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Gone are the days when only the captain had contact with the outside world once the ship

was on the open sea. Both ship’s crew and passengers now expect to have access to modern

communication systems. These days, with the permanent availability of all types of information,

the demands on communication technology are becoming greater and greater. The other

standard technologies such as access controls, fire alarm systems, air-conditioning and lighting

systems are now taken for granted. High safety requirements and extreme environmental

conditions, where there are high temperatures, vibrations, oils etc., mean that power, control

and measuring cables are subjected to rigorous tests. Since the safety of passengers and

crew has first priority, fire protection is given primary importance. All cable types are selected

for their low fire-hazard and minimum smoke release properties. Cables laid between two

fire protection zones must continue to function in the event of fire. Despite the increasing

complexity, volume and weight have to be reduced in order to save precious space.

Especially for marine applications, HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of high-quality

products and services, which meet the requirements of the IEC, DNV, Lloyds Register and

Lloyds Germany. Many of the components and systems for shipping applications are watertight,

corrosion-resistant and halogen free. In the event of fire, they therefore produce no

toxic gases and release little smoke. Individual components and systems are also saltwaterresistant.

With its many years of experience in the development and production of cables,

connectors and cable systems ready for connection, HUBER+SUHNER is setting standards

for marine technology, quality and safety.




Cruise ships, yachts, container/cargo ships, ferries

Frigates, submarines, reconnaissance ships

The cabins in a cruiser are now furnished like the rooms

in a first-class hotel, with telephone and fax machine as

standard. There are also associated services such as the

internet, video-on-demand and time-shift TV. The demand

for data transmission is therefore growing exponentially, not

just on passenger ships, but also on freighters and container

ships. Modern-day ships are can be regarded not only as

floating cities, but also as floating high-technology centres.

For example, modern cruise ships contain more than

20,000 kilometres of cable. Antennas are used in ship’s

interiors as bridging or cabin antennas, or externally as

positioning systems or wireless data links.


• MSB multi-service onboard network (total

communication transfer between devices or all types of

service over one network)

• information and communication systems:

Internet services, audio and video-on-demand

• infotainment: passenger information system,

online casino, cabin management

• safety systems: control of smoke detection

systems, alarm monitoring systems, etc.

• sensor control and connection between diesel

engines and bridges

• drive systems and automation

• positioning systems for ships or cargo

• WiFi applications

Fiber optic cables are assuming more and more importance

in naval vessels such as submarines and aircraft carriers.

Because of the required data volumes and transfer rates,

the use of glass fiber is becoming necessary more and more

frequently, for example, in automation, communications,

positioning or guidance systems, and various control

systems. The components and systems used must meet

high quality requirements, as they are used in demanding

environmental conditions..


• sonar and radar systems

• computer-assisted guidance

• wireless ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship-applications

• wired ship-to-shore applications

• controls for automated and drive systems

• sensor control




remain functional in the event of fire

halogen free, self-extinguishing, low-smoke and

low release of corrosive fumes

light weight

in the engine room, high heat-resistance and

fluid resistance

saltwater resistance for external applications

Port infrastructure, oil and gas platforms

At the port, processes must be executed rapidly and

optimally, using the latest technology and applying the

latest safety regulations.

This can be related, for example, to data transmission

systems used to manage logistics processes more efficiently.

It applies especially to ports with high-throughput and

management-intensive processes (RoRo loading, CA

settlements, dangerous and dutiable goods, security

and other services such as cross-docking and product

processing). Innovative solutions are also required for oil

and gas platforms, particularly regarding image and video

transfer functions for the monitoring and control of firing and

gas installations or emergency shutdown systems.


• digital image transfer for monitoring

• control and automation

• port telematics, port information and communications


• port security (including dangerous goods management)

• computer-assisted and process automation for handling

processes, such as loading and clearance

• port planning and information system

• open port communications (communications between

port and ancillary operations in the hinterland)


For marine applications, HUBER+SUHNER offers a comprehensive range of transmission and distribution components and

systems, specially designed for shipbuilding requirements. This includes glass fiber cables and connectors, customer-specific

assemblies, connection-ready wiring systems and innovative distribution systems. These meet international standards and

provide high reliability and long useful life. The cables are made of halogen free, flame-resistant materials, release little

smoke in the event of fire, and their most attractive feature is that they are easy to install and assemble on site.


Fiber optic cables

• LSFH internal cables

• fire-resistant breakout and loose tube bundle cables with

GL and Lloyd’s Register approval

• outdoor cables (for exterior and local networks, high

tensile load capacity, longitudinally watertight,


• cables for mobile applications

• hybrid cables (combine light-wave and/or

current conductor and/or HF conductor in one cable for

high data rate applications and power supply)

Fiber optic connectors

• connectors and couplers for high data rates, in onepiece

design for simple, rapid assembly

• LX.5 Small form-factor connector with coupler and


• VARIOCONNECT multipin connectors with up to

16 fibers. Glass fiber only or hybrid for fixed and mobile


• ODC (outdoor) connectors with two channels for

uplink and downlink, which can withstand harsh

environmental conditions and rough weathering,

provide the highest quality


Pre-assembled cabling systems with up to 72 fibers - for

indoor/outdoor use, and fixed or mobile applications.

MASTERLINE ® cable systems allow safe, user-friendly

and time-saving installation, and thus have clear cost

benefits. Meet the highest quality standards and can be

installed without special tools (measuring and installation



(Leading Interconnect System Approach)

• wall housing with up to 144 fibers

• housing with up to 96 fibers

• mechanical housing with customer-specific IP rating

19“ boxes

Installation systems

Quick Assembly field connection kit for rapid, reliable

assembly of light wave connectors on site. Quick Assembly

is mainly used for repairing/maintaining light-wave

networks, temporary connections for mobile point-to-point

transmission, or complete fiber-to-desk/fiber-to-office

installations, CAT5 networks

For applications in ships’ on-board systems,

HUBER+SUHNER offers special breakout cables,

which meet the highest IEC 60331-25 and EN 50200

requirements in the event of fires. These cables maintain

their functionality for up to 90 minutes in the event of fire;

they are halogen free, self-extinguishing, low-smoke, and

release no corrosive fumes.


The HF technology division of HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces a large variety of coaxial cables, connectors and

components for the transmission of measurement, voice and data signals. With its long experience in materials technology,

HUBER+SUHNER is a skilled partner for the supply of innovative systems and customer-specific solutions. With its in-house

development and production departments, and its testing laboratory, we are able to produce prototypes, special products

and small series. Due to the more complex on-board logistics, standard components are used in marine applications. With

their compact design and light weight, they can be installed in the smallest spaces.


High-frequency cables

• HF cables for connecting HF and video systems

• RG cables (acc. to MIL-C-17)

• cables with PE / PTFE / PE foam dielectric

• flexible, environmentally friendly, low-loss microwave

cables for static applications up to 50 GHz

• dimensionally stable (semi-rigid) microwave cables

• hand formable alternative to semi-rigid cable


• flexible alternative to semi-rigid cable (MULTIFLEX)

• corrugated copper tube cable (SUCOFEED)

• ENVIROFLEX environmentally friendly cables made with

LSFH (Low Smoke Free of Halogen) materials for active


The materials used for the cable design, dielectric and

jacket, are halogen free. Because of radiation cross-linking,

the maximum working temperature can be raised

from +85° to +105°C. ENVIROFLEX cables meet the

highest requirements in shipping applications. Flame-retardant

and release only low smoke in the event of fire.

HF and microwave connectors

For frequencies from DC to > 40 GHz

• more than 20 connector series for coaxial, symmetric

shielded and triaxial cables

• MMBX subminiature connectors specially for technically

demanding applications such as advanced communications


• N Navy connector with screw connection in

• TNC Thread Navy Connector with crew coupling in

• QMA and QN quick-lock connectors, meet the

“Quick-Lock Formula, QLF” standard, coupling/uncoupling

is several times faster than with screw couplings, the

connector can rotate through 360°

HF assemblies

HF and microwave components

• terminations

• attenuators

• coaxial DC blocks for isolating equipment from

overvoltages in the event of a failure condition

• power dividers

• adapters

Lightning and overvoltage protection

• solutions for LEMP protection (Lightning ElectroMagnetic


• solutions for protection against artificially created

disturbances (NEMP, HEMP, HPM)

Lightning and overvoltage protection

HUBER+SUHNER is a world leader in the supply of

coaxial lightning and overvoltage protection systems.

The protection devices are based on two technologies:

/4 and gas capsule technology. Protection devices

based on /4 technology are preferred in many wireless

applications because they are maintenance-free, and due

to their protection properties, higher current capacity, and

outstanding intermodulation properties.

In low-frequency applications, and applications with

simultaneous transmission of HF and DC voltage

transmission, arresters based on gas capsule technology

are used.


For wireless transmission in the worldwide ISM frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5.6 GHz (Europe and USA),

HUBER+SUHNER offers a range of antennas and systems that perfectly compliment each other. We supply complete

systems, consisting of antenna, feeder and jumper cables, connectors, lightning protectors and mounting brackets. Our

products provide an optimal solution for a wide variety of marine applications, for example

• positioning systems for ships and cargo

• wireless data links

• ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communications

• infotainment systems

• passenger information systems

• WiFi and wireless network systems in ship interiors for passengers and crew.


omnidirectional antennas for outdoor applications

SENCITY ® Marine especially designed for harsh environments

(salt corrosion - Marine Bronze) for AMPS, GSM

900, GSM 1800, GSM/PCS 1900, UMTS 2.4 GHz,

3.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz public safety, 5.3 and 5.8 GHz band

(806 MHz - 5.935 GHz)

planar antennas for wireless connection

omnidirectional antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHz for indoor/

outdoor WiFi coverage

explosion-proof wireless systems according to ATEX

Due to low toxicity, our indoor antennas for marine

applications provide a high level of protection for

passengers in the event of fire.

The smoke density and gas toxicity meet standards

NF F16-101 and NF F16-102, and the housing material

complies with standard UL-94-V-0. All antennas fulfil

environment test ETSI EN 300019-2-6 Part 2-6.



Single-wire, cable and system solutions from HUBER+SUHNER are used whenever reliability has the greatest priority, and

exceptional heat resistance, high current capacity, robustness, compact design, flexibility and easy handling are required.

The robustness of our cables make additional mechanical protection devices unnecessary, and simplify the assembly and

connection processes. The long useful life of these cables reduces maintenance costs and extends system availability.


Marine and ships cables that meet GL, DNS and IEC


• RADOX ® 125

• RADOX ® 125 Marine cable


• RADOX ® MFH and MFH-S control, data and power

cables for marine applications.

These types of cables have outstanding resistance to fuels

and lubricants, leachates and acids.

• light, space-saving, hybrid solutions for the most

demanding applications

• highly abrasion-resistant single wires for corrugated pipe


• customer-specific, multifunction system cables

• cable and component combinations for flexible


• high-temperature databus for marine applications

Specially for applications in harsh environmental

conditions, HUBER+SUHNER has developed RADOX ® :

an insulation material for cables, which provides excellent

resistance to thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical

loads. Our single-wire and cable solutions for marine

applications are suitable for both stationary and mobile

use. They have small diameters, standard dimensions, and

are quick to install.


HUBER+SUHNER is your professional partner for the development and production of superior cable systems and

assemblies. Our engineers will assist you during the development phase of your project and make initial proposals in the

form of drawings, diagrams, wiring lists and cable configurations. In the subsequent phase, we will define all interfaces and

find the best and most cost-effective solution for you. In our assembly shop, we have all the infrastructure and know-how

necessary for producing prototypes, customized products and small series.


cable development and production

comprehensive range of special tools and devices for

soldering, crimping, pressing, plugging, vulcanisation,

heat-shrinking, lettering, bonding, mounting

latest test equipment and in-house testing laboratory

development of injection moulding tools

synthetic injection moulding systems for plugs and

anti-stress grommet devices

Our many years of experience and highly diversified

know-how ensure that your requirements are implemented

effectively and reliably. We provide comprehensive

services, starting from the design stage to the completed

system solution::

• qualified consultancy

• defining target specifications

• design and engineering

• project management

• prototypes and series production

• documentation

• tests & checking

• international logistics

• international procurement of necessary components

HUBER+SUHNER – Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components

and systems for electrical and optical connectivity

in communications, industrial and transportation markets.

HUBER+SUHNER can draw on core compentieces in the

areas of high frequency technology, fiber optics, low

frequency technology and polymers. Working in close

collaboration with our customers around the globe, we strive

for excellence in the development and manufacturing of

high quality products.






Lightning Protection





Communication Networks/Communication Equipment


Instrumentation/Space+Defence/Industrial Wiring





Masterline Systems


Wires+Cables Connectors



HUBER+SUHNER is certified according

to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


It is exclusively in written agreements that we provide our customers with warrants and representations

as to the technical specifications and/or the fitness for any particular purpose. The facts and

figures contained herein are carefully compiled to the best of our knowledge, but they are intended

for general informational purposes only.


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