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In this edition you can find out more about the IAA innovations of Schmitz Cargobull AG. Innovative

vehicles, customer-friendly and profit-oriented services.


No. 40


Not only are there many Schmitz

employees already working in

the fourth generation at Schmitz

Cargobull, but also forwarding

agents who have placed their trust

for generations in the vehicles bearing

the “Blue Elephant” symbol.

When the company was established

in 1892, local communities

relied on village blacksmiths for

high-quality agricultural products.

But our customer base grew consistently

through the 20th century

with increased reliance on motor

vehicles. Where horses had previously

pulled carriages, it was now

the horsepower of the tractors

driven by diesel engines with one

or two trailers made by Schmitz


Then in 1935 the first semitrailer

left the factory. Although it still

took the form of a semitrailer on a

car-like body, the principle of highloading

and manoeuvring capability

has now been adopted worldwide.

This wave of transport innovation

IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 2 24.07.12 15:38

120 Years of Successful Focus

on the Customer

Working to shape the future with pioneering product

and services keeps companies young, including Schmitz

Cargobull. For the last 120 years our employees have been

presenting new solutions and product enhancements to

make transport even more efficient, safe and economical,

and this focus on the customer pays off for both sides.

Ulrich Schümer, Chairman of the

Board at Schmitz Cargobull AG, is

celebrating together with customers

and employees the 120

anniversary of the company and

market leadership in Europe.

was followed by other technological

inventions such as track drives,

suspension, compressed air braking

systems, electrics...

Whenever modernisation was

called for, Schmitz led the way.

Schmitz presented a wide range of

new vehicles for varied cargo at all

of the motor shows throughout the

20th century, and sustained its success

throughout Europe as a result.

Meanwhile, many well-known traditional

trailer manufacturers disappeared

completely from the scene,

only for some of them to reappear

today with the old names that they

may have purchased to gain a marketing


Today, thousands of satisfied

customers have made Schmitz

Cargobull the European market

leader. Of course it’s tough at the

top; reliable, efficient and durable

vehicles, as well as comprehensive

services are what are required.

Anyone who sets such high targets

must constantly prove how

good they are. Schmitz Cargobull

has always believed that it can only

master the future by listening to its

partners, including the opinions,


All Costs at a

Glance − Fleet4You ®

There is hardly a fl eet manager

who in times of mobile telephones

and the Internet will complain

that he has too few details

and data on the operational status,

wear and tear or safety of his

vehicles. Instead, there is more of

a risk that with the large amount of

information and information channels

available in everyday business

life he will lose track of such

information. For years, development

departments have mainly

been working on the synchronisation

and linking of systems

and databases in order to quickly

provide the fl eet operator with an

overview of the information he or

she requires for secure management


In the new joint portal of the

Schmitz Cargobull subsidiaries,

Cargobull Parts & Services and

Cargobull Telematics, all data associated

with and from the trailer

is linked in one customisable report.

The self-explanatory, clear

presentation informs the fl eet

manager online in real time about

the status of the vehicle fl eet.

“With F leet4You ® the vehicle fl eet

manager receives a professional

online tool which, at the press of

a button, supplies business and

technical data about his fl eet,

such as the servicing and main-




Fleet4You ® has been presented with the Trailer Innovation Award 2013 by an international

jury consisting of ten renowned automotive journalists. The award has been presented at

the IAA since 2002 and this year winners were chosen in a total of seven categories.

Safety, in this industry, means the absence of danger during transport and the operation

of trailers. Fleet managers need reliable data for safe decision-making, so that

every question can be answered immediately and at any time with a reproducible data

background. With Fleet4You ® , data and information from the data handling program for

workshops known as the “Cargobull Repair System” and the trailer telematics portal

“TrailerConnect ® ” are intelligently linked. This offers vehicle fleet operators a life cycle

cost analysis at a glance and at any time for the vehicles they operate.

Dr. Peter-Hendrik Kes,

Managing Director of Cargobull

Parts & Services, offers customers

a powerful professional tool.

tenance costs of his entire trailer

fl eet or the individual vehicles,”

says Dr. Peter-Hendrik Kes, Managing

Director of Cargobull Parts

& Services. “As a result, he or she

is in a position to see at any time

what costs are incurred per kilometre

by his or her fl eet of trailers

and can then take any action that

is required.”

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At the press of a button, Fleet4You ® supplies business and technical data about the vehicle fleet. The user can

see what costs are incurred per kilometre by his fleet of trailers.



The TrailerCompany.

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experiences, suggestions − but

also criticisms − of its customers.

These are inherent to making progress

and innovating.

Whoever develops to such an extent

on the basis of dialogue always

bears more and more responsibility

for the system as well, which means

incorporating the knowledge and

technical expertise that has been

acquired into an integrated solution.

That is why we also deal, for

example, with the entire transport

chain for temperature-controlled

cargo − from safe docking, convenient

loading and unloading, the uninterrupted

transfer of data, the most

efficient cooling process, the sustainable

use of resources, the right


60 years ago the first refrigerated

bodies laid the foundation

for today’s high market share in Germany,

where today they make up more

than 80 per cent of the semitrailer containers

sold. The new NX17 FERRO-

PLAST ® panels are even more energyefficient

and robust.


Disc brakes in the trailer − developed

in 1998 together with

Mercedes-Benz − are now an indispensable

European safety standard.

ROTOS ® , the company’s own lowfriction

chassis consisting of components

from well-known brands

stands for a long service life and high

level of suspension comfort.


The Roll Stability Programme −

developed in collaboration with

Knorr − installed for the first time as

standard in all Schmitz Cargobull trailers,

has provided even more driving

safety since 2006. Tyre pressure sensors

in conjunction with the company’s

own trailer telematics ensure that the

chassis is monitored so that the driver

can guarantee the optimum rolling resistance

of the tyres.

spare part with a European-wide 24-

hour service, rapid breakdown assistance,

trained workshop employees,

as well as the the re-use of the

second-hand vehicle and favourable

financing conditions.

For Schmitz Cargobull that is

what is behind the concept of 120

years of innovation. We are looking

forward to at least another 120 years

to design the best transport solutions

together with you.

Kind regards


Chairman of the Board

Schmitz Cargobull AG

P.S.: Here is just a small selection of

our transport innovations.

4 VARIOS® − the flexible, heightadjustable

cover of the curtainsider

− has made loading easier

since 1997 and enables improved

adaptation to the tractor. The easyto-handle

Speed Curtain, introduced

in 2012, means that it is possible to

start the loading or unloading process

in less than 35 seconds, without

a single insertable lath or support

stanchion getting in the way.


The sturdy, lightweight semitrailer

tipper made of steel offers

more payload thanks to its low

weight of less than five tonnes. A

special, newly developed grade of

steel ensures a long life and high

buckling strength.

6 MODULOS® − the bolted and

galvanised chassis for curtainsiders

and box vehicles − has offered

good value retention since

2000, as well as the sustainable and

environmentally protective use of resources.

As a result of the combination

with aluminium it has been possible

to reduce the vehicle’s own

weight considerably.


1 4

The service activities launched

in 2000 are today seen as the

benchmark in the industry when it

comes to the topic of “anything to do

with trailers”. Whether financing, full

service, the supply of spare parts,

breakdown cover, trailer telematics or

the re-use of second-hand vehicles −

the customer is provided with everything

from one single source.

The seven factories of Schmitz Cargobull have to work very flexibly in a volatile market.


Continuing on a Course of Growth

The last business year (2011/2012) has demanded the highest levels of flexibility from

the management and workforce at Schmitz Cargobull AG. The increase in production

by more than 19 per cent to 43,169 vehicles shows, however, how well the company has

adjusted to the volatile market. The turnover even grew in the last business year by as

much as 29 per cent to €1.638 billion. “We have extended our market leadership in an uncertain

European environment,” says Ulrich Schümer, Chairman of the Board at Schmitz

Cargobull AG.

Values in

€ millions





Turnover in the last 10 years



n view of the fact that economic

developments in Europe are

still not “saddle-fast”, Schmitz

Cargobull has further increased

its fl exibility at all seven factories.

The reason for this is that shortterm

surges in demand were followed

by abrupt declines in orders,

which were in turn replaced

by months of boom. For example,

the box vehicle factory in Vreden

sometimes worked on three shifts

for up to 20 shifts a week. “With

16,230 vehicles in the last business

year, the box vehicle factory

achieved the highest fi gure

in the company’s history,” says

Schümer. Production at the parent

plant in Altenberge increased

to 16,275 fl atbed vehicles (previous

year 13,351), or 21.9 per

cent. At the specialist factory for

semitrailer tippers and container

vehicles in Gotha, the Production

Department also recorded signifi -

cant growth − from 5,958 to 7,358

vehicles (an increase of 23.5 per

cent). The number of employees

at the end of the business year

was 4,416. In addition, there were

1,069 temporary workers employed

at the sites.

During the business year

Schmitz Cargobull pushed forward

with the development of the

growth market of Asia. An important

milestone for the future was

the signing of a letter of intent

with the leading Chinese truck

manufacturer the Dongfeng Motor

Company Ltd. for the establishment

of a joint venture for joint

distribution and the production

of semitrailers. The fi rst vehicles

for this market are currently being

developed and tested. The start

of production of an assembly

plant in the Wuhan Economic Region

is targeted for 2014. “Globally,

the Chinese commercial vehicle

market is growing the fastest,”

Schümer explains. Annual growth

rates of up to 20 per cent for the

transport industry are forecast for

the coming years. The negotiations

on the start of the joint venture

are at a very advanced stage.

“Owing to the weak European

economy, our production plans

are consciously conservative at






approximately 40,900 vehicles

for the current business year,”

Schümer says.

Signs point to renewed growth

in the coming years, suggesting

investment volume will increase

signifi cantly in 2012/2013 and

should be held at a similar level

going forward. For the 2012/2013

business year the Chairman of the

Board forecasts sales of approximately

€1.6 billion.

Schmitz Cargobull’s service

companies have become established

as an important pillar of the

corporate strategy and as a sales

driver. The supply of spare parts,

full service and maintenance,

trailer telematics, the used vehicle

trade and fi nance contribute

to the positive overall result of the

group with solid revenues.


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All Costs at a Glance





The user can also adapt these

analyses individually to information

requirements. The operation

of the Fleet4You ® portal is based

on the existing RES infrastructure,

on which T-Systems operates the

trailer telematics system. Besides

the numerous analytical functions,

it is also possible to define and

display incidents or service statuses,

which if necessary can in turn

trigger alarms for the driver or be

integrated into customer-specific


Anyone who wishes to use

Fleet 4You ® for its fleet management,

requires vehicles with an

active TrailerConnect ® telematics

unit, and workshop services have

to be carried out using the Cargobull

Repair System. This is now in

use at more than 300 service partners

of Schmitz Cargobull and can

also be used by the customer’s own

or preferred workshop if necessary.

“Together with Cargobull Telematics

we provide the customer

with the new Fleet4You ® with all of

the relevant data at the press of

a button,” Kes says. An

important feature of this

is the simple linking and

preparation of the large

amount of data and information






The TrailerCompany. CARGOBULL NEWS · NO. 40 3

Top of the Class with new Qualities

For years the S.KO COOL produced by Schmitz Cargobull has been the best-selling

refrigerated semitrailer and therefore the uncontested number one in Europe. Repeated

model refinements continue to guarantee top performance for the top spot. New for the

2012 model year: a new double-deck loading system is being introduced.

The S.KO COOL is Europe’s best-selling reefer semitrailer. Permanent detailed improvements maintain the

quality and benefits to the customer at a high level.

For the IAA 2010 Schmitz

Cargobull carried out extensive

refinements to the S.KO COOL;

amongst other things, the optimised

panels with the new NX17

foam technology provide even

better insulation characteristics

and body strength. The reinforced

door corners also offer extra stability

and therefore optimise reverse

docking to the loading ramp.

With the current measures,

which the trailer specialist is presenting

at IAA 2012, the main focus

was on the benefits to the customer

- above all more flexibility, a

lower kerb weight and even easier

handling. The most important innovation

concerns the new flushmounted

double-deck loading

equipment that is integrated into

the wall for the transport of up to

66 Europallets. The new doubledeck

system consists of two separate

rails with rounded corners.

The “open” area is reduced as a

result, and the risk of damage to

the goods during loading and unloading

is significantly lower. In

the new system, the weight has

been reduced by 40 kg. In addition

to this reduction in weight and

the improved insulation, transport

safety is also increased and fuel

consumption ultimately lowered.

In the case of most doubledeck

systems on the market the,

double-deck beams can only be

The Most Important Innovations

of the S.KO COOL − an Overview


Optimised rail system with a finer

grid, integrated flush into the side

wall, therefore no damage to the

goods and better hygiene. The

beams and rail slide better. 40 kilos

less weight. Easier handling and securing

of the beams with more reliable

unlocking function.

Improvements to the electrical system

2 x 7-pin and 1 x 15-pin socket as

standard. Easily accessible interior

light switch with indicator light on the

front of the end wall for the internal

LED lighting.

Safe manoeuvring in the lock area,

as the door arresters do not protrude

beyond the side door. Corrosionproof

and maintenance-free design.

Secure grip and better handling.

The ceiling evaporator is partially

recessed and provides a greater

through-loading height and loading


Flower + Food pro, Advantage pro, Ferry

pro, Rough Road pro, Load+Dock

pro, Passive Thermo pro successfully

introduced. NEW: Pharma pro.

Door arresters

Recess for ceiling evaporator

Pharma pro utility package

moved step-by-step and side-byside.

The new double-deck beams

of Schmitz Cargobull can be easily

moved diagonally and placed

in the right position. As the height

of the beam position is marked on

both sides in the double-deck rail,

these can be pushed more quickly

and effectively into the appropriate

position. When not in use, the bars

can be pushed up under the roof.

For flexible load security, load securing

modules can be combined

with the new double-deck rails.

Schmitz Cargobull has developed

new lashing straps for optimum

cargo security so there is no need

for additional securing rails.

A further innovation is a partially

recessed cavity for the roof evaporator

in multi-temperature vehicles.

The advantage of this is greater

headroom, which is beneficial to

the loading flexibility and reduces

the risk of damage. Furthermore,

the ceiling evaporator mounting

system enables simple retrofitting

and conversion. If the cooling unit

is ordered directly from the factory,

the refrigerant lines are foamed directly

into the roof panels.

The new S.KO COOL also includes

a number of small but fine

detail improvements which make

the driver’s life easier. These include

an optimised interior lighting

system. This ensures that the

cargo space is more uniformly illuminated

with a significant improvement

in the light output. Through

the use of energy-saving LED

lights, the battery of the tractor is

also subjected to a reduced load.

The new ergonomically shaped

door arrester, made of plastic, can

be locked firmly in place on the

door lock. The driver can secure

the rear wall doors more easily

and with less effort. The return to

the original position is automatic.

Incorrect operation is therefore

avoided, thus preventing damage

in the lock area during docking, as

the door arresters do not protrude

beyond the side doors.

For companies working in the

pharmaceuticals sector, the socalled

“Pharma pro” utility package

will be available in the future.

This contains all relevant certifications

and equipment details for this

branch of industry.


Always one

Step Ahead

With innovative concepts for

temperature-controlled cargo

Nowhere are the requirements

placed on transport as high

as those for temperature-controlled

cargo. Shipping agents, carriers and

customers demand uncompromising

safety and proof that the requirements

are being complied with exactly.

The cooling chain must never

be interrupted, whether it is fresh

food, frozen food, pharmaceuticals,

blood plasma, flowers or temperature-sensitive

chemicals being

transported. Extensive knowledge is

critical for a comprehensive analysis

of the cold chain because only those

who have full mastery of the interfaces

can offer reliable performance.

This is why the technicians and engineers

at Schmitz Cargobull are continuously

developing the technologies,

vehicles and components to

reliably master all of the links in the

transport chain.

In order to fulfil its performance

promise, Schmitz Cargobull has

developed a new “cooling unit” for

the IAA 2012 which will provide an

innovative supplement to the entire

“refrigerated transport” system. This

will make the new V6 generation of

the S.KO COOL semitrailer container

even more efficient.

The operating unit: clearly laid out

and functional

A refrigerating machine was not

the only innovation of the new development,

and there is more to the term

“cooling unit” than meets the eye.

Up to now the refrigerating machine,

temperature recorder, measurement

sensors and trailer telematics have

been “stand-alone” devices, but the

new refrigeration system will collect

all of the relevant data and make this

available to the forwarding agents

and their customers via the Trailer-


Download app for

Schmitz Cargobull Newsletter

Schmitz Cargobull videos

• Used vehicle store

• Service-Partner-Search

• “BeCool” Trailer Telematic

IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 2 24.07.12 15:38

Schmitz Cargobull is the first

trailer manufacturer who develop

its own refrigerating machine.

Connect ® portal. A certified record

of the transport data transmitted by

email to a PC or smartphone at the

time of delivery obviates the need for

a tedious printout, and assigning it

to the correct delivery at the loading

dock. The “just-in-time” technology

is also in accordance with DIN

EN 12830. In general, the integrated

telematics system with digital temperature

recorder enables the continuous

monitoring of the technical

characteristics of the vehicle and

refrigerating machine, as well as the

cargo. Moreover, total cost of ownership

can be monitored through the

generation of cost control reports.

Technically, Schmitz Cargobull’s

own transport refrigeration unit

is perfectly adapted to the cargo

space of the S.KO semitrailer container.

A variety of technical requirements

were fulfilled by the first prototypes

and then put to the test at

Cargobull’s in-house Validation Test

Centre. These included optimal aerodynamic

air distribution, a high air

flow rate and cooling capacity with a

low level of vaporiser icing, good access

to the system for the purposes

of servicing, innovative temperature

control, a light weight and a dirt-resistant


Service training for authorised

service partners and even more extensive

tests are planned in different

European climate zones before

mass production starts. Even more

extensive tests are on the agenda

in the different climate zones of Europe,

as is the training of the authorised

service partners. Because as

the saying goes: “in for a penny, in

for a pound”. We will keep you posted.




The TrailerCompany.

“Foldable” Double Decker

It’s difficult to include theft protection, lateral loading, and a cooling unit in a double

deck configuration trailer. But it is made possible with folding-wall box vehicles, which

combine the advantages of a box body with those of a curtainsider. Schmitz Cargobull

has now fully optimised the dry freight semitrailer S.KO EXPRESS with a folding wall for

more payload and load security. The result is 600 kg less tare weight and more utilisable

interior space.

As a result of its intelligent design, the S.KO EXPRESS with folding wall

transports up to 67 Europallets when loaded on both decks.

Folding-wall box vehicles are

particularly in demand in the

Nordic countries, for example,

for the transport of long loads. In

other European countries, the demand

is growing for these versatile

vehicles, which can transport

not only individual goods, but also

palletised items − therefore avoiding

empty return loads. Through

folding-wall doors on one or both

sides, the vehicle can be opened

The new dry freight semitrailer has a clear body length of 13,620 mm,

while the usable body height is 2,475 mm.

Further New Details

and Options at a Glance:

• New design of the folding wall arresting devices for simpler handling

• When the double-deck beams are not in use, they can simply be pushed

under the roof. The retainers can be rotated and do not represent an obstacle

during loading and unloading.

• In order to secure and transport long freight as well, eight pockets are

available in the central floor for securing supports.

• To ensure that the vehicle can be used for long journeys or point-to-point

transport, it is also suitable for combined road-rail transport.

• If the vehicle is used in the Nordic countries, a Nordic version is also available

which contains, amongst other things, individually wired side marker

lamps, lamp panels and rear underride protection made of sturdy steel. In

addition, the vehicle is also available with an internal height of 3,150 mm

if an overall height of 4,500 mm is allowed.

completely or only partially. This

allows flexible loading and unloading

across the entire width of the

side walls. The body and chassis

area of the S.KO EXPRESS with

folding wall has now been significantly


One crucial point in the new developments

is the weight. This has

been reduced by 600 kg, through

optimisation of the chassis, now

enabling additional payload – a

benefit to every forwarding agent.

Schmitz Cargobull also makes

use of the tried and tested galvanised

and bolted chassis for the

folding-wall box body vehicles,

thereby providing perfect surface

protection. If necessary, this can

be simply and quickly repaired,

so that the vehicle can be back on

the road again in no time at all.

In order to obtain a higher body

volume, the neck height has been

reduced by 60 mm. The result is

that it has been possible to increase

the clear body length by

170 mm to 13,620 mm, and the

usable body height to 2,475 mm

(an extra 7 mm). Expressed in

terms of pallets, this means that

there is room for 34 Europallets,

as opposed to 33 as before.

For fast loading and unloading,

the driver can open either one or

both parts of the ten folding-wall

doors on both sides of the vehicle.

The unrestricted side loading

width is 13,170 mm. This is 110

mm more than the previous version.

Moreover, it has also been

possible to increase the side loading

height to 2,635 mm with an internal

height of 2,700 mm. The increased

lateral loading width and

height in particular offer the driver

more room to manoeuvre when

loading and unloading, making

An innovative lashing system allows

variable load securing.

these procedures both faster and

more efficient.

67 Europallets

in the double-deck

The folding-wall box vehicle

can also be equipped with a

double-deck loading system for

optimum utilisation of the cargo

space. The double-deck rails are

fully flush-mounted in the “foldable”

side walls, which are manufactured

from tried and tested

FERROPLAST ® panels, so that

during loading and unloading the

goods cannot be damaged by

protruding rails. Through the use

of the double-deck system it is

possible to securely transport 67


The importance

of load security

The body of the vehicle is certified

according to DIN EN 12642

Code XL and does not require

any additional load securing in

the case of form-fitting complete

loads. If the vehicle is only partially

loaded and therefore has to

be secured, flush-mounted load

securing rails in the walls and a

flush-mounted lashing rail, which

runs along the entire length of the

side of the floor, offer convenient

and safe load securing possibilities.

Particularly in the case of side

loading, the correct functioning of

the components can be impaired

by soiling and deposits on the

outer frame and in the cargo-securing

profiles. In order to ensure

that these can be cleaned properly

and quickly, the vehicle has a

compressed air cleaner installed

as standard.


The TrailerCompany. CARGOBULL NEWS · NO. 40 5

New Business Unit for Motor

Vehicle Bodies starts up

Schmitz Cargobull is expanding its portfolio to include the marketing of industry-specific

bodies on the chassis of all major truck manufacturers.

Until now the main focus has been

on semitrailers for bulk goods,

temperature-controlled cargo and palletised

goods or individual goods for

long-distance transport. Now the focus

is on the growth industry of innovative

bodies for motor vehicles weighing

three tonnes or more. These vehicles

are mainly used for distribution in cities

and for local transport. All bodies are

produced in accordance with the wellknown

high-quality industrial standards

of Schmitz Cargobull.

Managing the new business sectors

are Rainer Bräutigam, with his many

years of sales responsibility, and Reinhard

Eberle − also with many years of

technical responsibility in the commercial

vehicle industry.

Here we look at the features of the

manoeuvrable city and local transport


Motor Vehicle Box Body

M.KO − Reliability for Multitemperature

Transport in


The M.KO tractor unit with box

body is a high-strength body made

from tried and tested FERROPLAST ®

insulation panels. As a result of the

adhesive and joining technology

used, its stability levels are outstanding.

The sophisticated modular concept

allows all the essential features

of the box vehicle to be combined.

The customer can choose between

the weight-optimised 25-45

mm and the insulation-optimised 60

mm wall thickness. In addition, there

are three different vehicle weight

classes available; from the manoeuvrable

3-tonner for delivering supplies

to small businesses, through to

the flexible 18-tonner for variable capacities

with or without a trailer, and

the 25-tonner as an efficient body for

through-loading with up to 37 Europallets.

Additionally, the body can − depending

on the job at hand − be

adapted to various lengths in accordance

with customer requirements.

The interior equipment is as

variable as the body:

• flexible installations and partition

walls, as well as air curtains for

multi-compartment vehicles with

different temperature zones

• optimum securement with loadsecuring


With the M.KO and the new business segment, Schmitz Cargobull are

now offering even more of the well-known advantages of the S.KO in the

motor vehicle body as well.

• rear camera monitoring for precise

ramp manoeuvring.

The galvanised and bolted subframe

ensures compatibility with all

leading motor vehicle manufacturers.

The finely-tuned hole patterns

in the subframe allow a positive

connection between the body and

the specific mounting points of the


Motor Vehicle Rear-Tipping

Body M.KI − for Construction

Sites and the Municipal


For construction site traffic,

Schmitz Cargobull offers the right

custom-fit M.KI rear-tipping body for

almost every type of motor vehicle.

The basis is a highly wear-resistant

steel round or box body consisting of

a type of high-strength steel designed

specifically for Schmitz Cargobull.

The flexible modular system allows

different dump body lengths

(4,500 mm, 5,000 mm, 5,300 mm,

5,500 mm or 5,800 mm). Moreover,

there are different side wall heights

and material thicknesses consisting

of bulge-resistant Schmitz Cargobull

steel to choose from. There are also

suitable rear wall versions available

for almost every purpose, such as the

internal swing flap with chute, or the

supported swing flap with circumferential

seal that also allows partial

unloading. In order to obtain a favourable

position for the centre of gravity,

the geometry of the dump body has

been optimised. These dump bodies

provide significantly more reliable

tilting and good centring capabilities.

The dump body, the dump body

bearing and the cylinder with the tilting

hydraulics are mounted on an extremely

rigid subframe.

A useful range of accessories

such as lateral dump body position

adapters and deflectors, a tank or

battery cover, protective plates for

the lights, a canopy across the width

of the dump body, and a ladder complete

the range.

Motor Vehicle Curtainsider

M.CS − Flexible Solutions for

Palletised Freight or Piece


Motor vehicle curtainsiders offer

flexible solutions for palletised freight

or individual goods, impressing with

their high loading capacity and manoeuvrability

when used in tight spaces

and conurbations. They can also

be easily combined with trailers and

adapted to the required cargo space

capacity as necessary. Motor vehicles

and trailers then offer space for up to

38 Europallets. Vehicles with retainers

for transportable forklift trucks are

available as an option, as are:

• a roof lift and sliding roof

• mega body for up to 3,000 mm of

clear loading height, or

• through-loading bodies

Evidence of the outstanding possibilities

available for load securing

is provided by certificates in accordance

with DIN EN 12642 (Code XL)

and VDI 2.700 Beverages. (sh)

With the motor vehicle tipping bodies, Schmitz Cargobull have developed into a major player in the industry within

a short time. The portfolio also includes complete truck/trailer combinations with a box or tarpaulin body.

Better Curve


New steered-trailing axle complements the tried and

tested ROTOS ® DriveTechnology running gear.

For over ten years Schmitz Cargobull

has been combining its skills

and experience with the expertise of

leading component manufacturers,

offering the customer ROTOS ® Drive

Technology and a proven, well-engineered

and durable chassis. With an installation

level of over 80% in Schmitz

Cargobull trailers, this unit has taken

up a dominant position in the market.

The newly developed Schmitz Cargobull

steered-trailing axle is now being

presented at the IAA. Through the use

of the steering axle it is now possible to

significantly improve cornering characteristics.

Particularly in the case of tight

cornering, the wear on the tyres in contact

with the inner kerb of roundabouts,

for example, is prevented. The trucktrailer

combination can therefore enter

the curve at a less acute angle – so that

ultimately tighter curves can be driven



IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 2 24.07.12 15:38

In the future Schmitz Cargobull will be supplementing its own axle

range to include a steered trailing axle. This will increase manoeuvrability

and reduce tyre wear.

around with significantly reduced tyre

wear. Furthermore, the fuel consumption

of the tractor is much lower, particularly

in the field of distribution.

Compared to many other trailing

steering axles, the ROTOS ® steering

axle is lower as a result of the MRH

(Multi-ride Height) air suspension. This

allows for more interior height within the

trailer. In addition, the MRH offers the

benefit of variable height adjustment

to different trailer coupling heights. An

integrated auto-reset function prevents

damage to the bellows by automatically

moving into the drive position at

the beginning of the journey. Through

the use of the ROTOS ® steering axle,

the customer also enjoys the benefit

of extended warranty terms − up to a

million kilometres or six years (with the

exception of wearing parts).


250 kilograms more payload – weight-optimised M.KO on the basis of

an Iveco chassis.

The combination of an M.KO weight-optimised motor vehicle

box body made by Schmitz Cargobull with a light Iveco

Eurocargo chassis makes high payloads possible even for

toll-free use.

The 11.99-tonner sector is

extremely weight-sensitive.

Anyone who − despite a limited

gross vehicle weight − would like

to achieve an optimal payload,

needs lightweight chassis and

lightweight bodies. At the IAA,

Schmitz Cargobull is presenting

a weight-optimised version

of the M.KO FP 45 COOL based

on an Iveco chassis. The use of

a lightweight floor and optimised

subframe means that the vehicle

offers nearly 250 kilograms more

payload with its 6.50-metre body.

In spite of the reduced weight,

the customer gets an outstanding

refrigerated vehicle. The body

incorporates a single-leaf, 900

mm-wide side door, a longitudinal

grooved floor with recessed airline

rails for vertical load securement,

as well as a full tail lift closure.

The cooling unit used by Schmitz

Cargobull in the trade fair exhibit

is a Thermo King T-800 R. The tail

lift, which is obligatory in this business

sector, is a Dautel DL 1500

with 2,400 mm platform.




The TrailerCompany.

European Modular System

Schmitz Cargobull has become the largest supplier of semitrailer tippers in Europe within a few years. Industrial production,

the company’s own tilting test bed and its own validation centre ensure high quality standards. An ingenious modular

system offers a correctly adjusted model for every market− not only for weight-sensitive markets such as Germany and

South-West Europe, for example, but also for heavy-duty markets such as Russia, which require a high payload with a stable

design of the trailer components.

Customer requirements are the

alpha and omega for a trailer

manufacturer. That is why the needs

of the users have top priority for

Schmitz Cargobull. In the semitrailer

tipper product line the customers’


of the Year 2012

Schönwetter & Co. GmbH from Germany, and other ser-

vice partners in Europe, were recognised with the ious award this


Cargobull Parts & Services, a

wholly-owned subsidiary of

Schmitz Cargobull AG, has this

year again determined the best

workshops from its service partner

network. In a total of 11 countries

the After Sales Managers responsible

were asked to propose the

best service companies. In addition,

the customer service departments

of the various production

plants of Schmitz Cargobull were

questioned concerning which service

partners are particularly trustworthy

− and above all, reliable.

The cooperation in the field of handling

the full service contracts had

a great influence on the choice of

service partner of the year. In Germany,

the company Schönwetter

in Seddiner See/Neuseddin has

taken the coveted award this year.

For many years there has been a

trusting relationship with CEO Kai

Neumann-Schönwetter and his

team. The business has an outstanding

position with respect to

the handling of full service agreements

in particular. Schönwetter

also cooperated on the further development

of service components

and workshop software programs

for the CPS.

The other preconditions for receiving

the award were fulfilled by

the service partner in the south of

Berlin for first-class service quality,

top workshop equipment, regular

attendance at practical and

theoretical training courses, as

well as a fast and reliable breakdown



The “Service Partner of the Year

2012” award was awarded at European

level. The winners this year


Germany Germany Schönwetter, Seddiner See/ Neuseddin

South-western France Antoine et Rousselle, La Veuve



Talleres Abes S.A., La Muela / Zaragoza


O.R.A.B. S.R.L., Podenzano

BeNeLux Belgium Garage van den Keybus, Belsele

Central Europe Poland Raben Transport Sp.z o.o., Gadki k/Poznania

Czech Republic TURBOSOL Service s.r.o., Brno



Macedonia Mani DOOEL, Strumica

Sa-Tra DOO, Skopje

Eastern Europe Russia Siberia Truck Service, Novosibirsk

Scandinavia Denmark Scania Danmark A/S - Ishøj, Ishøj

Sweden Team Trailerservice AB, Helsingborg

United Kingdom England TLK Trailerkare Limited, Doncaster

needs can be summarised by five key

areas, for which the modular system

at the Gotha plant has the solution.

1) Maximum payload – each tonne

that is transported must be profitable.

2) Depending on the specific application,

the requirement is then for

a low kerb weight and a corresponding

stable design of the trailer components.

3) Irrespective of what the vehicle

is used for, all users expect maximum

stability during the tipping procedure.

Accidents in which people can be injured

and materials damaged must

be avoided.

4) The specific use of semitrailer

tippers also requires robustness, a

long service life, resistance to wear −

especially for the dump bodies − as

well as a high level of availability and

low operating costs.

5) Finally, for the driver, a high degree

of user-friendliness and good

handling play a decisive role. The

vehicles must be easy to clean. If

something should break, customers

expect ease of repair and the rapid

availability of spare parts.

Schmitz Cargobull, Europe’s largest

manufacturer of semitrailers,

knows the needs of its customers and

has implemented the above-mentioned

requirements in each vehicle in

the S.KI semitrailer tipper range. The

number of different versions available

makes application-specific transport

solutions possible, with a high degree

of flexibility with respect to the cargo

and possible uses, as well as ensuring

that forwarding agents enjoy a high

degree of specialisation. If required,

the tipper specialists supply the dump

body gates with a tight seal or chute.

The design of the dump body, the rear

portals and the body covers are optimised

for rapid loading and unloading.

Specifically because commercial

vehicles are involved, Schmitz Cargobull

places great value on a durable,

attractive appearance and a modern

look. All semitrailer tipper versions are

highly compatible with various loading

and unloading systems, as well as the

semitrailer tractors. They satisfy the

common standards and legal requirements

of the markets in which they are


In the calculation of the dump bodies

and chassis, the latest FEM calculation

methods are used. In this way

Schmitz Cargobull can ensure that

the weight-optimised steel circular

dump bodies, as well as the aluminium

box dump bodies, provide maximum

stability with the lowest possible

unladen weight. One valuable

optimisation is the chassis frame with

a retracted hitching section for providing

weight savings with a simultaneous

increase in stability against tipping

over. All vehicles are subjected

to stringent testing at the company’s

own validation centre, as well as during

extensive road tests. Schmitz

Cargobull is one of the few European

manufacturers of tipper trucks to test

every development of the S.KI for stability

on the company’s own

tilting test bed.

All new vehicle types undergo testing at the Validation Center and have

to demonstrate their tilting stability.

Customers expect profitable and

cost-efficient transport solutions with

a robust design combined with a low

kerb weight. Examples of the wide

variety of models available include

the S.KI 24 3AT 9.6 with round steel

dump body, including a chassis frame

for three-axle semitrailer tractors with

retracted hitching section. With 45

tonnes of payload, this is designed in

such a way that the fifth wheel load is

21 tonnes, thereby ensuring optimum


Another heavy-duty tipper is the

S.KI 24 3AT 8.2 with steel box dump

body and heavy-duty chassis. This

has 12-tonne axles for operation behind

three-axle semitrailer tractors.

With a technical gross vehicle weight

of 56,000 kg it offers 45,000 kg of

payload. The technical fifth wheel

load is 22,500 kg, the aggregate load

is 34,800 kg. Although the trailers are

designed for high demands, they impress

with their low maintenance and

repair costs as only certified materials

with high wear resistance are used.

Schmitz Cargobull also has suitable

vehicles in its modular system

for payload-focused customers. A

prime example is the light rounded

steel body as an economical alternative

to an aluminium construction.

Despite the use of sturdy steel

instead of light metal, the unladen

weight of the semitrailer starts at five

tonnes. The dump body volume is

24 cubic metres. The S.KI is therefore

predestined for the transport of

bulk materials with a small grain size

(for example gravel, stone chippings,

asphalt or light excavation materials)

and can achieve high tilting frequencies

without any problem. For the

transport of light demolition materials

or crushed stones there are versions

available with a reinforced floor

(4 mm) and side walls (3.2 mm). The

lightest weight in the range is the

payload-optimised semitrailer tipper

with aluminum box dump body. This

weighs only 4,500 kg and represents

an application-specific transport solution

for long-haul transport with a

maximum of one to two tipping operations

per day.

With the new features Schmitz

Cargobull is creating additional customer

benefits. The new universal

blade and broom holder saves

a significant amount of time

through the quick and easy removal

of these devices. The re-

vised sliding cover with Z-profile

and folding tarpaulin hoop at the

rear provides easy operation from

the ground.


The chassis of the S.KI basically consists of highstrength

steel and does not weigh any more than

an aluminium chassis. The customer can choose

between steel and aluminium dump bodies.

The TrailerCompany. CARGOBULL NEWS · NO. 40 7

It is the Resale Value that Counts

Road transport is a business where continuous adjustment is a requirement. Marcel Portmann

did not know at the time the extent to which his company, which was founded in

1946 in Sausheim (France), would develop.

IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 2 24.07.12 15:38

Subsequently he was to hand

over the reins to his children,

including Jean-Claude, who in

turn is supported by his own sons

Jean-Luc, Managing Director,

and Benoît, Purchasing Manager

of the group. This management

structure promises security for the

future and induces Jean-Claude

Portmann to state that this success

would not be possible without

the strong commitment of all

of the employees of this versatile

company. “We have decided in

favour of the right employees and

have a good team. And as the

saying goes, you should never

change a winning team,” the Executive

Director adds with pleasure.

Portmann generates more

than 90% of its turnover with road

transport, with 60% of the orders

being handled by the company’s

own vehicles and 40% awarded to

sub-contractors. However, the international

trade is not neglected,

as is the case with many French

transport companies, but instead

40% of the commercial activities

are carried out beyond the country’s

borders. In order to fulfi l this

task, the Alsace-based company

has built up an independent distribution

network, in which six European

languages are spoken (German,

English, Polish, Portuguese,

Spanish - and of course French),

while the locations abroad, in

Poland and Luxembourg as well

as Lithuania, enable improved

customer proximity and the containment

of certain costs and

strengthen the credibility of the

company on the European market.

The Sales Department has a total

of eight employees.

The customers are loyal and

come for the most part from the

fi elds of heavy industry, the iron

and steel industry, the construction

industry, the automotive industry,

the paper industry and

the retail sector. Retaining this

clientele, however, requires a fi rstclass

organisation to cope with

the transport volumes and delivery

times. As a result of its perfectly

developed organisation, Portmann

delivers 100% of its orders on the

specifi ed delivery date and 95%

exactly on time. 100% of the vehicles

are compliant and 99.79% of

all transactions are handled without

any legal disputes. Moreover,

perfecting the management of the

company is an essential factor in

continuing to remain competitive.

Particular signifi cance is therefore

associated with the purchasing

fi eld. The fl eet of motorised vehicles

is divided up into the brands

DAF and Scania, and the fi rst

model that conforms to the Euro 6

standard will be put into operation

in the summer of 2012. The R480

model is the fi rst example from the

Swedish manufacturer to be delivered

in France. With respect to the

trailers, Schmitz Cargobull was

made the manufacturer of choice

a few years ago. “We remained

faithful to the French producers

for a long time, but eventually had

to face up to reality. We needed

an alternative,” Jean-Claude Portmann

remembers. In his opinion,

the semitrailers made by Schmitz

Cargobull offer the required product

characteristics: simple maintenance,

user-friendly handling

and they also easy to resell - including

on the foreign markets. In

a company in which the fuel consumption

is analysed, the drivers

trained and the truck-trailer combinations

optimised, the economic

aspect is also one of the priorities.

Consequently, some of the trailers


Rapid response


Europe in the case of damage

Find out more at

or simply scan the QR code.

In the experience of Jean Claude Portmann, S.KO vehicles retain their

value better than other box trucks.

have side panelling, and Bridgestone

has been selected as the

tyre manufacturer because of the

innovative solutions it offers.

The fl eet is versatilely adapted

to the various commercial activities.

Among the 700 trailers, which

are predominantly equipped with

a curtainsider body, there are

also 60 refrigerated semitrailers,

50 container chassis, 25 walkingfl

oor semitrailers, 20 box vehicles,

2 dump body trucks and 10 motor

vehicles. Despite the European

crisis, Portmann continues to pursue

its policy of growth and investments.

A consistent increase

in turnover can therefore also be

guaranteed in the future. The different

corporate acquisitions in

recent years include - starting

with the Christen transport company

in 1987 - the takeover of the

Schneider transport company in

Metz (57) in 2001 and the subsequent

acquisition of the Transports

S.I.T.S. company in Colmar

with branches in Paris, Strasbourg

and Montélimar, as well as Traclux

in Luxembourg in 2005. During the

same period, several branches

were opened not only in France,

but also in Poland (PL) and Luxembourg



In order to transport flowers, plants or even frozen food, Hannon place

their trust in multi-temperature vehicles from the S.KO COOL series.

Hannon Transport Places its

Trust in the Blue Elephant

Northern Ireland-based Hannon Transport is expanding its

trailer fleet with 20 new reefers from Schmitz Cargobull in

order to meet the operational demands of several major

new contracts.

Northern Ireland-based Hannon

Transport is expanding

its trailer fleet with 20 new reefers

from Schmitz Cargobull in order

to meet the operational demands

of several major new contracts.

The company – which imports

fresh flowers and plants into Ireland

from across Europe – says

the business is growing annually

by up to 30 per cent, and it is

certainly no coincidence that the

Schmitz Cargobull logo appears

on the vast majority of its trailer

line up.

“Our focus is on quality and

value,” said Aodh Hannon, Managing

Director of Hannon Transport.

“With such a rapidly growing

business we have to be sure that

every piece of equipment we operate

is up to the job, is robust and

is going to meet the demands and

expectations of our customers.

That’s why we continue to specify

trailers from Schmitz Cargobull;

as well as a refined product, we

are continually impressed with the

service we receive from the sales


The 20 new high-volume, European

spec trailers feature an internal

width of 2.49m and a height

of 2.7m, enabling maximum load

fill of pallets and enough horizontal

space to minimise the risk of

damage to fragile cargo.

Each trailer is also equipped

Cargobull News No. 40

The Customer Magazine of

Schmitz Cargobull AG


Schmitz Cargobull AG

Postfach 109 · D-48609 Horstmar

Responsible for Publication

Gerd Rohrsen

Editorial Staff


A. Ewering (ae) (ChR), G. Rohrsen (gro),

F. Hausmann (fh), S. Hesener (sh), A. Nort (an)

Telephon 00492558/81-1321

Redaktionsbüro traffic talk (tt)

with Vector 1850 MT refrigeration

units from Carrier Transicold, allowing

for mono and multi-temperature

operation – particularly

important when transporting cut

and potted flowers which require

differing storage temperatures.

The trailers will operate from

Hannon’s new distribution centre

in Dublin, where they will be used

to deliver products to major supermarkets,

wholesalers and garden

centres throughout the whole

of Ireland, as well as carrying out

general groupage operations to

and from the continent.

“We have a diverse business

which also encompasses the

export of fresh and frozen food

products over to Holland, so we

have to think very carefully about

the equipment we invest in. Reliability

and value for money are ultimately

the deciding factors, and

Schmitz Cargobull delivers both

with every trailer that joins our

fleet,” added Hannon.

Hannon Transport has a vehicle

fleet comprising 70 trucks, 130

trailers and 20 rigids. The 20 new

additional reefers are expected to

remain on the fleet for a minimum

of seven years.


Stünings Medien GmbH, D-47805 Krefeld


Comments made by specialists represent

the opinion of the author, which does not

always agree with that of the editorial department.

The editor reserves the right to shorten

texts. All rights reserved. Reprinting and electronic

processing only permitted with the


express written permission of the publisher.

Subject to technical changes without notice.



The TrailerCompany.

Role Reversal

Euba Logistic GmbH has to transport very heavy rolls of paper. For this, the forwarding

agent from the town of Angermünde is now replacing its semitrailers with S.CS PAPER

(X-LIGHT version) curtainsiders which offer a payload of 25-tonnes or more.

The Speed Curtain is ready for loading or unloading after just 35 seconds.

High and Fast!

The Speed Curtain is now available in the MEGA version

with an interior height of up to three metres!

The Speed Curtain tarpaulin system

can now be used for curtainsider

semitrailers in the MEGA

version. The concept of the S.CS

MEGA has triumphed in the automotive

sector in particular. An interior

height of up to 3,000 mm can be

achieved through the height-adjustable

body, and it is also possible to

adjust the maximum permitted vehicle

height for each European country

to the fifth wheel height of the tractor.

This means an overall vehicle height

of four meters can be reached. This

concept has now been supplemented

by the fast and effective Speed

Curtain tarpaulin system, which has

recently been demonstrated at several


The solid elevating roof ensures

the stability of the body and can be

flexibly lifted by means of a hydropneumatic

pump on the left, right

or both sides for loading and unloading.

The rear doors can remain

An innovative securement system

ensures the customised securing

of cargoes.

closed during the lifting process.

The height adjustment in 2 x 50 mm

steps is completed by removing the

bolts on the micro-stanchions and

corner supports to achieve an internal

height of 2,900 to 3,000 mm. This

interior height is also required in the

automotive transport sector, where

three skeleton transport boxes are

placed one on top of the other or

a total of 96 such boxes are transported.

In addition, this body system fulfils

the stringent requirements of the

beverage industry. In the case of a

form-fitting load, crates of drinks

can be transported without any additional

load security measures.


The Speed Curtain construction

can be opened quickly and easily

for loading and unloading within a

maximum of 35 seconds after the

tarpaulin ratchet tensioner has been

released. The tarpaulin is passed

through ball bearing-mounted steel

roller guides in the upper roof strut

and on the chassis frame and it

is, therefore “child’s play” to move

forwards from the front or rear as

an all-in-one system. By means of

special auto-folding technology, the

tarpaulin unfolds in the same way

as a concertina when moved. In

the case of a form-fitting complete

load, no further load security is required.

This increases the efficiency

of the vehicle in terms of transport


Occupational Safety

As the central stanchions and

attachment battens are no longer

required in the Speed Curtain, the

risk of injury from stanchion locks

suddenly snapping open and loose

parts falling down is considerably


Occupational safety is improved

because in the case of a form-fitting

full load, the cargo area no longer

needs to be entered as no further

load securing is required. With part

loads, locking bars can be inserted

into perforated rails, the floor or roof

structure – either over the entire

length or part-length of the vehicle

– in order to provide load security towards

the rear. These are telescopic

and adapt to the respective height of

the body, even during the lifting process.

Otherwise, the optional locking

bars remain in a parked position at

the rear of the vehicle. Additionally,

30 pairs of lashing rings in the outer

frame provide optimum opportunities

for fastening – therefore further

securing the load. Further lashing

points are located on the front wall

(two pairs) and on the corner stanchions

at the front and rear.


The new tarpaulin system offers

not only reduced loading times, but

aerodynamic advantages as a result

of the optimum tensioning of the

tarpaulin. The elimination of the tarpaulin

tensioners, which otherwise

create air turbulence, lowers the air

resistance and can − according to

findings from the Schmitz Cargobull

Validation Centre − also reduce fuel



The structural strength of the

Speed Curtain is certified according

to DIN EN 12642 Code XL. In addition,

it meets the requirements of the

VDI guideline for transporting beverages

and those of DL Directive 9.5

for the transport of goods on load



Euba Logistic GmbH in Angermünde

has come to specialise

in the safe transport of large paper

rolls which weigh up to four tonnes.

85 tractor-trailer combinations take

the rolls to renowned paper mills,

large printing shops and other paper

finishers throughout Europe. Recently

the weight and height of the

paper rolls has increased, meaning

conventional trailers for transporting

paper have reached their limits.

In order to be able to continue carrying

out such transport efficiently,

Euba has now ordered special extralight

curtainsider semitrailers from

Schmitz Cargobull.

“By doing this we are taking into

account the requirements of our

customers who are increasingly

demanding a payload of 25 tonnes

or more,” says Ronald Garkisch,

Managing Director of Euba Logistic,

explaining the order for a total of

25 Schmitz Cargobull S.CS PAPER

X-LIGHT vehicles. These are due

to be delivered by the end of this

year. The company, from the State

of Brandenburg, has already taken

delivery of 13 of the vehicles and

put them into operation, allowing it

to, once again, be able to carry ten

rolls of paper on one tractor-trailer


So that the particularly light paper

semitrailers can be used in various

ways, the X-LIGHT version of

the S.CS PAPER vehicle has a load

Today Ronald Garkisch (left) operates

13 S.CS PAPER vehicles in

the X-LIGHT version - ten more

are on order.

securing certificate according to DIN

EN 12642 Code XL. The return loads

are mainly steel, wood or recycled

paper, which avoids costly empty

running. “Thanks to the new lightweight

semitrailers I have gained

about 1.5 tonnes of payload per

trucktrailer combination. When empty

and refuelled this weighs just 14.5

tonnes,” Garkisch says. In the past

his drivers were sometimes only allowed

to half fill the diesel tanks in

order not to exceed the permitted

gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes.

This is now a thing of the past, he

says. Since all semitrailer tractors

come with a comprehensive service

and repair contract, the 50-year-old

has again taken full service contracts

with Cargobull Parts & Services

for the S.CS PAPER X-LIGHT vehicles

– this also includes the tyres.

This prevents the costs from fluctuating

and makes them more predictable.

“I want to take care of my core

Euba Logistic GmbH − an Overview

Euba Logistic has a long-standing tradition which reaches back to 1949.

What once began as a forwarding agency for refrigerated goods in Berlin

then formed part of Erich Jäckel GmbH, established in 1977. The internationally

active haulage company paved the way for the paper business. In

1997 the company headquarters was transferred to Schwedt. In the same

year a Polish branch was founded in Poznan. Two years later the Euba

family took over the helm. With their arrival, the number of orders and size

of the vehicle fleet soared. In 2005, after the purchase of another transport

business, they renamed the company Euba Logistic and moved the company

headquarters to the 60,000-square metre site in Angermünde. There,

Managing Director Ronald Garkisch keeps a tight rein on matters. In this

economically underdeveloped region with 16 per cent unemployment, he

bears responsibility for 120 employees. At the same time Euba Logistic

is also the largest employer in the region. The company has faced-up to

its social responsibility and trains professional drivers, qualified forwarding

agents and office assistants in-house. The forwarding agency currently has

85 Volvo semitrailer tractors and 88 semitrailers which have all been supplied

by Schmitz Cargobull.

The X-LIGHT version of the S.CS PAPER vehicle allows the transport of

up to six heavy paper rolls.

In spite of the lightweight chassis, the X-LIGHT is stable, equipped with

corresponding Joloda rails and offers the requisite options for securing


business. I leave the operational

capabilities of the technology to the

specialists from Volvo and Schmitz

Cargobull,” says Garkisch. Due to

the 24-hour Cargobull Euroservice

that is included in the service agreement,

automotive engineers also

have “round-the-clock assistance”

of the the trailer manufacturer to fall

back on. This can be reached in 40

European countries via a free hotline

and informs the respective Schmitz

Cargobull Service Partner nearby.

The monthly all-inclusive full-service

fee includes a payment guarantee of

up to €3,000 for repairs in the case

of a breakdown. Euba Logistic is

therefore always on the safe side.

Less Kerb Weight –

more Payload

The basis for the design of the

lightweight semitrailer is the socalled

MODULOS ® chassis from

Schmitz Cargobull. It is composed

of individual parts which are not

welded together, but bolted. With

this process it is easy to connect

stable longitudinal steel beams to

lighter cross-members made of

aluminium. The kerb weight of the

trailer in the basic version is approximately

6.2 tonnes. In combination

with a semitrailer tractor weighing

6,900 kg, a payload of almost

27 tonnes is possible for the entire

combination. Equipped in this way,

the semitrailer tractor does not have

to move one kilogram of unladen

trailer weight too much. In the case

of frequent acceleration and braking

in particular, this can reduce the diesel

consumption and therefore lower

the fuel costs.


The TrailerCompany. CARGOBULL NEWS · NO. 40 9

As they are arranged according to profiles, customers receive precisely the data which they require for temperature

monitoring and vehicle fleet management.

Total costs of ownership firmly

under control with telematics

The TrailerConnect ® Interface (TCI) is the certified solution from Cargobull Telematics

that replaces the conventional temperature recorder. The combination of the TCI and

the TrailerConnect ® control unit is certified according to DIN EN12830 as a temperature

recorder and provides a convenient and cost-effective overall solution as an alternative

to conventional temperature recorders. The use of the two components allows not only

convenient and reliable temperature recording and documentation, but the use of the extensive

telematic functions. Cargobull News spoke to Karl-Heinz Neu (Managing Director

of Cargobull Telematics GmbH) about the TrailerConnect ® Interface (TCI), the TrailerConnect

® control unit, and other innovations.

The transport of food has been

subjected in recent years to increasing

requirements with respect

to a closed cold chain. How

must forwarding agents respond

to these requirements of shipping


Karl-Heinz Neu: The legislature

is taking action here on safety due

to the continuing growth in transport

volumes of temperature-controlled

freight, because of the rapid growth

of refrigerated and frozen food transportation

sectors. The challenge

when transporting temperature-controlled

freight is not only to maintain

the correct temperatures, but also

to meet deadlines. Only in this way

is it possible to avoid the costs of

rejection or complaints by the customer.

In 2009 the legislature clearly

defined, in standard EN 12830, that

firstly a temperature recording device

is mandatory for the transport

of frozen cargo, and secondly that

the carrier bears responsibility for

providing proof of the uninterrupted

cool chain during transport. This can

have significant consequences for

the carrier.

Tough times for the carrier. How

can a vehicle manufacturer help

the carriers?

K.-H. Neu: In addition to a top

vehicle with all the features of stateof-the-art

insulation technology,

there is an entire range of coordinated

monitoring and control technologies

available to the business owner.

Until now, the trailers, cooling unit,

temperature recorder, telematics and

sensors have come from different

manufacturers. This poses interface

problems for networking. At Schmitz

Cargobull we focus on the needs of

the customer. We want to offer our

customers a complete solution for

temperature-controlled cargo, optimised

for the specific application.

Monitoring and control technologies,

what should the forwarding

agent understand this to mean?

K.-H. Neu: The semitrailer container

comes from Schmitz Cargobull

and the subsidiary Cargobull

Telematics provides the telematics,

which is now supplemented by

our own electronic temperature recorder

− TCI (TrailerConnect ® Interface).

This is an integral step. Even

Karl-Heinz Neu,

Managing Director of Cargobull

Telematics, offers his customers

coordinated monitoring technologies.

during the transport or delivery of

the goods on the ramp, we can provide

the recipient with real time data

via the Internet, including an exact

temperature profile of the monitored

cargo with this new certified TCI temperature

recorder. It’s convenient.

Previously, strips of paper had to be

printed out on the vehicle, which was

frequently associated with the problems

of a lack of paper, incorrectly

inserted rolls, or a damaged device.

With our new technology, this is now

a thing of the past. Following the IAA

2012, Cargobull Telematics will be

offering the combination of telematics,

TCI temperature recorder and

temperature data archive as a package

on attractive terms. As an option,

more functions can be included in the

telematics, such as geo-fencing, EBS

data, cooling unit data, and so on.

Can only the material planner read

the data? What about the driver?

K.-H. Neu: If the driver has a

smartphone, as many do today, he

can adjust temperatures using the

“BeCool” app and be alerted when

there are deviations. But even without

the app, he receives a text message

alarm from the telematics if the

nominal values are not being maintained.

The material planner also

has the opportunity of course, if this

service has been booked, to monitor

the quality of the transport, or even

to actively control the refrigerating


What data does the new TCI supply?

K.-H. Neu: The TrailerConnect ®

Interface is essentially a data collector.

Here there are a number of conceivable

analogue sensors which

together with the installed trailer

telematics of Cargobull Telematics

make many data evaluations possible.

We currently offer the TCI with

four temperature sensors, an optional

humidity sensor and a sensor

for the fuel tank of the refrigerating


Does TCI work alone as well?

K.-H. Neu: No, our telematics

TrailerConnect ® remains the central

communication unit of the trailer.

Only when the TCI is connected to

it do the full benefits of a contemporary

transport management system

come into play. Because the

telematics unit supplies not only

the logistics data from the TCI, but

also a wealth of information for the

forwarding agent from the chassis

of the trailer and the technology of

the refrigerating machine − as well

as further EBS information and the

door and coupling status. It definitely

makes sense to use all of this data

if you want to have the TCO (Total

Costs of Ownership) analysis of the


Isn’t it confusing to have so much

data, with so many different types

of information represented?

K.-H. Neu: What appears at first

to be an unmanageable amount of

data can also be seen as a treasure

trove when it is arranged according

to profiles and processed accordingly.

This is because for the first

time our customers have a complete,

highly convenient cost management

system at their disposal.

With the CPS product “Fleet4You ® ”

the business owner can, for example,

make use of informative standardised

management reports to see

all the relevant technical / wear and

maintenance data and get information

from the system about any

necessary or preventive repairs.

This helps to make quick decisions.

Through the interaction of the two

systems, the “Cargobull Repair

System” and Cargobull Telematics,

we bring together additional repair

measures and usage data. This results

in a data pool which shows our

customers at all times what the repair

and maintenance costs are for

every kilometre the trailer covers. We

therefore provide them with a computational

element for their costing.

IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 2 24.07.12 15:38

That sounds very promising. But

how does the forwarding agent

get this service package?

K.-H. Neu: Best of all, straight

from the factory. Pre-installed when

the vehicle leaves the factory is the

most convenient way to be directly

“one step ahead”. If both TCI and

the trailer telematics are installed,

customers only need to define their

data packets or management profiles

so that they can be set up accordingly.

However, today we also

have a high number of parts that can

be retrofitted so that customers are

quickly in a position to use all of the

products referred to. Of course we

are also pleased to provide our customers

with advice if they have any

questions. To this purpose our consultants

are out and about advising

the market.

What do the customers do who

are already using telematics systems?

K.-H. Neu: Of course we repeatedly

come across this situation in

the market. In order for customers

to Cargobull Telematics with immediate

effect we have developed a

higher-level platform together with

our partner, T-Systems. This can

consolidate the data from various

systems. On this higher-level platform

it is possible to integrate truck

and trailer telematics systems, logistics

software etc. via web interfaces.

This open platform, which is called

“TelematicOne”, is being continuously

refined and offers the convenient

use of different systems on one




“Transparent” Workshop

Data exchange optimises service

Service partners, full service workshops and large fleet

operators are already using the workshop software

Cargobull Repair System (CRS)”. This automatically benefits

all full service customers of Cargobull Parts & Services

(CPS). Now the system is being enhanced by repair

management with standardised conditions for various

workshop jobs, even for customers who do not have a full

service contract.

hich part exactly is needed?

When is the trailer


due for its next service? When

and why was the vehicle in the

workshop? Which workshop or

service partner carried out the

repairs? What costs were incurred?

Fleet managers have to

keep an eye on the answers to

these questions as well as many


The online-based CRS of

Cargobull Parts & Services,

which has now been expanded

to include the repair management

component, relieves part

of the workload of fl eet managers

by providing the answers

at the press of a button. This

means that customers who do

not have full service contracts

also have access to the CPS

system and network of workshops

so that they can have

the repairs and maintenance of

their fl eet carried out there under

standardised conditions. This

applies to the entire fl eet − not

only Schmitz Cargobull trailers,

but those of other manufacturers

as well. Here all work – whether

maintenance, tests required by

law, breakdowns, repairs to worn

parts or vandalism − can be handled

by the Cargobull Repair

System (CRS).

With the new repair management

system, all workshop

and service processes can be

handled even more quickly and

smoothly. All important documents

and information, such as

photographs of damage and inspection

reports, are made available

in real-time. The customer

In the Cargobull Repair System

(CRS) the data is shown in real


therefore has a clear overview of

the work required and can quickly

take a decision on the repairs.

Transparent and standardised

conditions give the fl eet manager

an even clearer picture of his

total cost of ownership because

he knows exactly what costs he

has to pay for all jobs.




The TrailerCompany.

Intelligent Features

Often it is the little things that create a large effect. With a multitude of equipment details,

Schmitz Cargobull offers sophisticated solutions which assist the driver and protect

freight and vehicles. It also offers information on vehicle management, such as the

new ALP Axle Load Program, the TailGUARDLight and the IVTM tyre pressure monitoring


Before Maurice Mauffrey was convinced of the merits of the Schmitz

Cargobull trailers, he started a large-scale trial with 70 units. The results

were extremely positive.

Profitable Activities

The adventure began with the establishment of the company

in 1954. During the course of the next 60 years, the

company developed into one of France‘s leading corporate

groups in the field of road transport.

At the same time the family’s

roots, which push forward

with developments on the basis of

strategic decisions, have always

been maintained. In this way it

is also possible to overcome difficulties

and crises in the industry.

Today the company of Maurice

Mauffrey specialises in the transport

of wood from the Vosges region

of France.

“It is true that we are thinking

about the years to come. There

are not only a number of unknown

variables in the future, but real

difficulties also await us,” says

Jean-Luc Mauffrey, Managing Director

of the company which has

1,500 employees and operates

1,200 tractors and 2,050 trailers.

These include the introduction of

new road taxes, the opening up of

borders and the economic crisis

in all branches of industry, which

has not yet come to an end and

is forcing industrial companies to

reduce their production volumes.”

At its 19 branches, which are

distributed over 28 sites and 23

operating centres, a turnover of

€165 million is generated. The

corporate group, which was originally

diversified, focuses today

on the business activities which

are the most profitable and expandable.

This decision has been

crowned with success to date.

The company is not only independent

of the banks, but also the

owner of the property and vehicle

fleet and can boast ongoing projects

for external growth.

“Procurement is one of the dynamic

factors of the group. We are

of course contacted very often by

suppliers, but are well known for

the fact that once we have made

our decision, we remain loyal

to the supplier,” says Mauffrey,

who is responsible for the field of

purchasing. For this reason the

motorised vehicle fleet consists

mostly of IVECO vehicles. From

the wide range of trailers available,

the choice fell on Schmitz


“I have a passion for technology,”

Mauffrey says. “During the

visit to the factories I was impressed

by the industrial focus

and the technical solutions which

we were offered by this company,”

he affirms.

Mauffrey remembers that before

placing his first order with

Schmitz Cargobull he had observed

the trailers on the road and

ascertained that they hardly aged

and achieved a good resale value.

As a result, the first vehicles were

put into operation in various divisions

of the company. At the time

Mauffrey ordered 30 curtainsider

semitrailers, 30 semitrailer tippers

and 10 refrigerated vehicles

− enough to conduct a comprehensive

field study. “I can assure

you that I am pleasantly surprised

by the product characteristics of

the semitrailer tippers. In spite of

heavy use, in some cases on 30

days a month, they stand out due

to their excellent robustness and


The only business field which

Schmitz Cargobull has not been

able to cover with its vehicles at

Mauffrey are tanker lorries and

tanker vehicles for the transport

of mineral oil or polluted liquids,

and this is only because it does

not have them in its portfolio.

The range of vehicles produced

by Schmitz Cargobull allows

Mauffrey to plan long-term

cooperation in fields of industry,

which have turned out to be strategically

important for stabilising

the growth of the company. In

addition to the areas mentioned

above, the transport company

– located in the Vosges region –

has been able to develop a good

reputation in the areas of waste

transport and transport for civil

engineering. This is specifically

where fast reaction times and

excellent availability levels are

required. Mauffrey’s latest acquisition

consists of S.CS PAPER

curtainsider semitrailers for the

transport of paper. These vehicles

were built in accordance with the

specifications of the company. In

addition to this, it is Mauffrey’s

opinion that Europe-wide positioning

of Schmitz Cargobull is

crucial. He is also expanding beyond

the country’s borders and is

already represented by branches

in Poland and Luxembourg.


What lies behind these


ALP (Axle Load Program) – The

dynamic ALP is available for the

Gooseneck semitrailer container

chassis with rear extension (S.CF

EURO, MX, LX). Deliberately increasing

or decreasing the bellows

pressure of the first chassis axle

moves the centre of gravity of the

load, so that the load distribution

and therefore the fifth wheel load is

significantly improved. As a result of

the enhanced fifth wheel pressure,

which is achieved either by the sliding

bogie or the use of the ALP, the

tyre wear on the drive axle of the

IVTM can reduce tyre wear.

semitrailer tractor unit is considerably


TailGUARDLight TM – With this

ramp approach aid made by WABCO,

the distance to a ramp is monitored

with two ultrasonic sensors mounted

on the rear. Here, the distance of the

vehicle to the ramp is measured and

the brakes of the vehicle are automatically

applied before it reaches

the loading ramp. The distance is

also shown by the flashing frequency

and an additional audio signal. This

avoids damage to the vehicle and

loading ramp and also ensures greater

safety for employees.

Wabco IVTM (Integrated Vehicle

Tire Pressure Monitoring) permanently

monitors the tyre pressure

on all six trailer wheels by means of

pressure sensors. The driver can

call-up a display of the individual tyre

pressure using three different systems;

on the trailer by means of the

trailer SmartBoard, in the tractor via

a corresponding display or by using

TrailerConnect ® − the trailer telematics

system of Cargobull Telematics

− on his smartphone. The driver

can use the IVTM system in critical

situations, such as in the case of the

wrong tyre pressure or an excessive

drop in pressure, to quickly intervene

and prevent damage and downtime.

Last but not least, it is also possible

to achieve reduced fuel consumption,

since the correct tyre pressure can be

adjusted at any time.


Rescue Parachutes for Trailers

Cargobull Finance offers not only customised financing, but also solutions which offer

the vehicle fleet optimum protection in the case of damage or the total loss of a vehicle.

Cargobull Finance Protection Package and GAP Cover − two products which, with new

practical services, now offer even more.

Like all movable capital goods,

trailers are constantly exposed

to dangers – whether a force of nature,

theft, human error, technical

faults or even a total failure. Extensive

protection of the trailers is therefore

essential for business success.

Here, Cargobull Finance offers two

solutions whose scope has now

been extended. Solution number

one: the Cargobull Finance Protection

Package is available for all vehicles

which are financed through

TailGUARDLight TM - The ramp approach aid prevents damage to the

vehicle and ramp.

In times of unpredictable transport markets Cargobull Finance offers appropriate safeguards.

Cargobull Finance. Cargobull Finance

arranges comprehensive insurance

for the trailer with a leading

insurance company. The customer

benefits from special policy conditions

such as a fixed premium over

the financing period.

Solution number two: GAP Cover

guarantees the residual book value

of the vehicle. With this option for

the financing agreement, the “gap”

is closed. In the case of a total loss

of the trailer, the full release value

from the financing has to be paid

out, while the insurer often only pays

the replacement value of the trailer.

As a result, if the worst comes to the

worst, the contractor can immediately

take care of a replacement vehicle.

This means that high off-road

costs do not arise in the first place.

Further information and details of the

contents of the Protection Package

are available on +49 2558 81-5555

or directly from the contact person in

your country.


The TrailerCompany.


Combination of Eight

IAA-Label-45x29mm.indd 1 24.07.12 15:38

With rising fuel prices, the expected increase in tolls, as well as the demand by many

shipping agents for green logistics, combined road-rail transport is becoming increasingly

important. Here, the different wagon technologies and tunnel profiles, which

restrict the height of trailers that can be used, are setting certain challenges for the


In order to prepare the customer

for all cases and wagon technologies,

Schmitz Cargobull has now

carried out a new classification

procedure for all rail-transportable

S.CS curtainsider semitrailers. This

With their universal codification the trailers can be used on

almost all routes. Customers only have to register once for

their ILU code.

classification is valid for eight different

wagons with an expanded

envelope space. Special feature:

Schmitz Cargobull achieves a 2,700

mm interior height and still fulfils

the required classification height

of P386 for the lower classification

profiles of wagon types P a to h.

This classification allows the customer

to travel along a wider route

network, e.g. in transport to Busto

Arsizio, Milan through Switzerland.

Another advantage is that hinged

underrun protection is no longer

necessary. The weight of the rigid

underrun protection is lower and

also allows easier handling compared

to the folding underride

guard, which is still required for the

P400 classification of the 1A wagon


Each trailer classified in accordance

with the new, internationally

The new trailers for combined road-rail transport are certified for a total

of eight different types of wagon.

valid ILU code. With standard EN

13044-1, an owner code is being

introduced for the identification of

European intermodal loading units

(including swap bodies, semitrailers),

which is compatible with the

globally used BIC code according

to ISO 6346. The advantage is selfevident;

the owner of the loading

unit has to register once through and specify his

owner key and registration number.

Once this registration has been carried

out, Schmitz Cargobull can independently

obtain the check digit

required for the ILU code and equip

the vehicle directly from the factory

with the required full ILU code. The

lengthy process of BIC code registration

through the owner is no

longer necessary, and the vehicle

can be quickly placed “on the right



Best Spare Parts Service

in Europe

Throughout Europe, Cargobull Parts & Services (CPS)

specialises in full service contracts, service partner training

courses and 24-hour, no-hassle provision of original spare


The core business of CPS is supplying

its customers with spare

parts for the wide variety of vehicles

made by Schmitz Cargobull.

“Everything from a single source”

has been the company philosophy

for more than 10 years. In addition

to Schmitz Cargobull parts, various

components from other manufacturers

are also available such as

wearing parts from braking, axle and

lighting systems for semitrailers and

trailers of system partners.

Over 48,000 different original

parts are now listed in EPOS, the

electronic spare part documentation

and ordering system. Via EPOS, the

customer can reliably and quickly

identify the required component

round the clock, and order it online.

Once an order has been placed,

spare parts from the central warehouse

in Altenberge (Germany) are

shipped worldwide − even as far

as Australia, where the company’s

most distant customer so far is located.

This service is offered for all

parts that have ever been installed

on Schmitz Cargobull vehicles.

In addition to the central warehouse

in Altenberge, 29 support

warehouses have been set up all

over Europe in recent years, so the

fast supply of spare parts can be

guaranteed in the respective countries.

As a result, workshops in every

European country can be supplied

with all of the stocked parts within

24 hours. The dense network of

more than 1,200 authorised service

partners, which extends across the

whole of Europe, supplements the

supply of spare parts locally with

the most important mobility parts,

which are also required, for example,

in the event of a breakdown. CPS

has therefore developed into a fullyfledged

partner for all commercial

vehicle workshops in Europe.



Meet the Scania Team

at IAA:

Hall 17, Stand B06!

Scania Euro 6

Setting the standard.

Scania customers are used to outstanding operating economy, uptime and driveability.

So, when our engineers set off to tackle the toughest emission legislation in the world,

our mission was clear: take everything that you would expect from a Scania truck to the

next level. Now, Scania Euro 6 is here. Setting the standard for how user-friendly, green

technology can help boost your future business potential. Today.

Starting with two engine options at 440 and 480 hp, Scania Euro 6 is fit for both longhaulage

and construction applications. Available in all G- and R-series models in a wide

variety of axle configurations.

Through the clever spare parts documentation, approximately 48,000

stocked parts and 29 supporting warehouses in Europe, Cargobull

Parts & Services guarantee a fast supply of spare parts throughout

Europe within 24 hours.

Check out your local Scania Dealer for more information.



The TrailerCompany.

Anti-Slip Floor Helps

with Load Security

“µ” [mu] or the coefficient of

sliding friction. It sounds complicated

but it is actually quite simple;

it’s also the daily bread and

butter of load security experts.

During every contact between

the load and the loading surface,

so-called micro-interlocking occurs.

This micro-interlocking determines

the friction between the

loading surface and load. In the

field of load security we speak of

the coefficient of sliding friction.

This value is identified by “µ” [mu].

In order to increase the coefficient

of friction, it is standard practice

to make use of non-slip mats; because

the higher the friction, the

less the cargo must be secured

against slipping. For the S.CS,

Schmitz Cargobull has developed

a new optional anti-slip floor

which − in contrast to conventional

floors of µ = 0.3 − achieves

an increased coefficient of sliding

friction of µ = 0.6. According to

DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI 2700 ff

this value, which has been certified

by DEKRA, corresponds to

the properties of an anti-slip mat

and is achieved by a special plastic

coating on the floor. The advantages

are self-evident; in the

Further Information ❏

On the Vehicles

❑ S.CS semitrailer curtainsider

❑ S.PR tilt semitrailer

❑ S.KO semitrailer container

❑ S.KI semitrailer tipper

❑ S.CF semitrailer container chassis

❑ S.PL flatbed semitrailer

❑ M.KI Motor Vehicle Tipping Body

❑ M.KO Motor Vehicle Box Body

On the Services

❑ Financing

❑ Spare parts, 24h service

❑ Full Service

BY POST: Schmitz Cargobull AG, Cargobull News,

Postfach 109, D-48609 Horstmar

or on the internet at WWW.CARGOBULL.COM

The sliding friction coefficient of

µ = 0.6 is certified by DEKRA.

case of a part load, fewer lashing

materials are required for securing

the load. Consequently, the driver

needs less time to fasten-down

the cargo and can concentrate on

his core business – transport. Furthermore,

he does not require any

additional non-slip mats to secure

the load, which are often not

available and cause high costs if

they are lost or need replacing.

Instead of working with cumbersome non-slip mats, the coated floor

offers much more convenience when securing loads.

❑ Trailer-Telematics

❑ Used vehicles


Schmitz Cargobull have completely redesigned and simplified the S.CF container chassis with sliding bogie.

Ingenious Sliding Mechanism

Owing to their different lengths, and the fact that during transportation the load has to be distributed

in accordance with the law, containers represent a challenge to hauliers. Either they

include various container chassis in their fleet, or they use the new S.CF 40’ with sliding bogey

− which Schmitz Cargobull has now completely redesigned.

The farmer would like to have an

“egg-laying jackrabbit mule”,

or an “all-in-one device for every

purpose” − but can’t. The haulage

company is in a better position,

however. For them there is

the new S.CF semitrailer container

with sliding bogie from Schmitz

Cargobull. With this it is possible

to transport all standard 20’ to 40’

containers without difficulty, position

20’ containers flush with the

rear for loading and unloading and

drive it with the axle load placed

ideally at the centre. Another advantage

is that even with highcube

containers it is possible to

achieve a legally-compliant overall

height of four metres.

The law and physics of driving

stipulate a clear requirement for

safe cross-border transport, where

at least 25 percent of the vehicle

weight must be on the drive axle of

the semitrailer tractor unit in order

to ensure sufficient traction, and

good handling, of the entire truck/

trailer combination. The new S.CF

40’ with sliding bogie fulfils this requirement

easily. The clever aspect

of this semitrailer container chassis

is the sliding bogie with two different

wheelbases. For loading and

unloading, the wheelbase is simply

shortened semi-automatically. This

means that the chassis is pushed

in, so to speak, so that the rear

of the container is flush with the

ramp. When the journey continues,

the wheelbase is increased again,

the chassis extended again, so

that the container is located centrally

and the axle loads are ideally

distributed. Operation is very

simple thanks to the comfort control

system and only two adjustable

wheelbase positions, so that

incorrect operation is impossible.

This saves time and money for the

driver, shipping agent and hirer. It

is therefore ideally suited for a frequent

change of drivers and rental

companies because damage and

any resulting expensive, time-consuming,

repairs can be avoided.

Increased service life

The new pneumatically lowered

mudguards mean that the

displacement height is reduced

and the lifting time until this height

is reached − even in the case of

S.CF 40’ Semitrailer Container Chassis:

Only two Wheelbases and three Chassis Settings



Short wheelbase

Rear extension retracted



Long wheelbase

Rear extension retracted

20’ loading/unloading position

20‘ driving position

heavy 20’ containers − is lower.

The stability of the mudguards is

very high due to the fact that they

The mudguards are pneumatic

and can be quickly lowered.

are not permanently mounted on

one axle. This makes them considerably

more stable even on bad

road surfaces with their increased

service life. As an extension of the

product portfolio, Schmitz Cargobull

offers an additional version of

the S.CF with sliding bogie, which

can transport almost every type of

container from the 20’ to the 45’

versions. The technology and operation

of this version have also

been simplified and made more


30’ driving position


Surname, First Name






Long wheelbase

Rear extension extended

2x20‘ position 40‘ position




The sliding bogie enables the transport of two 20’, one 30’, one 40’ as well as one 20’ container. The latter can

be loaded flush with the rear and moves to the centre for better axle load distribution during transport.

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