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February 17, 2011

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Yodit Mesfin Johnson

About Yodit

Accomplished, strategic‐thinking leader offering a

combination i of business, technological l and financial i acumen accompanied by diverse industry experience;

Proven track record of launching initiatives that

include gains to the bottom line, restoring profitability

to troubled operations, and facilitating business

expansion; Expert communication and interpersonal

skills; Proficient in the use of technology to enhance

business performance


W’ll We’ll come back to this…..

What a traditional brand does…

• Delivers the message clearly

• Confirms your credibility

• Connects your target prospects emotionally

• Motivates the buyer

• Concretes User Loyalty

Brands we know…..

and love!

lately, at least

What YOUR brand does

Personal Branding consists of three elements:

• Value Proposition: What do you stand for?

• Differentiation: What makes you stand out?

• Marketability: What makes you compelling?

Personal Brands

New Economy realities

• Job market poor; Employer’s market basically

• Pay

• Experience

• Resources

• Network

• Increased competition

• You’re just not the only one with that skill set

• Huge cross‐section of generations – someone younger will do

the same work cheaper

• Languishing Corporate Loyalty

• It costs more to keep you

What Makes You So Special?

• What DO you stand for?

• What makes YOU stand out?

• WHAT makes you compelling?

It’s Your Ethos…

Personal branding is reflected in our appearance, our

intonation (uh hem…Barry White ;), our non‐verbal

language, our business fact, it is

reflected in everything we do.

Start thinking about your own personal brand…. Ask

yourself: 'What do I want to be known for?'"

10 Ways to build your Brand

1. You’re already doing it. Do MORE of what you do best

2. Claim it; define your brand

3. Leverage WHO you are


5. Buy in to it

6. Create a visual “hook” (for yourself)

7. Simplify and Center

8. Look Inside to Grow Outside

9. Engage others ; ask for help

10. Grow Smart

That’s Insane!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and

expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

When’s the last time you switched things up?

Measuring Results

• You’ll know this is working when:

1. It’s not just a job; it’s what you love

2. Your family, friends and pets enjoy being with you

3. Your health improves

4. The people around you do better

5. You make more money

6. You lose weight

7. You feel better overall

Don’t believe me….

Dynamic, passionate, engaged, confident, honest,

fragile, leader type who used her life and her

experiences to break people free of the barriers that

get in the way of them being their best selves and

living their best lives.

This is who I am, who I want to be and how I want

people to see me. What’s your truth.

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Yodit Mesfin Johnson


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