Full summary and report

Full summary and report

Full summary and report


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Quality & St<strong>and</strong>ards<br />

Information Services<br />

Templeman Library Information Display Screens<br />

Feedback Summary<br />

Our annual Information Services (IS) Student Satisfaction Survey<br />

suggests that computer availability is among a top priority for students.<br />

Display screens are one way of capturing this information.<br />

Two large <strong>and</strong> three smaller display screens have recently been<br />

introduced into the Templeman Library. They display computer<br />

availability around campus. The larger of the screens also displays IT<br />

service alerts, news <strong>and</strong> events.<br />

During the two week testing period <strong>and</strong> the two weeks following<br />

installation students have been encouraged to share their views about the<br />

screens <strong>and</strong> asked to identify possible areas for improvement.<br />

The overwhelming response has been very positive <strong>and</strong> there can be little<br />

doubt the screens have been extremely well received.<br />

Improvement opportunities identified by the students include:<br />

• Printer availability<br />

• Identify Quick Access machines<br />

• Highlight group study areas<br />

• Icon to denote number of PCs not working<br />

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Anne Maruma – Updated 14 December 2007

Quality & St<strong>and</strong>ards<br />

Information Services<br />

1. Background<br />

The results of the annual Information Services (IS) Student Satisfaction<br />

Survey suggest that computer availability is among a top priority for<br />

students. Display screens are one way of capturing this information.<br />

2. Overview<br />

Mid November saw the introduction of two large <strong>and</strong> three smaller<br />

screens in the Templeman Library. The larger screen displays computer<br />

availability around campus, IT service alerts, news <strong>and</strong> events. The<br />

smaller screens are limited to computer availability in the building <strong>and</strong><br />

around campus.<br />

3. Objectives<br />

Feedback is important as part of Information Services’ continuous quality<br />

monitoring process.<br />

4. Methodology<br />

Feedbacks forms have been made available on the main loan desk <strong>and</strong><br />

on the Help & Enquiry Desk. The two week testing period following the<br />

introduction of the screens was identified as an ideal time to collect<br />

feedback that would help inform the team charged with providing content.<br />

5. Responses<br />

A number of responses received – majority positive with lots of feedback,<br />

one positive in terms of information but the respondent felt the screens<br />

added to electricity costs. We received several negative comments.<br />

6. Analysis<br />

I. Positive Feedback<br />

i. Information well laid out – very useful – very impressive<br />

ii. Very informative, clear <strong>and</strong> concise, text good size<br />

iii. Very useful – Library is awesome<br />

iv. Fantastic, I now know where there is free computer<br />

space, saves time amid stressful essay periods.<br />

v. Definitely useful as we can now know whether it’s worth<br />

going to a certain PC room<br />

vi. Very useful x 12<br />

vii. The computer availability display is terrific idea, as it<br />

allows me to stay on the ground floor rather than break a<br />

sweat running up stairs<br />

viii. Very useful idea – saves time walking up <strong>and</strong> down stairs<br />

looking for PCs<br />

ix. Very useful – we’ll be able to see if there is space at first<br />

h<strong>and</strong> giving us the opportunity to go elsewhere on<br />

campus.<br />

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Anne Maruma – Updated 14 December 2007

Quality & St<strong>and</strong>ards<br />

Information Services<br />

x. Very helpful <strong>and</strong> an excellent idea x 2<br />

xi. Great way of delivery information<br />

xii. Great – saves time going to full room, better time<br />

management<br />

xiii. Useful to see how many computers available on each<br />

level x 2<br />

xiv. Very h<strong>and</strong>y to know where computers available<br />

xv. Very useful - tells me everything I need to know<br />

xvi. You can see where there are vacant PCs<br />

xvii. Member of student panel that recommended screens –<br />

delighted criticism addressed constructively – well done!<br />

II. Suggestions for improvement<br />

i. Show status of printers<br />

ii. How many PCs not working x 2<br />

iii. Availability of group study areas x 5<br />

iv. Availability of Quick Access computers<br />

v. Information on where periodicals, journals are etc<br />

III. Other suggestions<br />

Library<br />

i. Indicate time <strong>and</strong> venue of any training sessions<br />

IV. Negative feedback<br />

i. Useful, but running them adds to electricity costs –<br />

computer rooms should be closed when there only<br />

minimum numbers using them.<br />

ii. Unnecessary - students can walk up stairs to check if<br />

computers available<br />

iii. Not useful – waste of money. Students not stupid, they<br />

will be able to find computers themselves.<br />

iv. Information is useful, but pointless as students still walk<br />

in <strong>and</strong> out of the room to see if there are any computers<br />

free<br />

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Anne Maruma – Updated 14 December 2007

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