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Návštěvní řád Krkonošského národního parku - Krkonoše

Návštěvní řád Krkonošského národního parku - Krkonoše

6) The conditions of car

6) The conditions of car entry, stay and driving in the area of the National Park including the fees are determined by the Public Notice No 2/1995 of the Administration and the persons within the boundaries of the Park shall abide by them. ARTICLE 3 Mountain Cycling It is forbidden to practise cycling in the Park outside roads, local communications and paths designated for that purpose with the consent of the Administration. The paths for mountain cycling and the conditions of their operation are determined in a special decision of the Aministration. ARTICLE 4 Mountaineering und flying 1) In the area of the National Park it is forbidden to practise mountaineering with the exception of following parts: – Hnědé skály rocks (k. ú. Strážné, p. p. č. 1958/1) – Hranostají skála rock (k. ú. Strážné, p. p. č. 1892) – Emin kámen stone (k. ú. Labská, p. p. č. 103/16, 17) – Lubošské scaly rocks (k. ú. Harrachov, p. p. č. 1033/36) All the nature components of the mountaineering terrains will receive maximum protection. 2) Paragliding and hang-gliding are forbidden in all the area of the Park with the exception of the operation parts of the delimited flight corridors determinate by independent decision of The Administration. Operating areas are marked by signboards with obligatory signs. ARTICLE 4a Water sports 1) It is possible to do water sports – run down the Jizera river und upper reach of the Labe river (reach Labská Dam-Kukačka) on the crafts without an engine. 2) To aboard and get off the craft is possible only on determinated places. Those places and their entrances are marked with signboards. 3) To do water sports on the Labe river is possible only under permission of The Administration. Floating time of the day is from 8 AM till 6 PM. Terrain Service Centre of the Administration in Špindlerův Mlýn emits the permission with other floating conditions. ARTICLE 5 Information, educational and enlightening activities The protection of nature, the educational and enlightening use of the National Park are directed and organized by the Administration. For these purposes there are information centres established in Pec pod Sněžkou, Špindlerův Mlýn, Vrchlabí, Harrachov and Rokytnice nad Jizerou. While organizing this activity the Administration cooperate with the municipal and local authorities. The above listed centres provide information about closed-down ways (art.2, par. 5), the cyclotouring tracks (art. 3) etc. ARTICLE 6 The guards of nature, fines 1) The inspection over keeping the rules within this Public Notice and other generally obligatory legal regulations is carried out by the guards of nature of the Administration. After showing their service-card, the guards are entitled to:

a) determine the identity of persons infringing the regulations in the sphere of nature protection, b) impose and collect the block fines up to 1000 Kč, c) stop the infringing activity if its continuation should endanger the nature immediately, d) detain a suspicious person who is found to be breaching legal regulations regarding nature and country for identification and hand that person over to the Czech Republic Police Authority; caught persons are obliged to obey, e) ask for help or co-operation of the Czech Republic Police Authority possibly municipal police if meeting their obligations cannot be ensured through their own powers and means. 2) Trespassing the regulations within the Public Notice can be fined by the Administration in the case of physical person up to 10.000 Kč; the legal as well as physical persons undertaking business activities can be fined up to 500.000 Kč. ARTICLE 7 Transient, general and final regulations 1) The entrance prohibition under art. 2, par. 4 does not concert the owners and tenants of the land. 2) For the purpose of this Public Notice winter period is meant within December 15 and March 15. 3) The effect of this Public Notice as amended starts on April 15, 1993. Note: The amendment to Act 114/1992 Coll. – the Nature and Landscape Protection Act, as subsequently amended, on the basis of which the Visitors’ Rules were issued, raised the penalties for breaking the Visitor’s Rules, with the limits now being 20 000 CZK for private individuals and 1 000 000 CZK for commercial entities, applicable as of 1 June 2006.

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