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Audit Solutions

Ingersoll-Rand Audit Solutions

IR Air Solutions is helping customers

optimize their systems and even turn off


This may sound crazy, but it’s true. In the past

you asked us to build the best-engineered most

reliable, energy-efficient air compressors in the

industry. But in today’s global business climate,

you need more than great equipment to survive

and thrive. Increasing shareholder value for our

customers means we

must go beyond the

components of an air

system and find

solutions to the

operating issues

every customer


The problems

associated with

operating a


compressed air system are

fairly complex. At the same time, many

companies have cut back the internal resources

dedicated to defining and solving those problems.

That’s where IR Audit Solutions can help.

Audit Solutions addresses the total process of

producing compressed air... not just the

compressors. It’s about taking compressed air,

looking at it as your fourth utility, and making

compressed air as stable and consistent as your

other utilities.

Your air system problems require total

solutions. IR Audit Solutions will help

you define system problems, whether

they are in demand, distribution or

supply, and develop cost-efficient

solutions that meet your return on

investment goals.


Benefits of IR Audit Solutions

Trend System Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Knowing what your system is doing is the first

step in reducing costs and improving productivity

• The audit will give you a clear picture of how

your system runs over time. As an option, the

Audit Solution can help you get your own

picture in the future, whether it’s a snapshot,

a movie or real-time data, through a cost

effective management information system.

Reduce Operating Costs

With all audits, the goal is to reduce operating

costs by optimizing your system.

• Operating costs can be reduced by up to half

of the current costs.

• Reductions in energy, maintenance, water

and rentals will feed your bottom line.

Power Costs






Improve Productivity



A thorough audit of your air system can

dramatically improve the productivity of your

compressed air-driven operation

• Stabilize air pressure under all conditions at

all points-of-use. Adding compressors isn’t

the only way to increase pressure at a pointof-use.

• Eliminate moisture, oil or contamination

problems, whether the root cause is the

equipment or the application.

• Solve production and

process problems.

Compressed air

might be “invisible,”

but that doesn’t mean it can’t be

the cause of process problems when

improperly applied.

PSI to Production










Minimize or Eliminate Future Capital Costs

Increased demand does not always mean adding

new compressors.

• Turning off a compressor or reducing the load

can create a back up machine out of your

existing compressors.

• If your system is on the brink of an expansion,

an audit can help you squeeze more out of your

existing system, delaying the need to expand.

If the expansion is large, the audit can help you

“right-size” the components rather than oversize

the equipment “just in case.” This saves money

on both equipment and installation.

Current vs Proposed Annual Operating Costs

Constituent Current Proposed Variance

1 Electricity 136,162 71,538 64,624

2 External Maintenance 62,472 41,648 20,824

3 Internal Labor 9,645 6,430 3,215

4 Rental Costs 7,648 — 7,648

Totals $215,927 $119,616 $96,311

Project Cost $143,320

Simple Payback (months) 17.9

Simple ROI 67%

1. Electrical cost for compressors and dryers based on $0.051/kWh.

2. External labor was provided by the plant.

3. Internal labor is minimal as external contracts are in place.

4. Rental costs averaged over past three years.

These savings can only be achieved with the completion of all action items.


The Audit Solution Process

1 + 2 + 3

+4 + 5+6 = !


Pre-audit Feasibility Study

At minimal to no cost, we conduct

a feasibility study to determine

whether an audit can solve your

specific problems. You’ll know

what to expect, and what opportunities there

are, before you commit to spending any


The Audit

efficiency At the start of the audit, a “kick-off”

meeting with all concerned parties


insures that all needs will be met

and that all involved are in

2. agreement on the priorities and the goals of

the audit.


After this kick-off meeting, the auditor will

collect information using state-of-the-art data

acquisition equipment to develop an

accurate picture of how your system truly


As data is developed, the auditor interviews

individuals who can provide further

information on business practices.

At the end of the audit, the auditor holds an

“exit” meeting to summarize and present



The Audit Report

The auditor will create a picture of

how the air system operates and

assemble an analysis of ways to

improve system performance.

The final report will contain recommended

improvements, equipment performance

specifications, control configuration and an

implementation schedule. Finally, the report

will contain a solution with a financial

justification that meets your return-oninvestment









IR Audit Solutions auditors can

direct the efforts of the

implementation team in effecting

the audit recommendations.




IR Audit Solutions provides

optional project management

and oversight, even full responsibility, for

the implementation. IR project managers

are professional, experienced, and able to

operate and maintain the air system for

you, even to the point of taking ownership

of the assets.


Did the implementation

accomplish all that the audit

promised? IR Audit Solutions

can provide optional testing and

validation services covering any

component or the entire air system.


Why use Ingersoll-Rand's Audit Services?

Just like you, we believe that results count.

Our auditors are there to help your company

meet its financial business objectives and to

solve your compressed air problems.

Standardized Training, Equipment

and Techniques

Whether your plant is in Shanghai, Stuttgart

or Chicago, the improvement in the

company's financials and in the air system

will be the same. We've

taken the “magic” out of

audits and turned it into a

systemized, repeatable

science. If you're looking to

have solid, consistent, expert

advice for one plant or all

your plants, then put us to the



Passing the final exam for their certification

isn't the end of the road for Ingersoll-Rand

auditors. New technologies, and new

techniques for handling old problems, are

constantly under development, which means

that the auditors enjoy a continuous and

never-ending learning process.


What's better than having one expert on your

team? It's two of course. Our auditors are

routinely cross-audited by a fellow-auditor to

insure that you're getting the most value.

Plus, the size and breadth of the IR Audit

Solutions team means it’s highly likely one of

our auditors has experienced a process and

problems similar to yours.

Single Source Responsibility

The entire process is as seamless as you wish

it to be. Our auditors take a “Solutions Neutral”

approach and they can work with your local IR

representative as a team to achieve the goals

of your audit. If you've been in the middle when

a consultant and a contractor point fingers at

each other over something that has gone

wrong, you'll certainly appreciate the IR Audit

Solutions team approach.

All Audits Aren't Created Equal.

There seem to be as many definitions

of the term “air system audit” as

there are auditors out there claiming

to be able to provide a valuable

service to your business. Here are

some suggestions:

• Investigate the audit company’s

equipment, training, techniques

and experience.

• What do they say will be included in their


• Do they analyze your system for opportunity

before they quote the project?

• Who stands behind their work and what are

their resources?

• How many auditors get their compressor

performance training from the engineers that

develop, design and manufacture all types of

compressors all over the world?

• Are they cross-audited?

• Do they provide a plan for moving forward?

Perhaps most important, be sure to find a

company with a worldwide reputation for quality,

reliability, customer service, and engineering

excellence and you’ll see your only choice is IR

Audit Solutions.


More Than Air. Solutions.

Online solutions:
















Ingersoll-Rand compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air applications. Ingersoll-Rand does not

approve specialized equipment for breathing air applications and assumes no responsibility or liability for compressors used

for breathing air service.

Nothing contained on these pages is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the

product described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shall be in accordance with

Ingersoll-Rand’s standard terms and conditions of sale for such products, which are available upon request.

Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll-Rand. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice

or obligation.

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