Love Has No Pride-Schidler/Kögler -

Love Has No Pride-Schidler/Kögler -


Running Open Natural Turn;

1, 2/&, 3;

fwd R comm RF turn, sd & bk L turning RF/ bk

R, bk L;

11 Back to Tumble Turn; 1, 2/ &, 3;

bk R turn 1/4 LF, cont LF turn sd L/ cont LF fwd

R outside partner with strong rise, cont LF

turn fwd L lowering pivoting LF;

12 Outside Check; bk R, sd & fwd L turning LF, fwd R outside



Back Tipple Chasse Pivot;

14 Spin Turn; → A15

1, 2/ &, 3;

bk L, sd R turning RF/ cl L, fwd R between ptr's

feet pivoting 1/2;

BJO M facing DRC

CP M facing DRC

BJO M facing DRW

CP M facing RLOD

1, 2/ &, 3;

fwd L, fwd R/ fwd L, fwd R;

1, 2/ &, 3;

fwd L turn 1/4 LF, cont LF turn sd R/ cont LF bk

L outside partner with strong rise, cont LF turn

bk R lowering pivoting LF;

fwd L, sd & bk R turning LF, bk R outside


1, 2/ &, 3;

fwd R, sd L turning RF/ cl R, back L pivoting


15 Box Finish LOD; bk R, sd L turing LF fc LOD, cl R; fwd L, sd R turing LF fc RLOD, cl L;

16 Hover Telemark; fwd L, fwd R rising turning LF, fwd L; bk R, bk L brush R turning LF, fwd R;

SCP facing LOD

17 Wing; fwd R, turning body LF,-; fwd L, fwd R turning LF, fwd L turning LF;

18 Turn L, R Chasse; 1, 2/ &, 3;

fwd L, turing LF sd R/ cl L, sd L turning LF;

19 Back Locks; → B8


Hesitation Change DLC;

SCAR M facing DLC

BJO M facing DRC

1, 2/ &, 3;

bk R, turing LF sd L/ cl R, sd R turning LF;

bk L comm RF turn, sd R turning RF, draw L; fwd R comm RF turn, sd L turning RF, draw R;


(1-4) Open Impetus; Weave SCP;; Thru to Hinge & Extend;;

1 Open Impetus; → C1

2-3 Weave SCP; → C8-9

3 Thru to Hinge; → B3

4 Extend; extend shaping into hinge line;


Exiting from hinge line may be hesitated so that the leader's timing is -, -/ &, 3; the followers

timing is -, 2/ &, 3;.


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