Walks in Pennine Yorkshire Viking Villages and Summer Wine ...


Walks in Pennine Yorkshire Viking Villages and Summer Wine ...

Walks in Pennine Yorkshire

Holme Valley: Viking villages and Summer Wine Country


Viking villages and Summer Wine Country

Seven villages make up the Holme Valley: Honley, Meltham, Netherthong,

Upperthong, Underbank, Hepworth and Wooldale. These picturesque villages

are surrounded by countryside, moorland and the Peak District National Park.

This circular walk takes you through Victoria Park, Netherthong and along the

River Holme. The name ‘Thong’ is believed to be associated with Viking invaders

who took control of a large part of Northern England. The name is most likely to

be derived from the Viking word ‘thong’ which meant a strip of land.

After completing your walk, there’s no better way to end the day than with a tasty

treat. Whether you fancy a pot of Yorkshire tea or a home-brewed pint, a saucersized

scone or a hearty pub meal, the Holme Valley has it all. Pick up a copy of

‘Explore Pennine Yorkshire’ for ideas on where to go.

Map: Ordnance Survey Bradford & Huddersfield No. 288. Explorer Map.

1:2500 Scale

Public Transport: Bus numbers 308, 312, 313, 314 and 316 from Huddersfield

to Holmfirth.

Visit: www.wymetro.com for full details.

Distance: 8 kilometres (5 miles)

Warning: This walk has steep steps, sections of the road without pavement and

you need to cross a stream.

Start Point: Holmfirth Tourist Information Centre.

From Holmfirth Tourist Information Centre turn right into the car park and follow

the uphill paved path to the right, into Victoria Park.

Walk a few metres towards the alley between the houses at Binns Lane. Turn

right on to Holt Lane, look to your right and enjoy the impressive views of the

Holme Valley. At Wellfield T junction go right down Holt Lane. This lane becomes

a track called Mark Bottoms Lane. Continue forward as the lane narrows into a

path. You will hear, then see, a stream on your right. At a fork in the path, turn

down to cross the stream via the stepping stones.

After the stream, turn right through the trees. The next section of path is very

wet – more like a stream bed. When you reach higher ground the going gets

easier. Continue up the narrow path to a lane, where you can take a short break

on the seating provided. After your rest, turn right towards the houses where the

track widens into Broomy Lea Lane and leads into Netherthong.

From Netherthong turn right then go left down to Oldfield before the church.

Then, take a left at Church House onto Giles Street and take a sharp right onto

Dean Brook Road. Go left on to a public footpath (opposite houses) into the

wood. Go right to cross the stream via a bridge then up the stone steps. Turn

right at Deanhouse, through the houses onto a wide track. Go left in front of the

Cricketers Arms to pass New Laithe Farm, go through the gate and continue

forward up the hill to the right of the windmill. Follow the path as it bends right

in to an open field and cross a stone stile into a second field. Cross the second

field heading towards Castle Hill in the distance. Cross a second stile into a

third field and through a gap stile to cross a narrow road. Go forward through

another gap stile into another field and bear right down a narrow path between

a wooden fence and a wall. Follow the path down to the road, turn right.

Take the second path on the left over a stone stile to cross a field diagonally to

another stone stile and into a second field. Continue to the right of the wall to

another stile. Go over this stile then over another stile into the field, keeping left

of the wall to Long Lane.

Go right onto Long Lane then left onto Oldfield Road. At the junction of roads go

right onto Upper Hagg Road through the bends to take the path left into Hagg

Wood. At the bottom of the wood, cross Woodhead Road and go down Lancaster

Lane – sign posted Holme Valley Camping and Caravan Park.

Turn right onto a track at the campsite, then cross the river via a concrete

bridge, then turn right onto a road to follow the river to a converted mill.

Take the footpath on the right of the mill, go up six stone steps and continue

forward into a wood. At a junction of paths near a small wooden gate, turn

right into the wood and nearer to the river [danger: steep drop].

Leave the wood by a stone gap stile and go straight forward, with the cricket

pitch on your right, through another gap stile. At a third gap stile turn left up a

surfaced lane. At the wider road, turn right, and then left up Berry Bank Lane,

keeping to the main track. This track widens out at some new houses – this is

the site of the old Holmfirth Railway Station.

At the end of Bramble Bank, go down New Mill Road and Station Road towards

Holmfirth. Turn right down the path opposite the house No. 60 then cross a

minor road and go down the steps to cross the river. Walk along the side of the

river back into Holmfirth.

Honley Moor

Long Lane


Railway Station


Oldfield Road

Camp site/caravan park

Public houses


Moor Lane B6107

Greenfield Road A635

Wolfstones Road




Town Gate

Den Brook Road

New Road B6107

Huddersfield Road A6024

New Mill Road A635

River Holme

New Mill Road A616


Holmfirth Road A635


Thurstonland Bank Rd.

Royds Avenue

Greenhill Bank Road



Cold Hill Lane







River Holme

Brow Lane

Cemetary Lane

Rotcher Rd



Walks in the Holme Valley

• Holme Valley Riverside Way: A 6 mile route through Holmfirth and

Honley to Digley Reservoir.

• Holmbridge and Holme Walk: A 5¼ mile route in the upland area above

Holmbridge and Holme Village.

• Holme Valley Circular: A 24 mile route with panoramic views.

• Hills and Hamlets: A 10.5 mile circular walk taking you through the

villages of Upperthong, Netherthong and Wooldale, many sections on old

packhorse trails.

• Sampling the hills: A 1.9 mile circular stroll to Upperthong with

spectacular views.

Further information is available from Holmfirth Tourist Information

Centre, tel: 01484 222444 or visit www.pennineyorkshire.com

January 2010

Lower Holme Valley

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