Mustang Special Edition

nder the premise of creating a small car(compared to American standards), lightweight, relatively inexpensive, with front bucket seat sand shifteron the floor, a special committee espent many years working in the Mustang, a car that ended up creating anew category, the American pony cars.

nder the premise of creating a small car(compared to American standards), lightweight, relatively inexpensive, with front bucket seat sand shifteron the floor, a special committee espent many years working in the Mustang, a car that ended up creating anew category, the American pony cars.


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Content<br />

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Source: History – Page 3 to 5<br />

Generations of mustang – page 6 to 12<br />

Where does the name of the <strong>Mustang</strong>? – page 13<br />

a movie star – page 14 to 26<br />

Curious Facts – page 27 to 28

3<br />


Ford <strong>Mustang</strong>: The first prototypes<br />

Under the premise of creating a small car(compared to American standards), lightweight, relatively<br />

inexpensive, with front bucket seat sand shifteron the floor, a special committee espent many years<br />

working in the <strong>Mustang</strong>, a car that ended up creating anew category, the American pony cars.<br />

In October1962,during the United States Grand Prix, presented a first prototype: the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> I<br />

Concept. Its designer was Gene Bordinat, under orders from Lee Iacocca, then president of Ford Motor<br />

Company. It was a Two-seater convertible and rode a four-cylinder engine in V, 1.5 liters and109 hp in<br />

central-rear position. His weight was only 700kgdesignhad little all with what would later be definitive.<br />

There was never any intention to produce in series because, despite producing great admiration by a<br />

hungry market developments, it was not a practical vehicle

4<br />

A prototype was presented in 1963,it was the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> II<br />

Concept .It already saw the out line soft what would be the<br />

final model.<br />

It had four seats and hardtop. Joe Oros was its designer. As a<br />

tribute, the décor remained the prototype of 1962. This<br />

prototype are used great<br />

admiration.<br />

There was also aprototypefour-door bodyintroducedin 1963

In the same year, 1963, we built aprototype4-door sedan that never saw the light. It was built in fiber<br />

glass and sedan sared is missed because e they lacked the original project youth counseling.<br />

A though the <strong>Mustang</strong> name had already been use din two prototypes, it was not untillate 1963 when it<br />

was decided the final name. <strong>Special</strong> Falcon, Cougar, Puma, Cheetah Bronco or were other alternatives<br />


6<br />


The Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> and its 45-year history<br />

When the famous Lee Iacocca, vice president of Ford Motor Company decided in 1961 to create a new<br />

sports car, with up to four people and attractive appearance, decided to create an icon of American<br />

automotive history.<br />

The conditions of the development team, the new sports car should be<br />

small (relative to vehicles of the time), light and inspired by European<br />

sports, which had shifter on the floor and bucket seats.<br />

Thus was born the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong>, an attractive sports car available in coupe<br />

and convertible configuration, which marked a major milestone in the U.S.<br />

and global auto industry. Powered by Ford Motor Company, its production<br />

began in Dearborn, Michigan on March 9, 1964 and was filed on April 17,<br />

1964 at the New York World's Fair, representing an immediate success<br />

when creating a new market segment (known as "Pony Car"). The name<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong> is the second oldest in the Ford range, just behind the F-Series trucks

7<br />

First Generation 1964-1973<br />

The first generation of the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> made in 1964, opened with<br />

a six-cylinder and 2.8-liter (170 cubic inches), was also used in the<br />

Ford Falcon, as well as chassis and three-speed transmission.<br />

Hits of the first generation<br />

- In 1964 417.000 units were sold<br />

- In 1965 he was presented the Shelby GT350, with 4.7-liter V8 engine<br />

(289 cubic inches) and an output of 306 hp (If even today in 2009 is a<br />

respectable figure, imagine in 1965).<br />

- The updated model in 1967 grew throughout total, which was designed to accommodate larger and more<br />

powerful engines. The 1967 <strong>Mustang</strong> has been considered the most attractive-looking <strong>Mustang</strong> of all time,<br />

which was commemorated with the class of 2004 and 2009.<br />

- In 1967 was released the Shelby GT500, which had a V8 engine that developed 355 horsepower.<br />

- In 1967, just peace for the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> and Chevrolet Camaro that appears.<br />

Second Generation 1974-1978

The second generation Ford Bronco, known as <strong>Mustang</strong> II, was a model of<br />

smaller proportions, which had four engines, six and eight cylinders. These<br />

changes were due to the oil crisis of 1973, which conditioned the auto<br />

industry to develop lighter vehicles, efficient and friendly to the<br />

environment (Sound familiar? Too bad they did not learn the lesson over<br />

30 years ago!) . The smaller size vehicle, as well as the power was<br />

compensated with more luxurious interiors.<br />

8<br />

Second generation Hits<br />

- Use plastic mass, aluminum and urethane bumper, in order to reduce weight.<br />

- In 1976 the <strong>Mustang</strong> Cobra II, which aims to commemorate the original Shelby <strong>Mustang</strong>.<br />

- The King Cobra is the first to use the logo <strong>Mustang</strong> 5.0, in 1978.<br />

Third Generation 1979-1993<br />

The third generation of the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> broke with previous generations of the "Pony Car" by<br />

incorporating more modern aesthetic solutions, even though they lost the original elements of the sport.<br />

This third generation of the <strong>Mustang</strong> remained largely unchanged for 14 years.

9<br />

Hits of the third generation of the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong><br />

- The third generation Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> was one of the first vehicle bumpers incorporated into the design of<br />

the body at both ends.<br />

- The convertible version joined the range in 1983.<br />

- Engine is offered with four, six and eight cylinders, and even turbo variants.<br />

- Her dimensions <strong>Mustang</strong> II, although its total weight was lower.<br />

- No power levels reached their ancestors, and which focused on increased fuel efficiency.

Fourth Generation1994-2004<br />

The fourthgeneration of theFord<strong>Mustang</strong>was introducedin the1994model year, debuting anewand<br />

evolvingexternal and internal appearance, which broke withthe lines ofthe third generationswitching<br />

tomore organicshapes andcurvesthat resultedin amorestreamlinedand aggressivesport.<br />

10<br />

Hitsof the fourth generationof theFord<strong>Mustang</strong><br />

-We used thesameengineof the third generation3.8-liter160-horsepowerV6for the base versionand<br />

the5.0-literV8of215 hpin the<strong>Mustang</strong>GTmodel.<br />

- Unlikeprevious generations, hatchbackversionswere removed, leaving only the coupeand<br />

convertibleversions.<br />

-In 1996the rangewas removed fromthe old5.0-literV8engine, replaced by the new4.6-literV8, which<br />

develops 260 hp.<br />

-Thefinal productionmodelof the fourth generationof theFord<strong>Mustang</strong>, was the lastthatwas<br />

manufacturedat the plant inDearborn, Michigan, as the nextgenerationis manufactured at<br />

theplantAutoAllianceinFlat Rock,Michigan.<br />

Fifth Generation 2005 to present<br />

As happened with the fourth generation of the <strong>Mustang</strong>, the fifth<br />

generation represented a radical change. The 2005 <strong>Mustang</strong> is a<br />

retro-inspired model in the first generation, specifically in the 1967<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>, which has regained its popularity, not only in America, but<br />

in different markets around the world.

Hits of the fifth generation of the Ford <strong>Mustang</strong><br />

11<br />

- Ford is the third retro style, after Thunderbird and Ford GT.<br />

- Was released in 2005 with two engines: 4.0-liter V6 that develops 202 hp for the base version and the<br />

4.6-liter V8 that develops 300 horsepower for the <strong>Mustang</strong> GT.<br />

- In 2006, the Shelby Cobra Release SVT V8 engine and an output of 500 horses.<br />

- At the 2009 Detroit Auto Show was presented the updated 2010 <strong>Mustang</strong>, which has a more refined<br />

look and terminations. Its base engine remains the 4.0-liter V6 that develops 202 hp, while the 4.6-liter<br />

V8 now develops 315 hp.<br />

- Was recently presented with the 2010 Shelby GT500 supercharged V8 engine, which develops an<br />

output of 540 horses.<br />

- The new Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> 2010, alongside the new Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger, represent<br />

the new generation of "Pony Cars" Americans.

The origin name of a legend<br />

13<br />

The term "<strong>Mustang</strong>" is derived from the Spanish word 'Mestena' meaning group or herd of horses, and<br />

applies to the "wild" horses of western America. The mustangs were mounted by the Indians and the<br />

white man. The <strong>Mustang</strong> was also the source of a large number of American races. Retained many of<br />

the features Spanish, especially with regard to color. When the conquistadors arrived in the Americas,<br />

the horse had already extinct about 10,000 years. The Spanish brought horses and cattle to the New<br />

World and this would be the action that founded the great cattle industry to be developed extensively<br />

during the nineteenth century. Once the Spanish had been established, after the destruction of the<br />

Aztecs and other indigenous peoples, a large number of Spanish horses escaped or were released and<br />

became wild.<br />

Spanish horses we describe now as And a lusian, was one of the finest races and was considered the<br />

most important in Europe. They formed the nucleus of the great herds of wild horses spread<br />

throughout Mexico, the United States and the western plains of North America.<br />

Sois the <strong>Mustang</strong><br />

At the beginning gof the twentieth century, amounted million wild horses roamed the western states.<br />

How ever, by 1970, their number had been drastically reduced a result of the massacre and whole sale,<br />

to provide pet food and meat for human consumption. The <strong>Mustang</strong> (Wild Horse) is now protected by<br />

law and is preserved on reservation sas the research center Bronco in Porterville, California. The<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong> has classic Spanish profile, thick neck and crowned, and the lush grow thof the mane that is<br />

typical of modern And a lusian. The former type of <strong>Mustang</strong> was of then much less attractive and many<br />

hada heavy head. The picture of this horse and his whole appearance is completely Spanish. The<br />

impression given is of force combined with an air balance and athletic.<br />

The <strong>Mustang</strong> has good for e quarters , strong and powerful shoulder. The crosses are not from but a<br />

rety pic a lof ancient Spanish blood. The legs and hooves of the <strong>Mustang</strong>, as shoes are not protected,<br />

are hard and resistant. In fact, these horses can travel over the roughest terrain with out their helmets<br />

suffer. The else tripe running down the back Is a primitive trait that is still in the horses of Spanish<br />

origin. The <strong>Mustang</strong> can be found in all equine colors and height is13.2-15hh.


14<br />

1964<br />

007 - GOLDFINGER<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1964 1 Convertible<br />

Synopsis: "An evil tycoon Auric Goldfinger, wants to detonate a bomb in Fort Knox, where all the gold<br />

Federal Reserve of the United States, and to dramatically increase the price of the yellow metal"

1968<br />

15<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1968 GT-390<br />

Synopsis: "After the violent death of an informer willing to act as witness in a Senate subcommittee<br />

investigating the Mafia, a dedicated police detective in San Francisco will do everything possible to<br />

unravel the dark political implications of the case that has been assigned, especially when he<br />

discovers that the victim is actually alive. Lt. Bullitt, responsible for the safety of witnesses, shall<br />

demonstrate integrity and professionalism while risks his own life and that of his girl. "

1971<br />


16<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1971 Mach I<br />

Synopsis: "Sir Donald Munger, president of the International Union Diamond, sounds the alarm when it<br />

found that over two years has been disappearing from the world market a lot of diamonds. James<br />

Bond impersonating a famous smuggler, initiates investigations. accomplished secret agent contact<br />

Burt Saxby, director of a casino on behalf of Willard Whyte, a mysterious millionaire who is suspected<br />

proposed destabilize the diamond market. Bond discovers, among other businesses, finances Whyte<br />

space research center, behind which is Blofeld, who, with diamonds that has been built up, built a<br />

huge and menacing laser beam that has been in orbit around the Earth, and which seeks to achieve its<br />

objective awful.

17<br />

'1974<br />


Synopsis: "an insurance investigator uses his business to cover up illegal activities that give great<br />

benefits: stealing cars and change their enrollment. One day he was commissioned to steal 48 cars<br />

and deliver them all within two days. Surrounded by the best thieves are gathering vehicles listed.<br />

police discover this network through an infiltrator. history is complicated and, coincidentally, the last<br />

car on the list is a Ford Musta1, 1973, which they call 'Eleanor' . "<br />

1988<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1968 Shelby GT-350H<br />

Synopsis: "The baseball season opens with a rough episode when the new catcher Bull Durham,"<br />

Crash "Davis hits the cocky young pitcher," Nuke "LaLoosh, who by contract must train.'sWhen the<br />

sexy Annie Savoy informs both men that each player chooses a championship to share the season,<br />

and Nuke and Crash are this year's candidates. After Crash reject the offer, Nuke excited enlists in the<br />

paper "fling "Annie summer until Crash's jealousy imposed and this convinces Nuke that sex with<br />

Annie can give jinxed his newfound winning streak. Costner and Sarandon sparks laza performs one of<br />

the juiciest interpretations of all American comedy treasure in this film about another American<br />

pastime. "

18<br />

1999<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1983 Convertible<br />

Synopsis: "Steve Everett is a journalist working for a local newspaper in Oakland, across the bay from<br />

San Francisco. His wife, also a journalist, dies in a car accident while preparing an article on Frank<br />

Beachum, a sentenced to death for the murder of a young pregnant woman. commissioned by his<br />

boss, Everett condemned interview the day before his execution, and suspicious of the innocence of<br />

the accused decides to find out the truth in the twenty hours remaining to be serving a sentence. "

2000<br />


19<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1967 "Shelby GT500"<br />

Synopsis: "For some time now Randall" Memphis "Raines has left his criminal past. Unpleasant but<br />

receives visit from an old friend and to save his brother, he is forced to do what he does best: stealing<br />

cars. All comes down to one night, 50 cars and a contract. motorsport fan, Memphis has a passion for<br />

cars and overwhelmed is a legend in the business of car theft. No one resists any lock or<br />

alarm.'snothing stopping you. And the proof is that your car will be ... 60 seconds. "

2001<br />


20<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1966 Convertible Synopsis: "Mia Thermopolis (Hataway) is a brilliant but shy teenager whose<br />

goal in life is to survive each school day with a minimum of attention and embarrassment. Yet his<br />

desire to be invisible is thwarted when her strict grandmother arrives and given the awful news that<br />

she is a princess of Verda, heir to the throne in Genovia. Furious, the girl reluctantly agrees to take<br />

princess lessons and make the most important decision of his life ... in three weeks. thus begins<br />

transformation to acquire a comic elegance and poise of a princess. "<br />

2003<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 2002 Saleen Synopsis: "The film shows the personal and professional lives of two officers of<br />

the police department of Los Angeles: Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford), a disenchanted and tenacious<br />

police found at the top of his career, even though his personal life is falling apart on all sides, and his<br />

partner, KC Calden (Josh Hartnett), a young pa-pears to be more interested in their work "alternative"<br />

as a yoga instructor and especially actor, who the important research being carried out on a gangland<br />

murder. "

2005<br />


21<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1965 Shelby GT-350H Synopsis: "The film, a contemporary version of the classic HG Wells,<br />

describes the extraordinary battle that rages to save mankind through the adventures of a fa-mily U.S.<br />

and their struggle to survive. Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier, spring downloader, divorced father nothing<br />

exemplary. Shortly after his ex-wife (Miranda Otto) and her new husband go after leaving Robbie, your<br />

hi-ho teenager (Justin Chatwin) and young daughter Rachel (Dakota Fanning) for one of his rare visits,<br />

and unexpected bursts tremendous thunderstorm. moments later, at an intersection near the house,<br />

Ray witnesses an event that will change your life and theirs forever. a huge three-legged machine<br />

emerges from the ground before anyone can do anything, destroys everything within reach. a day like<br />

any other has just become the most extraordinary day of his life: the first alien attack against Earth. ray<br />

runs for their children to keep them away from the enemy and launches into a journey that will take<br />

them a devastated country, caught between the human tide of refugees fleeing from an extraterrestrial<br />

army of Tripods. But much to run, no place to refuge, only Ray's unconquerable will to protect their<br />

loved ones. "<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1967 Hardtop Synopsis: "On the surface, Tim is a seemingly ordinary guy in his twenties.<br />

Has a decent job and is moving fast in his relationship with his girlfriend Jessica. But intense fear,<br />

terror paralyzing him from childhood haunts him. Y the situation gets worse every day. When Tim was<br />

eight, something devastating happened. every night, his father put him to sleep with a story. Many of<br />

these stories have a point of terror, much to the chagrin of his mother, but Tim and his father made<br />

sure his bedroom was safe when the lights went out. Until one fateful night ... "

THE WRONG TURN (KM 666)<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 1968 Hardtop<br />

22<br />

Synopsis: "Six teenagers traveling by car when suddenly veering off course need to find the road<br />

blocked by an accident. But young people are lost in the dense forests of West Virginia, where they will<br />

be pursued by a human race of cannibals , horribly disfigured by his unnatural power over<br />

generations. "<br />

2006<br />


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 2006 Convertible Synopsis: "The Privilege and beauty abound at Spenser Academy, a<br />

boarding school in New England aimed at the ruling elite of the region. The Sons of Ipswich are four of<br />

these young students bound by their sacred ancestry. As descendants of the first families who settled<br />

in Ipswich Colony in the 1600s, the boys have all been born with special powers. When, suddenly, fifth<br />

descendant moves to the city, they begin to unravel some secrets that threaten to break the covenant<br />

of silence that has protected their families for years ... "

2007<br />


23<br />

<strong>Mustang</strong>: 2007 Shelby GT-500 Synopsis: "Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even<br />

this could not prevent the spread of a terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable and manmade.<br />

Neville, somehow immune to this virus, is now the last remaining human survivor in New York city and<br />

maybe the world. for three years, Neville has constantly sent daily radio messages, desperate to find<br />

out if I could find other survivors who might be elsewhere. but not alone. mutant victims of the plague,<br />

the Infected lurk in the shadows ... watching every single move of Neville ... waiting for him to make a<br />

fatal mistake. Maybe for the last best hope of mankind, Neville see driven by only one remaining<br />

mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But know you<br />

are at a disadvantage ... and time is running out. "


<strong>Mustang</strong>: 2007 Saleen<br />

25<br />

Synopsis: "For many centuries, two races of robotic aliens, the Autobots and Decepticons, started a<br />

war for the fate of the universe. When the battle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil<br />

Decepticons absolute power is the young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). But Sam is just a teenager like<br />

many others, who cares about school, friends, cars and girls. Unaware that represents the last chance<br />

for the survival of human beings, Sam and his friend Mikaela (Megan Fox) are caught in the war<br />

between Autobots and Decepticons. the world depends on Sam, I finally understood the meaning of<br />

the Witwicky family motto: "there is no victory without sacrifice" .. '

27<br />

Curious Facts<br />

- The launch price was $ 2.368 U.S. dollars<br />

- On his first day on the market, 22,000 Americans bought a <strong>Mustang</strong> and the first year of sales,<br />

417,000 units had been placed<br />

- <strong>Mustang</strong>s not only conquered the market really. By December of 1964 were sold in the United<br />

States 93,000 <strong>Mustang</strong>s pedal, the children's favorite gift in this Christmas<br />

- The <strong>Mustang</strong> was the first, and perhaps the only car that was parked on the observation deck of the<br />

Empire State Building in New York. In October 1965, Ford engineers disassembled a <strong>Mustang</strong><br />

Convertible 66 and put him into four sections to the 86th floor, using the same task in the<br />

passenger elevators<br />

- To date, more than eight million <strong>Mustang</strong>s have been sold. Over 17 consecutive years the <strong>Mustang</strong><br />

was the best-selling sports car in the United States

28<br />

The Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> is the most popular car on Facebook<br />

The Ford <strong>Mustang</strong> hit a record high in the virtual world, having passed the four million fans on<br />

Facebook, a figure that makes it the most popular vehicle within the social network.<br />

With a growth of about 14 000 followers a day, Ford attributes this growth to the legacy of the brand<br />

after more than 50 years of history and feel fortunate to have a very passionate fan base.<br />

Because the fans are responsible for the success of the <strong>Mustang</strong> on Facebook, Ford also used as a<br />

means to grow the family through videos like the 2013 <strong>Mustang</strong> commercial that debuted in the<br />

Daytona 500 and was seen more than a million times with a total of 80 000 'likes'.

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