Dance Masti Dhamaal (Anytime)

Night Sessions before Exams

Functions at Lobby

Guest Lectures

Birthday Bashes

Balancing your body in

sleep – Yoga Sessions





Sindhuja Ambadasugari


May 18



Apalamma, Topper,


Vikita's Room ;)

Chatter Box, Tata Ace,

Telangana Shakuntala

Each one of you is unique and best in

your own way. I have learnt something

or the other from all of you. Just be the

same always :) Will miss you all and this

environment. All the best for your

future. May you get whatever you wish.

Ajit Prasad scolding

me for calling Dash sir

"ME sir"

Attack on placecomm,

Topper of the toppers,

opjems, FINO lady, her

loud voice;her loud

alarm (from the victims

of her dorm), ADCOM

game, Break ups and tie

ups speacialist





Looooong chats with

friends in the nights.

Our Pus****, sweet Sindhuja is a jolly, open-hearted person. She is such a personality who is in good books of all profs and

students! She has got so much of positive vibes around her that you would actually like to be with her and face things

cheerfully and optimistically. We feel things missing if we don't get to hear her voice, sometimes in whole building right

from the mess to the girls hostel, She is a person who will understand you and will be there for you. She is a lovable person,

my day starting wake-up alarming and a family to me in IIM Raipur. Love you sweetheart! Stay in touch!. – Vikita

Miss Pumpkin, Tubby, Chubby, Sandhu Kaur...what not :D M.S. Subbalakshmi of our batch...When she speaks in the

mess, I wake up in my room knowing that it is breakfast time!!!...Such sweet is her voice :). A friend in all times for me.

Blessed to get you in IIM Raipur and hope we stay the same forever...Loads and Loads and Loads of Love to you!!!- Soumya

Sinduuu,she is the cutest person in IIM R, very helpful n frank,, intelligent , very innnocent n sensible to talk to. she

makes homely atmosphere for the people she is close to. got to know her better in 2nd yr,shared memorable moments, gossiped

lyk hell, treats.i miss her loud laugh :P i know she will be a good wife n mother (as she wants to be :P). hv an awesome life

ahead with Ravi :). she calls me 'love' n i lyk it :)luv u... will meet soon





Abhishek Adak


12 th August


I was sleeping in Ajit Prasad sir's

strategy class and after being

caught I tried to make things up

by asking some questions which

had been answered by him just

before that ....Sir told me "You

are not listening to me at all....

just because you are sitting

beside a pretty girl you should

not only concentrate at her"

Kolkata is the best

place; Always worried

about PPT's and


Ha Bol, Basically... "Pari

hoon mai"

When I met all of you

at IIM Raipur..

When I worked with all

of you in different

assignments and


When I got placed in

Infosys BPO...

Adak da get a wife soon. I know there is a poet hiding inside your heart and only a life partner can bring it out. Just make

sure that she is beautiful and you know why ;)- Sourav Mondal

aapaka apna academic

Shiney adak, Shiney


Magneto mall, City 36

mall ....

Studious,Serious but also fun loving- Arnab Kundu

A hard working guy, jovial at times and angry little man sometimes.. :-)

Knows how to get his work done. Best of Luck for the life ahead mate! :-)- Manu


Known more popularly as Academic Adak has been a good friend on campus. He has a good sense of humour. Found to be

having long and loud conversations in Bengali or walking the typical stiff strut that he walks around the campus. He has

also been a patient sufferer of the countless tuneless and hoarse songs that I have sung in my dorm. - Sujeet

It has been a wonderful journey for me with

all of you guys. To be a part of PGP 2012-14

batch was an enriching experience....I learnt a

lot of things from you guys....At the end I

wish you all the best in your future

endeavors...Do well in your professional and

personal life...Get in touch with each other.....





Abhishek Singh


7 th April


Self proclaimed 'Cheetah',


Tandoor 3

Brand; Shiny HEad

OB Assignment Video

with Prof. Shubra


Posting Anti-Senior

Comments on Barun

Kumar's pics of Rabbits

or Guinea Pigs..

Curiosity, Jokes which

takes time 2 b laughed

at ; PJ King; Dumb

Charades, Love for Ms.

Dasgupta; ENDLESS


HCL - HCL Bhai Bhai se kahani shuru hui thi...Kya Yaar Abhishekkkk....Mobile and Car geek. ChooCha in FUKREY

movie will always remind of ur ultimate dream sequences Bhasudi..U shud look for jobs where there is requirement for

bakwaas but very creative PJs. Unbeatable Bhasudi Jokes... May ur all dreams of touring the world and having adventure

come true.- Saurabh

Bhasad ke liye thesaurus me words nahi mile-but man-read woman-has 2 do…wat..Gud subtle humor that's not loud n

cheap….u tak life on lighter note n display ‘maturity n depth’ in flashes.Ready 2 risk more trips wid u(bas 16km aur),wil

never 4get dat AUTOwalla kissa…n many more Must hav for every grp! - Shweta

A great sense of humour and the love for cars and mobile are the thing which makes him unique. Bhai chilla chilla ke pure

dorm ko pareshaan kar deta hai. Aise to normal rehta hai but car me baithne ke baad BATMAN ban jaata hai. Khaane me 2

ghante lagata hai. Tension bahut leta hai. Bhai life me sab thik ho jayega chill maar aur apne sade huye PJs bhi. - Bir

My first cheetah Roomie...A very nice person I met @ IIM Raipur...

Dude always remain a Cheetah....Cheers!!!- Rajarshi

Nacho Nacho Keep

Dancing, Yeh Kya Bhasudi

Hai, bas yehi dikkat hai,

warna aadmi to tu bahot

achcha hai, Ohh Myy

Gawddd, Stud ho yaar,

Aur bata bhai Howz

life..??, Ganja wanja kha

liya hai kya tune

Playing Frisbee in

Dorm 311 with my

Dorm Mates.

Gulshan rahe to phool phir


Zindagi rahi to phir


You are the one among the very few that live their life to their fullest and hardly care about what others think about you. You

are just awesome ! I wish your spontaneity in jokes and the perennial smile on your face never fade away. Jaa singh ! Jeele

apni jindagi ;) - Harry





Aditi Bajpai


16 th September


Addy., Baju, Sherni,

MOM, Sahays' ki beti,

baby; AB Baby

Mochas , Terrace , My


self claimed glory, I give a


Love you Guys :) Had the

most wonderful time will

cherish it all my life ; Met

theee most "amazing people" ;

Stay in touch;

Spiritual A+ in RMT

and BS

when Kanna left the

class ("lovers Park :P ")

Complain about late entry

to campus on my

birthday; Caught bu Chota

Kanna for Copying in FIN

Exam and what not there

are so manyyyyyy but

now when I look back at

them I cant help but


Rohit Garg's CRUSH

Fresher's Party, Naval

bajpai, MC (Insti sponsored

air tickets), Saksham cricket

player, Karan ki kamzori,

DORM 309; Initiater of

many illegal actvities in the

campus... Haan.. Alcohol

peene chalna hai


you know what????; "As

if i care"..kya bakchodi

hai ye..maachudaye

vi*ita.., tujhe ek gossip

btati hu..Ma Ch****y, Oh

please, U irritate me the

most; "bhakkkkkkk"

21st September 2012 :)

All Highway parties ;

Girl's Parties ;

Gossiping with Ankita

Infact there are so

many to write

I shud cal u lyfe?cuz u r so mch fun ful of zeal,hapynes. After i met dis crazy little thng since den its just been a journey of pure

madnes(nt 2 mention d happy moments n evil plans :p)i just cant remember the no. of smiles you have brought on my face n i fell in

luv wid ur carefree attitude n your honesty Ur a gem of a person n a great frnd, my doll,so crazy,funny,bindaas,lvs me so mch,goes

nuts about getting her pics clicked,my crime partner,shopaholic,trendsetter fr many things in IIMR :p n wonderful person at heart.

Some of my funniest and happy memories at IIM R have u as a part of dem,wil miss laughing at gol and karan wid u ,d nights on

chhat wid chinese food or jus random bakwaas,those moments always bring a smile on my face so mature n practical,funny n serious

when required,i met LIFE N FRIENDSHIP in ur company!. – Anshul

POne of the most precious friend at IIM Raipur & the weirdest girl I have ever met in my Life. I love her ‘the go with the flow attitude’. She

is 90% fake which is for the outer world but it’s her emotional and innocent 10% with which I am in love with. We fought umpteen times,

and every time terrace used to be our resolution point. I had enjoyed every minute of IIM Raipur spent with her because I know that

wherever she will be, she will come to me whenever I need her. Her wild rides, wild plans, ‘gaalis’, the skit in 1st year, my pet names of

“Kamzor” – thanks to her, her daaru passouts and me taking care of her, wild GhataRani dance, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ movie ruckus and the

famous non-veg parody which she made on prof. Vaidya, and many more memorable moments makes her very special for me. She is the

loveliest, special and the most ‘Kamini’ friend I will ever have. – Ankit

NA person bcoz of whom my life @ IIMRp is always spices up!From unlimited bitching, crazy dinner dates, amazing spa dates, drunk

dance, long senti terrace walks, random shopping and even studying we have done it all! Thanks for being a part of all my amazing

moments here! love u loads! - Ankita

WMiss Sarwagunna Sampanna. Life is a party and who knows better than you, perfect blend of beauty with brains. Yours "give a

damn" attitude and honesty is what makes you different. Sharing secrets with you is so easy, without getting judged. Stay the way

you are. """"You Rock, You Hot"""" - Harsh





Aditya Polisetty


6 th December


Poli, Budda, Pentayya,

Senior citizen ;


Mocha, Essence (GT Star),

Babylon Inn, Highway,

ICH, Terrace of the


Aged yet confident :P,

rusted body parts,

distributing choc in TQM


It was fun. I have very

fond memories with the

batch. Thank you very


It was in the Operations

Management class, the

professor (Prof. Vaidya) was

teaching about the bull whip

effect. I had doubt and sir

asked the class to answer my

question. Rajat tried to explain

me something and I said " It

doest make any sense" thats it

the enitre class erupted into


1,2,3,4,5 ( more in the

list), Bullet laugh....;

GOT GRASS??, tottaa ;

rangila buddha joshila

buddha ; Fruit



Kya re.., Meri no.1 to tu

hi hai.. :P, Rey datt ja


The Grand Old man of IIM Raipur. Though he is Buddha by birth certificate, he is more energetic than most. He does the

craziest things possible and can be the man to go to for some mature advice at the same time. He kicks ass in cricket while

bowling and can play some magnificent shots while batting. He has his own opinion on anything and everything and

stands firm by them. The most striking thing about him is the ability to state his point no matter how blunt, straight in the

face. But, time to have grand children dude. Get married soon.- Sahu

Arrey Budhe ab kya bolu tere bare mein, We called you a old person throughout these 2 years but I find you the most young

guy full with energy in this campus. You are a very straight forward person and remain like that because that's your USP

and because of this we loved you intervention. Best of luck in your future endeavors "BUDDHE".– Karan

My Big BRO Mr. Pollly :) You made my dream of having an elder brother come close to real. I always had you to share my

every moment.. let it be a happy one, sad one or a naughty one. Loved the late nights we spent on the stairs just talking

talking and talking. You were the first person whom I looked out to, to share any feeling of mine. In a sense, you were my

bestie here. Missing you a lot in your France days.- Monika

Saale time you challenge me something you gonna think about it 100 times. Aur jawani guzar jaane se pehle

shaadi karle mere baap :p- Sourav

Bade missing you in last semester. Cricket khelte na yaar. Night classes bhi veli lagti he.

I wish we will re live our good old days someday.- Kerketta

Walks on the road at midnight

with nothing to fear about the

outside world. Once I had to

drop Monika at airport. We

just had 20 mins. The ride was

memorable. Terrace parties in

the 1st year till the winter set


Arm wrestling, Table tennis

competition with the French

guys. (Beat them in both :))





Anand Sivakumar J


6 th August


Genius, Globe Capital,

Shivaa, Shivkumari, El


ICH, Minerwa, Magneto

Bengal prem, Winner of all


Prof. Dash asking me

to explain Monetary

policy in board, Slept

immediately after

scolded by Prof. Vinita

in MM-I class

SM-II presentation-

Prof. Ajit Prasad “Burke


Power to point is


Blueprint, Genius, Anand

sivakumari, SIP from


early morning bike trip

from hospital with

someone special

Youv treat koduya,

Enna koduma sir ethu,

Ek ladki song, ,ami

chini go chini

Chitrakoot trip, R-day,

I-day celebrations,

Night cricket

Yes dude. You always take the side of girls. The GE Genius and Philips Blueprint has a penchant for winning competitions

and has made IIM Raipur proud. He is a shy guy. LOL. But, he is quiet a romantic. I think I should not explain any further

on the Bangla connection. He cant speak in Hindi but remembers the lyrics of Hindi songs perfectly. Please teach me how.

You can ask his help anytime and you get it. He is always up for any type of work that you tell him to do. And please work

on your punchlines dude.- Sahu

Anand atleast now accept na that I have the most beautiful hair in campus :( :) Thanks for being such a good friend and

also for Ms. Pretty title :D– Sindhu

‘Ena wals santhosama iruka pola :) ' Famously known as 'Mr. Genius'. 2 times National level champion. Calm-minded

person, who does not care too much about anything in life (except one thing which I don't need to mention :P). The person who

gives me company always whenever I am going out. A good person by heart and has the awesome capability of memorizing

all film dialogues and saying it exactly the same way even without the change in modulation. Late night talks, all our

outings, etc., are some of the happy moments that would remind our college days forever. Be in touch da :)– Shahul

Rosogolla...I do understand why you chose only bengali songs among others to learn. Don't worry all those secrets you

shared with me will always be secret. Always be as cool as you are :)- Sourav

Wonderful 2 years.

Always be yourself and

keep in touch guys....

If there is one person on campus, who always has a smile on their face (other than Bhairav), it is Anand. Even his gmail

status message encourages you to smile – “it costs nothing” … a lot of talent behind this smile though - no kidding,

Anand is talented when it comes to winning national level competitions, he has many titles under his belt – GE, Phillips etc.

A helpful person, he is seldom disturbed and always keeps his calm. He has a different point of view on things, he brings a

very different angle to any analysis.-Pavitra





Ankit Gupta


During Amarkanthak

trip, when Vinita Mam

was calling every girl's

Mother, Ajit Sir came

near to our minivan

and told..."Guys enjoy

trip, have beer"

I asked question about

a star marked in slide

from Pawan Kumar (HR


Sujeet Mathew, sadly

the biggest villian is

supreme court; only

majority no

government ; Always

Bhaiya never Saiyaan

Sir, I have a question?? Yaar

vo prof mujhe marks nai

deta..kitne mile tujhe? ,

Yaar itna tension matt lo

mere tarah cool raho, Yar

I'm cool, I see 5 movies the

day before exam,kya main

mota ho gaya hun kal se


Chitrakoot Trip with

everyone enjoying

upto their fullest

1 st May


Chupaya nahi Chupta;

TB2 ; Kamjor Aadmi ;

Gola, Kitkit

Little Italy, Cafetaria,

Seedi junctions

Budhapa, Intelligent looks,

After class discussions with all

faculties,maine college me jagah

dekh li hae uske liye ; declining

hairlie and increasing tummy;

Loveliest Batch, have a variety of

people but none seems to be too selfcentered

as seen in other MBA

colleges. People say that you don't

make friends in MBA, but this

saying do not hold here..

Ankit Gupta...Chupaye na Chupta......What can I say about him..My closest friend ..He has been there with me throughout the two years......I

will never be able to forget the great trips we went on, the fights in Mantra club, the flop movies u convinced me to watch, the zardasti pizza

ordering,the series of bad jokes and the incessant self praise... You are one of the most initiative taking and hard working guys that I have met

till now...Just wanted to tell you that am honored to have a sincere,fun and trustful friend like you in the campus..You have made this course

so much fun to do!!!! - Sujeet

Self proclaimed Mr. Cool is actually pretty cool in a number of things. He goes out of the way to help his friends in any way possible. He takes

care of people around him very well. And most importantly he never ever minds the constant teasing and banter he has to face. He just smiles

and lets it be. Mr. Cool is very hard working as well. He has so much gyan about almost everything under sun :p. And most of all he is such a

big foodie. Eating out with him is a joy.His favourite topic of discussion is always food, food and food. – Naveli

TAnkit is my first friend at IIM Raipur .... and it was like friendship at first sight...... from his side ... I on the other hand took some time :P It

always fun to be around him .... not because he is funny but because we make his fun a lot.......ok now let me get a little senti... hez a sweetest

person around (though he pretends like a dude but in vain) and someone who would make u feel really special...hez someone i could be friend

for life.. hez my confidant and critic ..... I love u GOLE and i will miss u really bad.... and our endless terrace conversations....- Aditi Bajpai

A typical person who was after my life from the very first day. Initially I used to doubt that he is a gay, but later on I understand he is an

universal brother. A person who literally pushed himself so hard to achieve grades inside the college.

I will remember going out with him for tea "anytime" he wished. People used to call him ball-thief, but for me, he was a great friend and the one

around who used to crack the most stupidest jokes in the campus.. – Abhishek Mukherjee

You were the first person i actually spoke to on the campus! n today we are here-buddies for forever!d treats n d random

calls,sms,gossips-life would have been incomplete without the endless talking we do! Thoda sa emotional, thoda sa rotlu ( maine kuchh ni

pada :p muje kuchh ni ata) yet damn sweet, smart n sensitive!A friend worth keeping till the end! 101 % genuine at heart , versatile, sharp

brain! my pasta n baked veg partner :p a fused bulb at times yet surprises me with his passion & energy level sometimes! You mean a lot to me

n you know it :) lots of love n luck –Anshul





Anubhav Sood


10 th January


Chacha, Staircase boy, Mr.

Insensitive, Dood, Playboy

of 2012-14

Badminton Court.

Chikna, Giving speech

before exams :P

My favorite moment with

any professor is not mine..

I'll go for Gagan's Huggies

moment in Strategy class :)

Others can tell better!! Mentor of the year Haare sunno na.. , "Aae


Time spent with

friends- esp Anshu,

Bhairav, Ankit,

Sindhuja, Donor nd


Playing carrom with

Bhairav, Siddhant &

Viki in the beginning

of the course..

Our so called ‘Chacha’, one of the most awesome and coolest guy I have ever met. Our beloved ‘Taai’ was responsible for our friendship, but

the way he took care of me during days when I was admitted and after that, he is no less than a brother to me. The wizard, the silent

studious guy but becomes a hard ass when we plan to go out. He is responsible, caring and tough person, and the most trustworthy guy.

He is the ‘bestest’ friend I made at IIM Raipur.. – Ankit

The one who can make me feel very special. I always felt very confident about myself after talking to you. Thanks for being my

mentor. - Sindhu

We came to the campus together and since then we've had a gr8 friendship...His general knowledge is amazing...Also his calm demeanor

is really appreciable...He has all makings of a CEO :P

He is good at Operations, Finance, Marketing and everything...He's also gr8 at TT and carrom...A complete all rounder...You have to

take me to Dharamshala!!!...Enjoy!! :)- Bhairav

Chacha can be defined by his highly noticeable pahari looks and smile going ear to ear. It has always been fun working with you. I will

remember you for your helping hands which no matter what were always there. And many may not know but chacha was the biggest

second sponsor of TEDx till we didnt have any sponsorship.. All the best !!!. - Pulak

Wish you all the very best..

stay connected always

We met one fine day.. Almost a year and a half back in 2012 and the rest is history! Soood :) my best friend and a total gone case:p

We are so different yet so alike in a number of ways and most of my meories at IIMR are happy cuz he has been a part of them! someone

with whom i have had the maximum no. of fights yet someone whom i adore n love a lot :p a bright sunshine in the rough patches of my

life :) Bright , smart, a loyal n true friend, sweet like fructose and a gem of a person! an effective nervine n m all ears when u say

something ( which is so rare anyways:p).. baaki baatein phone par :p Love you loads buddy:) – Anshul





Apurva Bajaj


Hoodie (aka) sweater,

CFA, PAF mail,

Dialogue with

placecom SAME




I want to get married!!

Yaar whatever work is

there, i'll do from my

room, mai 10 baje so

jaati hu, yaaaar vo

movie/food.... kitna

mast tha pata hai?

27 th April


A fun to be with, smart, talented and hard-working girl.– Sujitha

Hamara Bajaj, Padhakuu

Bajaj, Purvika, Pulsar

Indian Coffee House.

Reliable, kanjoos,focused,

rare but killer smile, sweet

and adorable,sincere, and a

good friend

It was great knowing each

and everyone of our

batch...learnt a lot from

you guys......

Apurva is studious, sincere and loves watching T.V shows. She has a brilliant mind. She takes time to open up, but when she

does, she is sweet and likeable. Apurva is also a keen observer. She has a good value system. She has a systematic way of

doing things and she sticks to her schedule and priorities... - Pavitra

My sweet and brainy roomie. I'm really blessed to have such an absolute 'no trouble' girl as my roomie.:) You rarely speak

but whenever you spoke it always made sense. This is for the others to read..unlike most of you guys think....she rarely

studied at room except a day or two before exam and she is a big fan of all the TV series ever released on earth!!! :). - Neelima

Sweet girl, hard working, intelligent. May God bless you always! :-) - Manu

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!!!

Good luck for all your future endeavous. Keep Smiling. - Rishi





Arnab Roy


21 st December


Roy my boy, Arnab

Da,Banra, Mr. Royyyy,


Classroom 201-202,

Terrace, Highway Inn,

Dorm 210

Sheldon Cooper, Sub Zero

figure, Size zero

Ajit Prasad asked about the

work culture of the Bengali

people in Strategy class

and I answered as Bengali

people do not like to work

at all and hence there is no

culture of doing any work

in Bengal. That was one of

the funniest moments with

a professor.

During Enterprise Solution class of

Prof. Sumeet Gupta, we prepared

the presentation just before the

start of the class and I was not

sure about the content of the ppt.

So I started speaking something

randomly during presentation and

even laughed while speaking

during presentation and then

ended the presentation abruptly

as I could not find any point to

talk about.

One among my very close friends without mentioning whom my life at Raipur will not be complete. Noone has ever been so patient and

caring for me. I have always enjoyed your company and am sure that we will continue to be like this for long. Deeply indebted to you for

making me pass in most of the finance subjects (I know its not only me). I really hope you will end up somewhere were you get tasty

food which you can eat daily without any trouble :P.. – Neelima

Yaar Arnab tere accha finance kisi ko nahi aata. Kya memory hai tera, kabhi pen pencil chalaye bina tere ko sab yaad rheta hai. Never

seen such a simplistic and ideal person then you. Cannot forget the late nights we worked together for some or the other competition

although you stopped winning from the day you kept me in your team. Teri wajah se i had always been a free rider, yaar AArnab hai

na sab kaam kar dega...Thanks dost, God Bless You.and haa KEEP IN TOUCH- Nikesh

Hey roomie! It was wonderful having you as my roomie for these 2 years. U r a very genuine, knowledgeable and helping guy. An

ardent Man-U and Roger Federer fan who would get up even at 4 in morning to watch a match live. U hv such an amazing conceptual

clarity of all those complex subjects I could never completely understand. If only I had half your dedication to work I would have exceled

at so many things. Good luck for all your future endeavours. Be in touch. - Rishi

Size zero...2 states...Ophidiophobiac!! - Shauvik


Model Ans, FRM

capsule in 30 minutes..

You Know what, I want

to beat Rohit Garg in 1


In the MicroEconomics

course, my answer was

selected as the best answer

by Prof. Pradyumna Dash

and it was put up on the

notice board as the model

answer. This is one of the

best memories at IIM Rp

and I feel proud about this


-------Coming soon ------

Ornob u have improved tremendously in Table Tennis...It was always nice playing those tt matches and beating you hands down...A

very genuine person...All d best for your future...and yes get married soon...:P..Cheers!!! - Rajarshi





B J V S P Varun


19 th October


Cry Baby, Bora, ABCD

Varun, Fucker, sh*** piece

of sh**, reckless c***, flying

gulty, Bora Bird Biriyani

Started off with Highway and

then the madness shifted to

Terrace, Essence, Mocha. And

not to mention the endless bakar

in Karan's, Poli's and my room.

Information &

Broadcasting Minister,

iBoy, T shirts till knees

"Life is short. Break the rules.

Forgive quickly. Kiss Slowly.

Love truly. Laugh

uncontrollably. And never

regret anything that made you


When Prashar sir caught

karan and me

exchanging words, he

referred to us as 'love

partners' and made me

sit on the Prof's desk.

When he felt that it had

no effect on me he joked

around and sent me


When Thambis found

out at the end of 5th

sem that my MM-

2(prof Prashar) notes

were written by the

Chicken Shop Bhaiyya

and Anil from the


Biryani Delivery, Forming

strategic teams and winning

all competitions@IIM Raipur,

Mahindra War Room Team,

One of the three brothers of

the trinity, Keep your friends

close but enemies closer, Tryin

new looks (HIGHWAY GANG),

blue pants; "my dream is to

flyyyyy" ; delivery guy with

cycle, Making Chicken shop

guy to write MM2 copies

Dude, don F**k

around, I will

motherF*** u....give me

that NO ....How do I

look like, Nice Try,

Seriously?, we will

order Biriyani, no..,

kaana kaaya, dude you

know what?

Vizag trip, highway

hangouts and the Gulti

gang walk the talk

sessions. And not to

forget the everyday

dinner planning with

sreejith and the forever

fighting sessions with


Bora, the youngest kid of Highway is the go to guy for everything that you have to do. His attention to details makes the lives of people like

us possible on this planet. He is the most talked about topic in any discussion (read butt of jokes), but he takes everything sportively

(mostly). Oh.. we will miss your Biriyani. Period. Throughout our life. Period Again. We hope he cracks the Civil services as he has very

strong opinions on every issue and the knowhow of India as well as IIM Raipur. We will have our hair transplant together dude.. - Sahu

You Fu**er. I handled so many tantrums of yours but you at heart a great person but you always put a lot of thought in everything if this

much energy you can put somewhere else, you can handle any kind of situation and I want to see you as an IAS one day and located in

somewhere north India, where we can still make fun of KAANA KAAYA KYA... - Karan

Boraaaaaaa, the dearest of all







Bhairav Mehta


When Prof. Shalini

Verma asked me to


Prof. Prashar calling

me a sick boy

BAV presentations......

basically....(and I didn't

speak at all :P)

Freshers Dance, Unagi,

Girls Party post drinks

Seriously, Vamseeee!

Many.....tough to select


All the festivals (Holi in

particular), The Quiz

which should not be

talked about (and to

win it :P ), .

6 th May


Big B, sick guy, Bhairav


Baba Bhairav (on lines with Baba Ranchodass), you carry a captivating aura which no one dare not miss, especially girls. Undoubtedly

one of the best men and biggest pervert I have ever met and can ever meet. It may sound awkward, but truth be told I am gonna miss

your humorless jokes, awkward smile and empty curses. I know you don't need any luck and best wishes for achieving what you want

in your life. Well.. That's all to it.. What? You're expecting nice and affectionate words from me.... "ARGO DUDE" :D. - Vamsy

A great friend who has always been there for me, a very nice person and an excellent team member. The most calm and composed place

comm member, very rarely I have seen him loosing his cool. Also one of the most clear headed person I have ever met. Really enjoyed

working with him, gonna miss the never ending useless discussions at the cold coffee place a lot. – Aditi

Natural Ice cream parlor,

Mega Food Mart, Institerrace

Biiiiig smile, always

smiling, Gentle man image

( but Mistaken!!)

Its been amazing to be a

part of the batch. Its

become home away from

home and I'd really miss


It is very rare that you find a friend with whom you click instantly. Bhairav has been that kind of friend for me. He has this great

ability to gel with others and make them feel comfortable. A terrific listener, he's one of the few people who can get me to talk. He's also

among the few people who can infuriate me! Right from the first conversation we had, we have been arguing over something or the other,

but despite that (or maybe because of it!), he's one of my closest friends and among the most caring and decent guys I have known. He

has been there for me through thick and thin. - Neha

Thanks to you I did not forget my Gujarati; though the Telegus should get a bigger credit! One of the closest friends at IIM Raipur, you

were always a great company to be with. The best thing about you is that you never feel down and always cheer people up. Always stay

that way! Cheers!!! - Umang

The fun factory ! totally mad,the only person who can pull my leg :p Dumbass but some one i really adore n love! n yes i dig ur smile-a

lot :p been a support and a problem solver in times when i most needed.His words of wisdom ( though rare :p) have many a times made

my life so much easier. Makes me smile with his stupid jokes n he drives nuts too ,scolds me like a 80 year old granny n loves me like a

true friend. the secret joke we share ( especially sooood wala) :) n d secrets we share :) n yes u still owe me the treat you loads:)

stay d way u r..cheers to our frienship! - Anshul





Bir Bahadur Singh


Fin-II presentation

when C. P. Gupta killed

us by calling each one

of us.

Guinea pig and rabbits

- made fun of a senior

during the first week in

IIM Raipur on

facebook and then got

in mess with other


Bir Bahadur (PGPWE).


One Man Army for any



Hai na

Bol Bhai

Finals of Inter house

Cricket Tounament -

"RD Bhai maine gaali

nahii diya"

11 th October


Cheetah, Bagadur, Kisko

tune CHIRA naam hai


Asli Leader

Room - BHR 3/8

Dorm - 311/5

Tarang Singhal, ALL


Keep Rocking!

You seriously is one of the best person I have known,was real lucky to have you as my room-mate and friend. Time spent with you will

be cherished always. Can’t forget how you managed good grades even after taking us (So called low graders) in all the projects of every

subject, playing cricket and so much of other activities. You will always be counted on providing support and advises. I know you will do

best in whatever you do. “Will miss you brother” - Harsh

Biraa Biraa Biraa….. Agar Biraa na hota, to dorm 311 ke 4-5 ladke including me bahut se subjects me latak gaye hote.. One Man

Army. Most feared Opening Batsman and Opening Bowler in IIM Rp. Biraa Getting Angry on anyone in the dorm Me running out of

dorm. Amarkantak Bike Trip, Ur sweet Bengali accent, Ur dance in one of my videos with lala and bhasudi - unforgettable. Jindagi ke

Maze lete raho Biraa. – Kumar Saurabh

Be it anything, study, work, play, movie, pizza, and even that tasteless maggi @ 2 am, just drop by and ask him to join and guess

what, u never get a "no". Very much jovial but be ready to get yelled (I think he yells only at me. uske liye bachcha sa hu na shayad

isliye) if u take responsibility of a work and do not finish ur part within deadline. His fun stuffs were too good. He sometimes tries to be

a baddy but fails always. Waiting for a job in ur start up coz only u could bear my free riding all these two years. Bhai, tu bohat aage

jaayega. Dua tere saath hai... - Jamal

A true leader. I have not worked with you much but have witnessed your perseverance and dedication let it be while working for Equinox

or through the sessions taken for juniors or while working for CEC. I'm am sure you will reach great heights and will be in a place where

your potential could be made use of the fullest. You are one among those with best sense of humor I have ever met. Always enjoyed the

time spend with you. - Neelima

Bir.. The man behind a lot of activities in the campus be it TEDx or EQUINOX or cricket.. One man on whom you can completely depend

upon to deliver..Mr Dependable and true leader.. And he is also the self proclaimed INNOVATIVE guy :P.. You have been such an

inspiration to me.. Innumerous times you have helped me push my boundaries.. All the very best Birra.. – Manoj

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