KSM Newsletter December 7th 2012 - The King's International ...


KSM Newsletter December 7th 2012 - The King's International ...


issue 13, Term 1

Weekly newsletter for King’s School Manila


Headteacher’s Message

By Janet Brock


NewsPreparing for Christmas

Preparations for Christmas are well underway

and we are all going home with a light dusting

of glitter! Yesterday our giant 2D baubles

went up and today we are working on our

Christmas banner. We have done a lot of

cutting and pasting and have learnt all about

using tools and equipment safely.

The Ducklings have enjoyed our stories

this week now that we are all able to sit still

without wriggling, use our “listening ears,

looking eyes, and quiet lips!”

We have also been learning the correct way to catch and throw. There is certainly a lot to learn…

eyes on the ball, get our hands ready, move our feet and how to throw so that the ball goes where

it is supposed to! We have been practising with balloons as they move slower and mercifully

don’t hurt us if we accidentally catch with our face instead!

Next week is even busier as we begin preparing food and venture into the kitchen. We are

certainly looking forward to that!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Fair on Sunday!!!

Dear Parents

We are all really looking forward to our Christmas Fair on Sunday and the teachers and children have

been busy decorating the school and preparing the fun games that will be in the Village on the day.

We have joined with Aqualogic Swim Company who will be providing our swimming lessons next term

for all the children. They will have a table at the Christmas fair where you can meet them and learn more

about their techniques. There is also further information in this newsletter about them.

National Bookstore will be setting up in our library for parents to choose and purchase books and they

will also have a craft table set up where children can have a go at making something whilst parents browse

the books.

Our own Chef Nancy is setting up a BBQ if families want to buy some lunch and eating tables will be set

up inside where it is cool.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday.

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NewsA Bright Christmas for the


December is an exciting month – with the upcoming

holidays, arrival of Christmas ornaments, and barrage of

get-togethers, we can all appreciate the joys of the season.

All we need to do is drive through our neighborhoods to see

decorations and busy shoppers everywhere. Holiday songs

are heard; and Santa, reindeers, and Christmas trees are in

the thoughts and sentences of many children. The situation

outside the school is no different from the excitement

building in the Kingfishers Class!

The children are actively preparing for this glorious occasion

as well. They are working very hard to fill up their 300

Marble Jar, making Christmas ornaments, and practicing

for our Christmas Concert.

We have made Christmas stockings and trees using

different types of paper, lots of glitter and hoops to decorate

our Christmas Village. The children are also practicing

lovely songs that warm your heart with Mr. Stapleton in the

Music Room. We definitely are as busy as Santa’s Elves this

year and we are ecstatic to show you our best work at the

Christmas Fair and Christmas Concert!

Something Fun for the Family:

Music and singing are wonderful ways to communicate our feelings, and we often have many

feelings at this time of the year! When singing Christmas Carols, encourage traditional songs as

well as new songs like this one:

“I’m a Little Pine Tree”

(Sing to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little pine tree, tall and straight

Here are my branches for you to decorate (extend arms)

First we’ll put the shiny star on top (touch head)

Just be careful the balls don’t drop (clap hands)

Now be sure to plug in all the lights

So I will look very cheerful and bright

Then put all the presents under me,

I’m all set for Christmas, as you can see!

Aside from this, you may also read Christmas stories to your child from your home library. To

teach them the concept of giving and sharing, you could prepare Christmas cards with your

child that may be given to someone special like Grandma and Grandpa.

Merry Christmas to all from the Kingfishers!

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eagles News

Super Science

In Eagles class the Year 4 children have been learning about solids and liquids. They began

by identifying what solids and liquids are and the main differences between them. Next the

children discussed and made predictions about how solids could be changed into liquids and

vice versa. After experimenting we learned that some of these changes are reversible and some

are irreversible changes.

Recently the Year 4 children designed their own experiment to separate a variety of solids and

liquids using magnets, a sieve, tongs and the process of evaporation.

Year 3 have been learning about rocks and soils

this term. We identified that soil is made up

of many layers and the children drew fantastic

diagrams to show each layer.

After that we went outside to conduct an

experiment. We dug deep into the soil and

poured it into a bottle and added a few rocks

and leaves. We filled the bottle with water

and shook it so that the water went brown and

murky. The children then discussed what they

thought would happen and why. Over the

next week we found that the soil separated into

layers with the stones and clay soil sinking to

the bottom. Then there was a layer or thick soil

and the sandy soil settled on the top. Floating

on top of the clear water were the leaves and small insects!

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Scarlet macaws


Mental Maths

So, how much is 7x28? 145+328?

11x 54? 22+63+78? 4200 x5?

Are you picking up your pencil

to answer these questions? Are

you getting out your calculator?

If so, then wait! All of these

examples, and many more like

them, can be calculated easily

and quickly by simply using

mental maths.

Many people think of mental

maths as knowing the basic

single-digit addition and

multiplication facts. It is

important that children have fluency with the basic facts

because this knowledge helps children strengthen their number sense and hence problem


But facility with mental math goes beyond that. For example, it is important that children know

pairs of numbers that add up to 10, 100 and 1000. It is also important they can partition numbers

to help in their calculations. Take the calculation 28 x 7 as an example. Children in Scarlet

Macaws are taught to separate the tens from the units to calculate the answer. Children would

calculate 20 x 7 ( 2 tens x 7 = 14 tens = 140) and use their times tables knowledge to answer 8 x

7 (56) hence arriving at the answer 196 quickly, accurately and confidently.

Throughout our first term at King’s, the Scarlet Macaws have been working hard to improve

their mental maths skills. The children use a range of taught strategies to answer mental maths

problems quickly and in addition to this they ALWAYS explain their method to the class. Here

are some examples of our mental starters.

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“I am the Music Man” – “What

Can you Play”?

I often get asked the question about how old should a child be to start learning an instrument.

It’s not actually the most straightforward question to deal with, as there are many variables

that need to be considered before giving an answer. One of those variable concerns which

instrument to learn, and this itself can cause some confusion. My philosophy for music is really

one that hopes to get children interested in the subject first before committing to an individual

instrument. Many children are simply just not ready for and they need to learn to enjoy the

subject and understand its various disciplines first. In class, our first instrument is always the

voice. There is much to learn from singing that can help to build the skills necessary to transfer

onto an instrument later. Many of the techniques for getting children to sing are very similar to

those required for playing an instrument. These maybe;

Correct Posture, Breathing correctly, Using lungs and diaphragm to support the voice,

Experimenting with different sounds from the voice, Listening to our own voices and ensuring

we get the best sound, Memorising tunes or rhythms from songs, Beginning to sing music from

actual notation

Most instruments demand that you learn to read music in order to get the best out of that

instrument so it is usually recommended that children have developed their reading skills well

before they start trying to tackle the difficulties of music notation as well. Different instruments

also suit different personality types; Brass players are often outgoing independent people who

are good at socializing, String players are more likely to be patient perfectionists who may spend

hours making sure they are getting things right, Pianists are often good with organisational skills,

they are quite content with their own company and they enjoy challenge. Regular exposure to

different instruments is a good way to find out what you like and frequently children can be

inspired by performances they see live.

After Christmas the Scarlet Macaws and

Eagles will begin to learn the Ukulele.

This was a very popular instrument in

the 1950’s but has made a come back

recently following a number of hits by

Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars to name a

few. The Ukulele is really a small guitar;

it only has four strings and is ideal for

accompanying songs with chords. It

is quite straightforward to learn and

has an element of “coolness” to it. The

children will learn a variety of chord

patterns and rhythmic strumming

techniques along with learning treble clef and tab notation so that they learn how to teach

themselves new chords and pick out melodies. They will be able to take an instrument home

along with a teaching book so that they can practise and learn the responsibilities of looking

after a musical instrument. Due to the relative inexpensiveness of the ukulele and its versatility,

I believe it is a good starting instrument for many children. It may prepare the way for children

to want to play the guitar or other instrument. It is also very easily portable, so you can take it

on holiday. You never know, it may not be long before King’s produces our own George Formby,

Bruno Mars or Jason Mraz – and for the girls, even Taylor Swift played the Ukulele too!

Physical Education


Games To Play During A Power


case of a power outage whether you want to play games or not.

Last night when I got

home the receptionist

in the lobby told me

that the power would

be out on Saturday.

My daughter is away

but I got to thinking

about things to do

during a power outage

(Brownout here in the

Philippines). Livestrong.

com listed several fun

ideas of games that can

be played with young

children. The important

thing is to always have

working flashlights and

fresh batteries handy in

For Flashlight Scavenger Hunt each player needs their own flashlight. Having their own source

of light may help to ease the fears of young children. Call out clues of objects that can be found

in the room. The first person to shine their light on the correct object wins that round. For a

challenge move familiar objects to different places before playing.

Sound Search is a game played in the dark. All of the electronics and other gadgets that run on

electricity are often quite noisy, even if we don’t realize it. With the power out the house will be

unusually quiet, but there may be other sounds that you might not normally hear. Everyone sits

still and tries to identify as many different sounds as possible.

Create Shadow Puppets by taking turns holding the flashlight while someone makes a shadow

puppet with their hands.Let the others try to guess what it is. Then create Shadow Skits using

the different characters.

Guess the Object is played in the dark also. Select an object and hand it to your child. She tries

to determine what the object is without looking. Choose nonbreakable items without sharp

edges. Once your child figures it out they get to choose a new object for the next person.

These are a few good ideas of things to do when it is dark (whether the power goes out or not).

But if the power goes out during the day then that’s a great opportunity to get the whole family

away from the screens and out of the house!!

Mr. Cove

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School Manila Partners

with Aqualogic Swim Co.


About Aqualogic Swim Co.

We are a group of teaching professionals from various swimming backgrounds who are dedicated

to high-quality instruction and who share a passion for teaching swimming employing effective

methods developed through 20 years of experience.

Aqualogic’s Unique Offer

We conduct lessons using lots of colorful pool toys to make the learning experience fun and engaging for children. Most

of our teaching equipment are ordered from abroad and are not seen in other local swim schools.

Barfloats are effective aids for teaching kicks and improving balance. We use them instead of traditional kickboards.

Pool Noodles are cylindrical pieces of polyethylene

foam and are used by people of all ages for floating,

rescue reaching, aquatic exercise, and in various

forms of water play.

Foam Play Rafts are made of specially formulated

EVA foam that floats and withstand the weight of a

child. They come in colorful shapes and sizes for kids

to swim to and jump from.

Assorted Bath and Pool Toys are used in a structured

way to help children become at ease with the water

and promote competent swimming skills. We

have floating, sinking, pouring toys, and slides to

attract children and make their swim lessons more


Our International membership include:

Total Immersion Swimming TM is the world’s leading source of hands-on swim instruction,

teaching more improvement-minded swimmers each year than all other swim clinics combined.

The WABC (World Aquatic Babies Congress) is a global network of people focused on aquatic

programs for babies, toddlers and children. WABC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas,

practices, and strategies among professionals.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame’s mission is to promote the benefits and importance

of swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and the water safety of children.

What We Offer

• Learn-to-swim programs for all ages and levels

• Personalized coaching to bring out the best results (controlled student : coach ratio)

• Well-trained swim instructors dedicated to professional, world-class swim instruction here in

the Philippines and around Asia

3-12 years old

A creative and disciplined approach in teaching

children essential swim skills using interactive

games and engaging pool toys.

Swim strokes are introduced focusing on

technique and efficiency based on the principles of Total ImmersionTM - a method beneficial to

all levels of swimming ability as it teaches effortless and fish-like movement.

Highly individualized classes with a teacher-student ratio of 1:4

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