to download our latest brochure - QS Intelligence Unit

to download our latest brochure - QS Intelligence Unit

Partner Identification Services

In response to the increased interest in global institutional collaboration, QS Intelligence Unit is pleased to offer

Partner Identification Services. This will provide a solid foundation for establishing partnerships with competitive

institutions worldwide, by providing recommendations tailored to the client’s own strategy in a particular region.

The service can identify universities for research collaboration, mobility congruence, and institutional partnerships.

This bespoke project will start by identifying potential partnership opportunities in a targeted region, according

to general and specific prerequisites established with the client. Further to selecting the appropriate partner

institutions in the region, the project will provide key contacts in the selected universities and will offer commercial

opportunities for the client to widen its presence in a strategic region.






Module 1- US$ 5,000

This module offers the option to choose a set of criteria, primary and secondary, that

are of most interest, when identifying partner universities. Based on results in these

criteria, up to ten specific partner institutions will be identified.

Primary criteria for selecting partner institutions include: country, university size,

research intensity and focus (faculties and presence of a medical school). Our extensive

research data is able to match university partners through paper intensity, research

focus, subject area specification, and citation levels.

Secondary criteria for selecting partner institutions are based on the extensive data

collected for the QS World University Rankings ® , QS University Rankings: Asia, QS

University Rankings: Latin America, and QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Module 2 - US$ 7,000

This module includes the service provided in module 1, with the addition of the

identification of five partner universities that are specialized or have excellence in

particular broad and/or narrow subjects. Further research will identify relevant study

programs at the partner university.

Module 3 - US$ 15,000

This module includes the service provided in module 2, with a supplementary

introduction to key contacts at all identified partner institutions. This module also

comprises a page advert within the QS University Rankings supplement, emailed to

senior University staff in a targeted region, as well as a printed edition for distribution

at major international higher education conferences. The client will also be provided

with a button advert on the Rankings section of the QS Intelligence Unit website

(, the academic home to the university rankings).

Module 4 - US$ 22,000

This module includes the service provided in module 3, with the addition of either:

~ ~ Six Postgraduate/PhD student recruitment fairs in August/September held in

targeted global regions


~ ~ Banner advert on the public facing web results of the QS University Rankings

results on, our popular Rankings website which

generates 15 million visits a year.

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