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American Magazine April 2014

American University is located in Washington, D.C., at the top of Embassy Row. Chartered by Congress in 1893 to serve the public interest and build the nation, the university educates active citizens who apply knowledge to the most pressing concerns facing the nation and world. Students engage with leading faculty experts and world leaders, learning how to create change and address issues including the global economic crisis, health care, human rights and justice, diversity, the environment and sustainability, immigration, journalism’s transformation, corporate governance, and governmental reform.

class notes A lot of

class notes A lot of times, nobody speaks English. If I see food I want, I point to it, and I point to myself, and then I’m eating within a minute or two.” —Greg Goodman, Kogod/BSBA ’02, on the international language of hand gestures Jason Obold, SPA/BA ’07, and Caitlin Stafford, SPA/BA ’07, were married on October 6, 2012, in Washington, D.C. The wedding party included Adam Alfano, SIS/BA ’07, Mallory Elizondo, SIS/BA ’07, Matthew Newsome, SIS/BA ’07, Theodore Leugers, SPA/BA ’07, and Kaitlin Wiley, SOC/BA ’07. Many other AU alumni were in attendance. -2001- TIME CAPSULES TOP GROSSING FLICK Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone IN THE NEWS Nearly 3,000 die in the 9/11 terrorist attacks; anthrax-laced letters are sent to media and government officials, killing several postal workers FROM THE AU ARCHIVES Students gathered in the Nebraska parking lot on September 13 after a bomb threat. Students from neighboring Georgetown donated food and water, and the campus store provided clothes for those who fled in their pajamas. The couple reside in Boulder, Colorado, where Obold serves as corporate counsel for Level 3 Communications and Stafford is in her second year of law school. Angel Drolet, WCL/JD ’09, opened the Law Offices of Angel Drolet on Vancouver Island in Sidney, British Columbia, in July 2013. Drolet, a graduate of WCL’s international dual degree program with the University of Ottawa, is admitted to practice in both the state of Georgia and the province of British Columbia, and devotes her practice exclusively to family law. Justis Tuia, SIS/MA ’09, bought a condo in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Scott Wener, SPA/BA ’09, was appointed assistant state’s attorney of Cook County, Illinois. 2010s France Francois, SIS/MA ’10, published a political article, “Peacemakers Weigh In on Obama’s Chance at Achieving an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan,” on on August 12, 2013. Allison Gold Roberts, SPA/BA ’10, married Max Fischlowitz Roberts, Washington Semester ’10, on July 7, 2013. Sarah Goldman, CAS/BA ’10, married Josh Reinitz on May 4, 2013, in the hill country of Texas. Nick Sabato, SIS/MA ’11, is associate director of the Center for International Development at Ball State University. Kari Barber, SOC/MFA, ’12, became an assistant professor at the University of Nevada–Reno. Erin O’Brien, WCL/LLM ’12, joined Certilman and Balin Adler & Hyman as an associate in the Banking and Commercial Lending Practice Group. Bridget Sullivan, CAS/MA ’12, completed a year of service with AmeriCorps at Providence Children’s Museum. Her work influenced learning activities in science, technology, engineering, and math for 500 low-income children ages 6–12 in after-school and summer learning clubs. Laura Yochelson, CAS/BA ’12, authored a book, Sick, primarily about her experiences with an eating disorder. The book was published through Balboa Press. Tim Tolka, SIS/MA ’13, started a job with Andrew Price-Gibson, SPA/BA ’08, SPA/MSOD ’12, and Mary Beth Robles, SPA/MSOD ’12, at De Beaufort Group, a consulting startup. The company is about a year old, and its client list is steadily growing. A photo of a young Alan Meltzer ’73 helping students settle into Anderson Hall in the November 2013 issue of American prompted a handful of emails—and more than 40 phone calls to Meltzer, a member of the AU Board of Trustees. The former three-time AU wrestling squad captain can’t recall when the picture was snapped, “but if it was when freshmen were moving in, I was probably helping and hoping someone would tip me!” Founder and CEO of the Bethesda, Maryland, insurance firm, the Meltzer Group, Meltzer and wife, Amy, have four children. We’re still searching for the identities of the other students on the steps of Anderson. Email leads to L. Richard Bernstein, SOC/BA ’66, October 13, 2013, Great Neck, New York Robert G. Atkins, SIS/BA ’67, December 8, 2013, Arlington, Virginia Kenneth Graham Cook, CAS/PhD ’67, October 28, 2013, Arlington, Virginia Rashid Abdul-Jami (formerly Gordon Stiles), CAS/BA ’71, November 4, 2013, San Antonio, Texas Donald L. Myers, Kogod/MBA ’78, January 6, 2014, Bethesda, Maryland Jeff Bolton, Kogod/ BSBA ’87, April 19, 2013, Eleuthera, Bahamas FACULTY Abolghassem Ghaffari, November 5, 2013, Los Angeles, California Edmund B. McCue, November 6, 2013, Washington, D.C. Robert Pastor, January 8, 2014, Washington, D.C. 42 AMERICAN MAGAZINE APRIL 2014

memories Excerpts from the Eagle archives at the RECOGNIZE these plaid-clad, pickax-packing coeds? Reveal their identities at magazine@ 1933 Shouldering shovels, saws, and spades, would-be gardeners fanned out across campus for AU’s inaugural Arbor Day celebration, April 27. “Clad in beach pajamas, overalls, and knickers (the latter especially prevalent among the faculty),” the green thumbs tended trees and groomed gardens—including a patch of poison ivy planted by mistake instead of honeysuckle on the football field. Despite the itchy situation, an annual Arbor Day celebration was added to the college calendar in 1936. 1943 Four Korean cherry trees were presented to AU by the Korean Women’s Relief Society of Honolulu as part of the Arbor Day festivities. AU president Paul Douglass read the Korean Declaration of Independence while Syngman Rhee—who in 1948 became the first president of South Korea—broke ground, planting the first flowering tree near the School of International Service. That day, a tradition took root: the South Korean ambassador visits SIS every spring when the pink blossoms are at their peak. 1970 AU students were among the 20 million Americans who rallied on behalf of Mother Nature during the first-ever Earth Day, April 22. The brainchild of Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI)—who wanted to harness the energy of the student antiwar movement to promote environmental issues—the day featured a “teach-in on the environment” at colleges across the country. AU’s eco-friendly activities included guest lecturers, a film about noise pollution, a folk concert, and a demonstration of a “portable waste disposal unit.” 1994 After a particularly brutal winter, 600 volunteers crept out of their cubicles and residence halls to do some spring cleaning. For six hours, students, faculty, and staff gave the campus a little TLC, sweeping sidewalks, raking mulch, and washing the university’s fleet of vehicles. And with that, Campus Beautification Day was born. The celebration of sustainability, an early April tradition, during which volunteers plant thousands of perennials, hundreds of shrubs, and dozens of trees, is now in its 21st year. Were you an environmental crusader? Share your memories of Arbor, Earth, and Campus Beautification Days past: email AMERICAN.EDU/ALUMNI 43