6300 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter - ROFA Praha sro


6300 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter - ROFA Praha sro


6300 Calorimeter

Founded more than

100 years ago by

University of Illinois

Professor S.W. Parr,

Parr Instrument

Company has

consistently strived

to provide for its

customers the very

best in product,

service and support.


We are pleased to have this

opportunity to tell you about our new model 6300 Oxygen Bomb

Calorimeter. Over 100 years ago Prof. S.W. Parr introduced his first

calorimeter intended for routine fuel testing. We believe we are

continuing his tradition of applying the latest in technology

to meet the real needs of today’s research and fuel

testing laboratories.

In this new 6300 Calorimeter we have combined our

understanding of the basic fundamentals of calorimetry with

our best mechanical designs and the latest in microprocessor based

Parr Instrument


211 Fifty-third Street

Moline, Illinois 61265 USA

Phone: 309/762-7716


Fax: 309/762-9453

Email: parr@parrinst.com


controls and communications. Our objective was to develop a highly

automated, high precision calorimeter which could be offered at

a very attractive price. We hope you will agree that the 6300

Calorimeter fulfills its design goals.

Mike Steffenson


Quality Assurance

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

Parr Instrument Company has designed,

installed and operates under a Quality

Assurance Program which ensures that all

aspects of the design, materials selection and

procurement, manufacture, testing and certification

of its calorimeters and combustion bombs

are performed in accordance with accepted codes

and practices. This Quality Assurance Program

has been certified to be in compliance with the

following codes and quality systems.

ISO 9001-2000 Certification

Parr Instrument Company’s overall Quality

Assurance System has been certified to be in

compliance with ISO 9001-

2000 by TUV Suddeutschland

Bau und Betrieb GmbH. ISO

9001-2000 covers the overall

quality assurance and management compliance

aspects of Parr’s activities as opposed to the certification

of an individual product.

CSA Certification

Where appropriate, Parr

calorimeters are manufactured and

certified to the electrical code

established by the Canadian

Standards Association. The CSA

logo is shown on the nameplate of

each CSA certified unit.

A Commitment to a

Worldwide Market

Parr Instrument Company has been awarded

both the President’s E and E Star Awards. These

are the US Department of Commerce’s highest

awards for Excellence in Exporting.

Parr works with a network of active

exclusive agents operating a world wide basis

to provide local sales and service support to our

international customers. For a list of these

agents please check our website at


CE Certification

Where appropriate, Parr Calorimeters will

carry the CE mark certifying compliance with the

E.C. Directives 89/3361/EEC for EMC compliance

and E.C. Directive 73/23/EEC for low voltage

electrical safety.

CE-PED Certification

The Parr Instrument Company

has been approved to design and

manufacture pressure vessels in

compliance with the European

Council’s Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

While oxygen bombs are different from general

pressure vessels, the same design criteria are

used in all Parr designs.

w w w . p a r r i n s t . c o m 3

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

Bomb Calorimetry

Calorimeter Support Team

Isoperibol Calorimetry




Bomb calorimetry – a procedure which determines the heat

of combustion or calorific value of materials which are burned

as fuels – is a fundamental test of great significance to anyone

interested on the calorific measurements for:

• Instruction in Basic Thermodynamic methods

• Coal and coke, all varieties and types

• Fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties

• Gasoline, all motor fuel and aviation types jet fuels, all varieties

• Combustible wastes and refuse disposal

• Foodstuffs and supplements for human nutrition

• Forage crops and supplements for animal nutrition

• Building materials

• Explosives and heat powders

• Rocket fuels and related propellants

• Thermodynamic studies of combustible materials

• Energy balance studies in ecology





I soperibol


was first


for routine


testing by

Parr in 1980.

Since then

this method

has essentially displaced adiabatic

calorimetry as the principal

operating mode for routine

calorimetric testing.

An isoperibol calorimeter is

one where the surrounding

jacket is maintained at a constant

temperature while the

temperature of the bomb and

bucket rise as heat is released

by the combustion. In this

implementation, a water jacket,

maintained at a fixed temperature,

completely surrounds the

combustion bomb and its

“bucket”. A microprocessorbased

controller monitors both

the temperature of the bucket

and the jacket and performs the

necessary heat corrections that

result from differences in these

two temperatures. These corrections

are applied continuously

rather than as a final correction

based on pre and post

test measurements.

We are particularly proud of

our calorimetry design

and support team. The three

individuals pictured here have

more than 80 years experience

in this specialized field.

Jay Albert oversees the

developments in our calorimeter

line. He joined Parr after


his Ph.D in




in instrumentation

and calorimetry.


is equally at

home with bits, bytes and flash

ROM’s as he is with Newton’s

Law of Cooling.

With all the changes

that have taken place

in our first century of

designing, building

and servicing

calorimeters, one

thing has not changed

— our commitment to

build the best practical

calorimeters is as

strong today as it was

when our company

was founded for that

same purpose.

100 Years of Leadership and Innovation

1899 1911 1916 1933 1962

Professor S.W. Parr

developed a simplified

calorimeter for

measuring the heating

value of coal.

Parr introduced an

oxygen bomb

calorimeter of a

new design with a

bomb made of an



Parr introduced

its first water-jacketed,


calorimeter using

hot water injection

for temperature


Parr introduced


first self-sealing




Parr introduced

the first automatic



control system

for an adiabatic



P a r r I n s t r u m e n t C o m p a n y

Compliance with Standard

Test Methods

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r



has worked

with the



with our


for over

24 years. If you have an operational

problem that Cathy can

not troubleshoot by phone, she

knows where to turn to for the

assistance she needs whether

it is operating procedures,

parts or major service.

Tom Tingle is our Calorimetry

Product Manager. Tom has

been involved with calorimetry

here at Parr for over 40 years.

In 1997 Tom

was chosen

to be the


of the R.A.


Award for

his service

to the


Society for Testing and

Materials Committee D-5 on

Coal and Coke. This was presented,

“In recognition of many

years of outstanding service

and active participation…”

If you have methods or application

questions, call Tom.

The unique design features

which provide the high

degree of automation in the

new 6300 Calorimeter causes it

to differ in certain physical

details from the basic calorimeter

designs prescribed in older


International Standards. But the

basic requirements in each of

these methods has been carefully

reviewed, and extensive

testing has confirmed that the

results obtainable with these

calorimeters will meet or

exceed the repeatability and

reproducibility limits specified

in these test methods:

ASTM D240-92 —

Standard Test Method of Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter

ASTM D4809-95 —

Standard Test Method for Heat of combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon

Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter (Intermediate Precision Method)

ASTM D5468-95 —

Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific and Ash Value of Waste


ASTM E711-87 —

Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Reuse-Derived

Fuel by the Bomb Calorimeter

ISO 1928-1995 (E) —

Solid Mineral Fuels-Determination of gross calorific value by the

bomb calorimeter method, and calculation of net calorific value.

BS 1016 Part 5, 1977 — Methods for analysis and Testing of Coal

and Coke, Part 5, Gross Calorific Value of Coal and Coke

DIN 51 900 —

Determination of Calorific Values and Calculation of Heat Values with

the Bomb Calorimeter Procedure with Isothermal Jacket.

1979 1980 1982 1992-94 1999

Parr introduced

the first microprocessor-based

controller for handling

all steps in

a calorimetric


Parr introduced

dynamic operating

mode and


calorimetry to


shorten calorimetric


Parr introduces

“Smart Link” local

area network for

linking coal testing

instruments and


Parr introduced two

completely new, automatic,

fixed bomb,

isoperibol calorimeters

(1271 & 1281) with

fully automatic bomb

and water handling


Parr introduces the

new 1266 Isoperibol

Calorimeter and the

1356 Continuously




Parr introduces the new

6300 Isoperibol Calorimeter

described in this brochure

featuring a high degree of

automation with touch screen

operation, Linux operating

system and fifth generation

microprocessor control.

w w w . p a r r i n s t . c o m 5

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

6300 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter


Model Number:


Tests Per Hour:

6 – 8

Operation Time Pre-Test:

1 Minute

Calorimeter Type:

True Isoperibol

Bomb Type:

Fixed Cylinder

Removeable Head

Closure type:

Quick Twist-Lock

Bucket Type:


Bucket Filling:

Automatic, in place

Oxygen Filling:

Automatic, in place

Pressure Release:

Automatic, in place

Bomb Washing:

Automatic, in place

Temperature Resolution:

0.0001 °C

Repeatability (% RSD):



1000 Tests

Balance Connection:

RS232C Serial

Printer Connection:

RS232C Serial

Computer Connection:

RS232C Serial

Network Connection:


Special Bombs:

1136CL Halogen Service

6300 Calorimter Closed

The 6300 Calorimeter has been

designed to provide the user with:

• A highly automatic calorimeter

to free the user from the manual

operations required for traditional

calorimeters and minimize operator

time required per test.

• A high speed calorimeter capable

of performing up to 8 tests in an


• A high precision calorimeter

capable of exceeding the repeatability

and reproducibility requirements

of all international standard

test methods.

• A full featured calorimeter capable

of stand alone operation and highly

adaptable to the user’s test methods.

• A compact calorimeter requiring a

minimum of laboratory bench space.

• An intuitive graphical user

interface for ease of operation

and training.

• A calorimeter capable of communicating

with a wide variety of

printers, analytical balances,

and laboratory computers.

• A calorimeter that is cost effective

from both a capital and operating

view point.


P a r r I n s t r u m e n t C o m p a n y

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

Parr Fixed Bomb and

Bucket Technology

The model 6300 Calorimeter

utilizes the proven fixed bomb

and bucket technology utilized

in Parr 1271 and 1281 Calorimeters

for more than 10 years.

This design concept has made

it possible to offer unique levels

of automation of the entire

calorimetric determination not

just the data collection and

reporting steps.

Fixed Bombs

Instead of removing the

entire combustion bomb, opening

it, washing it, recharging it

and reinstalling it in the

calorimeter, the operator simply

removes the head of the vessel

replaces the fuel capsule with

the next sample and fuse and

reinserts it in the calorimeter. A

patented closure design which

seals and locks the head in

place with a simple 1/16 turn

makes the removal and installation

of the head quick and easy.

Fixed Bucket

Conventional calorimetric

terminology refers to the vessel

which contains the bomb and a

known amount of water in the

bucket. In the 6300 Calorimeter,

a better description might be a

water jacket for the bomb. This

inner jacket has been designed

to provide smooth circulation

over the surfaces of the vessel

and highly repeatable volumetric

filling. The bomb head closure

also seals this water jacket

at the same time the bomb is

closed. This unique design

minimizes the amount of water

required as well as permitting

rapid, automatic and repeatable

“bucket” filling for each test.

The water heated by the combustion

is automatically drained

from the bucket at the conclusion

of the test and replaced

with cooling water to bring the

bomb and bucket rapidly back

down to the starting temperature

for the next test.

Oxygen Charging and


The oxygen supply is

connected to the fixed bomb

and oxygen charging to the

desired level is automatically

performed at the beginning

of each test. At the end of the

test the gases in the bomb

are automatically released

while the calorimeter is

being returned to its starting


Bomb Washing

At the conclusion of the test

the inside surface of the bomb

is washed to remove the products

of the combustion from

the bomb. The automation of

the bomb washing step eliminates

one of the most tedious

and time consuming manual

operations required with

removable bomb calorimeters.

The bomb washings can be

collected if they are to be used

for tests to determine sulfur,

chlorine, or other elements

released from the organic

matrix during the combustion.

Besides the elimination of

the drudgery of manually

washing the bomb, a not so

obvious advantage of the fixed

bomb design is that the bomb

is always washed as soon as

the final temperature can be

determined. Generally, this is

1136 Oxygen Combustion Bomb

within 4-5 minutes of the time

the bomb is fired. This holds to

an absolute minimum the time

any acids produced by the

combustion can attach to the

inner surfaces of the bomb.

We have observed much better

service life of these bombs in

corrosive service when compared

with removable bombs.

w w w . p a r r i n s t . c o m 7

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

6300 Calorimter Open

An important design

concept of the 6300

Calorimeter is to free it from

the requirement to use a

number of accessories that

add significantly to the cost

of the instrument.

Water Supply

The 6300 Calorimeter has

been designed to operate with

tap water as its principal source

of water for filling both the

“bucket” and the outer jacket.

This water also serves as the

source of cooling for the bomb

and bucket between tests.

Users who have a source of tap

water below 25 °C will be able

to operate without a water

cooler or re-circulating chiller.

In climates where tap water is

above 25 °C, a 1552 Water

Cooler can be added to an

incoming water line to ensure

continuous and crisp operation.

Users with poor quality tap

water will want to select one of

the other Parr calorimeters

designed to operate on a

closed loop system filled with

de-ionized water.

Deionized or distilled water

is highly recommended for the

bomb wash water supply. Even

users who will not recover the

bomb washings for further

analysis will want to avoid the

problems that can result from

the build up of lime deposits in

the oxygen combustion bomb

and its valves.

Compact Design —

The 6300 Calorimeter is

housed in a compact case

16.5 inches wide, 15.5 inches

deep, and 17.0 inches high

(42 X 40 X 43 cm).

The units require a supply

of tap water, a drain, 115 or

230 volt power and a supply of

oxygen. Users who wish to use

their washings for analytical

purposes will also need a

supply of de-ionized water.

1136 Oxygen

Combustion Bomb

The 1136



Bomb is the


bomb used in

the new 6300


This bomb has

been used

extensively in

our model

1281 for the past ten years.

It will safely burn samples

liberating up to a maximum

8000 calories per charge using

oxygen charging pressures

up to 40 atm.

The standard 1136 Bomb is

made of special niobium stabilized

stainless steel selected for

its resistance to the mixed

nitric and sulfuric acids produced

in a bomb combustion.

A special version of this

bomb is offered as the 1136CL

Combustion Bomb. The head

and cylinder of this bomb are

made of an alloy rich in cobalt

and molybdenum to resist

the corrosive effects of free

chlorine and halogen acids

produced when burning samples

with significant chlorine


While no alloy will completely

resist the corrosive

atmospheres produced when

burning samples containing

halogen compounds users

who intend to test these materials

are urged to select the

1136CL Bomb.


P a r r I n s t r u m e n t C o m p a n y

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r



Operating Program

and Data Handling

Like the hardware, the operating program is fifth

generation and provides the operator with a full

choice of options regarding the following features:

The 6300 Calorimeter features Parr’s fifth

generation of microprocessor control.

This system features:

• A bright, color, touch screen display and

data input system using an intuitive, graphical

user interface for instrument setup and


• A modern operating system (Linux) with

communication and file management systems

comparable to a PC.

• Special communications ports (RS232C)

for reporting to a printer, receiving sample

weights from analytical balances and

bi-directional communications with a

laboratory computer, plus an Ethernet

connection for computer connections.

• Removable compact flash memory card

for simple program update.

Calorimeter Operation

Automatic standardization and determination modes

Operating Controls

• Dynamic and equilibrium test modes

• Wide choice of reporting units

• Spiking corrections

• Multiple languages

Program Information and Control

• User default settings

• Password protected setups

Thermochemical Corrections

• Fuse

• Nitric acid

• Sulfur

• Net heat of combustion

Data Entry Controls

• Manual


Reporting Controls

• Destination

• Formats

• Data protection

Communications Controls

• Printer port

• Balance port

• Computer port (Ethernet)


• Full diagnostics for electronics and mechanical systems

Help Menus

• Each operating page is supported by detailed instructions

immediately accessible with the help key.

Ordering Guide

6300 Isoperibol Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

with 1136 Oxygen Bomb.

Model No. Voltage Description (Select part no. for voltage required.)

6300EA 115V Isoperibol Calorimeter System with

6300EF 230V 1136 Oxygen Combustion Bomb

6300CLEA 115V Calorimeter System with 1136CL Oxygen

6300CLEF 230V Combustion Bomb for Chlorine Service

See page 10 for Optional Accessories.

w w w . p a r r i n s t . c o m 9

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

Accessories for 6300 Calorimeter

1757 Printer

Operating results and operator

messages are displayed

clearly on the touch screen for

review and action. Many users

who connect their calorimeter

to a computer will choose to

print their results from their

computer and will not need a

dedicated printer for their


For users who prefer to have

a dedicated printer at the

calorimeter, Parr offers the

compact model 1757 Printer.

The printer port can be configured

to work with any other

printer with serial communications

that the user may choose.

The 1757 Printer is a compact,

dot matrix printer setup

for 40-column reports. It is the

default printer for the 6300

Calorimeter. It is housed in a

separate case 5.5 inches wide,

9 inches deep and 7 inches

high. It operates from its own

power supply.

1552 Water Cooler

The 1552 Water Cooler is

offered for these users who do

not have a reliable source of

tap water below 25 °C. It will

provide a uniform supply of

cold water in the temperature

range from 5 – 10 °C. A single

1552 Water Cooler will be able

to supply up to 4 – 6300

Calorimeters depending upon

the temperature of the incoming

tap water. The 1552 Water

Cooler is rated for 6.5 gallons

(25 liters) of cold water per


Ordering Guide


No. Voltage Description

1552EA 115V Water Cooler

1552EF 230V Water Cooler

1136 Oxygen Combustion


Users who require continuous

operation from their 6300

Calorimeter may want to purchase

a spare 1136 Oxygen

Combustion Bomb so that the

bomb can be exchanged when

a bomb is removed from the

calorimeter for service.

Ordering Guide


No. Description

1136 Oxygen Combustion Bomb for

6300 Calorimeter

1136CL Oxygen Combustion Bomb

for 6300 Calorimeter Halogen


Ordering Guide


No. Description

1757 Printer with Power Supply


334C Printer Paper

335C Ribbon for Printer

A1816E2 Printer Cable

A895DD Head

Users who wish to achieve

maximum through-put with

their 6300 calorimeters will

want to purchase a spare

A895DD head for their oxygen

bomb. This permits the next

sample to be completely prepared

and inserted into the

bomb as soon as the current

test is concluded.

Ordering Guide


No. Description

A895DD Bomb head for

1136 oxygen bomb

A895DDCL Bomb head for

1136CL oxygen bomb

halogen service


P a r r I n s t r u m e n t C o m p a n y

See our Calorimeter Catalog - Bulletin 1200

6 3 0 0 C a l o r i m e t e r

Parr continues to offer the

broadest range of oxygen

bomb calorimetry available.

Please ask for a copy of our

Calorimeter Catalog or visit us

online at www.parrinst.com

Model 1281 Calorimeter

For laboratories that must

operate on a closed loop water


Model 1271 Calorimeter

For laboratories requiring the very highest

level of automation and through-put.

Model 1266 Calorimeter

For laboratories that require

special oxygen bombs or who

prefer removable bombs.

Model 1426 Semimicro


For laboratories working

with limited sample sizes.

Model 1356 Calorimeter

For laboratories that can

accept a reduced level of precision.

Model 1341 Plain Jacket


For student instruction and

occasional testing.

w w w . p a r r i n s t . c o m 11

The Parr Warranty

Parr Instrument Company (Parr) combustion bombs,

calorimeters, and associated products are designed and

manufactured only for use by or under the direct supervision

of trained professionals in accordance with specifications and

instructions for use supplied with the products. For that reason,

Parr sells only to professional users or through distributors to

such users. Parr produces precision equipment and associated

products which are not intended for general commercial use.

Exclusive Warranty

To the extent allowed by law, the express and limited

warranties herein are the sole warranties. Any implied

warranties are expressly excluded, including but not limited

to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a

particular purpose.

Express Warranties

Subject to the above Conditions, Parr expressly warrants

that its products:

Are as described in the applicable Parr sales literature,

or as specified in Parr shipping documents.

Will function as described in corresponding Parr sales

bulletins, or for specifically engineered assemblies, as stated

in the sales proposal and purchase agreement.

Will remain free from defects in materials and workmanship

for one year from date of delivery of the product to the original

purchaser/user. Note that there is no guarantee of a service

life of one year after delivery.

Limitations on the Parr Warranty

As to the original purchaser/user and to the distributors to

such users, Parr limits its liability for claims other than personal

injury as follows:

Replacement or repair. With respect to express warranties

herein, Parr’s only obligation is to replace or repair any parts,

assemblies or products not conforming to the warranties

provided herein.

Disclaimer of consequential commercial damages, including

but not limited to: damages for loss of use, damages for lost

profits, and damages for resulting harm to property other than

the Parr product and its component parts.

211 53rd Street

Moline, Illinois 61265 USA

Phone: 1-309-762-7716 0r 1-800-872-7720

Fax: 1-309-762-9453

E-mail: parr@parrinst.com


Catalog 6300 10000 1003

Printed in USA

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