Brochure AT Carnia INGLESE

Brochure AT Carnia INGLESE

Houses in stone and wood, ancient carnival

rituals, a cuisine imbued with flavours lost

elsewhere, and above all the people, who in Forni

di Sopra, Ovaro, Raveo, Sauris and Sutrio help you

rediscover the slow rhythm of times gone by.

Authentic architecture


olidaying in one of the “borghi

autentici” (authentic villages) in

Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Forni di

Sopra, Raveo, Sauris, Sutrio and Ovaro,

means being hosted by a rare quality of

people, people who love welcoming others

into their community and helping them

rediscover the slow rhythms of times gone

by. People, places, flavours and traditions

all speak of a magically preserved

authenticity. Forni di Sopra, dominated

by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites,

welcomes you into its spacious

courtyards and narrow lanes

featuring rural houses in

stone and wood, with wide

upstair landings where hay

was once dried. Raveo,

nestled in a sunny dell

at the foot of Col Gentile,

exudes the charm of

an authentic village.

Sapori di Carnia, its

village food festival,

celebrates the

flavours of a cuisine

imbued with the culture

and the history of these

places. In Sauris, a marvellous

village of German origin, you will be

welcomed into mountain-style dwellings

built in stone and wood. The influence

of the German culture can be seen in the

village’s countless traditions and folk

festivals, including the Carnival, one of

the oldest across the Alps. Finally, a stroll

through the lanes in Sutrio, a beautiful

mountain village, will lead you to a host

of workshops of skilled artisans who,

during the Magia del Legno festival each

September, demonstrate their great

creativity and skill in the courtyards of the

houses: the same courtyards where the

nativity scenes made by the marangons,

the local wood sculptors, are carefully

displayed every year at Christmas.


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