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NEW!<br />

The Complete Dinosaur<br />

Second Edition<br />

Forerunners of Mammals<br />

Radiation • Histology • Biology<br />

NEW!<br />

Edited by M. K. Brett-Surman,<br />

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., and James O.<br />

Farlow<br />

Bob Walters, Art Director<br />

What do we know about dinosaurs, and how<br />

do we know it? How did dinosaurs grow,<br />

move, eat, and reproduce? Were they warmblooded<br />

or cold-blooded? How intelligent<br />

were they? How are the various groups of<br />

dinosaurs related to each other, and to other<br />

kinds of living and extinct vertebrates?<br />

What can the study of dinosaurs tell us<br />

about the process of evolution? And why<br />

did typical dinosaurs become extinct? All of<br />

these questions, and more, are addressed in<br />

the new, expanded, second edition of The<br />

Complete Dinosaur. Written by many of<br />

the world’s leading experts on the “fearfully<br />

great” reptiles, the book’s 45 chapters cover what we have learned about dinosaurs, from the<br />

earliest discoveries of dinosaurs to the most recent controversies. Where scientific contention<br />

exists, the editors have let the experts agree to disagree. Copiously illustrated and accessible to<br />

all readers from the enthusiastic amateur to the most learned professional paleontologist, The<br />

Complete Dinosaur, Second Edition is a feast for serious dinosaur lovers everywhere.<br />

Available April 2012<br />

2012 984 pp., 25 color illus., 485 b&w illus.<br />

CODI2C cloth 978-0-253-35701-4 $75.00 Sale Price $52.50<br />

Edited by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan<br />

About 320 million years ago a group of reptiles<br />

known as the synapsids emerged and forever<br />

changed Earth’s ecological landscapes. This<br />

book discusses the origin and radiation of the<br />

synapsids from their sail-backed pelycosaur<br />

ancestor to their diverse descendants, the<br />

therapsids or mammal-like reptiles, that<br />

eventually gave rise to mammals. It further<br />

showcases the remarkable evolutionary history<br />

of the synapsids in the Karoo Basin of South<br />

Africa and the environments that existed at<br />

the time. By highlighting studies of synapsid<br />

bone microstructure, it offers a unique<br />

perspective of how such studies are utilized to<br />

reconstruct various aspects of biology, such<br />

as growth dynamics, biomechanical function,<br />

and the attainment of sexual and skeletal<br />

maturity. A series of chapters outline the radiation and phylogenetic relationships of major<br />

synapsid lineages and provide direct insight into how bone histological analyses have led to<br />

an appreciation of these enigmatic animals as once-living creatures. The penultimate chapter<br />

examines the early radiation of mammals from their nonmammalian cynodont ancestors, and<br />

the book concludes by engaging the intriguing question of when and where endothermy evolved<br />

among the therapsids.<br />

Available November 2011<br />

2011 352 pp., 27 color illus., 78 b&w illus.<br />

FORMAC 978-0-253-35697-0 $60.00 Sale Price $42.00<br />

NEW!<br />

Gaining Ground<br />

The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods<br />

Second Edition<br />

Jennifer A. Clack<br />

Around 370 million years ago, a distant relative<br />

of a modern lungfish began a most extraordinary<br />

adventure—emerging from the water and laying<br />

claim to the land. Over the next 70 million years,<br />

this tentative beachhead had developed into a<br />

worldwide colonization by ever-increasing varieties<br />

of four-limbed creatures know as tetrapods, the<br />

ancestors of all vertebrate life on land. This new<br />

edition of Jennifer A. Clack’s groundbreaking book<br />

tells the complex story of their emergence and<br />

evolution. Beginning with their closest relatives, the<br />

lobe-fin fishes such as lungfishes and coelacanths,<br />

Clack defines what a tetrapod is, describes their<br />

anatomy, and explains how they are related to other<br />

vertebrates. She looks at the Devonian environment<br />

in which they evolved, describes the known and<br />

newly discovered species, and explores the order and timing of anatomical changes that occurred<br />

during the fish-to-tetrapod transition<br />

Available November 2011<br />

2011 504 pp., 18 color illus., 238 b&w illus.<br />

GAGR2C cloth 978-0-253-35675-8 $59.95 Sale Price $41.97<br />

Dinosaurs of<br />

Eastern Iberia<br />

NEW!<br />

Edited by Àngel Galobart,<br />

Maite Suñer, and Begoña Poza<br />

Translated by<br />

Albert Prieto Marquez<br />

Written for the general reader, this book<br />

is both a colorful introduction to the<br />

history and study of dinosaurs and an eyeopening<br />

survey of dinosaur discoveries<br />

in Spain. At the time of the dinosaurs,<br />

Iberia was in the process of becoming<br />

a peninsula of continental Europe and<br />

looked very different than it does today.<br />

Now an area only slightly larger than Vermont and New Hampshire, Eastern Iberia contains<br />

one of the richest fossil records of Mesozoic vertebrates in Europe. This record spans an<br />

80-million-year period that includes key moments in Earth’s history, such as the extinction<br />

events at the Jurassic-Cretaceous and the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundaries. Dinosaurs of<br />

Eastern Iberia tells the story of Iberia’s tumultuous geological history and presents a detailed<br />

synthesis of the region’s dinosaur discoveries, with fact sheets and reconstructions of each<br />

species found there. This volume also describes the flora and fauna that made up the ancient<br />

ecosystems and explores the paleobiogeography of this dynamic locale.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2011 344 pp., 292 color illus., 5 maps<br />

DINEAC cloth 978-0-253-35622-2 $45.00 Sale Price $31.50<br />

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Biology of the<br />

Sauropod Dinosaurs<br />

Understanding the Life of Giants<br />

Edited by Nicole Klein, Kristian Remes,<br />

Carole T. Gee, and P. Martin Sander<br />

“Provide[s] much new information on the biology of<br />

Sauropod dinosaurs; information extrapolated from<br />

studies of extant animals and from unique, new<br />

methodologies for examining fossil material.”<br />

—Virginia Tidwell, Denver Museum of Nature and<br />

Science<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2010 344 pp., 35 color illus., 148 b&w illus.<br />

BIOSAC cloth 978-0-253-35508-9 $59.95<br />

Sale Price $41.97<br />

Urumaco and Venezuelan<br />

Paleontology<br />

The Fossil Record of<br />

the Northern Neotropics<br />

Edited by Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra,<br />

Orangel A. Aguilera,<br />

and Alfredo A. Carlini<br />

This critical summary reviews the recent<br />

paleobotanical and vertebrate fossil record<br />

of Venezuela, providing an understanding of<br />

Pleistocene climatic change and biogeography for<br />

the last few thousand years, and integrating new<br />

information with summaries of Spanish language<br />

works on Venezuelan geology and paleontology.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2010 304 pp., 8 color illus., 61 b&w illus.<br />

URUVEC cloth 978-0-253-35476-1 $49.95<br />

Sale Price $34.97<br />

CD-ROM Included<br />

New Perspectives<br />

on Horned Dinosaurs<br />

The Royal Tyrrell Museum<br />

Ceratopsian Symposium<br />

Edited by Michael J. Ryan, Brenda J.<br />

Chinnery-Allgeier, and David A. Eberth<br />

“From Archaeoceratops to Zuniiceratops,<br />

from Alaska to Mexico, and from sediments<br />

to functional morphology, this book covers<br />

much of present-day research on ceratopsians.<br />

These horned dinosaurs are rendered as living,<br />

behaving, and evolving organisms throughout<br />

the 36 chapters of this book. I encourage<br />

everyone interested in how a myriad of<br />

incredible fossils can inform about life of the past<br />

to read it.” —David Weishampel , co-editor of The<br />

Dinosauria and co-author of Dinosaurs:<br />

A Concise Natural History<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2010 656 pp., 310 b&w illus.<br />

NEWPEC cloth 978-0-253-35358-0 $110.00 Sale Price $77.00<br />

Islands in the Cosmos<br />

The Evolution of Life on Land<br />

Dale A. Russell<br />

Foreword by Simon Conway Morris<br />

“Dale Russell is one of the great creative thinkers of all<br />

time in paleontology. This book—clearly the product<br />

of a full life considering these questions—does not<br />

disappoint.” —David E. Fastovsky, author of Evolution<br />

and Extinction of the Dinosaurs<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2009 480 pp., 39 color photos, 2 color illus.,<br />

13 b&w illus., 4 graphs<br />

ISLCOC cloth 978-0-253-35273-6 $34.95<br />

Sale Price $24.47<br />

Plants in Mesozoic Time<br />

Morphological Innovations,<br />

Phylogeny, Ecosystems<br />

Edited by Carole T. Gee<br />

From the world’s experts on Mesozoic plant life,<br />

this book covers special aspects of particular plant<br />

groups—ranging from horsetails to ginkgophytes—<br />

and relates them to key innovations in structure,<br />

phylogenetic relationships, Mesozoic vegetation, or<br />

to animals such as dinosaurs.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2010 424 pp., 16 color illus., 84 b&w illus.<br />

PLAMEC cloth 978-0-253-35456-3 $89.95<br />

Sale Price $62.97<br />

The Age of Dinosaurs<br />

in South America<br />

Fernando E. Novas<br />

A generously illustrated comprehensive overview of the<br />

recently discovered dinosaur fossils of South America,<br />

this first of its kind reports on these unique and<br />

wonderfully diverse dinosaur faunas.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2009 480 pp., 211 b&w photos,<br />

20 color photos<br />

AGEDIC cloth 978-0-253-35289-7 $49.95<br />

Sale Price $34.97<br />

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A Sea without Fish<br />

Life in the Ordovician Sea of the Cincinnati Region<br />

David L. Meyer & Richard Arnold Davis<br />

With a chapter by Steven M. Holland<br />

A thorough introduction to the abundant and beautiful rocks,<br />

fossils, and ancient sea-dwelling animals of the Cincinnati, Ohio<br />

region found in limestones and shales deposited on the sea floor<br />

about 450 million years ago.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2009 368 pp., 102 b&w photos, 14 color photos<br />

SEAWIC cloth 978-0-253-35198-2 $44.95 Sale Price $31.47<br />

Oceans of Kansas<br />

A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea<br />

Michael J. Everhart<br />

A main selection of the Discovery Channel Book Club<br />

2006 Kansas Notable Book List<br />

A journey to a time when sea monsters roamed an ocean in the<br />

middle of America. Everhart tells the fascinating story of the<br />

discovery of fossil remains in this area in the mid-19th century,<br />

re-creates the animals and the world in which they lived, and<br />

presents the fruits of the latest research into the natural history<br />

of America’s ancient inland sea.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2005 344 pp., 82 b&w photos, 12 color photos<br />

OCEKAC cloth 978-0-253-34547-9 $49.95 Sale Price $27.97<br />

Jurassic West<br />

The Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation and Their World<br />

John Foster<br />

Jurassic West tells the story of the life of the ancient world that is<br />

now the famous bone beds of the Morrison Formation as scientists<br />

have so far been able to reconstruct it.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2007 416 pp., 167 b&w photos, 15 color photos<br />

JURWEC cloth 978-0-253-34870-8 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Dawn of the Dinosaurs<br />

Life in the Triassic<br />

Nicholas Fraser<br />

Illustrated by Douglas Henderson<br />

2007 <strong>University</strong> <strong>Press</strong> Books selected for public and secondary<br />

school libraries.<br />

Nicholas Fraser and Douglas Henderson have created a book<br />

in which the riches of Triassic life are presented with clarity,<br />

scientific accuracy, and imaginative recreation. Every lover of the<br />

life of the past will treasure Dawn of the Dinosaurs.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2006 328 pp., 52 b&w photos, 139 color photos<br />

DAWDIC cloth 978-0-253-34652-0 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Patagonian Mesozoic Reptiles<br />

Edited by Zulma Gasparini, Leonardo Salgado,<br />

& Rodolfo A. Coria<br />

“Field work in the past two decades has made Patagonia one of<br />

the world’s hotspots for dinosaurian diversity. No one, not even<br />

von Huene, could have dreamed of the kinds of things that would<br />

be found down there—and by all indications, will continue to be<br />

found.” —Kevin Padian, <strong>University</strong> of California, Berkeley<br />

Distant and exotic, Patagonia has been one of the most attractive<br />

places for explorers and paleontologists. The amazing diversity of<br />

its fauna and flora, the richness of its fossil record, and the variety<br />

of its paleoenvironments, all contribute to making Patagonia the<br />

focal point for the study of the history of life on Earth.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2007 392 pp., 98 b&w photos, 14 color photos<br />

PATMEC cloth 978-0-253-34857-9 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Echinoderm Paleobiology<br />

Edited by William I. Ausich<br />

& Gary D. Webster<br />

Highlighting the modern study of fossil echinoderms, this volume<br />

may hold answers to key questions about global environmental and<br />

biodiversity change.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2008 472 pp., 129 b&w photos<br />

ECHPAC cloth 978-0-253-35128-9 $59.95 Sale Price $41.97<br />

After the Dinosaurs<br />

The Age of Mammals<br />

Donald R. Prothero<br />

After the Dinosaurs takes a look at the evolution of thousands<br />

of species of mammals brought forth during the Cenozoic<br />

Era—gigantic hornless rhinos, sabertooth cats, mastodonts and<br />

mammoths, as well as our own ancestors. This is a book for<br />

everyone who has an abiding fascination with the remarkable life<br />

of the past.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2006 384 pp., 248 b&w photos, 10 plates<br />

AFTDIC cloth 978-0-253-34733-6 $39.95 Sale Price $27.97<br />

Major Transitions<br />

in Vertebrate Evolution<br />

Edited by Jason S. Anderson<br />

& Hans-Dieter Sues<br />

A new approach to the study of major transitions between<br />

vertebrate groups, including the recognition of new transitional<br />

tissue types and fossils that are intermediate in structure between<br />

major groups, and new methods for integrating fossil analysis with<br />

developmental studies and for incorporating developmental data<br />

into phylogenetic analyses.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2007 432 pp., 76 b&w photos, 27 color photos<br />

MAJTRC cloth 978-0-253-34926-2 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

6 1-800-842-6796 iupress.indiana.edu iupress.indiana.edu<br />

1-800-842-6796<br />


A History of Paleontology Illustration<br />

Jane P. Davidson<br />

Writing from the perspective of an art historian, Jane P. Davidson traces<br />

the history of paleontology illustration from the 15th century to the<br />

present. Both a history of science and a history of representation, this<br />

is a fascinating exploration of the interactions between art and science.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2008 240 pp., 89 b&w photos, 8 color photos<br />

HISPAC cloth 978-0-253-35175-3 $39.95 Sale Price $27.97<br />

CD-ROM Included<br />

Tyrannosaurus rex, the Tyrant King<br />

Edited by Peter Larson and Kenneth Carpenter<br />

Delves into the exciting world of dinosaur exploration focusing on<br />

the mysteries of the ever-popular T. rex. A CD-ROM of additional<br />

photographic and filmed reconstructions is included.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2008 456 pp., 215 b&w photos<br />

TYRREC cloth 978-0-253-35087-9 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2006<br />

Dinosaur Provincial Park<br />

A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed<br />

Edited by Philip J. Currie & Eva B. Koppelhus<br />

The first scientific overview of the park, its flora and fauna, its major<br />

fossil discoveries, and its ecology, this book is published in celebration<br />

of the 50th anniversary of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2005 672 pp., 160 b&w photos, 20 color photos<br />

DINPRC cloth 978-0-253-34595-0 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Vertebrate Microfossil Assemblages<br />

Their Role in Paleoecology and Paleobiogeography<br />

Edited by Julia T. Sankey and Sven Baszio<br />

The minute remains of animals and plants have proven very useful<br />

to paleontologists as tools for dating large fossils, describing the<br />

environments which existed at the time the fossils were deposited and<br />

identifying and mapping the extent of local floras and faunas, among<br />

other things. This volume presents state-of-the-art papers on important<br />

topics and methods in the analysis of vertebrate microfossil assemblages.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2008 296 pp., 67 b&w photos<br />

VERMIC cloth 978-0-253-34927-9 $59.95 Sale Price $41.97<br />

Horns and Beaks<br />

Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs<br />

Edited by Kenneth Carpenter<br />

Horns and Beaks completes Ken Carpenter’s series on the major<br />

dinosaur types. This book presents new findings on Triceratops,<br />

Iguanodon, and other related dinosaurs in these two groups.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2007 384 pp., 135 b&w photos<br />

HORBEC cloth 978-0-253-34817-3 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Thunder-Lizards<br />

The Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs<br />

Edited by Virginia Tidwell & Kenneth Carpenter<br />

The large quadrupedal herbivores known as sauropods roamed the<br />

planet from the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous. The popular<br />

image of these lumbering giants, placidly consuming ferns, has been<br />

greatly revised in recent years by new discoveries and new theories<br />

about behavior and physiology. This book presents 21 new studies<br />

of the sauropods. Part I looks at some sauropods old and new, Part<br />

II at juvenile and adult specimens and ontogenetic variation within<br />

species. Part III concerns morphology and biomechanics, while Part<br />

IV takes up issues of biogeography.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2005 512 pp., 176 b&w photos, 54 figures, 1 index<br />

THULIC cloth 978-0-253-34542-4 $59.95 Sale Price $41.97<br />

The Carnivorous Dinosaurs<br />

Edited by Kenneth Carpenter<br />

An Alternate Selection of the Discovery Channel Book Club<br />

The meat-eating dinosaurs, or Theropoda, include some of the<br />

fiercest predators that ever lived. Some of the group’s members<br />

survive to this day—as birds. The theropod/bird connection has been<br />

explored in several recent works, but this book presents 17 papers<br />

on a variety of other topics. Part I explores morphological details<br />

that are important for understanding theropod systematics. Part II<br />

focuses on specific regions of theropod anatomy and biomechanics.<br />

Part III examines various lines of evidence that reveal something<br />

about theropods as living creatures.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2005 392 pp., 150 b&w photos, 1 index<br />

CARDIC cloth 978-0-253-34539-4 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Ice Age Cave Faunas of North America<br />

Edited by Blaine W. Schubert, Jim I. Mead,<br />

and Russell Wm. Graham<br />

Gathers into a single volume the findings of a number of studies on<br />

North American cave paleontology. Discusses the significance of<br />

cave fossils, the reports about new localities, and studies of specific<br />

vertebrate groups.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

Published in Association<br />

with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science<br />

2003 320 pp., 79 b&w photos, 1 index<br />

ICEAGC cloth 978-0-253-34268-3 $65.00 Sale Price $45.50<br />

Dragons in the Dust<br />

The Paleobiology of the Giant Monitor Lizard Megalania<br />

Ralph E. Molnar<br />

Just 50,000 years ago the world was filled with fabulous creatures<br />

that are now forever gone. Australia’s giant lizard, Megalania, was<br />

one of those. These frightful beasts could reach 19 feet in length and<br />

it was the rare animal that dared to challenge them. Dragons in the<br />

Dust tells the story of these amazing lizards and the world in which<br />

they lived.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2004 232 pp., 47 b&w photos, 46 figures<br />

DRADUC cloth 978-0-253-34374-1 $35.00 Sale Price $19.95<br />

8 1-800-842-6796 iupress.indiana.edu iupress.indiana.edu<br />

1-800-842-6796<br />


Magnificent Mihirungs<br />

The Colossal Flightless Birds of the Australian Dreamtime<br />

Peter F. Murray and Patricia Vickers-Rich<br />

Whitley Medal 2004<br />

Lanzendorf Paleoart Award 2004<br />

Over millions of years, Australia’s unique biodiversity has produced a large<br />

cabinet of curiosities. Among the weirder members of this group were the<br />

Mihirungs made up of several genera of flightless birds. One species was<br />

comparable in size to the Ele-phantbird of Madagascar and the Giant Moa<br />

of New Zealand. This book is the first major study of this unique and highly<br />

diverse group. It aims to present as complete a synthesis as possible of current<br />

information about this fascinating family of birds.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2004 416 pp., 259 b&w photos, 1 bibliog., 1 index<br />

MAMIHC cloth 978-0-253-34282-9 $49.95 Sale Price $29.95<br />

Fossil Salamanders of North America<br />

J. Alan Holman<br />

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Call them “mudpuppies,” “hellbenders,” or “mud eels,” salamanders<br />

are puzzling animals to most people. They come in forms that look like<br />

flattened fish with legs, like eels, like slimy lizards, or like lizards with<br />

toad-like skins. Their life history imitates the ancient evolutionary<br />

transition from aquatic to terrestrial vertebrates, though several groups<br />

remain permanently aquatic. Holman presents a detailed systematic account<br />

of the known fossil salamanders of North America, illustrates and<br />

discusses the extinct salamanders, re-diagnosing or redescribing some<br />

on the basis of additional information and fossil material. He also gives<br />

the modern characteristics, ecological attributes, and modern ranges of<br />

the fossil taxa that are still living.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2006 256 pp., 81 b&w photos, 3 indexes<br />

FOSSAC cloth 978-0-253-34732-9 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Fossil Frogs and Toads of North America<br />

J. Alan Holman<br />

The heart of this book consists of detailed systematic accounts of<br />

the known fossil frogs and toads (anurans) of North America and<br />

their localities. Extinct fossil frogs and toads are fully discussed and<br />

illustrated, and in some cases are re-diagnosed and re-described.<br />

For fossil taxa still living, the book gives the modern characteristics,<br />

ecological attributes, and modern ranges, and includes illustrations<br />

of diagnostic skeletal elements.<br />

Life of the Past<br />

2003 264 pp., 103 figures, 47 color photos, 1 bibliog., 3 indexes<br />

FOSFRC cloth 978-0-253-34280-5 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

Fossil Snakes of North America<br />

Origin, Evolution, Distribution, Paleoecology<br />

J. Alan Holman<br />

The book includes detailed accounts of the morphology and distribution<br />

of the fossil snakes of North America and remarks on their evolutionary,<br />

zoogeographic, and paleoecological patterns. It is meant to be the<br />

definitive work and standard reference for the subject, and includes a<br />

color portfolio of living snake species.<br />

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Life of the Past<br />

601 North Morton St. • Bloomington, IN 47404-3797<br />

2000 376 pp., 152 figures, 30 plates, 1 index<br />

FOSSNC cloth 978-0-253-33721-4 $49.95 Sale Price $34.97<br />

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