KSM Newsletter January 25th 2013 - The King's International School ...


KSM Newsletter January 25th 2013 - The King's International School ...


issue 2, Term 2

Weekly newsletter for King’s School Manila


Headteacher’s Message

By Janet Brock


Swimming &

Confident Ducklings!


Sharing food is always a good way to make

friends and this week the Ducklings made

biscuits for everyone at King’s School. We

looked at how a recipe works and why we

need to follow the instructions. We certainly

learned a lot of words and practised using

them as we described each step in the

process. We enjoyed baking so much we

have decided to do it again next week! We

discussed healthy eating and I was pleased

to hear one Duckling tell another that french

fries were a treat and “you shouldn’t eat them

too much you should have broccoli instead!”

Some Ducklings know that people from different countries eat different types of food.

We were delighted to go swimming again and we have been practising blowing bubbles. We

have used straws to blow paint patterns and mix colours, blow bubbles in a cup of water and

we’ve raced cotton balls across the table!

The little Ducklings have been visiting different people and places around the school and are

becoming much more confident. They can sit and enjoy a class story and can follow the routines

in the class with much less support from the adults. The older Ducklings have been writing their

names, practising letters, learning new sounds and have been enjoying our number activities so

much that they carry on the activities in their own playtime!


Smiling is infectious;

you catch it like the flu,

When someone smiled at me today,

I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin,

When he smiled I realized I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile then I realized it’s worth,

A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected.

Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!!


One of the many things I love about King’s School Manila is the many smiles I see everyday in children

and staff.

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1. Hardworking Kingfishers Receives Awards

2. Speedy Swimmers

3. Elsa Joins the Dream Team

4. Star Light… Star Bright… Where Can We Find Sources of Light?

Hardworking Kingfishers Receives Awards

Four focused, determined, and hardworking Kingfishers earned a total of 25 house points by

the end of last week – which of course, entitled them to our most coveted Bronze Certificates!

Congratulations to Leah, Leon, Joni, and Saxon! We are so proud of you. You truly deserve your

hard earned award!

Speedy Swimmers

After meeting the coaches and trying out the pool, the children are now very excited

for swimming lessons every Tuesday. Not only do they learn so much from the coaches, they

also have so much fun! The coaches make sure that the children have access to toys, colourful

swimming aids, and use child-friendly terminology to teach the children. This is definitely a

great experience for the children.

Elsa Joins the Dream Team

We would like to welcome our new friend, Elsa! The Kingfishers were very excited to meet

her – especially the girls. We are so lucky to have her as the new addition to our class!

Star Light… Star Bright….

We did mention that the Kingfishers are doing so many activities in class right? These

days, we are into conducting Science Experiments! The most recent one that we did involved a

thorough investigation on whether or not shiny materials were a light source. We used different

materials like shiny paper, foil, boxes, mirrors, torches, cameras, and candles. We recorded our

data and made our observational drawings. Science is a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for more exciting stories from the Kingfishers Class!

Breaking NewsHere are our top stories for the

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Forward and Learning


Talk Partners


As Eagles class has grown in numbers we

are using talk partners in class much more

frequently. The children love to have the

opportunity to talk and discuss their ideas for

learning and by using talk partners everyone

gets the chance to talk, ask questions and

practice being a good listener!

Talk partners are designed to enable children

to become skillful speakers and listeners and

helps all children be actively involved in a

learning task. It also helps children become

more competent and confident users of English as they are talking for a range of purposes.

In Eagles class talk partners are used to support

learning across all subject areas. In English it gives

the children time to process their thoughts with

someone before feeding back to the class. It is a

chance to share ideas and learn from their peers

too. Talk partners give children more confidence

when we discuss texts, characters, plot, setting,

punctuation etc. It also helps to keep good pace

in Maths and English lessons, so there are no long

pauses while children think of answers.

On Target!

The children have been looking back over their work from the first term and discussing the ways that

they have improved. We then set individual and class targets for the second term. We use target cards

for Maths, English and Science, which are displayed in class so that the children can take responsibility

for trying to meet them. Every time a child meets a target they show their work and target card to Miss

Surtida or myself and earn a house point!

Here are some of the examples of the skills the children are working hard to improve:

- joined handwriting (neat and on the lines)

- using different sentence openers (Eventually… During… Although…)

- different words for said (bellowed, yelled, cried, ordered)

- using connectives other than and to join sentences (because, but, then, so)

- developing and extending their ideas in writing (not just writing short, simple sentences)

- checking answers in Maths lessons (by using the inverse operations)

- spotting patterns in number and completing number sequences

- naming 2D and 3D shapes and their properties

Class Targets:

- comprehensions skills (answering questions on a text)

- to improve the quality of writing by using VCOP methods and examples from our reading

- mental maths skills (times tables and number bonds to 10, 20, 100)

In Maths children can discuss problems together and how they would solve it, they can also use

the whiteboards to record their ideas or to answer questions before showing the teacher. This

way a teacher can assess each child’s understanding in one area of learning. It takes a lot of the

pressure away that some children feel in a subject they may not be very confident in, as they are

answering together not as individuals.

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King’s school ASA’s have already started and children seem to be really enjoying the choices that

they have been offered. For this term, Tuesday ASA’s have included Mad Science, Basketball,

Games for early years, Jewellery making, Tennis and Word Wizards. On Wednesdays for this

half of term, we have been rehearsing the whole cast parts of Cinderella. After half term the

children will be able to do cricket, magic club, mad science for KS 1, games, singing and ICT

It is very clear that the children are getting some amazing experiences through participating

in these clubs, whether its learning spellings whilst catching a ball, making new pendants to

accessorize your favourite outfit, or playing balancing games. It is a great opportunity to mix

with children from other classes and spend some time doing something a little bit different.

It also gives the children a chance to share a favourite topic or pastime with the teachers. The

Wednesday Cinderella rehearsal has given us the opportunity to have the whole school together

to do some drama, singing and dancing. It’s been great fun so far. I think the pictures speak for


NewsGreat fun so far!

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The students have completed their clay projects which are now on display outside the Art room.

Please stop by to have a look at their fine pinch pots and animal statuettes.

Currently the Kingfishers are creating a picture book about themselves. They have folded and

cut the book and are drawing and coloring the pictures which will be shared when they are


The Scarlet Macaws are also creating books but in the graphic arts vein; they are making their

own comic books. They began by creating a storyboard with the ideas and sketches for the 8

pages they will have when they cut and fold a large sheet of paper into a booklet. They are in

the process of transferring their storyboard ideas into the colorful images of their comic books.

NewsArt Update

The Eagles are preparing for the Chinese New Year by painting some Chinese Dragons. We have

been working in a variety of mediums and the children certainly have their favorites, but it’s

always good to explore new territories when it come to Art. Soon we will be taking a look at Art

in history and be learning about some of the famous artists of the past. Please keep encouraging

your child to explore their creative side by allowing some quiet time for making art at home.

Mr. Cove

Journalism Interviews


Interview with

Miss Siyasoyco

What were your hobbies when you

were 11 years old?

When I was 11 years old i liked to

bake, I liked to sell stuff and I liked

to sing dance and play different

kinds of sports.

What was your first job?

I was a preschool teacher

What was your favorite subject

when you were in primary school?

I liked Art and P.E.

What kind of subject did you not like

when you were young?

MATH!!! I didn’t like Math. Every

time I solved a problem or get the

correct answer I loved Math, but if I

got it wrong I hated it.

What kind of books did you like to


I liked to read mystery, crime scene

and scary books.

continued on page 2

Wow......... that’s a

lot of cavity!

In the Scarlet Macaws our new Literacy unit is

‘Journalism’. This week our job as a journalist

was to interview one of the staff in our school

to learn more about them. I chose and carried

out an interview with Miss Siyasoyco. Why

don’t you take a look at it?

By Nico Licauco

I think she wants a


“ Does she look


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Journalism Interviews

January 18, 2013


King’s school

Kingfishers teacher

Ms. King with

journalist Manny



Interview with King’s School

Kingfishers Teacher, Ms King

By Manny Januszczak

At the King’s school

Manila, the Scarlet

Macaws have been

assigned each to learn

more about a teacher’s

childhood. They have

successfully interviewed a

teacher and submitted

them to their editor. Here

is Manny Januszczak’s

interview with Ms King,

who has been teaching the

Kingfishers class for six


Manny: What is your

full name?

Ms King: My full name

is Nicola Jane King.

Manny: Why did your

parents select this name for


Ms King: Er... I’m not

sure. I think my Dad liked

it. My mum wanted to call

me Daisy, and my dad

wanted to call me Naveed.

Nicola was the only name

they could agree on. I don’t

like the name Nicola, I

prefer to be called Nikki.

Manny: Did you have a


Ms King: Yeah, I had

some embarrassing ones,

do I have to tell you them?

Manny: Um...yeah.

Ms King: Yeah?

Well,er... dad used to call



Dumpling! (laughs) because

he knew I hated it and used

to wind me up, and

because I was quite pudgy

as well. My mum used to

call me Noodle (laughs).

Manny: What was your

earliest childhood


Ms King: Well that is

quite a nice one actually.

My earliest memory is

being in the bath with my

mum whilst my mum was

pregnant. She had a big

tummy and told me that in

in her big tummy was my

little brother! I was going

THE DAILY PAPER January 18, 2013

to have a baby brother!

That’s the very first thing I can


Manny: What was school like

for you as a child?

Ms King: Er...Early school

was good. I was going to school,

and (stutters a little) I was quite

clever when I was little. I loved

reading, I had some friends and

things, but um... but people used

to think I was a bit strange when

I was at school because I used to

be obsessed by being a horse.

Not only did I love horses, I used

to want to BE a horse. When I

was small, at playtime, I used to,

canter around the playground,

and then I would stop at the

bushes, and take the leaves off

the bushes to eat them (laughs)

so... people used to make fun of

me a bit but I tended not to

notice. So yeah, I had fun when I

was at little school. Then, when I

was at middle school, I was about

8 or 9, I was quite naughty. I got

into trouble at that time, and I

was always sent to the

Headmistress’ office, or being

made to stand outside, as I had

done things that I shouldn’t have

done. When I got to Secondary

School I was about 11, 12, or 13,

and I was a bit better again. I

wasn’t naughty, I had a nice

group of friends which was good

but I had to do more work.

Manny:Where did you attend

grade school?

Ms King: What’s grade


Manny:I think it’s Primary

School or something.

Ms King: Primary

school...So, how old should I be

in “grade school?

Manny:Maybe grade 1 or


Ms King: It was called St.

John’s School, and it was in a

little village. It was a very small


Manny:Where did you attend

high school?

Ms King: I went to Weydon,

which was somewhere in

England, a bigger school, and it

was scary.

Manny:Where did you attend


Ms King: That was in a

Farnham as well, just down the

road where I live.

Manny:What were your best

and worst subjects?

Ms. King: My best and worst

subjects...hmmmm...I always

loved writing and reading so I

loved literacy lessons especially

the ones where we were taught

poetry. I also loved art and

history. I wasn’t very good at

science, because I didn’t have a

very logical mind.

Manny:How were holidays

celebrated in your family?

Ms King: We spent holidays

in the countryside dog walking

and horse riding. I also spent a

lot of time myself, I think, in the

woods digging holes (laughs). I

enjoyed making secret hideouts!

Manny: Did your family have

special traditions? Oh, and that’s

the last question.

Ms King:

(mumbling,thinking) I can think

of a daily tradition, which is

little bit strange...um...when it

was time to feed the dogs (laughs)

every day my dad used to sing:

(singing) ‘Feed the dog-gies, let

them now it’s dinner

time!’ (laughs) (sung in the tune

of ‘Feed the World, let them

know it’s Christmas Time) Also,

when we had finished dinner we

used to say: ‘What’s for pudding?

Something from the cupboard?

Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes?’ That

was a tradition for me and my


Well, it seems that this

interview with Ms King has been

interesting for all. Look out for

the other interviews from the

Scarlet Macaws children.

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