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Hotel Melia Coral

Umag, December 14, 2010

Wanda S. Radetti

Conde' Nast Traveler

Croatia World Top Destination Specialist

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•What is a Five Star Travel Destination?

Croatia’s Potential as a Five Star Travel Destination

•What are the expectations of travelers when buying Five Star


•Cost vs. perceived value

•Five Star vs. average service…developing the mindset and

habits of service providers in Croatia

What makes a Five Star Travel


•Professional Car and Drivers

•Hotels, Villas, Apartments

•Professional Tour Guides


•Fine Dining



Professional Cars and Drivers

All chauffeurs are drivers. Not all drivers are chauffeurs

• The professional Chauffeur is:

•a certified and licensed professional

•Is punctual, reliable, dependable and familiar with the geography , logistics

and traffic patterns.

•Is a safe and cautious driver that provides efficient, discreet and courteous


•Maintains good personal hygiene and uses proper judgment in dressing


•Is prepared to respond to the guests special requirements and preferences

Hotels, Villas, Apartments

The home away from home…

•Is the Perfect Location for the Particular guest

• Exudes Elegance and luxury

•Delivers Comfort, Safety and Security

•Impeccable attention to each detail is evident

•Ensures the services of a professional, warm and welcoming staff

Professional Tour Guides

•A Professional Tour Guide is a licensed professional

•Has strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills and is fluent in the

language for which he/she is hired to conduct the tour

•Provides professional caring service and is committed to providing an objective

understanding of the place visited, free from prejudice or propaganda

•Ensures that what is presented as fact is true, and that a clear distinction is made

between the truth and stories, legends, traditions, or opinions.

•A professional guide is sensitive to the interests and values of the guest. Does not

share his/her personal views on controversial subjects such as sex, religion, and


•A professional guide does not initiate or encourage patronage of souvenir shops

and other places that give commissions to the guide and/or drivers.

•A professional guide maintains good personal hygiene and uses proper judgment

in dressing appropriately for all tours

Croatia’s Potential as a Five Star


• People First

•The first contact: Telephone call, letter, e‐mail

•Communication: Style, tone, details

•Strategic ease for international arrival and departures

•Infrastructures and technology

• Lodging –Hotels, Villas, Apartments


•Culture, entertainment, adventure

•Food and wine

People First and Last

What are the expectations of

Five Star Travelers?

•Safety, security, comfort

•Elegance, luxury, beauty

•Warm reception from everyone, everywhere

•Pampering and caring attention, the ultimate seduction that answers to their

needs, spoken or not.

•Promptness, dependability, reliability, flexibility

•Acknowledgement, responsiveness and intuitiveness, support

•Enlightenment, expansion of mind and spirit

•A vacation that is stress free and their every wish is gently granted

•The traveler wants to be “loved” in his/her own terms

•the secret to providing experiences that will exceed the traveler’s expectations, is

to know him/her intimately, to respect him/her and to honor him

Cost vs. perceived value

The traveler that comes to Croatia and expects Five Star Travel is

sophisticated, well travelled, has a high level of education, is a

professional and often owns his/her own business.

It is this discerning and demanding client that appreciates expects

the best in everything and hold the bar of quality and value very


Cost vs. perceived value

This client is at “home” in the “hot five star” destinations where they have

been perfecting five star service for decades.

They know the best restaurant in Paris, they have visited the Prado Museum in

Madrid, smiled back at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, they visit their friends in

Monte Carlo on their birthdays and at least once a year they visit Zurich to

check the banks’ architecture.

Cost vs. perceived value

When the Five Star Traveler chooses to travel to Croatia, the expectations are

very high and will compare their experience in Croatia to their other travel

experiences in countries where Five Star Service has been mastered and is

dependably delivered…

They expect the best for minimum cost…

Perceived value is about seduction and

engagement of all the senses

Cost vs. perceived value

Croatia Magnificently overshadows the other Mediterranean destinations

because it is so BEAUTIFUL.

The dream of a lover of beauty, it offers the most amazing landscapes,

enveloped in a light that cannot be captured in pictures and paintings no

matter how one tries.

You know of what I speak only when you have been bathed by the “light”.

From its fruitful hills and valleys, the hill towns of Istria, to the sparkling,

pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, it is a splendid diamond that with every

shining facets speaks of peoples and cultures that marked their moment in

history with amazing treasures and gifts of culture, art and architecture.

Cost vs. perceived value

Istria, in particular, stands out as my favorite region of Croatia.

It is in the shape of a heart and it is exactly where the heart of Europe needs to be.

Istria is where the primary Italic, Austrian and Slavic European Cultures, meet

resulting in a rich mosaic of art, history, culture.

It is where the nourishment is organic and where the Terrano speaks the language

of rich moist earth and luscious green grass.

It is sexy and extremely seductive and, in my calculations,

delivers value.

What is Travel?

Travel is about love

It is about love of people…

It is about people…

Everything is always about people

Travel is about us, it is about you.

Hvala! Grazie!

Thank you!

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