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UK 22125702 Large TSL - Ingersoll Rand

ThermoStar Large

Why dry compressed air?

Contamination Reduces


The air we breathe contains contamination

in the form of water vapour and airborne


These problems can be avoided with

the correct selection and application

of compressed air filters and dryers

from Ingersoll-Rand.

During the compression process an air

compressor concentrates these contaminants

and depending on the design and age will

even add to the contamination in the form

of oil carry over.

Modern air compressors generally have built

in aftercoolers that reduce the discharge

temperature of the compressed air and with

the help of water separators, remove the bulk

of liquid water.

In some applications this may be sufficient,

but the remaining dirt and moisture content

suspended in aerosol form, can, if not

removed, damage the compressed air system

and cause product spoilage.


Spoiled paint finish








Damaged tools

The result - higher overall cost of operation


■ Increased system downtime

Reduced production efficiency

The Air Solutions Group at Ingersoll-Rand

has the widest selection of products and

application knowledge to protect your

investment and your compressed air system.




Cooling systems



Desiccant dryers

Piping systems




ThermoStar Large Dryers - The ‘Class’ Solution

Quality Matters

Ingersoll-Rand ThermoStar Large

Refrigeration Dryers are available in 5 model

sizes to suit all applications. When installed

with compressed air filters they will provide

clean compressed air to the classes as

prescribed in ISO 8573.1.

Totally Environmentally


R407C Refrigerant

Use of


friendly R407C

refrigerant ensures

compliance with the Montreal Protocol. With

no proposed ‘phase out’ of this refrigerant, the

dryer will not have to be replaced prematurely.

5 models available

ISO 8573.1 Quality Classes


CLASS Particle size Pressure Dewpoint °C (Including vapour)

in Micron (ppm. vol.) at 7 bar g mg/m 3

1 0.1 -70 (0.3) 0.01

2 1 -40 (16) 0.1

3 5 -20 (128) 1.0

4 15 +3 (940) 5

5 40 +7 (1240) 25

6 - +10 (1500) -

Installation Guide

Energy Efficient

Use of R407C refrigerant

can reduce dryer running

costs by 10% when

compared to widely used


The use of modern technology scroll

refrigeration compressors will reduce energy

consumption by a further 20%.

Fully Recyclable

Fully recyclable materials

used throughout.

Compact dryer design

means fewer raw materials

requiring disposal at the end

of its useful life.

Microprocessor Control

Fitted on all models

a microprocessor provides

‘at a glance’ indication of

dryer performance.

ISO 8573.1 Class 1.4.1 Dirt, Water and Oil

Air quality - With correct selection, the above

schematic relates to an installation that would

provide Class 1 dirt, Class 4 water, and Class 1

oil. This is recommended to stop downstream

corrosion, prevent product spoilage and

prolong the life of pneumatic tools and the

compressed air system.


A Look Inside

All models feature a low pressure drop

pre-filter on the air inlet.

This feature keeps the heat-exchanger

clean and reduces maintenance


The oversized demister separator offers an

exceptional condensate removal rate with

lowest pressure drops.

Unlike centrifugal systems, the demister

works equally well at partial air flow

conditions, ensuring the dew point is

maintained under all conditions.









The standard shell-&-tube

water-cooled condenser

ensures extremely low water

side pressure drops and

requires minimal maintenance.

Air-cooled versions are also



ThermoStar Large’s innovative

tandem scroll compressors

(standard up to 225m 3 /min) offer

numerous real customer benefits,

including: significantly reduced

power consumption; real 50%

energy savings at partial load as

one compressor switches off

(unlike typical solutions); longer

compressor life; elimination of the

need to pre-heat the dryer; no risk

of compressor damage caused by

liquid returns; full stand-by facility

as one compressor still runs if the

other shuts down.

Sophisticated Design

With ThermoStar Large sophisticated

design solutions lead to real advantages

for the user.

Thermostar Large's heat exchanger has

a very innovative patented design. The

single vessel configuration is extremely

compact, saving valuable factory space.

The notably simplified air circuit reduces

the number of welds to a minimum, for

improved longevity and reliability.

The implementation of quality materials,

specifically treated, ensure TSL

withstands even the most rigorous

industrial conditions. A combination of

top dew point performance levels and

minimal air pressure drops are obtained

thanks to generous dimensioning,

minimal air turns and performance

enhancing “trifoglio” tube inserts.

Sophisticated Control

ThermoStar Large features an advanced

microprocessor control as standard. The dew

point is continuously digitally displayed.

All functions are fully programmable, giving

the user full control over dryer operation. A

working hour counter and programmable

service interval monitoring facility simplify

maintenance scheduling.

A status report lists the 8 most recent

occurrences, whilst a secondary report

memorises all sensor readings at alarm

intervention, for easy fault diagnosis.

The comprehensive set of alarms can be

user-programmed, and on intervention they

provide easily understandable written text

messages. A general alarm volt free contact

is also supplied.


Technical Specifications


Nominal Air Flow

m 3 /min








Dimensions (mm)





TSL 130A 130 4591 150/10 - 4000 960 1740 780

TSL 170A 170 6004 200/10 - 4085 1150 2150 1290

TSL 225A 225 7946 200/10 - 4130 1150 2150 1380


TSL 130W 130 4591 150/10 1” 4000 755 1670 750

TSL 170W 170 6004 200/10 1 1 Ú2 “ 4085 927 1710 1200

TSL 225W 225 7946 200/10 1 1 Ú2 “ 4130 1120 1750 1350

TSL 280W 280 9888 250/10 1 1 Ú2 “ 5125 1190 1840 1450

TSL 350W 350 12361 300/10 1 1 Ú2 “ 5135 1240 1915 1620

Performances refer to air suction of FAD 20°C, 1 bar, and the following operating conditions: air suction 25°C/60%RH, 7 barg

working pressure, 3°C pressure dew point, 25°C condenser cooling media temperature, 40°C condensing temperature, 35°C

compressed air inlet temperature. All indicated data refers to DIN ISO 7183. All models supplied with refrigerant R407C and for

operation up to 10 barg. 50 Hz models supplied with 400/3/50 power supply. 60 Hz models also available. IP Rating IP54.

Multiplication Factors for Working Pressure up to maximum:

Pressure bar g 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Correction Factor 0.64 0.76 0.86 0.94 1.00 1.06 1.10 1.13

Multiplication Factors for Inlet Temperatures up to maximum:

°C 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65

Correction Factor 1.20 1.00 0.82 0.68 0.56 0.46 0.44 0.42

Multiplication Factors for Dewpoint

°C 3 5 7

Correction Factor 1.00 1.14 1.19

Multiplication Factors Ambient Temperatures up to maximum:

°C 20 25 30 35 40 46

Correction Factor 1.02 1.00 0.98 0.93 0.87 0.80


Ambient Temperature 30ºC (correction factor 0.98)

Inlet Temperature 40ºC (correction factor 0.82)

System Pressure 6 bar g (correction factor 0.94)

Pressure Dewpoint 3ºC (correction factor 1.0)

Flow Rate

98m 3 /min

98m 3 /min

0.98 x 0.82 x 0.94 x 1.0

Therfore select TSL 130

= 128.9m 3 /min





Compressed Air Filters

High quality compressed air is no longer

a luxury, it is essential. Compressed air

contains contamination, and if not

removed, will damage the compressed

air system and cause product spoilage.

The correct selection and application of

Ingersoll-Rand compressed air filters will

protect your air system and increase

production efficiency.

Ask for Filter brochure

System Saver

Condensate Drains

Removing oily, acidic condensate from

any compressed air system is essential,

as even a small volume can seriously

affect downstream pneumatic equipment

and processes.

Ask for Drain brochure

Ingersoll-Rand System Saver electronic

level sensing drains detect and discharge

only when condensate is present.

Intelligent operation always ensures no

unnecessary loss of valuable

compressed air.


More Than Air. Solutions.

Online solutions:

Ingersoll-Rand air compressors are not designed, intended, or approved for breathing air. Compressed air should not be used for breathing air

applications unless treated in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.

Nothing contained in this brochure is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the products

described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale shall be in accordance with Ingersoll-Rand’s standard terms and

conditions of sale for such products, which are available upon request.

Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll-Rand. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


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