KSM Newsletter November 16th 2012 - The King's International ...


KSM Newsletter November 16th 2012 - The King's International ...


issue 10, Term 1

Weekly newsletter for King’s School Manila


Headteacher’s Message

By Janet Brock



and Table


This week ‘The Ducklings’ are learning about shapes for their

Mathematics and table manners for their Personal, Social and

Emotional Development and are continuing to look at habitats

for Understanding the World.

Dear Parents,

I have really enjoyed popping into Mr Stapleton’s singing sessions and hearing the children practise for our

christmas concert. It is a very British tradition to have mince pies at christmas and I wondered if there were

any parents who are good at baking who would like to come in and make mince pies with the children for our

christmas concert. The concert is on Wednesday 12th December at 2.30pm and we would end with mince pies

afterwards. If any of you would enjoy doing a baking session with the children, school would supply all the

ingredients and utensils and we would do the baking on Tuesday 11th December. Please let me know if you

would like to join in.

On Sunday 9th December 10-1pm we will be holding a christmas fayre. The staff at King’s will be putting up

stalls with fun things for children and there will also be stalls selling goods for christmas that adults will enjoy

looking at. If you would like a stall to sell things on or know of someone else who would like to, the stall is free

and we just ask for a small donation to our Mango Tree charity collection. All other proceeds from the fayre will

go to that charity. Please contact Mark Johnson who will be organising layout of stalls.


Breaktimes and lunchtimes have been a very enjoyable time this week at King’s because Kingfishers have

been working on their conversational skills and can often be found asking other children or adults “how are

you?” “how was your day?” I was even asked “how is Mr Brock?” This has stimulated other conversations and

discussions about what children are learning in class. If any parent would like to come and join us one lunchtime

and sit and eat with the children just give me 24 hours notice so I can give accurate numbers to the kitchen. The

children would love to have their mum or dad join them and their friends for lunch and a chat.

The Ducklings really enjoy putting the animals back in

their homes: crabs live on the beach, the giraffe lives on the

savannah, the polar bear lives on the arctic,

and so on.

The Ducklings have also been learning about

2D shapes with their blocks and games. They

are delighted when they are able to identify

certain shapes and get the approval of their

peers and teachers. As children are naturally

inclined to explore colour and construction,

they are enjoying making figures out of blocks

as well as making gifts for our Christmas tree

using their cutting and pasting skills!

Table manners are also taken seriously in

The Ducklings classrooms as we practise the

“clean face, clean space” routine every snack

time. Anais has taken the role of the chef/

server every snack time as she divides their

food into morning and afternoon snacks and

ensures that everyone uses their very best

manners – or they may miss out!

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Key Stage one

Observing Lifecycles:

Froglet Frenzie in the Kingfishers!

The tadpoles are sitting on the rocks!’,

The tadpoles are froglets now!’ exclaimed an excited

Felicia Bloemen on Monday morning in the Kingfisher class,

as a crowd of frog enthusiasts rushed forward to look in to

the tadpole tank. For already, several of our tadpoles that

had last week grown legs, have been happily eating away

at their lettuce and metamorphosed into some cute young


The children were very excited to observe the froglets

with little tongues searching for mosquitos and small flies

to eat so a few of the Kingfisher class have even dedicated

their playtimes to trying to catch flies and tiny insects for

our frog tank.

The children have loved watching our tadpoles eating, growing and changing. They have noticed how their behaviour

as well as their appearance and diet changes as they grow.

These are some of the things the children have commented on:

‘I think we should find a way to identify each tadpole so we know how they are doing’ – Felicia

‘I think the frogs would like to have flies to eat now they’re getting bigger’ -James

The frogs sit on the rocks because they are carnivores!’ –Max

“Make sure you are peaceful around the tadpoles!’ –Joni.

“If the tadpoles eat vegetation and frogs eat meat, how do frog spawn feed?’ -Sacha

Following this the children have been working on filling out their tadpole diaries –sketching and writing notes on the

changes of our tadpoles over time. Now that the children have observed the metamorphosis they have also been working

on some information posters about the tadpole life cycles.

Linked into this we have also been looking at other animal life cycles including stories about bear cubs and the life

cycle of some species of rainforest butterflies. We have been using a variety of materials to make lovely colourful butterfly

mobiles with cocoons (chrysalis), fluffy caterpillars and sparkly eggs!

Our work on life cycles will be reinforced further next week as we set off on our class excursion to the butterfly garden

at Pacem Eco park. We can’t wait!

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Key stage two

Marble Mania with Scarlet Macaws

Clue 1: This is a place you run and play, you go there twice a day!

Clue 2: At school, the teacher tells you ‘DO NOT RUN!’ But in

this place you can run

and have fun!

On Tuesday the Scarlet Macaws received their long awaited, 300 Marble Reward (they have nearly reached 400 now!).

At the beginning of the term they chose a TREASURE HUNT. Armed with their first clue the class had to read and then decide

where the next clue was hidden. The clues were hidden incredibly well by the teacher so it took some time to find

them……….but they managed to complete their quest and found a very delicious McFlurry each! Lots of fun was had, by

teacher and class!

Clue 3: Walk slowly to this

room and take a seat, it’s

time to relax and eat.

Clue 4: Find the room that is cool, this is where being creative is the number 1 rule!

Clue 5: Tap your feet to the beat, listen to the voices singing


Clue 6: If it is the Head

Teacher you would like to

see, this is the place that

you need to be.

Clue 7: This space has books for everyone, we listen to stories

and have fun!

Clue 8: In here you will find paper; white, purple and even pink.

They are found in this room where the photo copier uses lots of


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Key stage two

Eagles: Hot Topic

In Eagles class we have been linking our Topic work

on Volcanoes to many areas of the curriculum! In

English we have been studying non-fiction texts and

learning how to extract key facts and information.

We have used highlighters, bullet points, lists and

spider diagrams to help us remember key facts.

will probably never erupt again.

The class was extremely excited this week to get

some extra help from the parents during our open

morning! It was great for the children to have a

helping hand, as some of the language in this topic

is quite challenging. We have spent quite a lot of

time learning to pronounce difficult words such as

volcanologist, by splitting them into syllables (volcan-ol-o-gist)

as well as using a glossary and looking

at definitions of words such as these:

Active– a volcano that is currently erupting or very

likely to erupt in the near future.

Dormant – a volcano that is not erupting, but is

sleeping and could erupt.

Extinct – A volcano that has stopped erupting. It

From our notes we were able to present information about the pictures on the IWB to the class. This helped the children

understand how notes have the key facts and how we use them to jog our memory about what we have read. The children

were surprised how easy it was to make proper sentences from the notes they had in front of them.

As a class we thought about the questions we wanted to find the answers to such as:

Where do you find volcanoes?

How are they made?

Why and how do they erupt?

Who studies volcanoes?

Why do people live near volcanoes?

What should you do if a volcano erupts?

They were able to use contents and index pages to help them locate the information they need.

The children also worked well in teams to arrange information on Volcanoes and Mountains to design a page for a

non-fiction book. We tried to copy the features we have seen in non-fiction books e.g. captions, bullet points, numbers,

headings, subheadings, questions and answers, text boxes, diagrams, photographs and labels.

We are really getting our teeth in to our new topic and are making links across the curriculum by using our ICT skills,

art skills to draw sketches and diagrams and also making connections with our current science topics: rocks and soils and

solids and liquids.

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PE News

Healthy Eating!

Music News

“tis the season to be singing”

As a PE teacher some of the issues I’m concerned with addressing are personal fitness, recognizing and accepting

differences in others, developing a sense of team-work and having a wide variety of experiences in movement, games and

sport. I teach for the long-term which means I want my students to lead active, happy and healthy lives long after they

have graduated from King’s School. A large part of being healthy is establishing a healthy diet.

We provide a variety of fresh, healthy food daily for the students and staff here at King’s School, and we work with the

children to make healthy choices. We have fresh fruit and a daily vegetable as part of the meal and the staff encourage

students to choose at least one. Our chef has introduced brown rice and children are finding they enjoy the healthy option

to white rice.

At home when my daughter finds it a struggle to accept my healthy choices for her I make it clear that eating healthy

is a decision made because I care about her. I know you as parents care about your children and want them to be healthy

and happy and productive in school. A healthy diet contributes to success in the classroom as well as on the playing field

and it is up to us as adults and parents to enforce and model healthy eating.

It is dizzying to try to figure out the nutrition requirements and convert that into family meals. However, you can’t go

wrong with just adding more vegetables and fruits to your daily diet, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. A salad with

each dinner is a great way to add both fruits and vegetables and new ones can be introduced occasionally.

Although many people enjoy fizzy drinks, it should be consumed sparingly, not as a staple. Water, especially at sporting

events, is the best choice for quenching thirst. Fizzy drinks and sweets should be considered treats that are consumed

occasionally. The healthy choices we make for our children now will become the healthy habits they will follow as they get

older and can make their own choices.

It doesn’t seem possible that the end

of our first term at King’s is in sight.

The term has whizzed past at lightning

speed, but I think our students have

achieved an enormous amount in a

very short time. With our music classes,

singing assemblies, visit to ABS-CBN,

the Fish and Chip supper concert and

a singing workshop with the Chinese

International School we have come a

very long way indeed since September

and I hope you are going to hear the

differences when we present our next

concert at Christmas.

In all of the music classes at King’s

we are really practising to finish the

term in a really splendid way. Each

class will have a song that only they will sing, some children will be playing accompaniments to the songs that we perform

whilst singing as well and some songs will be for all the classes to sing together. There will also be an opportunity for

everyone to join in together for a good old Christmas Sing-a-long. The programme has been designed to reflect all kinds

of beliefs and there should be something for everyone, even an item in Spanish sung by the whole school!

Singing together is a great way to be united as one community and there is no better time than to show our unity than

at Christmas. The children have really begun to enjoy singing in class and they also love showing their voices to others.

Some songs are chosen deliberately to be challenging whilst others are simply good songs that are fun to sing. When we

sing, our body gets a good work out especially for the lungs, singing regularly has been proven to be good for you and

when we sing our hearts out we genuinely feel good afterwards.

The repertoire for Christmas includes the modern

carol “Jesus Child” by John Rutter, a fast paced piece

that tells the traditional Christmas story with tongue

twisting lyrics and a very jazzy accompaniment. The

Scarlet Macaws and the Eagles will sing this together.

The Kingfishers will present their own version of

“I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” as made

famous quite recently by the Jonas Brothers. There

will be plenty of actions from our Ducklings, who

are learning words at an astonishing rate as well

as playing the very important jingle bells for “Jingle

Bells”. We will also be welcoming back our very

own Miss Kris Siasoyco and Mr Cove will lead us

with a festive hand-jive. It will be a concert not

to be missed and hopefully you’ll even get some

festive mince pies afterwards if you sing well in the sing-a-long items. The concert will be on December 12th in “The

Village” outside Ducklings’ classroom.

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