17-06-13 Kingfishers, Eagles & Scarlet Macaws - The King's ...


17-06-13 Kingfishers, Eagles & Scarlet Macaws - The King's ...

Week beginning 17 th June 2013


Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our class assembly on Friday

afternoon. I think you will agree that the children had a great time and worked

really hard to make the performance fun for you to watch. Some pictures will

be going up on the school website, in the fortnightly newsletter very soon!

Thank you also to parents and children who came along to the summer fayre

today, it was lovely to see everyone smiling along together.

This what we have been up to this week:


We have been doing some more reading and writing activities based on the

story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' by Michael Foreman.

This week the children have got quite philosophical in their analysis of the

events and characters in the story.

We further explored the idea of 'paradise' and were interested to see that

paradise was different for different people. Here is what some of the different

children wrote:

'Paradise is a beautiful forest with green trees, fresh air and lots of gorgeous

creatures' -Leah

'Paradise is a huge castle on a hill, guard by minotaurs and a flying dragon' -


'Paradise is a swimming pool water world, full of slides and with candy at the

bottom of the pool that you can eat' -Ariel

We also wrote about what the character of the man is like, using evidence

from the text. We decided that the man was:

'Determined because he never gives up on trying to reach his paradise' -Joni

'Powerful and bossy because he has lots of people to do his work'. -Rory

'Not very smart as he doesn't even know that Earth is a paradise' - Leon

The children also had a great discussion about what it means to be powerful

and we thought about how power can be used for good and bad.

Finally we wrote about our favourite parts of the story giving reasons for our



This week we have been working on solving problems In small groups, using

our knowledge on shape and we have also continued to reinforce our learning

on counting in groups and times tables.

The children began by looking at picture problems such as:

How many square sin this picture?

Week beginning 17 th June 2013

How many triangles can you see in this picture?

The children really enjoyed solving these problems and got very competitive

about getting it right. The more problems they tackled, the quicker, and more

accurate the children's solving skills became.

Following this we moved on to solving problems such as: If I have 12

matches; how many squares can I make? And problems where they had to

make a particular shape using matchsticks, and then move only 2 sticks to

make a new shape.

We have also worked in pairs to complete race track problems (like the ones

the children had for their homework last week) racing against each other at

Week beginning 17 th June 2013

their 10, 5 or 2 times tables.


Our topic time this week has been used for practising for our assembly and

making the lovely props and elephant masks that the children used for the



This week, the children have learned a Chinese rhyme “ Frog ”. They have

also learned some vocabulary including “mouse”, “eyes”, “legs”, “jump”,

“find”, and “place” through the rhyme. They have practised numbers and

writing 1,2,3 in Chinese. For handicraft they made paper holder frogs.

Music (Mr Stapleton)

In our practices for speech day this week I have been videoing and recording

the children so they know what they sound and look like. This has been very

useful as we have been able to discuss the ways in which we might make

improvements to our performance. We have sung some other songs as well

this week which help to work on intonation of voice as well as making the

children think about actions. We are working on producing a nicer tone when

singing that is not shouted.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

Nikki King


Dear Parents,

I was very proud of the class on Monday this week for performing their assembly

on Ancient Egypt so well. Thank you to the parents who were free to support the

event. I have added the photographs to Dropbox. Today the children enjoyed

being the audience as we watched Kingfisher’s perform their assembly.

Congratulations to Daniel who received the first Platinum 2 Award for 200 house


On Monday the children need to bring in the ukuleles to school.

There is a gentle reminder (attached) that King’s a nut free policy with

snacks. All snacks containing any nut product will be removed. Thank you for

your understanding.

Please can you let me know what is the last date in school for your child if they

are leaving before Speech day (Friday 5 th June). This is so I can ensure I have all

their schoolwork and books ready for them.

Today the children had a marble reward, 15 minutes fun swim at the end of their

swimming lesson. The children have now filled their 500 marble jar and I will be

planning a trip either to bowling or laser tag on Monday 1 st July (during the last

week). Parents will be welcome to come along and join in.

It is our Summer Fair tomorrow!

Week beginning 17 th June 2013

In English this week we focused on our speaking and listening skills in

preparation for our class assembly. As a class we wrote about the assembly,

which they will edit for homework. The children have new reading books and

completed their spelling tests.

In Maths the Year 4 children practiced using a protractor to draw and measure

angles. The children used Learning Clip to order the angles of birds’ beaks! We

also looked at the angles in a right angle, a straight line and a whole turn. The

Year 3 children worked on finding a missing number when it is at the start of a

sentence. They are learning that inverse operations are: addition/subtraction,

doubling/halving and multiplication/division. By starting at the end and doing

the opposite or inverse operations you can work out the starting number


E.g. I think of a number, I double it and I add 6 to it. I get the answer 22, what

was my number? (So 22-­‐6 = 16, then halve it to get 8)

For homework please can the children edit the writing about assembly? I wrote

up their ideas but without any punctuation. The children can be the teacher and

correct the page, or if you prefer rewrite it correctly.

In Science the Year 4 children have thought about which animals live in different

habitats and the year 3 children have learned about the parts of a plant and their

different functions.

In Music our lessons are now mainly focused on preparation for our Speech day

performance of Hallelujah in Solaire. The children are singing the song in 2 parts

(soprano and alto) whilst also playing the ukulele. I have given out music sheets

with the chords on for children to practise at home, which I will also include with

this mailing. Children have been given the option to sing and play at the same

time, sing only or play the ukulele only, whichever way they feel most

comfortable. We will be combining with the Scarlet Macaws for this

performance and our lessons next week will be combined so that we can practise


In Art the children designed Egyptian photo frames for a photograph from our

class assembly. We used Egyptian pattern and hieroglyphics sheets to help us

design it. Additionally the children used ink pens to cut a pyramid into

sections. In each section the aim was to add a variety of detailed, small patterns.

This week in Chinese the children have studied the topic of dates including

writing 9 characters accurately. They have practiced those characters with

brush pens to review the rule of writing. They watched a video about the four

great Chinese inventions in the culture class.

The children also enjoyed working together as a team to play two games on the


Crack the code – the children have to identify a sequence of colours. A white light

tells you if you have the right colour, a black dot tells you that a colour has been

placed in the correct position.

Guess the character – pictures of different characters appear and the children

have to work together to identify them and to spell them correctly.

Week beginning 17 th June 2013

Facebook link -­‐ https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-­‐Kings-­‐School-­‐


We look forward to seeing you at the fair tomorrow!

Kind regards,

Corrie Tame


Dear Parents,

Here is what we have been up to this week:


This week our focus has been ‘Time’. The children started the week by taking a

time quiz in which they had to answer 15 questions about time such as:

How many hours and minutes in a day? How many days in a year/leap year?

How many weeks in a year? How many days in July/September etc?

Tricia was the champion of the quiz! I was however, very surprised with the

children’s lack of knowledge on the number of days in a month. As a result I

taught the children a rhyme that I used when I was at school (a long, long time

ago) and even use today when trying to remember the number of days in each


30 days has September, April, June and November

All the rest have 31

Except February that has 28 day clear,

And 29 each leap year.

We then discussed time difference across the globe (the homework is based on


The rest of the week we focused on solving time problems. The children were

taught how to use a blank number line in order to solve problems quickly and

accurately. The children took part in a special Time Quiz in which they had to

search the ground floor of the school for problems, solve them with their

partner, before moving on to find more. It was a race against the clock to make it

more exciting.


This week, the children started to create their story using their plan. The

children drew all the pictures for their story first, in order to make sure they

were relevant and told the story, then the children went back to add in their

writing. Once the class have finished their stories next week, the children will

have the chance to read their story to the Kingfisher and Ducklings children,

before finally giving them to their Kingfisher partner to keep. We will make

multiple copies so that we can also place them in the school library for others to

enjoy. The titles of the stories are as follows:

• Ariel and the Land of Sparkles by Michael (for Ariel)

The very scared ghost by Manny (for Leon)

Week beginning 17 th June 2013

The rude princess by Ester (for Leah)

• Prince Kato and the Skeleton Army by Vito (for Saxon)

• Joni to the rescue by Tricia (for Joni)

• Vector and I by Nico (for Rory)

I am incredibly impressed with their work so far and I am sure you will

absolutely love their finished stories. Brilliant work Scarlet Macaws!

Topic -­‐ Assembly

Next Friday the children are holding a short whole school assembly. I asked the

children if they could think of any ideas for this and the class decided on

RESPECT. In order to make this more of a learning experience for them, other

than delivering and presenting an assembly, I set the children the challenge of

writing the script for it. This week the children created a storyboard (through

discussion), allocated parts to each other and worked in pairs to write their own

speaking parts. They then put it together into one full script. Next week the

children will practice putting it all together.


This week the children have learned how to ask people where they live and the

characters about the topic. They have written an essay about themselves and had

a unit test. They have also spent some time reviewing the previous lessons

vocabulary. In their Chinese culture lesson, they learned about a Chinese legend

in the cartoon “NeZha”.


Our lessons are now mainly focused on preparation for our Speech day

performance of Hallelujah in Solaire. The children are singing the song in 2 parts

(soprano and alto) whilst also playing the ukulele. I have given out music sheets

with the chords on for children to practise at home, which I will also include with

this mailing. Children have been given the option to sing and play at the same

time, sing only or play the ukulele only, whichever way they feel most

comfortable. We will be combining with the Eagles for this performance and our

lessons next week will be combined so that we can practise the piece together.


I hope we will see you all the school fayre tomorrow. It starts at 9.30am and

we have lots of fun activities for all the family to take part in. It will be a

great morning!

Have a great weekend,

Ali J

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