Top 5 Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding without Losing Your Mind


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Top 5 Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding without Losing Your


Many couples these days have forsaken the idea of celebrating their weddings

in a traditional way in their home city, churches and wedding halls. An

increasing number of couples now opt for destination weddings to celebrate

their lifetime event. Even though planning a wedding, especially a destination

wedding takes months at end; the result is absolutely worth it.

Planning a destination wedding can be outstandingly overwhelming as

compared to a regular wedding since it requires a lot more planning,

coordination and follow up. Here’s how you can plan a successful destination

wedding without stressing the life out of yourself:


When you’re planning for a destination wedding, by all means, choosing the right

location is extremely important. You certainly don’t want to have a wedding

where half of your loved ones cannot reach; some due to poor health, while others

due to a lack of an appropriate budget. It is understood that the destination

should be the couple’s choice, but considering the availability of your guests and

their accessibility to the place is also of great importance.


It’s always good to be the first one and get the best deal than go last and

compromise on choices. Therefore, plan way ahead of time so you can get the best

choice of rooms, suites, villas, etc – and get them at the best of prices. Many hotels,

villas, etc, have early bird discounts for those who book way in advance of the

event day.


Having your wedding at the coasts of a Caribbean island can be a exquisite and

exciting. The perfect summer sun is a perfect treat for a beautiful summer

wedding. However, the same summery wedding can be washed away with heavy

rain falls in case you plan your wedding towards the monsoon season. Therefore,

check weather forecasts and climate conditions of the place before you plan a

destination wedding, especially an alfresco wedding at the beach.


If you’re travelling abroad, you’ll have to abide by the wedding registry rules of

that country or state. The legal requirements, documents, insurance, fee, and a

thousand other things combined can be extremely overwhelming. Make sure you

have all the documentation and legal requirements well in order to avoid

inconvenience when on your big day.


It’s possible that you’re unaware of vendors that provide good quality products

and services at the destination of your wedding. Choosing a reputable vendor can

be tough if you can’t visit the vendors personally. However, this can become easy

if you have a wedding or event planner on board. An event planner can provide

you with reasonable quotes from different trustworthy vendors.

A well thought destination wedding is great fun for the couple and their closed

ones too. Destinations weddings are the new rage globally. Whether it’s America

or India, a large number of couples are opting for destination weddings. Many

wedding reception decorators in Hicksville and event organizers in NY provide

amazing services for couples who want to plan a destination wedding. The

wedding reception decorators in Hicksville can offer early bird discounts to

couples who book them well in advance to arrange a dazzling destination

wedding to avoid losing their mind. For more information on wedding

coordinators in NJ and NY visit:

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