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Brochure neve INGLESE OK

In the mood

for skiing

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differ ent snow

In Friuli Venezia Giulia you can still

find places where you can ski far

away from the crowds and commotion.

In the eastern Dolomites, the Carnic

Alps and the Julian Alps, from

Piancavallo passing through Carnia

and as far as Tarvisio, in Friuli Venezia

Giulia there are lots of downhill slopes

for those who love the thrill of speed,

and as many easier slopes, if you

prefer skiing at a more relaxing pace

in the middle of the countryside.

But the excitement doesn’t finish here.


f you would like a gentle introduction to

the winter world, just follow the advice

and suggestions offered by the ski

instructors. There are hundreds of

opportunities if you love skiing for kilometres

in the muffled silence of snow-covered

cross-country ski trails and along the striking

ski mountaineering routes.

Piancavallo and Forni di Sopra in the

eastern Dolomites, Zoncolan and Sauris

in Carnia and Sella Nevea and Tarvisio in

the Julian Alps are all well known ski resorts

catering to skiers of all levels, and to

enthusiasts. There are also alternative ski

resorts with beautiful ski trails and routes

for Nordic sports, including the

International Centre in Forni Avoltri, where

international competitions are regularly

held along a 10 km route, in an unspoilt

landscape which is a must for any visitor

to the area to see.

And if you are looking for more than just

downhill and cross-country skiing, Friuli

Venezia Giulia’s winter offer can make

your mountain holiday that much better,

with a host of on-snow activities such as

dogsledding, ice-climbing, snowshoeing,

freeriding, snowboarding, ice skating and

curling... making your dreams come true

with fun, nature-friendly adventures.

Off the snow, there is nothing better than

relaxing and restoring both mind and body

at the spas or in one of the region’s health

resorts. Or you can treat yourself to the

traditional cuisine of the Friulian mountains,

which skilfully combines aromas and

fragrances found only here, with some of

the best-known ingredients in international

cooking, such as San Daniele and Sauris

ham and the white wines from Friuli’s

vineyard: a simple blend of flavours which

is the very essence of Friulian hospitality.

In winter too, you can throw yourself into

the festive atmosphere, revelling in ancient

popular customs held each year in memory

of ancestral traditions.

You can also enjoy exciting international

cultural and sporting events.

2 3

do wnhill

Snow is always guaranteed, thanks to the programmed snowfall in all the ski

resorts. Reduced ski pass prices, queueless ski-lifts, safe, top quality slopes

and a magical atmosphere all make Friuli Venezia Giulia a welcoming and

unique place for all skiers.


he beauty of Friuli Venezia Giulia

lies in the outstanding natural

backdrop it offers skiers in their

unforgettable experiences.

You can come to Tarvisio, famous thanks

to Duke Amedeo d’Aosta who often spent

his holidays here during the 30s; here you

can enjoy over 80 hectares of snow-covered

slopes. The largest is the Di Prampero.

This downhill slope is over 4 kilometres

long and has become a cult for enthusiasts.

It starts behind the motorway toll booth,

and runs from the Monte Lussari sanctuary,

a place of worship for Mitteleuropean

traditions, as far as Camporosso. The slope

has breathtaking views and parts of it are

open at night for the thrill of skiing in the

dark to the rhythm of music. Plus, for those

with less experience, there are ski-lifts to

take you to three easy and mediumdifficulty

slopes in Valbruna.

Sella Nevea is close to the Slovenian

border. The town stretches up the slopes

of the Montasio and Canin mountains,

where the Canin slope descends in

between the rocks of the stunning massif.

This delightful resort is also the home

to what is considered one of the best

slalom stadiums.

Forni di Sopra is an ideal choice for family

skiing holidays: situated in the Upper

Tagliamento Valley, it stretches from the

Carnic Prealps to Cadore. You can ski in

the valley or you can reach an altitude

of 2067 metres on the famous

Varmost-Crusicalas slope.

The vast skiing area of Piancavallo

stretches from under the Monte Cavallo

summit to the edge of the Alpago dell.

Its 50 hectares of slopes offer a wide

choice for all skiers.

This ski resort is in a spectacular position:

it is the nearest to the sea in this region

and on clear days you can make out the

glistening blue Adriatic Sea and the

rooftops of nearby Venice!

The Ravascletto-Zoncolan resort is set like

a giant shell in one of the prettiest corners

of the Carnic Prealps. It has two basins

- one in the valley which is linked to the

other basin at altitude, where 60 hectares

of slopes branch out up to an altitude of

2000 metres.

Another place to remember is the gem

of the Carnic Alps, Sauris, which has

a delightful panorama. It lies between

a lake and a fir-wood, where it is a privilege

to ski immersed in the enchanting

atmosphere of an ancient hamlet offering

top quality service.

4 5

Made-to-measure half Pipe within the backdrop of your dreams, treating

all snowboard lovers with unending emotions. You really can experience

unforgettable moments on Friuli Venezia Giulia’s snow!


n the region, there are three exciting arenas devoted one hundred percent

to snowboarders.

in flig ht

In the very modern Snow Park Arena

Free Style in Zoncolan, an area has just

been completed for freestyle, with an

impressive boarder-cross and ski-cross

track, where you can jump, control the

whoops and tackle the tricky parabolic

curves to the rhythm of very loud music.

The other area in the park is reserved for

aerial evolutions: its rails and kickers

guarantee fun for everyone.

Everyone is welcome to the Arena:

whatever your sport or technical level,

just take care and make sure your helmet

is well strapped on!

In the exciting Piancavallo Snowpark you

can whiz and jump on the halfpipes, jumps

and rails and then go back up on specially

made ski-lifts. Instructors are on hand for

beginners and for anyone who would like

to improve their skills. Plus, in the Collalto

area, an entire slope is dedicated to

freestyle, where both snowboarders and

skiers can try their hand.

Jumps, quarter pipe and rails are ensured

even in Tarvisio, in the enchanting

snowboard arena which rises between

the Duca d’Aosta slopes which are always

perfectly covered in snow.

6 7

up on high

The charm of the Friuli Venezia Giulia mountains lies in their unspoilt nature.

Discover it wholeheartedly whilst climbing the snowy mountain tops and

descend off-slope accompanied by ski mountaineering school guides.

The region offers countless possibilities for real enthusiasts and lovers

of high mountain slopes to practice this extreme sport. The setting created

by the wonderful alpine landscapes is both unique and unmissable!


n ideal trail for more seasoned skiers

is the one used for the Monte Canin

traditional annual free-style race for

couples; the trail starts in Sella Nevea and

crosses six ascents and six descents covering

a total difference in level of 4100 metres.

The Pellegrino Trail, which leads through

the woods as far as the Monte Lussari

summit, offers the most breathtaking

scenery: from the summit, overlooked

by one of the region’s most delightful

sanctuaries, you can admire one of Friuli

Venezia Giulia’s most beautiful panoramas

of majestic peaks, at the point where three

borders meet and nature and culture blend

into one unique, exclusive cocktail.

In February, at Claut in Valcellina, the

national Transclautana race is held for ski

mountaineering teams immersed in the

Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane

passing through Casera Pradut.

Friuli Venezia Giulia’s high mountains also

offer much simpler itineraries weaving from

one malga (shepherd’s hut) to the next.

The malgas are closed during the winter,

but the paths still offer you the fascination

of mountain life.

The best ski mountaineering slopes on

the highest mountains in Carnia are to

be found on Mount Coglians (2780 m)

which offers a south facing descent of

great beauty. Between Forni di Sopra

and the Sauris dell, you can take on the

itinerary leading to Mount Bivera (2475 m).

8 9

The mountains in our region also offer a wide range

of top level choices for competitive cross-country skiing.

There are several kilometres of slopes where both beginners

and more experienced skiers can train and have fun in a

magnificent setting.


land of cross-country skiing and Nordic sports, Friuli Venezia Giulia has churned out

whole families of Olympic and world champions, who have helped create a proper school

in these sports.

An unlimited choice of cross-country trails in Tarvisio and Sella Nevea weave for 60 km both

in town (the legendary Paruzzi Arena in Tarvisio) and in the fascinating mountain areas (Val

Saisera); there are also the Forni di Sopra trails running along the banks of the Tagliamento

River; the Piancavallo cross-country arenas with lit-up trails, the Casa del fondista in

Ravascletto-Zoncolan and the magnificent cross-country centre at the Paluzzi Tarn or the

cross-country Stadium in Forni Avoltri. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts and tourists who love

walking on snow can therefore understand the drive, passion, strength and glory of the Friulian

Olympic athletes, and share in their endeavour and emotions.

Friuli Venezia Giulia is the perfect choice for cross-country skiers, thanks to its beautiful

landscapes, its wide range of slopes of varying difficulty and the sheer size of its skiing land.

in nature

10 11

In Friuli Venezia Giulia you can live through all the

emotions that the ice world offers you, thanks to ascents

up to the glacier, ice-palaces and ice rinks. Until you

discover how the Eskimos live in an original igloo village.


on ice


n winter, the mountains in Friuli

Venezia Giulia also offer a wide range

of activities for the less sporty who

don’t want to miss out on the fascination

of snowy landscapes.

In Claut, a village in Valcellina, in the heart

of the Pordenone mountains at an altitude

of 1800 metres, you can fulfil your dream

of an unusual Eskimo holiday in an original

igloo village: there are no firesides or warm,

welcoming bedrooms, but ice rooms with

temperatures close to zero.

You will need to go on a crash course in

high altitude survival accompanied by

expert alpine guides, to prepare yourself

for this arctic adventure.

For ice-skating lovers, there is the ice

palace in Pontebba, home to large sporting

events, in particular ice hockey (it is the

training grounds for the famous Aquile

team) and the Piancavallo ice palace,

an ideal place to have fun on your skates.

Fun is guaranteed all day as you try

out unusual high-speed figures.

The brand new rink in Claut caters for

both ice-skating and for important national

competitions of curling, an increasingly

popular sport.

The superb surroundings of the Parco Delle

Dolomiti Friulane and the Parco delle Alpi

Giulie are a wonderful backdrop for

fantastic climbs on ice-walls and ice

cascades. The regional alpine school guides

are happy to prepare motivated people for

the magical world of ice, offering courses

and training at all levels.

They can also accompany you in

unforgettable experiences.

12 13

Run light on strong sledges led by able mushers, follow

fascinating itineraries on your snow shoes, let yourself be

transported by horse-drawn sledges in the silence of the

snow-covered woods, flash past on bob-sleighs and

toboggans on the special runs.

Pure fun in complete safety!


ogsledding is a great attraction in

the Tarvisio and Piancavallo areas.

In a splendid snowy setting, the

international Mushing-sleddog school in

Tarvisio offers children and adults alike

the chance to experience the excitement

of racing along on sturdy sledges, driven

by able mushers skilfully guiding their

blue-eyed dogs. The Italian survival school

in Piancavallo proposes fantastic excursions

on dog-drawn sledges as well as 3-day

arctic survival courses and Base Camps

for mushers where they can train or spend

a holiday with their team.

Another original, although more popular

activity, is snowshoeing: walking on snow

using traditional snowshoes, which you

snow and


fasten to your ski-boots so you can cross

the snowy, rather steep slopes easily,

without any particular training or athletic

preparation. The proposed routes for the

snowshoeing hikes are suitable for anyone

who is keen on energetic walks where you

can admire the magic of mountains in

winter. For the more romantic and for those

who love saddle animals, there is nothing

better than gliding along in a horse-drawn

sledge through the stunning woods cloaked

in silence, either in the Tarvisio area or in

the charming Sauris valley.

Piancavallo, Tarvisio and Ravascletto propose

bobsleigh and sledge tracks in well-marked

off, protected areas, so you can have great

fun on the snow straight away.

14 15


rta Terme is just a few kilometres

away from the Zoncolan resort, so

you can combine the fun of a skiing

holiday with the benefits of thermal waters.

In the new “Fonte Pudia” centre you can

restore mind and body with whirlpool

baths, saunas, massages and spas.

Hotels in Sutrio, Sauris and Comeglians

guarantee their guests a unique experience

for an original holiday: their added value

lies in the fact that visitors can experience

a typical rural hamlet way of life and have

a relaxing and restorative holiday, taking

part in village life and in the popular

traditional events.

After a splendid day spent on the slopes,

it is a great pleasure to sit down to dinner.

The cuisine in this area is typical of the

mountains; tasty hors d’oevres of local

salamis, the classic sweet or herb cjarsons,

the unforgettable polenta and frico, homemade

desserts and a selection of grappa…

all offered warmly by restaurants, hotels

and farm restaurants, who know how to

satisfy even the fussiest of palates.

Cultural and food and wine events and,

above all, shows and sporting competitions

all make the winter season that much

better in Friuli Venezia Giulia, which has

become a privileged location for dynamic,

sporty people.

The calendar of sporting events offers

some fantastic appointments you simply

can’t miss, including the Duca d’Aosta Cup

held each year on the Canin slope, which has

been approved for World Cup competitions.

This cup is one of the best Men’s’ European

Cup competitions on the whole circuit. Then

the Varmost Gigantissimo is held annually

in Forni di Sopra, on the longest piste in

the Region, starting at the Monte Crusicalas

summit at a height of 2067 metres, and, on

Monte Lussari in Tarvisio, the “Lussarissimo”

4 km parallel slalom competition has become

a tradition not to be missed.

Finally, on the Di Prampero slope in

Tarvisio, international competitions are held

which are valid for the Women’s Alpine

Skiing World Cup: and for the Women’s

and Men’sa Skiing European Cup.

Combine the fun of a skiing holiday with the benefits

of a thermal health spa, thanks to the Arta Terme

establishment. Taste the rhythms of authentic

hamlets in the “alberghi diffusi”. Taste the delicious

dishes from a rich cuisine and live the exciting

events and sporting competitions. In this way, you

can really grasp the fascination of the mountain.



lots more

16 17


in Piancavallo


Ski schools and snowparks which have been specially

designed for the younger members of the family.

Learning, while playing, in perfect safety.

f course Friuli Venezia Giulia’s mountains also cater for children, with

O special ski schools whose programmes and facilities make sure your

children can have fun learning winter sports in the safest conditions.

Plus, expert teachers can accompany your children in their first steps in

the magical snowy world of the Forni di Sopra Snow Park, in the Ravascletto

Snowpark and in the Collalto Fun game park in Piancavallo.

These three completely new facilities are equipped with play areas, where

obstacles, tunnels, moving carpets, soft, bouncy blow-up shapes and simple

slopes for sledges and tubing will make your child’s stay even more enjoyable.

SKI LIFT INFORMATION: 848 580300 (from outside Italy +39 0434 655258)

INFO TURISMO FVG 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level:

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level:

Difference in height of skiable area:

130 km

1.245 mt.

1.865 mt.

620 mt.

Km of downhill slopes: 25

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: 100%

Number of ski lifts: 7

Number of carpet conveyors: 4

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

Cross-country slopes with programmable snow coverage:

26 km

Other activities: sleddog - downhill skiing - arctic survival school

(in the Valcellina) - Snowboard Arena - Baby Snow Park- Snow

shoes - Ice Arena - ski school - golf course (in Castel d’Aviano)

- Dream Village swimming pool and health centre (in Cordenons)

Roll coaster - Fun park.


18 19


in Forni di Sopra

in Ravascletto-Zoncolan

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level:

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level:

Difference in height of skiable area:

143 km

880 mt.

2.067 mt.

1.187 mt.

Km of downhill slopes: 16

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: 100%

Number of ski lifts: 5

Number of carpet conveyors: 3

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

13 km

(km of illuminated ski slopes)

2 km

Cross-country slopes with programmable snow coverage: 2 km

Other activities: Baby Snow Park - sports centre with swimming

pool, sauna, ice skating, gym and indoor climbing wall - bob

- sleigh run - snow shoes - downhill skiing - snowboard - ski

school - snow-tubing - snow cat outings.

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level:

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level:

Difference in height of skiable area:

111 km

900 mt.

2.000 mt.

1.100 mt.

Km of downhill slopes: 28

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: 100%

Number of ski lifts: 8

Number of carpet conveyors: 5

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

Cross-country slopes with programmable snow coverage:

2,5 km

Other activities: Snowboard Arena - downhill skiing - snow shoes

- ski jump - bob-sleigh run - Thermal health spa (in Arta Terme)

- ski school - ice skating - fun park - solarium.


SKI LIFT INFORMATION: 848 580300 (from outside Italy +39 0433 80208)

INFO TURISMO FVG 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

SKI LIFT INFORMATION: 848 580300 (from outside Italy +39 0433 66033)

INFO TURISMO FVG 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

20 21


in Tarvisio

in Sella Nevea

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level:

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level:

133 km

754 mt.

1.756 mt.

Difference in height of skiable area: 1.002 mt.

Km of downhill slopes: 32

(km of illuminated ski slopes) 2,5

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: 100%

Number of ski lifts: 10

Number of carpet conveyors: 2

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

Cross-country slopes with programmable

snow coverage:

40 km

7,5 km

Other activities: sleight run - ice stadium (Pontebba) - ski jump

- international mushing and sleddog school - snowboard arena

- snow shoes - ski school

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level:

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level:

Difference in height of skiable area:

119 km

1.103 mt.

1.858 mt.

755 mt.

Km of downhill slopes: 15

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: 90%

Number of ski lifts: 6

Number of carpet conveyors: 1

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

Cross-country slopes with programmable snow coverage:

5 km

Other activities: sleigh run - ice stadium (Pontebba) - snowboard

- adventure park - snow shoes - FIS training Centre - ski school


SKI LIFT INFORMATION: 848 580300 (from outside Italy +39 0428 653915)

INFO TURISMO FVG 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

SKI LIFT INFORMATION: 848 580300 (from outside Italy +39 0433 54026)

INFO TURISMO FVG 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

22 23

nd fun...

in Sauris

in Paluzza

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

124 km

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level: 1180 m

Slopes maximum altitude above sea level: 1480 m

Difference in height of skiable area:

300 m

Km of downhill slopes:

3.2 km

(of which 1 km is illuminated)

Downhill slopes with programmable snow coverage: yes

Number of ski lifts: 3

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

5 km

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

107 km

Laghetti Cross-country Centre: 10 km of slopes

(of which 2.5 km are illuminated)

Cross-country slopes with

programmable snow coverage:

2,5 km

Other activities: snowshoes, mountaineering, excursions,

ski school, Spa Centre (in Arta Terme)

Other activities: excursions with snow-cat - Quad hire, carriage

rides, Nordic ski school, health and fitness centre with gym,

sauna and massages

Info: 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

Activity info: 0433 779402 (Cooperativa Gamspiz)

Laghetti Cross-country Centre: +39 0433 775882

(Aldo Moro Sporting Union)

in Forni Avoltri

in Ampezzo

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

121 km

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

107 km

International Biathlon Centre:

6 km of slopes (5 slopes)

Passo Pura cross-country skiing ring:

5.5 km slopes

Km of illuminated ski slopes:

Cross-country slopes with

programmable snow coverage:

2,5 km

6 km

Other activities: swimming pool, snowshoes

Other activities: Cross country skiing school, biathlon and ski arc.

International Biathlon Centre: +39 0433 727525

Info: 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)



nd fun...

in Piani di Casa - Val Pesarina

in Claut - Valcellina

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

113 km

Piani di Casa Cross-country skiing centre: 18 km of slopes

(of which 1.2 km are illuminated)

Cross-country slopes with

programmable snow coverage:

3.5 km

Other activities: ski-mountaineering (1 km), snowshoes

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

137 km

Other activities: igloo village, ice arena with curling area,

snowshoes, ski-mountaineering, ice climbing, Sleddog, Snow-cat

outings, artificial ice-fall climbing, cross-country skiing along

the Parco Dolomiti Friulane valleys, snow and ice slopes for


Info: 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

Info: 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)

in Valbruna - Valsaisera

Distance from Trieste’s airport:

Km of cross-country skiing trails:

127 km

20 km

Slopes minimum altitude above sea level: 787

Slope maximum altitude above sea level: 930

Difference in height of skiable area: 143

Km of downhill slopes:

3 km

Number of ski lifts: 2

Other activities: snow shoes, ski-mountaineering, outings

in horse-drawn sledges, ice-climbing

Info: 800 016044 (from outside Italy +39 0432 734100)














Easy to reach, hard to forget


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