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Alloy & Mercury

PerfectAlloy Capsules 40% Silver

PerfectAlloy Capsules 44.5% Silver

PerfectAlloy Capsules 70% Silver

A single phased atomised alloy containing reduced mercury.

Self activating capsules comprising of a mixture of atomised

and irregular shaped particles and regular speed set.

Metal composition: 40% silver, 31% tin, 29% copper.

A single composition turnery alloy. Easy to place, condense

and polish. Excellent marginal stability and self activating

capsules utilising the latest “floating pillow” technology.

Metal composition: 44.5% silver, 30% tin and 25.5% copper.

100% liquid atomised where particular shape and size are

carefully balanced to provide outstanding handling and physical


Metal composition: 70% Silver, 18% tin and 12% copper.


Code Product Unit Price

F131 40% – 1 Spill x50 £POA

F132 40% – 2 Spill x50 £POA

F133 40% – 3 Spill x50 £POA

F693 40% – 1 Spill x500 £POA

F694 40% – 2 Spill x500 £POA

F695 40% – 3 Spill x500 £POA

Alloy Powder Mercury Spill Kit Amalgam Carriers & Wells

• Zinc free Alloy Powder combining excellent

corrosion resistance with high corrosive strength

• Very low creep and low setting expansion

Code Product Unit Price

F134 44.5% – 1 Spill x50 £POA

F135 44.5% – 2 Spill x50 £POA

F136 44.5% – 3 Spill x50 £POA

F696 44.5% – 1 Spill x500 £POA

F697 44.5% – 2 Spill x500 £POA

F698 44.5% – 3 Spill x500 £POA

• In case of a mercury spillage, a mercury spill kit

should always be available to hand for the safe

protection of persons and the environment

Code Product Unit Price

F137 70% – 1 Spill x50 £POA

F138 70% – 2 Spill x50 £POA

F139 70% – 3 Spill x50 £POA

F699 70% – 1 Spill x500 £POA

F700 70% – 2 Spill x500 £POA

F701 70% – 3 Spill x500 £POA

• Autoclavable up to 134°c

• Grey

• Interchangeable heads

Replaceable Tips

Code Product Unit Price

F702 44.5% Silver 250g x1 £POA

F703 70% Silver x1 £POA

Code Product Unit Price

M251 Mercury Spill Kit x1 £39.95

Code Product Unit Price

D151 Carrier – Straight x1 £5.85

D152 Carrier – 45° x1 £5.85

D153 Carrier – 90° x1 £5.85

F704 Amalgam Nozzle – Straight x1 £2.35

F705 Amalgam Nozzle – 45° x1 £2.35

F706 Amalgam Nozzle – 90° x1 £2.35

D154 Amalgam Well x1 £7.95


T. 01763 849990 E.

Glass Ionomers & Light Cure

P+ Fill Glass Ionomers – Fast Setting 10g

Everest Glass Ionomers – Fast Setting 15g

A fast setting Glass Ionomer aesthetic filling

material offering high levels of mechanical

strengths and hardness as well as excellent

adhesion combined with ease of handling

A fast setting, high strength Glass Ionomer posterior

restorative with excellent aesthetics. Cement adheres

directly to tooth structure. Contains and releases

fluoride. 15g of powder and 6ml liquid.

Code Product Unit Price

F140 Light x1 £24.95

F141 Light Yellow x1 £24.95

F142 Universal x1 £24.95

F143 Light Grey x1 £24.95

F144 Brown Yellow x1 £24.95

F145 Yellow Grey x1 £24.95

F146 Dark Yellow Grey x1 £24.95

Restore Universal Light Cure Composites 5g

An advanced fluoride releasing composite for both

anterior and posterior use. Excellent wear resistance,

aesthetics and radiopacity twice that of dentine.

Code Product Unit Price

F147 Everest A2 x1 £34.95

F148 Everest A3.5 x1 £34.95

Restore+ Light Cure Composite 4g

An advanced fluoride releasing composite

for both anterior and posterior use.

Excellent wear resistance, aesthetics and

radiopacity twice that of dentine.

Kit contains:

7 x 4g syringes.

Shades: A2/A3/A3.5/B2/B3/C2/BW


Code Product Unit Price

F149 A1 x1 £14.95

F150 A2 x1 £14.95

F151 A3 x1 £14.95

F152 A3.5 x1 £14.95

F153 B2 x1 £14.95

F154 B3 x1 £14.95

F155 B4 x1 £14.95

F156 C1 x1 £14.95

F157 C3 x1 £14.95

F158 D4 x1 £14.95

Code Product Unit Price

F159 Kit – A2/A3/A3.5/B2/C2/BW x1 £95.00

F160 A1 Refill x1 £22.95

F161 A2 Refill x1 £22.95

F162 A3 Refill x1 £22.95

F163 A3.5 Refill x1 £22.95

F164 A4 Refill x1 £22.95

F165 B2 Refill x1 £22.95

F167 C2 Refill x1 £22.95

F168 BW Refill x1 £22.95

T. 01763 849990 E.


Light Cure

Restore+ Light Cure Capsules Kit 0.25g

Mixing Pads

An advanced fluoride releasing composite for both

anterior and posterior use. Excellent wear resistance,

aesthetics and radiopacity twice that of dentine.

Kit contains:

55 x 0.25g capsules. 5 of each of the following

shades: A1/A4/B2/C2/BW. 10 of each of the

following shades: A2/A3/A3.5.

A superior, coated, heavy

grade, all purpose mixing pad.

May be used for mixing various

materials. Single use.


Code Product Unit Price

F169 A1 x 5/A4 x 5/B2 x 5/C2 x 5/BW x 5/A2 x 10/A3 x 10/A3.5 x 10 x1 £65.95

F170 A1 Refill x20 £23.95

F171 A2 Refill x20 £23.95

F172 A3 Refill x20 £23.95

F173 A3.5 Refill x20 £23.95

F174 A4 Refill x20 £23.95

F175 B2 Refill x20 £23.95

F177 C2 Refill x20 £23.95

F178 BW Refill x20 £23.95

Etch & Bond

Perfect Etch – Jumbo – 50ml

• Syringe of 40% green phosphoric acid for

etching tooth enamel and disposable angled

tips for easy and accurate placement of gel.

Kit contains:

1 x 50ml syringe, 10 applicator syringes and

60 luer lock tips.

Code Product Unit Price

F063 3 x 3" Coated x1 £1.45

F064 4 x 5" Parchment x1 £2.60

F065 7 x 8" Coated x1 £3.50

F066 Dycal type x12 £6.75

Meta Etchant Gel

• 37% phosphoric acid

• 3g x 3ml Syringes

• 20 x disposable tips


Code Product Unit Price

F121 Jumbo Etch – 50ml x1 £29.90

Code Product Unit Price

G113 Meta Etchant Gel x1 £19.95


T. 01763 849990 E.

Bonding Agents

Connect+ Light Cure Bond

An easy-to use solvent-free bonding system that includes primer and a lightactivated

bonding agent. No mixing required, creates strong chemical and

mechanical bonds to naturally moist dentine by penetrating and impregnating

both the decalcified layer and the sub surface dentine.

Connect+ Kit designed for bonding composite resin materials to dentin and

enamel. The ideal viscosity allows the material to penetrate into microtubules

to enhance mechanical adhesion.

Kit contains:

3 x 3ml bottles and 1 mix pad (F126)

Code Product Unit Price

F124 Connect+ Bond Liquid 5ml x1 £24.95

F125 2 x 1.4ml Connect+ syringe and 10 luer lock tips x1 £24.95

F126 Connect+ Light Cure Kit x1 £26.95

Bond Application Brushes

Application brushes for applying bonding

agents and other products.

Bond Application Brush Kit (F127).

Contains 2 x brush handles and 100 tips.

Micro Applicators

Micro applicators for the precise

application of etch, bond, etc.

Application Accessories


Code Product Unit Price

F127 2 handles & 100 tips x1 £6.50

F128 2 handles only x1 £1.50

F129 Red brush tips x100 £3.50

F130 Clear brush tips x100 £3.50

Code Product Unit Price

F043 Regular Asst. Colours x400 £16.95

F044 Fine Asst. Colours x400 £16.95

F045 Tapered Asst. Colours x400 £16.95

F046 Dispenser x1 £15.95

T. 01763 849990 E.


Filling Accessories

Mixing Wells

Glass Mixing Slabs

The Wedge

• Rigid plastic trays with 12 wells per tray Glass mixing slab for the mixing of ionomers,

restoratives and composites etc. Washable.

The only wedge offering transparency

and great elasticity.


Code Product Unit Price

F122 Mixing Wells x50 £5.95

Siqveland Retainer

• High quality matrix band system

• Industry standard

Code Product Unit Price

F115 7 x 7cm x1 £3.95

F116 9.5 x 7cm x1 £4.45

F117 12.5 x 7cm x1 £4.85

F118 15 x 7cm x1 £5.25

Code Product Unit Price

F707 The Wedge – Assorted x100 £16.75

Code Product Unit Price

D155 Siqveland Retainer - Narrow x1 £4.95

D156 Siqveland Retainer - Wide x1 £4.95

D157 Siqveland Retainer Bands - Narrow x12 £1.45

D158 Siqveland Retainer Bands - Wide x12 £1.45

F708 Eco Siqveland Retainer Bands - Narrow x72 £5.45

F709 Eco Siqveland Retainer Bands - Wide x72 £5.45


T. 01763 849990 E.

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