IAN 75092 IAN 75092 - Kompernass


IAN 75092 IAN 75092 - Kompernass



Congratulations on the purchase of your new appliance.

You have clearly decided in favour of a quality product. These

operating instructions are a part of this product. They contain

important information in regard to safety, use and disposal.

Before using the product, familiarise yourself with all of these

operating and safety instructions. Use the product only as described

and only for the specified areas of application. Retain

these instructions for future reference. In addition, pass these

documents on, together with the product, to any future owner.


This documentation is copyright protected. All rights including

those of photographic reproduction, duplication and

distribution by means of particular methods (for example

data processing, data carriers and data networks), wholly

or partially as well as substantive and technical changes are


Important safety instructions

Proper use

Children may only operate the remote control under adult


The universal remote control can replace a maximum of ten

remote controls. It can only be used for entertainment electronics

with infrared receivers. The functions of the Universal

remote control essentially correspond to those of the original

remote control. The universal remote control is intended for

private use. It is not suitable for commercial use.

Any other use is considered improper use. The manufacturer

accepts no responsibility for damage caused by improper

handling or unauthorized reconstruction.


A warning of this danger level signifies a possible dangerous

situation. If the dangerous situation is not avoided it can lead

to injuries. The directives in this warning are there to avoid

personal injuries.


A warning of this danger level signifies possible property

damage. If the situation is not avoided it can lead to property

damage. The directives in this warning are there to avoid

property damage.


A note signifies additional information that assists in the

handling of the device.

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