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Conclusion - Cummins

Conclusion - Cummins

4 Outstanding Aspects of

4 Outstanding Aspects of the Project � The significant improvement in the “Y” variable which equated to $1.7M US. � The “Y” variable has continued to improve due to an effective and detailed control plan increasing the savings to $2M US. � Excellent experience for the two Branch Managers with respect to the involvement in a 6S project and 6S awareness, all the specific training they received and also substantial financial support to maximise their PBIT. � When the Labour rate model was produced this was utilised for all locations � The effective policies and procedures have impacted all of the business. � The “How To” manual has continued to improve to a stage where all branches now have an effective Service Manual. This has been developed and implemented by Ainslie Perkins. Fantastic work. � The Tool Box Sessions and audits have ensured compliance. � The review of the ASSW form has ensured all ASSW jobs are authorized and that follow up on what training and / or support the technician or apprentice should receive. � The key to this project was the rigorous training of both the Branch Managers and Service Administrators especially in Emerald where they had all new staff.

5 Project Y variable, as of Dec’08/Jan’09 Since project closure the Y has improved from 15.2% to 12.45%

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