10-in-1 Remote Control - Kompernass


10-in-1 Remote Control - Kompernass

• Explosion hazard! Non-rechargeable batteries must never

be recharged.

• Do not open the batteries or short-circuit them.

• Battery acid leaking from a battery can cause inflammation

of the skin. In event of contact with the skin, rinse with

large amounts of water. If the liquid comes into contact

with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, do not rub

and immediately consult a doctor.


The Universal remote control contains an infrared diode

of laser class 1. In order to avoid eye injuries do not look at

the diode with optical devices.

Damage to the device

• If the device is defective, do not attempt to repair it yourself.

In case of damage, contact the manufacturer or the

manufacturer's service hotline (see Warranty information).

• If liquid escapes from the device or if the device has been

otherwise damaged, it must be inspected by the manufacturer

or the manufacturer's service hotline. Contact the

manufacturer or the manufacturer's service hotline (see

Warranty information).

• Take the batteries out of the battery compartment as soon

as they are depleted.

• If you will not be using the device for a long period of time,

remove the batteries to prevent them from discharging.

• Always change all batteries at the same time and always

use batteries of the same type.

Device summary

q LCD display

w /ALL OFF button

e Device buttons

r S button

t Arrow buttons

y EXIT button

u P +/— buttons

i MACRO button

o Number buttons

a Button for one or two digit programme numbers

s Teletext function buttons

d Illumination button

f AV button

g Record/Playback buttons

h Mute switching

j VOL +/— buttons

k MENU button

l OK button

1( FAV / EPG button

2) Infrared sender/receiver

2! Battery compartment cover

- 3 -

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