Setting Up JSU E-mail on the iPad

Setting Up JSU E-mail on the iPad

ong>Settingong> ong>Upong> ong>JSUong> E-ong>mailong> on the iPad

1. Tap ong>Settingong>s.

2. In the ong>Settingong>s menu, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Gong>mailong>.

4. In the Name field, type your name.

5. In the Address field, type your ong>JSUong> eong>mailong> address using your J number. (e.g.

6. In the Password field, type your eong>mailong> account password.

7. In the Description field, type a description for this eong>mailong> account. (e.g. ong>JSUong>, JState, etc. )

8. Tap Next and the iPad will verify your eong>mailong> account.

9. Turn the Mail feature to ON. If you would like to have access to your Google Calendar

and Notes, turn their features to ON. Tap Save.

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