As by definition, the term ‘reparation’ means “the making amends for wrong” with synonyms such as atonement and renewal following right behind. In many other languages, the term relates to money, repairing simple things such as kitchen appliances, and even as a duty to repair a relationship with someone because of an unkind remark against them. The word itself is even written and spoken the same as it is in the English version in some countries, and what a perfect way to create a universal way to begin a trend of unification and purification. The lifestyle trend book for the Fall and Winter 2014 and 2015 season will consist of themes that will not only address the overall theme, which is “Reparation”, but will further go into detail and tend to the daily life- furniture, fashion, life, and much more. Trends such as Escapism”, “Humble Luxury”, “Purity”, “Inviolability”, and “Reborn and Revived” all consist of detailed information such as exploring spirituality, the beauty of black and white, and growing from within. Reparation is a time for ourselves, but it is also a lifestyle and a trend for the Fall and Winter 2014 and 2015 season.

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