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Somebody may not perfectly know that the visit throughout the wine

and gastronomy path in the territory of Brescia is offering a lot of surprises.

Early traditions are restored in matter of food taste, colours and aromas and are

proposed nowadays with ingredients belonging to a broad territory, made of

mountains, large lakes and fertile planes, offering a vast specific assortment of



D'Annunzio, the famous poet, who long lived on the Garda Lake and enjoyed the good living, always

spoke about this particular food as a simple reality, but in the same time complicated, so difficult to

combine together the different ingredients, while keeping their own single characteristics of tasty and


The Brescia tradition had the merit to keep alive the many varieties of

products and therefore to offer a unique flavour food, in the numerous typical

country restaurants, as well as in the most famous city ones, both able to

communicate the pleasure of the good food with secure and natural products.

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