have received

training from Elite Worldwide. “Two of our

service advisors, Joe Shaw and Alex

Foreman, have also gone through the

Masters Program established by Bob

Cooper at Elite and have both had extensive

phone training

as well,” he

said, adding

that they use

ROWriter for


As for


Garcia said he

purchased the

latest Hunter alignment system at the

SEMA show, and has installed new Rotary

lifts, purchased from Airdraulics. “We buy a

lot of equipment from them,” he said. “Dan

Tracy Jr. gives us great service.”

Garcia has also invested in numerous

diagnostic tools including a DRB3, three

Autologic tablets for BMW, Volvo,

Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover, a

Tech II, IDS, Snap-on Versus, and a VAG

“Our customers know that all

we use is nitrogen for filling

tires and we’ve never charged a

dime; it’s part of our

commitment to quality service.”

COM Toyota Tech Stream. “I also spend

several thousand dollars a year on software

updates,” he said. “We’ve yet to get

involved in new Chrysler scan tools simply

because we don’t get that many of them.”

Garcia said that nearly 11 years ago he

designed and installed a dual air/nitrogen

system for the shop with two 10-HP dualpiston

compressors, a

five-HP backup

compressor and two

50-gallon tanks in an

enclosure outside the


“Having the

compressors outside

really improves the

quality of life in the

shop,” Garcia said. “There’s enough noise

in a shop as it is.”

He also installed a Branick Nitrogen

generator system with an Eaton Air Chiller

(which removes moisture and contaminants

from the air); ran two air lines to every bay:

blue for compressed air and green for

nitrogen; and installed an Eaton nitrogen

tire inflator system.

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Ford, Jeep, Scion, and Mustang take top honors at SEMA ‘hottest cars’ awards

by Daniel Buxbaum

Las Vegas—Chris

Kersting, SEMA president

and CEO, presented the

SEMA “hottest car”

awards at a ceremony,

Oct. 30, at the SEMA


“The SEMA award

helps guide consumers

toward the hottesttrending

and mostaccessory-friendly

vehicles on the market,”

Kersting said.


organization has paid off as a winning

SEMA President and CEO

Chris Kersting (l.) presents

the “Hottest Sport

Compact” award to Scion

Corporate Manager Jacie

Dane at the 2012 SEMA

“hottest cars” award


proposition for consumers, he said, noting

that OEMs are now consistently providing

the aftermarket with blueprints and tech

sharing tools for their vehicles, which

allow for more reliable and cost-effective


“This has resulted in a high-quality

product, fast turnaround, and the

manufacturing of accessory-friendly

vehicles,” he said. “The specialty

equipment market reached nearly $30

billion in North American retail sales in

2011, marking the second year of growth.”

Achieving top honors in the “Hottest

4X4/SUV” category was the Jeep

The 2013 Scion FR-S has proven to be a solid

canvas for customization, as Toyota and Subaru

have provided the aftermarket with blueprints to

many of the car’s systems, said Chris Kersting,

SEMA president and CEO.

Wrangler. Highlights for the 2012

Wrangler include the fitment of Chrysler’s

3.6-L Pentastar V-6 engine, which gives the

SUV a boost to 285 HP.

The “Hottest Truck” award was given to

the Ford F-Series, which features an

optional twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6

engine that offers the performance of a V-8

with improved fuel efficiency.

Receiving the award for “Hottest Car”

was the Ford Mustang, which retains

classic muscle car proportions, largedisplacement

engines and a solid rear axle

in most configurations.

The all-new Scion FR-S took home the

prize for “Hottest Sport Compact,” a feat

considering it’s its

first year on the

market. The FR-S

and its twin, the

Subaru BRZ, were

popular choices for

tuners at this year’s

SEMA show.

“These vehicles

provide the best

canvas for

customization and

offer the latest in

new products,”

Kersting said of the

four award winners.

“SEMA is always looking for new ways to

stoke the market. We take what’s great,

and make it even better.” n

The Ford F-150, which remains a topselling

vehicle in the U.S., was deemed as

the “hottest truck” at this year’s SEMA


Look for an overview of the

in next month’s issue

The Jeep Wrangler, shown here with a

retrofitted Cummins six-cylinder diesel

engine and Borg-Warner turbochargers,

offers an excellent canvas for aftermarket

customization, said Chris Kersting, SEMA

president and CEO.

The Ford Mustang, which retains oldschool

muscle car architecture, took the

award for “hottest car” at SEMA 2012.

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Publisher’s Statement

Industry Week — industry strong

Ten years ago, to the month, this was the title of this Publisher’s

Statement upon returning from Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Week (AAIW). After a difficult year, on many levels, following

the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers in New York

City on 9/11, there was concern and apprehension regarding the

business climate at the shows and about the business year ahead.

But, almost immediately upon arrival, it was evident that the

collective resolve, purpose, and confidence of this remarkable

vehicle parts and service industry was intact and prepared to

surmount the obstacles and challenges ahead, short- and longterm.

And, so it did.

Approaching AAIW 2012, the apprehension, although not

nearly as dramatic and gut-wrenching, was reminiscent to that of

10 years ago. Would the state of the economy, domestic and

global, undercut by financial fraud, debt, unemployment, and fear

of inflation, stifle and smother the progress and momentum

accrued over the decade? Apparently, it did not.

Once again, 10 years later, the industry demonstrated a

collective, confident stride toward a future recalibrated to the

technologies and supply chain complexities inherent in a global

industry. Steeped in tradition, positioned for potential, the

industry displayed dynamic direction dedicated to overcoming the

challenges and obstacles that lie ahead.

A pre-registered attendance of 136,000, supplemented by walkup

registration, were treated to product introductions, overview

perspectives, network opportunities, cutting-edge technologies,

training, exhibitors from around the world, and an overriding

sense of assurance that this industry will remain vital and

successful well into the future.

Headwinds, tail winds

Existing conditions were aptly characterized during AAIW as

including both headwinds and tailwinds. While vehicle age

and deferred maintenance are favorable, it’s miles driven and

the changing costs of doing business, raw materials, and

energy that is of more immediate concern, it seems.

On the street, however, it’s momentum, customer contact,

and maintaining professionalism to the extent affordable that

calls the tune. Casting a wider net for additional customers,

through increased marketing efforts or an expanded menu of

services can offset a diminished customer base that results

from local or regional economies. For many, the access to

commercial lines of credit remains critical, too.

Many are again realizing the strength of channel partners to

be increasingly important. Whether it is hitching your wagon

to a star or improving overall channel relations, adding

synergy to your business with channel partners, singular

advancement can trump general economic conditions. In a

highly competitive climate, selecting channel partners, your

vendors and suppliers, can make a critical difference.

Holiday magic

At a time when small businesses are under siege the annual

holiday season arrives. It is a time of charitable consideration,

community, and renewal of spirit. The characteristics of the

American holiday season are similar, in many ways, to the

essential characteristics of American small, local, and regional


Although depicted in more innocent times, the lessons of

Frank Capra’s holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” ring as

true as holiday bells. It’s all about caring for others,

customers, community, co-workers, close relations, and doing

the right thing. Our best wishes to you for a safe and happy

holiday season. n

Page 4 December 2012 Parts & People

Growing trend of extended terms poses ‘significant threat’ to industry

by Rob Merwin

Las Vegas—At a media briefing prior to

AAPEX, Motor & Equipment

Manufacturers Association (MEMA)

Executive Vice President and COO Steve

Handschuh said extended terms present a

“significant threat” to the entire industry

and all channel players have a

responsibility to promote practices that are

in the best long-term interests of the market

and the players within it.

As an advocate on behalf of the supplier

community, Handschuh said the

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers

Association (AASA) hired KPMG, a

global accounting and advisory firm, to

study the impact of extended terms in the


“We feel it is a serious situation. We

wanted experts to confirm it for us and to

provide this information to our members so

they can have discussions on terms and

conditions. We wanted to raise a flag,” he


Handschuh explained that extended

terms are a relatively new and unique

practice in the industry, and it has sharply

escalated in the last two years. Its

preponderance means the aftermarket

industry is more sensitive to credit

availability. And, he warned, credit cycles,

similar to economic cycles, are inevitable

and hard to predict.

“This risk exposure is a sea change for

the historically stable aftermarket,”

Handschuh said. “The aftermarket

traditionally has been one of the most

resilient industry sectors, highly resistant to

changes in external business conditions.

However, this evolving business model

makes that less true for everyone.”

The KPMG study concluded that no

other industries have terms similar to those

in the aftermarket. “It’s unparalleled,”

Handschuh said.

He added that a significant rise in

interest rates, combined with a lack of

credit availability, would require the

industry to reverse extended terms — or

come up with capital to fund this “unusual

business model.”

“There are serious concerns down the

road, and extended terms could have a

catastrophic impact on this industry. If

credit availability were to become tighter

— and we’re beginning to see signs of it

already — and rates were to escalate, it

could move billions of dollars out of

factoring programs’ balance sheets and

devastate a significant portion of the

supplier community.”

Handschuh said there was a renewed

appreciation for the importance of the

supply base during the OE crisis when

Ford Motor Company, which didn’t need a

bailout, advocated for GM and Chrysler to

get federal funds assistance because they

all shared suppliers.

“If one or two of them were to go down,

it would take the entire supply chain with

it,” he said. “There is a community

responsibility to pursue practices that are in

the long-term best interests of this industry

and not just in the interests of one party or


Handschuh also explained extended

terms have exacerbated the long-standing

industry risk of excess inventory in the


“When there is no incentive to increase

inventory terms and no incentive to limit

inventory investments — when for all

intents and purposes it’s ‘free’ for those that

place the orders — it will continue to

propagate inventory issues,” he said.

“Inventory terms for major channel

partners have continued to decline over

the past five to 10 years. In regard to

extended terms and those who carry

financial responsibility for inventory, it

will just make the situation worse.”

He added that by working together, the

industry has a positive future, but it will

take co-operation, collaboration, mutual

respect, and commitment to what is in the

best long-term interest of all channel

partners to make it possible.

“We’re not through with this issue, and

the association can play a role by bringing

attention to KPMG’s data. There is reason

for serious reflection before we pursue

even longer terms such as those beyond

360 days,” he said. n

Parts & People December 2012 Page 5



Standard Transmissions

Transfer Cases

New & Used Parts

Rebuilt Units





4 3 2 7

Free Local Delivery

• Largest BMW Parts Inventory in Southern California

• Five Delivery Trucks

• Next-Day Ground Throughout Southern California

• Original BMW Parts and Accessories

• BMW Performance Parts

• Se Habla Español

BMW of San Diego

5090 Kearny Mesa Road

San Diego, CA

858.560.0268 • Fax: 858.560.6049

Bill’s Quality Auto Care expands by

embracing the latest tools and technology

Continued from page 3

“We’ve found that by removing the

moisture from the air, it really adds life to

most pneumatic tools and components,” he

said. “Our nitrogen generator filters last

three to four times longer, our lift seals last

longer, our technicians’ air tools last

longer; it’s even plumbed to our Hunter

alignment machine.”

When customers come into the shop for

any service, Garcia said his technicians

always do a tire pressure check. “Our

customers know that all we use is nitrogen

for filling tires and we’ve never charged a

dime; it’s part of our commitment to

quality service.”

Preventative maintenance has always

been a big category for the shop, Garcia

said. “Every oil change includes a

complete inspection service, and we have

seasonal specials that include additional

inspection items.”

Garcia said before a technician performs

an inspection, customers are alerted ahead

of time as to the comprehensiveness of the

inspection. “So they are typically prepared

to invest in their vehicles for maintenance


The shop also performs fleet


M-F 7am – 6pm • Sat 9am – 2pm

ASE Certified Technician Adam O’Connell performs

a cooling system flush on a BMW SUV using the

shop’s BG Products flush machine.

maintenance, Garcia said, which makes up

about 5-10 percent of the shop’s total

business. “Bob Cornwall (operations

manager/fleet manager) handles our fleet


Garcia said he buys his parts from a

number of quality sources including Cal

State, Warren Distributing, WORLDPAC,

APW, SSF, Fast Undercar, O’Reilly, and

BG Products.

The shop puts on free clinics to

empower women in automotive repair,

Garcia said. “These have been very

successful and many women have

commented about how important

they were for them.”

Garcia said he is also a Merit

Badge Counselor for the Boy

Scouts and has opened the shop

to train troop members in

automotive knowledge so that

they can gain their Automotive

Merit Badge.

“We have also been involved in

the local chamber street fair and

have run numerous promotions to

support breast cancer awareness,

such as $2-per-oil-change

promotions, and we also support

the local food bank,” he said.

Business has grown every year, Garcia

said, although last year it grew at a smaller

rate. “This year will probably be the first

year out of the last 10 that the growth will

be in single digits,” he said. “With cost

reductions and better efficiencies, we

should grow by about 5 percent.”

Garcia’s commitment to quality service

has earned the shop AAA Approved Auto

Repair (AAR) facility status and ASE Blue

Shield rating, and it’s an authorized

ACDelco shop. “We have earned the AAR

Award four years running,” he added. n

Smog program eliminates testing

for 2000 and newer vehicles

Sacramento, Calif.—The Air Resources

Board reviewed plans for implementing a

new Smog Check program that eliminates

tailpipe testing for 2000 model-year and

newer vehicles and improves the quality of

inspections for older vehicles. Authorized by

AB 2289, the new test takes advantage of

the advanced monitoring On-Board

Diagnostic (OBD) systems that are standard

equipment on all newer vehicles.

Instead of measuring tailpipe emissions

while simulating driving conditions in a

shop, the new test will review OBD data

collected during actual operation to identify

vehicles with high emissions.

“By utilizing the OBD system already

built into all newer cars, owners can be

assured that they are getting the most

accurate measure of their vehicle’s condition

at the lowest possible cost,” ARB Chairman

Mary Nichols said. “The move away from

tailpipe testing and the expensive equipment

required by shops will benefit consumers,

service providers, and the environment.”

Older vehicles will continue to be

inspected using tailpipe emissions, but

stations will be subject to new performance

and evaluation standards. Only stations

meeting the tough new standards will be

rated as “Star Certified” and permitted to

inspect 1999 and older vehicles. The

changeover to the new testing requirements

will take place over the next year.

Starting Jan. 1, 2013:

• All 1999 model-year and older vehicles

(the model years most likely to have high

emissions) will be directed to new Star

inspection stations.

Sept.1, 2013:

•All 2000 model-year and newer vehicles

will be inspected using the OBD-based test.

As part of the report on the new Smog

Check program, the board also reviewed the

effectiveness of the state’s voluntary vehicle

retirement programs. These programs,

administered by the Bureau of Automotive

Repairs and local air pollution control

districts, provide financial incentives to

scrap older vehicles and vehicles that require

costly repairs. The past two fiscal years,

those programs have resulted in the

retirement of more than 82,000 highemitting

vehicles. Retiring older vehicles is

an important tool in California’s air-quality

efforts, as vehicles that are more than 20

years old account for only 6 percent of all

miles traveled but are responsible for more

than 40 percent of daily smog-forming

emissions. Board staff found that the

significant air-quality benefits can be

achieved by increased retirements and

program improvements. n

Page 6 December 2012 Parts & People

AASA Executive Breakfast and AAIA Town Hall set stage for record-setting AAPEX

will become the

legislative template for a

national agreement.

“Folks, you did it,” she

said. “It was a 10-year

battle and now

consumers can have a

choice where they get

their vehicles repaired.

There’s still a lot of work

to do and I thank you for

your support moving


Schmatz was also named the 2012

recipient of the Automotive Warehouse

Distributors Association (AWDA) Leader

of the Year Award. The award is given to

an aftermarket professional who has made

significant and unique contributions to the

industry, and it was Schmatz’s efforts to

pass the Right to Repair legislation that

earned her the honor.

Handschuh announced that AASA’s

“Know Your Parts” campaign launched a

new website for repair professionals, which

is designed for manufacturers to post

technical content, installation tips and

additional information.

“We have nearly 9,000 service

professionals registered for the show,” he

said. “It’s a number that continues to grow,

and it’s a focus of our organizers to have

them here to foster discussion and an

exchange of ideas with suppliers.”

The AASA Executive Breakfast, which

was themed “New Thinking for the

Automotive Aftermarket,” also had a

record attendance of 800 people, said Bob

Continued on page 8

The AAIA Town Hall featured a lively

election-year political discussion between

Terry McAuliffe (l.), former chairman of the

Democratic National Committee, and

Haley Barbour, former Mississippi

governor. AAIA President and CEO

Kathleen Schmatz was moderator.

by Rob Merwin

Las Vegas—Try as it might, Hurricane

Sandy couldn’t thwart AAPEX’s success

this fall, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, and though it did

prevent a few people on the East Coast

from attending, the 20th annual show in

Las Vegas enjoyed record attendance, said

Steve Handschuh, MEMA executive vice

president and COO, who made welcoming

remarks at the event’s eighth annual AASA

Executive Breakfast.

And despite renovations at its venue, the

Sands Expo, AAPEX had a sold-out

exhibitor hall, which was up 4 percent,

Handschuh reported, and an 8-percent

increase in overall attendance. He

estimated that 140,000 were in town for

AAIW altogether.

AAIA President and CEO Kathleen

Schmatz, who moderated the 15th annual

AAIA Town Hall, said AAPEX had more

than 2,300 exhibitors and more than 61,000


AAPEX Learning Forum education

sessions at the Venetian Hotel also grew

and expanded its tracks this year, beginning

a day earlier on Monday, providing topics

of interest for all channel attendees.

Kevin Freeland, Advance Auto Parts

COO, provided the Executive Breakfast

keynote address and discussed industry

challenges and trends: retailer and supplier

relationships are becoming more

sophisticated and complex; extended terms

continue to grow; foreign car parc is

increasing; mergers and acquisitions will

continue; retailers are “crossing the aisle”

into commercial sales; and the importance

of brands and brand reputation, which was

addressed later during an interview with


Schmatz congratulated and thanked the

industry for contributing to the passage of

Massachusetts’ Right to Repair bill, which

d f


























































































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Parts & People December 2012 Page 7

Californians well represented at AAPEX


A decked out Fiat is on display at the SEMA show in the Chyrsler booth.

Jasper Engines & Transmissions-

Southern California

1477 Cedar Street, Unit "D"

Ontario, CA 91761

P.O. Box 650

Jasper, IN 47547


AASA Executive Breakfast, AAIA Town

Hall set stage for record-setting AAPEX

Continued from page 7

McKenna, MEMA president and CEO.

Polk President Tim Rogers returned to

the AAIA Town Hall and shared five trends

that will impact the aftermarket (see

sidebar, below), and Danielle Russell,

industry director for Automotive, Google,

also presented trends based on Google data

and analysis as they are related to Internet

parts searches, cross-shopping and online

training videos.

The AAIA Town Hall concluded with a

lively election-year political discussion

between Haley Barbour, former Mississippi

governor, and Terry McAuliffe, former

chairman of the Democratic National


MERA invited AAPEX attendees to visit

a new Remanufacturing Section — which

featured exhibits from MERA and select

member companies — on the main show

Five trends that will

impact the aftermarket

by Rob Merwin

Las Vegas—Polk President Tim

Rogers returned to the AAIA Town Hall

and shared five trends that will impact

the aftermarket. The insights were

generated from data and Polk’s

relationships with OEMs and the

aftermarket. Rogers outlined them as


• Trend 1 — Light vehicle sales are

on the rise and are expected to reach

14.3 million units for 2012, which

represents a 13-percent year-over-year

increase, and Polk expects sales to break

the 15-million mark for 2013. OEMs are

becoming more aggressive and

competitive as consumers are returning

to the showrooms. “We’re past the

economic crisis of 2008 and OEMs are

returning to full strength.” VW sales are

increasing (up 34 percent from prior

year-to-date) and its global strategy is to

become the dominant OEM by 2018;

Toyota is back on track; Kia and

Hyundai will focus on maintaining

current market share; and GM, Ford and

Chrysler will continue a downward

trend in light vehicle sales.

• Trend 2 — The vehicle population

continues to age, with the average age

of light vehicles having increased by 12

percent over the last five years. As

vehicles 11 years and older have

increased by 19 million units, it will

floor. The new AAPEX Remanufacturing

Section, which occupied 8,000 square feet,

was identified by green carpet to

acknowledge the environmental benefits of

remanufactured motor vehicle parts. The

Remanufacturing Section — co-hosted by

MERA and the Engine Rebuilders Council

(ERC) — featured exhibits from nearly

three dozen companies in the

remanufacturing industry, as well as live

engine-rebuilding demonstrations.

McKenna also congratulated Handschuh

and Bill Long on their new appointments as

executive vice president and CEO of

MEMA, and as president and COO of

AASA, respectively. McKenna said,

“Steve’s distinguished career in the

aftermarket and his experience in

articulating a vision and building an

energized AASA team has positioned

MEMA as the strong voice for motor

vehicle parts suppliers.” n

afford “major opportunities” for the

independent repairer. Average length of

ownership for new and used vehicles

combined has also increased to 58.2

months and new vehicle ownership to

71.6 months.

• Trend 3 — CUVs (25 percent of all

new vehicle registrations) and mid-size

(20 percent of all new vehicle

registrations) cars are driving the

recovery in new vehicle sales due to fuel

efficiency and family-friendly sizes. As

a result, the four-cylinder engines they

are equipped with are gaining more

market traction and popularity among


• Trend 4 — Globalization of

platforms and families is accelerating

and 10 of the largest platforms will

comprise 24 percent of production this

year. It will rise to 28 percent by 2023.

The result will benefit installers and

suppliers as the trend will reduce tooling

and inventory expenditures. The highest

volume platforms are anticipated to be

the Nissan B and VW’s MQB.

• Trend 5 — Technologically

advanced vehicles offer increasing

aftermarket opportunity. OEM’s use of

oil-indicator lights is up from 3 percent

in 2003 to 56 percent in 2011, and new

vehicle registrations for diesels is down

in contrast to hybrids, which are up. n

Page 8 December 2012 Parts & People

Parts & People December 2012 Page 9

New Product Notes

Alloy USA announces new

heavy-duty ball joint kit for Jeep

Suwanee, Ga.—Original and OE

replacement ball joints for Jeep lack the

ability to be serviced for regular

maintenance. Alloy USA solves this

maintenance challenge with its new Heavy

Duty Ball Joint Kit for

2007-2013 Jeep JK

Wrangler (also fitting

1999-2004 Jeep Grand

Cherokee) by adding a

low profile grease

fitting. The Alloy USA

JK H/D ball joints

have been designed

with a low profile

(grease) zerk fitting for regular maintenance,

a feature not offered on factory replacement

parts. Inside, the insert has been replaced

with a high strength steel socket, which

replaces the factory plastic nylon insert.

OTC introduces family

of Spectrum Worklights

Owatonna, Minn.—OTC has announced

a family of waterproof-grade LED work

lights equipped with a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

battery designed for making a technician’s

work environment safer and more

productive. Each light within the Spectrum

series provides

50,000 hours of

light and is

equipped with a

hang hook,

magnetic base,

pivoting body, face

light, and a top

light. OTC


Worklights utilize

the combination of

the magnetic base

or swivel hook, and









• 401(k)



New Heavy Duty Ball Joint

Kit for Jeep JK Wrangler

and Jeep Grand Cherokee

OTC Spectrum Worklights


the pivoting body enables the user to steer

light directly onto specific components or

general work area. Additionally, with the

magnetic base incorporated into the lights,

the technician can apply them to any metal


Each worklight in the OTC Spectrum line

comes with both AC and DC

chargers, making these tools

equally valuable for mobile or

stationary service.

Schrader adds new TPMS

fitment option with EZ-tire


Denver—Schrader announced

the release of its Schrader EZ-tire

tire-mounted sensors. The EZ-tire sensor is

enclosed within a small, circular, rubber

fitment package that easily adheres to the

inner liner of the tire. The EZ-tire solution

expands the benefits of TPMS (including

enhanced tire performance data) to a wide

range of new applications in addition to

traditional passenger cars and light trucks

that are federally mandated to include

TPMS. Schrader’s tire-mounted-sensor

technology can also be packaged with

additional telematics software to provide

enhanced tire performance and tracking

data, which is especially important to fleet

managers and heavy-duty

equipment operators. Diverse

vehicle types can be quickly

programmed with EZ-tire with more

than eight handheld

scan/programming tools.

Gates Corp.’s PIC Gauge

Belt Wear App now available

for Android Smartphones

Denver—Gates Corp.

announced an Android version of

its Parts Image Capture (PIC)

Gauge Belt Wear App. The first

smartphone app to deliver accurate

measurement and evaluation of serpentine

belt wear was initially released for iPhone

in June.

PIC Gauge was designed to enable

anyone, from professional technicians to

DIYers, to quickly and accurately diagnose

wear of automotive and heavy-duty K-

section serpentine belts.

To detect belt material loss or wear, a

user: takes a photo of automotive or

heavy-duty K-section serpentine belt with

an iPhone or Android smartphone; lets the

app analyze the photo; reads the results:

within specifications (green), wear

detected (yellow), or replace belt (red).

Gates PIC Gauge Belt Wear App may be

downloaded for free from

Magneti Marelli to offer new

diagnostic scan tools for US market

Auburn Hills, Mich.—Magneti Marelli

Aftermarket N.A. announced that it is

bringing a new line of diagnostic scan tools

for multiple vehicle brands to the U.S.

automotive marketplace.

The line-up features testers of various

price points and functionality including the

Magneti Marelli Flex, Vision, Smart, Logic,

and OBD Road.

The Flex, recently chosen by the Chrysler

Training Academy for diagnosis and

training in every Chrysler Training Center

across the U.S., features a

lightweight compact

design with a built-in 2.5-

inch display. Although the

Flex has stand-alone

capabilities, the VCI can

also communicate with a

host PC using USB, Wi-

Fi, and Bluetooth.

Your Business Insurance Specialists

“The team at Armstrong & Associates is wonderful to work

with. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive,

honest, and now write almost all of my insurance: Medical,

Dental, Workers Comp, Liability and more. And they were

able to save me a ton of money!”

— Allen Pennebaker, Orinda Motors

ASCCA Past President

For a No Obligation Comparison, go to

Armstrong & Associates Insurance Services

800.632.2777 |

Glen Dailey

Commercial Lines Director

Mathew Nabity

Employee Benefits Director

Woodland • Sacramento • SF Bay Area • Fresno • Los Angeles

The new VDO Flex Fuel

Sensor-Gen II

The Vision offers an 8-inch diagonal

touch screen and is built to resist the

harshest conditions of use in the workshop.

The Smart is a fully independent device

with a clear, easy-to-read LCD display

using 262,000 colors.

The Logic can perform full diagnostic

analysis and utilizes Bluetooth technology

for wireless communication with any PC.

The OBD Road connects directly to the

vehicle for real time on-board diagnostics

and can be used as an OBD II data logger.

Magneti Marelli is bringing a new line of all

makes of diagnostic scan tools to the U.S.

VDO OE-engineered aftermarket

line adds new technology with

Flex Fuel Sensor

Allentown, Pa.—Continental

Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has

expanded its line of replacement parts to

include a fuel flex sensor. The New VDO

Flex Fuel Sensor-Gen II determines the

percentage of ethanol contained in a

gasoline/ethanol fuel mixture and adjusts

the injection rate and

ignition timing for

optimum performance.

The new sensor is mounted

in the fuel line between the

fuel tank and injectors. It

has a self-diagnostic

capability and provides a

temperature output of the

fuel, which allows for emissions and cold

start improvements.

EnerSys launches Odyssey

Performance Series Batteries

Reading, Pa.—EnerSys unveiled its

Odyssey Performance Series line of

batteries during SEMA. The batteries

offer deep cycling capabilities, long

service life, and high reliability, and are

designed specifically for consumer

applications, which do not require as

many cold cranking amps (CCA) and

reserve capacity (RC) minutes as Odyssey

Extreme Series batteries. However, they

deliver more deep cycling capabilities for

parasitic loads than conventional batteries.

Odyssey Performance Series batteries are

constructed of a market-accepted

polypropylene case and cover that resists

oil, cleaners, and gasoline, in the same

black and orange color as the Odyssey

Extreme Series batteries. n

Page 10 December 2012 Parts & People

TIA TPMS Town Hall says consumer education will eradicate complaints

Panelists, from l., Bartec CEO Scot

Holloway, Dill Air Controls; General

Manager Brian Rigney, Continental

Automotive Systems; Jean-Christophe

Deniau, Ph.D.; and 31 Inc. Marketing

Manager John Rice discuss the

effectiveness of public education for


by Daniel Buxbaum

Las Vegas—The Global Tire Expo —

Powered by TIA hosted a TIA TPMS

Town Hall meeting that provided a

targeted approach for educating shop

owners, technicians and consumers with

proper information regarding TPMS

systems before, during and after the sale,

Oct. 30, at SEMA.

Sean MacKinnon, the Tire Industry

Association (TIA)’s director of

automotive training development,

moderated a panel that included TPMS

manufacturer representatives from

Continental Automotive Systems US,

Schrader Electronics, Bartec USA, and

TRW, among others.

Panelist Brian Rigney, general manager

of Dill Air Controls, said that proper

technician training can and should be

passed along to the consumer.

“Dill offers training to not only

representatives and distributors, but also

to their customers in the field,” he said.

“We feel that providing training at the

technician level is ultimately what’s going

to help educate the consumer, and it will

also provide the technician with the tools

necessary to be successful.”

Jean-Christophe Deniau, Ph.D., of

Continental Automotive Systems US,

elaborated on the effectiveness of passing

learned information on to the consumer.

“Throughout the years, I have seen

complaints from a lot of drivers who say

they never had a problem with their tires

before TPMS,” he said. “For this reason,

shop training must be passed on to the

driver so that they can also understand

what signs to look for in a defective tire,

before it causes an issue.”

Ros Rodrigues, senior account manager

at TRW Automotive, said he feels that the


Local 760.438.7805

Fax 760.438.0096

Toll Free 800.960.0236


Local 760.431.3100

Fax 760.431.3123

Toll Free 888.222.7318

consumer sees the tire installer as the

expert, and the installer should stand up to

the consumer’s


“The turn-off is that if a

tire installer hasn’t been

trained, they don’t like to

field the blame for any

problems,” Rodrigues

said. “A properly trained

network, in the eyes of the

consumer, would be what they ultimately

want — to get their car fixed properly



Local 760.494.5600

Fax 760.931.6562

Toll Free 877.373.5146


Local 760.438.0675

Fax 760.438.2536

Toll Free 888.842.0220


Local 760.438.0311

Fax 760.438.0181

Toll Free 800.607.2225

without the shop passing the blame along

to somebody else.”

MacKinnon also

addressed the panel

regarding its respective

companies’ efforts to make

clear and concise TPMS

information available to

the consumer. TIA, he

said, has been reaching out

to magazines and websites

around the country in an effort to provide


Local 760.438.7613

Fax 760.438.7869

Toll Free 888.948.0882


Local 760.438.4285

Fax 760.930.4375

Toll Free 888.409.2834


Local 760.438.5311

Fax 760.494.5635

Toll Free 866.622.4973

Free Delivery to San Diego County. Also serving Temecula and Murrieta.

Over 829 years

of combined experience

to serve you best.

“Take advantage of

customer awareness

materials such as

counter displays.”



11 brands — One call

Mention this ad and receive a

FREE GIFT on your first order.

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Parts & People December 2012 Page 11

TIA TPMS Town Hall says consumer education will eradicate complaints

Continued from page 11

relevant tire information to the general


Rigney offered a solution, explaining

that Continental Tire’s in-store displays

have created an effective avenue by which

his company has provided TPMS

education to the masses.

“Take advantage of customer awareness

materials such as counter displays,” he

said. “I’ve seen tire stores that have a

fishbowl full of tire sensors sitting on their

counter, and all of those stores say that it

has been an effective educational tool.”

MacKinnon then addressed the panel,

seeking a response to shops that say that

TPMS information is not widely

available, and that sensors seem to have

no uniformity in the way they are

diagnosed and repaired.

Joe Donehue, owner of Tiremetrix LLC,

said that his company offers a product,

TPMS Manager, to assist with inventory

management, scan tool compatibility and

general TPMS information.

“Regardless of the sensor service kit,

TPMS is very complex from an

information standpoint,” he said. “Having

critical information available to get the car

in and out of the shop is the key to

successfully turning the vehicle around

safely, quickly and profitably, and I feel

that all manufacturers offer good solutions

for this issue.”

Deniau cleared up a common

misconception, noting that the OEMs will

always dictate how they want a TPMS

system to function for each of their


“TPMS systems must be designed by

each manufacturer to work with a

vehicle’s unique CAN-BUS system, and

for that reason, they must all be designed

Hunter introduces new Quick Check

drive-under configuration

Bridgeton, Mo.—Previously

offered in multi-bay and drive-thru

configurations, Hunter’s Quick

Check system is now available in a

ceiling-mounted drive-under


The drive-under system contains

no moving parts and hangs from a

standard bracket 10 feet above the

floor, allowing it to be installed

without floor area obstructions.

The drive-under configuration

comes with standard Quick Check

accessories, including Quick Check

console and rolling carts. n

Use Original Parts

Audi of Downtown L.A.

1900 S Figueroa

Wholesale Direct


Fax: 213-222-1261

Hunter’s Quick Check system is now available in a

ceiling-mounted drive-under configuration.

Original Porsche

Parts Delivered Fast!

Porsche of Downtown L.A.

1900 S Figueroa

Wholesale Direct


Fax: 213-222-1278

Sean MacKinnon, the Tire Industry Association (TIA)’s director of automotive training

development, says that information learned at training sessions should be passed

directly on to the consumer.

independently,” he said.

MacKinnon summed up by stating that

all TPMS manufacturers and OEMs will

try to find a way to make sure that

individual TPMS sensor repair and reset

information is accurate, but that

sometimes things can be missed.

“If something you bought didn’t work

Las Vegas—TIA announced it has

unanimously passed two resolutions that

will support the repeal of the estate tax

and express complete opposition of a

proposed credit card settlement.

In nationwide polls, small business

owners have expressed a deep concern

regarding the death tax, and named it

their primary legislative concern. TIA

recognizes that many small businesses

have non-liquid assets, such as land,

buildings, and equipment. This tax has

had an overwhelmingly harmful effect

upon a small business.

Protecting family businesses from the

VW Parts For

All Your Needs

Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

1900 S Figueroa

Wholesale Direct


Fax: 213-222-1272

right the first time, pick up the phone,” he

said. “Go with a resource that is

consistently updated and has good tech

support. This is not a stagnant industry –

things do change, there are some errors,

and I do feel that we, as a group, do a very

good job at getting the best information

out as quickly as possible.” n

TIA passes resolutions for 2013

estate tax is important to keeping small

businesses operating for future

generations, and to that end, TIA is

resolved to support all federal legislation

that will repeal the estate tax. If

necessary, TIA will also support

legislation that will extend the current law

of a 35-percent top rate and a $5 million


The second resolution focuses on the

hardships that small businesses face in

regard to credit card fees. Those fees are

the third largest expense on a business,

after labor and rent. Moreover, the

interchange fees have tripled since 2011,

and have cost retailers and consumers

approximately $48 billion.

To combat those rising costs, more than

40 lawsuits have been combined in a class

action suit, suing Visa and MasterCard

and their issuing banks. The Merchants

Payment Coalition has been formed to

seek a more transparent credit card

system, which will better serve retailers

and consumers.

Currently, a proposed settlement gives

merchants a limited site to surcharge

consumers, and it does not reduce swipe

fees in the long term. Merchants are now

expressing their opposition to the

proposed settlement, and TIA has added

its voice to this opposition. TIA will

support the efforts of the Merchants

Payment Coalition as they seek federal

legislation and a more equitable legal

settlement to address the anti-competitive

nature of the current swipe-fee system. n

Page 12 December 2012 Parts & People

Seasons Greetings


We sincerely appreciate

your business in 2012.


Contact one of these

participating dealers

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Ford New and Remanufactured

Gas Engines and Transmissions

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Ford Remanufactured 6.0L or 7.3L

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• Diesel engines are covered by 2-year/unlimited

mileage warranty covering parts and labor*

• Diesel fuel injectors are covered

by a 12-month/12,000 mile parts


*See your Dealer for limited warranty details.



Restrictions apply. Subject to rules of use available at

Parts & People December 2012 Page 13

Collision Repair

Recycled parts can aid in DRP favor and profitability, NACE speakers say

by Michael Anderson

New Orleans—Multiple DRP

requirements, coupled with the demands

of operating in a lean environment, have

created a slim margin of error for many

collision repairers. However, using

recycled parts can help owners meet their

bottom line and at the same time gain

favor with insurance partners.

That was the key message of Dave

Damon and Jeff Schroder, of,

at a seminar, “Using Recycled

Parts in a Lean Environment,” held

during the International Autobody

Congress & Exposition (NACE) at the

New Orleans Convention Center on Oct.


“In a lean environment, things have to

happen and you expect them to happen,”

Damon told an audience of collision

industry professionals. “Cycle time is a

driving force in the business today.”

DRP expectations

Insurers are under great pressure to

confirm part availability, said Damon,

who has extensive experience with

insurance companies. So owners need to

show evidence of “shopping” for a mix of


Genuine Mazda Parts

are made from the

same blueprint as the

original parts and

guarantees the same

fit, performance, and

durability as the day

the vehicle was built.

Genuine Parts

Jeff Schroder of points to a panel damage chart that aids recyclers in

communicating with collision repair shop personnel on damage location.

OEM, recycled, and aftermarket parts for

each job, he said.

“Insurers asks themselves: Is ‘my’ shop

spending my money as wisely as possible?”

Damon said, referring to parts procurement.

Wishing you a joyful

Holiday Season.

Contact one of these local dealers

for assistance and delivery of your

Genuine Mazda Parts.

Glendale, CA

Star Mazda

818-247-2123 • Fax: 818-246-6901

Van Nuys, CA

Galpin Mazda

866-665-2365 • 818-778-2005

Fax: 818-778-2090

Irvine, CA

Tuttle-Click Mazda

866-940-4444 • 949-472-5230

Fax: 949-472-0327

“Meet the insurance companies’

expectations and you don’t fall under a

watchful eye so often,” he said.

Alternative parts usage is a measuring

stick or key performance indicator (KPI)

that can vary greatly by shop type, he

said. BMW specialists, for example, may

have only 15- percent alternative parts

usage, he said,

because there

aren’t many

choices in collision


Other KPIs that

alternative parts

usage may impact

are repair vs.

replace ratios and labor hours per

estimate, he said. Another frequently

scrutinized item is refinish times, he said,

noting that insurers think they should be

one-third of overall labor hours.

“The trend with insurance companies is

to direct more work through ‘their’

shops,” he said. “If you meet their KPIs,

you’ll likely get more work.”

How much damage?

“If a part arrives and requires

significant work, it could cause

problems,” Damon said, adding that good

communication with a recycler who

adheres to grading systems helps limit

such problems.

“Some people look for parts with no

damage,” Schroder said. “But you can

make some money fixing (recycled)

parts. The fit is as good as the OE part.”

“Meet the insurance

companies’ expectations and

you don’t fall under a watchful

eye so often.”

When ordering parts, Schroder

recommended using VIN decoding,

which takes some of the guesswork out of

the process.

To determine extent of damage, many

recyclers use the credit-card method of

measurement, Schroder said, adding that

this can be applied to the length of a

scratch, for example. A credit-card length

is referred to as a unit of damage, and

some recyclers even break it down into

one-fourth of a unit, he said.

Two-thirds of recycled body parts sold

use the Automotive Recyclers

Association (ARA) grading system, he

said, pointing out that “000” means no

damage, and “A” indicates three units of

damage or less, “B” six or less, and “C”

more than six. The ARA damage codes

indicate the amount and location of

damage, he added.

Damon said that damaged panels will

often work in the repair process because

only a portion of the sheet metal may be

needed to fix the car.

Greater profitability

If a shop is being paid on markup, it

has a chance to make additional money,

he said, not to mention that the insurer

can be charged for the additional labor.

For example, if a front clip is

purchased, the cost

for the total unit can

save time and

money. In some

cases, he said, using

recycled parts can

save a car from

being totaled, and

make sure the shop

gets paid for the estimate it wrote.

“If you’re buying a door, the question

is: What comes with that door?” Schroder

said. ARA standards dictate that the

mirror isn’t included on the door. The

technology found in mirrors has

drastically increased their price, he said,

so “if you’re getting it, it’s a bonus.”

With damage, 80 percent of recyclers

use actual pricing for parts, while the

remaining 20 percent use “undamaged”

pricing. If a recycler doesn’t pay for

cleanup time, that has to be accounted for

on an estimate, he said.

For example, if a recycled $500 door is

on the estimate, and $100 is required for

cleanup, the insurance company must be

billed $600. Other recyclers will

negotiate price for damage at the time of

purchase, he said. n

Page 14 December 2012 Parts & People

Santana’s excels with higher standards

for customers with higher expectations

by Dick DeLoach

Ontario, Calif.—Santana’s Auto Body is a

full service collision repair shop, Owner

Mike Santana said, specializing in high-end

vehicle repair, with the latest equipment, I-

CAR-trained and BASF-certified

technicians, and a loyal clientele of high-end

vehicle owners with high


“It’s taken 28 years to get to

this point,” Santana said. “It

was just a one-man operation

in one small building when I

opened it.”

With the help of his wife and

CFO, Patricia, the shop now

has nine employees and has

expanded into a 27,000-

square-foot facility in two lots

with three buildings, he said.

Its body technicians are

certified on the shop’s three

Chief EZ-Liner frame

machines and Chief Velocity

computerized framemeasuring

system, which

Santana said he bought through paint

supplier contacts from shops that were


“Our body technicians are also certified

on our Electron computerized resistance spot

welding machine purchased from Equip

Automotive Systems,” he added. “Joe

Becerra from Equip trained our technicians

on the welder and provides service and


The shop sprays BASF Glasurit 90

waterborne products exclusively, purchased

from D’Angelos Group, in its cross draft

paint booth, Santana said, and refinish

technicians are Glasurit 90 certified and

trained by BASF.

“Our shop is a BASF/Glasurit Lifetime

Refinish Warranty Center, which means we

can do warranty refinishing work for

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GM, Cadillac,

Toyota/Lexus, Ford, and other high-end

vehicles,” he said.

Santana said the office staff and estimators

are all trained in the CCC estimating system

and certified in Summit Software Solutions

management system.

“We use OEM parts when possible,

purchased from dealerships including Mark

Christopher Auto Center and Crown Toyota,

and Metro Nissan,” Santana said. “We also

buy from Keystone-LKQ for certain

recycled parts.”

The shop does work for several local

dealerships and has several fleet accounts,

including CLS Landscape Management,

Tropical Foods, Ontario Refrigeration, as

well as for independent mechanical repair

shops that Santana said represents 10 percent

of total sales.

“We also have a detail department, do

paintless dent removal, custom pinstriping

and graphics, and we do a lot of insurance

work, but we have no DRPs,” he said. “Most

of our business comes from repeat

customers and referrals.”

Co-owners of Santana’s Auto Body, Mike Santana and

wife/CFO, Patricia, take pride in their shop and the

high-quality work and personalized services they have

provided customers for 28 years.

Embracing the smart-phone app

phenomenon, Santana said he is a

participating “Help I Crashed My Car” shop,

which has brought in additional business.

“A customer just downloads a free app

that gives them a one-click automated

emergency communication system that

contacts up to three family members, their

insurance agent, and their preferred body


Santana said because it’s GPS based, it

also sends a map of the accident location to

the shop so they can respond immediately.

“It even provides the user with an accident

report and the ability to take photos of the

accident scene and send them to their

insurance company and/or their preferred

body shop.

“We are currently in the process of

putting together an e-mail and text

messaging marketing process that will

interface with our management system to

capture all customer data,” Santana said.

“This program will allow us to customize

and track promotions and coupons.”

The challenge in the industry today is

that the pie is shrinking, Santana said.

“Fewer cars are being repaired because of

total losses, consumers are cashing out and

not repairing their vehicles, and

consolidators and MSOs are growing and

taking more market share.”

However, he also sees opportunities.

“Now, more than ever before, independent

shop owners have the opportunity to own

their customers without any major

investments, by marketing directly to

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Parts & People December 2012 Page 15

Santana’s excels with higher standards for customers with higher expectations

Continued from page 15

existing customers through e-mail, text,

websites, Facebook, and other forms of

social media.”

New technology trends Santana sees in

collision repair industry are high-strength

steel, plus newer and lighter composite

materials being used in the manufacturing

of automobiles. “These technologies will

Santana’s Auto Body Technician Alejandro

Pedroza (kneeling) and Joe Becerra from Equip

Automotive Systems use the shop’s Electron

computerized resistance spot welder. It was

purchased from Equip, which also provides

training and maintenance.

require advanced training on repairing and

replacement procedures,” he said.

Santana said everything has changed

since he began his career 35 years ago at a

mom-and-pop body shop at the age of 16,

just after completing training through the

Baldy View Regional Occupation Program


“I started from the ground up,” Santana

said, “doing prep in the paint department,

then as a painter and finally a body


Five years prior to opening his

own shop, Santana said he went to

work for Mike’s Automotive, in

Ontario, a small independent body

shop just two doors down, owned by

Mike Portolesi that specializes in

high-end vehicles.

“Portolesi tells everybody he

taught me everything I know, and I

really did learn a lot from him,”

Santana said. “He’s from Australia

and he taught me old-school

fabricating and metal finishing

techniques, how to master my paint,

body, and frame skills, repair

estimating, parts ordering, and

co-managing the operation of

his business.”

Santana worked there until

1984, when he said it was time

to open his own shop, so he

bought a small building around

the corner from Mike’s.

“Since then we’ve expanded

twice and have been in this

building about eight years which

Portolesi owns,” Santana said.

“He’s my landlord now.” n

Collision Repair Training Notes

I-CAR Training Schedule

For more information on registration

and class times, call 800-422-7872 or


Fix Auto-Tustin, Calif.

• Dec. 10-Refinishing Equipment and

VOC Regulations (Spanish)

• Dec. 12-Wind Noise and Water Leaks

• Dec. 17-Hazardous Materials, Personal

Safety, and Refinish Safety (Spanish)

Keystone Collision-Norwalk, Calif.

• Dec. 10-Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot

Welding (English/Spanish Bilingual)

• Dec. 11-Cosmetic Straightening Steel

• Dec. 13-Adhesive Bonding

• Dec. 13-Cosmetic Straightening Steel

(English/Spanish Bilingual)

• Dec. 17-Steel Unitized Structures

Carlos Castillo, an I-CAR-trained and BASF-certified

refinish technician at Santana’s Auto Body, inspects a

front fascia just painted with BASF Glasurit 90

waterborne paint in the shop’s cross draft spray


Caliber Collision-

Westlake Village, Calif.

• Dec. 6-Movable Glass

• Dec. 13-Stationary Glass

• Dec. 20-Best Practices for

High-Strength Steel Repairs

Valley Motor Center-Van Nuys, Calif.

• Dec. 12-Surface Preparation and Masking

• Dec. 19-Detailing

Y & S Auto Body Shop-San Pedro, Calif.

• Dec. 8-Automotive Foams (Spanish)

• Dec. 15-Hazardous Materials, Personal

Safety, and Refinish Safety

City Body & Frame-Riverside, Calif.

• Dec. 12-Wind Noise and Water Leaks

• Dec. 13-Stationary Glass

• Dec. 17-Exterior Panels Damage Analysis

• Dec. 26-Surface Preparation and Masking


Timmons Subaru

(562) 595-4601

(888) 489-5001


Subaru Sherman Oaks

(818) 674-7463

Fax (818) 670-7473


Kearny Mesa Subaru

(800) 548-9124

Fax (858) 300-3331


Galpin Subaru

(661) 288-6934

Fax (661) 288-6933

Gustafson Brothers Automotive-

Huntington Beach, Calif.

• Dec. 12 or 18-Steel Unitized

Structures Technologies and Repair

• Dec. 19-Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot


• Jan. 17-Inspecting Repairs for

Quality Control

Holmes Body Shop-Pasadena, Calif.

• Dec. 8-Overview of Cycle Time

Improvements for the Collision Repair

• Dec. 8-Hazardous Materials, Personal

Safety, and Refinish Safety

• Dec. 18-Hail, Theft, Vandalism

Damage Analysis

• Dec. 20-Inspecting Repairs for

Quality Control

Mission Viejo Auto Collision-

Mission Viejo, Calif.

• Dec. 13-Overview of Cycle Time

Improvements for the Collision Repair

Anaheim Hills Auto Body-

Anaheim, Calif.

• Dec. 18-Best Practices for

High-Strength Steel Repairs

BASF Automotive

Refinish Training

For more information, contact your local

distributor or representative, call the

national training center at 800-201-1605,

or visit

Los Angeles Training Center-

Buena Park, Calif.

• Dec. 11-13-R-M ONYX

Certification Program

• Dec. 14-R-M ONYX Color Adjustments


PPG Training

For more information and registration,

contact the local PPG or Nexa Autocolor

Distributor or Territory Manager,

Terresa Castañeda at 909-987-0924 or


Los Angeles Business Development

Center-Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

• Dec. 11-12-PPG Certification-

Envirobase HP

• Dec. 18-19-PPG Certification-

Envirobase HP (Spanish) n

Visit for additional training events

Page 16 December 2012 Parts & People





DPLV 2.1 Epoxy Primer offers the outstanding corrosion

resistance and adhesion performance that PPG’s DP

primers are known for, and improves on the technology so

it lays down better and sands easier than ever. Plus, this

workhorse primer offers an environmentally-progressive

VOC rating of 2.1, making it the best solution well into the

future. When used as a

sealer, DPLV can be

topcoated with a variety

of PPG undercoats and

topcoats, including PPG

waterborne basecoats.






©2012 PPG Industries All rights reserved.

Parts & People December 2012 Page C-1

Insurer panel among the highlights as NACE

returned to ‘The Big Easy’

by John Yoswick

New Orleans—Seventeen years after it

was last in New Orleans, the International

Autobody Congress and Exposition

(NACE) strolled into The Big Easy this fall.

Although the show was significantly

smaller than it was back in 1995 — and

even slightly down from what it was just

last year in Orlando — NACE organizers

said attendance at key events during the

show was up, and some major exhibitors

that had been absent were back among the

approximately 220 companies on the show


The opportunity for education and

networking remains one of the major draws

for NACE attendees, and this year’s event

offered more than 80 sessions. One of two

“Collision Forums” included a 45-minute

panel discussion featuring representatives of

three major insurance companies. Among

the key questions they addressed was how

they view the growing prevalence of multishop

operations (MSOs). George Avery of

State Farm said his company worked with

the California-based consolidator M2

before that 27-shop chain suddenly closed

its doors back in 2005.

“With M2 going out of business along

with some other things, we recognized that

All six editions,

one great price!





Collision Supplement advertisers enjoy a

targeted audience at a pro-rated price.

For rates, contact Jay Sicht 800.530.8557 •


• Washington

• Oregon

• Idaho

• Montana

• Alaska


• Colorado

• Wyoming

• W. Kansas

• W. Nebraska

• New Mexico


• Missouri

• Kansas

• Nebraska

• Iowa


• Missouri

• Illinois

• S. Indiana

• W. Kentucky

our focus really needs to be on

individual repair facilities,”

Avery said. “We felt that

anybody should be able to

compete, so we really backed

off. The big difference with

MSOs in my mind is that they

are getting a lot more

successful at being able to

replicate. And as a result, that

makes them very attractive as

a group. But State Farm

maintains that whether you

are an independent or an

MSO, you should be able to

compete. And so State Farm

evaluates even MSOs as

individual repairers.”

Avery said that just as he

sees variation in the attitudes

and abilities of State Farm’s

3,000 staff estimators, he

knows MSOs have a

challenge getting every one of

their shops operating in the

way the corporate office

wants them to.

“There’s something to be

said for having skin in the

game, if your name is on the

company sign,” Avery said.

“I’m not discounting the

MSOs’ ability, but I am saying

that those with individual

repair facilities have skin in

the game, and that can have a

lot of value on the customer

service side, which we’re all


Still, Avery said, MSOs present an

“interesting platform” for experimenting

with change on a large but not national


“You hear people talk about how the

model is broken,” Avery said. “There are

components of change that could be

perhaps introduced into an MSO that you

couldn’t quite introduce companywide. So I

feel compelled to tell you, not to make

anyone nervous about MSOs taking over,

but I do have to say that that is a place

where you could possibly go and say,

‘Look, we’d like to try something


Other insurers concur

Rob Knott, who is responsible for

Nationwide Insurance Company’s direct

repair network, agreed that his company

evaluates performance on a shop-by-shop


“We think the mom-and-pops still have a

place,” Knott said. “Some of the challenges

Rob Knott of Nationwide Insurance said his company

evaluates the performance of even multiple shop

operations on a store-by-store basis.

Allstate’s Randy Hanson said he likes some of the

approaches he sees larger shop operations taking,

such as extended shop hours.

that the MSOs have is over-saturation in

certain marketplaces, so you’re not going to

put all their shops in a market on the direct

repair program. And then there’s the

consistency issue, when they expand too

fast and aren’t able to maintain the same

service levels and quality.”

Still, Knott said, MSOs do offer an

insurer some appealing values, such as a

single point of contact and call centers.

Randy Hanson, director of auto claims

for Allstate, said that like the others, his

company believes each facility, even if part

of an MSO, has to stand on its own

performance. But he does see MSOs taking

some new approaches.

“If you go to some of the banking or

venture capital people and say, ‘I want to

spend $3 million on a collision repair

facility. I want to buy a fancy building and

put equipment in it. And guess what? I’m

going to use it about 30 percent of the

time,’” Hanson said, “I don’t think

Continued on page C-4

Page C-2 December 2012 Parts & People

Parts & People December 2012 Page C-3

SEMA’s Collision section expands

Photos by Jay Sicht

Sata again had its 3D virtual-painting system at SEMA. Contestants vied for getting the

most-complete coverage on a panel, with the best score of each day earning an iPad.

Jason Jewett, owner of Redhouse

Custom Paint in Derby, Kan., shows

his skills in the Ultimate BrushOff

competition finals held at the Anest

Iwata booth at SEMA. Prizes were

provided by distributor Automotive

Spraying Equipment Technologies.

A one-of-a-kind Chevrolet Camaro featuring

NAPA’s Martin Senour paints is displayed at

NAPA’s “Paint Store in a Parts Store” booth at

the SEMA show.

Mickey Harris (back to camera) and Leah Gall were two of the airbrush artists on hand

at the Sata booth at SEMA to demonstrate their skills and give tips to show goers.

Discussing the features of one of the new SATAgraph 4 airbrushes are Bob Derby (l.),

sales representative at Caruk and Associates in Richmond, B.C., Canada; Mitch

Peacock (second from r.), of Jus Cuz Customs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and

Shannon Herboldt, of Classic Collision & Frame in Menno, S.D.

Insurer panel among the highlights

as NACE returned to ‘The Big Easy’

Continued from page C-2

everybody is saying that’s the model they

really want to support. There’s opportunity

out there, opportunity to extend hours,

opportunity to look at the model


Though the term “partner” when

referring to shops and insurers has drawn a

lot of derision among shops in recent years,

Avery said that he sees

more of a need than

ever for partnerships

that help give the

customer what he or

she wants — and will

get “with or without

us.” He suggested

shops think of a young

driver who is using a

mobile device to find

out what to do after a minor accident.

“What can we do together? Can we work

together to offer a 48-hour repair?” Avery

asked the NACE event attendees. “You

might say, ‘Yeah, if you quit making me

take all these pictures and jump through

these hoops.’ And I might say, ‘Okay, I’ll

stop that.’ So as we look at the future, I’m

leaning toward partnering and saying, look,

that customer is going to leave us and go

somewhere else. He or she is not going to

tolerate inefficiency.”

Elsewhere at the event

For the second year, NACE included a

day-long event open only to MSOs. This

year’s MSO Symposium reportedly drew

about 250 attendees (it was closed to the

trade press as well).

NACE keynote speaker Dick Cross, a

former CEO of the Carstar organization

who recently published a business book,

told a crowd of about 800 attendees that

one of the biggest failings he sees among

many business owners and CEOs is not

regularly setting aside

time to just think about

the business.

“For most of us in

this room, thinking is

the hardest work that

we have to do,” he

said. “If there’s

anything else to

occupy our time

besides thinking, we’ll

generally be doing it. But thinking helps

you understand what the possibilities of

your business could be, and helps you to

understand generally how to make it


The kind of thinking that makes

companies succeed, Cross said, can be

accomplished by those at the top who set

aside 20 minutes a day, three days a week,

to tune out other day-to-day distractions

and just think about the business.

NACE organizers will no doubt spend a

lot of time thinking about next year’s

event, which returns to Las Vegas next

Oct. 16-19. n

Audatex to use Demandforce for

marketing and communications

San Francisco—Demandforce

announced it has been selected by

Audatex North America for marketing and

communication software to help build

strong online reputations for its customers

and help them compete in the Internet


“Demandforce was the clear choice to

help our customers drive additional

revenue, increase efficiencies, and help

build a strong online reputation,” said

Gordon Henderson, vice president of

Collision Repair Services for Audatex.

“Demandforce and Audatex share a

common goal to foster an environment of

innovation, high performance, and proven

results and we look forward to working

together to serve our customers.”

The Demandforce communication

platform automatically collects certified

reviews and publishes them on Internet

sites including Google, Facebook, Bing,

Judy’s Book, and Citysearch, helping to

enhance a shop’s most valuable asset, its

“Education and

networking remain major

draws for NACE

attendees, and this year’s

event offered more than

80 sessions.”

reputation. Through the Demandforce

automated review syndication,

Demandforce-certified reviews reach a

total of 200 million monthly unique

visitors across the Web, helping local

consumers find businesses in their area.

Also, Demandforce makes it easy for

shop owners to not only build new

relationships, but also maintain

established relationships by giving them

the tools to drive new revenue through

promotions and newsletters that offer

value-added services. Additionally,

Demandforce automatically tracks results

and revenue from online marketing and

communications efforts to provide shop

owners with real-time visibility into the

success of their business.

“The use of Demandforce by Audatex is

a great example of two companies coming

together to promote growth and

relationship building in the collision repair

industry,” said Rick Berry, president of

Demandforce. n

Page C-4 December 2012 Parts & People

More Opportunity.

With the strength of the industry’s largest

open network, connecting insurance

carriers to your shop is a lot easier than you

think. CCC ONE Open Shop seamlessly

enhances collaboration between insurance

carriers and shops...even shops that are not

part of carrier direct repair programs.

CCC ONE Open Shop Extending Your Shop’s Reach

To learn more about CCC ONE Open Shop,

logon to

or call us at 888-832-1764.

©2012 CCC Information Services Inc. All rights reserved. Where it all comes together. ®

Parts & People December 2012 Page C-5

I-CAR training has measurable KPI impact; OEMs adopt I-CAR for programs

by Daniel Buxbaum

Las Vegas—I-CAR CEO and President

John Van Alstyne announced the

organization’s commitment to improved

training programs and strengthened OEM

relationships at a press conference, Nov. 1,

at the SEMA show.

The effects of participating in I-CAR

training, Van Alstyne said, have displayed

proven results in collision centers’ KPIs

and day-to-day operating metrics.

In 2010, I-CAR introduced the

Professional Development Program (PDP),

which offers collision repair and welding

training for key roles in the collision repair

process, he said. “Training is very critical

to stay abreast of the newest technologies.”

Van Alstyne noted that hybrid

powertrains, new-age structural and body

materials and a rapid influx of new models

coming to market have all presented

especially great challenges to the industry.

“Between now and 2015 there are 242

vehicles that are listed as debut, reengineered,

or redesigned,” he said.

“When you combine that with new CAFE

technology standards and various vehicle

Study shows training results in revenue increases, other KPI improvements

by Jay Sicht

New Orleans—Teaching complete and

safe repairs has been the goal of I-CAR

training since the organization’s inception in

1979. But, rather than seeing it as a modest

investment that can aid in productivity and

profitability, many collision-repair shop

owners and managers have viewed it simply

as fulfilling points requirements for

agreements with a DRP or an OEMcollision-repair

network, said Jeff Peevy,

I-CAR senior director of field operations

and segment development.

“We as an industry have often seen

training only as a requirement and not a

business solution,” Peevy said.

Peevy noted that I-CAR’s 2011 study

showed that 69 percent of the country’s

collision-repair shops failed to have

consistent training, and out of that number, 7

percent of them went out of business within

a two-year span.

Parts & People sat down with Peevy at

NACE to discuss some of I-CAR’s new

initiatives, including a recent study it

conducted showing some significant

improvements suggesting that consistent,

planned-out training can be an investment in

a collision-repair shop’s future.

A six-month study of eight participating

single-location collision-repair shops

wrapped up in March, Peevy said. That

study showed marked improvements in

several key performance indicator (KPI)

areas, he said.

enhancements, it’s

an awful lot for the

industry to keep

abreast of.”

To keep track of

the return

investment on

training, Van

Alstyne said that I-

CAR examined the

direct impact of

their training

program on shop

performance by

way of reported

KPI measurements.

Over the course

of their study,


improvements in


President John Van

Alstyne says that

over the past year,

OEMs such as


Chrysler, and Honda

have integrated the

organization’s Gold

Class training

program within their

own manufacturercertified


repair courses.

KPIs were found in touch time (up 45

percent), CSI scores (up 5 percent), cycle

time (up 14 percent), and revenue (5-10

percent), he said. “For all of these reasons,

the industry now looks at I-CAR’s PDP

and Gold Class certification programs as

the standard for knowledge.”

I-CAR held a welding seminar at NACE for

managers of DRPs and OEM networks. At the

seminar, I-CAR managers — including

Performance Training Coordinator Johnny

Dickerson (l.) and Senior Director of Field

Operations and Segment Development Jeff

Peevy — stressed the importance of welding

qualification tests by showing attendees welds

that are obviously deficient and others that

appeared to have good penetration but easily

failed a destructive test.

“Half of them saw a 5-percent increase in

revenue over the same period from previous

years,” Peevy said. “The other half saw a

10-percent increase.”

Although Peevy cautioned that it is nearly

impossible to get a “laboratory-perfect”

controlled environment to eliminate all

variables in the study, Peevy pointed out that

during the study, each shop was asked to

make no drastic changes such as changing

management systems, paint booths, or paint

systems, and the revenue increases were

achieved not through square-footageexpansions

or large capital-equipment


James Roach,

Honda’s senior vice

president of its

parts and service

division, says that

more than 456

eligible body shops

have signed up for

the OEM’s ProFirst


program since its

launch in mid-


Van Alstyne said

that over the past

year, several OEMs

have recognized I-

CAR’s Gold Class


program as a part of

their manufacturercertified


repair programs.

These OEMs, he

said, include


Chrysler and


Honda launches


“Those shops were able to turn that

into revenue,” Peevy said. “And they

were able to market the CSI

improvements to insurance companies.”

On average, CSI scores improved a

little more than 5 percent, he said, while

cycle time decreased by a day, a 14-

percent improvement.

“But the one I was most interested in

was “touch time” in which we saw a 45-

percent improvement, which is about an

hour,” Peevy said. “Could other things

have influenced that? Absolutely. But

did training influence that? Absolutely.

We saw an overall appreciation for

training. The transformation happened

so gradually, but in the end, when you

look back, they’re in a different place.”

Multi-shop organizations (MSOs)

have historically embraced the value of

training and have used it to their advantage,

Peevy said, while single-location shops have


Peevy said the organization has moved

away from the previous Training Path,

which outlined courses suggested for each

role in the shop, in favor of its new

Professional Development Program (PDP.)

“The Training Path wasn’t really enforced

and was little more than a suggestion,”

Peevy said. “We would say a refinish

technician needed a certain series of classes,

but if he took ‘Steering & Suspension,’ we’d

give him a point.”

In talking with professionals from several

James Roach,

Honda’s senior vice

president of its parts and service division,

joined Van Alstyne in discussing the

recently launched Honda ProFirst

program’s correlation with I-CAR’s Gold

Class certification.

The program, launched in October, seeks

to recognize and certify eligible Hondacertified

body shops, Roach said. It was

enacted largely in collaboration with I-

CAR and the CollisionLink network.

“ProFirst seeks to give every customer

the chance to have the same replacement

OE sheet metal and components that came

with their car,” he said. “We also want to

make sure that the technician repairing

these cars has been trained properly.”

“In evaluating our collision repair

process, we found that we needed to

provide some high-quality body shop

technician training,” Roach said. “With

recent changes in vehicle technology, it’s

very important that changes in factory

manuals are converted in some way to

hands-on or visual training. This is the

kind of training that I-CAR conducts

regularly, and does a very good job with.”

Roach said that more than 456 eligible

body shops have signed up for the ProFirst

program. Already, he said, 50 of those

shops have been recognized as being fully

ProFirst certified, which requires a shop

maintaining an up-to-date I-CAR Gold

Class certification, as well as employing a

Honda-certified body technician. n

segments of the industry, namely trainers,

coaches, and other consultants, Peevy said

I-CAR identified knowledge areas and

competencies needed in each role. A

structural-repair technician, for example, is

now required to pass the “Threedimensional

Measuring” class, he said.

“There are multiple ways we will

recognize that a technician can achieve the

formal training in that knowledge area,”

Peevy said, including training from an I-

CAR Alliance member (such as a

frame-machine manufacturer.)

In the study with the eight shops, Peevy

said I-CAR identified “training gaps” in

each role performed in the shop and got

each employee up to speed using the new

PDP on what had been lacking, although

equivalency testing allowed proficient

technicians lacking formal training to pass

the tests.

I-CAR will do more studies to enable the

industry to gain proficiency and efficiency,

Peevy said.

“We are open to all coaching, suggestions,

and feedback about how we can improve

our methodology and approach,” he said.

“But here’s the big takeaway. We need to

assist the industry and change its perspective

of what training is. We need to see it as a

way to improve consistency and overall

performance. Repairing mistakes and

comebacks is not just a part of doing

business, but we tend to think of it that

way.” n

Page C-6 December 2012 Parts & People




1st PRIZE: $1,000

2nd PRIZE: $500

3rd PRIZE: $250



OE Replacement Lamps • Performance Lamps • Door Handles • Mirrors • Window Regulators • Cooling Fan Assemblies • Radiators • Blower Motors

Parts & People December 2012 Page C-7

Evernham unveils custom muscle car featuring Sherwin-Williams finishes

Las Vegas—NASCAR legend and

ESPN racing analyst Ray Evernham

wears many hats today in the automotive

and racing industries. The three-time

NASCAR championship-winning crew

chief is known as an avid classic and race

car collector, but Evernham has yet to put

his collecting passion, racing expertise,

and eye for innovation to use as a car

designer, until now.

Evernham unveiled a street-legal 1964

Plymouth Belvedere that combines oldschool

American style with modern

NASCAR racing technology at the

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

booth at SEMA. Aptly named ‘ForPly,’

the custom car marks Ray Evernham’s

debut as a car designer and builder.

“We set out to design the ultimate street

machine that takes a vintage American

muscle car with great motorsports heritage

and brings it into the modern age,”

Evernham said. “There is not another one

like it in the world. We hope it draws the

attention of racing and non-racing

enthusiasts, as well as the collector who is

looking for that one-of-akind


“Enthusiasts are really

going to enjoy

Evernham’s entry into

this side of the

automotive business,”

said Gary Bennett, vice

president of Consignment

at Barrett-Jackson. “The

ForPly is an innovative

and beautiful-looking

street racer built with

NASCAR Championship-winning Crew

Chief Ray Evernham unveils the “ForPly,” a

one-of-a-kind 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

featuring modern NASCAR race engine,

components, and Sherwin-Williams

Automotive Finishes.

great craftsmanship by the very man who

revolutionized the crew chief role by

leading it – and now also the Plymouth

Belvedere – into the modern age of

racing. It should attract lots of interested

buyers at Scottsdale.”

Housed in the restored body of a nearhalf-century-old

1964 Plymouth

Belvedere – the year, make, and model

that won the 1964 Daytona 500 and

NASCAR Grand National Championship

– the ForPly features a Dodge racing

powertrain, plus the driveline of a

modern-day race car that Evernham’s

former team, Evernham Motorsports, built

and raced in the NASCAR Sprint Cup


The two-door hardtop coupe, blazoned

with a distinctive Radiant Red automotive

matte finish with Graphite racing stripes,

features the popular, slant-back roofline

and a Graphite Grey-colored custom

interior with carbon fiber inlay and bucket

race seats. The same technology used on

the ForPly is also now available from

Sherwin-Williams in kit format. Planet

Color Barrett-Jackson Restoration System

Kits contain all of the tools required to

mix and prepare primer, color, or clear

coat, simplifying the entire paint

purchasing process.

“Sherwin-Williams is proud to partner

with Ray Evernham on his first design

venture, and we’re also excited Ray

specified the car’s color scheme using

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes,”

said Bobby Moody, director of

Motorsports for Sherwin-Williams

Automotive Finishes. “Our new

Restoration System inspired by the

Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction includes

primer, color, and optional clear coat kits.

These kits provide the tools and products

to make each step in the restoration

process easy to follow.” n

Page C-8 December 2012 Parts & People

Miramar collision center uses customer education to improve KPIs, stay DRP-free

From l., United Auto Body Employees

Ryan, Jason, and Christian, and Owner

Mark Jannesari. The company celebrated

its 20th year in business in October.

“There’s no right way to do the wrong

thing. I live by those words, no matter

what the cost is,” Jannesari says.

established up


He said the

shop’s employees

have learned to

pick and choose

how often to

contact a customer

and by what means

based solely upon

clients’ individual

needs. Texting, he

said, has become

increasingly popular, as younger

generations have shied away from

checking voice mail and regularly

answering phone calls.

Jannesari said that with his shop’s 25

average daily WIPs maintaining a cycle

time of four days, taking the time to

manage the production cycle firsthand has

been essential.

With no space for a dedicated teardown

technician, Janessari’s hands-on approach

has also ensured that his facility’s limited

space is maximized.

“We tear down anywhere that space is

available,” he said. “Technicians have

wheeled carts and moved their tools to

where the car is. I also come in early

every day to make sure that every car is

positioned properly within the shop.”

Because the shop does not have a linear

assembly line, there is production time

lost each time a car has to be moved,

Jannesari said. “In addition, the lack of

pressure from DRPs has allowed for a

slower, more deliberate teardown, which

Continued on page 18

by Daniel Buxbaum

San Diego—United Auto Body Owner

Mark Jannesari glances over and smiles

while breezing through his parking lot on

a bicycle. Having the bike is an

unorthodox methodology, he said, but

with his paint and body areas separated by

a few hundred feet, every second gained

pays off in improved cycle times.

“With our space being limited, we need

to bring the car in, fix it, and get it out the

door — every second counts,” he said.

In keeping his production cycle moving

and reputation for quality intact, Jannesari

said he almost always uses OE parts, and

has stayed DRP-free for the last three


“With DRPs, the contract is a one-way

deal — they provide you with the terms,

and you either take it or leave it,” he said.

Operating without DRPs presented a

challenge, Jannesari said, which was

overcome by accepting that a high level of

patience was necessary.

“Rome wasn’t built in one day, so we’d

rather focus on quality than quantity,” he

said. “I can only have one master and

that’s the vehicle owner, not the insurance

company. My customers deserve as much

of my time as they can get.”

Jannesari says his customer-focused

attitude has been paramount in

maintaining the shop’s profitability.

Accepting responsibility as the customer’s

primary contact, he said, has paid

dividends in building trust.

“I try as hard as I can to be present

when the vehicle is dropped off and when

the vehicle is delivered,” he said. “The

repair process always starts and ends with


United Auto Body is heavily detailoriented

with regard to customer

communication, Jannesari said, noting

that a customer’s preferences are

Parts & People December 2012 Page 17

Miramar collision center uses customer education to improve KPIs, stay DRP-free

Continued from page 17

has resulted in more accurate initial parts


To source OE parts, Jannessari said he

relies on his longstanding relationships

with local dealerships.

“I buy from my suppliers based on their

ability to provide service,” he said. “Once

I go with a supplier, I build relationships,

and I don’t leave them easily.”

Jannesari credits Mike, Lou and Oscar

at the Frank Automotive Group and Dan,

Ted and Jim at City Chevrolet/

Volkswagen with providing a reliable

Owner Mark Jannesari (r.) discusses repairs on an

Acura TSX with Body Technician Adolfo during one of

his regular shop walks. A hands-on mentality, he says,

has contributed to improving multiple KPIs.

source of OE parts.

The shop recently took on spraying

Sikkens’ waterborne line of paints due to

their commitment to training and product

excellence, Jannesari said. “When we

converted, our local Representative Steve

Baran brought Sikkens’ entire system in

for us to demo and provided materials,

training, and some labor. We knew right

away that this was the way to go.”

His supplier for Sikkens paint is Tony

Guardado at LKQ, who operates out of

Chula Vista, he added.

“Between Tony and Steve, we’ve

always been provided with a consistent

‘can-do’ attitude,” he said.

“No matter what and when, if

I call on them, they will make

themselves available and will

come up with answers, not


Keeping the shop’s

technicians focused on

quality is important, he said,

which is accomplished partly

by way of a unique pay plan.

The technicians are paid

based upon their ability to

produce and perform, he said.

“Our work orders don’t have

a time stamp on them — we

There is nothing like Original BMW

Collision Parts from Bob Smith BMW

don’t worry about beating a clock here.”

Jannesari’s bottom line, he says, is that

profit has never been a No. 1 priority.

Rather, he focuses on providing the

highest degree of customer care by way of

the best repair available.

New Collision Product Notes

Lincoln Electric introduces line

of women’s welding apparel

Cleveland—The Jessi Combs line of

welding gear is Lincoln Electric’s latest

fusion of style and safety, offering welding

apparel tailored – and sized – specifically

for women. The first product in the new

female line is the Jessi Combs Viking 1840

Series Amp Angel Auto-Darkening

Welding Helmet. The helmet has subtle

graphics and features a 90 x 110 mm

cartridge to keep the weight to a minimum.

Jessi Combs wearing gear from the new

Lincoln Electric women's welding gear line.

The Jessi Combs Women’s Shadow

Welding Jacket, features a cooling front

and back flame-retardant panels. A flip up

collar, adjustable snap sleeves and a snap

cinch waist keep spatter out, while two

horizontal flap pockets secure personal

items. Traditional MIG/STICK welding

gloves’ interior features a sweat-absorbent

cotton lining for added comfort and heat

resistance. Kevlar stitching and welded

seams offer added durability. The Jessi

Combs Women’s Steelworker Gloves are

intended for fabrication work or light


“Once you set those priorities and start

taking care of your customers and

employees, the bottom-line dollar will fall

into place,” he said. “There’s no right

way to do the wrong thing. I live by those

words, no matter what the cost is.” n

The new 3M Precision Masking Tape

lines with both solvent and waterborne

paint systems while being strong enough to

cut through layers of color and clear coat.

The combination of the smooth backing

and even adhesion allows painters to tape

over freshly painted surfaces sooner with

less chance of imprint damage, resulting in

improved productivity and superior paint

results. Painters find the semi-transparent

backing provides better visibility for

nameplate or door handle masking

applications as well as precise color

separation on molded bumper blackout


AkzoNobel’s stickerfix DIY paint

solution debuts at SEMA

Norcross, Ga.—AkzoNobel unveiled the

industry’s first-ever pre-coated, adhesive

film DIY paint solution for jobbers’

shelves — stickerfix. Scheduled for

immediate distribution to U.S. and

Canadian automotive retail outlets in early

2013, stickerfix harnesses advanced ultrathin

adhesive film technology together

with the color match capabilities of

AkzoNobel’s premium Sikkens waterborne

coatings, to create a method for helping car

owners conceal paint scratches and chips

any time they need it. Stickerfix is

available in 79 premium refinish colors,

including select pearls and metallics. Each

stickerfix package contains one sheet with

22 pre-selected decals of various shapes

and sizes. n

Bob Smith BMW

Calabasas, CA

Wholesale Hotline


Fax: 818-340-9455

Original BMW Parts are the ultimate in safety, quality

and reliability and Bob Smith BMW has the inventory

to get you the parts you need fast. Choose with

confidence. Choose Original BMW Parts.

3M Automotive Aftermarket brings

new fine-edge tape to US market

St. Paul, Minn.—Every painter needs a

tape that delivers excellent performance

and clean paint lines. The new 3M

Precision Masking Tape is engineered to

deliver the highest quality critical edge

paint performance. It is constructed with

an ultra-thin smooth paper backing that

makes it ideal for producing sharp paint

AkzoNobel unveils the industry’s first-ever

pre-coated, adhesive film DIY paint

solution —stickerfix.

Page 18 December 2012 Parts & People

Record-breaking vehicle sales in 2011 made Kia one of the fastest growing car

companies in the United States. Satisfying the collision repair needs of the increasing

number of Kia owners means repeat business for you. Specifying Kia Genuine collision

replacement parts assures you of the original fit, finish, and quality it takes to do the

repairs right the first time, every time. Keep your Kia customers satisfied by maintaining

original Kia standards with Kia Genuine collision parts: The only parts with the Kia

name and the Kia warranty.

©2012 KIA Motors America Inc.

Contact your local Kia dealer for assistance and delivery of your parts.

Simi Valley, CA

First Kia

805-306-1077 • 888-531-4785

Fax: 805-306-1085

Ontario, CA

Citrus Kia

909-390-0948 • 800-583-6975

Fax: 909-390-0982

Pomona, CA

Allstar Kia

909-664-2200 • 888-801-0768

Fax: 909-455-9016

Carson, CA

Car Pros Kia

310-221-9101 • Fax: 310-816-9811

Van Nuys, CA

Kia Sherman Oaks

818-670-7442 • Fax: 818-670-7484

Escondido, CA

North County Kia

760-432-4054 • 800-494-5337

Fax: 760-432-4081

Santa Ana, CA

The Kia Depot

714-835-8350 • 888-317-3875

Cerritos, CA

Kia of Cerritos

562-860-2424 • 800-300-8998

Fax: 562-860-1784

Ventura, CA

Kia of Ventura

805-644-2241• Fax 805-644-0517

Fontana, CA

Valley Kia of Fontana

909-350-2700 • 888-606-5743

Fax: 909-350-2741

Valencia, CA

California Superstores – Valencia Kia

661-219-0515 • Fax: 661-254-4482

Victorville, CA

Valley Hi Kia

760-955-0046 • Fax: 760-780-4337

Temecula, CA

DCH Kia of Temecula

951-491-2538 • 888-481-5450

Fax: 951-491-2589

San Diego, CA

Kearny Pearson Kia

858-560-5033 • 800-635-6669

Fax: 858-560-9648

Irvine, CA

Kia of Irvine

949-777-2300 • Fax: 949-777-2342

Parts & People December 2012 Page 19

North Hollywood Auto Repair benefits from location and selling maintenance

Continued from page 1

“We’ve been AAA members for 37 years;

it is a strong marketing force and has a

reputation of trust among consumers,” he

said. “We are also one of a handful of AAR

shops in our area, and one of the few shops

in Southern California that offers AAA

battery warranty service, which continually

brings new prospects into our facility.”

Scrafield said working hard on

exceptional service and standing behind the

shop’s warranty brings in greater “word of

mouth” referrals than any of the promotions

he has tried.

“We measure our success by the amount

of repeat business we receive,” he said. “We

have a system in place that ensures every

member of the staff knows when they are

working on a first-time customer.”

Technician training is also vital to

remaining successful, Scrafield said. “We

enroll our technicians in seminars offered

through ASCCA Chapter 5, and we take

advantage of seminars offered by ACDelco,

Delphi, and Bendix. Our service writer,

Saeed Sorour, has attended the ATI training

program and ASCCA evening seminars,

and we use the Pace Software System for

our service writing and business


North Hollywood Auto Repair Technician Sam

Garabedian performs a charging system check with an

Interstate Battery ED-18 battery analyzer.

The bulk of his parts are purchased from

North Hollywood Auto Parts and

WORLDPAC, Scrafield said. “When we

need to buy equipment, we do our research

and then go shopping,” he said. “We do not

have a regular equipment supplier.”

The shop is a smog check station, and

uses an Allen Bear five-gas emissions

analyzer. “We also provide a 10-ton press, a

flywheel resurface machine, JB Products

flush machines for transmission, power

steering, coolant, and brake fluids, A/C

recovery/recharge systems, and a sandblast


Scrafield said the shop provides some of

technicians’ electronic scan

tools and TPMS tools.

“However, most of them have

their own scan tools, and we

provide the updates.”

The history of

an institution

Not many automotive

repair shops can say they’ve

been open for 75 years,

Scrafield said.

“The shop opened in 1937

across the street on

Lankershim Boulevard as an

automotive parts and service

business by Vern Adams, who later passed

it on to his son, Merlin,” Scrafield said.

The parts business grew to the point

where Adams needed to use the service area

for auto parts, Scrafield said. “So he built

this building as an automotive repair facility

and in 1978 opened North Hollywood Auto

Repair on Tujunga Avenue.”

Merlin Adams ran the shop until the early

1990s when his son-in-law, Bob Miller,

purchased both North Hollywood Auto

Parts and North Hollywood Auto Repair

from him, Scrafield said.

Scrafield said he and Miller have been

friends for decades and in 1998 Miller

started talking to him about buying the

repair business. “He knew I wasn’t happy

with the business I owned at the time

because of all the traveling.”

Miller offered Scrafield the business with

no down payment and in 2002 he took

Miller up on his offer and purchased the

shop, he said.

The business has grown every year since

and Scrafield said 2012 revenue will easily

exceed 2008 sales. n

AAPEX announces 2012 Product and

New Packaging Showcase winners

Las Vegas—AAPEX announced winners

of its 2012 Product Showcase and New

Packaging Showcase, Oct. 29, at the Sands

Expo Center, in Las Vegas. Product

Showcase award winners were selected by

pre-registered AAPEX buyers. Entries were

displayed in 13 categories in the online

2012 AAPEX Product Extra and more than

4,600 votes were cast for products in this

year’s showcase, an increase of

approximately 28 percent over 2011.

Product Showcase winners are:

• Accessories: Gold Eagle, 303 instant

windshield washer tablets

Automotive Lighting: Cequent Consumer

Products, highland black tailgate lighted

logos – Stealth

• Business Tools: Alldata, Alldata training


• Chemical, Lube & Filter: Armoured

Automotive Group, Armor All mini


• Electrical: Standard Motor Products,

Standard & Intermotor clone-able TPMS


• General Merchandise: Permatex, fast

orange pumice lotion

• Hard Parts: Heat n Clean Products,

automatic heated wiper blades

• Innovation (two winners): Goodyear,

gatorback timing belt replacement kit

display, and Swiss+Tech Products, microlight

touch screen cleaner

• Mobile Electronics: Striker Hand Tools,

simple sucker smartphone mount

• Paint, Body & Equipment: Workshop

Hero, metal rescue rust remover bath

• Safety: Atlantic Safety Products, orange

lightning gloves


Universal Lubricants, a Wichita, Kan.-

based supplier of automotive oil, won a

packaging award from the Automotive

Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA)

during AAPEX. Universal reps Mike

Melaragno of Fenton, Mo., and Cathy

Smith of Aurora, Colo., proudly display

their pouch quart oil package.

• Tires & Wheels: Fix-A-Flat, Fix-A-Flat


• Tools & Equipment (two winners): Autel,

MaxiDAS DS708, and Lemur Vehicle

Monitors, bluedrive.

The 2012 New Packaging Showcase

award winners reflect the highest standards

in packaging design set by the Institute of

Packaging Professionals. Ben Miyares,

president of the Packaging Management

Institute, judged this year’s entries.

The 2012 New Packaging

winners are:

• Economics (tie): UView Ultraviolet

Systems, Universal A/C Dye Cartridge

Packaging and Grote Industries, LED

Work Lamp Industrial Pack & Retail


• Environmental Impact: Valeo Service,

Ultimate Master Connect Wiper

Blades n

Page 20 December 2012 Parts & People

APRA/ATRA joint show offers business opportunities and education for all

by Dick DeLoach

Las Vegas—Bally’s

Hotel and Casino set the

stage for the 2012

International Big R

Show and the ATRA

Powertrain Expo, again

co-hosted by the

Aftermarket Parts

Rebuilders Association

(APRA) and the

Automatic Transmission

Rebuilders Association

(ATRA), Oct. 26-30.


International BIG R

Show combined with

the ATRA Powertrain

Expo makes this event

the largest automotive and truck parts

remanufacturing show in the world,” Bill

Gager, APRA president, said.

This is the second year in a row that the

two organizations have held a joint show

in Las Vegas, and event organizers said

attendance and industry participation was

strong, with thousands of attendees and

more than 130 companies exhibiting.

“The event also had companies from a

variety of product lines from around the

Dennis Madden, ATRA executive director and CEO,

explains how to implement what was learned at this

year’s event in his seminar, “Ready, Set, Action.”

world, including more rebuilders and

remanufacturers from the diesel engine

and transmission market,” Gager said.

“We are pleased that we were once

again able to co-locate our event at the

same time as the APRA International Big

R Show. It was very successful,” he said.

Dennis Madden, ATRA executive

director and CEO, said the joint

APRA/ATRA show in Las Vegas last year

was beneficial to members of both

Outgoing APRA Chairman Dennis Jacinto (l.)

presents Peter Bain, of Rand Premium Electronics,

with an APRA Honorary Member Award for his

service to the automotive parts remanufacturing



“We believe very strongly that this joint

show helped each other’s suppliers and

attendees reach more potential customers

and provided them with some new

business opportunities,” he said.

New this year was an opening reception

on the exhibit floor at the end of the first

day, the only official evening event. “It

was a fun event that provided more time

for socializing with friends and trading

partners,” Dennis Jacinto, APRA outgoing

president, said.

In addition to an extensive list of

technical seminars and workshops every

day, both associations also had separate

expanded supplier/vendor expositions,

instead of one combined.

The “What’s Working” kick-off seminar,

by Rodger Bland, covering ATRA’s fiveyear

study of successful shops, was well

attended. “It was very popular, and it

Continued on page 22

During his talk, “The Miracle on The

Hudson,” Jeff Skiles, co-pilot of US

Airways flight 1549, shares his

experiences of the fateful day when a flock

of geese caused his crew to make an

emergency landing.


There’s no reason to keep late nights when your business is on TRACS, the Total Repair Automotive Computer System from NAPA.

We have met the needs of installers for over 80 years, and understand those needs better than anyone in the industry. TRACS

helps you run every aspect of your business more easily and effectively: from estimating, billing, and invoicing, to employee time

management, customer service history, electronic parts cataloging and ordering. You can even run multiple part matrixes on

every single item you sell, resulting in the profi t your business needs to stay healthy. All from a single source, proven supplier with

a long history of success, a dedicated support team after the sale, and the uncompromising quality for which NAPA is known. You owe it to yourself and

your business — for a free demonstration to see how TRACS can help your bottom line, call 800.659.3710 or go to

Parts & People December 2012 Page 21

More than 130 exhibitors showcase wares

Photos by Dick DeLoach

APRA/ATRA joint show offers business

opportunities and education for all

The Recycler Core Company in Riverside, Calif., has been involved in the purchase,

sales, and trading of rebuildable automotive cores for more than 30 years.

Jasper factory Representatives David Williams (l.) of Northern California and Mark Zingo

of Las Vegas display the Jasper 4R 100 transmission with its three-year/100,000-mile

nationwide warranty.

For more than 37 years, Wagner Alternators & Supplies in Chino Hills, Calif., has offered

a complete line of electrical components from every major manufacturer. From l., Erik,

Kim, and Patty Wagner.

Continued from page 21

applied to more than just transmission

shops,” Madden said.

Other well-attended sessions included

the ATRA keynote address, “The Truth Be

Told,” by New York Times bestselling

author Larry Winget during the Saturday

luncheon; “Miracle on The Hudson” by

APRA keynote speaker Jeff Skiles, copilot

of US Airways flight 1549; and

“Powertrain Trends and the Reman

Opportunities” by Derek Kaufman, CEO

of Mission Motors.

Madden said Las Vegas is always its

best-attended show. “We found that three

years in a row was too much, however, and

people were complaining of lack of

variety; hence the two-one schedule.”

For details on the 2013 ATRA

Powertrain Expo at the Washington

Marriott in Washington, D.C., Sept. 19-22,

contact Diane Bland of ATRA, at 805-389-


For information on the 2013

International Big R Show in Las Vegas,

Nov. 2-4, contact Jeanie Magathan, senior

vice president of APRA at, 703-968-2772,

ext. 104. n

Transtar Industries in Van Nuys, Calif., a

major sponsor of the ATRA Powertrain Expo,

had a large, well-staffed exhibition on the

show floor. From l., Silvia Navarro, Dave

Hritsko, and Stephanie Cargill.

Robert Greene, of Kuhle in South El

Monte, Calif., manufacturers of

automotive powertrain and industrial

parts, specializes in BMW, Mercedes-

Benz, Toyota, and Lexus components.

Exedy Friction Materials in Belleville, Mich., suppliers of transmission parts, clutches,

and flywheels, shows its support of breast cancer awareness with pink shirts and pens.

Page 22 December 2012 Parts & People

Former Carstar CEO reveals common leadership traits at ASRW keynote

you can’t make it happen, it’s not worth a

darn,” he said. “Nothing happens if it

can’t be executed.”

A company’s vision should consist of

its core values and purpose, or reason for

existence, he said. “The strongest

business is about doing something to

help people.”

Cross said that “if a strategy is clear,

execution becomes clear,” emphasizing

that strategy must be adapted to market


When planning, instead of looking at a

“You can think all you

want to, but if you can’t

make it happen, it’s not

worth a darn. Nothing

happens if it can’t be


12-month strategy, he urged the audience

to look at 12-week business plans — and

to devote 20 minutes a day, three days a

week, to focusing on the business plan.

CEOs must possess patience and “go

slow to go fast,” he said, adding that

kindness extended will multiply in its


“Expect people to be good,” he said.

“What you expect is what you’ll get.”

Patience and kindness are two of the

nine key traits great leaders possess, he

said; the others are generosity, courtesy,

humility, unselfishness, good humor,

guilelessness, and sincerity. n

Dick Cross opens ASRW 2012 with his

keynote address on traits of great leaders.

by Michael Anderson

New Orleans—Leadership is what

differentiates good companies from the

great ones. Those who run great

companies possess two key traits:

thinking ability and character, said Dick

Cross, during the keynote address at

Automotive Service Repair Week

(ASRW), Oct. 11, at the New Orleans

Convention Center.

ASRW, hosted annually by the

Automotive Service Association (ASA),

includes the International Autobody

Conference & Exposition (NACE) and

the Congress of Auto Repair & Service


Cross, who began his career as a

technician, shared his experiences as

CEO of several organizations, including

Carstar, and in his current role as

consultant with The Cross Partnership

Ltd., applying them to the question: How

do you run a business?

The job for the individual at the top of

a company is to think, Cross said. “For

most of us, thinking is the hardest thing

we have to do,” he said.

For all the thinking that’s done,

however, there have to be people to carry

out the plan, he said. “Character is what

gets people to help you.” Two things that

help foster employee loyalty, he said, are

helping someone overcome a fear and

helping them feel better about


In order to think as a CEO, Cross said,

a basic framework needs to be followed,

likening it to a trifocal lens: vision,

strategy, and execution. There is a

distinction between the steps, he said,

stressing that leadership occurs between

vision and strategy, and management

between strategy and execution.

“You can think all you want to, but if



Counties: LA, SBD, VEN, SB, SLO,


To learn more, contact these authorized dealers:

Cor-Max Technology


Counties: SD, RIV

Elbert Distributing


Counties: FRE, KER, KIN, MAD, MER, TUL

Parts & People December 2012 Page 23

Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits

Ethical sales and full disclosure — What every service advisor needs to know

I am sure you agree that in our industry

there are a number of unwritten rules that

shop owners have followed for decades.

They know that they have to hire gifted

technicians, stay at the forefront of

vehicle technology, and can never

jeopardize their relationships with their

customers, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, there is another

rule that far too many shop

owners (and service advisors)

have believed in for decades. It’s

a rule that’s been passed down

from one generation to the next

— the one that says that

whenever you have first-time

customers in your shop, and you

discover that their vehicles need a lot of

work, you are better off holding back on

some of the recommendations.

The basis for this belief is that with

first-time customers, too many

recommendations will scare them off.

These owners and advisors typically feel

that they are better off just recommending

the repairs or services that the customer

brought the vehicle in for, building a

relationship with the customer, and then

discussing the other required services

during the next visit. There is no question

Bob Cooper

that these owners and advisors typically

have good intentions. They believe in

their hearts that since they are not trying

to sell their customers something they

don’t need, they’re not crossing any

ethical lines. Unfortunately, that’s the

furthest from the truth.

When customers entrust you with their

automobiles, they have a

presumption of full disclosure

and honesty. Rightfully or

wrongfully, I am sure you will

agree that your customers also

have an expectation that every

time their vehicles enter one of

your service bays, your

technicians will immediately

pick up on everything that needs to be

done. So do this:

Have a shop meeting and pull up an

extra chair. Tell your entire staff that the

empty chair represents the spirit of your

customer, and that everything that is

discussed during the meeting should be

able to be said in front of the customer

without hesitation. Start the meeting by

reinforcing your commitment to both

ethics and customer service. You should

then review your vehicle inspection


I strongly recommend using wellconstructed

vehicle inspection forms, and

taking advantage of a variety of those

forms: A form for complete vehicle

inspections, a safety inspection form,

forms for the inspection of specific

systems, etc.

You should then let all of your

employees know that every vehicle will

be inspected in a manner that complies

with your company policies, that all

discoveries are to be documented, and

that the inspecting technician is to sign

the completed inspection form.

Once the completed form is turned over

to the advisor, all of the recommended

repairs and services are to be estimated,

and everything is to be fully disclosed to

your customers.

Not only is this the professional thing

to do, but equally important, it’s the

ethical thing to do. Your customers have

the right to know about everything that

you have discovered, and they have the

right to know how much the repairs and

services will cost if authorized.

I am sure you will agree that when it

comes to ethics, there are no exceptions.

Yet many shop owners and advisors argue

that if they have a vehicle that is worth

$1,000, and they discover that it needs

$5,000 worth of work, there is no sense in

putting together an estimate. At Elite, we

adamantly disagree. The vehicles belong

to your customers, it’s their money, and

it’s their choice. And just because an

advisor feels that a vehicle is not worth

fixing, it doesn’t mean that the customer

will feel the same way, as the vehicle may

hold a special place in the customer’s


So mandate complete and professional

vehicle inspections, and insist on full

disclosure to all of your customers. They

may not buy everything that your advisor

has recommended, but a few things are

for certain: Your customers will know

about everything that needs to be done,

you’ll have detailed records, your sales

and profits will go up, and you will be

doing the right things for the right


If you follow this advice, and if you

never put money ahead of people, you

can’t lose.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Since 1990, Bob Cooper has been the

president of Elite Worldwide Inc., an

ethics-based company that helps both

struggling and successful shop owners

take their businesses to new levels

through one-on-one coaching from the

industry’s top experts. The company also

offers shop owners sales, marketing, and

management solutions in the form of

downloadable audio training courses,

seminars, and service advisor training.

You can contact Cooper at, or at

800-204-3548. n

Synthetic Lube Plus




Diesel Power

• Turbo Diesel Pickups

• Heavy Off-Road Diesels

• Service writer training

Visit for details.

It’s Coming – Don’t Miss Out!!

March 1-3, 2013 * Seattle * 253-473-6970




Silla Automotive announces new

packaging design and box material

Compton, Calif.—Silla

Automotive announced a new

packaging design for its

radiators at the AAPEX Show.

This design will further protect

and support the radiator

against damage during

shipping and handling and

reduce the chance of bending

or warping while in transit.

The company plans to also

begin using a similar

packaging design for its

condenser products by adding

a handle on the cardboard

insert. “Developing a package

that protects radiators and

condensers during shipping

has been a long-standing

challenge in our industry, but

with these designs, we believe

that Silla has accomplished this objective

without adding significant cost to the


Silla Automotive, a Compton, Calif.-based supplier of

quality aftermarket parts, feature their new aftermarket

parts at AAPEX. Pictured from l., are Henry Suh, Ryan

Harlan, Miguel Quezada.

product,” said Mark Hallsman, president

and CEO of Silla. n

Page 24 December 2012 Parts & People

Kia and DC Comics unveil five superhero-themed cars at SEMA

by well-known aftermarket

institutions including West

Coast Customs, Rides magazine

and Super Street magazine,

with custom artwork by Comic

Book Artist and DC

Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim


In addition to the cars

unveiled both at SEMA and

earlier in the year, Supermanand

Wonder Woman-themed

cars will be introduced in the

coming months. n

The “Cyborg Kia Forte 5-door” was also unveiled at

the SEMA show.

Kia Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications Michael Sprague says

the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign aligns with Kia’s efforts to become a more

proactive and engaged corporate citizen.

by Daniel Buxbaum

Las Vegas—Michael Sprague, Kia’s

executive vice president of marketing and

communications, unveiled five superherothemed

Kia vehicles, Oct.

30, at the SEMA show.

The vehicles, which

were inspired by the

superhero members of

DC Comics’ Justice

League, will benefit the

“We Can Be Heroes”

campaign, which helps

fight hunger in Africa,

Sprague said. “This

program aligns with

Kia’s efforts to become a

more proactive and

engaged corporate


The cars included the

“Flash Forte Koup,”

“Aquaman Rio 5-door,”

“Green Lantern Soul,”

and “Cyborg Forte 5-

door.” The

Batman-themed Kia Optima, which was

unveiled earlier in the year, was also on


Each vehicle was conceived and built

DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee (r.) and West

Coast Customs Chief Executive Ryan Friedlinghaus

discuss the work involved in building the Kia/Justice

League program’s eight highly-customized vehicles.

West Coast Customs Chief Executive Ryan Friedlinghaus unveils the “Flash Kia Forte

Koup” on Oct. 30 at the SEMA show.

The regional

editions serve:



& NW Nevada




• Washington

• Oregon

• Idaho

• Montana

• Alaska


• Colorado

• Wyoming

• W. Kansas

• W. Nebraska

• New Mexico


• W. Missouri

• Kansas

• Nebraska

• Iowa


• E. Missouri

• W. & S. Cent. IL

• S. Indiana

• W. Kentucky

Also available


This edition serves



Each of the six regional editions is viewable online

in a turn-page format.

Visit us at

Parts & People December 2012 Page 25

CAWA banquet kicks off Industry Week, announcing major legislative wins

by Steve Sharp

Las Vegas—The California, Nevada,

Arizona Automotive Wholesalers

Association again kicked off Industry

Week with its annual banquet and auction.

The evening event at the Venetian Hotel

and Casino began with remarks from

President and CEO Rodney Pierini and

event sponsor Selwyn Joffe of Motorcar

Steve Snyder acted as the evening’s

auctioneer, raising more than $14,000 to

support CAWA’s scholarship fund.

Parts of America.

Hailing legislative wins in

both California SB 750

(BMW Key Exemption law)

and Arizona’s battery

recycling proposal, Pierini

underscored the importance

of CAWA membership and

the efforts of association

lobbyist Norm Plotkin.

Prior to being awarded

the customary red vest,

outgoing Chair of Board of

Directors Steve Sharp of

WORLDPAC thanked the group for their

continued participation and support. Sharp

said, “CAWA continues to help us better

understand common issues as well as

specific issues that affect our industry.” He

said the common voice presented to state

legislators by CAWA was key to the

vitality of the industry and the aftermarket

in particular.

CAWA took the opportunity to announce

Ed Jimenez of Riebe’s Auto Parts as the

2013 president. Jimenez vowed to continue

efforts to support jobbers, retailers,

manufacturers, and wholesale distributors

in California, Nevada, and Arizona. He

said the goal remains the same: provide

members a forum to understand and

develop communication amongst the group

CAWA President and CEO Rodney

Pierini hosted the association’s

annual banquet at the Venetian in

Las Vegas. It was announced Pierini

has been retained as association

president and CEO through 2015.

and at the same time represent their

position in the legislative process.

CAWA continued to support students of

the industry through funds generated by the

event and the evening’s live auction. Each

year CAWA provides financial support

through scholarships to deserving students.

This year CAWA awarded 10 scholarships

to students in all three states, CAWA

Director of Operations Julie Snyder said.

“We must support students of our field, as

they will be the leaders of our industry in

years to come,” she said.

Randy Buller of Parts Authority

announced that President and CEO Rodney

Pierini will continue in his position through

2015. Buller also offered CAWA’s thoughts

to past chair of the board, Mary Davis, who

CAWA used the annual banquet to present the 2013 board of

directors, from l., Presenter Charlie Kirkland, Affinia Global

Chassis; 2012 Chair Steve Sharp, WORLDPAC; Secretary Greg

Livingston, All Trade Tools; Vice Chair Ron Aparicio, Walker

Products; Chair Ed Jimenez, Riebe’s Auto Parts; CAWA

President and CEO Rodney Pierini.

is recovering from serious injuries

sustained in a recent racing accident while

competing in her vintage formula car. n

Outgoing Chair of the Board Steve Sharp

of WORLDPAC was awarded the

customary red vest by Past Chair David

Finley of Finley Industries as President and

CEO Pierini looks on.

Mechanical Repair Training Notes


Training Institute

To register, call 800-888-9982 x5559 or


Toyota USA Automobile Museum-

Torrance, Calif.

• Dec. 8-9-Toyota Prius Hybrid &

Toyota Hybrid Drive Systems

ESI Seminars

Educational Seminars Institute offers

repair shop training targeting

professional sales, service, and

business management. For more

information, call 866-526-3039 or visit

La Quinta-La Palma, Calif.

• Dec. 1-Professional Business

Development – Design your future

Automotive Research

and Design

For more information and to register,

e-mail or visit 7-8 p.m. Times are



• Dec. 3-Part 2 of 3 part Series-

Diagnosing Hybrid Vehicle Electric

Machine (Transmission) failures

• Dec. 19-Part 3 of this Series

ATG Seminars

For more information or to register for

seminars, contact Heather Fitzgerald at

800-233-3182 ext. 325 or e-mail her at

Location TBD-Burbank, Calif.

• Dec. 3-4-Advance Drivability

Diagnostic Strategies

Location TBD-Long Beach, Calif.

• Dec. 5-6-Chrysler Engine Performance

Location TBD-San Luis Obispo, Calif.

• Dec. 17-18-Advance Drivability

Diagnostic Strategies

Location TBD-Santa Barbara, Calif.

• Dec. 17-18-Advance Drivability

Diagnostic Strategies


Technical Institute

To register, contact your local

CARQUEST store or visit


CARQUEST of N. Hollywood-

Hollywood, Calif.

• Dec. 3-4-Body Control System

Diagnosis: Lighting Systems

Location TBD-Santa Barbara, Calif.

• Dec. 12-13-Body Control System

Diagnosis: Lighting Systems

CARQUEST of Ontario-Ontario, Calif.

• Dec. 12-13-Supplemental Restraint

System Diagnosis & Repair

Elks Lodge-Vista, Calif.

• Dec. 17-18-Gasoline Direct Injection


Location TBD-Bakersfield, Calif.

• Dec. 18-New Vehicle Technologies:


Location TBD-La Mesa/San Diego

• Dec. 19-New Vehicle Technologies:


Location TBD-Arroyo Grande, Calif.

• Dec. 19-New Vehicle Technologies:


Location TBD-Coachella Valley/

Palm Desert, Calif.

• Jan. 23-24-Modern Misfire Diagnosis

Electronic Fuel Injection

(EFI) University

For more information call 909-461-9106

or visit

EFI University-Temecula, Calif.

• Dec. 10-14-Accelerated Certification

Program (ACP)

Hunter Engineering


For more information or to register,

call 800-448-6848 ext. 1 or visit

Santa Fe Springs Training Center-

Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

• Dec. 17-19-Alignment Fundamentals

Level I

• Dec. 17-21-Combination Fundamentals

Intermediate Level II

• Dec. 20-21-Intermediate Alignment

Level II n

Page 26 December 2012 Parts & People

The Mirage, Las Vegas

January 21-24, 2013

Connect face-to-face with the people that are

driving today’s independent heavy duty aftermarket.

Packed with expert presentations, seminars,

pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, the HDAW

Product Expo and multiple networking opportunities.

Make your reservations now and prepare to build a

foundation for success in your business at



for Success

focus on the future


for details and

registration information.

Parts & People December 2012 Page 27

People & Places

compiled by Dick DeLoach and staff


Fix Auto USA recently added four new

collision repair locations to its franchise

network, bringing the franchise total to 50,

including two in Southern California: Fix

Auto Long Beach, a brand-new location,

co-owned by Richard Fish and Bill

Lawrence, and Fix Auto Moreno Valley,

previously known as Collision Center of

Moreno Valley, co-owned by Selvi Rizk

and Nathan Comstock. “It’s satisfying

to achieve the 50th franchise mark,” Paul

Gange, president and COO of Anaheim

Hills-based Fix Auto, said. “We continue

to be selective with our franchise

expansion, so it’s not really about the

numbers, but we definitely want to

celebrate this



Automotive in

Newport Beach, a

provider of technical

training, coaching,

and quality

assessment for the

collision repair

industry, appointed

Douglas Irish as

senior vice president




Douglas Irish as

senior vice

president of


of operations, responsible for day-to-day

operations, product planning and

development, and expanding the company

into new markets. “I am excited to join

VeriFacts Automotive, a company known

for innovation and exposing excellence in

collision repair,” Irish said. “Douglas Irish

has more than 20 years’ experience and a

proven track record of success,” Farzam

Afshar, co-founder and CEO of VeriFacts,


SSF Imported Auto Parts Inc.

announced the move of its San Diego

warehouse to a new 22,000-square-foot

facility at 6060 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite

200, San Diego. The new building is twice

the size of its previous facility and is

centrally located to serve the San Diego

County and Temecula and Murrieta areas.

They are currently running delivery

vehicles and get twice-a-day inventory

replenishment from its Carson and Irvine

distribution facilities. SSF stocks

mechanical and collision parts for German

and Swedish vehicles. Operations

Manager Katharina Timmermann

said, “Carrying more inventory will allow

us to get parts to our customers faster.”

WORLDPAC Inc. recently celebrated

the opening of its 100th regional


The crew at SSF Auto Parts’ new San

Diego facility, led by Warehouse Manager

Hector Mendez (fourth from l.), pose on

opening day.

warehouse location in North America with

a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new

Ventura facility. “The opening of our

100th regional warehouse provides our

customers with another important option in

accessing our comprehensive import parts

program,” Bob Cushing, president and

CEO, said. “Our 100 strategically located

regional warehouses throughout the U.S.,

Canada, and Puerto Rico deliver ‘the right

part at the right time’ to the best in class

import vehicle repair shops, and the

WORLDPAC team is proud of achieving

this important milestone.”

of trustees to serve

another term as cochair,”


DiVerde, senior

marketing director at

Mitchell 1, said.

For an extra $50,

California car

enthusiasts will soon

be able to order

vintage license plates

because Governor

Jerry Brown signed

into law SEMA Action

Network (SAN)-

Tim McDonnell,

national training

manager at

Mitchell 1, has

been elected to

the 2012-2013

AMI board of


supported legislation to establish the

California Legacy License Plate

Program. The Department of Motor

Vehicles (DMV) will create and issue a

series of specialized license plates that

replicate plates from the state’s past,

including three classic designs from the

’50s–’60s (black lettering on yellow

background or yellow lettering on black

background) and ’70s–’80s (yellow

lettering on blue background). At least

7,500 applications for any one particular

plate must be received by the DMV on or

before Jan. 1, 2015.

ASCCA Chapter 48 celebrates

20 years with a dinner and tribute

by Dick DeLoach

Brea, Calif.—ASCCA Chapter 48

recently celebrated its 20th anniversary

with a dinner at the

Embassy Suites, in

Brea, and paid tribute

to Chuck Overbey, one

of the founding fathers

of the chapter and

ASCCA past state

Longtime friend,

Walt Commans

of ASE, says

Chapter 48 cofounder


Overbey was a

gentle man who

worked hard for

ASCCA, both at

the local and

state level, for his

entire career.

president, who died in

May of this year.

The audience was

filled with past Chapter

48 presidents, board

members, and current

members, who all

stood to be recognized.

Many of them also

received certificates of

appreciation for their

service to the association.

“The event celebrated our 20th

anniversary and the life of Chuck

Overbey,” Chapter Director Denise Piña, of

Brea Auto Body, said. “Chuck was like a

grandpa to everyone. He really helped the

industry and the community and everybody

loved him.”

Master of Ceremonies and another

Chapter 48 founder, Ira Newman, of Ira

Newman Automotive, now retired, shared

anecdotes about the history of the chapter

and personal memories of Overbey.

Chapter 48 President Luis Gonzalez of

Center City Automotive also told an

Overbey tale, and opened the floor to

members and friends who had stories about


Overbey’s widow, June Overbey, took

the microphone and thanked everyone for

remembering her husband. “I know he

would be proud and happy to see so many

old friends.” n

From l., Ira Newman, one of the founders

of ASCCA Chapter 48, his wife, Pat, and

Chapter 48 founder Chuck Overbey’s

widow, June, are among the honored

guests at the 20th anniversary celebration

and tribute to Overbey.

The staff of the 10th WORLDPAC regional

warehouse, in Ventura, celebrates the

opening of the facility with a ribboncutting


Tim McDonnell, national training

manager at Mitchell 1 in Poway, has

been elected to the 2012-2013 board of

trustees for the Automotive Management

Institute (AMI), representing mechanical

and collision repair shops of varying sizes

as well as industry associations and

companies. “We would like to congratulate

Tim on being re-elected to the AMI board


Irvine BMW recently promoted Assistant

Parts Director Juan Barrientos (r.) to the

parts director position. Barrientos, who

has worked for the dealership for more

than 19 years, is pictured with Wholesale

Parts Manager Hector Penaloza.

California car enthusiasts will soon be able

to order modern license plates in vintage

’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s colors for an

extra $50.

Erick Andrade, a technician at Fix

Auto in Tustin, Calif., received the

VeriFacts Automotive “March Taylor

Technician ACE Award” at a ceremony in

Las Vegas in November.

Fix Auto Technician Erick Andrade (c.) and

VeriFacts’ Mark Olson (l.) and Mike Stacy.

Toyo Tire U.S.A. in Cypress

announces the company’s new iPad app,

developed in collaboration with Source

Continued on page 29

Page 28 December 2012 Parts & People

Continued from page 28

Interlink Media’s (SIM) MediaWorks

and Mind Over Eye divisions that provides

easy access to Toyo Tires product

information, training videos, size and

specifications, and brochures. “Printed

marketing materials are quickly dated,”

Amy Coleman, Toyo Tire U.S.A. senior

director of marketing, said. “Our new iPad

App is a dynamic marketing tool that

provides immediate access to the most

current product information, making it

easier to teach dealers, their staff, and

consumers about the benefits of Toyo tires.”

Toyo Tires’ product information, including

training videos, size and specifications,

and brochures, can now be accessed

through the company’s new iPad App.


Featured at the Galpin Auto Sports SEMA

booth was an entirely custom 1966 Ford

Bronco. The paint scheme

commemorates Ford’s victory at the 1966

24 Hours of Le Mans race, while the

modified chassis’ suspension allows for

17-inch/15-inch of front/rear wheel travel,

respectively. Power is supplied with a

540-HP Ford 377 Stroker engine and a

Hughes automatic transmission.


Volkswagen Kearny Mesa recently hired

Luis Garcia as its wholesale parts

representative. Garcia has been a

wholesale parts representative for

dealerships in the San Diego area for more

than 10 years.


American Suzuki Motor Corp.

(ASMC), a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor

Corp. (SMC), filed proceedings under

Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code,

Nov. 5, and will discontinue distribution of

its automobiles in the continental U.S.

At a media briefing prior to the opening

of the Automotive Aftermarket Products

Expo (AAPEX), Bob McKenna,

president and CEO of the Motor &

Equipment Manufacturers

Association (MEMA), announced the

appointments of Steve Handschuh as

executive vice president and COO of

MEMA and Bill Long as president and

COO of the Automotive Aftermarket

Suppliers Association (AASA).

Fras-le North

America announced

at the opening of

AAPEX the promotion

of Kevin Judge and

Steffanie Savine.

Judge, light vehicle

aftermarket sales

manager, is now sales

manager, national

accounts. Savine,

marketing and sales

coordinator, was

promoted to marketing

and communications

manager. Both are

based out of the

company’s North

American headquarters

in Northville, Mich.

The Timken Co.

announced the

appointment of

Thomas W.

Tecklenburg to the

position of director for

Kevin Judge has

been promoted to

sales manager,

national accounts,

for Fras-le North


Steffanie Savine

has been

promoted to

marketing and


manager for Frasle

North America.

commercial vehicle original equipment and

automotive aftermarket for the company’s

mobile industries business. Tecklenburg

will provide strategic direction for the

company’s global commercial vehicle

original equipment business while

continuing to lead the global light and

commercial vehicle aftermarket.

The Timken Co. received the

Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Association (AAIA) Head of the

Class Award: large manufacturer

category. The award recognizes

companies dedicated to the continuous

education and training of their employees.

Recipients of the award are distinguished

as education leaders in the aftermarket

industry. Additionally, Andrea Schultz,

regional sales manager with Timken,

Andrea Schultz is

the first-ever

Woman of

Promise. She is

also the recipient

of the AAIA

Impact Award:

Four for the


received the AAIA

Impact Award: Four for

the Future, which

annually honors four


professionals, age 40

or younger, who have

made remarkable

contributions within

the aftermarket

industry. The Car

Care Council

Women’s Board

(WB) also announced

Andrea Schultz as the first-ever Woman

of Promise.

Matco Tools received an Innovation

Award from Professional Tool &

Equipment News (PTEN) for its

PRO1000 borescope. Winners were

announced at AAPEX, Oct. 30, in Las

Vegas. The PRO1000 Borescope was

chosen as the most innovative product in

the Inspection Tools, Lab Scopes category.

The Federal-Mogul Technical

Education Center (TEC) in St. Louis

has received the Automotive Training

Continued on page 30

Automotive Service Councils of California

(800) 810-4272 •

Parts & People December 2012 Page 29

People & Places

Continued from page 29

Managers Council National

Excellence in Training Award for

development of a diagnostic workshop

covering antilock braking, stability, and

traction control systems. The two-day

“ABS/Stability Control and Traction

Control Diagnostics” course helps

professional technicians learn to quickly

and accurately diagnose a full range of

common issues encountered in these

sophisticated onboard safety systems.

The University of the Aftermarket

awarded Automotive Aftermarket

Professional (AAP) and Master

Automotive Aftermarket

Professional (MAAP) certificates to 23

industry veterans at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

The University of the Aftermarket’s AAP

and MAAP designation programs

recognize long-term commitment to the

aftermarket and professional development

through programs and courses offered by

the University and its association partners.

AAP and MAAP certificates were

presented by University of the Aftermarket

Director Brian Cruickshank, MAAP,

and Northwood University President and

CEO Dr. Keith Pretty at Northwood

University’s annual graduation and awards

luncheon, Oct. 30, at the Venetian in Las


Kathleen Schmatz, president and

CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket



(AAIA), was named

the 2012 recipient of

the Automotive

Warehouse Distributors

Association (AWDA)

Leader of the Year

Award during AAIW in

Las Vegas. The award

is given to an


professional who has

made significant and

unique contributions to

the industry.

The Automotive




(AWDA) Martin

Fromm Life-time

Achievement Award

was presented to

industry veteran John

F. Creamer at the

AWDA 2012 annual

conference in Las

Vegas. The award

recognizes those who



president and

CEO of the AAIA,

was named the

2012 recipient of

the AWDA

Leader of the

Year Award

during AAIW.


Martin Fromm



Award was

presented to

industry veteran

John F. Creamer.

have committed themselves to the

aftermarket throughout their careers with

high levels of distinguished performance.

Creamer founded, and continues to operate,

Distribution Marketing Services.

Frank Frederick of Remy

International was given the Automotive

Warehouse Distributors Association’s

(AWDA) 2012 Pursuit of Excellence

Award during AAIW in Las Vegas. The

annual award is in recognition of

excellence in business

performance and

support for AWDA’s

mission and dedication

to AWDA and AAIA


Pete Kornafel

was presented the





(AWDA) Art Fisher

Memorial Scholarship Award during the

association’s annual conference during

AAIW in Las Vegas. The annual award is

given to an aftermarket company or

individual who demonstrates commitment

to training and education, for which

Kornafel is recognized as an industry


Retired W.T. Glasgow President

William T. Glasgow was presented the

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers

Association (MEMA) Triangle Award

during the Automotive Warehouse

Distributors Association’s (AWDA)

Executive Breakfast at

AAIW in Las Vegas.

The award honors

those who have

selflessly contributed

to the industry.

The Car Care

Council Women’s

Board (WB)

announced Jody

DeVere, CEO,, as the

ninth annual

Aftermarket Woman of

Pete Kornafel

was presented

the AWDA Art

Fisher Memorial




William T. Glasgow (l.) and Bob McKenna,

MEMA president and CEO.

Jody DeVere,

CEO,, is

the ninth annual


Woman of the


the Year during AAPEX in Las Vegas. She

created a multi-level platform which

provides automotive education to women

consumers featuring,

blogging, video, radio and TV appearances

and more.

The Car Care Council Women’s

Board (WB) announced Amy Mattinat,

owner and manager of Auto Craftsmen in

Vermont, as the Female Service Shop

Owner of the Year during AAPEX in Las

Vegas. In addition to her duties as owner

and manager, Mattinat is an educator,

writing a monthly car care newsletter,

authoring the book “How to Buy a Great

Used Car,” and putting on free car care

clinics for women.

The Car Care Council Women’s

Board (WB) presented Rebekah

Shadowens with a $2,500 postsecondary

scholarship, as part of the WB

scholarship program, now in its 10th year.

The Women’s Board also announced that

in honor of her dedication and as a

founding member of the WB, the top

scholarship will immediately be named the

Becky Babcox Women’s Board

scholarship. Shadowens attends Texas

State Technical College in Waco, Texas,

where she is currently enrolled as a dual

major for auto collision repair management

and auto refinishing.


Rebekah Shadowens (l.) was presented

with a $2,500 post-secondary scholarship,

as part of the WB scholarship program.

With her is WB President Ruth Ehlinger,


The Motor & Equipment

Remanufacturers Association

(MERA) invited attendees of AAPEX to

visit a new Remanufacturing

Section — which featured exhibits from

MERA and select member companies —

on the main show floor at the Sands Expo

Center, Las Vegas, Oct. 30-Nov. 1. Cohosted

by MERA and the Engine

Rebuilders Council (ERC), it featured

exhibits from nearly three dozen

companies in the remanufacturing industry,

as well as live engine rebuilding

demonstrations by Hendrick Motorsports



MERA President and COO John Chalifoux

(l.), and MERA founding Chairman Michael

Cardone Jr. attend AAPEX’s new

Remanufacturing Section.


Hendrick Motorsports technicians conduct

a live engine-rebuilding demonstration.

The Equipment and Tool Institute

(ETI) announced its continued support for

the adoption of R1234yf by automobile

manufacturers to meet the global

requirements for more environmentally

friendly refrigerants. Recently, however,

one automobile manufacturer announced

that it had reversed its position and would

not install R1234yf in vehicles that it

produces, citing reasons inconsistent with

conclusions reached during the industrywide

development and testing, of which

they were an active participant.

B2B Automotive Marketing LLC

has formed a partnership with DuPont

Performance Coatings and its

Performance Alliance program. B2B

Automotive Marketing LLC will provide

services to member auto body shops with

social media, website development, search

engine optimization and marketing, e-mail

marketing campaigns, and graphic design.

The DuPont Performance Alliance is a

network of Auto Body Shops that are

qualified by DuPont Performance Coatings

based on their high standards of quality and

customer service.

After expanding its offering of

aftermarket vehicle accessories and

performance products, Allied Exhaust

Systems has rebranded to Team Allied

Distribution to reflect its transformation

into a multifaceted distributor. Team

Allied Distribution is the largest exhaust

and catalytic converter wholesaler in the

nation. The company logo has been

updated with the rebranding, and Team

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Allied Distribution requested that all of its

partners and advertisers replace any old

logo they are using.

Tim McDonnell, Mitchell 1’s national

training manager, will serve on the 2012-

2013 board of trustees for the

Automotive Management Institute

(AMI). He joined the board as an industry

member in 2009 and was elected to the cochairman

post of the board in 2010. The

members of AMI’s board of trustees

represent both mechanical and collision

repair shops of varying sizes as well as

industry associations and companies.


From l., Cliff Hovis, Federated representative; John

James, winner of Federated “Let it Ride”

Sweepstakes; Betty James, James’ wife; Kenny

Schrader, Federated spokesman and race car

driver; Curt Hovis, Federated representative.

Federated customer John James of

James Automotive not only won a trip

to AAPEX in Las Vegas as the grand-prize

winner of the Federated “Let it Ride”

sweepstakes, but he will also head home to

Oil City, Pa., with a second grand prize, a

Chevy SSR. In addition to the grand-prize

trip to Las Vegas and Chevy SSR,

hundreds of other prizes were awarded to

Federated Car Care Center members

throughout the country.

Five fortunate winners of the

Federated Car Care “Get Dirty

Five Federated Car Care Center members were chosen as the

winners of the exclusive “Get Dirty with Kenny” Car Care

promotion and each was accompanied on the trip by their

respective Federated member.

With only a point to spare, Mark Stielow

claimed his second Optima Ultimate

Street Car Invitational title.

with Kenny” promotion got the chance

to learn from, and race with, dirt track

legend Kenny Schrader at the Federated

Auto Parts I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Mo.

Five Federated Car Care Center

members were accompanied on

the trip by their respective

Federated member. The five Car

Care winners were: Dennis

Thompson, Northgate

Transmission, Idaho Falls, Idaho;

Clyde Hartman, Walker’s

Automotive, Green Acres,

Wash.; Edward Lynch,

Exhaust Pro, Lexington, Ky.;

Marcia Oliveira, United Auto

Center, Mineola, N.Y.; and

Richard Miller, Miller’s Auto

Clinic, Staunton, Va. The annual

dirt track driving experience was

Sept. 10. In addition to getting

the chance to learn how to race, the contest

winners also received a behind-the-scenes

look at the racing business.

The fifth annual Optima Ultimate

Street Car Invitational, presented by

K&N Filters and Royal Purple, crowned

Mark Stielow and his custom 1967

Chevrolet Camaro as the 2012 Optima

Ultimate Street Car. The main race events

of the Optima Ultimate Street Car

Invitational took place Nov. 3.

In memoriam: Mary Rebecca

“Becky” Babcox, a longtime

automotive aftermarket

industry veteran, died

Oct. 15, in Akron, Ohio,

after a long battle with

Multiple System

Atrophy (MSA). She

was 60 years old. For

many years, Becky was

co-owner of Babcox

Media, along with her

brother, Bill Babcox.

Together, they were the

third generation of the

Babcox family to run

the company founded

by their grandfather,

Edward S. Babcox, in

1920. Becky retired

from the company in 2006, after nearly 30

years in the business. She was named

“Woman of the Year” by the Car Care

Council Women’s Board that same year. In

addition to serving as Corporate Secretary

of Babcox, Becky was Publisher of

Automotive Rebuilder magazine, known

today as Engine Builder magazine. She

was an active participant in the rebuilding

industry, serving as a board member of the

Production Engine Remanufacturers

Association (PERA) and numerous other

aftermarket associations, including the

Engine Builders Association (EBA), the

Automotive Parts Remanufacturers

Association (APRA) and the Car Care

Council Women’s Board. Becky was well

known and respected for her contributions

to the industry and made many friends

among aftermarket professionals during

her years of service. Becky was a graduate

of Emory University and received her

MBA from The Ohio State University. n

To report local announcements,

new hires, training events, or any

appropriate news, e-mail

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