KIRMES & Park REVUE (English) Special Ikarus (Vorschau)




Victim to a fire in

Düsseldorf: The “Glückskönig”

Continental Pick stand from

the Schleinitz firm


Text & Photo:

Norman Vogt

Since the beginning

of this season, the

“Take Off” from the Ruppert

firm from Bad Wildungen

has surprised

the public with a new

backflash design. The

cheeky, teenage motifs

painted by a Polish artist

in strong and fresh

colours, give the ride a

spectacularly new

overall appearance. ■

Text & Photos: Michael Petersen

The large Continental Pick “Glückskönig” from

the Schleinitz family belonged as much to the

Düsseldorf Rheinwiesen event as the Altbier

belongs to the Düsseldorf medieval city centre.

Every year, thousands of attractive prizes are

presented and paid out from more than 20 front

metres. The attraction numbered among the

largest games operations in the industry. Unfortunately,

this is a thing of the past, as the “Glückskönig”

fell victim to a fire on its traditional Düsseldorf

site the night of 14 th / 15 th July. Woken by

the sound of burning at about 4:40 a.m., a showman

colleague immediately called the fire

brigade. Other alarmed showmen cooled adjoining

caravans, baggage vans and concession

stalls by the aid of hoses up until the arrival of the

fire brigade. While the now engulfed “Glückskönig”

was completely destroyed by the fire, the fire

brigade succeeded in protecting the adjoining attractions

and vehicles from the spreading flames.

The courageous intervention of colleagues and

wet weather may well have prevented more damage.

Initial police investigations ruled out a technical

fault as the cause of the fire, so it is now presumed

to have been an act of deliberate arson.

It was decidedly less than professional that the

organiser omitted to say a single word about the

fire during the opening of the fair on the Friday, or

at the Schützenfest on Saturday. Some words of

comfort would have been reasonable; after all, the

livelihood of the Schleinitz family had fallen victim

to this fire. Many showman colleagues stood by

the Schleinitz family with words, deeds and offers

of help in these difficult times.


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