Nobody's Perfect: Meatballs Tie in Game Six, Flawless Finish ...

Nobody's Perfect: Meatballs Tie in Game Six, Flawless Finish ...

And Then There Was Week Nine…

GMOT Weekly Awards & Kudos

As in seasons past, each week the GMOT recognizes and/or awards certain teams and players in the

division for various feats in this fun game we call kickball. The GMOT awards & kudos may be in addition

to any other recognition or acknowledgements given to teams or players by other entities.

To nominate a team or player for consideration, email the GMOT staff at



GMOT Team of the Week:

All Night Long has faced only one setback this season - an unfortunate loss to Riff Raff

in game three, the only blemish on their otherwise perfect season. Last Thursday they

handily defeated Electric Mayhem, 6-2, in a fun-filled match and will go on to claim one

of the top two spots in the Las Olas conference after they face the Scorgasms this week.

Although their bar attendance has waned this year, they’ve remained solid on the field

and will contend - once again - for the Coconut Keg title.

GMOT Player of the Week:

Jessica Palis, soon to be Jessica Robertson or Jessica Palis-

Robertson, has been a fixture of the Ft. Lauderdale Beach,

Bedrock and Riptide Divisions for years. Always a strong performer

both offensively and defensively, she’s led All Night

Long to what will be a solid top four finish this season.

Jessica Palis


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