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Independent Consultant, National Vice President

Jody Holsinger Nation; Leawood, KS

Do you think I am crazy? Well maybe I am, and I am having the time of

my life!

If you would have told me two years ago that today I would run my own successful

business, I would have said, “That could possibly happen.” If you had

told me I would own a network marketing business, I probably would have told

you, “You are crazy; think again!”

I have never had anything against the network marketing industry, or network

marketing business owners. In fact, like many people, I was intrigued with the

industry because I knew there were some very successful people in it. I had

heard the stories of successful direct selling business owners who enjoyed the

freedom of working part-time and earned great income. I did not know any

of these people personally, however, nor did I know the secret to what made

them successful business owners. I longed for the opportunity to own a business

where I could enjoy the freedom of time leveraging, but I simply did not see

how I could create it for myself. A successful network marketing business owner

must be a different breed, I thought; someone who knew the secret recipe, yet

had not passed it on to anybody I knew.

The people I knew who were involved in network marketing were primarily

those who dabbled in their businesses by doing home Presentations and

potentially earning a few hundred extra dollars a month, mainly working in the

evenings. I was not about to give up my prime family time for a business. I knew

a couple of people who did not conduct home Presentations, but they too, were

just starting out and had not yet proven that their business model worked. I also

knew a couple of people who were fairly new in Arbonne, and in my eyes,

they had not yet “made it” either. By this, I meant they had not yet achieved a

point where it seemed that their reward was worth the effort they put into it. At

the time, I was an uneducated, skeptical businesswoman, wanting to retire from

the American corporate lifestyle, and trying to decide what business venture

I would sink my time and resources into! Like many people, I was looking for

something; I just did not know what it was.

When the Arbonne opportunity became a clear vision for me, and something

I knew I wanted to pursue, I still had many doubts. My greatest hesitations

about starting a business with Arbonne, or in network marketing in general,

were probably common to almost everyone who considers this type of business.

I have worked hard to establish credibility. This industry can sometimes

be perceived to have a negative image. What would my friends, colleagues

and family think of me?

Jody with husband, Trevor Holsinger.

Jody’s Arbonne girls: Peyton, Skylar and Sydney.

Generations of NVPs: ENVP Cecelia Stoll, ENVP Deanna Herrin, ENVP Debbie Miller and Jody.

Jody with VP leadership team: ERVP Julianne Lagerstrom; sponsor, ENVP Debbie Miller;

RVP Nancy Davidson and ERVP Anna Randazzo.

I am definitely not a salesperson, and have no natural selling skills.

What if I could not sell? I treasure my friendships and relationships.

What would happen to those relationships when someone close to me

turned me down, or worse yet, they started avoiding my phone calls? I

live by strong moral principles. Would I be taking unfair advantage of

those who decide to join me? Would they have as much opportunity to

be as successful as I have?

First things first: If you feel the way I did, you need to do like I did and get

over it. Choose to get on with your business and do not let these hesitations

get in the way of you reaching your dreams! Let me tell you why.

Consider the image of the industry. I thought I had character before

Arbonne came into my life. I found out since that I had a lot more room

for growth, and there is still much more room to develop! I feel like I have

grown much more as a leader since Arbonne than I did in many years of

management with my consulting career. Well, realistically, maybe there

are a few people out there who think differently about this business than

I do now. However, I have gained so many new positive influences and

friendships with people I have met in Arbonne. What a great benefit that

I had not even planned for!

Next, what about being a salesperson? Is this really a sales business?

Well, considering that nobody gains any potential financial reward

without Arbonne’s amazing products being sold, then it must be.

However, if you feel like you have something to sell, then you are really

missing the secret! Let me ask you, do you know anybody who is looking

for improvement in their life? Could it be you? If so, you are not

alone! I would guess that every person you know is looking for some

improvement related to their physical health or financial well-being: The

potential to make more money, have more free time, a satisfying career,

success strategy:


Get over your hesitation

and get down to business!

a challenge, an opportunity, freedom to make choices, or maybe they

are looking for a youthful appearance, more energy, improved health

or weight loss. We all are looking for something that might fulfill those

wants or needs. So the simple question we have to answer is, “Does

Arbonne facilitate any of that change for those who want it?” When

somebody has a sincere want or need, Arbonne will sell itself.

How about those important relationships? When friends, family and colleagues

believe we have their own needs at heart, and we are genuinely

exploring what is in their best interests, they will not feel like they are

being harassed or preyed upon. We find out their interests by asking a

lot of questions about what they want to change. In order to serve their

best interests, however, we must not be attached to their decision to get

involved with Arbonne. As long as they believe that they can decline

without us being upset with them, I promise that your relationships will

remain strong!

Finally, what about the notion that people think this business is too good

to be true? As a result of their suspicions about the typical network marketing

stereotype, we might feel guilty offering this incredible business

to friends and colleagues. Is it because we know that it will benefit our

business if they do? Or, is it because we are worried that we might succeed,

they might fail and we will feel responsible for them? Maybe it is

simply because we do not think we deserve to have them in our business.

The good news is that we have nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty

about. This industry is for real!

continued ...

with first business partner, ERVP Anna Randazzo.

Jody with ERVP Anna Randazzo and her team.

By the end of 2005, it was estimated that 50 percent of American

households had some sort of outside source of income and that number is

continuing to explode. People are looking for a means to a better life, and

most want to own their own business. So, if they are about to start a business

anyway, why not make it Arbonne? Arbonne’s compensation plan is

superior and one that creates a level playing field for everyone who gets

involved. Even the newest person who joins the company has an equal

opportunity to potentially earn as much (or more) than anyone else. Rest

assured that their opportunity is equally as great to succeed as yours!

Arbonne is an amazing gift to offer anybody who wants more in their life.

Take control of your future and enjoy a lifetime of amazing experiences!

To my incredible team of Consultants: Since joining Arbonne, you have

decided to take control of your lives! May your journey be as rewarding

as mine! I wish you the best in your endeavors. I know each and every

one of you has an amazing gift to offer the people you know. I just hope

they will recognize the potential of what you are offering. If they do, they

will be blessed by an amazing transformation!

To my loving husband, Trevor, and my children Skylar, Sydney and

Peyton: You have made personal sacrifices and have been so supportive

of my business. As I sit here writing my Eye on Arbonne story on a break

while we take a well-earned vacation, I can already see that our lives

together will be blessed by abundant opportunities. I love you so much

and cannot wait to enjoy many more wonderful vacations throughout

the rest of our lives!

So, are you considering getting involved with Arbonne and taking control

of your own destiny? Are you crazy for even thinking about that?

Definitely not! What are you waiting for? Welcome aboard!

Members of Jody’s Central Region at NTC 2006 St. Louis: AM-in-qualification Trish

Suddock, AM-in-qualification Helen Ohl, Jody, Holly Robbins, AM-in-qualification

Jenny Euting, AM-in-qualification Mitzi Dulan, AM Sharon Holsinger, EDM Jeannine

Heidary and EDM Michelle Brown.

Jody with Connecticut team at a training and “Opportunity” event

organized by AM-in-qualification Jenny Euting.

Jody with Area Manager and VP team at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

Jody with ERVP Julianne Lagerstrom and her team.

NEW EXECUTIVE NATIONAL NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.


Sponsor, ENVP Debbie Miller; ERVP Anna Randazzo; RVP Nancy Davidson and ERVP

Julianne Lagerstrom with Jody and their Mercedes-Benzes at a Nation meeting.


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