transformation - Rum

transformation - Rum


Sustainable Transformation

Autumn 2011

Aarhus School of Architecture


Poul Bæk Pedersen architect

Peter Dahl architect

Uffe Riis Sørensen architect


The studio is dealing with the on-going

transformation of the urban


And the transformation of the existing


The studio aims to investigate the

redirection and superimposing already

existing urban environment

Through architectural design of

Urban fragments, architecture,

clusters, infrastructural elements and

environmental green technologies

The scales in


The Studio is developing design in the

scale of architecture

we investigate the transformation of

the specific site through the design of

new architecture

the studio is investigating the scales

between architecture and the city

through interscalar studies and


We are doing studies of both urban

design and architectural objects

Construction of context

The architecture is related to the site

and the understanding of the context

The studio is interested in the research

of the specific readings and mappings

of the site

This position is open to history but

investigates the construction of

context and the meetings between

tradition and the radical new from the

creative workshop

Transformation and


The understanding of the sustainable

site has to be developed and the

different concepts of compactness,

linkage, biospheres, recreational urban

space and sustainable technologies

will be part of the discussion

The Sustainable Environmental Design

is an evolving concept to be redefined

and developed through designs,

research and international cooperation

The Studio will take part in this

ongoing international process, and be

part of the theoretical and practical

design research


The different Design Studios in this

Studio will be located in different

urban environments

The studio will prepare the students

for the way the modern architectural

office work in the world

This Autumn is Aarhus the choice and

in the spring semester we will choose

Madrid, Spain



Design Studio

Core activity

Autumn 2011:

The Architecture of Urban Nodes

The architecture of new buildings and

the urban transformation of urban

Nodes related to the new stations for

the light railway train at Randersvej

Courses I,II,III

Field Trip 2011:

Hamburg Hafen City and


Design Studio I:


Exibition Aarhus URBAN LAB


Construction of ”Node-space” – consists

of an abstract development of

architectural models and sections for a

new urban spatiality in the nodes

The Studio will develop the concept of


We will develop the hyper complex

relations in organisation, architectural

relations, estetics and social parametres

in the different nodes

We will trace the development of the

understanding of the architectural spatial

matrix from the architectonics developed

of the russian constructivist of the 30´s to

the deconstructed models of the 80´s,

and to the parametric design of 2011.

In the Studio we will introduce

parametric design models

The Course title is ”Architectural and

Urban Parametrics”

There will be investigation of the

different models developed in relation

to there architectual and spatial


Design models will reflect flows and

new functions

The models will open for possible

mutations of the new and the old

Through this urban splicing there will

be new mutant forms and new urban

and architectural spaces

Design Studio II + III

Programming the Node

The architecture of the node

The second part will look at the

programs for stations, relations,

buildings, universities, offices and

building transformations

In this part we develop the mix of

programs and choose the architectural


Some student will take departure from

the abstract parametric models from

the first part of the Design Studio

They will develop these design models

further to integrate several practical

and functional elements and make the

possible transformation to


Program and relations

Other projects will more directly

integrate functional and spatial

relations in the node space and from

this develop the design project


The Programming reflects the interior

of the node-space

Hybrid spaces

And New functions will be part of the

urban flow corridors

The projects reflects Hybrid spaces

and floating borders between interior

and exterior functions


And the section will be an important

part of research of the node


And will give the possibility to trace

the creation of new spaces through

the existing architecture in relation to

the new architecture at the site

The section is the important tool to

investigate the human scale in the

urban areas of flow

Transformation and the

existing context

The architectural transformation

confronts the existing buildings and

urban spaces

This includes the discussion of existing

values of architecture and the possible

futures of what Rem Koolhaas calls


Different scales

In this part of the Design Studio we

will find very different architectural

projects in the Studio

Different Nodes, Different programs,

different scales

Cource I: Advanced program

and computer modelling:

Architectural and Urban


The course introduce parametric tools

– morfing, attractions, datafiltering –as

databased relationel systems as basic

elements for digetal based


You can control complex layers of


We will use it for developing design,

architecture and space in relation to

the urban nodes

Course III: sustainability

and transformation

The course explores the theoretical

concepts of sustainability,

revitalization and transformation in

relation to both architecture and the


The understanding of the different

architectural scales in relation to this

topic will be a core discussion

In the course we will discuss the

practical application of the theories

and the actual transformation in

different cases and buildings

Cases and competiton


We will look at the Taff members own

work in theory and practice

Big scale urban transformation in


Research: Sustainable compact city

And architectural competitions,

Transformation and tower Mörby,

Urban Energy oslo a.o.

And we will have so many lectures we

can afford from danish and foreign

architectural offices

The Sustainable Compact


Research in densities

The research in densities and the

possible transformation of the

exsisting urban sites to new urban

spatialities will be part of this Studio.

The studio will go for the processes

compared to Research based design

Mörby Stockholm

We will discuss prizewinning

transformations projects from the staff

The transformation of existing

shopping mall and the possibility for

an urban node in Stockholm

Architecture and the

competition project Urban


Urban transformation

Low energy buildings

Natural ventilation

The difficult complexity of sustainable


Field Trip

The trip to Hamburg will include

transformation projects on scales from

city to building

We will study the new Hafen City and

its plazas and different buildings

And visit the radical building

transformation project –

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & De

Meuron – and have a guided tour in

the building


Studio Sustainable


Final Critiques

The Design studio will run to the 18 jan

2012 and we will have final critiques

out in the city according to the general


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