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ESU (European Showmen’s Union):

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Premieres and Announcements . . . . . . 12


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Flea Circus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62


Showmen’s Transport Vehicles . . . . . . 70


Games and Snacks . . . . . . . . . . 72


News from the Scene . . . . . . . . . 74


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OzIris . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102


Lex Luthor / Nemesis Sub-Terra . . . . . 110


Aqua Fantasy . . . . . . . . . . . 118


Current News from the Park-Scene. . . . 120


Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 128




Crazy: Riding under a

Plexiglas bubble


Text & Photo:

Michael Petersen

New at the "Amazonas”

Walkthrough construction

from Angelo

Agtsch: the rear side

and the narrow sides of

the jungle adventure

have now also been

elaborately painted.

Previously, visitors to a

Text & Photo:

Norman Vogt

It is a well-known fact that complaints

from residents can sometimes affect

opening hours of a fair event, or restrict

the use of music equipment.

What strange ideas can be produced by the

desire for quiet could recently be seen in

Paris where, apart from other ride attractions,

the giant Propeller "V-Maxx” lured the

public to the summer Fete Foraine des Tuileries.

Its passengers were fairly astonished

to have a Plexiglas bubble lowered over

their heads prior to being taken up to the

sky. The transparent bubbles stifled the

screams usually made by passengers on

attractions like this, thereby preventing visitors

to the adjoining park and to a nearby

museum from being disturbed. As loud announcements

over the microphones or music

are not very welcome at this event, "V-

Maxx” owner Cohen took this unusual measure.

The sight of the passengers’ heads

behind the transparent noise protection and

watching them ride without hearing any joyful

cheering, but only the hissing from the

rotating element, was a strange and spooky



fairground occasionally

caught a not really attractive

view of the

"Amazonas” rear side,

depending on where it

was located. ■

The “Elegant Wheel”

in Blackheath near London

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photo: Michelle Emmett

A Ferris Wheel originally domiciled

in Germany has returned to Europe

after a stopover in the USA.

It’s the Mondial wheel, which toured

throughout Germany with the Cornelius

firm, before being operated as an attraction

at the Alabama-Theme Park in

the USA for a number of years. The Elegant

Wheel Company Ltd (Keith Emmett

Jnr. & John Parrish) has brought

the Ferris Wheel back to Germany.

Having been duly renovated and newly

painted, the "Elegant Wheel” was

presented in Blackheath, England. ■



Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

The probably largest Water-Walkingballs attraction

may well have been presented at this

year’s Backfischfest in Worms, where the

water balls rolled in a large permanent fountain-equipped


It was the idea of the showman and Water-Walkingballs

operator Stefan Becker and the Worms

market authorities to use the fountain basin, built

several years ago at the entrance area to the

Backfischfest, and not the usual mobile basin.

As a result, the colourful water balls could be

clearly seen even from the main entrance. As a

Worms’s novelty, the water spectacle was constantly

in heavy demand especially, quite naturally,

by the kids.

There was only one drawback for Stefan Becker

and his staff. Due to the large surface area, they

sometimes had to walk long distances in their

protective rubber clothing; for example when the

time inside the balls paid for by the individual

kids was over, and the ball was inconveniently at

the other side of the basin. This looked unintentionally

funny. Due to its great success however,

Water Walkingballs operator Stefan Becker

said with a smile on his face, "this is free live

entertainment for spectators.”

Einzigar tiges Konzept



neu für 2013


Christian von Berg Kontakt: 0177 324 97 51

Stefan Becker’s “Water-

Walkingballs” rolling at the

Worms Backfischfest in the

large fountain basin at the

fairground on the Rhine


There was an error in

our report concerning

the "Cobra” Coaster

presented by Angelo

Agtsch from Munich

in the upcoming season.

The construction,

currently touring

throughout Switzerland

under the management

of the Bauer

firm, was not built by

Technical Park, but by





Fully air-conditioned

confectionaries stall at the

Kreuznach Jahrmarkt

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

On the third weekend in August, the high

pressure system named “Achim” made

temperatures in Germany rise to almost

40 degrees.

The unusual heat also affected the showmen,

with all open air events suffering from

tropical temperatures, and most of the fairgrounds

standing empty up until the

evening hours. Among the hottest places in

Germany was Bad Kreuznach, where the

fair event coincided with this very heat

wave. Due to the extreme temperatures, the

refrigeration systems frequently failed to

cool drinks adequately, and at a number of

slush ice machines the display often read

"error”, "reset”, or "fault”, as the sweltering

heat made the thermostats go crazy.

Especially affected were the sweets booths.

A showman from Worms, who presented his

confectionery stall at the Kreuznach

Jahrmarkt, came up with a particularly

clever solution to the problem: he covered

the whole open sales area with a specially

made transparent foil, with an air-conditioning

system inside this area protecting the

goods. The sweets were then simply sold

through two openings for serving the goods

and collecting the money. A clever idea! ■


Have invested: Alfred

Störzer and his son Thomas

Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler

Alfred Störzer from Höchstadt/Aisch

has thoroughly modernised his Mack

dodgem track to meet the demands of

the future.

In addition to a new paint job presenting

speedy racing car motifs and new cars

on the track, Alfred Störzer has also invested

in a modern LED lighting system.

The programme offers different effects in all colours

according to a 15–minute rotation scheme. The modernisation

will be completed by a new backflash, which

is currently a simple tarpaulin, but will be assembled

from solid segments, and is to surprise visitors with

new lighting effects in the future. Incidentally, the 2-pillar

dodgem track has an interesting past; it used to be

presented at the largest Volksfest in the world, the Munich

Oktoberfest, under the management of the Zierer

firm. The touring schedule of the Störzer dodgem track

mainly includes venues in Northern Bavaria and

events in Nürnberg and the surrounding region. ■






Helmut Bresler

Helmut Bresler, Ralf Schmitt

The Hofmann firm

converting the “Galactor” into

the “Vogeljakob”

After Renoldi’s “Star World”

had been rebuilt as the “Höllenblitz”,

and went on to travel

through the mine in the spring

of 2007, it did so minus the

large characteristic outside

figure. “Galactor” had gone

into retirement and had been

put into storage. Yet now the

former 'landmark' will make a

comeback in a new outfit!

During our visit to the workshop

of the Hofmann firm in Bad Rodach,

in the northernmost corner

of Bavaria in early September,

the dismantled figure had been

loaded on three transports, with

its torso standing in the outdoor

area, and all the other parts inside

the big hall. New shoes

were being fitted, a female staff

member was sewing together a

large jacket, and braces were

being tried on. After a fire at the

Renoldi’s Bremen premises – in

which also the 18 metre tall figure

weighing 33 tons was damaged

– the process of restoring

and redesigning it had moved

apace. Its first venue will be the

Almhüttendorf at the Wasen in Stuttgart, where the figure

will entertain the guests as "Vogeljakob”, speaking,

gesticulating and playing music. The head alone will

perform nine different movements. Due to the heavy

weight of the speaking bird sitting on its left hand, the

statics of the figure had to be recalculated. But this is

not the only scheduled venue, as the "Höllenblitz” is

also to be visually and acoustically supported after a

thematic adaptation. The original figure was built 20

years ago, in 1992, for the Renoldi track "Magic Mountain”,

and will now receive its third theme. The Hofmann

firm, founded as a toy factory in 1878, is now a world

leader in moving animated figures. Many showmen

and amusement parks use their products. ■

The “Galactor” had

served its time, with the end

of “Star World”


Der ultimative


für die ganze




Wir bedanken uns für das

in uns gesetzte Vertrauen

und empfehlen uns als

zuverlässigen Vertragspartner

für die neue Saison.

Schaustellerbetriebe Franz Deinert • 0171 / 198 05 05 • www.x-factor-deinert.de


New in France:

Baillet’s “Cinema 6-D”

For a couple of weeks now, a

new transportable cinema

named “Cinema 6-D”, has

toured through the north of

France. As the name already

indicates, visitors are offered

additional effects such as

wind, water and multiple

movements, in addition to


Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Up to 16 people are

accommodated by comfortable

leather seats in a flame pattern

Cinema 6-D

liable suppliers. The compact construction

is built on a single trailer and accommodates

a total of 16 people on comfortable

leather seats. The black seats with

a flame pattern resemble those being

Aelters Baillet from Lille, in northern used by a famous sports car manufacturer. For

France, built the cinema himself the build up of the construction, several bays

within a period of just three months. can be pulled out, giving the projection room inside

an impression of considerable spacious-

Construction proceeded quickly and

problem-free thanks to several reness.

The showman presents 24 different films



Several space-saving bays

that can be extended have been

installed into the construction –

among others for the paybox


24 different films are

in his cinema; family-friendly animated films and

cartoons by day and action and horror films in

the evenings, such as "Bloody Road” – an

animated horror film – with a torrent of blood and

a chainsaw; all providing for a terrifying atmosphere

enhanced by shocking effects. Not for the

faint-hearted! The non-retractable front was covered

with a foil depicting, among other creepy

images, blockbuster figures such as "Hulk” or "X-

Men”. The lighting system is equipped with

Builder and Cinema 6-D

owner Aelters Baillet

power-saving LED-lights with

changing light effects, and the

"Cinema 6-D” has ground

measurements of 17 x 6 metres.

This season, this novelty

will be presented, among other

venues, in Lille, Douai, Dijon,

Sens, Auxerre, Beauvais, Arras,

and Bethune.

In addition to the "Cinema 6-D”,

the Baillet family will continue

to tour the Alpine Bob "Scirocco”

and the Breakdance "Magic




Première at

Bietigheim: “Flasher”

With the “Flasher”, presented

by the Ahrend firm at the

Bietigheim horse market (31 st

August to 4 th September), the

second example of the

Mondial novelty “Turbine”

has made it to the fairgrounds.

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt


Just as was the case with the prototype "Turbine”,

which celebrated its première in Eindhoven

in early August, there was also a slight delay

in delivery of the "Flasher”. As a result, the




in detail and in action

originally scheduled appearances in Darmstadt

and Heilbronn had to be cancelled, and even the

Crange Fair in Herne had to do without this novelty

attraction. In the end, the little town of Bietigheim

in Baden-Württemberg was chosen to be the premiere

venue. After a successful technical inspection

carried out by the TÜV Süd on the Mondial

premises in the Netherlands, the transports set out

in the direction of Bietigheim, where there were

four relatively relaxed days left for build up. There

was only one minor problem: due to the wide flight

radius, a section of the front of the neighbouring

Walkthrough-construction "Omni” could not be unfolded,

so the first two letters of the name sign had

to be lowered. The colour plan of the "Flasher” (silver

and blue) as well as several details of the paintwork

strongly resemble those of an Austrian beverage

manufacturer, whose primary product purportedly

"gives you wings” – undoubtedly appropriate

for the ride experience offered. Moreover,

numerous scantily-clad women are displayed on

the backflash, along with motifs from the world of

motorsport. The two gondolas are painted silver,

with the 10 orange seats per gondola providing a



One of the rotation

positions of the “Flasher”


At the “Flasher” operator

stand: Thomas and Ulla Clare

with their son William and

daughter Courthney

noticeable contrast. Only the two propellers

above the gondolas have each been painted in a

different colour. According to Thomas Clare, who

operated the "Flasher” on site, the name sign in

the centre and the two lighting masts in the station

area, which were missing on the première fairground,

will be delivered and installed before

long. The "Flasher” was very well received by the

public in Bietigheim, and it was interesting to see

that the ride was very popular with both the younger

and older generations. From Bietigheim, the attraction

went on to the Wiesenmarkt in Eisleben,

the largest Volksfest in Central Germany. The tour

schedule for the rest of the year includes, among

other venues, the Winterdom in Hamburg. ■


Vor 3 Jahren brachten wir das erste Geschäft dieser Art nach Deutschland –

und jetzt in die Schweiz: Erstmals auf der Basler Herbstmesse 2012

Wir freuen uns, dabei zu sein!

Planen Sie mit uns

die Saison 2013!







Minimaler Platzbedarf bei

maximalem Karussellspaß:

15 x 15 Meter ohne Rückwand

15 x 18 Meter mit Rückwand

Wir passen fast überall hin!

– das kann nur der


Harvey Wegener • Bremen • Tel. 0177/6832972 • www.schausteller-wegener.de • Mail: harveywegener@yahoo.de

Mit innovativer Technik

Wir bedanken uns bei allen

verantwortlichen Entscheidern

für die vertrauensvolle

Zusammenarbeit und empfehlen

uns für die neue Saison!

www.pirates-adventure.de • E-Mail: schn


und außergewöhnlichem Design


seit Generationen

eider -pirat@web.de • Tel. 0163 / 858 26 76



New spinning mouse

for Bufkens & Florens

Text & Photos: Ton Koppei

The “Wild Mouse” that the

Belgian showman partners

René Bufkes and

Nicolas Florens received

in the summer of 2012, and

subsequently presented

in Turnhout, was the second

delivery of a compact

rotating mouse from

French manufacturer


The first example of the CeDeal coaster, built in

Portugal, was also delivered to Belgian, where it

is operated by Marc Bufkens. This latter example,

called "Bad Trip”, was built up at the Lunapark

in Guerande, France, throughout the summer


A third example from this series is destined for

the Dutch Hendriks-Hinzen firm, which will present

the coaster under the name of "Crash Test”

in an unusual design. Unfortunately the coaster

could not be presented at the Tilburg Fair as

originally planned, due to a considerable delay

in delivery.


The “Bumper Boats” from

Thomas and Fabian Klar

Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

With the “Bumper Boats” the showman enterprise

of Thomas and Fabian Klar from

Berlin has been presenting an attraction

similar to a water dodgem, where children

can cruise on water in little rubber boats.

Last year, inspired by similar attractions in a

number of amusement parks, the young

showmen decided to give up their "Walking-


Waterballs” to rebuild the existing construction

to transform it into the "Bumper Boats”.

The children can now cruise the six existing

one-seat boats with electric motors themselves,

through the shallow 10 x 10-metre water

basin. The motors are powered by a regular

car battery. The capacity of the batteries

provides for several hours of continuous operation,

and their padded covers serve as

seats. For embarking and disembarking, the

boats are pulled to the edge of the basin with

a boat hook. A continuous electricity supply

for the motors is switched on externally so

that the children can fully concentrate on

steering the boats running

at a very low

speed. The rubber

boats are made in China

and, as they are inflatables,

they are capsize-proof

and unsinkable.

Crashes are gently

cushioned due to the

boats being filled with

air so that the children

can safely cruise on the

water alone or race

against each other. ■

Up to 6 boats can ride

simultaneously in the 10 x 10

metre basin



977. Bremer Freimarkt

19. Oktober – 4. November 2012

täglich von 12 – 23 Uhr, freitags und samstags bis 24 Uhr,

am Eröffnungstag ab 16 Uhr

montags bis samstags ab 20 Uhr – Bremer Freimarkt – Halle 7

19. Oktober, 16 Uhr – Historische Eröffnung auf dem Marktplatz

19. Oktober, 18 Uhr – Eröffnung auf der Bürgerweide – Bayernfesthalle

19. Oktober, 21.45 Uhr – Großes Höhenfeuerwerk

27. Oktober, 10.30 Uhr – Freimarktsumzug


As usual at this time of the

year, the “fifth season” in

Bremen will begin with the

977 th Freimarkt on Friday, 19 th

October. Up until 4 th November,

the ride attractions will

make their rounds on the


directly behind the Bremen

main railway station, while

the “small” Freimarkt will be

held on the market square in

the Bremen city centre at the

same time.

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Heiko Schimanzik, Ralf Schmitt,

Stadt Bremen

Farewell: Claudia Lange

has been Fairground Director at

Bremen for more than 10 years


For one person, who has significantly shaped

the image of the large Volksfest in the north

during the last few years, the 977 th Bremen Freimarkt

will also be a farewell event. After more

than 10 years, occupied by this task of great responsibility,

fairground director Claudia Lange

will change to the Bremen Department of Environment.

This change has its reasons in the past.

In the late 1990s, Lange’s predecessor, Wolfgang

Ahrens, was investigated

on the suspicion of corruption.

Even though this could not be

confirmed due to lack of evidence,

the Bremen city

authorities had become increasingly

aware of the (possible)

temptations and seductions

inherent to this position.

This resulted in the decision to

replace fairground directors

after a number of years henceforth,

to prevent corruption.

Back then, the vacancy was

taken over by Claudia Lange –

initially on a provisional basis

and later officially. In the beginning,

most of the showmen were sceptical

about a woman filling this position. "It took some

time until they got used to it, as showmen are often

quite conservative,” Claudia Lange recently

told the Bremen Weser-Kurier in an interview on

the occasion of her pending farewell, in which

she also commented on the issue ‘keeping a distance

from showmen’. "This has never been a

problem for me. If I wasn’t friends with individual

showmen, I could not do this job objectively.”

To give no rise to any suspicions, Claudia Lange

always took at least one colleague with her

on fact-finding visits to other major Volksfest

events throughout Germany. As Bremen fair-



The new Bremen

Fairground Director since mid-

September: Raimund Klug (33)

ground director, she was not only responsible for

the large Freimarkt, but also for its smaller version,

the Osterwiese, held in the same location

around Easter, as well as the (not exactly unimportant)

Bremen Christmas Market.

The Freimarkt 2012 will be the last event still

planned by Claudia Lange, and she will make

her own clearly noticeable and distinctive mark

on the event, which has been characterized

mainly by repeatedly daring location changes of

rides and tracks in the past – even of regulars

participants – to give the Freimarkt a new overall

image – but at the same time retaining the fixtures

of the Bremen Freimarkt. Together with her

team, she even managed the difficult task of devising

and realising new thoroughfares required

because of the new construction of "Halle 7” on

the Bürgerwiese (during her term in office). "That

was not easy, as this meant that there was considerably

less space available for the Freimarkt,”

she told the Weser-Kurier.

All in all, Claudia Lange did a top job as fairground

director of one of the largest Volksfest

events in Germany – which nobody or only few

can deny. This opinion is also reflected in the official

statement, the Bremen city authorities made

on the request of the Kirmes & Park Revue,

"After more than one successful decade in her

position as Bremen fairground director, Claudia

Lange changed to the Senate for Environment,

Housing and Transport in early July 2012. During

the last few years, she and her team have

succeeded in shaping the Bremen event, such

as Osterwiese, Freimarkt, and the Christmas

Market into top German events. As Mrs. Lange

has also planned the Freimarkt 2012, she will accompany

its build up on-site, helping her successor

in words and deeds, showing him the ample

and difficult task the position as fairground

director entails. In reply to questions about Claudia

Lange’s successor, the Bremen city authorities

briefly answered: "The 33-year-old Raimund

Klug, living in the Bremen region, will succeed

Claudia Lange as fairground director from mid

September 2012.” Thus a smooth transition

seems to be guaranteed. Claudia Lange’s final

quote in the Weser-Kurier interview was: "To mark

the occasion of my farewell, this year’s Freimarkt

will be particularly attractive”.

To this end, the last Bremen Freimarkt planned

by Claudia Lange will once again present a number

of novelties and relocations. One striking

change will await visitors already at the (main)

entrance to the Bürgerweide-fairground, where

the first attraction on the right will no longer be

the traditional "Cafe Schultze” – as has been the

case for decades – but the "Almhütte” from the


Auch in der Saison 2013

bleibt es dabei:

Der Chef ist morgens

der erste und abends

der letzte im Betrieb –

so Gott will.

Ischa Freimaak


19. Okt. bis 4. Nov. 2012


Happy Sailor

Seit 34 Jahren

mit vollen Segeln

auf den führenden


im In- und Ausland

Das Familien-Nobel-Karussell

Familientraditionell seit 61 Jahren

mit Fahrgeschäften auf dem Bremer Freimarkt vertreten


denn: „Es ist nicht wichtig, wie der Wind weht,

sondern einzig und allein, wie man die Segel setzt”

Manfred Howey e.K.

28201 Bremen, Kornstr. 254 • Tel. 0421/55 60 67 • Funktel. 0171/215 97 93

Nach dem Freimarkt wieder auf der


Das himmlische





.... zum krönenden Abschluß

auf dem



29. November

bis 23. Dezember


Howey’s “Happy Sailor”

will return to its old Freimarkt


A gingerbread heart is

wrapped around the “Bremen

Roland” on the market square

for the Freimarkt opening

Renoldi firm, the old site of which will be occupied

by a "beverage outlet/snack booth” according

to the site plan – no name given as yet. The

"Cafe Schulze” however will probably not be built

up at this year’s Freimarkt, as it is not mentioned

in the official list with 22 engaged prominent gastronomic

operations (including among others

"Etagencafe”, "Cafe Keese”, Heitkamp’s "Mühle”

or the "Riverboat”). For the first time, Johann

Hinzen KG will present an attraction on the traditional

Ghost ride site with an annually changing

occupancy; namely its multi-storey "Haunted

Mansion” with gondolas running below the

tracks. In the sector of classic Funhouses "Freddy’s

Company” from the Hofmann-Jehn firm will

celebrate its Freimarkt première. The attraction,

which has been introduced only this summer

and promises "non-stop laughing” will occupy

the site Hempen’s "Big Bamboo” held last year.

The 6-D-Show-Theatre "The Game” from Ronny

Weber will be another novelty at the Freimarkt,

built up on the site occupied by Kollmann’s "Future

World” last year. The "parade site” for Funhouse

constructions (first top-end site after the

entrance) in the Klangbogen area has been allocated

to "Der große Irrgarten” from the Rasch

firm this time, and the "Mäuse-Circus” from

Brambach-Luch as well as the "Rotor” from

Pluschies (in the same location as last year and

the year before) are the attractions in the Funhouse,

show and Ghost Ride sector presented

at the Freimarkt 2012.

The coaster contingent in Bremen will be livened

up by the "Spinning Racer” (Bruch) – named as



in seiner


100 km/h


Beste nationale

und internationale





















Wir bedanken uns bei

unseren Vertragspartnern

für die gute


und empfehlen uns

für die neue Saison!




0171/ 723 45 75


0160/150 98 69





The Robrahn “Frisbee”

has loyal customers at the

Bremen Freimarkt

The 977 th Bremen

Freimarkt site map

(subject to change)

novelty in the operator list – and built up in the

same location as the Suspended "Euro-Coaster”

in 2011. It will be interesting to see what impression

this coaster with rotating gondolas will make

in this location with its "short” side forming the

entrée. Further coasters presented at the

Freimarkt will be the "Fünfer-Looping” (Barth),

"Wilde Maus” (Kinzler), and the indoor-construction

"Höllenblitz” (Renoldi) – all retaining

their usual sites – just as two other "major attractions”,

the water ride from the Löwenthal firm,

and the Ferris Wheel from Steiger oHG. There will

also be three novelties among the round rides,

namely Aigner’s "Parkour” celebrating its

Freimarkt debut, as are the "Big Spin” from Deinert

and the "Devil Rock” from Hanstein. While the

"Parkour was allocated the top-end site after the

water ride (last year: "Breakdancer”), the "Big

Spin” can be encountered on the 2011 site of the

"Round Up”, and the "Devil Rock” will take last

year’s site of the "Power Tower”. Other round

rides built up will be the "Breakdancer” (Dreher),

"Happy Traveller” (Gack & Co.), "Wellenflug”

(Hanstein) and "Troika” (Heine KG). After a onetime

relocation last year, Howey’s "Happy Sailor”

will return to its traditional site of many years –

and that is just as well.

The contingent of major rides at this year’s

Freimarkt will include "Booster Maxxx” (Hoefnagels-Denies),

"Airwolf” (Eberhard), "Flash”

(Weber), "Hot Shot” (Dölle), "Top Spin”

(Ludewigt), "Star Flyer 48” (Alexander Goetzke),

as well as the Bremen "Frisbee” from Robrahn.

The "Looping the Loop” (von Olnhausen), "Euro-

Rutsche” (Kutschenbauer/Roden) as well as the

three dodgem tracks from Robrahn-Böker, Robrahn-van

der Veen, and Vespermann-Hartkopf

Scooter GmbH & Co KG will round off the cornucopia

of attractions at the Bremen Freimarkt

2012. For statistics: 334 showman operations


Bei uns habt ihr

wieder richtig Spaß!

Keine Kopfüber-Fahrt!

Das Rundfahrgeschäft für die ganze Familie!

Vorwärts – rückwärts – seitwärts – rauf und runter –

freier Fall – wer kann mehr?

Jetzt auf dem

Bremer Freimarkt

Foto: King

Die Kompaktklasse: Nur 18 x 18 m

– wir passen fast überall hin!

Design: B&B Decorateur

Licht & LED Technik: Klaus Kairis

Sound: Kort Music

Die neue Generation

des mobilen Vergnügens!

Sichern Sie sich das einmalige Familienkarussell für Ihre Veranstaltung 2013!

Infos und Buchungs-Hotline: Ronny Deinert, Tel. 0163 / 190 53 31 u. 0163 / 441 51 51

Ein gelungenes

tierisches Vergnügen!

• Wir erfüllen § 11

• Optimale Tierhaltung

• Lift für Rollstuhlfahrer

Wir freuen uns

auf das



und empfehlen uns

für die Saison 2013!



für den

Weihnachtsmarkt 2012

noch möglich

Johanna Brambach • Nürnber g • Tel. 0178 / 493 47 49

Freimarkt novelty:

Hinzen’s “Haunted Mansion”

will be presented for the first


were approved from 1,141 applications received

for this year’s Freimarkt. Two rides, both regular

guests for years, will be missing on this year’s

Bürgerweide-fairground (for different reasons);

namely the "Krake” and the Shake "Commander”.

As to issues controversially discussed on the

sidelines and behind the scenes of the

Freimarkt: while the initial big stir caused by a

discussion on "minimum wages at the Freimarkt”

started by local politicians during the event last

year has in the meanwhile subsided, the question

as to whether, how and to what extent the

showmen should contribute to the costs for the

renewal of the ramshackle power supply system

at the Bürgerweide-fairground, has been a permanent

topic all the year. The showmen are fighting

back, as they fear being forced to pick up

the bill for this scheme in the shape of increased



Text & Photo:

Ralf Schmitt


The 977 th Bremen

Freimarkt will be open

daily (19 th October to 4 th

November) from midday

to 11 p.m., on Fridays

and Saturday until


For more information:

www.freimarkt.de ■

This year, the Bremen main railway station,

through which almost every Freimarkt visitor

walks on their way to the event, is the prize

winner of the competition "Germany’s most

customer-friendly station” in the category

“large city” hosted by the "Allianz pro

Schiene” (alliance per rail). Pointed out as

main reasons for the decision were the "attractive

entrance portal”, "lively interior in a

friendly, bright hall”, as well as "customerfriendly

staff”. The jurors will certainly not

have inspected the station during the

Freimarkt event, where the forecourt in particular,

located behind the exit in the direction

of the Bürgerweide-fairground has not

been a pleasant sight for years. This area

has developed into quite a meeting point for

Freimarkt visitors extensively pre-partying

prior to the Freimarkt visit, leaving behind

rubbish and broken glass. This is not a

pretty sight for "normal” Freimarkt visitors –

but unfortunately cannot be prevented. ■


The cry “Off to the Wasen!” – can

be heard once again from the 28 th

of September 2012. The largest

and most important festival in

Baden-Württemberg begins on

that day in Stuttgart: the

Cannstatt Volksfest. Around 3.5

million visitors are expected to

attend until the 14 th of October,

during the 17 festival days.

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Ralf Schmitt, Norman Vogt,

in.Stuttgart, Thomas Niedermüller


Last year’s visitor figures were – weather related

to the "golden autumn” with temperatures

up to 26 degrees – very positive. The official goahead

for the 2012 presentation is on Friday the

28 th September, when at 7 p.m. Stuttgart’s Lord

Mayor Dr. Wolfgang Schuster will open the 167 th

Cannstatt Volksfest with the traditional tapping of

the keg in the Schwaben Bräu-tent from operator

Michael Wilhelmer. The fairground will already

open at 3 p.m. on that day. In addition to many

well known and proven operators, there will also

be a (manageable) number of novelties in the

showman sector – and there is also a new tent.

Actually the tent is more of a house: named

"Württemberg-Haus”, offering a total of 1,000

seats on two levels plus a beer garden – and the

new tent operator is called Marco Grenz. The

construction will be located in the immediate vicinity

of the fruit pillar – the landmark of the Volksfest.

The new publican describes his gastronomy

with the words "Swabian tradition with a

modern touch”, and wishes to spoil his guests

with dishes typical of the region, an extensive

wine list, as well as a varied music programme.

Directly or indirectly – the "Württemberg-Haus”

replaces the traditional gastronomy operation of

Presented at the Volksfest

for the first time: the “Flipper”

from Hugo Levy


Der Gladiator

ist da!

Die 62 Meter hohe


Gondeln mit einzigartiger


20 Meter Frontlänge

20 Personen Kapazität

Wir bedanken uns bei den

Veranstaltern in FRANKFURT und

STUTTGART für ihr Vertrauen und

bei der Herstellerfirma MONDIAL

für die hervorragende


Achtung: Nur noch wenige

Termine für 2013 frei.

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Fotos: Norman Vogt

Remco Kriek • Solinger Str. 32 • D-40764 Langenfeld • Tel. 0031 629 546133 • E-mail: remcokriek@live.nl


The Cannstatt Volksfest has its longest duration at present, when

considering its earlier history.

In the 19 th century the event was presented for one single day, somewhat

later three days, then four, and from the late 1920s in the 20 th century there

were five Volksfest day celebrations. After the Second World War at the

beginning of the 1950s the period was extended to 10 days, then 12, and

since 1972 to 16 days duration. Since 2007 the Fest lasts for 17 days, as

the opening was moved to a day earlier, from Saturday to Friday.

the Stamer family, which didn’t receive approval again, and had

to make way.

A focus on tents later, as initially we wish to devote time to the rides

and constructions on the festival grounds. New is the family coaster

"Willy der Wurm” from Frank Roos that will close the present gap

in the supply of kiddie attractions. Adults naturally are also able

to take part in the ride. First time at Stuttgart is the 6D-show-spectacle

"The Game” from Ronny Weber, who has been able to put

together a remarkable tour route in his second season again, and

will be appearing at the Bremen Freimarkt and the Hamburg Winterdom

after Stuttgart. Initially the ride with the jumping gondolas

was planned at Stuttgart in the round ride sector – the season’s

novelty "Voodoo Jumper” from the Schäfer firm. However the operator

cancelled the Wasen- guest appearance – quite possibly

he had been made aware that there would probably be problems

in being approved. Last year the "Space Roller” was located on

this site from the Jolliet firm, which, after the cancellation of the

ride type "Smashing Jump” – at least as far as is known at time of

copy deadline of this edition of the Kirmes & Park Revue – is

planned to be located on the same site again this year.

The prominent ride novelty at Stuttgart is the "Gladiator” from

Remo Kriek. The propeller attraction from manufacturer Mondial

with the company name of "Turbine” had celebrated its première

shortly before the Wasen-schedule at the Frankfurt Herbstdippemess.

The construction is planned to be placed in the righthand

street after the fruit pillar – and on the left side there. The

"Gladiator” will be in direct competition with the very successful

"Booster Maxxx” from Hoefnagels-Denies at the Cannstatt Volks-

OIns, zwoi, gwonne wird ...

wir freuen

uns auf unsere


und auf das


volksfest 2012

mein besonderer Dank gilt den städten,

behörden und veranstaltern für das

entgegengebrachte vertrauen:

Stuttgart balingen nördlingen bopfingen

Friedrichshafen Worms Schwäbisch-hall

Crange bietigheim Gunzenhausen Crailsheim

Kirchheim/Teck heilbronn Schwäbisch-gmünd



Tel. 0178/6835354



The opening hours of

the Cannstatt Volksfest

2012 in Stuttgart are:

Monday to Thursday:

12:00 to 11 p.m., Friday

and public holidays:

12:00 midday to midnight,

Saturday: 11:00

a.m. to midnight, Sunday

and public holidays:

11:00 a.m.to 11:00 p.m.

Opening day (28 th September)

from 3 p.m. to


The site map of the

Cannstatt Volksfest (as of:

11 th September, 2012)

fest. And about three weeks before the Wasenstart,

the organiser in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft

mbH made a decision that surprised

everyone: the Ahrend firm did get approval

as substitute – with the "Flasher”, which is

structurally identical to the "Gladiator”. Earlier

the organiser had been confronted with – in addition

to the cancellation of the "Voodoo Jumper”

– another rejection from the Fleur firm from

France with its Freefall Tower "Countdown”. And

with that there will be a double edition of the Mondial-propeller

this year (as well as the "Booster

Max” with a similar ride pattern), as was the case

in 2011 with a similar double edition made possible

by the approval of the structurally identical

large swings "XXL” and "Konga”. But so be it.

And where is what located? Fact is that due to

the late approval of the "Flasher” the original layout

had to be intensely revamped. The situation

at time of copy deadline on the 11 th September

was as follows: Kriek’s "Gladiator” remains on its

already mentioned location behind the fruit column,

and the site of the "Booster Maxxx” at the

front area of Straße A has also not been

changed. The "Flasher” on the other hand will be

placed in the planned area for the "XXL” (Denies

& Kipp) on the (top) site in Straße D. The "XXL”

will therefore be located on the corner site between

B-Straße and Straße 5. The "Space Roller”

from Jolliet has to make way there, and will be

placed again on the thankless location right at

the end of Straße D. In other words exactly where

it stood in 2011 and where this year the "Voodoo

Jumper” was to be built up. So far – so complicated.

The actually planned site for the

"Countdown” (diagonally opposite the "Europa”-

Wheel from Kipp, at the exit to the parking area),

where in 2011 the "Konga” swing from Küchenmeister

hardly received any attention due to the

spot – will remain unoccupied following the cancellation

of the attraction. A merry situation indeed,

moving rides around shortly before the

start of the festival, where in the end there will

naturally be winners and losers. And if there are

other changes by the beginning of the Volksfest

– we will naturally report about the situations in

our review of the event. Aside from the propeller

constructions in triple form, the mixture of the rest

of the ride, Funhouse, Ghost Ride and coaster

attractions is not bad – even if there is a lot of

repetition to last year. "Teststrecke”, "Spinning

Racer” and "Wilde Maus” are the three large

coasters this year. In the list of rides there are, in

addition to the regular participants, also the

"Flipper” from Hugo Levy for the first time, and

an encore appearance for the Hopser "Disco-

Fieber” from Danny Schramm, following its successful

première last year at Stuttgart. Additionally

there are also, among others, 5 classic Funhouse

attractions, 2 labyrinths, 2 Ghost Rides –

and not to forget the Ferris Wheel from Bruch and

Kipp, as well as the water attraction from Löwen-


Deutschlands einzige

mobile Bungee-Kugel

50 m Abschuss & freier Fall!

Wir freuen uns auf einen

erfolgreichen Saisonabschluss



Wir bedanken uns bei unseren

Vertragspartnern für die gute

Zusammenarbeit und empfehlen

uns für die neue Saison 2013.

Two Mondial “Turbines” at the Cannstatt Volksfest:

“Gladiator” (Kriek) and “Flasher” (Ahrend)

Josef Dölle • Tel. 0177 / 362 28 87 • www.doelle-fun.de

thal. The theme "nostalgia” traditionally doesn’t really play a great

part at Stuttgart – and so in this sector (at other events there is

even an extra area for these attractions in recent times) it’s only to

be the beautiful multi-storey carousel from the Schmidt family from

Mannheim, and the Punch & Judy Show from Alfons Richter. A

complete listing of large attractions can be found as always in our

"Preview” article in the back section of the Kirmes & Park Revue

– and as always (and particularly Stuttgart) "No responsibility taken

for complete accuracy” is the general rule.

Back to the section "beer tents and gastronomy” at the Wasen: the

already mentioned new "Württemberg-Haus” that extends the already

sumptuous gastronomy offers of more than 30,000 seats –






auf dem



Michael Zimmermann • Tel. 0177 / 7105094

will be managed by the Stuttgart restaurant operator Marco Grenz,

who has been running the traditional Stuttgart "Alte Kanzlei” successfully

for 10 years. The new host has enhanced the "Württemberg-Haus”

on two levels by offering cosy niches instead of the

usual beer benches, and a trendy champagne bar. As novelty at

the Cannstatt Volksfest there are also quality wines from 43 wineries

available on the beverage list, and the menu offers everything

from Swabian onion roast to a half a duck with red cabbage and

potato dumplings, right up to grilled salmon portions on wild

mushroom-cream pasta, in a wide range of culinary delicacies.

And there’s no Volksfest without its supporting programmes – here

the most important of them: on Friday the 28 th September, the official

opening takes place in the Schwaben Bräu-festival tent. On

Saturday the 29 th September, the "Traditional Morning” takes place

in front of the fruit pillar with music, dancing, and a moderator. On

Sunday the 30 th September a church service will be held at 10 a.m.

in the Schwaben Bräu-festival tent, and 11 a.m. is the start of the

large paradegoing to the Cannstatt Wasen. The Volksfest hot air

balloon competition begins on Wednesday the 3 rd October at 3

p.m.. The family days with reduced prices are on the 4 th and 10 th

of October. Closure and highlight is the large music-fireworks display

on Sunday the 14 th October from 9:45 p.m. – the finale of the

167 th Cannstatt Volksfest. And the dates for 2013 have already

been decided: in the upcoming year the Volksfest will take place

from the 28 th September to the 14 th October.


On Monday, 15 th October,

some 122,000 Hersfeld residents

and many guests from

near and far will once again

celebrate the 8-day Lullusfest,

the oldest Heimatfest in

Germany. The nationally

renowned fair is a showcase

event for the city, just as a

football team in the German

premier league would be for

other locations.

Text: Helmut Bresler

Photos: Helmut Bresler, Heiko Schimanzik,

Dirk Lorey, Ludger Konopka

Bad Hersfeld

challenge of organising "the best

Lollsfest ever”. The showman attractions

chosen from 427 applications

– more than ever before – will

Accompanied by the impressive battle cry "Enner,

zwoon, dräi – Bruder Lolls", or "One, two, high-tech constructions, the event concept also

be built up on limited space. In addition to speedy

three – Brother Lolls”, the Lullus bonfire will be lit focuses on family-friendly attractions, offering an

precisely on the stroke of 12 of the clock on Lolls- all inclusive experience appealing to all generations

alike – from grandchildren to grandparents.

Monday. The ceremonial lighting of a woodpile on

the market square dates back to a medieval custom.

The "Fierche” was the symbol of the "Lullus-

Ferris Wheel from Bruch is the main attraction at

According to a rotation scheme, the "Bellevue”

freiheit”, or the exemption from municipal duties the Lollsfest every two years. The Ferris Wheel,

and taxes during the festival. Moreover, the Lullus which was approved for its first appearance at the

bonfire is also of practical use. In low temperatures,

a stroll across the fairground is perfectly suit-

on tour for 18 years, celebrates its 10 th Lullusfest

event already during manufacture, and has been

able for warming up. According to an ancient custom,

children throw chestnuts into the fire and enularity,

and a ride providing passengers with a fan-

anniversary this year. It enjoys unflagging popjoy

their bursting in the embers. This cherished tastic view, is simply a must for all Hersfeld residents.

The build up on extremely limited space

custom is an essential part of the Lullusfest and

well worth preserving, as it contributes to atmosphere

and emotions that the public inextricably vehicles travelling through the pedestrian precinct

works very well in the meantime, with the transport

ties to the event. Even though increased security – enthusiastically noted by passers-by, and even

measures have caused changes in Bad Hersfeld applauded by the fans. Without even having to

as well, the Lolls bonfire must continue to burn! consult their contracts, all participating showmen

The fairground will be built up on the market know that they can only move to their sites after

square, and every square centimetre will be put to the huge crane has been removed. Traditionally,

use. Each year, the organisers under the management

of Wilfried Roßbach take up the huge Bad Hersfeld from the Wiesenmarkt in

the Bellevue Ferris Wheel has always arrived at



Fotos: King

Jetzt auch mit großem Festzelt bis zu 1000 Personen

Sprechen Sie uns an. Wir haben auch für Ihre

Veranstaltung die passende Gastronomielösung.

Danke an die Veranstalter für die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit

in der Saison 2012.

Wir freuen uns auf die Teilnahme beim

in BAD HERSFELD und empfehlen uns für die neue Saison 2013.

Seien auch Sie unser Gast und lassen Sie sich in einem außergewöhnlichen

Ambiente kulinarisch verwöhnen!

In diesem Jahr können Sie uns noch beim Lullusfest in Bad Hersfeld (15.–22.10.)

und in Karlsruhe zur Herbst Mess (01.11.–12.11.) erleben.

Marco Beinhorn • Göttingen • 0170 / 206 46 98 • www.schausteller-beinhorn.de

Ein Höhepunkt unserer Saison:

Bad Hersfeld!

HELLBERG – die Nr.1

mit Fisch in Bayern. Der Qualität zuliebe

Weiterhin auf Tour mit Fisch-

Spezialgeschäften in allen Größen

Wir empfehlen uns mit leckeren Fischspezialitäten.

Klaus & Cornelia HELLBERG • Weisendorf • Tel. 09135 / 79 92 21 • 0171/7723355

The “Fierche” is a symbol

of the Lullusfest

However, as the two events will overlap this year,

the Ferris Wheel staff will have a break between

the Schueberfouer in Luxembourg and the Lullusfest.

The time will be used to paint the supports –

in the same colour.

Despite being presented in a simple version due

to the lack of space, the "Wilde Maus” (Münch) will

provide pure ride fun for the whole family. The attraction,

as well as the dodgem track from Distel,

will arrive at the Lullus directly from the Munich Oktoberfest.

The season novelty will be the 22-metre

over-the-top wwing "Intoxx” (Pandel), in which

passengers will be subjected to 3 g at maximum

speed. Speedy ride experiences can also be enjoyed

in the "High Impress” round ride (Oberschelp),

which had celebrated its successful Lolls

première four years ago. "Night Style” (Armbrecht)

with its horizontal, vertical, and diagonal inversions

will provide visitors with more than just a surge

of adrenaline. Moreover, the "Breakdance” (Grünberg),

a ride hit that last appeared at the Lullusfest

five years ago in 2007, will guarantee a stomach-churning

ride experience. There will be another

Lolls première in the Funhouse sector with

the funniest construction site in the world, the

"Krumm und Schief Bau” (Hartmann), coming to

Bad Hersfeld with a climbing and obstacle course,

slides, a glass and mirror labyrinth, and other effects.

The simulator "Fantastical Trip” (Kunze) was

approved and engaged again after its successful

debut in 2000. Children will be able to enjoy the

mini dodgem track "Car for Kids” (Wegener) – another

Lolls debutante, the water ride "Die Bootsfahrt”

(Barth), an appropriate alternative for the

youngest guests, and the "Piratentrip” (Schultze),

another for small visitors to be built up opposite

the "News Café”. The "Circus-Circus” (Berger)

built up at the Lingg monument, and the children’s

attraction "Fantasia” (Bodem) will round off the selection

of kiddie rides. Further Lolls novelties will

be the dart booth "Robin Hood” (Winter), the concession

stall "Promitreff” (Merkl), and the "Goldener

Westen” (Müller) laser shooting attraction. The

gastronomic sector will be represented by the

"Thüringer Feuerhütte” (Geibel) offering fried

sausages and Currywurst in eight different grades

of spiciness, and the "Flammlachs” (Traber). After

a break of a year, the "Vegetarische Spezialitätenmühle”

(Roie) will offer vegetarian specialities

such as Hungarian Langos. "Blumenkohl im

Bierteig” ("cauliflower in beer dough”) (Stockmar),

and pretzels (Plesser) will also be on offer. Naturally,

the market square will also accommodate

well-known and traditional meeting points, such

as the Bulldozer, the shooting gallery, as well as

numerous snack and confectionery booths.

All in all, 50 operations will be represented at the

traditional Heimatfest, 14 of them making their de-




Wir freuen uns

auf das

1. Gastspiel in


Wir bedanken uns bei allen Vertragspartnern

für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit

und empfehlen uns für die Saison 2013!

• Überkopfschaukel

• 16 Sitzplätze

• 22 Meter hoch

• High Speed mit 3G

• Ökologische


• Energie sparende

und brillante


David Pandel




0177/291 52 18

Fahrspaß in einer völlig neuen Dimension

Jetzt mit


Zum 1. Mal

in Bad Hersfeld

Einmalig: Nur wir fahren den Looping mit schräg gestellter Gondel!

Raymond Armbrecht • www.night-style.de • Kontakt: 0178/49 79 350

Fotos: KirmesDesign.de

The Lullusfest 2012 site map

(subject to change)

but, 12 approved to the Lollsfest according to a

regular or irregular rotation, and 24 being regular

participants. Thus 52 % or more than half of the

participants have been changed, compared to the

previous year. As a result the fairground will have

a completely new look. The fact that so many

showman attractions can be accommodated on

only 10,500 square metres is due to precise site

management with CAD planning and site measuring

to the very centimetre. Manoeuvring their attractions

one-to-one according to the plan is always

a big challenge for the showmen. The planer

and organiser Wilfried Roßbach, "Mister Lolls”

as the locals call him, is always extremely relieved,

once build up has been completed and all attractions

occupy their sites.

The lighting of the Lullus bonfire and the procession

on Lolls Monday (15 th October) will be the highlights

of the Heimatfest, the motto of which will be

"Wir sind Lolls ... seit 1160 Jahren”. Further highlights

will be the Lullus bric-a-brac market with 130

sales stalls on Wednesday (13 th October) and the

open shopping Lolls-Sunday (21 st October), when

the local retailers with their ample product choice

will also open from midday to 6 p.m. On Lolls-Sunday

at 9 p.m. a fireworks display accompanied by

music will be held on the tower of the nearby

Stadtkirche church. Due to an ample supporting

programme, the Volksfest will be a real highlight,

which will start off with a marathon with thousands

of runners on Sunday morning (14 th October).

There will be a Punch and Judy show almost daily,

and on the occasion of the "Lollsfestival” on Thursday

afternoon (18 th October) a music theatre for

children will give performances on the Linggplatz.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the rock band

"Take Five” during the evening programme from

8.15 p.m. The Lolls festival will be sponsored by

the VR-Bank Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg. To cut pollution

from traffic emissions, a free park and ride

service will be available on Wednesday and Sunday.

Moreover, public transport services will be ex-


Unterhaltung in Bewegung


Wir freuen uns auf das

traditionsreiche LULLUSFEST


CIRCUS WELT – Der Wellenflieger!

Das Flugkarussell für die ganze Familie!

Einzigartig in Design und Präsentation

8 Doppelsitze für den gemeinsamen


Kaiser – Grünberg

Der Wiesn-Klassiker!

Wir freuen uns auf das

größte Volksfest der Welt

in unserer Heimatstadt München

Wir bedanken uns für das in uns gesetzte Vertrauen und empfehlen uns für die Saison 2013!

Von-Kahr-Str. 49 • 80999 München • 0163/369 66 69 • tanjakaisermuenchen@web.de

Brauhausgasse 11 • 34626 Neukirchen • 0178/694 39 56 • breakdanceno1@web.de

Neue Filme,

neuer Fun!

Einzigartige Bewegungsund


Wir freuen uns

auf das

Lullusfest in

Bad Hersfeld!

Cornelia KUNZE • www.fantastical-trip.de • Tel. 0177 / 80 40 900

tended to the evening hours by the "Lollsticket”.

As a special motivation to leave the own car behind,

passengers will receive a price reduction.

Souvenir collectors will enjoy a new Loll pin again

this year showing typical Lullusfest symbols. The

Volksfest event will be closed on October 20 th with

a family day (with reduced prices) and a lottery

draw; the first prize being a new Mercedes A-class


The Lullusfest is held in honour of the city’s

founder, the Mainz Archbishop Lull (710 to 786), a

pupil of holy Bonifatius, known as the Germans’

apostle, who founded the future imperial abbey

Hersfeld. The church festival was created to mark

the canonisation of Archbishop Lull in 852 attended

by pilgrims travelling to the shrine in the newly

built abbey. The pilgrimages resulted in an important

market with merchants, jugglers and cheerfully

celebrating participants. While the pilgrimages

became less important, the Lullusfest developed

into a Volksfest event. Nowadays, the

Lullusfest is deeply embedded in the hearts of

people throughout the entire region. In October

the "Lolls”, as the locals call their market, will take

place, and a visit to the event is simply a must: No

excuses accepted, the entire region has a heart

for the Hersfeld event! The festival opening has a

special noteworthy feature: it is the only Volksfest

event in Germany that begins on a Monday. With

the Loolsfest a new calendar, the "Lollsyear” begins

for the "Herschfeller”, who divide the year into

"before the Lolls” and "after Lolls”.

The Lolls-flyer has now a QR-Code, providing

smart phone owners with fast access to the Lolls

website with all relevant information. To mark the

anniversary, the assortment of promotional articles

has been extended by among others, fan

scarves and carrier bags, as well as a commemorative

publication. Moreover, the North Hessian

transport consortium will contribute a quite unusual

action to the event, a "train baptism” will be

held in Bad Hersfeld during the Lolls-week. While

the first visitor survey was conducted as early as

1993 and the first "open house day” was held in

1995, a backstage tour will be organised this year.

Even though marketing campaigns were not

known back then, the organisers in Bad Hersfeld

always recognised what was good for the event.

Due to the revised and supplemented Lolls security

concept, the use of liquid gas will now be subject

to strict surveillance and completely prohibited

around the Konrad-Duden library due to the

short distance to the building. Showmen placed in

this area will have to switch over to the more expensive

but safer electricity alternative. To this

end, the power distribution on the market square






Sind wir zu schnell, bist Du zu schwach!

Nach erfolgreicher Sommertour (Hannover, Düren, Bad Arolsen, Vechta, Bruchhausen,

Schwelm, Pützchens Markt) jetzt ein weiteres Highlight: Lullusfest in Bad Hersfeld!

FRANK OBERSCHELP • Tel. 0163 / 770 94 59 • www.high-impress.de

Wir freuen uns auf das Bad Hersfelder Lullusfest – das älteste Volksfest Deutschlands!

Ein herzlicher Dank

unseren Vertragspartnern

für die vertrauensvolle


Wir empfehlen uns

für die Saison 2013!

Geschwister Wynohradnyk GbR • Telefon: 0178/4052089

See you at the Lullusfest

in Bad Hersfeld

was renovated and the street lights were separated

from the fairground. Apart from radio commercials,

poster advertising and press advertising,

the marketing concept now also provides for huge

poster advertising in the surrounding region. On

the weekend before the Lolls event, there will even

be a promotion stall with "fire-master” Udo Rossbach

and showmen advertising the top event with

actions and flyers in Fulda.

During the planning phase for the Lullusfest 2012,

a ride operator had filed an objection against his

cancellation and the approval of a competitor.

However, as the court confirmed the plan of the

Lullusfest committee, the originally designated

track ride will be built up. It goes without saying,

that the action "Lolls ohne Prolls”, or "Lolls without

lager louts” will be continued, with the Diakonie

(social welfare institution) serving non-alcoholic

cocktails at its juice

stall "Saftig” in front of

the Lingg monument.

Preparations are going

at full swing for the

meeting of the German

market and Volksfest

directors held in the

civic centre of Lolls

Wednesday to Friday. Fifty Volksfest organisers of

large city events, such as the Munich Oktoberfest,

the Cannstatt Wasen, the Crange Fair, and the

Hamburg Dom, or prestigious traditional events

such as the Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt, the Soest

Allerheiligenkirmes, or the Eisleben Wiesenmarkt

have been invited, as was a delegation from the

Schobermesse in Luxembourg. The Chairmen of

the two German Showman Umbrella Associations,

the Deutscher Schaustellerbund e. V. and the Bundesverband

Deutscher Schausteller und Marktkaufleute

e. V. will also be participating. Topics on

the agenda will be, among others, security concepts,

statutory noise, GEMA-fees (Society for

Musical Copyright Enforcement), and marketing

activities. The Lollsfest differs from other Volksfest

events due to its tradition, the identification between

the residents and their event, and the showman

attractions. The start these days remains as

in the past, Monday – a unique feature in Germany.

The attempt of individual showmen to change this

to the weekend is utter nonsense. After all, nobody

in the Rhineland would think of holding the legendary

Carnival Monday Parade on "Carnival Sunday”.

The Lolls has atmosphere and emotions –

and the product "Lullusfest” means living culture.

For more information: www.lullusfest.de. ■



There are many commemorative

publications on

the occasion of milestone

anniversaries of a good

event. They are often

dominated by historical references

and written by

scientific authors. Reinhard

Rauche, who has immersed

himself in the history of the

oldest Heimatfest in Germany,

and has introduced a coffee-table book to

mark the occasion of the 1160th anniversary, has

chosen a different approach. His book is dedicated

to the showmen – celebrated in text and photos.

Mr. Rauche, what are your connections to the


Reinhard Rauche: It is very much a part of my life

and has dominated it for almost seven decades. I have

been working on the Lullus festival committee for 35

years, and have therefore been able to actively shape

the event. We continue the tradition, but at the same

time we have to face the challenge of keeping the

event attractive for all classes of the population.

What is your profession?

I have been a newspaper publisher for 25 years,

and these days I own a wholesale and retail firm for Italian

wines. In addition, I am in charge of the ‘Lolls-Promotion’,

helping to improve the promotional programme

for the Lullusfest.

How do you evaluate your contact with the


It is a good, close and amicable relationship. As

I have known many operations and participants for

many decades and visit several Volksfest events a

year, it is quite normal to build up personal relationships.

I am altogether pleased, and certain that I have

gained a great deal of quality in my life, thanks to my

colleagues from the showman industry.

Why did you choose the distinctive approach

of dealing with history and the present on an equal


Because I am firmly convinced that the present

and its familiar faces mean much more to readers than

meticulously researched historic facts. Naturally they

are included, but for me they are merely the preface to

a present day Lolls visit, and the reader has to know

that a good festival requires good showmen.

What is the reason for the success of the

Lullus festival?

There are three mutually dependent pillars, which

can only lead to success if they are equally strong: a

committed city administration with a highly experienced

and competent fairground director, loyally returning

fans within the population who want to celebrate a

traditional and, at the same time, modern Volksfest –

as well as highly effective and innovative showmen. ■

Reinhard Rauche, author

of the commemorative



The commemorative publication

about the Lullusfest is

available at the Bad Hersfeld

bookshops or by e-mail

rauche@t-online.de price:

EUR 10. The limited edition of

only 750 examples may well

be quickly sold out. For the

ninth time in a row there will be

a Lolls pin. The 2012 pin will

feature the Lullus bell as a typical

Lolls symbol together with

the "fire-master” logo. For collectors

the year is mentioned in

the heart. The new pin is available

for EUR 2.50 and in a limited

edition of 1,000 examples.

Wir freuen uns auf Bad Hersfeld !

Schaustellerbetrieb Stefan Rosenboom • Kontakt: 0178/533 33 86

Rudi Galle ■ Stuttgart ■ 0177 / 5 21 51 98



This special interest DVD is a MUST HAVE for ride junkies,

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iKIRMES just RIDE shows in over 102 minutes, a

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iKIRMES just RIDE: with over 25 transportable

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For the first time there are spectacular fast motion

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The Recordings were made in the year 2010 at

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Total Running Time: 45:14 min.

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Spinning Racer, Alpina Bahn, Teststrecke, Olympia

Looping, Euro Coaster, Crazy Mouse, Take Off, Flipper

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Total Running Time: 40:47 min.

Movie 03 – Buildup Europa Rad & The Tower:

Buildup scenes of the EUROPA RAD (Kipp) in quick motion,

arrival of transport vehicles of THE TOWER at night, build up

of THE TOWER (Blume) in quick motion.

Total Running Time: 17:35 min

Bonus Feature:

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Das doppelstöckige

Das Karussell für

alle Generationen

Wir freuen uns auf Bocholt

und empfehlen uns für 2013!

Kirmestradition von ihrer schönsten Seite!

Handbemalte Dekorationen –

bewegliche Pferde, Gondeln

und Schaukeln.



Horst Langenberg Tel. 0172/262 22 52 • mail: horst.w.langenberg@t-online.de



Michael Petersen

The days are gradually getting shorter, the leaves of the trees are

changing to an aurora of magnificent colours, and people are enjoying

the last warming rays of the sun. Autumn has come and the

fairground season is drawing it to a close with a large number of

first-class autumn Volksfest events. During this season, the Bocholt

Fair, which is traditionally held around the third Sunday of October

(this year 19 th to 22 nd ), numbers among the top events in Germany.

With the Berliner Platz, the town centre of Bocholt boasts a spacious

area, suitable for accommodating large ride attractions. From there the

fairground spreads out across the Schanze, past the Bocholt Town Hall

up to the Gasthausplatz, incorporating any free

space into colourful entertainment. The Bocholt Fair

is held in high esteem by the visitors due to its attractiveness,

its ample variety and, naturally its size.

"The Bocholt Fair is a cult and quite simply a 'must'”

– this is also the annual proclamation of thousands of

Dutch visitors, who have chosen Saturday as their Bocholt

fairground day. In addition to the large rides, the

Dutch in particular appreciate the vast number of fairground

gastronomic operations offering an ample variety

of dishes. This is the main difference between

German and Dutch Volksfest events. While our neighbours

traditionally prefer ride fun and games of

chance, the Germans particularly enjoy the culinary

delicacies offered on our fairgrounds.

The Bocholt Fair will start into its four event days at

full speed, with the popular "Happy Hour” and reduced

ride fares that especially entice 'ride junkies'.

A spectacular fireworks display provides a fantastic

start on the very first day. During the opening ceremony

inside the beer tent, the rides outside run at full

speed. It is a terrific atmosphere, enhanced by the

unparalleled blaze of light reflecting in the glass

façade of the town hall and the water of the Aa River.

The Stadtmarketing Verwaltungs-Gesellschaft mbH,

with its General Manager Ludger Dieckhues, is responsible

for this fair event, and Markus Kock has

been the fairground director for years. Well-known

and traditional attractions are skilfully mixed with new

ones. As a result the Bocholt Fair is never boring and

a particularly attractive experience every year.

The Berliner Platz is divided into three wide fairground

streets offering sufficient space for large ride

attractions, Ghost Ride and the Funhouse attractions.

In the western section of the Berliner Platz, the

"Wellenflug” (Wendler), the Musik Express "Disco Jet”


(Heitmann), and the "Phoenix” from Ralph Gusowski

will entice the public this year. The centre street will

be occupied by the "Wonder Wheel” Ferris Wheel

(Bruch/Schneider), Häsler’s "Psychodelic”, Schäfer’s

"Shake”, the dodgem track "Drive in” (Schmidt) and

– as a novelty for Bocholt – Goetzke’s "Rocket”. Moreover,

the eastern fairground street will accommodate

the "Breakdance” (Bruch), Kaiser’s "High Energy”, the

"große Geisterbahn” (Schütze) as well as the "Highway

Nr.1” dodgem track (Schneider), and the indispensable

classic "Octopussy” (Markmann) will once

again be built up on its "special site”. The Meckenemstraße,

running to the west of the Berliner Platz, will

also provide visitors with fun and entertainment.

While Fischer’s "Toboggan” will offer visitors 'malicious

joy', Klaasen’s will attract the younger generation.

Built up on the access road to the Bayernfesthalle

will be the "Looping the Loop” (von

Olnhausen), the Simulator "New World 3000” (Welte)

and the major ride "Turbo Force” from Schäfer. Those

leaving the Berliner Platz crossing the Aa River in the

direction of the town centre will first encounter the

second novelty for Bocholt, the "Voodoo Jumper”

from Schäfer. Between the Schanze and the market

square in front of the town hall, visitors will be enticed

by the "XXL” Swing (Denies-Kipp), the "Venezianische

Pferdekarussell” (Langenberg), the nostalgic

chain ride from Baese, and on the market square the

"Circus Circus” (Bruch/Gründler) will be whirling

around. Located slightly off the hustle and bustle on

the Gasthausplatz, the beautiful "Twister” (Berghaus)

will take its passengers high up into the sky. A well

selected mixture of kiddie rides will perfectly round

off the ample cornucopia of attractions.

For more information:




Birk Flea Circus at the

Jahrmarkt anno Dazumal in

Kommern 2012

Before the eyes of the children in

the first row, who were reluctant

to pass on the magnifying glass,

ballerina “Vroni from Munich”

and her co-artistes “Reserl from

Nürnberg”, and “Franzi from

Hohenwart” are pirouetting with

skirts flying, for one last time. At

the end of their performance,

they are carefully picked up from

the small stage with a pair of

tweezers and put into a small

wooden box. Until their next performance

– if all goes well, just 10

minutes afterwards – they can relax

in the darkness and cool off

in their rest chamber.

Vroni, Reserl, and Franzi belong

to the revered cast of some 180

female fleas in what may well be

the last flea circus operated by a

showman in Central Europe.

Text & Photos: Michael H. Faber

Flea Circus

Even though the flea circus, now operated by

Robert Birk, can also be booked for various

events, it makes its biggest appearance at the

Munich Oktoberfest every year. As soon as the public

descends upon the Wiesn, the circus director

opens his small menagerie, accommodated behind

a wooden front only five metres wide and held

in a beautiful, old wood-slatted caravan, equipped

with roof lights. It does not take long until the first

short queue is waiting to enjoy the eight-minute performance

in front of the wooden paybox. When visitors

in the next queue ask, even while the previous

performance is still running, when the next performance

is to begin, Birk looks at his electronic hourglass

and informs those impatiently waiting of the

remaining time of the performance. Birk presents

up to five performances an hour. Having been

presented at the Oktoberfest since 1948, the

flea circus is one of the oldest regular attractions

at the event, and has long since attained

cult status.

Apart from the Oktoberfest, Robert Birk, who

was actually a "private person” and has already

feathered his nest due to his wife's successful

haulage firm, appears at only a couple of venues

throughout the region; the Jahrmarkt in

Memmingen and the Pfaffenhofen Volksfest. In

2012 however, he let himself be enticed into making

a long journey for the first time. Asked to come

to the 18th "Jahrmarkt anno Dazumal” at the LVRopen

air museum in Kommern in the Eifel region,

he immediately agreed, and from there he travelled

on to Roncalli’s "Historischer Jahrmarkt” in Aachen-

Kornelimünster, and then further on to the "Historischer

Jahrmarkt” in Friedberg, Hesse, also

organised by the Roncalli Event GmbH for the first

time. The flea circus was very well received by the

public everywhere, which is important for the circus

director, as he presents the tiniest artists in the

world at his own risk at every venue.

Thus the Birk flea circus may well be called the only

touring showman enterprise of this kind in con-

Robert Birk

Next to the exit door of the caravan

there is the entrance to the requisites and the

presentation room




Inside the presentation

Front / caravan from 1948

tinental Europe. The only other contender in Germany

is Marco Assmann from Lautenthal in the

Harz Uplands, with his excellent flea circus performances.

But just as is the case with his other wellstaged

attractions modelled on historic examples

– such as the "Original Übersee-Kuriositätenschau”

or his illusion show "Heute Hinrichtung”, adapted

from corresponding presentations at the Munich

Oktoberfest and the Jahrmarkt in Kommern – Assmann’s

shows can only be booked at a fee. Moreover,

the Birk flea circus is the oldest flea circus still

existing in Europe. According to documents, its history

dates back to the second half of the 19 th century;

its predecessor being "Roloff’s Floh-Circus”.

Flea Trainer Bertolotto

Isolated information about presentations of "trained”

fleas, date back to the early 17 th century. According

to Gabriele Klunkert’s doctoral thesis on

"Shows and entertainment at the Leipzig Messe in

the 19 th Century”, the earliest evidence of a flea circus

was from the Italian scholar Ulisses Adrovandi.

In a work published in 1629, he reported about

a Dutchman and a Venetian who toured the world

with trained fleas. Another report about a flea circus

performance in Paris can be found in the "Vollständiges

Materialien-Lexicon” (Comprehensive

Materials Encyclopaedia) by Nicolas Lemery, in

1721. As there is no further evidence of flea circuses

up until the early 19 th century, they may initially

Assmann Flea Circus

(Photos: Assmann)



Showman flyer from the

Bertolotto Flea Circus, from the


Ticket Birk Flea Circus

have rather been just a side show among relatively

frequent animal exhibitions. According to files at

the Leipzig city archive, the Italian flea circus director

L. Bertolotto presented fleas that, among

other feats, danced, fought duels, pulled a coach

and even a battleship. On his "showman flyer” advertising

his travelling show, he also offered private

performances: "Private performances can be arranged

on request. Magnifying glasses for the shortsighted

are available.” For the flea duel, Bertolotto

glued miniature swords to the forelegs of the fleas.

The fleas ‘attempt’ to get rid of those weapons caused

the impression of a sword fight. L. Bertolotto is

repeatedly called the pioneer of this kind of show,

in the history of flea circuses not yet sufficiently researched.

He became popular all over the world via

a little book on the history of the flea and several

amusing stories that he wrote in 1830, which was

initially published in French and later in four English

editions from 1834 to 1876. The fact that just as in

this publication, his full first name was never given

in any other sources, such as his advertising flyers,

makes it difficult to research his life story. Genealogical

investigations to be found on a website, identify

him as in all probability being the very Louis Bertolotto,

whose name appears on a tombstone in a

cemetery in Port Hope, Canada. The very same

website also refers to entries in the Port Hope register

of deaths, according to which Louis Bertolotto

was born in Genoa in 1802. Further evidence

throws light on his life from the age of about 25

years, when he was already a well-travelled man.

His first daughter, Emily, was born in England; his

second, Elise, in Genoa in 1829.

His first demonstrations of a flea

circus presented all around the

globe are further documented in

the 1830s, in 1833 in a house in

Regent Street London (his

house, perhaps?), 1835 in New

York, and 1844 in Toronto. He

also travelled to Paris (probably

Advertising the Ave Flea

Circus for the Oldenburg

Kramermarkt. In: Nachrichten

für Stadt und Land 4/10/1870

(As per: Günter Müller: Der

schöne alte Oldenburger

Kramermarkt, Oldenburg 1982,

p. 25)



With this image, the Aufrichtig

Flea Circus advertised

performances at the Leipzig

Messe 1881 and 1887 (Leipzig

city archive)

as early as 1830, as the first edition of his book written

in French suggests), Copenhagen and Moscow.

In the meanwhile, Bertolotto also presented his flea

circus in other German towns – in addition to his appearances

in Leipzig proven by Klunkert – such as

on the occasion of the Bremen Freimarkt 1842,

where he erected the small flea stage in a house on

Seemannstraße. For a quarter of a Thaler, visitors

could watch fleas "of English origin” walking the

tightrope and ballet dancing, and finally pulling

small caravans in a "horse race”.

Before long Bertolotto was running a renowned

enterprise, but not without competitors. In 1840, the

"Der Bayerische Volksfreund” newspaper, issue 17

wrote: "Bertolotto, the flea trainer, has found a rival.

In Kassel, a Mr. Fiarenzi from Genoa announced

that he had trained ‘ants’ to march in rank and file,

climb scaling ladders and storm a fortress built of

sugar. They could also, on command, retreat from

a fire storm, rescuing oat grains, bread crumbs and

cheese chippings at the same time, so that they

looked like people bringing their belongings

‘tucked under the arms’ to safety. Never let it be said

that our century did not produce great men: Bertolotto

and Fiarenzi darkened the spirit of all times”.

Flea Trainer in Germany

In 1856, after the death of his first wife Julia, his remarriage

in 1850 or 1851 and the birth of his son

Louis Jnr. in 1851, and his daughters Emily and Elise

having married in Chelsea and London, Louis

Bertolotto decided to emigrate to Canada, where

he found respectable employment as a steward to

a Governor General who, according to records, had

become quite excited about Bertolotto's flea arts.

In 1859, he presented his flea circus in New York.

In 1860, he lived with his second wife and Louis Jnr.

in Quebec, where his daughter Ida was born. From

that point on, it is not clear if Louis continued to tour

his flea circus himself. In any case, he was employed

as a butler to a lord, when the Governor General

retired in 1861. In 1875, Louis moved to Port

Hope (with his wife, daughter and son?), where he

spent his last years until he passed away in 1887,

living with his daughter Emily, who had apparently

been abandoned by her husband. There is vague

evidence that Louis Jnr. had occasionally presented

his flea arts during this period. After the Bertolotto's

one-time appearance at the Leipzig Michaelismesse

in 1837, performances by flea trainers at

the event are documented again only from 1862: in

1862, 1863, and 1878 by Johann Elias Ferdinand

Avé from Hamburg, a merchant and a benchmark

maker by trade, who had travelled with a flea circus

since the early 1860s. At the Ostermesse 1875,

Advertising the “Großen

Original-Europäisches Floh-

Theater and Circus” from

Aufrichtig for the Oldenburg

Kramermarkt. In: Nachrichten

für Stadt und Land 5/10/1891

(As per Günter Müller, a.a.O., p.




Information flyer from

the Robert Birk Flea Circus

Friedländer poster from

Roloff’s Flea Circus with the

image of Wilhelm Roloff,

about 1907

Carl Aufrichtig, probably coming from Lobkowitz or

Vienna, presented his flea theatre at the Leipzig

Ostermesse. The illustration on one of his showman

flyers showed a menagerie full of flea artists: on flying

trapezes, balancing on bottles, doing headstands

on a swaying mast, playing the guitar, tightrope

artists or as passengers hanging under a

steam locomotive or running along a rope. Later on,

according to his advertisement for the Oldenburg

Kramermarkt 1891, Carl Aufrichtig called his enterprise

"Großes Original-Europäisches Floh-Theater

und Circus für Dressur und

Abrichtung der Flöhe”, or Large

Original European Flea

Theatre and Circus for the

Training and Conditioning of

Fleas. In a newspaper advertisement

he advertised the

performance of three hundred

flea artists, while at the same

time reassuring still doubtful

readers: "The honourable ladies

and gentlemen are protected

from any deserters.”

"Desertion impossible” –

notes like these were repeatedly

found on showman flyers

and newspaper advertisements

from flea circus directors.

Quite a number of them

made appearances at the

Leipzig Messe. According to

Gabriele Klunkert, a flea show

can be evidenced at almost

every subsequent Leipzig

Messe after the appearance of G. Uhlmann at the

Ostermesse 1883. In 1884, it was Hermann

Gaitzsch, probably coming from Hannover; between

1885 and 1907 Johannes Maria Günther

from Coswig with his "Paris Floh-Circus with its 300

well-trained human fleas”; Georg Max Ackermann

at the Michaelismarkt 1890; Friedrich Christian

Blässig at the Ostermesse 1899; Leonhard Meyer

at the Ostermesse 1909; Richard Hausschild from

Reusrath at the Messe events between 1909 and

1915, and Heinrich Tischer at the Michaelismesse

1917, as well as the Ostermesse 1918. The high

number of flea circus operators that are connected

with the Leipzig Messe events should not obscure

the fact that presentations of these "tiniest artists”

have always been a mere side show compared to

other animal exhibitions. On the occasion of a

Volksfest, many flea circuses had initially been presented

in houses located near the fairground, before

their directors decided to join the showmen on

the fairground with their own booths. It is of course,

very much in the nature of the spectacle that the

flea circus booths were comparatively small. After

all, the artistic spectacle could not be watched by

more than twenty to thirty spectators per performance,

either with the naked eye or with a magnifying

glass passed from hand to hand. After the

last war, there were still several flea circuses travelling

throughout Germany, even though their number

had already decreased since the 1920s. The last

flea circus performances may well have been presented

in the 1950s – with the exception of the

enterprise founded in the 19 th century, which is still

operated by Robert Birk to this very day.

Flea Circuses Travelled Around the Globe

Just as many of his colleagues, particularly Bertolotto,

the aforementioned founder of Birk’s flea

circus, Roloff is said to have travelled all over the

world for many decades. If the company history

compiled by the previous operators of this flea circus

is anything to go by, Roloff’s flea circus appear-



Panels from the blind front

of the Birk Flea Circus

ed in France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina,

India, and in other countries around the

world. It is said that even prominent figures

repeatedly admired the performing arts of the fleas.

In 1898, Roloff had been given five gold pounds after

a performance for the British Queen, Victoria.

Even Pope Leo XIII and Emperor Wilhelm II are said

to have admired the tiny artistes – probably for

dancing, fighting duels, juggling balls, walking the

tightrope, and pulling coaches and canons, as was

suggested by a poster created by the well-known

Hamburg printer, Adolph Friedländer, which also

showed a picture of Wilhelm Roloff. Later on however,

there is said to have also been an absolutely

inglorious engagement. In an informational flyer,

distributed to the public even until long after the last

war, and the graphic design of which is more in line

with the 1930s, the company claims not without

some pride that it "had been called no less than four

times to Berlin, to give special performances with

its fleas for Hitler and his staff.” Another source, unverified

however, mentions that there were three

performances in the Chancellery of the Reich, for

which the flea circus director had received a black

dinner jacket together with a coat and top hat – and

an additional 200 Reichsmark. Due to his

deteriorating eyesight, which was certainly detrimental

to the business given the barely visible tiny

creatures, Roloff handed over the circus to his

great-nephew Peter Mathes in 1948. The very same

year the Mathes family made its first appearance at

the Munich Oktoberfest – with a

newly redesigned operation;

specifically, the caravan and

front having been significantly

modified. To this very day it has

appeared in this form, with no

more than minor modifications.

The wood- slatted caravan and

the front with the incorporated

paybox and a box room behind

it, was built by Popp-Fahrzeug-

Vroni, Reserl, and Franzi –

Birk's ballerinas



Information flyer from

the Peter Mathes

Flea Circus, from the 1950s

The examples from the

vehicle fleet

bau in Nürnberg. On opening days, this small room

adjoining the side of the caravan not only accommodates

the flea box and other requisite boxes as

well as the small stage, but it is also the presenter’s

day room from where he gives the performances

through a window of the caravan. Therefore the

little space inside the just 4-metre-long caravan can

be used almost entirely as an auditorium. Three

rows of benches, deployed all around a stage

measuring not even one square metre, offer seating

to some 25 spectators. In former times however, the

caravan also had to serve as accomodation for the

Mathes family of four. At the rear side of the small

room, two bunk beds were mounted, which were

folded up prior to the performances, and a small

oven stood opposite the stage adjoining the side

wall. To this day, there is a tiny corner cabinet in

which the family kept their belongings, located at

the corner to the front of the caravan. The Mathes

family worked together with a Hamburg presenter,

who also had to be accommodated in the small caravan,

and made his bed on the benches at the end

of the opening day. By day, the presenter gave the

performances, for which he paid Mathes "rent”. In

the evenings Peter Mathes and his wife took over

the performances – on average

three presentations an hour. In

1972 Peter Mathes handed over

the flea circus to his son Hans

and his wife Ingrid. From then on,

Hans Mathes – an industrial clerk

in 'real life’, sacrificed his annual

holiday to operate the enterprise

at the Munich Oktoberfest. Due

to health reasons, Hans Mathes

had to give up his Oktoberfest

presentations in 2002 however. Eventually, he

handed over the circus to his friend Robert Birk,

who had already helped out at the enterprise, and

was therefore familiar with the matter of feeding and

presenting the fleas. The flea circus made its first

appearance under Birk’s management at the

Munich Oktoberfest in 2005.

Flea Circus Director Birk

180 fleas accompany Robert Birk on his venues. 50

of his fleas are "engaged”, as Birk calls it, all their

life, which, if everything goes well, lasts one year.

They are harnessed to a tiny loop, the wire of which

is fastened to a small chariot, carousel or other miniature

object. Even since the end of the 19 th century,

the flea circus no longer uses human fleas, as

thanks to improved hygiene standards, they have

become hard to find. While fleas could be acquired

at dog breeders and animal dealers in former times,

Birk has other sources these days. The only thing

he gives away, however, is that railway station cats

number among his suppliers.

"Only female fleas are suitable for circus performances,

male fleas would be too weak for artistic

stunts,” the circus director points out. "Before I can

use a flea, I have to find out if it prefers high jumping

or running. The ‘jumpers’ I can use for playing

women’s football. They try to free themselves from

small balls, shooting them with their rear legs and

scoring goals.” Other running fleas pull carts and

caravans through a miniature village: "Fiaker-Fritz”,

"Nero” with the Roman chariot, Hans with the state

coach, Bene with the dolly, 20 miniature vehicles –

including many valuable heirlooms from the company

history – all belong to Birk’s line-up of props




The fleas’ miniature

and personalities – even the tiny carousel rotated

by the "Starker Augustin”. Astonishingly, as much

as 30 grams can be moved by a female flea.

If the fleas are disinclined to perform, Birk asks the

audience in the first row to breathe on the female

artists. "This warms them up, and when it is warm,

the fleas begin to fidget.” explains the director.

"Normally, I carefully warm up the fleas between my

fingers.” It must be at least 23 degrees inside the

flea circus, otherwise the performance does not

work. Therefore, the flea circus will hardly be found

at a Christmas Market.

Long before the first performance begins, Birk has

to feed his large troop of fleas. Early in the mornings,

he puts the first female on his arms. Nobody

else can help him with this time-consuming feeding,

as the fleas suck blood only from one and the same

'donor'. Feeding and performance are the only occasions,

when the fleas come out of their small storage

boxes into the light of day, or to the artificial

light of the circus wagon, as fleas need darkness

and cannot stand any sound. In dark, small boxes,

cooled to slightly below 10 degrees, they feel

better than on the circus stage.

What will be the future of the flea circus? For Robert

Birk, who had to experience the decline of his once

booming transport company, the takeover of the circus

was the right decision. "Compared to the former

competition, this circus operation is quite relaxing,”

Birk enthuses. Martin, a good friend, assists

him with the performances, son Christian

occasionally also lends a helping hand, and even

his four-year-old daughter can already present the

female fleas' football match. "Sometimes she cries

when she is not allowed to help”. This raises hope

for the future of Germany’s oldest flea circus.

hunderts. Eine wirtschafts- und sozialgeschichtliche

Untersuchung. Göttingen 2010, With this statement

she refers to an unpublicized manuscript

from Stephan Oettermann: Flohzirkus. Formen bürgerlicher

Naturbeherrschung unter der Lupe; zitiert

nach Rainer Schmitz

– http://www.fleacircus.co.uk/HistoryBertolotto.

htm (as of: 26/05/2012).

– Bertolotto, L.: Histoire de la Puce, avec notes et

observations, précédée d’un raport du jugement

qu’il a obtenu contre le Sr. Maestro: et suvie de Cadet

Buteux à l’exhibition des puces industrieuses

(de Londres). 1830

– http://www.nhb.com/hunter/fleas.htm (as of: 26/


– Peters, Fritz: Freimarkt in Bremen. Geschichte eines

Jahrmarkts mit einem Nachtrag von Wilhelm

Lührs. Bremen, 2. Aufl. 1985

– http://fleascircuses. blogspot.de/2012 /01/bertolotto-rival-in-kassel.html

(as of: 26/05/2012)

– Nachrichten für Stadt und Land, 5/10/1891

– Müller, Günter: Der schöne alte Oldenburger Kramermarkt.

Oldenburg 1982

Birk’s friend Martin

presenting the female fleas

through the caravan window


– Klunkert, Gabriele: Schaustellungen und Volksbelustigungen

auf Leipziger Messen des 19. Jahr-



Dreßen (Gastronomy) Photo: Michael Petersen Backhaus (Chain Ride) Photo: Kai Morawetz

Langenberg (Multi-Storey Carousel) Photo: Michael Petersen Hamberger (Fantastic World) Photo: Rolf Orschel

Welte (Coaster) Photo: Kai Morawetz Sturm (Mirror Maze) Photo: Michael Petersen



Nitzsche (Confectionery) Photo: Ralf Schmitt Stüß (Waffels) Photo: Rolf Orschel

Krummacker (Dart Game) Photo: Rolf Orschel Rockel (Confectionery) Photo: Rolf Orschel

Strohmann (Pretzels) Photo: Rolf Orschel Aufermann (Ice cream) Photo: Norman Vogt


Unsere Energie sparenden LEDs

setzen das Karussell ins

richtige Licht

Bei uns fängt

der Spaß an:

Bitte einsteigen

und abheben!

Wir freuen uns in dieser Saison noch

auf die Lippstädter Herbstwoche

und auf das Volksfest in Siegen.

Maße: Front 18 m • Tiefe 16 m (ohne Rückfront Tiefe 14 m)

Ein Highlight auf jedem Festplatz!

Das Karussell mit den kompakten Maßen – einzigartig!

19 Meter Front – 20 Meter Tiefe

Mit Energie sparender

LED-Beleuchtung und


Fotos: King

Hautnah zu erleben auf dem Hamburger Winterdom

Alexander Zinnecker • 91301 Forchheim • Kontakt: 0173/912 32 94



On the last weekend in April, Peter

and Jaqueline Hickman from

Plauen, Vogtland, celebrated the

successful première of their

brand new “Naschwerkstatt”

confectionery stall at the Frühjahrskleinmes

the Hickmann

family continues the family’s

confectionery tradition in a modern

style. Their grandparents

and parents toured an ice cream

parlour as well as specialising in

selling sweets. In the 1950s, Peter

Hickmann’s mother operated

a caterpillar ride and a spider

ride together with her brother.

Text & Photos: Rolf Orschel

Tradition: The confectionery

sales stall from Peter

Hickmann’s grandparents

Jaqueline Hickman,

and a view into the interior

Due to the consistent short supply that characterised

the economy of the former GDR, the sweets

stall was given up in favour of a dodgem track, which

was later taken over by Peter Hickmann. In 1989, the

Hickmann family began selling sweets once again. After

the German Reunification, they renewed their

contacts with their old suppliers and engaged the

Freiberg ride manufacturer Peuckert to build the

confectionery sales wagon “Zuckerparadies”,

which was successfully operated by Jaqueline

Hickmann. The hydraulically removable container

trailer was built by the Pfaff ride manufacturer

from Buchheim, which also carried out the functional

interior furnishing according to the wishes

and specifications of the Hickmann family. The

moulded plastic front was lovingly decorated with

more than a dozen Heinzelmännchen (the famous

'house gnomes' of Cologne, who according

to legend performed the chores of the city's idle inhabitants).

The whole construction

was painted with airbrushes. The interior

walls are made of painted aluminium

and the work surfaces of

high-quality steel. Both a cool and a hot counter have

been installed for the presentation of the goods. The

canopy and the bays can be hydraulically elevated or

moved back. The product choice mainly includes

chocolate coated fruits, many different kinds of nuts,

gingerbread hearts, ice cream and other sweets and

goodies. The “Naschwerkstatt” requires a 9 x 4 metre

ground area, is 5 metres high, has electrical requirements

of 30 kW, and can be built up within about 20



XXL-Front: volle 12

Meter Schießfläche!

Komplette Umgestaltung für die Saison 2013!

Unterwegs auf Top-Plätzen – die total verrückte Jagdhütte empfiehlt sich für die neue Saison!

Carsten Westendorf • Tel. 0177 / 334 34 10 • www.zuckerpalast.de

Besonderen Dank auch den folgenden

Städten, Veranstaltern und Verbänden

für die besonders positive Zusammenarbeit.

Mendener Pfingstkirmes, Nordhorner Kirmes,

Oldenburger Kramermarkt, Kieler Woche,

Haaner Kirmes, Hüstener und Moerser Kirmes

Wir freuen uns auf und empfehlen uns für die Saison 2013!


Michael Roden and Klaus


Berlin’s Lord Mayor Klaus

Wowereit (l.), Michael Roden

from the Berlin Showman Association

(2 nd f.l.) and the French

Ambassador Maurice Gourdault-Montagne

(3 rd f.l.) cutting

the ribbon at the opening ceremony

Text: Rolf Orschel

Photos: Rolf Orschel, Heiko Schimanzik, Foto-Engler

The 50 th German-French Volksfest in Berlin was

held from 15 th June to 15 th July. The anniversary

event was opened by the French Ambassador

Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, together with

Berlin’s Lord Mayor Klaus Wowereit.

True to the motto "Love Berlin”, a touch of French

savoir vivre was brought to the central fairground

at the Kurt-Schumacher-Damm for 31 days. The

German-French Volksfest came into being after

the signing of the German-French Friendship

Agreement by General de Gaulle and Chancellor

Adenauer in Bonn. According to the organiser, the

Berlin Showman Association e. V., the event

unique in Germany is also the largest Volksfest in

Berlin. To mark the milestone anniversary, more

than 150 showman operations were engaged, and

the built-up attractions were certainly worthy of a

Volksfest in a large city. The first-class top attractions

presented to the visitors this time were the

"Eclipse” Propeller (Korten), "Rock & Roller Coaster”

(Vorlop), "Frisbee” (Robrahn), the turbulent

looping ride "Devil Rock” (Hanstein), the "Poseidon”

water ride (Heitmann-Schneider), and the

go-kart track (Fackler). They were joined by the

"Bayern-Rutsch´n" (Schierenbeck),

the "High Explosive”

coaster (Vorlop), "Schlittenfahrt”

(Noack), "Apres Ski-Party”

(Fackler), the "Walk of

Fame” labyrinth (Schürmann),

the "Verrücktes Hotel”

(Burghard), and the "Tourist

Wheel” Ferris Wheel (Kriek).

Other ride and Funhouse attractions

as well as concession

stalls from several Berlin



Panoramic view across the

50 th German-French Volksfest in


showmen and other regular participants were two

dodgem tracks (Noack and Müller), the "Breakdance”

(Dinali), "Magic” (Hainlein), Wave-Swinger

(Barthel), "Melodie Star” (Müller), and "Tanz der

Vampire” (Nitzsche). Younger visitors were able to

enjoy several kiddie rides, a Jet Ride, a kiddie railway,

a motor boat ride and a bungee trampoline.

A number of games and concession stalls,

Continental Pick stands, gastronomic, confectionery

and beverage operations rounded off the

cornucopia of attractions. In the centre of the fairground,

the Französiches Dorf "French Village”

was built up, which was operated by the

Bergmann Eventgastronomie according to a completely

new concept. The new city setting with typical

alleys and matching flair featured many green

spaces and was planted with blooming flowers as

well as ornamental trees and shrubs. A 14-metre

tall "Moulin Rouge” towered over the appealing

and cosy scenery. The gastronomic operations

offered an ample choice of

French specialities and beverages,

accompanied by chansons

and French accordion

sounds from the music pavilion.

To mark the anniversary, the

Berlin Showman Association

had come up with a special idea

to thank visitors. As a way of expressing

appreciation to all

coming to the fairground turning

50 during the 4-week event, visitors were presented

a 50 voucher upon presentation of their

identity card. On 8 th July, the actual birthday of the

Volksfest, free lottery tickets were distributed to the

visitors between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., the prize being

an iPhone 4S. Further highlights of the event

were four long fireworks displays held on every

Saturday evening and the French National Holiday

(14 th July) when the sky over the central fairground

was illuminated in the French national colours.

Moreover, Family Days with fare prices reduced by

half at all rides and tracks were held every


Financially, the 50 th German-French Volksfest was

a bitter disappointment for the participating showmen;

most of them called it a "failure”. Apart from

the European Football championship and continuous

rain on almost all the peak days, the wellknown

problems at the central fairground were responsible

for the failure. To this day, the only on-

Scenes from the opening


The entrance area to

the “Französisches Dorf”


German première in Berlin:

the “Tourist Wheel” from Kriek

Fairground impressions

site signposts pointing out the Volksfest are the

Ferris Wheel dummy from the Showman Association,

a huge poster and "Zentraler Festplatz”

direction signs. Moreover, the fairground is still

hidden away behind a high earth wall. At least a

100-metre section of the earth wall is to be carried

away between now and next year's event, so that

the fairground can be seen from the Autobahn.

Even though the long-time, tireless commitment of

the Berlin Showman Association is honoured by

this measure to a certain extent, it does not

change anything as regards the 'wrong location

policy' of the political decision makers. ■






Rolf Orschel

Rolf Oschel, Heiko Schimanzik

In an appealingly decorated tent at the

German-French Volksfest, the “Berliner

Schaustellermuseum” from Rolf Hartmann

exhibited a small part of its ample collection

of historic showman objects.

Apart from Lanz traction units, the exhibits included,

among others, a number of gondolas,

ride mounts, dodgem track chaises and historic

flags from the Showman Association. ■

Berlin showman veteran

Rolf Hartmann displaying

a part of his ample collection




“Hexentanz” (Markmann)

and Ferris Wheel (Rosai) at the

Bartlmädult in Landshut

Stilt-walking artist on the

family day

Dult debutantes: “Reggae”

(Winter) and Musik Express

from Baier

Text & Photos: Ralf Schmitt

Many novelties could be encountered at the

Landshut Bartlmädult (17 th to 26 th August) – the

second largest annual Volksfest in the city apart

from the Frühjahrsdult. Unfortunately, business

on the Grieserwiese fairground was rather slow,

due to the spell of hot weather.

Even though the originally engaged ride novelty

"Flasher” could not celebrate its première in Landshut

due to a delay in completion (it was replaced by Zinnecker’s

"Streetfighter” Swing), there were nonetheless

as many as three debutantes namely the large

"Rock & Roller” Coaster (Vorlop), the unique "Reggae”

(Winter), and a Musik Express from the north

(Fa. Baier). They were joined by the dodgem tracks

from Sonntag and Kollmann, the "Magic House”

(Kutschenbauer), Simulator "Fantastical Trip” (Kunze),

"Circus Wheel” Ferris Wheel (Rosai), Hopser

"Bavaria Dance” (Thalkofer), Twister "Hawaii Swing”

(Neigert) and, after a break of several years, the magnificent

"Hexentanz” (Markmann).

A novelty among the gastronomic operations was Felber’s

"Bier-Alm”, an interesting alternative to the two

large beer tents. Additionally, the large merchant Dult

offered a high-quality product choice. The supporting

programme included the opening Dult church

service, seniors' day, lost-items auction, fireworks

display accompanied by music, and the Family Day

with reduced prices. On this day, children were also

able to enjoy a magic show, a kiddie make-up event

and a clown, as well as stilt-walkers drawing much

attention as they went on their rounds across the fairground.


EAS Berlin

Booth No. 2307

For More Info Contact James Mellors. Email: j.mellors@Mellorsgroup.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7836581949 / +44 (0) 1159 679991 Fax: +44 (0) 1159 679992

“Ostervolksfest – Auf der Freiheit”

30. März bis 07. April 2013

Die Herforder Osterkirmes 2013 zum 2. Mal als Innenstadt-Kirmes

auf der Hauptverkehrsachse der Schaustellerstadt.

Die Kirmes findet statt mit großem Rahmenprogramm unter

Beteiligung der Herforder Vereine und Kaufmannschaft.

Bewerbungsschluss: 31. Dezember 2012

Die Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

- Vor- und Zuname des Bewerbers mit ständiger Anschrift und Telefonnr.

- Erforderliche Stromanschlüsse sind anzugeben (KW-Zahlen)

- Angabe der Anzahl der Wohn- und Packwagen

- Abmessungen des Geschäftes einschl. Blinder Fronten (Front,Tiefe,Höhe)

- Bei Schaugeschäften sind Angaben über die Darbietungen erforderlich

- Ein neuzeitliches Lichtbild des Geschäftes

- Für jedes Geschäft ist ein gesonderter Antrag zu stellen

Schriftliche Bewerbungen sind zu richten an:



Herford e.V.

Lorenweg 2

32423 Minden



Text & Photos:

Helmut Bresler

Who would have thought it possible

five years ago? It is once

again trendy to celebrate Kiliani

at the Talavera! With 1 million

guests, new record-breaking

visitor numbers were achieved,

according to Würzburg city authorities.

"We have left the vale of tears”, said

showman Heiner Distel, putting it

very much in a nutshell. Twenty or

thirty years ago, the 17-day event

used to be a guarantee of turnover;

then came the steep decline. The

event gained new attractiveness with the approval of

the Stadl patron, controversially discussed at the onset.

Together with the engagement of prominent

restaurateurs from the local gastronomic scene, this

turned out to be the revitalizing element. There was a

new Stadl patron, offering a perfect rustic-styled ambience

– yet unfavourably placed on the sidelines of

the fairground. His operation really has to be built up

in the centre of the fairground! Most dominant is and

always has been Michael Hahn with his large beer tent,

who has pushed the Kiliani event to the very top and

always has a fully occupied tent, even on weekdays,

thanks to the good music programme. A skilfully laid

out fairground with 75 showman operations left nothing

to be desired – including three attractions from the

show and Funhouse sector; namely the "Geister-

Schloss” with surprising effects, the boxing-show, as

well as the "Crazy Outback” Walkthrough construction.

The veteran car parade on the final Sunday was an unexpected

success. This year, there were even more

people on the fairground, leaving hardly any room on

the festival streets. A big compliment to the city of

Würzburg must be acknowledged in the slogan appearing

on the event's official poster: "Meine Stadt.

Mein Volksfest”.

On the way up: the

Kiliani Volksfest in Würzburg

Das Lachen am laufenden Band!



Tel. 0178 /217 38 45




The “the largest fair on the

Rhine” in Düsseldorf

Text: Michael Petersen

Photos: Ralf Schmitt, Heiko Schimanzik

The largest fair on the Rhine was opened with

the traditional tapping of the keg and two perfect

blows of the mallet by Düsseldorf’s Lord

Mayor Dirk Elbers. At that point in time, the

avowed fairground fan Elbers was still in good

spirits and cheerily announced, “We all know

that St. Peter has always been a fairground


Unfortunately, this statement turned out to be

wrong this year. The 111 th Rheinwiesen Fair was

not spared from rain and even threatened to be

entirely "washed away”. Indeed, due to continuous

rain, the start of the event was pretty dismal;

a bitter irony, given the contrasting good fortune

of the city's Fortuna Düsseldorf football team,

which has recently made it back into the first division.

The showmen grew increasingly disappointed,

with the owners of uncovered rides suffering

most from the wet weather. Visitor attendance during

the first weekend fell far short of expectations,

and poor weather forecasts kept non-resident visitors

from coming to Düsseldorf. After all it is not

possible to just go to the Rheinwiesen Fair in one’s

own car, as there are no parking possibilities in the

direct vicinity of the fairground, and considering

the forecast, only a few families were prepared to

put up with using public transport. While business

was poor during the first two opening days, it was

highly satisfying on Sunday, but very modest

again on Monday and Tuesday due to repeated

rainfall and low temperatures. Wednesday was the

first really good day for all showmen, but after a

pretty modest Thursday, the event entered a fan-


Visit us at

Booth No. 743

EAS Berlin

Visit us at

Booth No. 335

EAS Berlin


€ 15,– € 10,–

im Inland inklusive Versandkosten


Ein spannender Blick

hinter die Kulissen

Schaustellerfrauen berichten mit viel Witz und

Charme über ihr abwechslungsreiches,

aber hartes Leben auf der Reise.

Henriette Stamer erzählt aus einem

erfolgreichen Schaustellerdasein

– aus einer liebenswürdigen Welt,

die der normale Bürger

nur von der Glitzerseite her kennt.

Der Berg -

Das Phänomen Erlanger


Herausgegeben von

Ralf Birke und Klaus Karl-Kraus,

auf 184 Seiten reichhaltig bebildert.

Das Buch bietet eine umfassende Führung

durch die Historie der Fahrgeschäfte,

Buden und Belustigungen.

€ 10,–

€ 28,–

im Inland inklusive



„Das Karussellmädle“ & „Mit Romantik

hat unser Beruf nichts zu tun“

im Inland inklusive


€ 15,–

€ 20,–

€ 15,– € 10,–

im Inland inklusive Versandkosten

1. Reihe Mitte

Ein Schaustellerleben

Die mitreißende Geschichte

eines leidenschaftlichen

Schauspielers, der als Kind

einer großen Schaustellerfamilie

auf dem Jahrmarkt aufwuchs.


€ 10,–

im Inland inklusive


Bitte einsenden an:

Das Angebot gilt solange der Vorrat reicht!

■ Ich bestelle _ Stck. „1. Reihe Mitte“ zum Preis von € 10,– je Exemplar

■ Ich bestelle _ Stck. „Der Berg“ zum Preis von € 10,– je Exemplar

■ Ich bestelle _ Stck. „Mit Romantik...“ zum Preis von € 10,– je Exemplar

■ Ich bestelle _ Stck. „Karussellmädle“ zum Preis von € 10,– je Exemplar

■ Ich bestelle _ Stck. KOMBI-PREIS: „Karussellmädle“ & „Mit Romantik...“ zum Preis von € 15,–

Den Betrag habe ich

■ in Vorkasse bar

■ als Verr.-Scheck*

(*nur Inland!) beigelegt.




85291 Reichertshausen

Alle Preise im Inland verstehen sich inklusive Versandkosten.

Versandkosten Ausland: Europa € 5,– / außerhalb Europas € 10,– )

■ Gesamt

❏ Ich bezahle per Kreditkarte: ❏ VISA ❏ MASTERCARD ❏ DINERS CLUB ❏ AMERICAN EXPRESS

Credit Card Nr.

gültig bis



PLZ ■ Ort

Datum ■ Unterschrift


The 2012 fair

suffered from lots of rain



Larger than ever:

Füchschen brewery tent

Düsseldorf novelty: the

“Voodoo Jumper” from Schäfer

tastic "finishing straight”. As was the case during

the previous years, the day of the fireworks display

was the day with the highest visitor attendance.

More than 500,000 visitors came to the fairground,

and another 500,000 people lined the bridges and

the banks of the medieval city centre. That was the

Rheinwiesen at its best, masses of free-spending

visitors besieged the largest fair on the Rhine, as

used to be generally the case in the good old

days. That was Düsseldorf as the showmen love it

and as visitors know it. In the end, the organiser

reported some 4 million visitors – an increase of

about 400,000 visitors on the previous, also somewhat

rainy year.

The Rheinwiesen Fair is a crowd puller in the Düsseldorf

calendar of events. However, one could

easily ask the question as to why the Franzosenfest

(French Festival) had to be celebrated on the

banks within the medieval city centre during the

first weekend again. According to the local press

some 70,000 visitors went to the festival, but did

they also visit the Rheinwiesen?

Even a good two weeks prior to the opening, the

largest fair on the Rhine was very 'present' in the

Düsseldorf media, with repeated and detailed reports.

The Düsseldorf Express even ran a short series

introducing a number of showman families.

The amusing family chronicles were accompanied

by historic photographic material. That was much

fun and provided a distinctive contrast to the

sometimes very unimaginative press coverage.

Apparently, the annual "Fairground-Check” is another

indispensable must. This time, there was a

"horror & thrill check”, in which all the rides did

well. The inevitable comparison of today's prices

with those of the last four years showed that the

prices on the fairground had increased only very

slightly. Considering exploding energy costs and

the cost of living, this is certainly a positive result

for a change. It was however completely deplorable

and unnecessary to rehash last year’s minor

accident again. Clearly noticeable to those

driving through Düsseldorf was the large number

of new banners put up as eye catchers throughout

the whole city. Advertising on taxis was also

very noticeable, a superb and highly conspicuous

advertising idea. To sum up, the advertising measures

have been considerably modified and have

become more effective. All that is missing now is

a really good website for the event, such as the

website for the Crange Fair in Herne or the

Stuttgart Wasen, to name but a few.

The layout of the Rheinwiesen fairground met up

with our preview. Due to local peculiarities, the

largest fair on the Rhine has its fixtures, such as a

large number of Funhouse attractions being built

up on Radschlägerstraße in order to reduce the

noise level out of respect for the complaining,

noise-sensitive Oberkassel residents. The large

attractions, such as the "Bellevue” Ferris Wheel,

coasters, water ride and Ghost Rides, as well as

the beer tents retained their usual sites, apart from

just a few exceptions. This year, for example, the

extended "Füchschen” tent was relocated to the

site of the Bayernfestzelt which is no longer pre-


sented at Düsseldorf. Of course, almost all the

concession stalls also retained their traditional

sites, and this will also be the case in the future in

the interest of the relevant showmen. Nevertheless,

fairground architect Thomas König changes

the appearance of the Rheinwiesen Fair as much

as possible every year, certainly making daring

decisions, but also admitting layout mistakes,

even if they are sometimes not recognisable as

such beforehand.

This year, for example, there was a historic fairground

section, which did not altogether work out.

The unavoidable question in this regard is if this

out-of-the-way area makes any sense at all. After

all, the showman operations that followed the

"Schwarzwald-Christel” in this area did not fare too

well, as only a few visitors leave the main thoroughfare

and turn right. Last year, not even crowd

pullers, such as the unique "Toboggan” or the

mega swing "Konga” were able to liven up this

area. A deliberately laid out twisting course would

not only help all the showmen in this section, but

also provide new top end sites. Among the attractions

in the historic Rheinwiesen section,

which according to Thomas König will not be laid

out again next year, only the looping swing and the

Caterpillar Ride achieved satisfying results, as

they were built up facing the Radschlägerstraße,

the main thoroughfare, while the novelty "Rio Rapidos”

was placed somewhat unfavourably with its

back facing the course through the area. This

spectacular water ride would truly have deserved

a better site.

With regard to the occupancy it should also be

mentioned that there are some – very few, it must

be said – attractions in Düsseldorf that simply

have no place on this major fair due to their visual

appearance. Strongly weathered fronts are unsuitable

for the requirements of a modern fair and

should at least be repainted. Particularly annoying

for years have been a number of toilet wagons on

the fairground: Having to pay 70 Cents to relieve

oneself in a completely dirty toilet wagon simply

will not do. Given this, as good as a showman’s

offering may be, a single visit to the toilet will make

the visitor immediately forget this very good, fast

and friendly service, but always remember the

dirty toilet.

The Rheinwiesen Fair has a very good visitor mix

and offers fair attractions of the highest standard.

Therefore dirty toilets or construction trailer-style

toilets are an absolute no-go! This requires urgent

action! Moreover, one or two showmen would be

well advised to empty the overflowing refuse bins

in front of their attractions every now and then – it

simply looks better.

In a remarkably frank interview with the Westdeutsche

Zeitung after the fair, fairground architect

Thomas König, provided

readers with a look behind the fairground

scenes, commenting on

the estimated visitor numbers,

and expressing his disappointment

with regard to a number of

issues. These included the fact

that it has not been possible to find

an operator for a first-class gastronomic

operation; and this in

Düsseldorf! Due to the new security

concept, which worked

smoothly this year, the traditional

fair had to be newly laid out. The

additional costs could only be

paid with the support of sponsors,

according to the organiser, results

are "zero Euros in the black”. Many showmen were

surprised and annoyed by the strange statements

by the Kinderschutzbund (Child Welfare Organisation)

in the Rheinwiesen flyer, which not only set

down "rules of conduct”, but also asserted that the

fair was not for children under 3 years of age. What

an insult, especially for kiddie ride operators! One

could easily ask the question as to why the Kinderschutzbund

was offered this platform. "For us, that

was the lesser evil, as otherwise employees of the

Kinderschutzbund would have strolled across the

fairground together with the press, searching for

shortcomings. This way, we ‘silenced them’ beforehand,”

said Thomas König. Well, perhaps so;

but what could they possibly have found? There

may well be hardly any more attractive and exciting

place for children than a fair event.

Summary: there was marvellous sunshine, dark

clouds and rain at the Düsseldorf Rheinwiesen –

both concretely and figuratively speaking. There

are only a few things that have to be changed to

maintain the high quality standards. Advertising is

heading in the right direction, with extensive advertising

measures in the neighbouring cities

guaranteeing high visitor attendance. After all, the

Rheinwiesen could not survive from Düsseldorf

visitors alone. In dry weather the Rheinwiesen Fair

has once again proved its enormous potential as

the largest fair on the Rhine and its excellent reputation

among German fair events.


Not all attractions

presented met the high standard

of the Rhein-Kirmes in

Düsseldorf. Also questionable:

the price policy and the cleanliness

of several toilet wagons




“Is’ ja irre”, or “It’s amazing”,

as rendered in dialect, can be

heard from the sound system

of the Schau family. It’s all in

the name and the jingle; after

all, the Schaus are showmen

and have specialised in

mazes for more than 35

years. It all started at the

Hamburg Dom. Back then,

newly-wed Peter Schau – descendant

of one of the oldest

still existing showman dynasties

in the Hanseatic city –

wanted to become a self-employed

showman with a Walkthrough

construction, as the

shooting gallery of his parents

could not go on feeding

two families.

Text: Michael Bonhoff

Photos: Michael Bonhoff, Ralf Schmitt,

Heiko Schimanzik, Archive Schau

The maze under the

management of Knossalla. Below:

Vera and Peter Schau

At the very same time, another regular participant

at the Dom was thinking about retiring

from "the road” for reasons of age. Herbert Knossalla,

a former Wall of Death artist, had handicraft

firms build one of the first post war mazes according

to his plans, and successfully toured this attraction

throughout Germany as early as 1957. It

was not long before the glass maze was a fixture

also at the Hamburg Dom. With Peter Schau, Knossalla

eventually found a worthy successor for his

operation. "Well, my son, see that you get the

money,” he advised his young colleague once they

had agreed on the takeover. The Hamburg Sparkasse

bank, which had already enjoyed good experience

with the Dom showmen, granted Schau

the required loan to finance not only the maze, but

also his winter quarters beyond the gates of Hamburg,

and a new caravan for his young family. However,

as moving into the cottage in the winter of

1976 was out of the question, the future living room

was converted into a workshop without much ado,

where the now ageing maze was completely restored

and carefully modernised. After all, its decoration

was state of the art. The construction’s dark

blue corrugated metal sheet front with yellow wooden

letters and coloured fluorescent tubes were replaced

by a new, flat metal sheet façade, which was

to be painted and marked with a new name sign.

To this end, Peter Schau engaged the artist Mike

Tegen from the Holsteinischer Panker, who was still

largely unknown in the industry at that time. The

new illuminated letters were delivered by the Dom

electrician Otto Busch. At the start of the season,

the glass maze was presented in the fresh, new look

of the 1970s without losing its original character. To

this day, the latter has been retained, despite repeated

further modernisation measures. "I am

pure,” the showman explains the concept. His

maze is meant to be nothing other than what its

name says, and what visitors can already see from

the outside. This way, there are no disappointments

or unpleasant surprises. "Many visitors do not like

all the shaking,” says Schau referring to the competitors'

modern Walkthrough constructions. That is

why his traditional attraction does without any moving

staircases, rotating floors, or rolling barrels. In

the long run, the Schau family were unable to completely

ignore modern developments though. When

an increasing number of showman colleagues

ordered sophisticated new constructions from

manufacturer Dietz in the early 1980s, Peter Schau

also got inspired. As a result, he took the opportunity

to make a trip to the Dietz factory in Ziegenhain,

together with two satisfied Dietz customers from


among his own relatives, where two brand new

Walkthrough constructions were just being built;

namely Finnendahl’s double-floor labyrinth "Fluch

des Pharao” and the two-storey "Showboot”. The

trend clearly went to larger heights, but the Hamburg

showman did not like the elaborate construction

of the multi-storey attractions. Even way back

then, he suspected that it would become increasingly

difficult to find suitable staff able and prepared

to put in the required elbow grease, and with just

his two daughters, there were no other assembly

helpers among his own family either. That is why –

together with Heinz Dietz and his son Andreas, who

was still in the middle of

his training at that time -

he puzzled out a system

to build a double-floor

Walkthrough construction

on a single trailer with as

little effort as possible.

Junior owner, Andreas

Dietz, eventually came up

with the ground-breaking

idea of the floor and façade

segments being hydraulically

extended on

the basis of a pulley principle.

As a result, Peter

Schau ordered the twofloor

funhouse and labyrinth

combination "Crazy

Town” as the first compact

construction of its

kind - once again according

to a draft from his house artist, Mike Tegen. The

classic comic book style façade decoration was

created in the Dietz factory itself, and resulted in

many a subsequent order – among others, for the

legendary "Psycho” and the "Omen”.

With the Dietz construction, the Schau family forged

new paths, with the incorporated labyrinth being

only a section of the course from that time on. A

rolling barrel at the exit, clearly visible from outside,

which led to a crowd forming in front of the attraction

whenever visitors intentionally or unintentionally

performed their "tricks”, was now the central eye

catcher for the first time. The rest of the course and

The glass maze from

Schau in current condition

The maze in its 1970s




Fun behind glass, and

in front of distorting mirrors

1980: The first hydraulically

extended multi-storey Funhouse

from Dietz: “Crazy Town”

from Peter Schau

the built-in surprise effects remained largely hidden

from the spectators however. After all, the days of

the Italian Walkthrough attractions with their open

construction were still far away. The "Crazy Town”

was toured throughout Northern Germany, from

Flensburg to Emden; and naturally in its home town

of Hamburg three times a year.

The good old glass maze was initially put into storage

during this period. However, a themed Funhouse

construction also had its drawbacks and required

new plans for the tour schedule almost every

year – except for Hamburg. Only a couple of organisers

wanted to approve the same attraction

several times in succession. At some point in time,

the attraction even had to be re-themed. As a result,

the "Crazy Town” was rejuvenated in the early

1990s, mutating from a

quite funny cartoon town

into the mystical "Terra X”,

named after a popular TV

series of that time. This

time, the rebuild was carried

out on site with the expert

help from the ride

manufacturer Heinz Röhl,

and the not yet so prominent

electronics expert

Klaus Kairies from

Neumünster, who provided

a matching light system.

Henceforth, the balcony

on the first floor was

hidden by a gigantic name

sign. In practice however,

the oversized "X” turned

out to be extremely labourintensive,

and now it took

an additional man to buildup

and dismantle the attraction.

This mistake was



The “Crazy Town” was

changed into the “Terra X” in

the 1990s

Another rebuild in the late

1990s; “The Relikt”. In 2008 it

was renamed into “Labyrinth”,

which is operated by Schau &


not repeated during another redesign into "Das Relikt”

later on. The name sign was much smaller and

was mounted virtually at eye level. In the meantime,

Peter Schau had even put up his old maze for sale.

… "But fortunately nobody was interested in it back

then”, he recalls. Consequently, the showman

made a virtue of necessity, and built up the once

again freshly renovated glass maze each spring

and summer at the Hamburg Dom, while his

daughters presented the Dietz construction at

venues such as Süderbrarup, Vechta, or Bruchhausen-Vilsen.

Today, his daughter Jasmin tours

the attraction alone with her husband Lars Horlbeck

and her family, and the attraction has in the meantime

once again been redesigned by Mike Tegen,

and is now also presented under the traditional

name of "Labyrinth”. Due to

health reasons, Peter Schau

and his wife are taking it

easy, however. They loyally

build up their traditional attraction

only at the Hamburg

Dom, as ever offering visitors

a relatively low priced enjoyment

without any gimmicks.

"Naturally, this is only possible

if you no longer have any

debts,” says Schau. "But we

get by and we make ends

meet.” Indeed, his regular

customers are grateful for

this. By now, many of them

have brought along their

children and grandchildren

telling: "This is the maze I

have already walked through

when I was a child”! ■




In addition to a modern kiddie

ride and a shooting gallery,

Karin Schmökel from Eisenach

also operates a nostalgic horse

carousel. Built by the Thuringia

Karussellfabrik Gundelwein in

Wutha-Farnroda 61 years ago,

the carousel for small children

is a rarity these days and is one

of only a few Gundelwein

carousels still touring the fairgrounds.

Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

Up until the 1990s, these

cars were on Schmökel’s horse


The wooden horses were lovingly

restored. Right: Even a

pedal car modelled on the Soviet

Moskwitsch 408 was in use

The carousel has been under the permanent

ownership of the family for 45 years. It was taken

over by Manfred Schmökel in 1967, who founded

his showman enterprise with "Schmökels Kindertraum”.

Despite having been carefully restored several

times since then, the attraction has been largely

preserved in its original condition. Apart from the

organ room, which was painted by

the daughter of the legendary GDR

ride artist Horst Patzer, the carousel

was painted with flower motifs,

funny animal motifs from fairytales

and animated cartoons, as well as

other figurines by Willi Mathei from

Steinach. The painting in the organ

room and on the inner circular rim

has been preserved and is covered

by several layers of clear varnish at

regular intervals. The rounding

board pictures, worn-out by wind

and weather, were newly painted

with funny animal motifs

matching the carousel’s

character by the M & L Werbetechnik from

Werningshausen some time ago. Up until

the 1990s, the mounts were small wooden

horses, two Ferris Wheel gondolas, and

various tin and pedal cars. Except for the

horses, the mounts were scraped little by

little and replaced by modern animals and

vehicles built by the Dietz firm in the 1990s. Ever

since Manfred Schmökel passed away suddenly

and unexpectedly in 1996, Karin Schmökel has continued

to operate and lovingly preserve the nostalgic

Gundelwein carousel, on which several generations

of little children took their first rides.

"Schmökels Kindertraum” is 7 metres in diameter,

has electrical requirements of 4 kW, and requires

one transport vehicle for relocation.


EAS Berlin

Booth No. 175



1:87 scale circus and fairground

models are currently very popular

with various manufacturers of

miniatures. Within a couple of

weeks a large number of different

models have been launched.

Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

Wiking: two Lanz tractors have been added to the

series programme. Both models are a real eye

catcher with and without a roof. For more information:


Herpa: The firm from Dietenhofen surprised its customers

with an MB Actros LH 02 stake wagon from the Barth

firm. The model is already sold-out at the manufacturer;

further Barth models are to follow (www.herpa.de).

Bub: The Roncalli tractor-trailer unit introduced at the

Nürnberg Toy Fair has been noticeably changed. The

Two new Lanz tractors from Wiking and

the MB Actros LH 02 stake wagon (Barth) from


Many novelties

from Brekina

Modified Roncalli tractortrailer

unit with Hanomag ST

100 from Bub, and a roof light

caravan with MB traction unit

from Kirmeswelt-Hamburg

caravan trailer was imprinted with the clown oval and

the second trailer was equipped with a pointed tarpaulin.

Moreover, the Hanomag ST 100 was modified with a

small flat-bed (www.bub-toys.de).

Kirmeswelt Hamburg: a marvellous roof light caravan

and an old MB traction unit from the small series manufacturer

are now available in kit form (www.kirmeswelthamburg.de).

Brekina: The series selection from this manufacturer

was extended by a 3a "Busch” trailer, an MB 180, and

a VW T1 "Williams”, as well as an IFA traction unit in the

Circus Berolina version. An MB 406 "Hagenbeck” as

well as an MB L319 "Krone” are now also available.

Moreover, the "Zirkusleben” set for the Postal Museum

Shop has been delivered to the stores. It consists of a

VW T1 "Circus Schumann”, a "Krone” Opel Blitz with high

top, as well as the MB L322 "Circus-Schule Corty Althoff”.

In addition, Brekina delivered three special models

to the German Postal Philately Shop. Moreover, an

MB L322 with crowd barriers for Circus Krone and a

MAN short-nose van with tarpaulin are available. Another

MB nose van with a 3a trailer belongs to the Circus

Corty Althoff vehicle fleet (www.brekina.de

www.postmuseumsshop.de and



EAS Berlin

Booth No. 725

The Future of the Antwerp "Sinksenfoor” Ensured

Plaint against traditional Belgian fair settled

Showmen and city, hand in hand for the Volksfests

The Volksfests in Europe are an outstanding

sign for custom and tradition, consciousness

of tradition, and live culture.

They bind people together regardless of

borders. The city of Antwerp is considered

to be one of the most worthwhile European

metropolis to visit, and operates one of

the largest Volksfests in Belgium with the

"Sinksenfoor”, with more than 150 showmen

and one million visitors annually.

European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

A wonderful example of the safeguard of

the cultural asset Volksfests.

The fact that the Sinksenfoor has been

safeguarded to remain as an inner-city fair

in the future is significantly due to the

commitment of both the showmen and the

city – they put up a fight together. And business

people, restaurants and local owners

"nailed their colours to the mast” for the

continuance of the fair. They referred to the

The Sinksenfoor: Traditional Fair in Belgium

economical importance of the Volksfest for

Sinksenfoor 1970

the retail, hotel and gastronomy industries.

The biggest encouragement however came

from the fairground visitors. 17,000 people

declared solidarity with the Sinksenfoor

over the social network Facebook, and demonstrated

their support impressively.





The Sinksenfoor has had its permanent

position in the historic harbour area of Antwerp

since 1969. However there were always

problems with the location. Already

ten years ago the residents wanted to drive

the popular fair out of the city area due to

noise pollution. The lawsuit was unsuccessful.

And this year there was another attempt

by a real estate investor. Background:

the city area where the Sinksenfoor

takes place has developed into an attractive

residential area over the past

years with expensive shops, restaurants,

and art galleries, and the real estate prices

are correspondingly high. The fair event

was in the way of the real estate investor,

as he had envisioned using the festival

grounds for the construction of a small

harbour for private yachts, in order to increase

the value of the adjacent shops,

houses and apartments. Supported by a

handful of local residents, he took legal

action. However a week before the start of

this year’s Sinksenfoor, the judge dismissed

the case as arbitrary. The resulting appeal

by the plaintiffs was also unsuccessful.

ESU-President Albert Ritter: "Collective

negotiation and solidarity are important”

ESU President Albert Ritter described the

common success of showmen, city, and

fairground visitors as a "wonderful example”

for the safeguard of the Volksfest cultural

asset in Europe. "The Sinksenfoor

has shown once again the importance of

common action and solidarity of all involved”,

emphasised Ritter.

In the meanwhile the city of Antwerp has

declared the festival grounds as an official

event area.

The European cultural asset Volksfest

lives on!

Publishing Information


European Showmen’s Union (ESU)


Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



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c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

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D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de,

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu

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Booth No. 436

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The new B&M Inverter

at Parc Astérix has a

remarkably varied layout

Three years ago it was already

decided by Parc Astérix in Plailly,

located 30 kilometres north

east from the gates of Paris, that

the next theme area would be

Egyptian. “Asterix and Cleopatra”

is one of the most successful

comics in the series, and the

associated films were a huge

success in France a number of

years ago. The drawing card for

the area was to be a coaster that

would definitely be different to

other constructions at the park.

Hence the choice became an Inverted

Coaster, and B&M, as

market leader in this segment,

was the desired supplier.


Jochen Peschel

Photos: Jochen Peschel,

Marcus Gaines

A look into the station


The design concept was decided within the parent

company Compagnie des Alpes, which had

developed exact ideas and plans. All outside work

was carried out by Neverland Themepark Projects

from Belgium, and the inside of the station building

was done by AZ décors from France. The theme

area extends the park area by ten percent, and contains

in addition to the new coaster “OzIris” only the

integrated Tivoli Coaster “SOS Numerobis”, which

until now had carried the names “Trans’Arverne”

and “Périférix”.

The coaster can already be well recognised from

the autobahn A1 that travels from Paris to the north

in the direction of Lille. The effects that until now

were not recognisable from the highway should

really not be underestimated. A pleasant anticipation

of a visit is without a doubt contributed to by

the uninterrupted view of the lift and the first drop

from the park’s own exit.


Having arrived at the park, the circuit course leads

visitors past the water attraction “Le Grand

Splatch”, the Bob “La Trace du Hourra”, and under

the supported course of the “Menhir Express” anticlockwise

in the new theme area. Here guests discover

a large forecourt that to the greater part nestles

among the new blue tracks, however is still designed

relatively openly. An obelisk is located in the

centre in the form of the Eifel Tower – the first taste

of the many allusions that the “OzIris” holds ready.

The Temple of Iris rises prominently behind the

obelisk. This is not a character from the comics but

an Egyptian magician and hypnotist from the film

“Asterix Conquers Rome”. One of the twelve tasks

that the hard-hitting Gaul duo has to overcome is to

withstand the gaze of the magician. Whilst they are

waiting for their trial Asterix and Obelix see another

patient fly through the waiting area that the Iris

had made believe is a bird – the gimmick that bears

a relation to the Inverted Coaster.

The name of the attraction is put together out of the

name of the magician and the use of the silver “Oz”

suffix that correlates with the imperative of the

French verb “oser”, which in turn means “trust yourself”

or “dare something”. Following the “Le Défi de

César”, the new coaster is the second large new attraction

that bears a relation to the theme Asterix.

The earlier three novelties – “Oxygénarium”, “La

Trace du Hourra” and “TransDémonium” had no

branding. Using the park’s guiding theme once

more is without a doubt the correct step.

The adventure beings when entering the waiting

area through a large entrance gate lined with statues,

where a test seat is located as a precautionary

measure. The queue line leads under and beside

a part of the coaster – there is no theming here,

but the relaxed route and the taut netting over the

path gives a view of what is to be expected.

The vertical looping

An action packed ride


Luckily the “Oziris” is not

a standard “Batman” layout

Alternative and exciting

sky high and near to the ground


The four rooms in the station building have a capacity

for a 20 minute queue line. The first room is

designed as the waiting room of Iris, whilst the second

room is dominated by a huge statue of the

magician, and a number of funny wall paintings depict

some of his accomplishments. The way then

leads though a sarcophagus into a laboratory, after

which the station level is reached over a staircase.

Having arrived, the waiting guests are divided into

eight rows of four in the antechamber designed as

a temple hall. The walls show the development of

the hypnotised right up to the bird, followed by a

stylised display of the track course.

Now well prepared, the flight may begin at long last.

Baggage can be deposited in one of the three lockers

allocated to each train on the opposite wall. Following

the obligatory safety check of the restraints,

eyes turn for a short time to the stone tablet at the

exit of the station, and the train rolls smoothly into

the chain lift. The train goes immediately into the

first drop – without the usual, more or less strongly

distinctive pre-drop on B&M Inverters. With that, the

back part of the train is literally pulled over the highest

point whilst passengers in the first row have an

uninterrupted view towards the unusually steep first



But this is not the last feature of “OzIris”. The first

drop winding to the left travels into a right curve at

its lowest point, which marks the entrance to the first

inversion, a Dive Loop. This is not approached from

the front, but to the side in a curve, ending however

in the usual half vertical looping.

Through this constellation the ride figure appears

very unusual, depending on the perspective. A

supported and slightly inclined right curve follows

that passes over a relatively small but high vertical

loop. And there’s another surprising moment here:

the exit of the loop leads not only distinctly banked

into a tunnel, but also gives the end of the train a

surprising vertical impulse, which gives the feeling

that the seat sags slightly. The train then travels

though the third inversion, an Immelmann, and then

back in the direction of the lift hill. This is followed

by a right curve that breaks off from the parallel

tracks in front of the station building, and continues

directly towards an area of water between the

obelisks and the station. The makers here had generously

provided a second tunnel that leads under

the water, filled with thick spray mist. This not only

provides a refreshing cool down, but also prevents

even passengers in the first row from seeing the

next part of the track course, and with that, they are

also surprised by the Flat Spin turning anticlockwise.

This element goes into a long drawn out right

curve, and is followed by the second left curve after

the first drop. This leads down into a depression

The new central area is

simultaneously the centre point

of the new theme area

Even a water tunnel has

been built into the track layout


The layout can be well

viewed from nearly all vantage



■ Opening: 7 th April 2012

■ Track length: 1,030 m

■ Track height: 40 m

■ Max. Speed: 90 km/h

■ Ride time (total): 2 min

■ Pure ride time: 1:30 min

(42 sec to 1 st drop)

■ 3 trains with 8 cars each,

per car 4 pass.

■ Capacity: 1,630 p.p.h.

■ Manufacturer: Bolliger &

Mabillard, Switzerland

■ Operator: Parc Astérix,

Plailly, France

below ground level, to go directly into the fifth and

last inversion, a Zero-g-Roll. The weightless roll

travels very closely past the roof edge of the station

building, and with that offers a “near miss” element

as a further optical effect. And it’s not all over

yet as there follows an ascending three quarter

curve with typically strong and positive forces that

push the riders into their seats. Just for a change

there’s a small airtime hill under the lift before a right

curve in the final brakes provides a small farewell

for the last time with a little pressure. A scant minute

after the exit from the lift, and the flight is over, followed

only by a 180° return to the station.

As it so often is there comes the cardinal and controversial

question: at the back or in the front? It’s

obvious that the front promises, as with every Inverter,

an uninterrupted view. But for those who prefer

the ride dynamics experience, there’s nothing

better than the last or at the very least the second

last rows. Here the ride is distinctly crisper, each

curve and inversion is more intense,

to say nothing of the first

drop. And all this with a running

smoothness that hardly differentiates

in the front or the back.

The question of seating is in no

way unimportant because

those who do not only visit the

park because of “OzIris” most

probably will only manage one

ride. And this is not just a

prophesy as Parc Astérix is either

overfilled or closed. Naturally

there are slower visitor

days; however the park still

manages even then to level out

the waiting time to one hour

through consistent loading operation

– for the first row an

added 15 minutes has to be calculated. The structurally

identical entrance for single riders is rarely

used, so that even when there is a two-train operation,

a number leave the station half full sometimes.

The hopefully only initial operational teething problems

cannot hide the fact that with “OzIris” Parc

Astérix has enriched the European coaster scene

with a terrific construction. The ride dynamics are

harmonious from the beginning to the end, contributed

to without a doubt by the attraction having

no block brakes. Added to this is the design of the

new theme area and the station, for which approximately

half of the total investment costs of 20 million

Euro was used – after all, completely themed

coasters are higher-priced than those that have to

enthral purely by their ride sequence.


EAS Berlin

Booth 1215


The new coaster

restraint from Intamin is

also in use here, and provides

a level of freedom on

Freefall Towers unknown

until now

Not content with having the prestigious

title “Roller Coaster

Capital of the World”, having

more coasters than any other

park in the world with 17 coaster

attractions, the Californian park

Six Flags Magic Mountain can

call another world record its own

now: “Lex Luthor’s Drop of

Doom” opened on the 7 th July to

become the highest Freefall

Tower in the world.



Marcus Gaines

Chris Murray,

Lex Luthor / Superman

Pinguino Kolb,

Six Flags Inc.

Standing 121 metres tall, the Freefall Tower

sends its riders plummeting straight down at a

speed of 125 kilometres per hour since this season.

Riders get to enjoy or alternatively endure five

seconds of pure freefall before being gradually

brought to a halt by magnetic brakes.

When it came to building such a tall ride, Six Flags

Magic Mountain was fortunate to have an existing

structure as carrier of the long vertical tracks,

which saved a lot of costs. “Superman: Escape

from Krypton”, the parks 126 metre high Reverse

Freefall Coaster, also built by Intamin, provided a

suitable frame for the installation of “Lex Luthor’s

Drop of Doom”. And that’s pretty much what they

did, bolting the drop tower guide rails onto both

sides of the coaster’s tower. Quite appropriate, as

Lex Luthor is Superman’s arch nemesis.

The two ride gondolas on opposite sides of the

tower are winched up at the same time on individual

cables, which join together at the mid way

point, so that a single cable is wound onto a single

drum. The two gondolas, each carrying eight

passengers are then dropped at exactly the same



The “Lex Luthor’s Drop of Doom” tower attraction

is genuinely terrifying. Even experienced theme

park goers are unnerved by the sheer height, and

the long 60 second accent builds up further


And the subsequent never ending freefall at an

incredible speed increases the thrill factor

immensely. After what feels like an eternity riders

reach the magnetic brakes and are brought slowly

back down the last few metres.

When perfectly timed, the sight of the cars of

“Superman: Escape From Krypton” racing the

gondolas of “Lex Luthor Drop of Doom” down the

sheer drop is quite spectacular. For those on the

drop tower, it makes the ride even scarier, as the

up and down movement of the speeding coaster

cars make the tower sway dramatically up to 60


The Six Flags Magic Mountain erected construction

isn’t unique however. Dreamworld in Australia

opened the “Tower of Terror” in January

1997. It was to be the first coaster to reach 160

kilometres per hour and at 115 metres became the

world’s tallest coaster. But its record was short

lived, as the almost identical “Superman The

Escape” opened just a few months later in March,

with two tracks instead of one, and a height of 126


The other change that Six Flags Magic Mountain

made to this coaster in 2011, followed in the footsteps

of Dreamworld that had made the change a

year earlier: the 15-seat cars were replaced by

substantially lighter versions, as due to the weight

and the instable American power supply system,

the previous cars could never reach the complete

height. Simultaneously the ride direction was

The high tower

construction is now used

jointly by two attractions


changed so that riders launch backwards out of

the station and up the vertical climb, before dropping

face down back down the sheer drop. It remains

however uncertain as to why only one side

of the double-track attraction at Six Flags travels

“backwards” – as there could have been two

different experiences offered.

And the adaption of a freefall on the tower construction

of the “Reverse Freefall Coaster” was

also copied from the Australia park. Already in

1998 Dreamworld had installed two 118 metre

long vertical tracks on its “Tower of Terror” construction.

Now, fourteen years later Six Flags

Magic Mountain was able to go 10 feet higher (3

metres) to gain the title “World’s Highest Freefall

Tower” for itself.



The entrance to the

discovered Nemesis-egg

is guarded by the military

Warning, this article contains

spoilers that will ruin the surprise

of the ride experience. The

story: In 1994 excavation teams

at Alton Towers unwittingly disturbed

the Nemesis creature.

Only the Phalanx, a private military

organisation, could secure

the alien monster. For the past 18

years, Phalanx researchers have

been exploring underground

caverns in the Forbidden Valley.

Now an egg has been discovered

and the Phalanx is inviting

guests into the research facility

to see the strange object.


Marcus Gaines

Photos: Marcus Gainse,

Alton Towers

The entrance area to the

new indoor adventure

Nemesis Sub-Terra

Approaching the site, on the hill overlooking the

original “Nemesis” inverted coaster from Bolliger

& Mabillard, guests find a large metal shed

surrounded by security cameras, tanks and fencing,

and are greeted by operations staff in black

military dress.

Moving through the queue line, TV screens recount

the story of the Nemesis with a series of archive

video clips and new animations, and reveal

more about the secret underground work being

carried out by the Phalanx. Arriving at the facility

entrance, the Phalanx operatives begin shouting

orders at guests. Anyone not moving quickly

enough or doing exactly what they’re told find

themselves on the receiving end of even louder

shouting. Adding to the secure and secret nature

of the facility, guests must pass through (fake)

metal detectors when entering the building. Once

inside, the ride operators separate guests into two

groups for the pre-show film. Guests are then

hastily ushered, with even more shouting, into

elevators for the decent to the caves below. Sadly

the vibrations, light and sound effects, used to

simulate the lift descending are rather poor, in fact

quite a dated way of doing it. A shame the far more

impressive system used for the Great Glass Elevator

segment of the “Charlie and The Chocolate

Factory” Darkride, wasn’t employed here.

Once “deep below ground” it’s time to exit the elevator.

After walking along a short corridor, themed

to look like a tunnel bored through underground

rock, guest find themselves in a large chamber. In

the centre is the Nemesis egg, and on each side

of the room there is seating for the four drop towers.

Anyone not knowing what “Nemesis Sub-

Terra” actually is would be unaware of what they

are sitting on, in part thanks to high quality theming,

but more due to a crucial aspect: unlike


many normal drop towers, this ride actually begins

by boarding at the top part of the tower and not

the bottom, so the drop and the tower shaft are


Once everyone is secure the TV screens reveal

more information about the egg which was first

thought to be dead, but recently signs of life have

been seen. At this point the lights begin to flicker

and after a brief moment of darkness it becomes

apparent that the egg has hatched. Another Nemesis

creature is loose in the room and breathing

his wet breath on the visitors. Then without warning

the ride drops into another underground

chamber that’s filled with eggs, some of which

have also hatched. Trapped in the seats the

creatures breath on passengers, stab them in the

back, and brush against their legs.

After a short while riders are slowly raised back up

to the first chamber with the smoke, light and

sound effects continuing. With the lap bars released,

Phalanx operatives begin shouting again,

rushing guests back into the elevators to return to

the surface. But escaping the Nemesis creatures

isn’t that easy, as during the accent the lift begins

to shake violently. There’s loud banging, the lights

go out and parts of the elevator walls begin to

bend and fall away. But fortunately guests reach

the surface before the Nemesis can break in, and

another Phalanx operative encourages everyone

to run for safety.

Nice Concept, but...

Overall the concept, theming and atmosphere

created by the typical character of the 18 year old

ride can’t be faulted. But unfortunately the “Nemesis

Sub-Terra” awoke great expectations in thrill

seeking park guests, which the not bad but more

The Nemesis-egg has

been released for viewing


Following guest feedback

from the first few months of

operation, Alton Towers have

attempted to make the experience

more terryfying. The exit

path from the final lift scene

has been extended and converted

into a live horror maze.

The exit path has been lined

with caged walls which live actors

wearing gas masks rush at

and bang on in a bid to send

riders running and screaming

for the exit doors. Whilst this

may extend the experience

and provide a last minute

scare, it still doesn’t improve

the core part of the ride, the

tame drop tower ride. ■

The name giving attraction,

the “Nemesis” coaster

from 1994, remains as before

an example of the successful

theming of a coaster


Another novelty of 2012 is

the new 3D film “Ice Age” that

is already being shown at a

number of European theme



■ Opening: 24 th March 2012

■ Drop height: 7 m

■ Total ride time: 5 min

■ 4 freefall towers, each for

10 passengers

■ Manufacturer: abc rides,

Murg, Schweiz

■ Operator: Alton Towers,

Alton/Staffordshire, England

It’s expected that a new

coaster will be installed again

next year

of a family friendly drop tower can’t fulfill. Although

it provides a surprising element, it’s not very

intensive. Very good though are the addition of

physical effects, more commonly felt in 4D cinemas

than a drop tower. Leg ticklers, back stabbers

and water misters all come as an unexpected

surprise. Starting the ride at the top of the tower is

also believed to be a world’s first.

The actual ride hardware has been supplied by

Swiss manufacturer abc rides in the form of four

ten seat Freefall Towers. The actual height of the

drop hasn’t been revealed but can be assumed to

be seven metres as this is the height of the similar

“Extremis Drop Ride to Doom” tower rides

found at London Dungeons, Hamburg Dungeons,

Edinburgh Dungeons and more recently Blackpool

Dungeons. All these examples have a 1.2 m

height restriction but “Nemesis Sub-Terra” has a

1.4 m requirement. The high height requirement

further leads to the impression of an extreme ride

on par with the “Nemesis” coaster.

Maybe the height restriction for “Nemesis Sub-

Terra” could be reduced in the future, so that

younger family members who are too short to ride

the coaster “Nemesis” can still enjoy being a part

of the story and not feel left out. Most probably, if

the ride had been promoted as a family experience

rather than an extreme one, expectations would

have been lower, and perhaps there would be less


There have been talks of adding a similar attraction

to Gardaland as a support attraction for the

“Raptor”. It would be wise perhaps to adapt to the

restrictions and the actual ride experience right

from the start here.

Further Novelties at Alton Towers

On the opposite side of the park in the “Cloud

Cuckoo Land”, an attraction for all ages has

opened: “Ice Age The 4D Experience” is a shortened

version of the 3D cinematic movie “Ice Age

Dawn of the Dinosaurs”. Further enhancing the

movie are physical effects like falling snow, leg

ticklers, vibrating seats and water misters. Being

an edited version of the Hollywood blockbuster,

the film itself was of superb

quality, and not cheap looking

like some theme park 3D films

can appear.

Secret Weapon 7

In the weanwhile work is well under

way for a new roller coaster

set to debut in 2013. Currently

using the code name “SW7”,

planning permission was granted

earlier in the year for the ride

to be built on the former “Black

Hole” site. Contrary to previous

reports in the KPR the “Submission”

and “Enterprise” will

not be closed. Construction

plans have been altered to allow

both rides to operate this season.

It’s not yet known which

company is responsible for the

new ride.



The water park is attractively

located between

mountains and the ocean

The AquaFantasy Aquapark

located in Izmir, Turkey, is a

part of the Aqua Fantasy Hotel

and Spa, owned by Buyuk

Koloej Inc., and was built on an

18 hectare sized property,

located in the ancient city of

Selcuk, along the Aegean

coast. The water park opened

in 2000, and has gone through

several expansions until now.

Text: Nil S. Esabej

Photos: AquaFantasy

Aqua Fantasy

The largest extension took place in

honour of the park’s 10-yearanniversary

in 2010: once again local

manufacturer Polin from Istanbul

was commissioned. The 222

The Chief Coordinator of the water park, Askin metre long “Family Rafting Slide” and a thrilling

Altiparmak, remembers the beginning: “The “Wave Slide” were designed and installed by Polin

idea of building a modern water park in Turkey has on a new 21 meter high castle tower. Considering

a story going back to 1994. We started by contacting

leading water park suppliers and design com-

in very brilliant, light resistant colours, in L-RMT

the extreme sunlight, both slides were completed

panies right after our first visit to the WWA Convention

in 1997. After all, we decided to work with Jeff Askin Altimak: “It is a high-speed ride that offers

(Light-Resin Transfer Moulding).

Henry and his team of NBGS Int. USA. So in June screams, adrenaline and fun. It has a steep entry

2000, we opened the first themed water park in part onto the slide surface, which provides riders

Turkey with the largest kid’s pool, several kinds of with the thrill of “free falling”. Riders first experience

slides, a wave pool, and a 300 meter long Lazy a steep/large drop, and are then propelled uphill


vertically. They then experience another unforgettable

path – this time a reverse path taking them

Since then, the water park section of the hotel resort

that is open from May to October has been steadily back and forth, with the tubes stopping down the

enlarged, for example in 2001 with a “ProRacer” waterslide. This ride is a breathtaking experience

from ProSlide, and in 2002 with a “Space Bowl” from and provides fun for all the guests, including the



Askin Altiparmak and

Muharrem Atilla (down)


More Attractions in 2013

In 2011, Aqua Fantasy decided to expand

once more with an “Uphill Navigator”

from Polin. The new ride, especially

designed for the park, uses the same

starting tower as the two extreme slides

erected the year before. The commonly

known Uphill-Waterslide in dark blueturquoise

colour combinations is a fast

slide with two uphill portions. The height

of the slide is 14.68 meters and the length

is 131 meters.

Park Director Muharrem Atilla: “The

adrenaline is high, people are so happy,

and the queues are very long. We have a

great relationship with Polin and they understand

our needs, so we decided to

bring in a signature ride by the same

manufacturer in 2013 too.”





Frank Lanfer


This year, the park in the Netherlands celebrates

its 60 th birthday, and since the end of May has

offered its guests a very special novelty: by the

park’s own account, the largest fountain show in

Europe. Apparently 17 million Euro was spent for

the “Aquanura” in order to make the attraction the

third largest water show in the world following the

Dubai Fountain (Middle East) and the Fountain s of

Bellagio (Las Vegas, USA).


Marcus Klepper


Four frogs transform the central park lake, direct at the entrance, into a symphonic water

ballet and “set fire” to a fountain that sets off a gigantic water show, which is from elegant

to imposing. Efteling’s characters are also included when for example abstract figures

emerge from a sea of flowers – accompanied by well known Efteling fairytale melodies.

The interaction of the elements water, fire, music and light takes about 10 minutes for each

presentation, and can be viewed by 6,500 visitors simultaneously.


The design drafts showing

the attraction “Wonders!” from

Vekoma / Brogent

The Red Sea Astrarium is

located directly on the Red Sea


Frank Lanfer

Photos: RGH Themed Entertainment

The RGH Themed Entertainment, a division of

Rubicon Group Holding, is currently planning

and developing the Red Sea Astrarium.

The large project in the Jordanian city of Aqaba will

apparently cost in total 1.5 million US-Dollars, using

the licences from Paramount Parks & Recreation

and CBS Consumer Products, in order for example

to be able to erect a complete “Star Trek” theme

area. Very recently the integration of a further large

attraction has also been announced: the construction

of a 5D-cinema of a special type. In the “Wonders!”

attraction, passengers take their place in a

flight simulator designed according to customer

requirements, before they hover over the Seven

Wonders of the World. The attraction harbours the

ride system “i-Ride” from Vekoma Rides Manufacturing

and Brogent Technologies.

The Red Sea Astrarium will celebrate and join

together the various cultures, regions and times, on

an area of 75 hectares. In addition to the theme park

there will apparently also be four luxury hotels, a

botanical garden and a type of CityWalk for evening

entertainment realised in a number of phases. ■




Dynamic Attractions

Recently the Canadian industry group Empire

Industry Ltd and its subsidiary Dynamic Attractions

have announced the delivery of a “Flying

Theatre” for an unnamed park in the United Arab

Emirates in 2013.

As is known, the manufacturer (under the name of

Dynamic Structures) had realised the nearly

structurally identical and fantastic Disney attraction

“Soarin’ Over California”. General Manager Mr.

Peter Schnabel

also advised of the

company’s awarded

contract to

change the tracks

of the “Big Thunder

Mountain Railroad”

completely at Magic

Kingdom (at Walt

Disney World in

Florida), in order to

improve the ride

quality and to minimise maintenance. This coaster

was erected in 1980 by Arrow.




Frank Lanfer

Falcon’s Treehouse

The largest water park in the Caribbean occupies

an area of 14,000 m 2 and was opened in March

in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. And with

that the first building phase of a huge project has

been completed – a 526 hectare sized destination

zone for entertainment,

which is located

about 5 kilometres

from a superb

beach, and

comprises of a total

of seven projects.

Master planner

is Falcon’s

Treehouse. ■



Frank Lanfer

Photos: Parque de Atracciones, Gerstlauer

The theme park near the city of Madrid received

an additional coaster this season in the form of

a new Family Coaster from Gerstlauer Amusement


“TNT Tren de la Mina” has been designed as a Mine

Train and promises a speedy ride experience due

to its 17.5 metre height and a speed of up to 55 km/h

through a mine.

The track leads all 18 passengers through a minetower

directly after the chain lift, absolves steep

curves, sudden drops, and offers spins and directional

changes through the rocky, 90 by 50 metre

sized area. At the end of the ride the fail-safe magnetic

brakes bring the coaster train smoothly to a




Two trains each with nine cars operate on the 450

metre course. Individual shell seats, large foot area

and individual restraints provide for adequate

comfort and optimal safety. The capacity according

to the manufacturer is 1,000 passengers per


Anzeigenschluss für das Novemberheft ist Mittwoch, 10. Oktober

E■ Ebersdorf/Coburg 19.10.-22.10.


A calendar of events can be found here for the month of

October in alphabetical order. Additional information

about individual events is listed below.

A■ Ahlen/Westfalen 28.09.-03.10.

■ Alpen 06.10.-08.10.

■ Altenburg/Thüringen 20.10.-28.10.

■ Altlußheim 27.10.-30.10.

■ Altötting 29.09.-07.10.

■ Amberg 21.09.-03.10.

■ Andernach 29.09.-03.10.

■ Andernach-Kell 13.10.-15.10.

■ Andernach-Miesenheim 20.10.-23.10.

■ Anröchte 12.10.-15.10.

■ Apen 27.10.-29.10.

■ Augsburg-Lechhausen 13.10.-21.10.

■ Augustdorf 12.10.-14.10.

■ Aurich 27.10.-30.10.

■ Crottendorf 20.10.-21.10.

■ Cuxhaven 03.10.-07.10.

D■ Darmstadt 21.09.-03.10.

■ Delitzsch 12.10.-21.10.

■ Dielheim/Wiesloch 29.09.-02.10.

■ Dietzenbach 26.10.-30.10.

■ Dingolfing 19.10.-24.10.

■ Dinklage 20.10.-22.10.

■ Dörpen 12.10.-14.10.

■ Dresden 13.10.-04.11.

■ Dülmen 12.10.-15.10.

■ Hainburg-Hainstadt 13.10.-22.10.

■ Hamburg-Bramfeld 12.10.-15.10.

■ Hamburg-Finkenwerder 28.09.-01.10.

■ Hamburg-Kirchsteinbek 05.10.-07.10.

■ Hamburg-Lohbrügge 28.09.-03.10.

■ Hamburg-Volksdorf 19.10.-21.10.

■ Hameln 26.10.-29.10.

■ Hamminkeln 28.09.-01.10.

■ Hanerau 19.10.-21.10.

■ Hannover 28.09.-14.10.

■ Hardheim 20.10.-21.10.

■ Haselünne 27.10.-29.10.

■ Haßfurt 19.10.-23.10.

■ Hassloch 27.10.-30.10.

■ Heddesheim 20.10.-22.10.

■ Heide 25.10.-30.10.

■ Heidelberg 19.10.-28.10.

■ Heiligenhafen 12.10.-14.10.

■ Heiligenstadt 06.10.-08.10.

■ Heilsbronn 13.10.-15.10.

■ Heinsberg 28.09.-01.10.

■ Herford 11.10.-15.10.

■ Hersbruck 19.10.-21.10.

■ Hildburghausen 28.09.-07.10.

■ Hilden 26.10.-29.10.

■ Hilzingen 19.10.-22.10.

■ Hitzacker 12.10.-14.10.

■ Hövelhof 05.10.-07.10.

■ Hückelhoven 13.10.-16.10.

■ Hünxe 20.10.-22.10.

■ Husum 28.09.-01.10.

■ Lippstadt 20.10.-28.10.

■ Löhne 03.10.-07.10.

■ Löningen 13.10.-15.10.

■ Lohne/Oldenburg 13.10.-15.10.

■ Ludwigsfelde 26.10.-29.10.

■ Lüdinghausen 19.10.-22.10.

M■ Magdeburg 22.09.-14.10.

■ Mainburg 12.10.-15.10.

■ Mannheim 29.09.-14.10.

■ Marburg 12.10.-15.10.

■ Marktbreit 29.09.-03.10.

■ Marne 05.10.-07.10.

■ Marsberg 19.10.-21.10.

■ Mauer 27.10.-30.10.

■ Mayen 13.10.-21.10.

■ Meckesheim 19.10.-22.10.

■ Meinerzhagen 13.10.-15.10.

■ Memmingen 13.10.-21.10.

■ Meppen 19.10.-22.10.

■ Merzig 29.09.-07.10.

■ Mindelstetten 12.10.-15.10.

■ Mönchengladbach 13.10.-15.10.

■ Mönchengladbach 29.09.-03.10.

■ Mörfelden-Walldorf 27.10.-30.10.

■ München 22.09.-07.10.

■ München-Au 20.10.-28.10.

■ Münster 25.10.-29.10.

B■ Bad Bentheim 28.09.-01.10.

■ Bad Bergzabern 27.10.-04.11.

■ Bad Breisig-Oberbreisig 13.10.-15.10.

■ Bad Falingbostel 12.10.-14.10.

■ Bad Hersfeld 15.10.-22.10.

■ Bad Lippspringe 12.10.-15.10.

■ Bad Nauheim 05.10.-09.10.

■ Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 05.10.-09.10.

■ Bad Säckingen 20.10.-28.10.

■ Baesweiler 28.09.-01.10.

■ Bamberg 12.10.-28.10.

■ Bautzen 29.09.-07.10.

■ Bebra 04.10.-08.10.

■ Beckum 20.10.-22.10.

■ Bellheim 13.10.-16.10.

■ Belm 12.10.-14.10.

■ Bergkamen 12.10.-15.10.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen 28.09.-03.10.

Berlin-Mitte-Wedding 28.09.-14.10.

Berlin-Spandau 28.09.-14.10.

■ Bielefeld 26.10.-04.11.

■ Bocholt 19.10.-22.10.

■ Bochum-Wattenscheid 05.10.-09.10.

■ Bockum-Hövel 19.10.-22.10.

■ Bönen-Altenbögge 12.10.-14.10.

■ Bottrop 28.09.-01.10.

■ Bräunlingen 19.10.-22.10.

■ Bramsche 28.09.-01.10.

■ Brandenburg/Havel 12.10.-21.10.

■ Braubach 05.10.-08.10.

■ Bremen 19.10.-04.11.

■ Bremervörde 05.10.-08.10.

■ Brockum 27.10.-30.10.

■ Brühl/Mannheim 29.09.-01.10.

■ Bückeburg 26.10.-29.10.

■ Burgstädt 03.10.-07.10.

■ Butzbach 27.10.-30.10.

■ Buxtehude 26.10.-28.10.

C■ Chemnitz 12.10.-15.10.

■ Einbeck 12.10.-14.10.

■ Elmshorn 19.10.-22.10.

■ Eltville/Rhein 26.10.-29.10.

■ Emmerich-Elten 06.10.-08.10.

■ Eppingen-Elsenz 27.10.-29.10.

■ Erfurt 22.09.-07.10.

■ Erwitte 05.10.-08.10.

■ Esens 19.10.-21.10.

■ Essen-Steele 06.10.-09.10.

■ Euskirchen 27.10.-30.10.

■ Eutin 12.10.-15.10.

F■ Falkensee 19.10.-28.10.

■ Fellbach 12.10.-15.10.

■ Flörsheim/Main 20.10.-29.10.

■ Frechen 29.09.-01.10.

■ Freiburg 19.10.-29.10.

■ Freisen 05.10.-09.10.

■ Fürth 29.09.-10.10.

G■ Geesthacht 27.10.-29.10.

■ Geilenkirchen 12.10.-15.10.

■ Gelnhausen 12.10.-15.10.

■ Gera 13.10.-28.10.

■ Gera 05.10.-07.10.

■ Gersdorf 12.10.-14.10.

■ Gersthofen 12.10.-22.10.

■ Gießen 22.09.-07.10.

■ Gnarrenburg 19.10.-21.10.

■ Goch 27.10.-30.10.

■ Gottmadingen 06.10.-08.10.

■ Gronau 12.10.-15.10.

■ Großrosseln 13.10.-16.10.

■ Grünberg 13.10.-21.10.

■ Gütersloh 29.09.-07.10.

H■ Hage 28.09.-01.10.

I■ Idstein 05.10.-08.10.

■ Ingelheim/Rhein 29.09.-07.10.

■ Ingolstadt 28.09.-07.10.

K■ Kaiserslautern 19.10.-29.10.

■ Kamen 19.10.-22.10.

■ Kandel 26.10.-29.10.

■ Kassel 26.10.-30.10.

■ Kelbra 25.10.-28.10.

■ Kempten 26.10.-04.11.

■ Kerpen 26.10.-30.10.

■ Kiel 03.10.-14.10.

■ Kirchhain 26.10.-28.10.

■ Kitzingen 12.10.-21.10.

■ Kitzingen 05.10.-08.10.

■ Kleinblittersdorf 07.10.-09.10.

■ Klötze 25.10.-29.10.

■ Köln-Chorweiler 12.10.-15.10.

■ Köln-Deutz 26.10.-04.11.

■ Köln-Junkersdorf 29.09.-03.10.

■ Köln-Porz 12.10.-14.10.

■ Königswinter 05.10.-08.10.

■ Köthen/Anhalt 03.10.-07.10.

■ Konstanz 21.09.-07.10.

■ Kornwestheim 26.10.-29.10.

■ Krautheim 20.10.-22.10.

■ Krefeld 28.09.-07.10.

■ Kronau 20.10.-23.10.

■ Künzelsau 26.10.-29.10.

L■ Leck 12.10.-15.10.

■ Leer 10.10.-14.10.

■ Leipzig 28.09.-21.10.

■ Lemberg 12.10.-14.10.

■ Leutkirch 20.10.-22.10.

■ Lichtenau 20.10.-22.10.

■ Limburg/Lahn 19.10.-23.10.

■ Lingen/Ems 05.10.-09.10.

N■ Nauheim 28.09.-07.10.

■ Naumburg/Saale 29.09.-07.10.

■ Neubrandenburg 28.09.-07.10.

■ Neu-Isenburg 12.10.-16.10.

■ Neulußheim 20.10.-23.10.

■ Neumünster 19.10.-22.10.

■ Neunkirchen/Saar 26.10.-28.10.

■ Neustadt/Holstein 26.10.-30.10.

■ Neustadt/Rübenberge 19.10.-21.10.

■ Neustadt/Weinstraße 05.10.-15.10.

■ Nidderau-Windecken 12.10.-15.10.

■ Niederbrechen 12.10.-15.10.

■ Niederkassel-Ranzel 26.10.-29.10.

■ Niederkassel-Rheidt 12.10.-15.10.

■ Nohfelden 29.09.-01.10.

■ Norden 20.10.-23.10.

■ Nordhorn 26.10.-30.10.

■ Nordwalde 29.09.-01.10.

O■ Oberhausen 25.10.-28.10.

■ Oberhausen 05.10.-07.10.

■ Oberkotzau 20.10.-22.10.

■ Obernkirchen 12.10.-15.10.

■ Oberursel 19.10.-23.10.

■ Offenbach/Main 29.09.-07.10.

■ Offenburg-Ortenau 28.09.-01.10.

■ Oldenburg 28.09.-07.10.

■ Oldenburg/Holst. 19.10.-22.10.

■ Olpe/Kürten 26.10.-28.10.

■ Oppenheim 20.10.-21.10.

■ Ortenberg 26.10.-31.10.

■ Osterholz-Scharmbeck 28.09.-02.10.

P■ Paderborn 20.10.-28.10.

■ Petershagen/Weser 05.10.-07.10.

■ Pfullendorf 12.10.-15.10.

■ Pinneberg 28.09.-01.10.

■ Potsdam 27.09.-08.10.


R■ Raschau 27.10.-31.10.

■ Ratzeburg 26.10.-28.10.

■ Rauenberg 13.10.-15.10.

■ Reilingen/Main 27.10.-30.10.

■ Rendsburg 28.09.-01.10.

■ Rheda-Wiedenbrück 28.09.-01.10.

■ Rheine 19.10.-22.10.

■ Rheinfelden 29.09.-07.10.

■ Riedlingen 12.10.-16.10.

■ Rockenberg 29.09.-01.10.

■ Roßdorf 29.09.-02.10.

■ Rot am See-Musdorf 06.10.-11.10.

■ Rothenburg/Tauber 27.10.-04.11.

■ Ruppichteroth 20.10.-22.10.

S■ Saarbrücken 28.09.-08.10.

■ Saarlouis 05.10.-07.10.

■ Salzbergen 06.10.-08.10.

■ Salzwedel 28.09.-01.10.

■ Sankt Ingbert 13.10.-21.10.

■ Sankt Leon-Rot 06.10.-09.10.

■ Sankt Wendel 20.10.-28.10.

■ Schloß Holte-Stukenbr. 20.10.-22.10.

■ Schneverdingen 19.10.-21.10.

■ Schönenberg-Kübelberg 13.10.-15.10.

■ Schöningen 19.10.-22.10.

■ Schöppenstedt 19.10.-21.10.

■ Schüttorf 13.10.-15.10.

■ Schwäbisch Gmünd 19.10.-22.10.

■ Schwerte 26.10.-29.10.

■ Schwetzingen 19.10.-23.10.

■ Senftenberg 12.10.-15.10.

■ Siegelsbach 20.10.-22.10.

■ Solingen-Mitte 26.10.-28.10.

■ Soltau 12.10.-14.10.

■ Sondershausen 30.10.-04.11.

■ Speyer 26.10.-04.11.

■ Stadthagen 12.10.-16.10.

■ Staßfurt 06.10.-14.10.

■ Steinfeld/Oldenburg 06.10.-08.10.

■ Steinfurt-Borghorst 26.10.-28.10.

■ Stendal 19.10.-28.10.

■ Stuttgart 28.09.-14.10.

■ Stuttgart-Degerloch 27.10.-29.10.

■ Suhl 03.10.-07.10.

T■ Tauberbischofsheim 12.10.-15.10.

■ Tengen 26.10.-29.10.

■ Thum 06.10.-08.10.

■ Traunreut 28.09.-03.10.

■ Trier 26.10.-04.11.

■ Troisdorf 13.10.-14.10.

U■ Uchte 19.10.-22.10.

■ Uelzen 19.10.-21.10.

V■ Vechta 26.10.-28.10.

■ Velbert 29.09.-03.10.

■ Viersen 06.10.-09.10.

■ Villingen-Schwenningen 11.10.-15.10.

■ Voerde 05.10.-08.10.

W■ Warburg 29.09.-07.10.

■ Warendorf 20.10.-24.10.

■ Warendorf-Freckenhorst 13.10.-15.10.

■ Warstein 12.10.-15.10.

■ Wedel 12.10.-15.10.

■ Weingarten 20.10.-21.10.

■ Welden 02.10.-07.10.

■ Werne 27.10.-30.10.

■ Wertheim 29.09.-07.10.

■ Wetzlar 18.10.-21.10.

■ Winsen/Luhe 12.10.-15.10.

■ Wittmund 26.10.-28.10.

■ Worms 26.10.-04.11.

■ Wuppertal-Barmen 26.10.-29.10.

■ Wuppertal-Oberbarmen 05.10.-08.10.

■ Wurzen 27.10.-04.11.

■ Wyk auf Föhr 19.10.-22.10.

Z■ Zeitz/Elster 11.10.-14.10.

■ Zülpich 06.10.-09.10.

■ Zwickau 28.09.-08.10.


■ A Adlwang 06.10.-21.10.

■ A Graz 22.09.-01.10.

■ A Hallein 19.10.-21.10.

■ A Klagenfurt 20.10.-22.10.

■ A Linz 29.09.-07.10.

■ A Lustenau 13.10.-14.10.

■ A Niederwölz/Murtal 12.10.-15.10.

■ A Saalfelden 12.10.-14.10.

■ A Sankt Veit/Glan 29.09.-08.10.

■ A Unterpremstätten 23.10.-29.10.

■ A Wolfsberg 12.10.-15.10.

■ B Boom 13.10.-15.10.

■ B Lüttich 06.10.-11.11.

■ B Maasmechelen 13.10.-16.10.

■ B Oostende 05.10.-04.11.

■ CH Affoltern a.A. 27.10.-04.11.

■ CH Basel 27.10.-11.11.

■ CH Dübendorf 20.10.-22.10.

■ CH Flüelen 29.09.-01.10.

■ CH Gais/Arh. 29.09.-01.10.

■ CH Herisau 05.10.-08.10.

■ CH Kreuzlingen 27.10.-29.10.

■ CH Küssnacht/Rigi 13.10.-15.10.

■ CH Laufenburg 12.10.-14.10.

■ CH Luzern 06.10.-21.10.

■ CH Sankt Gallen 11.10.-21.10.

■ CH Schmerikon 19.10.-21.10.

■ CH Stäfa 29.09.-01.10.

■ CH Steinen 06.10.-08.10.

■ CH Thalwil 27.10.-29.10.

■ CH Vaduz/Lichtenstein 05.10.-07.10.

■ CH Weinfelden 27.09.-01.10.

■ CH Willisau 20.10.-22.10.

■ F Albertville 13.10.-28.10.

■ F Ancenis 13.10.-04.11.

■ F Bordeaux 05.10.-04.11.

■ F Charleville-Mézières 29.09.-14.10.

■ F Clermont-Ferrand 27.10.-25.11.

■ F Dijon 27.10.-18.11.

■ F Epinal 22.09.-14.10.

■ F Firminy 13.10.-21.10.

■ F Forbach 12.10.-21.10.

■ F Havre, le 29.09.-21.10.

■ F Lyon-Croix Rousse 30.09.-10.11.

■ F Mans, le 27.10.-18.11.

■ F Marseille-Capelette 06.10.-18.11.

■ F Montluçon 29.09.-07.10.

■ F Morlaix 13.10.-28.10.

■ F Narbonne 29.09.-28.10.

■ F Nîmes 29.09.-28.10.

■ F Paris 25.08.-14.10.

■ F Perpignan 27.10.-25.11.

■ F Puy-en-Velay, le 20.10.-18.11.

■ F Rouen 19.10.-20.11.

■ F Saint-Etienne/Loire 21.09.-01.10.

■ F Saint-Quentin 06.10.-04.11.

■ F Toulouse 15.09.-07.10.

■ F Vannes 20.10.-04.11.

■ GB Abingdon, Berks 08.10.-09.10.

■ GB Banbury, Oxon 17.10.-19.10.

■ GB Bedford 18.10.-27.10.

■ GB Belfast 26.10.-11.11.

■ GB Birmingham 20.10.-04.11.

■ GB Bridlington, Yorks 17.10.-21.10.

■ GB Chesterfield 25.10.-27.10.

■ GB Chichester 20.10.-20.10.

■ GB Chorley, Lancashire 11.10.-14.10.

■ GB Haverfordwest 30.09.-07.10.

■ GB Houghton-le-Spring 05.10.-13.10.

■ GB Hull, H'Side 05.10.-13.10.

■ GB Ilkeston, Derbys 17.10.-20.10.

■ GB Marlborough, Wilts 13.10.-13.10.

■ GB Menai Bridge 24.10.-24.10.

■ GB Newbury, Berks 17.10.-20.10.

■ GB Northampton 28.10.-30.10.

■ GB Nottingham 03.10.-07.10.

■ GB Pembroke, Wales 11.10.-13.10.

■ GB Peterborough 27.09.-07.10.

■ GB Petersfield, Hants 05.10.-06.10.

■ GB Pontefract, W. Yorks 24.10.-29.10.

■ GB Ripley, Derbys 24.10.-29.10.

■ GB Salisbury, Wilts 15.10.-18.10.

■ GB Sherborne, Dorset 11.10.-15.10.

■ GB Stratford, Warks 11.10.-12.10.

■ GB Tavistock, Devon 08.10.-13.10.

■ GB Tewkesbury, Gloucs 09.10.-10.10.

■ GB Worksop, Notts 04.10.-15.10.

■ L Dudelange 13.10.-21.10.

■ MC Monaco 27.10.-25.11.

■ NL Amsterdam 18.10.-28.10.

■ NL Amsterdam-Osdorp 20.10.-28.10.

■ NL Bergen op Zoom 13.10.-21.10.

■ NL Breda 13.10.-21.10.

■ NL Echt 06.10.-14.10.

■ NL Enschede 20.10.-28.10.

■ NL Gennep 13.10.-21.10.

■ NL Gorinchem 26.10.-03.11.

■ NL Leiden 02.10.-03.10.

■ NL Nijmegen 29.09.-07.10.

■ NL Oldenzaal 28.09.-01.10.

■ NL Rotterdam 17.10.-28.10.

■ NL Sittard 12.10.-17.10.

■ NL Utrecht 05.10.-10.10.

■ NL Venlo 20.10.-28.10.

■ NL Weert 28.09.-03.10.

■ NL Winschoten 31.10.-05.11.

■ NL Zuidlaren/Tynaarlo 12.10.-17.10.


F Paris

■ Fête au Bois (Neu-Neu)

until 14.10.


F Toulouse

■ Fête Saint-Michel

until 07.10.


64289 Darmstadt

■ Herbstmesse

until 03.10.


Dschungel Train, Breakdance, Kino, Geisterbahn,

Twister, Black Pearl, Doggy Dog, Skipper

78465 Konstanz

■ Deutsch-Schweizer Oktoberfest

until 07.10.

Fa. H.Gebauer/Konstanz

Shake, Scheibenwischer, Kettenflieger, Water-Walkingballs,


92224 Amberg

■ Herbst-Michaeli-Dult

until 03.10.

Amberger Congress Marketing

Horror-World, G-Force, Schunkler, Mondlift,

Star Dancer

F Saint-Etienne/Loire

■ Fête Foraine

until 01.10.



35390 Gießen

■ Herbstmesse

until 07.10.

Gießen Marketing GmbH

Go-Kartbahn, Swing-Time, Breakdance,

Scheibenwischer, Super-Tower, Starlight,

Frisbee, Twister

39104 Magdeburg

■ Herbstmesse

until 14.10.

V.S.G. GmbH/Magdeburg

Riesenrad, Jet Force, Wildwasserbahn, Magic,

Musikladen, Shake, Geisterbahn, House

of Horror, Berg- und Talbahn

80336 München

■ Oktoberfest

until 07.10.


Amazonas, Free Style, Breakdance, Parkour,

Fünfer-Looping, 2 x Top Spin, Flohzirkus, Alpina-Bahn,

Flip Fly, Playball, Feuer & Eis,

Lach+Freu-Haus, Shocker, Techno Power,

Nostalgie-Geisterbahn, Hexenschaukel, Star

Flyer, Frisbee, Rocket, Psychodelic, Rund um

den Tegernsee, Cyber Space, High Energy,

Rio Rapidos, Skater, Circus-Welt, Kettenflieger,

Omni, Toboggan, Nostalgie-Riesenrad,

Geisterschloss, Taumler, Zugspitzbahn, Wilde

Maus, Krinoline, Power Tower, Irrgarten, Höllenblitz,

Schichtl, Münchner Rutsch’n, Wellenflug,

Teufelsrad, Riesenrad, Steile Wand, Musik

Express, Etagenkarussell, 2x Schaukel

99084 Erfurt

■ Oktoberfest

until 07.10.


Around the World, Commander, Breakdance,

Atlantis Rafting, Geisterbahn, Freddy’s Company,


A Graz

■ Vergnügunspark zur

Herbstmesse until 22.10.

Simulator, Extrem, Riesenrad, Schiff Ahoi, Tornado,

Katz & Maus, Flipper, Breakdance, Ket-



tenflieger, Crazy Wave, Outbreak, Tagada,

Geisterbahn, Black Out, Water-Walkingballs,


F Epinal

■ Fête Saint-Maurice

until 14.10.


14471 Potsdam

■ Herbstfest until 08.10.

BSV GmbH/Berlin

Riesenrad, Hyper X, Breakdance, Jaguar,

Down Town

CH Weinfelden

■ WEGA until 01.10.

GB Peterborough, Cambs.

■ Bridge Fair until 07.10.


04177 Leipzig

■ Herbstkleinmesse until 21.10.

Leipziger Schaustellerverein

Wilde Maus, Geisterbahn, Magic, Breakdance,

Projekt 1, Fantastic World, Villa Kunterbunt,

Hollywwod Star, Schlittenfahrt

08054 Zwickau

■ Oktoberfest until 08.10.

IG Zwickauer Schausteller GbR

Riesenrad, Flipper, Breakdance, Musik Express,


13051 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

■ Erntefest until 03.10.


13405 Berlin-Mitte-Wedding

Berliner Oktoberfest until 14.10.

Schaustellerverband Berlin eV


13581 Berlin-Spandau

■ Oktoberfest until 14.10.


17033 Neubrandenburg

■ Mecklenburger Oktoberfest

until 07.10.

21031 Hamburg-Lohbrügge

■ Herbstmarkt until 03.10.

21129 Hamburg-Finkenwerder

■ Herbstmarkt until 01.10.

24768 Rendsburg

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 01.10.


25421 Pinneberg

■ Herbstmarkt until 01.10.


25813 Husum

■ Herbstmarkt until 01.10.

26121 Oldenburg

■ Kramermarkt until 07.10.


Looping the Loop, Rotor, Top Spin, Riesenrad,

Take Off, Fahrt ins Paradies, Showtime, 2 x

Breakdane, Big Bamboo, Turbo Force, Wilde

Maus, Musik Express, Wildwasserbahn, Frisbee,

Spukschloss, Flash, Wellenflug, Piratenrutsche,

Remmi Demmi, Octopussy, Go-Kartbahn

26524 Hage

■ Herbstmarkt until 01.10.

27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck

■ Herbstmarkt until 02.10.

29410 Salzwedel

■ Dionysiusmarkt until 01.10.

30169 Hannover

■ Oktoberfest until 14.10.

ArGe für Volksfeste/Hannover

Booster Maxxx, Wildwasserbahn, Hip Hop Fly,

Achterbahn, Riesenrad, Sky Flyer, Toboggan,

Bayern-Rutsche, High Explosive, Heiße Räder,

Hupferl, Magic, Breakdance, Flipper,

Shaker, Schlittenfahrt, Fun Street, Geisterbahn,

Happy Family

33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

■ Herbstkirmes Wiedenbrück

until 01.10.


Phoenix, Riesenrad, Disco Jet, Aqua-Labyrinth,

High Impress

Participants: ca. 65

46236 Bottrop

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.10.


Musik Express, Breakdance, Twister, Phoenix,

Wellenflug, Double Jump, Shaker

46499 Hamminkeln

■ Bellhammi Kirmes until 01.10.

47799 Krefeld

■ Herbst-Sprödentalkirmes

until 07.10.


48455 Bad Bentheim

■ Wiesn-Kirmes until 01.10.

Heskamp Event GbR/Rheine

49565 Bramsche

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.10.

52499 Baesweiler

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.10.

52525 Heinsberg

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.10.

59229 Ahlen/Westfalen

■ Herbstkirmes until 03.10.


Breakdance, Wilde Maus, High Impress, Big

Spin, Musik-Shop, Ghost, Riesenrad

64569 Nauheim

■ Naumer Kerb until 07.10.

66115 Saarbrücken

■ Oktoberfest until 08.10.


Riesenrad, Super-Jumper, Polyp, Tropical

Trip, Music-Swing

70372 Stuttgart

■ Cannstatter Volksfest until 14.10.

Stuttgart Veranstaltungs GmbH

Super-Rutsche, The Game, Simulator, Show

der Sensationen, Daemonium, Geisterschlange,

Psychodelic, Hollywood, Action House,

Crazy Outback, Tal der Könige, Geheimnisse

des Orients, Kristallpalast, Musik Express, Music-Shop,

Happy Sailor, Breakdance, Shake,

Disco-Fieber, Circus Circus, 2 x Riesenrad,

Willy der Wurm, Teststrecke, Wildwasserbahn,

Wilde Maus, Spinning Racer, Go-Kartbahn,

Hot Shot, Wellenflug, Polyp, Booster Maxxx,

Revolution, Transformer, Gladiator, XXL, Flipper,

Space Roller, Star Flyer, Flasher

Participants: ca. 335

77652 Offenburg-Ortenau

■ Winzerfest until 01.10.

83301 Traunreut

■ Volksfest until 03.10.

85049 Ingolstadt

■ Herbstfest until 07.10.


Leopardenspur, Pirates Adventure, U 3000,

Water-Walkingballs, Happy Monster, Black

Hole, Riesenrad, Samba-Tower, Flash, Leopardenspur,

Kettenflieger, Super-Hupferl,


Participants: ca. 140

98646 Hildburghausen

■ Theresienfest until 07.10.

NL Oldenzaal

■ Najaarskermis until 01.10.

NL Weert

■ Stadskermis until 03.10.


02625 Bautzen

■ Herbstkirmes until 07.10.

06618 Naumburg/Saale

■ Herbstfest until 07.10.

33332 Gütersloh

■ Michaeliskirmes until 07.10.


Riesenrad, Berg & Tal, Tanz der Vampire, Time

Factory, Big Monster, Breakdance, Nightstyle,

Rocket, Star Club, Kettenflieger

Participants: ca. 150

34414 Warburg

■ Oktoberwoche until 07.10.


Breakdance, Speedy Gonzales, Star Flyer,

Musik Express, Round Up, Burg des Grauens,

Verrückte Farm, Bungee-Trampolin, Simulator

Participants: ca. 55

35519 Rockenberg

■ Kirmes until 01.10.

42551 Velbert

■ Herbstkirmes until 03.10.


Stardust, Musik Express, Breakdance, Simulator

Participants: ca. 30

48352 Nordwalde

■ Kirmes until 01.10.

50226 Frechen

■ Innenstadtkirmes until 01.10.

51143 Köln-Junkersdorf

■ Kirmes until 03.10.

55218 Ingelheim/Rhein

■ Rotweinfest mit Kerb until 07.10.

56626 Andernach

■ Michelsmarkt until 03.10.


Joker, Adrenalin, Millennium, Wellenflug,

Beach Party

Participants: ca. 370

63065 Offenbach/Main

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.

Offenbacher S.V. Stadt u. Land

Riesenrad, Kettenflieger, Jaguar, Bob-Bahn,


Participants: ca. 45

64380 Roßdorf

■ Kerb until 02.10.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR Darmstadt

66625 Nohfelden

■ Erntedank- und Burgkirmes

until 01.10.

66663 Merzig

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.

68169 Mannheim

■ Oktobermess

until 14.10.

City Events, GrossMarkt/Mannheim

Riesenrad, Wildwasserbahn, Wilde Maus, Mexico

City, Beach Party, Magic, Bayern-Breaker,

Top Spin, Virus, Wellenflug, Burner, Rutsche,

Eclipse, Hopser, Walk of Fame, Geistervilla,

Freddys Circus

Participants: ca. 135

68782 Brühl

■ Kerwe until 01.10.

69234 Dielheim/Wiesloch

■ Kerwe until 02.10.


79618 Rheinfelden/Baden

■ Herbstfest until 07.10.

84503 Altötting

■ Kirta until 07.10.

90762 Fürth

■ Michaeliskirchweih until 10.10.


The King, Magic House, Space Party, Breakdance,

Riesenrad, Take Off, Atlantis, Wellenflug

Participants: ca. 270

97340 Marktbreit

■ Kirchweih until 03.10.

97877 Wertheim

■ Michaelismesse until 07.10.

A Linz

■ Urfahraner Herbstmarkt

until 07.10.

Wildwasserbahn, Breakdance, Chaos, Crazy

Boat, Crazy Surf, Crazy Mouse, Drachen, 2 x

Bungee-Trampolin, Geisterbahn, Kettenflieger,

Magic, Magic Dreamland, No Limit, Schlittenfahrt,

Playball, Riesenrad, Tagada, Simulator,

Water-Walkingballs, X-Treme

Participants: ca. 360

A Sankt Veit/Glan

■ Wiesenmarkt until 08.10.

CH Flüelen

■ Chilbi until 01.10.

CH Gais/Arh.

■ Chilbi until 01.10.

CH Stäfa

■ Chilbi until 01.10.

F Charleville-Mézières

■ Fête Foraine d'Automne

until 14.10.

F Havre, le

■ Foire Saint-Michel until 21.10.

F Montluçon

■ Fête Foraine until 07.10.

F Narbonne

■ Fête Foraine until 28.10.

F Nîmes

■ Fête Foraine d'Automne

until 28.10.

NL Nijmegen

■ Najaarskermis until 07.10.


F Lyon-Croix Rousse

■ Fête Foraine until 10.11.

GB Haverfordwest, Pemb

■ October Fair until 07.10.



86465 Welden

■ Volksfest until 07.10.

NL Leiden

■ 3-Oktoberfeesten until 03.10.


06366 Köthen

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.

09217 Burgstädt

■ Altstadtfest until 07.10.

K.& R.Illgen OHG/Chemnitz

Magic, Riesenrad, Achterbahn

24103 Kiel

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.


Breakdance, Troika, Drachen, Halloween, Water-Walkingballs

27479 Cuxhaven

■ Herbstfleckenmarkt until 07.10.

32584 Löhne

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.

98529 Suhl

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.

GB Nottingham

■ Goose Fair until 07.10.


36179 Bebra

■ Erntedankfest until 08.10.

GB Worksop, Notts

■ Autumn Fair until 15.10.


07545 Gera

■ Höhlerfest (Stadtfest) until 07.10.

22117 Hamburg-Kirchsteinbek

■ Herbstmarkt until 07.10.

25709 Marne

■ Herbstmarkt until 07.10.

27432 Bremervörde

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 08.10.

32469 Petershagen/Weser

■ Herbstmarkt until 07.10.

33161 Hövelhof

■ Hövelmarkt until 07.10.

53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

■ Kirmes Bad Neuenahr until 09.10.


Musik Express, Shaker, Riesenrad, Intoxx,

Haunted Mansion

53639 Königswinter

■ Winzerfest, Kirmes until 08.10.

56338 Braubach

■ Weinfest until 08.10.

59597 Erwitte

■ Schlosskirmes until 08.10.


Breakdance, Shaker, Joker, Adrenalin, Irrgarten

Participants: ca. 50

61231 Bad Nauheim

■ Kerb until 09.10.

65510 Idstein

■ Oktoberfest until 08.10.

66629 Freisen

■ Kirmes until 09.10.

66740 Saarlouis

■ Oktoberfest until 07.10.


67433 Neustadt/Weinstraße

■ Winzerfest until 15.10.

97318 Kitzingen-Sickershausen

■ Kirchweih until 08.10.

B Oostende=Ostende

■ Oktoberfoor until 04.11.

CH Herisau

■ Jahrmarkt until 08.10.

CH Vaduz/Lichtenstein

■ Jahrmarkt until 07.10.

F Bordeaux

■ Foire aux Plaisirs until 04.11.

GB Houghton-le-Spring,


■ Feast until 13.10.

GB Hull

■ Fair until 13.10.

GB Petersfield, Hants

■ Taro Fair until 06.10.

NL Utrecht

■ Kermis until 10.10.


09419 Thum

■ Kirmes until 08.10.

48499 Salzbergen

■ Kirmes until 08.10.

49439 Steinfeld/Oldenburg

■ Herbstkirmes until 08.10.


53909 Zülpich

■ Michael-Kirmes until 09.10.

68789 Sankt Leon-Rot/Wiesloch

■ Kerwe until 09.10.


74585 Rot am See-Musdorf

■ Muswiese until 11.10.

78244 Gottmadingen

■ Herbstmarkt until 08.10.



91332 Heiligenstadt

■ Kirchweih until 08.10.

A Adlwang

■ Kirtag until 21.10.

Open only on Saturday and Sunday

B Liège=Luik=Lüttich

■ Foire d'Octobre until 11.11.

CH Luzern

■ Herbstmesse (Määs) until 21.10.

CH Steinen

■ Chilbi until 08.10.

F Marseille-Capelette

■ Fête Foraine d'Octobre

until 18.11.

F Saint-Quentin

■ Foire de la Saint-Denis until 04.11.

NL Echt

■ Kermis until 14.10.


66271 Kleinblittersdorf

■ Kirmes until 09.10.


GB Abingdon, Berks

■ Michaelmas Fair

until 09.10.

GB Tavistock, Devon

■ Goosey Fair until 13.10.


06712 Zeitz/Elster

■ Herbstfest until 14.10.

32052 Herford

■ City-Kirmes until 15.10.

Pro Herford GmbH Stadtmarketing

Fliegender Teppich, Kettenflieger, Breakdance,

Hully Gully, Jumper, Musik Express, Down

Town, Simulator

78050 Villingen-Schwenningen

■ Villinger Herbstmarkt until 15.10.


Tornado, Extrem, Water-Walkingballs, Kettenflieger,

Simulator, Bungee-Trampolin

CH Sankt Gallen

■ OLMA/Herbstjahrmarkt

until 21.10.

GB Chorley, Lancashire

■ Cake Street Fair until 14.10.

GB Pembroke, Wales

■ Michaelmas Fair until 13.10.

GB Sherborne, Dorset

■ Pack Monday Fair until 15.10.

GB Stratford, Warks

■ Mop Fair until 12.10.


01968 Senftenberg

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

Lausitzer S.V./H.Probst

Simulator, Twister, Drop-Attack, Riesenrad,


04509 Delitzsch

■ Oktoberfest until 21.10.



09111 Chemnitz

■ Oktoberfest until 15.10.

M.S.V. Chemnitz

Musik Express

09354 Gersdorf

■ Kirmes until 14.10.


14770 Brandenburg/Havel

■ Herbstfest until 21.10.

21423 Winsen/Luhe

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 15.10.

22179 Hamburg-Bramfeld

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.10.

42277 Wuppertal-Oberbarmen

■ Kirmes until 08.10.

44866 Bochum-Wattenscheid

■ Herbstkirmes until 09.10.

46145 Oberhausen-Königshardt

■ Wottelkirmes until 07.10.

39418 Staßfurt

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.


41747 Viersen

■ Herbstkirmes until 09.10.


Kesseltanz, Twister, Disco Dance


GB Tewkesbury, Gloucs

■ Mop Fair until 10.10.


22880 Wedel

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.10.

23701 Eutin

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.10.

23774 Heiligenhafen

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.

46562 Voerde

■ Nottekirmes until 08.10.

49809 Lingen/Ems

■ Herbstkirmes until 09.10.

Emslandhallen Lingen

Breakdance, Heartbreaker, Geisterhotel, Booster

Maxxx, Big Spin, Disco-Bahn, Airgate, Simulator

Participants: ca. 70

45276 Essen-Steele

■ Herbstkirmes until 09.10.

I.G.S. mbH/Ritter+Müller/Essen

46446 Emmerich-Elten

■ Kirmes until 08.10.

46519 Alpen

■ Kirmes until 08.10.

26789 Leer

■ Gallimarkt

until 14.10.


Riesenrad, Beach Jumper, Hot Snow, Big

Bamboo, 2 x Breakdance, Wellenflug, Geisterbahn,

Family Star, Propeller, Salto Mortale,

Take Off, X-Factor

Participants: ca. 250

25917 Leck

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.10.

26892 Dörpen

■ Kirmes until 14.10.

29456 Hitzacker

■ Gallusmarkt until 14.10.

Schaustellerverband Lüneburg



29614 Soltau

■ Herbstfest until 14.10.

29683 Bad Falingbostel

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.

31655 Stadthagen

■ Herbstkrammarkt until 16.10.

31683 Obernkirchen

■ Barbarossamarkt und

Innenstadtkirmes until 15.10.

S.Steuer Karussellbetriebe Lemgo

32832 Augustdorf

■ Herbstkirmes until 14.10.

33175 Bad Lippspringe

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

35039 Marburg

■ Innenstadtkirmes until 15.10.

37574 Einbeck

■ Eulenfest until 14.10.

48249 Dülmen

■ Viktor-Kirmes until 15.10.


Rocket, Breakdance, Twister, Riesenrad, Disco


Participants: ca. 90

48599 Gronau

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.


49191 Belm

■ Kirmes until 14.10.

50765 Köln-Chorweiler

■ Herbst-Kirmes until 15.10.


51143 Köln-Porz

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.


52511 Geilenkirchen

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.


Musik Express, Breakdance, Rainbow

53859 Niederkassel-Rheidt

■ Volksfest until 15.10.

59192 Bergkamen

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

59199 Bönen-Altenbögge

■ Herbstkirmes until 14.10.

59581 Warstein

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

59609 Anröchte

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.


Big Spin, Adrenalin, Experience, Shaker, Breakdance,

Musik Express, Kettenflieger, Aqua

Velis, Piraten-Rutsche

Participants: ca. 110

61130 Nidderau-Windecken

■ Volksfest until 15.10.

63263 Neu-Isenburg

■ Kirchweih until 16.10.

63571 Gelnhausen

■ Schelmenmarkt until 15.10.

Geselligkeitsver."Die Schelme"

The King, Breakdance, Hexentanz, Taumler,

Musik Express, Wellenflug, Euro-Rutsche

Participants: ca. 210

65611 Niederbrechen

■ Zelt-Kirmes until 15.10.

66969 Lemberg

■ Kerwe until 14.10.

70734 Fellbach

■ Herbstvolksfest until 15.10.

84048 Mainburg

■ Gallimarkt until 15.10.


Amazonas, Tropical Trip, Wellenflug, G-Force,

Bungee-Trampolin, Super-Hupferl, Roll Over,


Participants: ca. 45

86368 Gersthofen

■ Kirchweihfest until 22.10.


88499 Riedlingen

■ Gallusmarkt until 16.10.

88630 Pfullendorf

■ Kirchweihmarkt until 15.10.

93349 Mindelstetten/Pförring

■ Markt und Volksfest until 15.10.

96047 Bamberg

■ Herbstplärrer until 28.10.


Achterbahn, Star Dancer, Space Party, Domino,


Participants: ca. 50

97318 Kitzingen

■ Etwashäuser Kirchweih

until 21.10.

97941 Tauberbischofsheim

■ Martini-Messe until 15.10.


Participants: ca. 15

A Niederwölz/Murtal

■ Maxlauner Markt until 15.10.

A Saalfelden

■ Pinzgauer Messe

until 14.10.

A Wolfsberg

■ Kolomonimarkt until 15.10.

CH Laufenburg

■ HELA until 14.10.

F Forbach

■ Fête Foraine, Kirb de Forbach

until 21.10.

NL Sittard

■ Oktoberkermis until 17.10.

NL Zuidlaren/Tynaarlo

■ Marktkermis until 17.10.


01307 Dresden

■ Herbstfest until 04.11.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband

Riesenrad, Flipper, Breakdance, Musik Express,

Kettenflieger, Mausefalle

Participants: ca. 45

07545 Gera

■ Herbstvolksfest until 28.10.

Kultur und Veranstaltungsmanagement

Magic, Geisterbahn, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 30

35305 Grünberg

■ Gallusmarkt until 21.10.


41061 Mönchengladbach

■ Spätkirmes mit Stadtfest

until 15.10.

41836 Hückelhoven

■ Herbstmarkt until 16.10.

Ko-Lo GbR Hückelhoven

Tornado, Musik Express, Top Spin

Participants: ca. 75

48231 Warendorf-Freckenhorst

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

48465 Schüttorf

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

49393 Lohne/Oldenburg

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.



49624 Löningen

■ Oktobermarkt until 15.10.

53498 Bad Breisig-Oberbreisig

■ Kerwe until 15.10.

53840 Troisdorf

■ Herbstmarkt until 14.10.


56626 Andernach-Kell

■ Kirmes until 15.10.


56727 Mayen

■ Lukasmarkt until 21.10.


Konga, Breakdance, Air-Crash, Lach+Freu-

Haus, Heartbreaker, Round Up, Wellenflug,

Joker, Omni, Mäusestadt, Simulator, Burg des

Grauens, Beach Party

58540 Meinerzhagen

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.10.

63512 Hainburg-Hainstadt

■ Kerb und Nachkerb until 22.10.

Closed from Wednesday to Friday


66352 Großrosseln

■ Kirmes until 16.10.

66386 Sankt Ingbert

■ Kirmes until 21.10.

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday


66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg

■ Kirchweih until 15.10.

69231 Rauenberg

■ Winzerkerwe until 15.10.


76756 Bellheim

■ Kirchweih until 16.10.

86199 Augsburg-Lechhausen

■ Lechhauser Kirchweih until 21.10.

87700 Memmingen

■ Jahrmarkt mit Vergnügungspark

until 21.10.

Fair from Tuesday to Thursday


Alpenrausch, Free Style, Top Spin, Techno Power,

Hex’n Wippn, Musik Express, XXL-Krake

91560 Heilsbronn

■ Kirchweih

until 15.10.

A Lustenau

■ Kilbi until 14.10.

B Boom

■ Jaarmarktkermis until 15.10.

B Maasmechelen

■ Oktober-Kermis until 16.10.

CH Küssnacht/Rigi

■ Chilbi until 15.10.

F Albertville

■ Fête Foraine d'Automne

until 28.10.

F Ancenis

■ Luna Park until 04.11.

F Firminy

■ La Vogue des Noix until 21.10.

F Morlaix

■ Fête Foraine until 28.10.

GB Marlborough, Wilts

■ Big Mop Fair until 13.10.

L Dudelange

■ Kermesse d'Automne until 21.10.

NL Bergen op Zoom

■ Najaarskermis until 21.10.

NL Breda

■ Bredase Kermis until 21.10.

NL Gennep

■ Kermis until 21.10.


36251 Bad Hersfeld

■ Lullusfest until 22.10.


Riesenrad, Wilde Maus, High Impress, Breakdance,

Night Style, Intoxx, Krumm & Schief

Bau, Simulator

Participants: ca. 50

GB Salisbury, Wilts

■ Pleasure Fair until 18.10.


GB Banbury, Oxon

■ Michaelmas Fair until 19.10.

GB Bridlington, Yorks

■ Autumn Fair until 21.10.

GB Ilkeston, Derbys

■ Charter Fair until 20.10.

GB Newbury, Berks

■ Michaelmas Fair until 20.10.

NL Rotterdam

■ Najaarskermis until 28.10.


35579 Wetzlar

■ Gallusmarkt until 21.10.

GB Bedford

■ October Fair until 27.10.

NL Amsterdam

■ Dam-Najaarskermis until 28.10.


14621 Falkensee/Berlin

■ Herbstfest until 28.10.



22359 Hamburg-Volksdorf

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.

Bezirksamt Wandsbek

49716 Meppen

■ Herbstkirmes until 22.10.



23758 Oldenburg/Holstein

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.10.

24534 Neumünster

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 22.10.


Tai-Fun, Drachen, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 65

25557 Hanerau

■ Herbstfest until 21.10.

25938 Wyk auf Föhr

■ Herbst-Jahrmarkt until 22.10.

26427 Esens

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.


27442 Gnarrenburg

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.


28195 Bremen

■ Freimarkt until 04.11.

Stadtamt Bremen, Marktverwaltung

Haunted Mansion, Booster Maxxx, Breakdance,

Airwolf, Spinning Racer, Irrgarten, Happy

Traveller, Flash, Big Spin, Wellenflug, Devil

Rock, Troika, The Game, Wildwasserbahn, Hot

Shot, Riesenrad, Happy Sailor, Wilde Maus,

Mäusestadt, Fünfer-Looping, Parkour, Euro-

Rutsche, Star Flyer, Top Spin, Rotor, Höllenblitz,

Frisbee, Freddy’s Company, Looping the


Participants: ca. 335

29525 Uelzen

■ Martinimarkt until 21.10.

29640 Schneverdingen

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.


31535 Neustadt/Rübenberge

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.

31600 Uchte

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.10.

34431 Marsberg

■ Allerheiligenkirmes until 21.10.


35335 Elmshorn

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.10.


38170 Schöppenstedt

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.

38364 Schöningen

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.10.

39576 Stendal

■ Oktoberfest until 28.10.

ASV Stendal/Tangerhütte

46399 Bocholt

■ Kirmes until 22.10.

Stadtmarketing GmbH & Co. KG

Kettenflieger, XXL, Circus Circus, Twister,

Voodoo Jumper, Looping the Loop, Simulator,

Turbo Force, Jump Street, Octopussy, Wellenflug,

Disco Jet, Phoenix, Breakdance,

Rocket, Shake, Psychodelic, Riesenrad, Geisterbahn,

High Energy

Participants: ca. 285

48431 Rheine

■ Kirmes until 22.10.


2 x Breakdance, 2 x Musik Express, Salto Mortale,

Frisbee, Adrenalin, Take Off, Wilde Maus,

Boxbude, Big Bamboo, Sky Dance, Amazonas,

Devil Dance, Wellenflug, Skater, Round

Up, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 250

59075 Bockum-Hövel

■ Herbstkirmes until 22.10.


59174 Kamen

■ Severinsmarkt until 22.10.


Hip Hop Fly, Schwanenflieger, Musik Express

Participants: ca. 75

59348 Lüdinghausen

■ Herbstkirmes until 22.10.


61440 Oberursel

■ Taunuskerb until 23.10.

65549 Limburg

■ Oktoberfest until 23.10.


67653 Kaiserslautern

■ Oktobermarkt until 29.10.


Black Hole, Geisterbahn, Riesenrad, Artistico,

Musik Express, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 135

68723 Schwetzingen

■ Kerwe until 23.10.


Participants: ca. 20

69117 Heidelberg

■ Volksfest until 28.10.

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday


73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

■ Kirchweihmarkt mit

Vergnügungspark until 22.10.

Touristik- und Marketing GmbH

Disco-Flyer, Comic-Trip, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 35

74909 Meckesheim

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.

78199 Bräunlingen

■ Kilbig until 22.10.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Top Spin, Simulator

Participants: ca. 15

78247 Hilzingen

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.


Extrem, Tornado, Roll Over, Kettenflieger

Participants: ca. 15

79098 Freiburg

■ Herbstmesse until 29.10.

Freiburg Wirtschaft & Touristik

U 3000, Tal der Könige, Shake, Feuer & Eis,

Geisterbahn, Riesenrad, Breakdance, Booster

Maxxx, G-Force, Hollywood, Magic, Dance


Participants: ca. 120

84130 Dingolfing

■ Kirta until 24.10.


Jumanji, Simulator, Tropical Trip, Chaos, Riesenrad,

Himalaya, The King, Super-Tower,


Participants: ca. 55

91217 Hersbruck

■ Kirchweih until 21.10.

96237 Ebersdorf/Coburg

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.

97437 Haßfurt

■ Kirchweih until 23.10.


A Hallein

■ Tennengauer Messetage

until 21.10.

CH Schmerikon

■ Schmerkner Chilbi until 21.10.

F Rouen

■ Foire de la Saint-Romain

until 20.11.


04600 Altenburg

■ Herbstmarkt until 28.10.

09474 Crottendorf

■ Schützen-Kirmes until 21.10.

26506 Norden

■ Beestmarkt until 23.10.


33098 Paderborn

■ Herbst-Libori-Kirmes until 28.10.


33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

■ Pollhansmarkt Schloss Holte

until 22.10.


Montgolfiere, Kettenflieger, Musik Express,

Riesenrad, Cyber Space, Simulator, Transformer,

Nostalgie-Riesenrad, Geistervilla

Participants: ca. 400

46569 Hünxe

■ Honigkirmes until 22.10.

48231 Warendorf

■ Fettmarkt- und Herbstkirmes

until 24.10.


Booster, Remmi Demmi, Crazy Mouse, House

of Horror, Riesenrad, Scheibenwischer, Musik-Shop,


Participants: ca. 190

49413 Dinklage

■ Fettmarkt until 22.10.

53809 Ruppichteroth

■ Kirmes until 22.10.

55273 Oppenheim

■ Katharinenmarkt until 21.10.

56626 Andernach-Miesenheim

■ Kirmes until 23.10.

59269 Beckum

■ Lukas-Kirmes until 22.10.

59555 Lippstadt

■ Herbstwoche until 28.10.

Lippstadt Marketing, KWL GmbH

Musik Express, Streetfighter, Breakdance, Jet

Force, Tropicana, Irrgarten, Halloween, Rutsche,

Eclipse, Freddys Circus, The King, Shaker

Participants: ca. 200

65439 Flörsheim

■ Kerb und Nachkerb until 29.10.

Closed from Wednesday to Friday


Virus, Breakdance, Super-Jumper

66606 Sankt Wendel

■ Wendelskirmes until 28.10.

68542 Heddesheim

■ Kerwe until 22.10.


68809 Neulußheim

■ Kirchweih until 23.10.

74653 Krautheim

■ Herbstmesse until 22.10.

74736 Hardheim

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.10.

74936 Siegelsbach

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.

76709 Kronau

■ Kirchweih until 23.10.

77839 Lichtenau

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.

79713 Bad Säckingen

■ Herbstmarkt until 28.10.

81541 München-Au

■ Kirchweihdult until 28.10.

88250 Weingarten

■ Kirchweih-Jahrmarkt until 21.10.

88299 Leutkirch

■ Gallusmarkt until 22.10.

95145 Oberkotzau

■ Kirchweih until 22.10.

A Klagenfurt

■ Ursulamarkt until 22.10.

CH Dübendorf

■ Herbst-Chilbi until 22.10.

CH Willisau

■ Chilbi until 22.10.

F Puy-en-Velay, le

■ Fête Foraine

until 18.11.

F Vannes

■ Foire aux Oignons

until 04.11.

GB Birmingham

■ Star City Half Term Holiday Fair

until 04.11.

GB Chichester, W.Sussex

■ Sloe Fair

until 20.10.

NL Amsterdam-Osdorp

■ Mega Kermis

until 28.10.

NL Enschede

■ Herfstkermis

until 28.10.

NL Venlo

■ Kermis until 28.10.


A Unterpremstätten/Graz

■ Oktoberfest

until 29.10.


GB Menai Bridge, Anglesey

■ Street Fair

until 24.10.



GB Pontefract, W. Yorks

■ Statutes Fair until 29.10.

GB Ripley, Derbys

■ October Fair until 29.10.


06537 Kelbra

■ Kirmes until 28.10.


25746 Heide

■ Herbstmarkt until 30.10.

38486 Klötze

■ Martinimarkt

until 29.10.


Riesenrad, Jaguar, Free Fall, Projekt 1, Geisterbahn,

Twister, Shake, Tornado, Simulator,

Fliegender Teppich

46045 Oberhausen

■ City-Fest until 28.10.

48143 Münster

■ Herbstsend

until 29.10.


Disco Jet, Riesenrad, Berg & Tal, Wildwasserbahn,

Turbo Force, Rocket, Skater, Tanz der

Vampire, Circus Circus, Scheibenwischer,

Geisterhotel, Kristallpalast

GB Chesterfield/Derbyshire

■ Vintage Fair until 27.10.


14974 Ludwigsfelde

■ Wiesenkirmes until 29.10.

21614 Buxtehude

■ Herbstmarkt until 28.10.

23730 Neustadt/Holstein

■ Herbstmarkt until 30.10.

23909 Ratzeburg

■ Herbstmarkt until 28.10.

26409 Wittmund

■ Letztmarkt until 28.10.

31675 Bückeburg

■ Herbstmarkt

until 29.10.


Top Spin, Musik Express, 1001 Nacht, Schwanenflieger,

Bungee-Trampolin, Aqua-Labyrinth

Participants: ca. 100

31758 Hameln

■ Rattenfängerkirmes

until 29.10.

Deister Event Service, Lauenau

Riesenrad, Nightstyle, Flying Swing, Musik Express,

Simulator, Round Up

Participants: ca. 50

33607 Bielefeld

■ Herbstkirmes

until 04.11.


Achterbahn, Experience, Musik Express, Flying

Star, Flipper, House of Horror, Verrücktes

Hotel, Top Spin, Rutsche

34125 Kassel

■ Casseler Freyheit until 30.10.

35274 Kirchhain

■ Martinsmarkt until 28.10.

40724 Hilden

■ Itterfest until 29.10.

42283 Wuppertal-Barmen

■ Schwebebahnkirmes

until 29.10.

42650 Solingen-Mitte

■ Brückenfest until 28.10.

48529 Nordhorn

■ Herbstkirmes until 30.10.


Montgolfiere, X-Factor, Musik Express, Take

Off, High Explosive, Fun Street

Participants: ca. 70

48565 Steinfurt-Borghorst

■ Muffen-Markt until 28.10.

49377 Vechta

■ Thomasmarkt until 28.10.

50169 Kerpen

■ Kolpingkirmes until 30.10.

50679 Köln-Deutz

■ Herbstvolksfest until 04.11.


51515 Olpe/Kürten

■ Herbtsmarkt until 28.10.

53859 Niederkassel-Ranzel

■ Kirmes until 29.10.

54293 Trier

■ Allerheiligen-Messe until 04.11.

58239 Schwerte

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.10.


Breakdance, Musik Express, Crazy Dancer,

Double Jump

Participants: ca. 55

63128 Dietzenbach

■ Kerb until 30.10.

63683 Ortenberg

■ Kalter Markt until 31.10.


Frisbee, Air-Crash, Riesenrad, Starlight, Black


65343 Eltville

■ Kappeskerb until 29.10.

66538 Neunkirchen

■ Oktoberfest until 28.10.

67343 Speyer

■ Herbstmesse until 04.11.


Rutsche, Riesenrad, Rainbow, Crazy Halloween,


Participants: ca. 80

67549 Worms

■ Herbstmarkt until 04.11.

70806 Kornwestheim

■ Kirbe until 29.10.

74653 Künzelsau

■ Volksfest until 29.10.

H.+M.Oswald GbR/Möckmühl-Korb

76870 Kandel

■ Oktobermarkt

until 29.10.


78250 Tengen

■ Schätzelemarkt

until 29.10.


Riesenrad, Extrem, 1001 Nacht , Magic House,

Roll Over, Musik Express, Hex’n Wippn

Participants: ca. 30

87435 Kempten

■ Kathreinemarkt

until 04.11.


Techno Power, Musik Express, Alpenrausch,

Bavaria Dance

Participants: ca. 35

GB Belfast

■ Planet Fun, King's Hall Fun Fair

until 11.11.

NL Gorinchem

■ Najaarskermis until 03.11.


04808 Wurzen

■ Herbstvolksfest until 04.11.

08352 Raschau

■ Kirmes until 31.10.

21502 Geesthacht

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 29.10.


Super-Hopser, Viva Mexico, Breakdance,

Pharaos Rache, Riesenrad, Trampolin

Participants: ca. 60

26603 Aurich

■ Herbstmarkt until 30.10.

26689 Apen

■ Herbstmarkt until 29.10.

35510 Butzbach

■ Katharinenmarkt

until 30.10.


47574 Goch

■ Flachsmarkt until 30.10.


49448 Brockum

■ Großmarkt until 30.10.


Beach Jumper, Riesenrad, Toboggan, Kettenflieger,

Amazonas, Heiße Räder, Breakdance,

Free Style

Participants: ca. 250

49740 Haselünne

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.10.

53879 Euskirchen

■ Simon-Juda-Markt

until 30.10.


Aviator, Südseewellen, Wellenflug, Adrenalin,

Riesenrad, Crazy Mouse, Remmi Demmi, Salto

Mortale, Panic Room, Octopussy

Participants: ca. 150

59368 Werne

■ Sim-Jü-Kirmes until 30.10.


Wellenflug, Twister, High Energy, Nessy, Geisterbahn,

Musik Express, Shake, Riesenrad,

Voodoo Jumper, Breakdance, Big Bamboo,

Looping the Loop

Participants: ca. 250

64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

■ Walldorfer Kerb until 30.10.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR Darmstadt

67454 Hassloch

■ Herbstkirmes until 30.10.

68799 Reilingen/Main

■ Kerwe until 30.10.


68804 Altlußheim

■ Kirchweih

until 30.10.

69256 Mauer

■ Kerwe until 30.10.


70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch

■ Kirchweih until 29.10.

75031 Eppingen-Elsenz

■ Kirchweih until 29.10.


76887 Bad Bergzabern

■ Herbstmarkt until 04.11.

91541 Rothenburg/Tauber

■ Herbstmesse mit Volksfest

until 04.11.


CH Affoltern a.A.

■ Herbstchilbi until 04.11.

CH Basel

■ Herbschtmäss

until 11.11.

Riesenrad, Star Flyer, Power Tower, Monster,

Big Flight, Space Roller, Free Style, Crazy

Mouse, X-Factory, Take Off, Tagada, Wellenflug,

Calypso, Discovery, Polyp, Tower, Psycho,

Swing Up, Beach Jumper, Snow Dream,

Horror-House, Mexico, Disco-Labyrinth

Participants: ca. 470

CH Kreuzlingen

■ Herbst-Chilbi until 29.10.

CH Thalwil

■ Chilbi until 29.10.

F Clermont-Ferrand

■ Luna Park d'Automne,

Fête Patronale until 25.11.

F Dijon

■ Fête Foraine de la Foire

Gastronom. until 18.11.

F Mans, le

■ Foire de la Toussaint until 18.11.

F Perpignan

■ Foire Saint-Martin until 25.11.

MC Monaco

■ Foire Attractive until 25.11.


GB Northampton

■ St. Crispin Street Fun Fair

until 30.10.


99706 Sondershausen

■ Martinimarkt until 04.11.

Kurt Hammer/Holzthaleben


NL Winschoten

■ Adrillenkermis until 05.11.

No responsibility for accuracy!



Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 78,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 45,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 99,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 111,– E inkl. Porto und Versand

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:

❑ durch Bankeinzug. Die Einzugsermächtigung erlischt mit Kündigung des Abonnements.

Konto-Nr. Bankleitzahl Bank:

❑ gegen Rechnung. Bitte kein Geld einsenden, Rechnung abwarten.

❑ per Kreditkarte. Bitte ankreuzen: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express


gültig bis:

Das Abonnement verlängert sich jeweils um ein weiteres Jahr, wenn es nicht spätestens 6 Wochen vor Ablauf schriftlich gekündigt wurde.



PLZ/Ort Datum Unterschrift

Bitte einsenden an: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Diese Bestellung kann ich innerhalb von 10 Tagen schriftlich bei der Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen widerrufen.

Die Widerrufsfrist beginnt 3 Tage nach Datum des Poststempels meiner Bestellung. Zur Wahrung der Frist genügt das rechtzeitige Absenden.




I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 90,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 6 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 51,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 111,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ Europe airmail and other countries at a subscription price of 123,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ I will pay by credit card. ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express

Card Nr.:

Expiry Date:

❑ I require an invoice.

The subscription is automatically extended a further year if a written cancellation is not received 6 weeks prior to the end of the subscription.



Postcode/City Date Signature

Please send to: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.




Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

D-34613 Ziegenhain

Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 06691/3536

Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97



Erstklassige Verkaufsgeschäfte

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt


Fairground DVD new products

2011, 2 DVD’s each 2 hours

20.00 Euro.

Tel. 0043/2272/61056

Professional shots


Pusher, trailer, front 13 m,

depth 2.50 m, height 7 m, electrical

req. 20 kW., 12 machines

with joystick. Unique. Price

48,000 Euro net o.n.o.


Large Ghost Ride, can be viewed

in operation, also ideal for

parks, available for rental to

parks. Tel. + 49 (0)177/ 8125659

Factory for figures and decoration

construction. Tel. + 49

(0)351/8470241, + 49 (0)172/

3845189, www.figurenbaufrideba.de

Sale for reasons of age - Petersburger

Schlittenfahrt for

sale. Not an emergency sale.

Mobile:+ 49 (0)177/7154900


Advertising deadline

for the November issue

is Wednesday

10 th October

Olmec-Sony-Mitsubishi Photo

paper from warehouse at

cheap price. Global Electronics

Tel: + 49(0)202/2720131,

Fax: + 49 (0)202/2720132,



Searching for Skip Container

up to 10 m, with or without

equipment. Cash buyer.

Contact Gemi Verlag GmbH –

Code-Nr. K01-09/12

Cash buyer searching for cars

from ride type L’Autopede

from Belgium, please offer all

you have. Tel: +31 653486142


Goblets and prizes, 200 page

catalogue in internet



Rumanian Employment

Agency – Find your personnel

here from Rumania for your

showman operation Tel.





AG Advertising

Tel. ++49-8441-81057

Fax ++49-8441-86105


Karussells der Spitzenklasse


Industriestr. 3

44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37

Fax 0 23 67/17 67

Nach wie vor liefern wir:


Reetdächer, Mauerwerke



Year of manufacturer 2012, Length 7 m including end panels, Price £ 23,500

Email Contact: no1tropicalslush@gmail.com • Tel: + 44 (0)77677 61841


KASSENWAGEN STORCK, Länge 8,25 m, Front- u. Seitenbeleuchtung,

neu bereift, Schalttafel, Gleichrichter 500A, Lauflichtkasten 50kW,

Aufteilung Werkstatt, Kasse, Packabteil, Bemalung Formel 1 Stil, TÜV

abgenommen, guter Zustand.Preis VB 13.000 € + Mwst.

CONTAINERPACKWAGEN STORCK, Länge 14,30 m, Lenkachse, großer

Kellerkasten, Bereifung 80%, TÜV abgenommen, guter Zustand.

Preis VB 10.000 € + Mwst.

CHAISENWAGEN STORCK, Länge 13,60 m, für 30 Autos, Bereifung

80%, TÜV abgenommen, guter Zustand.Preis VB 9.000 € + Mwst.


4 Bassboxen à 6 Lautsprecher + 2 Verstärker, 4 Mittelhochtönerboxen +

2 Verstärker, Mischpult mit Schrank, Echohallgerät und Kabel, guter Zustand.Preis

VB 12.000 € + Mwst.


Philipp Heitmann • Münster • Tel. 0157 / 713 320 17




• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All types of tarpaulins according to

your requirements, for large and small

ride, show, and walk-through operations


Vrijkenstraat 2

6088 PA Roggel NL

Ph. (0031) 475/492445

Fax (0031) 475/494390



Verkaufe Schießwagen

aufgebaut 15,10 m • Containerform • evtl. mit Plätzen Raum NRW

Schaustellerbetriebe Gert Schel • Hamstr. 4 • 47533 Kleve

Tel. 02821/ 74787

Zum Verkauf


Huss • Bj. 1992 • für 40 Personen

im Januar 2012 generalüberholt

Sonderprüfung am 08.09.2012 mängelfrei durchgeführt

Anfragen unter Chiffre K01-10/12 an

Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Ihre e Kasse K


Wollen auch Sie, dass Ihr

und Ihr Geschäft zum Tagesgespräch wird, dann fordern Sie unseren Katalog

mit mechanisch beweglichen Reklamefiguren an. Selbstverständlich

sind wir auch in der Lage, SONDERANFERTIGUNGEN nach Ihren Wünschen

zu gestalten. Wir sind seit nunmehr 36 Jahren Ihr zuverlässiger Partner.

Besuchen Sie uns auch im Internet (mit Video).

Peter Stühler • Werbefiguren • Horst Baumann e.K.

Karl-Bröger-Str. 32 • 90765 Fürth • Tel. 0911 / 79 36 60 • Fax 79 38 29

E-Mail: info@peter-stuehler.de • Internet: www.peter-stuehler.de


Bei dem zum Verkauf


Smashing Jump

handelt es sich nicht

um den BIG SPIN

der Familie Deinert!


Rolf Auf dem Berge


Focal point: traffic law and claims for damages

Am Markt 14

49565 Bramsche

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61 / 30 30

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61 / 26 41

Mobile +49 (0) 1 72 / 301 9694

E-Mail: rae-auf-dem-berge@web.de


Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken

Klaus Rübenstrunk

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de


Gerd Römgens

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich

D-34613 Ziegenhain

Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 06691/3536

Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97



Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

Universal-Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt






















4 lines:

11,- €

5 lines::

14,- €

6 lines::

17,- €

7 lines::

20,- €

8 lines::

23,- €

9 lines::

26,- €

10 lines::

29,- €



Text price for 1x Edition €

❑ Please insert my advertisment under a code number (Cost 5,– €) €

❑ Specimen copy (5,50 € incl. postage & handling per edition) €

❑ The advertisment should appear for months (Multiply by total price) €

❑ 10 % discount for 12 months ❑ 5 % discount for 6 months €

❑ The total amount can be debited to my credit card, details below. TOTAL €

❑ Visa ❑ Matercard ❑ Diners Club ❑


Christian Name



Expirx date




American Express


rate for

1-3 Lines:

8,- €


(please mark with a cross)

❑ For Sale

❑ Purchase

❑ Job Market

❑ Business


❑ Deadlines

❑ Contacts

❑ Model Construction



please contact us on

Tel. 49 (0 ) 8441/40 22 13

Please send to:

Gemi Verlags GmbH


85291 Reichertshausen

Please complete

without fail!

– Publication only by advanced payment or credit card. –


Räucherstäbchen – Textilien – Schals – Schmuck – Kunsthandwerk

Schöne Auswahl an vielen verschiedenen Tüchern & Schals • Viele neue Möbel

Riesen Auswahl an verschiedensten Räucherwaren • Neue Lampen

Neue Shishas aus China • Neue Aladinhosen & Miniröcke

Das und noch vieles mehr finden Sie in unserer riesigen Auswahl von Räucherstäbchen, Kunsthandwerk, Geschenkartikel, Textilien & Accessoires

Fordern Sie noch heute unsere aktuellen Kataloge an oder werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere Online-Kataloge!*

Alle Kataloge, Messetermine, Angebote & aktuelle News online!

Großhandel e.K. www.Herat-Textil.de

Lisztstr. 8 • 53881 Euskirchen-Kuchenheim

Tel. 0 22 51 / 78 00 63 • Fax 0 22 51 / 78 00 65 • E-Mail: Herat-Textil@t-online.de

*Bei Anforderung eines Gratis-Katalogs bitte Gewerbeschein faxen oder mailen.





Combined show: high-divers and dolphins at Oceanografic,

Valencia, Spain 1 st April to 31 st August, 2012

Oliver Swiss high-diving team with mobile pool available for season

2012, bookings open for 2013 – for events, parks, Malls, festivals





AG Advertising

Tel. ++49-8441-81057 • Fax ++49-8441-86105

E-Mail: Kirmes.A@t-online.de


In October & November the

is available at the following:

• Soltau Heidepark (von Juni bis Oktober)

• Weert/NL Kirmes (28. 09. bis 03. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Hannover Oktoberfest (28. 09. bis 14. 10.) bei "Happy Family"

• Hövelhof Hövelmarkt (05. 10. bis 07. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Lage/Lippe-Pottenhausen Reinholdimarkt (05. bis 08. 10.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Anröchte Herbstkirmes (12. 10. bis 15. 10.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Bergkamen Herbstkirmes (12. 10. bis 15. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Stadthagen Herbstmarkt (12. 10. bis 16. 10) bei "Happy Family"

• Schloß Holte Pollhansmarkt (20. 10. bis 22. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Nordhorn Herbstkirmes (26. 10. bis 30. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Speyer Herbstmesse (26. 10. bis 04. 11.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Unna Katharinenkirmes (02. 11. bis 05. 11.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Dinslaken Martinikirmes (09. 11. bis 13. 11.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Hamburg Winterdom (09.11. bis 09.12.) b. "AquaVelis” u. "Happy Family"

Datenanlieferung für Anzeigen

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an




Infos zu Anzeigen:

Tel. 08441/ 402213

Tel. 07191/ 34 0135


Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz

Fax 07191/ 34 0136

Die einzige Modellbahn

im Ausstellungswagen


Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79



Suchen Sie noch Geschäfte für Ihre Veranstaltung? Oder haben Sie mit Ihrem Geschäft noch Termine frei? Hier können Sie Ihre Anfrage veröffentlichen.

Für Veranstalter, die bereits in der Kirmes & Park Revue ausgeschrieben haben, ist dieser Service kostenfrei.

Für alle anderen Interessenten beträgt der Preis pro Veröffentlichung: bis 3 Zeilen € 25,- + Mwst., für 4-6 Zeilen € 40,- + Mwst.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ralf Schmitt, Tel. 08441-402226, Fax 08441-71846, E-mail: ralf.schmitt@gemiverlag.de


• Kinderkarussell (5 m) frei für Weihnachtsmarkt.

Tel.: 01577-9277640

• Familienhochfahrgeschäft „Airgate”

(23 m mit Ausflug) hat noch Termine

2012 frei. Tel.: 0174-8990055

• Hochfahrgeschäft (21 m) frei im Oktober

sowie 1. und 2. Sonntag im November.

Tel.: 0178-8812200

• Familienachterbahn (29 x 15 m

oder 15 x 29 m) hat Termine frei Tel.:

0171-2665483, Fax: 08639-306

• Rundfahrgeschäft hat Termine frei.

Tel.: 0171-5266995

• Water-Walkingballs (12 x 8 m) hat

freie Termine, auch Stadtfeste. Tel.: 0157-


• Experience hat Termine frei. Tel.:

0031-630-481501 od. 0031-654-900206

• Apres-Ski-Hütte und Almhüttendorf

(variable Größen) haben Termine

frei. Tel.: 0171-5266995

• Simulator hat freie Termine. Tel.:


• Funhouse hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0178-


• Bungee-Trampolin (4er-Anlage) hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Torwand (4 x 7 m) frei am 3. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0172-1456663

• Venezianisches Pferdekarussell

(doppelstöckig) hat noch Termine frei.

Tel.: 0172-2622252, E-Mail: horst.w.langenberg@t-online.de

• 4-Etagen-Laufgeschäft hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-7228059

• Scheibenwischer (18,50 x 4,50 m)

hat Termine frei. Tel.: 09081-22244

• Geschicklichkeitsspiel „Pusher”

hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0178-3624121

• Riesenrad hat im Oktober noch Termine

frei. Tel.: 0177-3328669

• Spielmobil, 6er-Trampolin, Mitmachcircus

und Kinderkettenkarussell

haben Termine frei. Tel.: 0173-


• Piratenrutsche (35 x 7 m) und Water-Walkingballs

(10 x 8 m) frei im Oktober.

Tel.: 0163-2057766 od. 0170-


• Kinder-8-Schleife (16 x 10 m) frei im

Oktober. Tel.: 0171-5154715

• Rainbow hat im Oktober Termine frei.

Tel.: 0171-6507134

• Familienachterbahn „Willy der

Wurm” frei am 1. Sonntag im November.

Tel: 0177-7976933



& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana

Tel. 06195-960507




…keiner steht schneller!

02 28

46 69 89

Fax 461564

53227 Bonn (Beuel) Röhfeldstr. 27

BAB 59 - Abf. Pützchen

Die Stadt OELDE im Münsterland

(30.000 Einwohner)

freut sich über Ihre Bewerbung zur


19. bis 21. Juli 2013

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen

(aktuelles Foto, genauer Platzbedarf, Stromanschlusswert)

bis 31. Dezember 2012 bitte an:

Stadt Oelde • FD Ordnungswesen und Standesamt

Ratsstiege 1 • 59302 Oelde

Zusagen ergehen schriftlich bis zum 15.02.2013. Sollte bis dahin

kein Vertrag beim Bewerber sein, gilt dies gleichzeitig als Absage.

Vielleicht liegt Oelde auch an Ihrer Reiseroute

zwischen dem Europaschützenfest Hannover und der

Libori-Kirmes Paderborn bzw. der Cranger Kirmes!





Anzeigenschluss für das Novemberheft ist Mittwoch, 10. Oktober




✘ shows where ENGLISH VERSIONS are available

• 01069 Dresden, Wiener Platz 4

• 01097 Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz 1

• 01109 Dresden, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1

• 04109 Leipzig, Hbf, Willy-Brand-Platz 5

• 06112 Halle, Hbf, Bahnhofplatz 1

• 06484 Quedlinburg, Bahnhofstr.

• 06844 Dessau, Fritz-Hesse-Str. 7

• 10117 Berlin-Friedrichstr., Georgenstr. 14-18

• 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße

✘ 10178 Berlin, Ladenzeile / Abgang S-Bahn

• 10243 Berlin, Am Ostbahnhof

• 10623 Berlin, Fernbahnhof Zoo

• 10829 Berlin-Südkreuz/West, Neumannstr.

• 12439 Berlin-Schöneweide, M.-Brückner-Str. 42

• 12521 Berlin, Flughafen-Schönefeld, Terminal D E G

• 12681 Berlin, Boxberger Str. 3-9 / Haus 3 / Halle 2 West

• 13405 Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, Haupthalle, Bon Voyage

• 18055 Rostock, Konrad-Adenauer- Platz

• 16515 Onanienburg, Stralsunder Str.

✘ 20099 Hamburg, Hbf., Glockengiesserwall

• 20354 Hamburg, Bahnhof Dammtor, Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 21337 Lüneburg, Bahnhofstr.

• 22335 Hamburg, Flughafenstr.

✘ 22765 Hamburg, Paul-Nevermann-Platz

• 23558 Lübeck, Am Bahnhof

• 24114 Kiel, Sophienblatt 27-29

• 24145 Kiel, Bunsenstr. 1c

• 25813 Husum, Poggenburgstr. 12

• 26122 Oldenburg, Hauptbahnhof

• 26125 Oldenburg, Wilhelmshavener Heerstr. 32

• 26382 Wilhelmshaven, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 26721 Emden, Bahnhofsplatz

• 26789 Leer, Bahnhofsplatz

• 27472 Cuxhaven, Bahnhof Haus 1

✘ 27570 Bremerhaven, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73

• 27749 Delmenhorst, Wittekindstr. 10/ZOB

✘ 28195 Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz 15

• 28199 Bremen, im Flughafen, Flughafenallee 20

• 29221 Celle, Im Bahnhof, Bahnhofsplatz

• 29525 Uelzen, Am Bahnhof

• 30159 Hannover, Ernst-August-Platz 1

• 30669 Hannover, Flughafen, Terminal A

• 31134 Hildesheim, Bahnhofsplatz

• 31582 Nienburg, Bahnhofstraße

• 31785 Hameln, Bahnhofsplatz

• 32052 Herford, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 32423 Minden, Bundesbahnhof 12

• 33102 Paderborn, Bahnhofstr. 29

• 33330 Gütersloh, Willy-Brandt-Platz-2

• 33602 Bielefeld, Hauptbahnhof

• 34117 Kassel, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 34131 Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 253

• 35037 Marburg, Bahnhofstr. 33

• 35390 Gießen, Bahnhofstr. 102

• 37073 Goettingen, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 38102 Braunschweig, Berliner Platz 1

✘ 39104 Magdeburg, Bahnhofstr. 68

• 40210 Düsseldorf, Hauptbahnhof

• 41061 Mönchengladbach, Europaplatz

• 41460 Neuss, Presse & Buch im Bhf., Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 41236 Mönchengladbach, Bahnhofstr.

• 42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37

• 42277 Wuppertal, Berliner Platz 15

• 42283 Wuppertal, Winklerstraße 2

• 42859 Remscheid, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 44137 Dortmund, Koenigswall 15

• 44629 Herne, Konrad-Adenauer-Platz

• 44649 Herne, Heinz-Rühmann-Platz

• 44787 Bochum, Buddenbergplatz, Süd-Ausgang

✘ 45127 Essen, Hauptbahnhof

• 45468 Mülheim, Dieter-aus-dem-Siepen-Platz 3

• 45657 Recklinghausen, Große Pferdekamp Str.

• 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Im Bahnhof

• 46045 Oberhausen, Hauptbahnhof

• 46395 Bocholt, Hindenburg Str. 1

• 46446 Emmerich, im Bahnhof

• 46535 Dinslaken, im Bahnhof

• 47051 Duisburg, Mercatorstr. 17

• 47798 Krefeld, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 48143 Münster, Berliner Platz

• 48431 Rheine, Hauptbahnhof 1

• 49074 Osnabrück, Im Bahnhof

• 49356 Diepholz, Am Bahnhof

• 50667 Köln, Bahnhof 1

50667 Köln, Trankgasse 11

• 50679 Köln-Deutz, Otto-Platz 7

• 52064 Aachen, Bahnhofsplatz 2a

• 52351 Düren, Hauptbahnhof

• 53111 Bonn, Am Hauptbahnhof

• 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestr. 43

• 53721 Siegburg, Europaplatz

• 53879 Euskirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 54292 Trier, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz

• 56068 Koblenz, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 57072 Siegen, Am Bahnhof 16

• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 58762 Altena, Bahnhofstr. 26

• 59065 Hamm, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

• 59227 Ahlen, Bahnhofsplatz

• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74

• 59494 Soest, Bahnhofstr. 2

✘ 60051 Frankfurt, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51

• 61169 Friedberg, Hanauer Str. 44

• 63450 Hanau, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 63739 Aschaffenburg, Ludwigstr. 2, Hbf.

• 64293 Darmstadt, Platz der Deutschen Einheit

• 65190 Wiesbaden, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 65428 Rüsselsheim, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 66111 Saarbrücken, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 66424 Homburg, Im Bahnhof

• 66538 Neunkirchen, Bahnhofstraße

• 66606 St. Wendel, Mommstr. 2, Bahnh.

• 66740 Saarlouis, Bahnhofsplatz 11

• 67434 Neustadt, Bahnhofsplatz 4

• 67547 Worms, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 67547 Worms, Bahnhofstr. 11

• 67655 Kaiserslautern, Bahnhofstraße 1

✘ 68161 Mannheim, Bahnhofsplatz 17

✘ 69115 Heidelberg 1, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5

✘ 70173 Stuttgart, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2

• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17

• 72764 Reutlingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 74321 Bietigheim, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10

• 83209 Prien, Bahnhofplatz

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz

• 87509 Immenstadt, Bahnhofstr. 39

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof

• 89312 Günzburg, Bahnhofsplatz 5

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstraße 100

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 91207 Lauf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12


Kreisstadt Altötting

Deutschlands größter Wallfahrtsort

Altöttinger Hofdult

vom 25. Mai bis 03. Juni 2013

Die Altöttinger Hofdult ist ein traditionsreiches

Volksfest mit Warenmarkt. Die Dult findet seit

über 625 Jahren in der Fronleichnamswoche statt.

Platzbewerbungen für Geschäfte aller Art werden

bis spätestens 31. Oktober 2012 erbeten an die

Stadt Altötting • Herr Ritter

Kapellplatz 2a • 84503 Altötting

Tel. (08671) 5062-23 • Fax (08671) 5062-47

Die Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

◆ Vor- und Zuname sowie ständige Anschrift des Geschäftsinhabers

und erreichbare Telefonnummer

◆ Beschreibung und genaue Ausmaße des Geschäftes

(Frontlänge,Tiefe und Höhe)

◆ Aktuelles Farbfoto des Geschäftes

◆ Anzahl der mitgeführten Pack- und Wohnwagen

(einschl. max. Platzbedarf Länge & Breite)

◆ Anschlusswerte für Licht- und Kraftstrom in kW

◆ Genaues Warensortiment bei Imbiss- und Verkaufsgeschäften

Die Bewerbungen begründen keinen Rechtsanspruch auf Zulassung

oder Zuweisung eines bestimmten Platzes.

Zulassungen ergehen nur durch schriftlichen Vertrag.

Die Gemeinde Anröchte freut sich über

Ihre Bewerbung zur

Anröchter Herbstkirmes

11.–14. Oktober 2013

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen

(Foto, Platzbedarf, Stromanschlusswert etc.)

senden Sie bitte bis zum 01.12.2012 an:

Gemeinde Anröchte • Ordnungs- und Sozialamt

Hauptstraße 74 • 59609 Anröchte

Tel. 0 29 47 / 888 – 320 • Fax 0 29 47 / 888 – 8320

Nähere Angaben finden Sie unter


Der Veranstalter übernimmt keine Haftung als Folge

von Ausfall, Verkürzung oder Verlegung des Marktes.

Gesucht werden attraktive Fahrgeschäfte sowie Verkaufsund

Belustigungsgeschäfte für die Erwitter Schlosskirmes

von Freitag, 04.10. bis Montag, 07.10.2013.

Die Schankwirtschaft ist hiervon ausgenommen.

Bewerbungen mit Foto und Größenangaben werden erbeten

bis zum 03.12.2012 an:

Verkehrsverein Stadt Erwitte • c/o Stadt Erwitte

Postfach 1065 • 59591 Erwitte

Wir bieten ein attraktives Rahmenprogramm zur Kirmes

sowie Werbung in Funk und Presse.



• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •



B e r l i n


Booth 118

Aengwirderweg 57, 8449 BA Terband. Holland

Tel.: +31 (0)513 61 01 70 • Fax: +31 (0)513 62 24 12 • E-mail: info@mondialrides.com


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