Youth NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Coach's Meeting 2012

Youth NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Coach's Meeting 2012


Coach’s Meeting


Thank you for volunteering as a youth flag football coach. We

have 51 teams for the 1 st – 4 th grade youth NFL FLAG Football


o 1 st Grade – 8 teams

o 2 nd Grade – 13 teams

o 3 rd Grade Rec – 16 teams

o 4 th Grade Rec – 6 teams

3 rd - 4 th Grade Mod – 8 teams

Introductions! - name, grade, team name, # of years coached

Even though you are volunteers and not paid staff, you will need

to conduct yourself appropriately at all times keeping in mind

the objectives of the program and the Department.

o Make practices and games fun and informational.

o Teach them the rules and skills of the game.

o You want them to want to play again.

o Everyone wants to win and it is fine to coach to win but that should not

be your number one priority.

Screening Process – Application, background check,


o name search – nationwide (once a year)

o NYSCA coach renewal form – (handout – sign off/make


o MSHSAA and other certifications

o NYSCA (for new coach’s)

• Clinic on August 2 – 5:45 p.m. (or on-line)

We use email a lot. If you have an email address and

have not given it to us, please let us know.

If the information is time sensitive and/or very

important, we will also mail/call you.

Manuals (each coach should have one manual)

Make sure you meet each of your parents – it is highly

recommended to have a parent meeting so the parents get

to know you and you can go over your rules/goals as well as

league rules.

You are in charge of your parents and players!

If you have not met your parents or players yet, the first

contact is best by phone, not by email.

Make sure you have an assistant coach.

Set up a practice plan



Different stations to keep players busy works great if you have enough


Make practice FUN!

Recruit a Team Parent – they can make calls, update the

team website, keep the score book, make a snack list,


Parent Letter – I will be sending this out to all parents in

the league and will have at the fields in the concession


Show good sportsmanship – be a positive role model

Everyone Plays!

o Recreation Leagues: ALL PLAYERS must receive EQUAL playing time!

Modified League: please see modified rules!


• If there is a discipline problem, please call me.

o Texting option if I have cell

phone and email.

o You can print just the schedule for your team or the entire schedule.

You can download it to you calendar if you have outlook.

o In case of inclement weather, you will need to call the hotline at 634-

6485 x 4. We will try to send out an email and/or update the

website but no guarantees.


o No more than 1-2 practices a week (depends on league)

o Practice Field Schedule (sign up if need to)

o Practice on the game fields is not allowed.

Wait List – full teams

10 players (1 st – 3 rd grade)

12-14 players (4 th grade)

Keeping Score

o score is kept but standings are not posted for the recreation


o Score and standings are posted for the modified leagues with

league champions receiving t-shirts

o All players will receive a certificate at the end of the season


o If we receive a complaint against you, we will either call or set up a

meeting with you to discuss the complaint.

o We also may send out a questionnaire to all parents on your team.

Parks and Recreation Staff

o There will be two officials per field.

o We will also have a Field Supervisor on duty at the complex. If you

need any assistance, please talk to the Field Supervisor.

o If there is an emergency or problem that the official or field supervisor

cannot resolve, they have direct contact with me. They can call me on

my cell if needed.

o All accidents/incidents need to be reported to the official/field


Register on-line – All coaches must register on-line with the

NFL - »


o Shirt size on roster – please make sure you give out the

correct size to your players

o If phone number or email incorrect, please let us know

o Please contact your players by August 3.

League Rules

o Summary sheets will be emailed to you/posted on-line

o Will finalize after meeting tonight in case of any


First Aid Kit – please return at end of season

Equipment provided:

o Two New Footballs Per Team

• Returning coaches need to return both footballs at end

of season, new coaches need to return one football

o 2-3 Used Footballs Per Team

• These must be returned at the end of the season

o Flag Belts

• These belong to the players – any donated flags at the end

of the season will be greatly appreciated

All Players must wear a mouth piece.

o CMA and Wal-Mart have mouth pieces for around $1.

o I will also try to have extra mouth pieces for sale at the Concession Stand.

Soccer or tennis shoes recommended!


no metal spikes






All jerseys must be tucked in at all times.

Sizes will be based on what the parents ordered.

We will call and/or email when they come in.

Each team will receive three coach’s t-shirts – they must wear these to all

games. Officials will be instructed to only discuss concerns/issues with

these individuals.

All players must wear their NFL Flag belt.


The flags and sockets on the belts cannot be altered in any way.

Team pictures



You can use anyone you want – you need to make the arrangements


You do not have to use a professional – you can take your own pictures

if you would like or no pictures at all.

First Aid and CPR Information

Difficult children/abuse

Skate Night Passes

o Please give each player on your team a coupon.

Daisy Delight coupons

o Please give each player on your team a coupon.

I have set up a team web site for each of you. – I will email you the link to your

team. You just follow the prompts to finalize the site.

I will upload all the team contact information for you.

You or a parent will need to input your game and

practices dates on the website.

This is a restricted site and only parents/members can

access the information.

Great way to communicate with your team.

70 x 30 yard fields (all ages)

Teams need to have 1 volunteer to operate the down marker.

Only head coach and 3 assistant coaches allowed.

o 1 coach is allowed to roam length of field.

o 1 coach per team can be on the field at all times.

o All other coaches and players must remain in the designated box

(cones will mark box)

All parents, videographers, photographers, etc. that are not

approved by myself or the Field Supervisor must be on the

side lines behind the designated spectator line or behind the

endzone. (coaches are not allowed to take picture or

videotape unless they are behind the spectator line or

endzone in the designated areas.)

Please remind your parents that we do not allow tobacco

products, pets, alcohol and glass containers at the ball


Celebration is not allowed.

Coach’s Corner –




o Coaches evaluations

o Video and printable drills

Indemnification Form (parent fill out and return to you)

Accident/Incident Reports

Coach’s Code of Ethics (for your files)

Parent’s Code of Ethics (parent fill out and return to you)

Assistant Manager Form

o I need one form returned per team so I know who is in

charge in case you are gone.

NFL FLAG Football Rules

NFL FLAG Modified League Rules

NFL Flag Plays - 5 v 5

• Coaching an NFL League

• Any problems/concerns from previous years?

• Anyone need more than three shirts for coaches

and need to pay the additional $8?

• Any shirt sizes missing for coaches?

• Coach Shirt Color Choices

New Coaches - $20 certification deposit.

Practice Field Assignments

Please break out into groups by league and discuss any

rules, etc. that you may want to change.

3 rd Grade Rec – overflow game night/day (Wed or Sat)

4th Grade Rec – any changes to rushing rule?

Modified – any changes to handoffs?

1 st Grade: 5:45/6:45 game times or 6/7 game times.

2 nd Grade: Double Header or Byes – odd number of teams

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