“Alle Menschen werden Brüder” - nicht erst seit Beethoven und Schiller

(und später auch John Lennon) kennt man diesen Gedanken. Etwas

ganz anderes ist es, wenn man diese Idee 1:1 auf der Straße umsetzen

möchte... die Mitmenschen reagieren dann gar nicht erfreut! Den Mut

und die Energie, diesen uralten Traum Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen,

kann man wohl nur in einer Manie aufbringen.

One fine day I was walking down the streets of my hometown

It’s a couple of years ago, still feels like yesterday

Walking in the streets a strange feeling arouse in me

A new emotion, exciting but frightening in a way

And it was good – Ooh good – And it was real

Everybody on the street was somehow familiar to me

Like I’d seen the faces and heard the voices somewhere sometimes

Maybe in a dream, maybe in some other life

I looked at them and knew them, I saw their fears and all their lies

And it was good – Ooh good – And it was real – The family feel

Every girl I saw she could have been my sister

Every boy I met he could have been my brother

Every man I saw he could have been my father

Every woman that I saw she could have been my mother

And it was good – Ooh good – And it was real – The family feel

But then I started hugging them

They didn‘t like it at all!

One man was just about to beat me up

So I stopped it, I stopped, ooh I stopped

Picture yourself walking down some street

It could be any town, it could be any other day

Walking in the streets you feel this flame rising in you

You see the ones around you in a brand new way

Wouldn’t it be good – Wouldn’t it be real

Wouldn‘t it be – The family feel

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