Download - PGC Basketball

Download - PGC Basketball

Welcome to PGC Basketball.

Now that you’ve signed up, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you’re ready...


Complete the Personal Information Sheet & Medical Release and Liability Waiver and bring these forms

with you to your session. These forms will be collected at check-in on the opening day. DO NOT mail these

forms to us in advance. Keep the entire packet in a safe place until you come to your session.


Check-in is between 11:30am-1:15pm on the first day and includes a parent meeting at 1:15pm, where the

director of the course will provide an overview of the session and address the most frequently asked

questions. Check-out is between 11:00am-11:30am on the final morning. Please see page 7 on this packet

for specific check-in and check-out locations for your session.















Classroom and video session

Gym session


Break-out or classroom session (depending on the course)

Gym session


Classroom and video session

Gym session

The Day 4 evening wraps up on-court with a special late-night basketball event. On Day 5, athletes have a

written final exam in the morning and a concluding classroom session. Please note that Prep School courses

have reduced classroom time and end earlier in the evening each day.


We recommend that you come to your session in the best shape possible. The ideal way to prepare for your

session is to complete our new “Pre-PGC 30-Day Challenge.” Visit our Online Training page at

to begin your challenge — Today! Work hard and prepare yourself well – you’ll be glad you did.


One key to successfully completing a PGC session is proper hydration. Proper fluid intake (water or sport

electrolyte drinks) in the days prior to, during, and after a PGC session is imperative to preventing dehydration

during the rigorous PGC gym sessions, to preventing injuries, and for competing at optimal levels.


Clothes (basketball shoes, shorts, shirts, socks…LOTS of socks, etc.)

Sheet and blanket or sleeping bag for your bed (unless otherwise noted on page 7)

Pillow and pillowcase

Small fan (Although most rooms are air-conditioned, small fans may make the room more comfortable.)

Alarm clock (you’ll be responsible for getting yourself up and to sessions on time!)


Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

A basketball with your name on it (we will only be playing indoors)

A water bottle with your name on it

A tennis ball (with something marked on the ball that distinguishes your ball from others) for Prep

School and Essential courses ONLY

Five unfilled balloons (any size and color) for Prep School courses ONLY

Pens and/or pencils

A notebook or $10.00 to purchase a PGC custom binder for your notes

Paper for a 3 ring binder (if you plan to purchase a PGC custom binder)

Athletic tape - if you have an injury that requires it

Your completed Medical Release and Liability Waiver & Personal Information Sheet (along with a

picture) These forms will be collected at check-in on the opening day. DO NOT mail these forms to us in


Your $75 key deposit check made out to PGC (This will be returned to you when you turn in your key

at check out.)


Healthy Snacks

As athletes typically get hungry after evening gym sessions, healthy protein snack bars and energy electrolyte

drink powders will be available for purchase at check-in. We recommend bringing extra money to purchase

these snacks or bring your own healthy snacks. On occasion, dorm rooms will have a refrigerator in them, but

that is typically not the case. Please note that athletes are not permitted to cook in the dorms.

Extra Spending Money

There will be PGC custom binders, books, bags, t-shirts, shorts and other merchandise on sale at check-in and checkout,

so we recommend bringing extra money. Also, on the final night athletes typically order pizza at the conclusion

of our late night gym session.


Do not bring a Wii, X-box, PS3, DS, iPad or other similar items to your session. Players who bring these

items to PGC are usually not serious athletes – they are campers. You won’t be spending that much time in

the dorms, and when you are in the dorms, you and most of your fellow athletes will want to rest up for the

next session. Come to PGC to learn as much as you can.


If you are injured prior to your session, we recommend that you still attend. Many athletes have done this, and

nearly every athlete has said they were glad they did. The majority of teaching takes place in the classroom, so

as long as you can write and sit in a chair, you’ll get all the information that every other athlete receives. Please

note: If you decide not to attend your course due to an injury, our cancellation policy still applies.

During sessions, we do our best to ensure that an Athletic Trainer will be on site to provide ice and first aid as

needed. If an emergency arises with an athlete, the athlete will be referred to a local medical facility and parents

will be notified


If you are an athlete attending a session in a country that you are not a resident, you must purchase

international travel insurance and provide a certificate of coverage to PGC two weeks prior to the start of your

session. The certificate of coverage can be emailed to the contact information listed on the following page.


If you have a remaining balance on your PGC tuition, be sure to pay it in full (by check or online) before your

payment deadline. Your deposit will reserve your spot until then, but you may lose your spot if you do not

pay your balance on time.


June Sessions – May 1, 2012; July Sessions – June 1, 2012; August Sessions – July 1, 2012.


Cancellations for any reason up to 30 days before your session will receive a PGC credit (not a refund) for your

paid tuition or deposit, minus a $25 administration fee. This PGC credit can be applied toward an available course

in 2012 or 2013. You can also transfer this PGC credit to a family member, teammate or friend, or you can donate

your credit to an underprivileged athlete.

Cancellations, for any reason, within 30 days of your session, will not receive a PGC credit or refund. More

flexible cancellation options are available with the purchase of Tuition Protection.

TUITION PROTECTION – “Our Peace of Mind Policy:”

PGC offers Tuition Protection, available only at the time of registration, for $35 per participant for summer

courses. If you cancel at least 30 days before your session, Tuition Protection guarantees you a full refund of

registration fees.

Cancellations within 30 days of your session will receive a PGC credit (minus the $250 deposit). This PGC credit

can be applied toward an available course in 2012 or 2013. You can also transfer this PGC credit to a family

member, teammate or friend, or you can donate your credit to an underprivileged athlete. If you cancel within

3 days of your session there will be no refunds or credits.

Please Note: In the unlikely event that PGC cancels your session, a 100% refund or credit will be provided. PGC

will not provide compensation for any transportation related or other expenses incurred.


The FAQ section on our website has the answers to many commonly asked questions, but if you have

questions that you cannot find the answers to (online or in this packet), feel free to contact us.


By Email -

By Telephone – 1-866-338-2308

By Mail – All final check payments should be sent to:


P.O. Box 1442

Stafford, TX 77497-1442


Name _______________________________________________________________________ M ___ F ___ Height_______ Age_____

Address _____________________________________ City ____________________________ State ________ Zip _____________

Grade You’re Going Into____ School ____________________________________ Coach _________________________________

Coach’s Home Mailing Address*__________________________________ City ___________________ State ________ Zip ______________

* IF they would like to receive PGC information Coach’s Email Address _____________________________________________________

What level did you play this past season? (circle one) College Varsity JV Freshman Junior High Other _______________________

Which PGC session are you attending (name of college): ____________________________________________________________________

Have you attended PGC before? Yes___ No___ Year ________ Course: ______________________Director: _________________

Please staple a picture of yourself to this page. You may also write on the back of this page if you require more space.

What achievements are you most proud of?

What personal quality or qualities are you most proud of?

What has been one of your best life experiences so far?

Special interests or abilities (other than basketball)?

Favorite Books?

Future plans?

Why did you sign up for this PGC course and what are you hoping to get out of it? Include any specific things you’re hoping to work on.



Athletes without a completed medical release waiver will

not be allowed to participate in gym sessions

Athlete First Name Last Name Gender Birth Date

Main Address City State Zip Country

Parent / Guardian First Name (s) Last Name Dates Attending PGC

Parent Day Phone Parent Evening Phone Parent Cell Phone

Name of Emergency Contact (other than parents)

Health Insurance Company (Canadian athletes, only list your health card


Emergency Contact Phone

Policy Number


Please supply any other pertinent medical information, such as allergies, medications, pre-existing conditions, etc.

I, (the “Participant”), or the parent/guardian of a minor (the “Participant”) or do hereby permit the Participant to participate in PGC Basketball

and certify that the Participant’s physical condition is sufficient for full participation in PGC Basketball. I understand it is my responsibility to

inform camp personnel of any medical conditions or any other special needs the Participant might have and will notify the appropriate

individuals of any health issues that might in any way affect the Participant’s active or passive participation in PGC Basketball. I understand

there is a risk of injury with participation in any sports program and hereby assume responsibility for any and all costs associated with

treatment of the Participant for any injury or health issue that arises during the Participant’s participation in PGC Basketball. I also give

permission for the undersigned to receive medical, surgical, or dental treatment, in addition to any other treatments that may be deemed

necessary by medical personnel. I understand that every attempt will be made to contact me or the emergency contact listed before taking this

action. I understand that the Participant’s participation involves an element of risk and a danger of accidents. Knowing those risks, I hereby

assume those risks and I hereby release and discharge PGC Basketball, Point Guard College LLP, More Than Hoops LLP, More Than Hoops Inc.,

DE10 LLC, and all directors, coaches, staff members, volunteers and heirs from any and all liability due to loss or damage to person or property,

injury, accident, disability or death, resulting from the Participant’s participation in any aspect of PGC Basketball, even if arising from the

negligence of the releases, except for willful misconduct. If transportation is coordinated or provided by PGC Basketball for the Participant for

any reason, including airport transportation or medical emergencies, prior to, during, or at the completion of PGC Basketball session, I agree to

assume all risk and hold harmless PGC Basketball, Point Guard College LLP, More Than Hoops LLP, More Than Hoops Inc., and DE10 LLC, and all

directors, coaches, staff members, volunteers and heirs from all claims resulting from accidents and injuries that may arise. I understand that

PGC Basketball is not responsible for supervision and/or the safety of the Participant if the Participant leaves the site for any reason during the

PGC Basketball course, including meal breaks, and I agree to assume all risk and hold harmless PGC Basketball, Point Guard College LLP, More

Than Hoops LLP, More Than Hoops Inc., and DE10 LLC, and all directors, coaches, staff members, volunteers and heirs from all claims resulting

from accidents and injuries that may arise.

_______(Initial) The PGC staff and

Athletic Trainer on duty cannot administer

prescription or over the counter

medication without written permission

from the parent or guardian.

Parent/Guardian Signature

(Athlete Signature if over 18)




5700 College Road

Lisle, IL 60532-0900



TBD – The check-in location will be updated at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the session. For updates

go to


Athletes will be housed in Jaeger Hall. Jaeger is an air-conditioned residence hall with traditional double

rooms. Athletes will be assigned 2 to a room. Refrigerators are not provided. Males and females will be

assigned rooms on different floors/wings. PGC staff will provide 24 hour supervision, including dorm



Campus Security: 630-829-6666


Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Airport Shuttle: Lisle Taxi Service – 630-999-8294 ($38)


Click here for a complete list of nearby hotels.


1. Ave Maria Shrine and

Stations of the Cross

2. Benet Academy

3. Birck Hall of Science

Lower Level: Classrooms, Lecture Hall

First Floor: Tellabs Lecture Hall, Dean of the College of Science

Department: Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Laboratories: Botany and Greenhouse, Environmental Science, General Biology,

General Chemistry, General Science, Instrumental Analysis, Natural Sciences,

Nursing, Research Labs A and B

Second Floor: Classrooms, Computer Classrooms, Jurica Nature Museum,

Student Lounge/Government Room

Laboratories: General Physics and Electronics, General Science, Nutrition

Third Floor: Cold Room, Tissue Culture Room

Departments and Programs: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biological

Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physics and Engineering,

Science Content and Process, Pre-Professional Health

Laboratories: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Cell Biology, Genetics,

Instrumental Analysis, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,

Physiology, Research Labs C-I, Research Techniques, Senior Physics

4. Campus Delivery


5. Dan and Ada Rice Center

Basketball Arena, Classrooms, Coaches Office, Indoor Track, Racquetball/

Tennis Courts, Trophy Room, Volleyball Arena

6. Founders’ Woods


7. Grounds Shop Garage

8. Jaeger Residence Hall

9. Kindlon Hall of Learning

First Floor: The Atrium, Classrooms, Coffee Shop,

Commuter Lockers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts,

Eye of the Eagle Studio, Information Technology, Audio Visual/

Classroom Support

Departments: History, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Second Floor: Benedictine Library Entrance, Classrooms, Computer

Classrooms, Registrar’s Office, Dean of the College of Education and

Health Services

Departments: Communications, English Language and Literature,

Foreign Language, Health Services, Public Health, School of Education

10. Krasa Student Center

Art Gallery, Bookstore, Career Development, Dining Room,

Enrollment Services (registration/financial aid/student accounts),

Health Services/Counseling, International Center, Mail and Copy

Center, Meeting and Seminar Rooms, Moser Fireside Lounge,

Presentation Room, University Police, Switchboard, Residence Life,

St. Benedict Chapel, Student Activities, Student Life, Student Success

Center, University Ministry

11. Lake St. Benedict

12. Lownik Hall

Enrollment Center, Admissions, Auxiliary Enterprises, Benedictine

Fund, Business and Finance, Campus Services, Community

Development, Financial Aid, Information Technology, Marketing and

Communications, New Student Advising Center, Personnel Resources,

Research and Development, Student Accounts

13. Main Entrance

14. Neuzil Residence Hall

5700 College Road • Lisle, Illinois 60532

15. Ondrak Residence Hall

16. Coal Ben and


17. Jurica Tallgrass Prairie

18. Scholl Hall

First Floor: Administrative Suite, Alumni Relations,

Classrooms, Dean of the College of Business, Faculty Offices,

University Development

Departments: Business and Management, Computer Science, Fine and

Performing Arts, Information Systems, Management and Organizational

Behavior, Organization Development

Second Floor: Computer Lab, Classrooms, University Events

Departments: Anthropology, Business Administration, Clinical Psychology,

Economics, International Business, Political Science, Psychology/Sociology

19. The Village of Lisle –

Benedictine University

Sports Complex

20. St. Procopius Abbey

21. St. Procopius Abbey


P Parking

To see the floor plans of academic buildings


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