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What’s Behind “A Girl’s

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Golden Homes New Showhome ‘


Silhouettes softer and

more fluid and layering

is stronger than ever

This season offers a magic potion of colour, texture

and pattern that meets demands for warmth and

lifestyle. There’s a new form in fashion this winter

with silhouettes softer and more fluid and layering

is stronger than ever. Check out the following key

details to help you put your winter wardrobe


Preview can offer you all these vital winter pieces complete with our $39

tights and $69 scoop neck under tops available in black, white, red, teal,

purple, orange, cobalt and cream.

Every label Preview has to offer has included the ever popular tunic

in their ranges with new labels R.J.C., Vargo and Café being no


The free Preview knitwear brochure is in store, ready to scoop up

and inspire that winter purchase. Preview is proud of the winter 09

collection it has in store and provides something for every attitude,

lifestyle and body shape.




Key Details

Buttons, oversized and



Hardware trims

Accent stitching

“I love this layering look- it is so easy to wear and comfortable to

boot. You can add colour or stick to black depending on your mood.

Change your look by adding accessories and wear it loose or

cinched for more body shape.

The team at Preview- Liz, Lauren, Lorraine, Amanda, Alli and

Leigh look forward to helping you put together that important

winter look. Special welcome to ‘Baby Lyla’.


Liz Hicks,

Preview Styling Director and Fashion Editor

156-158 King St,

Pukekohe 09 238 9345

Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz



Follow the basic rules for layering and you will have a

key trend for this winter.

Start with plain under pieces and tights or slim pants.

Add your tunic - pattern, plain, knit or woven.

Complete the look with fine long line knitwear.

Accessorise with chunky costume jewellery and for

more form, a soft cinch belt.

Key Fabrics

Bold prints



Stretch for comfort

Shot fabrics

Mesh and lace

Metallic highlights

Key Colours

Black (surprise, surprise!)




Highlight Colours, Violet,

Fuchsia, Magenta, Mexican red,


Winter 2009

Must Haves

Fashion coat/ trench


Slim line pant/ legging/ jean

Layering slips

Fashion knitwear

Your basic black/ white

or colour undertop

Fine gauge cardis

Winter dress


Fashion Tips or Trips!

Ask our Local Experts

Kerryn Chaplin


What is exciting in the new

season’s fashion looks – styles,


Hair fashion this season seems

to be heading towards the

shorter styles. With all versions

of the ‘bob’ being seen, with

or without fringes, curly, wavy

or sleek. Colour is bold and

confident with our latest colour

collection being reminiscent of

the classic movie heroine.

Simple tips to transform your


There are lots of ways to change or update your look. One of the

easiest and most obvious is to change your hair colour. There are so

many soft blondes, rich reds and striking brunettes to choose from.

Talk to your stylist about what will suit you best.

What do you recommend for hair care over winter?

Through the colder months your hair is subjected to so many

more external aggressions, like extended blow drying, artificial

heating and wind, it is important that you are giving it the protein

and moisture it needs. I recommend an overnight treatment like

Kerastase Noctogenist, which works on the hair while you are

sleeping to renew and soften. Also, Kerastase Nectar Thermique

is a fantastic tool to use to smooth and protect dry hair while blow

drying and flat ironing.

Any new looks for hair fashion that you personally like?

I love that we are slowly heading away from poker straight hair and

moving towards softer and more feminine waves.

What is your biggest fashion no-no?

Giant regrowth! Just don’t do it! If you are going to colour your

hair more than two shades different to your natural colour, please

have your new growth touched up every 4-6 weeks.

What 3 things never become unfashionable and why?

1 Beautiful healthy hair will never become unfashionable, it should

be one of your biggest investments, as along with your skin it is the

only thing that you wear every single day!

2 A tailored classic coat in a neutral colour.

3 Having a beautiful smile will also never go out of fashion as far as

I’m concerned!

Sue Clark


What is exciting in the

new season’s fashion looks

– styles, colours?

Layering, long line and shot

knits. Fabulous for winter as

we can get four seasons in

one day. Reds, black, greys.

Textures and embellishments.

What’s taking your eye for

current fashion? Higher

waisted pants, great for the

mature woman. Textured

knits – jackets and coats a

must for winter.

What are some of the worst fashion disasters you have seen?

When wearing clothes too fitting. They should drape over the

body. Utilize good underwear, and at least once in your life be

fitted for a bra by a professional.

Simple tips to transform your look? Utilize accessories. It’s a

cheaper option as transforming can cost. Jewellery on scarves, for

example, can change an outfit completely. The ‘little black dress’

can be changed by adding colour – red, gold or silver, jewellery,

jackets – long line or short.

What is the eye catching look in accessories? Bold necklaces.

They look good with any outfit. Make a statement!

Makeup tips for colder months? Keep it natural with neutral

tones. Play up your eyes with a little colour.

Any new look for hair fashion that you personally like?

The bob looks good on a lot of face shapes. Depending on your

age, if older, keep it short. Younger women can get away with a

longer look.

What is your biggest fashion no-no? Tight jeans! Especially if

you are 30+. Muffin tummies can be avoided if you wear the right

size for your waist line.

Given Time Travel, which fashion era would you go back to and

why? I wouldn’t! The fashion today is easy and comfortable and

you can use your imagination when putting pieces together.

What is your best budget fashion tip? Revamp, recycle and reuse!

Know your colours, winter, summer, autumn, spring. If you don’t,

find out. Wearing what suits will save you money and heartache.

What 3 things never become unfashionable and why?

Black dress pants – they look good on all figures. Dress them up

with chunky knits, jackets or an evening top. Basic black or brown

skirt – remember the right length for your height. Also team upmix

and match works well.

What do you think is the next fashion era to be revived and

which one do you not want revived? Fashion always rolls around,

eg dresses went out and are now back with a vengeance. Utilize

what suits you!

page 6

“Where taste matters”


buy 1 get 1



may 2009 only,

7 King Street, Pukekohe

cond apply

4 Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz




100 King St, Pukekohe Phone 09 238 5670


Mineral Makeup

You Can Trust

10% off your makeup application

with your next Clinic visit with any

service over $40 during May & June

4 in 1 – foundation, powder,

concealor & sunscreen

SPF15, 18 or 20 – instant broad

spectrum chemical free protection

Weightless fast cover – minimal

touchups Just Swirl, Tap and Buff

No talc, fillers, fragrance,

chemicals, dyes or preservatives

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons,

Dermatologists & Skin Professionals

No animal testing

Mother’s Day


for your Mum,

Goddess or Diva




Value $200

With this One Hour pamper,

she will receive…







A full diagnostic skin analysis

A deluxe Paris Facial

A sculptured brow shape

A warm coconut oil feet & legs massage

A light day mineral makeup

Plus a stylish Matis Umbrella gift to take home

Credit Card,

phone orders &



100 King St, Pukekohe Phone 09 238 5670


Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 5 5

Jocelyn Steenson

– Nixon & Team

Images Medispa

What is exciting in the

new season’s fashion looks

– styles, colours?

Deep plums, belts

What’s taking your eye for

current fashion?

Chunky knits

What are some of the

worst fashion disasters you

have seen?


Simple tips to transform

your look?

red lips, great groomed brows, luscious lashes.

What is in the eye catching look in accessories?

Shoes, Bags, hats, jewellery

Makeup tips for colder months? A great time to re-evaluate base

foundation, skin condition so make-up is on a good ‘canvas’. Try

new eye shadows to keep your look fresh – summer is usually for

softer colours, winter looks jazz up with stronger colours for eyes

and lips. Eyes and lips are BIG this winter.

What would you recommend to wear for a first date?

Whatever makes you look great and feel comfortable.

What do you recommend for hair care over winter?

Same as for skin – serums and masks to maintain condition and


Any new look for hair fashion that you personally like?

Naturally groomed hair with less emphasis on a structured look.

What is your biggest fashion no-no? Being under or over dressed

for the occasion.

Given Time Travel, which fashion era would you go back to

and why? Victorian – My Fair Lady

What is your best budget fashion tips?

A new scarf or lippy.

What 3 things never become unfashionable and why?

1 Healthy Skin because it shows vibrancy.

2 Diamonds are timeless.

3 High heels they can lift an outfit.

What do you think is the next fashion era to be revived? The

40’s, tailored suits, elegant dresses that celebrate female form.

What was your favourite fashion era in the 20th century?

1960’s to 70’s light and fun & still classic.

1950’s Audrey Hepburn era.

Liz Hicks


What is taking your eye for

current fashion?

In one word – “Layering”

What are some of the worst

fashion disasters you have seen?

Leg Warmers – yuk!!!

Flared tops teamed with flared

pants – Look like a Teletubby

Simple tips to transform your

look? Dress to suit your figure

and lifestyle, not to compete with

your best friend.

What 3 things never become

unfashionable and why?

1 Jeans – they are part of everyone’s lifestyle.

2 Classic cut coat – a need not a must.

3 Little black dress – can be changed in look by adding different

accessories every season.

What do you think is the next fashion era to be revieved and which

one do you not want revieved?

What you’ve lived through you don’t want revived and visa-versa!!

What is your biggest fashion no-no?

To not create a style of your own.

Anne Reyes

MJ Hair Design

What do you recommend for

hair care over winter?

Having come through a long

summer a monthly treatment is

essential, especially for those who

use a flat iron on a regular basis.

Any new looks for hair fashion

that you personally like?

I like the swinging 60’s short

versatile cut emphasised in honey

blondes or a warm chocolate


What is your best budget fashion tips?

When you buy a good shampoo & conditioner your hair colour will

retain its vibrancy longer. It is an investment.

What 3 things never become unfashionable and why?

1 a great haircut

2 a great exercise regime

3 a good reliable deodorant

What was your favourite fashion era in the 20th century?

The elegance of the 1940’s page 8

“Where taste matters”


buy 1 get 1






7 King Street, Pukekohe

may 2009 only,

cond apply


Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz


high black ostrich, tan ostrich



Waiuku, 8 Kitchener Rd

09 235 8507


Shoes & More Ltd


Thriller – Autumn/Winter

Colour Collection 2009

The L’Oréal Professionnel Thriller colour collection embodies the drama

that Europe’s winter catwalks have so dramatically launched.

The colours this winter are bold and exciting, with the inspiration

for the collection being Femme Fatales and Spies.

Thriller is the place where desire and taboo,

reality and fantasy face off.

It’s where shivers, palpitations,

fear and suspense crash out.

No character is insipid, aseptic or shallow.

In the darkness and into the light,

in a world where innocence invariably

rubs shoulders with intrigue,

women fall prey to their temptation.

The world of thriller unfurls on TV screens,

in dark theatres and on glossy magazine paper.

Ambition leads the dance,

producing femme fatales and women of action.

For your personalized colour

consultation please phone

for an appointment now.

09 238 5886

Cnr East St & Valley Rd




Consider your winter look!

36 King Street


09 238 6172

Open hours:

Mon 10am-4pm

Tue 8 30 am-7pm

Wed 8 30 am-5 30 pm

Thu 8 30 am-8pm

Fri 8 30 am-5 30 pm

Sat 9am-3pm

Catherine Gould


What is exciting in the new

season’s fashion looks – styles,

colours? Lots of colour in

boots, shoes and bags – red,

taupe, tan, grey, brown, olive.

What’s taking your eye for

current fashion? The stunning

stylish selection of mid to low

heeled boots and shoes.

What are some of the worst

fashion disasters you have

seen? Footwear worn well past

its looking good stage

Simple tips to transform your look? New boots – they work a treat.

What is the new eye catching look in accessories? A new season


A new look for hair fashion that you personally like? A fringe!


Hair Design

Peter Tabrum

Lewis’ for Fashion

What is exciting in the new

season’s fashion looks – styles,


Colour, colour, more colour

What’s taking your eye for

current fashion?

Bright orange suiting for

roadside workers

What are some of the worst

fashion disasters you have seen?

Safari suits

Simple tips to transform your

look? New shirt with colour

What is the new eye catching look in accessories?

Off the cuff… Cufflinks

Make up tips for colder months? Make a cup of soup

What would you recommend to wear for a first date?


Pied Piper Jewellery

Beautiful, unique, lustrous

Sarah-Jane Hamblin is a

Contemporary Jewellery

Artist who lives and works

in Waiau Pa. Her Pied Piper

Gallery showcases an extensive

range of exquisite and striking

creations – from unique pieces

entwined with spiral horsehair

to enamelled and engraved

designs – bracelets, necklaces,

brooches, earrings, handmade

chains and rings. Horsehair

is often provided by clients

for special commissioned

pieces and the finished effect

is lustrous, striking and emotive. “Clients will keep hair from a

favourite horse for years and it’s very special to have it featured in

a piece of handmade jewellery,” says Sarah-Jane.

Sarah-Jane has a MHSc Hon from Otago University and

has worked mainly in the textile industry and more recently in

horticulture. She completed a 2 year Jewellery Techniques Course

at Manukau Institute of Technology and opened her own gallery

and workshop in May 2007 on her lifestyle block at Waiau Pa.

“My jewellery designs are original and I draw inspiration from my

rural and harbour environment. At present I work in sterling silver

and more recently gold. My work is individually handmade and

I have completed a number of interesting commission pieces for

clients. My aim is to make creative pieces of jewellery that have

a distinctive New Zealand flavour.” Gallery Hours are Sunday

– Thursday 10 am – 4pm or by appointment.

“Where taste matters”


buy 1 get 1






7 King Street, Pukekohe

may 2009 only,

cond apply

8 Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz

Super styling for hottest cuts, colours and effects.

There is just no place better than a great hair stylist,

after all your tresses are precious and if you choose

the wrong person your dream curls can go very, very

wrong! You are sure to find the right hairstylist at

Colquitt. For your next big event stand out from the

crowd with a dazzling hairstyle.

winter range

instore now

Owner Operator

Lynn Roberts

Bookings Essential

Matrix Hair Care Products

98 King Street, Pukekohe

Phone: 09 238 7161


Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 9

Ball season gowns

available now at

Fantastic range of

jewellery and accessories

5574 5571 5579












Bella Formals


Jerry Shaw




from $100-$500

See Sue today for your special gown


Edinburgh Support your St. local Pukekohe business www.elocal.co.nz

ph 09 238 3933. Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm & Saturdays mornings



Casual and Dress




Lewis’ For Fashion

41 King Street, Pukekohe

Phone 09 238 7885


Fashion, Casual or Dresswear

Lewis’ for Fashion has it all!




A Diamond is Forever

and certainly a Girl’s Best Friend!

This Blonde preferred Diamonds

When the sultry, immensely sexy Marilyn Monroe hit Hollywood

like the blonde bombshell she was, she brought with her the

power of persuasion. Men wanted her, women wanted to be

wanted like her. They also wanted to look like her and dress like

her. Millions of fans followed her every move. She was pin-up

girl for the masses, the fresh, wide eyed beauty who shocked

conservative America with her appearance as Playboy’s first

cover girl. What she did was followed avidly - who she dated,

what she wore. And what she wore was fabulous – designer

clothes, pricey furs and…diamonds! Only the best for such a

star, and when it came to jewellery, nothing said “Marilyn” quite

like diamonds – on the red carpet, at society functions – in the

movies. She sparkled in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” in 1953

and so did the diamonds she wore. The box office blockbuster

featured Marilyn singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”

after receiving a diamond tiara from her suitor. Her sultry and

sensuous performance sealed the appeal of diamonds for

women everywhere. A stroke of good luck for the diamond

industry? Not so. Movies like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961, where Audrey Hepburn as the

movie’s heroine gazes longingly into jeweller Tiffany’s window

display, were part of an immensely successful, near 30 year

advertising campaign to convince the world that diamonds

are the gems of love.

Until the 15th Century in Europe only Kings wore diamonds

as a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. In 1477

Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy

a diamond engagement ring - diamonds at that stage being

thought of as magic and created in the flames of love. This was

picked up in medieval Venice where they equated the hardness

of diamond with the idea of enduring love, but only for the very

rich, as diamonds were very rare.

The rarity of diamonds continued until the South African

‘diamond rush’ of the late 1880s when the price of the gems fell

dramatically. Harry Oppenheimer, owner of De Beers Consolidated

Mines of South Africa, asked N.W. Ayer and Son, a leading

advertising agency in the United States, to reverse the declining

price of diamonds with a well-funded advertising campaign. The aim

was to bring back the diamond as the symbol of rare perfection and

opulence, of romance and love.

In the 1930s, the Great Depression took its toll on everyone

and everything, particularly luxury goods. Ayer recommended

strengthening the association of diamonds with romance, to sell

“Where taste matters”


buy 1 get 1






7 King Street, Pukekohe

may 2009 only,

cond apply


Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

Being hand crafted, your special gift

will be absolutely unique. From

design to finshed jewellery Brighouse

fulfills the complete promise.

Hand Made

Jewellery, Design & Repair

50 Edinburgh St, Pukekohe.

09 239 2502

the concept of diamonds as a ‘necessary luxury’. Young men,

who purchased 90% of engagement rings, would be bombarded

with the idea that diamonds were the gift of love. The first

campaign aimed at men was launched in 1939 emphasizing the

male’s business savvy. Women, too, would be targeted with the

idea that no courtship would be complete without a sparkling

diamond. Famous houses of worship were featured in follow

up advertisements, establishing a link between diamonds and

the sacred tradition of a religious wedding. Ayer’s marketing plan

included public relations, advertising, product placement in films

and on television, radio programmes publicising diamond trends,

portraits of betrothed socialites, stories and photographs of celebrities

for inclusion in magazines and newspapers - all targeted at a specific

goal - the idea that diamonds were eternal and incomparable, forever

linked with romance, emotionally valued. Ayer engaged jewellers to

give talks, lectures, classes and informal meetings to thousands of

young women. The message was clear – a diamond engagement ring

was a necessary part of the ritual of marriage

By 1941, the downward trend in retail sales had been reversed and

in just three years, sales of diamonds in the United States had risen

by 55%. Ayer’s success inspired the agency to pursue a new goal - to

reinforce the ‘psychological necessity’ of diamonds. An estimated 70

million people over the age of fifteen would be targeted.

“A Diamond is Forever”

To channel America’s spending toward more expensive diamonds,

Ayer developed a series of diamond-related slogans meant to associate

a diamond with love and romance. In 1948, the famous “A Diamond

is Forever” was introduced and became the official slogan of De

Beers. The slogan became the most resilient in advertising history

and was voted in 1999 by the prestigious ’Advertising Age’ magazine

as the most recognized and effective slogan of the 20th century.

When Marilyn Monroe burst into the public eye and placed her own

special charisma on the gemstones, the shining status of the diamond

was sealed forever – and its sparkling future as the enduring Icon of


Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 13

Picture of


Nikita’s exquisite

Arangetram Ceremony

Nikita Kanji is just 15, but her beautiful Indian Classical dances held

the audience spellbound at her Arangetram (Graduation) Ceremony

in Auckland – the most important event in the life of a dancer. It was

a very special evening for her proud family the many friends from

Franklin, Auckland and India. Nikita, eldest daughter of Kishor and

Manaxi Kanji of Pukekohe, switched from Jazz Ballet to the ancient

art of Indian Classical when she was six years old. Even when taking

a break from dance, she has always been dedicated and maintained

her practise. Nikita has many interests and is busy at school with

speech and drama, the Duke of Edinburgh programme, playing

hockey and learning the oboe. With her graduation in the discipline

of Indian Classical Dancing, Nikita is now qualified to go on to teach

the skills of the ancient art.

“The dances are mainly from South India and their purpose is to

tell stories about the Indian gods, while some are about the footwork

and actions. There are two styles of dance – Bharatanatyam and

Kuchipudi, with five costume changes in 12 dances,” she explains.

Nikita practised intensely for six months for her graduation

ceremony, working with her teacher Guru Archana Kunicha Koorthy

to perfect the dances. One special Arangetram dance, Varnam,

is 20 minutes long and as with all Indian Classical dances, every


Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz


Nikita and

Manaxi Kanji


every posture,

every expression

has to be exact.

Taharangam for

Lord Krishna is

a skilful dance


balance, where

Nikita dances

with a pot on

her head and a

plate between

her feet – a

definite crowd

pleaser and an

exhibition of

the discipline

required for Indian Classical Dance. As the big evening came

closer, Nikita rehearsed twice a day with the musicians to ensure

every dance was the picture of perfection.

Love to Dance -

for everything dance

and more!

Nikita Kanji with her teacher Guru Archana Kunicha Koorthy

“It was very exciting preparing for the ceremony because I like to

push myself to achieve the best. The musicians are so skilled and

it was wonderful to work with them. I feel very happy when I’m

dancing, connecting with the audience and transmitting to them

the happiness and the meaning and feeling of each dance. Indian

Classical Dancing is such an ancient art, so deeply cultured. When

I’m dancing I feel the spiritual connection – it’s a joy.”

Nikita’s Arangetram was a triumph and an opportunity to honour

those who had helped in preparations leading to such an important

event. For the audience, it was a unique opportunity to appreciate

the skill and dedication of a very special dancer.

Andie Eyre is celebrating Love

to Dance’s 5th Birthday during

the month of May. One night

after dance class one of the

dance teachers suggested she

think about stocking ballet, tap

and jazz shoes and the schools’ uniforms since it was such a pain

having her students go to Auckland to get them. Andie already

imported ballroom shoes from England and thought why not, sick

of driving herself! A year of research and it happened.

From this moment Love to Dance has grown into the second

largest wholesaler of dance gear in New Zealand, and was the first

dance store in New Zealand to launch a full online shop (since

copied by the rest!). Andie prides herself on the fact that she has

some of the best brands in the world available on our doorstep and

in many cases she retails them cheaper than the manufacturers do

in their own currencies.

Love to Dance stocks dancing shoes, clothing and accessories

from all over the globe. Andie has secured many international

agencies, which helps her to keep her prices as low as possible.

Being a dancer herself she understands what is needed for

all levels - from complete beginner to top Competition level

and Professionals. Love to Dance supplies dance enthusiasts

throughout New Zealand, Australia and even has a few customers

in England and Romania. Asked how she came up with the name

of the shop - she said simple “I Love to Dance”.


Antony and Tania


021 1023594

09 235 8182

91 Victoria Ave



Stained & Designer Glass

Antony & Tania arrived in New Zealand in

February 2008 with one son, two dogs and

three suitcases. Formerly from the Brighton

area in the UK, they have embraced Waiuku

as their home and set up their own

business. They met as Graphic Designers in

the UK. Antony has transferred his experience

in design to lead stained glass and

joined an international franchise SGO while

Tania is looking forward to a career as a

Plunket Nurse. Antony works on safety

glass, double glazed glass, laminated and

acrylic and mirrors. He is involved in

restoration, new builds, splash backs,

kitchen unit doors and sandblasting. For

examples of his work please view at the

Manukau Home Show at Telstra Clear on

May 1st, 2nd & 3rd or ring 0800 238 878.

It’s our 5th

Free delivery for all mail orders

over $100 for the month of May at

www.lovetodance.co.nz visit our

webshop and purchase everything

online. We have a secure

website to accept visa and mastercard

payments. Or feel free to

call the shop and one of the girls

will be happy to take your order

over the phone.


and we are having a

little party…

Love to Dance

Love to Dance 17C Station Road, Pukekohe

phone 0508 232623 (0508 2 DANCE)

We are right next door to the Franklin Club

Every purchase

goes in the draw to

win it for free! One

lucky customer will

win their purchase for

free, drawn at the

end of the


NZ’s largest selection of

dancewear at fantastic prices, we

are the lowest priced dance store

in Auckland, and from our out of

town customers feedback – the

whole of NZ. Full refund (excl

courier charge) on all items

except special orders, see website

for details.

Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 15

Tania Loveridge & Hair Design

Patumahoe welcomes an exciting new hair design service. Hairstylist Tania Loveridge first

started her career in Waiuku after completing her apprenticeship at her parent’s salon in

Waiuku. “Hairdressing has run in my genes as both parents are still involved in salons”, says

Tania. “Nothing pleases me more than to see a totally well presented person with a

sophisticated hair style and a natural hair colour. This is a winning combination and it shows

personality individuality, and exudes confidence. It may be as simple as having a fringe trim

to frame your face. I believe we are here to make people look and feel attractive so they can

be empowered inside and out and attract positive people”. Tania spent two years in Sydney,

managing a salon in the then new Darling Harbour area. “It was initially a big shock from

Waiuku to Sydney but i loved it and travelled on a ferry to get to work every day. We

understand hair and the art of colour, to be creative and to use it effectively to enhance skin

tone. I was introduced to ammonia free colours, a revolutionary system that delivers the

results professionals demand without harsh chemicals and I am happy to bring the range of

‘O&M’ products to Franklin. Not only are they better for the client, they are more eco-friendly,

containing over 90% of natural ingredients. Tania has a wealth of knowledge in the hair

industry she has worked abroad in Europe and Australia. Upon returning home to New

Zealand she was offered a management job in a leading salon in Remuera and managed

some twenty staff. All and all Tania has a passion for creative design, cuts and colours, but still

happy to trim a fringe or do a quick buzz cut. Her main aim is to offer to the community the

full option of providing a one stop shop for all your hair care needs. Her salon doors are

always open by arrangement to accommodate bridal parties or ball events. Open late on

Tuesday night and on Saturday by arrangement. “We encourage our clients to have free

fringe trims at no cost in between styles” she says . Tania is pleased to introduce stylist Linzie

Morgan to her clients. “Linzie is originally from Swansea in Wales, she, Tania and Yvonne bring

a wealth of experience to Patumahoe.

Andrew & Tania Loveridge & Linzie Morgan

“To promote Style and Individuality firstly we need to get to know our

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Cristina, Richard and Helen Halliwell,

pictured at the 50th anniversary

Halliwell’s of Pukekohe

embraces a new era

Halliwell Shoes Ltd in King Street Pukekohe is taking on a new look

and a new name after 52 years of trading in King Street – Halliwell’s of


The store has been an icon in the town since Bert and Gwen

Halliwell opened their family shoe store on lower King Street in 1958.

Gwen had worked at Equity Shoes in Auckland in her single days, while

Bert farmed at Helvetia after serving in the NZ Expeditionary Forces

in Fiji during the war. Bert’s sporting prowess was legendary in Franklin

– he played rugby for Auckland, South Auckland and Old Boys club

rugby, but sport injuries forced him to give up farming. The couple’s

change of career was to establish one of Franklin’s longest running

family businesses.

The move to the present premises came in 1962, after Gwen saw a

‘For Sale’ sign where Tommy Marshall’s plumbing business was located

and bought the land on the spot for 5,000 pounds. A new building was

constructed and the business became a central point of the growing

town. In December 1982, a fire lit by vandals in the storage shed behind

threatened the store and neighbouring shops. As luck would have it, a

major practice was being held at Bledisloe Park for the local rural fire

brigades and their rapid, combined response averted certain disaster.

The ensuing fire damage sale was to see some of the biggest crowds in

Pukekohe turn up bargain hunting over three days.

Son Richard came into the shoe business after he married Helen,

though he admits that he was “more interested in playing cricket” than

the footwear business up until then. Richard trained for over three years

with Campbell’s Shoes, a well-established business in Auckland, to

master his trade. Richard and Helen’s children, Cristina, Stephen and

Leanne could often be found helping out in the shop after school. A

world trip convinced Gwen and Bert that times were changing for shoe

retail and they opened Self Service Shoes in Pukekohe in 1969. It was

the first of many expansions for the Halliwells, with Halliwell’s Papakura

opening in 1981.

Acquiring the brand ‘Eyecatchers’ saw the family set up stores in

Royal Oak, Howick, Hamilton, and later Newmarket and Pakuranga,

while Bert continued to front the Pukekohe store. Today, Eyecatcher

branches have centralised in Meadowbank, Howick and Hamilton.

Gloria Mayor leads the team at Pukekohe having worked for the

Halliwells for 32 years and Lorna Ngakura and Maureen Kelly – both

a vital part of Halliwell’s Shoes for a decade. A very experienced team,

fully trained in fitting, a specialty at Halliwell’s.

“We are not in the shoe business,” explains Richard. “We are in

the business of ‘Feel Good,’ of ‘Happy Feet.’ We want to put a smile

on people’s faces, make sure they have comfortable shoes with style.

“Travelling to the Shoe Fairs of Europe keeps us up to date with fashion

trends, new styles and materials. In today’s market it’s very important to

be consistent with what we are presenting – middle up-market quality

footwear that people will enjoy wearing,” says Richard.



You are the best

person in the world!

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Choose from the huge range of Pandora jewellery offered at Stonz Jewellers.

Get mum a distingtive Laurel Burch designer handbag from The Old Sew & Sew, 83 King Street,

Pukekohe. Ph: 09 238 6655

Delightfully Different offers an extensive range of costume jewellery (from $8) and decorative vases

(from $32). 141 King Street, Pukekohe. Ph: 09 238 7713

Unique jewellery from Pied Piper hand made from horse hair. Perfect for horse lovers and others

alike. Phone Sarah: 09 232 1697 or visit www.piedpipergallery.co.nz


Stylish and warm for Mum - ‘Romance’ long sleeve 100% Merino, size 10-16 from Pukekohe

Souvenir Shop, 131 King Street, Pukekohe. Ph: 09 238 1544 NEW ZEALAND MADE

Memorable present for your Mum “Franklin 2008 Yearbook” limited stock available. This May get

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Colours: red, black,

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Special price


save $100





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Tourists cling to life in rough seas

Daniel and Adele

When Daniel Ratliff from Pukekohe set out with his partner Adele

De Robertis and a boatload of backpackers to return to Bali

after a wonderful time on off shore islands, he could not have

imagined that they would undergo a life changing experience

when they were all left swimming for their lives in big seas - then

struggling through pounding surf to reach safety. Daniel’s rapid

and courageous actions on the boat saved a young English

woman from certain death.

Daniel’s story: I was raised in Pukekohe and spent around 20 years

of my life there. I have many friends and family living there still,

hello to you all.

My partner and I were due to fly out in two days after having

spent a month in Indonesia. We were returning to Bali after

spending time on a small island named Gili Trawangan. The Gili

islands are a chain of islands that run north of Lombok.

The ferry we boarded was a power boat around 40 ft and

designed to carry around 35 people. On this day the ferry company

decided to carry an extra 8 people. Adele and I were seated towards

the front of the ferry. The sea was calm to begin with but as we

reached open water we started to hit waves at speed, rise up and

land with impact. This continued for around an hour and a half.

Having been in rough sea before I wasn’t really bothered by this,

in fact I was asleep but other people were a bit worried, crying out

with every large impact.

After one larger than normal bang the ferry lost power. At this

stage we were about 2km from Bali’s coastline. After about 15min

of reasonably tense drifting and panicked crew members, the

ferry rolled slightly to the left and water started to enter the cabin

through a storage compartment door directly in front of where we

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were seated. The hull had cracked. This was probably due to either

the continued impact with extra weight, or we had hit floating

debris. The water came in slowly at first then began to gush. This

was when people started to panic a little. An older couple were

trying to clamber out the window next to us, it very quickly became

an obstacle course of floating bags, raised centre boards, yellow life

jackets and scared tourists. Adele had made it out before me and

was already on top of the ferry with everyone else.

I made it out the exit but noticed a woman behind me was being

shut in by one of the crew who thought I was the last out. I shouted

“no no! One more, one more!” By then the back half of the ferry

was submerging quickly. We got the door open again and water

rushed in, I grabbed her life jacket, she lurched forward hitting her

head on the doorway beam. I slid over but managed to get my foot

between myself and the door. The ferry rocked backwards enabling

us to get to one side and out.

Some people had decided to swim for it. Others were clinging to

either of the two large preservers. Several people couldn’t swim and

were very vocal about it, they were all helped. About one minute

after I jumped from the ferry it went nose first straight down with

everyone’s gear.

It took about an hour of slow paddling through big seas, clinging

to the preserver, to get ashore. The current had pulled us for some

distance along the coast line. The other preserver with people was

pulled out to sea and later picked up by local fishermen. We neared

the beach to see there was a decent size shore break crashing onto

a sloped shoreline. As the group Adele and I were with drifted in

we missed a long rocky sea wall by about 50meters. That would

have been a mess because the surf was pounding it. A couple of

local men swam out and helped guide in our preserver. page 22

Matt Fricker


Prawn Cha Kuy Teaw

Ready in 15 minutes Serves 2


Koke and Sokha Leng

Flooring for Franklin for

43 years – Frickers Flooring

Warren Fricker of Frickers Flooring has lived in Pukekohe for

50years and has been laying carpet for 43 years. He prides himself

on quality of workmanship and remains very loyal to Pukekohe.

“We want to support the area and are conscience of buying locally.

Our aim is to build up the business and train an apprentice,

providing a job for a local person,” says Warren.

Warren’s son Matthew is a well known Iron Man winner who enjoys

combining the physicality of his business and professes that it adds

to his fitness level.

Frickers Flooring Xtra is a franchise with 56 stores throughout

New Zealand who have a clean green policy of not wasting or

dumping old carpet but making it live on as weed mats, slowing soil

erosion, in worm farms and often used by trades to protect surfaces

like concrete. Frickers Flooring Xtra also supply and lay vinyls,

laminates and carpet tiles for commercial and residential premises.


200g 10mm Rice sticks

14 Raw king prawn cutlets 10 Stems chives cut 5cm length

200g Fresh bean sprouts 2.5tsp Sugar 3tsp Oyster sauce

2tbsp Dark soy sauce 2tbsp Soya bean oil

1tsp Lime juice 1tbsp Shrimp paste 2 Eggs

5 Cloves chopped garlic 2tbsp Fried red onions or fried shallots


Boil the rice sticks for 5 to 8 minutes until soft. Drain water out and

leave cooked noodles aside. Heat the wok with Soya bean oil. Add

chopped garlic and stir until light brown or aromatic. Add prawn

cutlets and shrimp paste then sauté until the prawns almost cooked.

Then add noodles, sugar, lime juice, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce and

fried onions. Continue stirring until the rice noodles are well blended

with the seasoning. Now crack the 2 eggs in and stir rapidly until the

eggs and rice noodle mix well. Add bean sprouts and stir for 30

seconds. Turn off the heat and add in chives and have a final quick

stir. Dish out and serve hot. Enjoy!

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Prawn Cha Kuy Teaw from $13.00

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(offer expires 31st May, 2009)

This is the place to be

for a great meal

Chicken Curry on Rice

from $7.90

Combination seafood

noodle soup from $11

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10% off Quote (conditions apply)

NOW available some small portions

from $6. 90


7A Glasgow Road, Pukekohe

t: 09 238 2954


Over 60 menu items to choose from!

5 King Street, Pukekohe

Phone: 09 2391060

Dine-in or Takeaway

Healthy & Affordable

Small, large groups and


Great meals for kids

No MSG added

Licensed or BYO

(wine only corkage $4 per btl)

Great Service

Freshly prepared

I made it ashore with only the shorts I was wearing and my wallet.

There were 43 people on board, all nationalities, fortunately no one

was seriously injured. The owner of the ferry company paid for

flights, food, passports and accommodation in Bali and Jakarta while

we organised ourselves but nothing for any items lost. Adele and I

then spent the next week in government buildings organising new

passports to get home. Local newspapers had varied reports, some

were true and others said the navy picked us up within minutes.

Ferry accidents happen a lot in Indonesia. Safety is not a big issue

here. This country has a fair amount of corruption as well. I’ve

learned to always take out travel insurance, as I lost all my gear when

the boat went down. Despite the ordeal, I would definitely go back.

We got the door open again and water rushed

in. I grabbed her life jacket, she lurched forward

hitting her head on the doorway beam. I slid over

but managed to get my foot between myself and

the door…

“The Year of Buffalo lucky for them”

The sinking made front page in Balinese newspapers.

(Daniel third from left. The English tourist he saved is

sitting on the floor in front of him)

A translation of the newspaper article:

Motor breakdown close to the


Ship went down and all passengers

luckily safe

Special thanks to Bertus Hilgers for the translation

The ABK (name of the ferry) went down and all passengers safe,

shocked but don’t like to say anything about the accident. It is

the time of the celebration about the Year of the Buffalo. All

the people are not only on the mainland but also on the water,

so actually there were a lot of ships. It was busy on the sea. The

boat sank because the owner of that ferry had problems and it

happened in the afternoon Jan 2, ferry had 44 passengers and 35

are people from all over the world. 5 are people from Indonesia,

4 are the crew of the ABK. The ferry that left Gili Trawangan at

midday picked up passengers from all islands, suddenly at 2pm

the motor of the ship broke down and the ship sank. Passengers

panicked. One of the passengers didn’t believe that motor

dead caused the ferry to sink, said it was a leak. Was not far off

mainland so passengers jumped overboard and got to mainland

at three different locations, on beach through surf, some picked

up by fishermen, some by Indonesian army. No passengers hurt

all safe, none died. They lost all their possessions on board,

also passengers very shocked, couldn’t believe ferry sunk, police

said main thing is all safe. Surf was quite huge, big swells and

passengers thrown onto beach on mainland. Lucky it happened

near mainland and not in the open sea. The passengers were

looked after, told them don’t worry, nobody died. The problem

is to get the passengers, from different locations and put them

all together, with help of public, fishermen and army. Local

police asked the crew of the ferry the list of the names of all

passengers and of course they also are in shock, and very afraid

that they have to pay for all the damage, that’s why they’re not

saying anything until the court. They couldn’t find the list of

names, because the paperwork was wrecked by water. One of the

Indonesian crew said I don’t think it sank because the motor was

not working, I think there was a leak in that boat. Others say the

motor didn’t work and the ferry was unable to sail, that’s why it

went down. The investigation is still on, all passengers taken care

of and dropped off at Bali. They were lucky enough to be near

the mainland and all safe and we would say to them Happy New

Year. The Year of Buffalo lucky for them.

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131 King St

Ph: 238 1544

Lingerie Scarves Beanies Gloves Socks

Stockist of



Fur Trim Hats Cardigans Jackets Jumpers NEW ZEALAND MADE

Golden Homes Show Home Backed by

NZ Steel 50 Year Durability Statement

Now That’s Peace of Mind!

Within weeks of the concrete slab going down the preformed

steel frame is erected just like a giant meccano set!

Rain, hail or shine work continues as with steel framing

there is no weather induced warpage, twisting or splitting.

Just five and a half months from Council consent to handing

over the keys!

Golden Homes new show home shows off a

structural frame that won't absorb moisture,

won't rot and contains no additional, toxic

preservative treatments . . .

Chris Kay, marketing manager at New Zealand Steel, points out

that New Zealanders are ingrained with a timber mentality but

building with steel framing isn’t a new thing. “For homeowners,

the case for steel framing is compelling - it’s a ‘no brainer’, says

Chris Kay. “Now builders are seeing industry leaders such as

Golden Homes investing in steel framing technology.”

There are health benefits to steel framing – it doesn’t leach

hazardous preservative chemicals and is an inert material which

means that it doesn’t emit toxic chemicals. Steel framing will not

act as a food source for mould and in the unfortunate event of

moisture ingress into the wall it will not rot.

New Zealand Steel’s galvanised steel Axxis® Steel for Framing

brand has been accepted into the Asthma and Respiratory

Foundation of New Zealand’s Sensitive Choice programme after

assessment by a product advisory panel of independent experts,

who recognised the potential benefits to asthma and allergy


The high

“Steel frame houses are strong,

quick to build, won’t warp or twist

in the sun or absorb the winter

rains and are often cheaper”

strength of steel

framing enables

large spans for

wide open living

spaces. Steel is

also fully

recyclable again

and again making steel frames a sustainable choice. Peace of

mind is provided by the 50 year durability statement which is

available from New Zealand Steel. As steel is dimensionally

stable it has an aesthetic and time benefit as well. As steel is

unable to absorb moisture you won’t see cracks appearing in

interior linings and there won’t be delays to cladding and lining

during the building process caused by too high moisture content

in the framing.

Steel frame houses are strong, quick to build, won’t warp or twist

in the sun or absorb the winter rains and are often cheaper.

Because the frames are dimensionally stable, they are less likely

to leak as a result of movement, and if they do, they won’t rot.

Golden Homes has invested in its own roll forming machines to

produce steel framing - "Zog" is its brand of steel frames, which

are manufactured from Axxis® steel. A Zog system cannot burn

and is electrically safe, largely reducing the flammable materials

in your home. It is compatible with all interior floor, wall and

ceiling lining materials. Zog steel frames are also 100% termite,

rodent, borer and dry-rot proof.

Golden Homes new show-home is now open. Call in and see

Golden Homes show-home near the Drury motorway exit for

yourself. Steel framing is the future for home building in New




It’s a better place you own...







To view our full range of plans and inclusions, please visit our Show Home

Address: Cnr McPherson Road and State Highway 22, Drury

Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

After hours by appointment

Phone: 09 294 6065 Fax: 09294 6075

Email: counties@goldenhomes.co.nz


Advertising sales 09 239 1699



Women with


“I fly because I love to fly…”

– Chan-Preet Kaur

Chan-Preet Kaur of Pukekohe decided she wanted to be a pilot

when she was 13 and by the age of 14 was on her way to achieving

her aim.

“Dad took me on a hectic world trip, with just a few days between

countries and I loved it. I got a chance to spend an hour or so in the

cockpit of a KLM plane while flying from India to Holland and that

was when I decided I wanted to travel the world and not have a 9-5

lifestyle every day. I didn’t want to be a hostess – I wanted to be a

pilot and work all the gadgets – as a child I thought this would be

so cool. After an introductory at Ardmore when I was 13, I knew I

could do this, so I took the ground course for a private pilot’s licence.

Dad would have said I was too young, so I borrowed the money and

enrolled for two weeks of the Christmas holidays, getting up early

every morning and going out in secret.”

Chan-Preet passed her course, but with Cambridge exams coming

up, flying had to be put on the back burner. “I wasn’t doing very well

in maths and my teacher suggested perhaps I should drop it, but that

made me very determined to pass and I picked it up. I think girls

can be easily discouraged in subjects like maths and physics and limit

themselves in their career options. I was very, very determined to be a

commercial pilot!”

At 16 Chan-Preet flew solo – she was ready earlier but not old

enough. After leaving school she attained her full pilot’s licence and

a commercial licence eight months later. “I went to India for a job

flying, but it is really hard to get in – you have to pay to get a job. So

I enrolled in an Instructor’s course at Ardmore and qualified as a

Flight Instructor. To fly for a commercial airline I need about 1000

hours flying time, including up to 300 multi-engine hours. I just

can’t get that in New Zealand so I am heading for Perth, where

there are more flying schools, to work as a Flight Instructor.”

At 21, Chan-Preet is the only woman pilot in the New Zealand

Punjabi Community and her whole family is very proud of her

achievements. She recently took her father Manjit Singh on a

scenic flight over Auckland city and the Hauraki Gulf. “It was

very special for both of us - dad loved the flight” she says. “When

I was in India for 2 ½ months and couldn’t touch an aeroplane, I

felt so restless. I fly because I love to fly – I think that’s what makes

a good pilot.” Manjit comments “I am very thankful for being in

New Zealand as these opportunities for my children would never

have happened”.

page 28


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“First impressions last and these houses give a great first

impression which lasts from the time you walk through the

doors as you walk through the whole house until you leave -

in our case we didn’t want to. These houses are very

spacious, yet give you the ability to close off areas for

privacy and/or entertaining. Yes, I believe that all the

added extras such as sensored lighting, solar power, built

in vacuum & audio controls recall set these houses apart

from others. It sets the standard high for other builders.”


“Nice and large, has

a very family

oriented sense in

and out flow.”



Stunning. Open

plan living, definitely


SHOW HOME: 17 Hinua Road,

Karaka Lakes, Karaka

Ph: 09 298 2750






Managing Director

Experience Counts. In the building industry it is impossible to replace experience.

The traditional building skills of the past are more important today than they have ever been.

Brendon Hamill the owner of David Reid Homes Counties Limited has been building quality

homes for the last 20 years. Brendon says, “the day I started my apprenticeship my boss

Peter drummed into me the importance of quality. That is why I love the David Reid Home

brand, it is no nonsense, totally focused on quality and meeting customers expectations”. As

Brendon says, “my building experience covers all spectrums of the industry, which is unusual

today, ranging from being the foreman on the Sky City entrance through to building quality

homes in the greater Counties district”. David Reid Homes are backed with their “DRH

Performance Guarantee”.


Dee Bond and Kathy Haigh with the Catalina

Flying is an ongoing passion for Dee

It was during a holiday in Auckland that Dee Bond was first

bitten by the ‘flying bug.’ She took a flight on Fred Ladd’s Seabee

from Mechanics Bay to Tryphena on Great Barrier Island in

the mid ‘80s. “It captured my imagination completely. When we

returned I drove straight to Ardmore where there was a Lake

Buccaneer for sale – and bought it. It was a necessity – I was

raised in Wellington and we had a home in the Marlborough

Sounds and needed a direct way to get there. I learnt to fly and

flew the LA4-200 from Paraparaumu, landing on the water in the

Sounds. It was fantastic!”

From then on, it was all open skies for Dee, encouraged by

her father Eric, a Kittyhawk pilot from WW11. Work was no

obstacle to flying. While treasurer for a Wellington company Dee

flew herself between branches. “I met others who also combined

their business with their love of flying, including dentists and a

doctor who flew to visit their patients. I have always wanted to fly

for our national carrier, Air New Zealand, but the opportunities

just weren’t available. So it’s ironic that I am currently working as

Flight Instructor for a UK company based in Hamilton, training

pilots for international airlines.”

Dee was one of the founding members of the Catalina Club

which brought the historic flying boat to New Zealand. “We

were very excited to get Z-CAT – she was perfect, all ready to go

in regard to taking people up to share the Catalina experience.”

For years Dee was the only female Catalina pilot and is now the

only female Captain of a Catalina in the world. She graduated

as a flying instructor, continuing her “ongoing passion” by flying

a Cessna 150 Aerobat. “I was introduced to Precision Flying and

was part of a team of five to represent New Zealand at the World

Precision Flying Championships in Texas in 1996, competing in the

following years in New Zealand and Sweden. I also went to the first

World Air Games in Turkey.”

‘Ferry flying’ – delivering aircraft from place to place around the

world included delivering an aircraft from New Zealand to England

for the race from London to Sydney for Australia’s Bi-Centennial

celebrations. Dee was also one of the three international jurors for

the race. Another ferry flight took her from Australia to the US in a

Twin Comanche.

“Air racing is one of my major loves. These all-women transcontinental

races are held each year across the United States. In

2003, 100 years of flight was celebrated by racing from Kansas to

Kittyhawk. Racing is extremely intense, with fractions of points

between the top 10. It’s so close, a bit like yacht racing – completely

addictive! I’ve finished in the top 10 for the past two years – last

year I finished 6th. It’s amazing flying over America – the scenery is

spectacular, apart from striking thick fog over Maine! Others didn’t

finish that race but we were alright because we had weather radar

on board – technology makes a huge difference. I am a member of

the Airwomen’s Association and look forward to their air rally each

Queen’s Birthday weekend. “Ultimately, my goal is to fly a jet and

I want to get a helicopter licence for my 50th birthday. I know that

I will be flying for an awfully long time – life is full of wonderful

flying adventures.”


Support your local community www.elocal.co.nz

page 31

Our consultants

will visit your home

within 72 hours.


5 Smales Road

East Tamaki

09 913 3110

0508 736682

w w w . b a t h r o o m d i r e c t . c o . n z





0 8 0 0 7 7 6 2 8 4


JAYNE SAYERS is a qualified colour and

window furnishing consultant who holds

an interior design certificate and she

makes the decorating decisions very

easy for the client. Decorating is really

about finding a way to express your own

personality within your home.

“I spend much of my time visiting people

in their homes to help with colour,

curtains and blinds, wallpaper and floor coverings. It is

important to work with each person to understand his or her

tastes and requirements. Colour and window furnishings play a

big part in our lives as they are one of the first things that we

see in the morning to start the day. Most people have an idea

on what they want but need help putting their ideas together.

I am passionate about colour design and the latest trends and

have renovated houses and designed and built two homes. I

Lived in England and the Middle East, travelling a lot where

design and architecture have been of great interest. We offer

free measure and quote for curtains and blinds and a free

colour consult. (Conditions apply.) This is an excellent service

for those who need total colour or for those who just need a

second opinion on their own colour and fabric choice.”

14 Stadium Drive


Ph: 09 238 4879



Local owner and operator of Guthrie

Bowron since February 2006 and

Manukau since 2004, Robin prides

himself that his fully trained staff give the

right advice to their customers, especially

the first time DIY people. “We stock a

complete decorating range and the client

can choose carpets, curtains, blinds,

awnings vinyls & solid wood flooring at

one shop, saving time and money.”


Formerly a teacher of Chemistry, Physics

& Math, Gary has a lot of knowledge on

paints and the necessary preparation

required. He is a specialist in mixing and

matching paint colours. His expertise

also applies to the varied range of


Choosing the shade and colour scheme

can be great fun, so get creative and give

your home a fresh new look.


Gardening with




How’s your lawn looking? Has it greened up after the

dry spell we had in early April?

Now is a good time to sow a new lawn, lay turf or apply hydro

lawn. Autumn lawns have the chance of establishing themselves

before the summer and don’t require a large amount of watering.

Thin patches in the lawn can be re-sown with a small amount

of fine topsoil. If you have a problem with moss, rake in

approximately one bucket of river stone per square metre of lawn.

You may find your lawn will benefit a lot by a good feed. I find

a fertiliser called ‘turf gold’ works really well and will make your

lawn look lush and dark green. And yes, we all need to be careful

with regular lawn mowing to prevent seed heads from spreading.

Protect your garden from the cold autumn and winter winds

which can cause damage to new growth. Install a screen of wind

cloth for instant protection or plant a hedge line of wind hardy

natives such as pittosporums, griselinas, or corokias. Stake them

to give them a good start and let them establish strong root

growth. Your new shelter will also respond well if the plants are

mulched around the base, fertilised, and kept weed free. This is

a mistake that is often made I’m sure - people would take a lot

more care if they realised the huge difference this makes to plant

growth and plant health.

For spring colour now is the time to plant bulbs and drifts

under trees or clusters beside driveways. Tulips and hyacinths,

which are susceptible to rot, should be planted in late July to early

August. For winter colour prepare beds for cinerarias, primulas,

pansies, polyanthus, sweet peas and the ornamental kale, if you

can find a warm sheltered spot. Other plants to consider for

colour in the cooler months are hellebores, heathers, arum lilies,

cyclamen, camellia and Daphne.

Also, don’t forget some of our wonderful natives and foliage

colours, such as tussock grasses, flax cultivars, astelia, cabbage tree

cultivars, such as Red Fountain. Take note of striking autumn

cultivars so you can plant and be ready for next year. For shades

of red, plant Liquid Amber or Claret Ash. If you prefer yellows,

ginkgo or the Indian Bead Tree are a lovely option. Flowering

cherries also have a spectacular display of autumn colour with the

added bonus of spring blossoms. For smaller sites where there is

limited space there may be a wall where the Virginia creeper can

be grown and its striking autumn colours enjoyed.


CT-4 Military Trainer, flown by Kathy and Edith

Kathy Haigh

from cabin crew to pilot

There were no women pilots with Air New Zealand when Kathy

Haigh joined the national airline in the 1980s as International

Cabin Crew, but that didn’t stop her desire to be a pilot. “I had a

real love of flying and soon after joining Air New Zealand, started

flying training at Ardmore to gain my Private Pilots Licence. I

carried out the bulk of my ground courses by correspondence, but

I had the opportunity to ask questions of Air New Zealand 747

pilots in the cockpit during night flights around the world – they

were happy to help and were a wonderful source of information

– navigation, meteorology, aircraft technology, aerodynamics.

They would have me sit on the flight deck for landings. I would

have loved to have become a pilot for Air New Zealand, but at the

time, the airline was only replacing retiring pilots – with airforce

guys who had 2000 hours jet time. I just couldn’t compete.” “In

1986 I obtained a Commercial Pilots Licence and shortly after, a

C category Instructors Licence and Instrument Rating. I did some

of the ground courses at Ardmore and was the only female on the

course. On my days off in Los Angeles I would fly out of Torrance

Airfield where they had all the navigation aids that we have at

Mangere. “That was the time when I purchased my first aeroplane,

with a partner. I was having lunch with a fellow aviator and bought

her Cessna 182. We brought it back to New Zealand from the US

in a container and Max Dixon at Waitemata Aero Club organized

re-installation of the wings and propeller and test flew the aircraft.

I used the Cessna for type ratings for aero club members. In 1991

I was one of four instructors who set up our own flying school,

‘Wings’ at Ardmore, where we all instructed part time.”

Kathy now co-owns a CT-4 Military Trainer (as flown by the

RNZAF Red Checkers Aerobatic team) with fellow aviatrix

Edith Robinson, and has shares in Z-CAT, the Catalina Flying

Boat. “I am currently carrying out First Officer training and with

the ground course completed will be qualified to fly the Catalina.

Flying her is fun and a challenge – it’s all ‘belts and braces’

– Second World War technology. Perhaps in the future we can form

an all female crew – it would be a world first.”


Dr Selina Green

Behind the scenes at local health centre

Pukekohe Family Health Care is one of the largest General

Practices in NZ. It started some 70 years ago in Pukekohe. 75

staff comprising 19 General Practitioners, 26 Practice Nurses

and 30 Receptionists and Administration Staff now service an

enrolled patient population of 19,500.

The baby boomers are nearing retirement. Heart attacks, high

blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure are the leading causes

of death in NZ. General practice now has the twin dilemma

of not only preventing illness but managing chronic disease as

well. Fortunately, we can access funding to assist patients with

established heart disease or diabetes, but accessing funding to

provide effective preventive health interventions is much more

difficult to come by. It takes time and expertise. It is costly to

General Practice and sadly… human nature is such that the

message is often not heeded until disease is patently obvious.

Smoking rates though are on the decline but obesity, despite the

messages, is on the increase, especially in our children. The real

cost of the health system is provision of care to patients with

complications of these mostly preventable chronic conditions.

General Practice is a private business. The provision of a high

quality primary health care service is plain hard work. Balancing

patient expectations and health needs with work force provision

and planning, regulatory and compliance issues and available

funding requires constant review.

Yes, we receive significant subsidies on patients behalf, designed to

keep the fees we have to charge to a minimum, but this becomes a

two edged sword. Already, the real value of the capitation funding

has been eroded by allowing its value to fall behind the increasing

costs of running a business. The draconian fees review process

put in place by the previous government designed to punish

general practices who appeared to be charging too much, have

only served to show that those increases were well justified. Every

business can attest to the rising cost of regulatory compliance

issues such as OSH, personnel management, privacy and

information management etc. etc... Our challenge is to meet these

costs, fulfill our obligations under the law and still have time and

funding to actually provide a high quality medical service.

Let’s look at our after hours care issues. The General Practice

subsidises the after hours care portion of the business. Our

practice has always seen accident and medical care, including

after hours as part of our commitment to our general practice

patients. Our A&M runs 365 days of the year, 14 hours a day and

is staffed solely by our general practice team. There are very few

areas in NZ that can match this level of commitment and service.

Twenty thousand patients a year go through our A&M alone.

The challenge here is to balance a high quality safe effective

service with patient expectations. Patient expectations are that

there is a service available when they need it, that is affordable

and will provide effective appropriate response. Seems straight

forward. However, accidents and sudden illness do not occur to

a time-table and we can literally have 10 people walk in at once

when previously we were twiddling our thumbs. This is managed

by having experienced nurses “triaging” or assessing patients into


levels of urgency and those with more pressing need being seen

first. This of course does not go down well if your need is assessed

as being low and you have to wait. “well put on more staff ” you

might well say… but this means there are less staff to work the

week days and the A & M fees will have to increase to cover staff

levels. Reality is that at least 50% of patients accessing the A &

M do so not because of urgency but because the timing is more

convenient. So why don’t we have more weekend or out of hours

general practice sessions? Essentially this comes down to staff and

when they wish to work… In general, evenings and weekends are

not top of the pop working times for most people. Some areas in

NZ have been funded through their District Health Boards and

PHOs, but at present we receive no extra funding for providing

after hours care.

Another challenge we face is our workforce. The GP workforce

is aging and a significant number of our GPs are set to retire in

the next 5 to 10 years. The practice works hard to attract new

graduates and is a teaching practice. But this too has implications

for cost in both time and money. It takes time to train new doctors

and this means the ‘trainers’ have less time to see patients. It is an

investment in our future as it were, but we are in danger as there is

little ability to ‘hold’ that investment in our practice should the new

doctor choose to move on or be lured by another practice able to

pay a bit more as the training costs do not have to be met…..

So one of our strategies to help alleviate the doctor shortage is to

have teams of doctors and nurses working alongside each other to

deliver care. However, again, investment in high quality nurses

is not cheap and again we struggle to match salaries offered in

hospitals and other private services. A change of government

always allows a fresh look at the problems in the health sector.

Tony Ryall has vowed that his focus on health is to move funding

from bureaucracy into the front line. If this translates into

allowing capitation levels to maintain their value and reduces the

amount of time clinical staff spend filling in forms and doing

paperwork then it will be welcomed. There is no question

that the implementation of the primary health care strategy has

injected more funding into general practices allowing improved

access for many patients by way of reduced fees. But we only have

4 million people. Do we need 21 DHBs and 82 PHOs? All of

these require an administrative workforce that ‘clips the ticket’

of any government funding that is provided to general practice

to subsidize patient health care at the coal face. For instance it

is estimated that almost 55% of funding provided to PHOs to

pass onto general practices to reward performance, is used up in

administering the performance reward programmes themselves.


Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz


The main preventable cause of death, disease and disability

is tobacco smoking. It kills 5,000 New Zealanders per year

Around half of all smokers will die prematurely from their

smoking, on average 14 years earlier than non-smokers

People on the lowest incomes have the highest rates of

cigarette smoking

Second-hand smoke from tobacco increases the risk of

cancer and contains approximately 4,000 chemicals

Second hand smoke increases the rate of colds, asthma,

glue ear and hospital admissions in children

Children are seven times more likely to become habitual

adult smokers themselves if their parents smoked

Smoking increases miscarriage rates by 25%. The risk of

stillbirth and deaths of babies is increased by 33% for smokers

Most people who smoke want to stop



To save money - stopping smoking can be like a pay rise.

($3000+/yr for many people)

To improve your appearance.

To increase your fitness.

For lifestyle reasons - being a smoker can be a pain!

For the health of your whanau/family.

To take control of your life instead of the smokes controlling you.

Smoking cessation BENEFITS:

Smoking cessation has major and immediate

health benefits for smokers of all ages

For further information contact

Pukekohe Family Health Care

10 West Street Pukekohe 09 237 0280



Dianne Gray and Marg Matchett

Respiratory Nurses

1. List the reasons why YOU want to stop.

2. Change your routines and habits.

3. Avoid situations that make you want to smoke, e.g. cut down

on alcohol or coffee.

4. Try to reduce some of the stresses in your life.

5. Make your environment smoke-free - get rid of ashtrays, wash

your smoky smelling clothes, clean your car and keep it


6. Do things you enjoy - give yourself treats and rewards. Keep a

list of what you plan to do with your extra money. Take time out

for yourself.

7. Think about ways to distract yourself if you feel like smoking.

8. Plan what to do when you go - where there might be smokers

or spend more time with non-smokers or ex-smokers.

9. Get some support, try and get a friend to stop with you.





CHAMPIX (varenicline tartrate) is a prescription medicine used as

an aid to smoking cessation. Consult your doctor to see if CHAMPIX

is right for you. Do not take this medicine if you are pregnant, if you are

under 18, using other stop smoking medicines, or have an allergy to the

active or other tablet ingredients. Precautions: people with kidney disease

or those undergoing haemodialysis treatment, mental illness or a history

of mental illness, a history of repeated fits or convulsions, or women who

are breastfeeding. Some people have reported changes in behaviour or

mood when they start taking CHAMPIX. These may include depression,

agitation, aggression, thoughts of self-harm, self-harm or harming others.

It is not known whether these symptoms are related to CHAMPIX. Patients

and their families should be advised that the patient should stop taking

CHAMPIX and contact a health care professional immediately if any of

these symptoms, that are not typical for the patient, are observed.

Possible side effects: nausea, headache, difficulty in sleeping, abnormal

dreams, dizziness, weakness, constipation, indigestion, bloating, dry

mouth, vomiting, increased appetite and changes in taste. Some

people have reported swelling of parts of their face after taking CHAMPIX.

If you have side effects see your doctor. Always read the label and use

strictly as directed. You will need to pay for this medicine and normal

doctor’s fees will apply. Contains varenicline 0.5 mg & 1mg.

Further medicine details are available at www.medsafe.govt.nz. Pfizer

New Zealand LTD PO Box 3998, Auckland Level 3 Pfizer House,

14 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden Auckland TAPS Approval No. CH2079

2 hours Most of the nicotine

is out of your system.

6 hours Your heartbeat slows

down to normal and your

blood pressure goes down.

24 hours The carbon

monoxide is out of your

system and your lungs work


2 days Your senses of taste

and smell improve. A few

weeks The phlegm in your

lungs loosens and you start to

cough it up and get rid of it.

2 months Blood flow to your

hands and feet improves.

3-9 months Cough and

wheeze decrease as

breathing function improves

by 10%.

1 year You have almost

halved your risk of sudden

death from heart attack.

5 years You are almost as

risk-free of sudden death

from heart attack as a


10. Consider nicotine replacement therapy (NRT- patches, gum

or lozenges) or prescription medications. These can dramatically

increase your chances of staying smoke-free.


Your family doctor or nurse, Your medical practice can arrange subsidised

NRT or a variety of funded and non-funded prescription medications to

increase your chances of staying stopped. Pukekohe Family Health Care has

specialist nurses that can advise on smoking cessatioin.

Quitline 0800 778 778 is a free quit smoking telephone help line. They

provide quit smoking advice and information, and access to subsidised

nicotine patches or gum where suitable. Their web-site www.quit.org.can also

provide NRT.

Txt2Quit gives support via text messages www.txt2quit.org.nz designed with

young people in mind.

Aukati Kai Paipa is a free kanohi ki te kanohi service that is delivered locally

via Raukura Hauora o Tainui Trust. They offer support to Māori and their

whānau with a range of services ph 092638040 or go to www.auahikore.org.nz

Smokestop at www.smokestop.co.nz or phone 0508 SMOKESTOP provides a

free on-line help programme using text, email, bulletin board and chat.


Welcome to the


financial update

Here to help with

your business


by Tina Webb

Professional Mortgage Advisor

There is definitely more activity in the market place but

does that mean that the worst is over? No one can give

any definite indication; one expert says this, the other says

that. The average person has questions such as ‘should I sell

now, buy or wait? Are interest rates going back down, going

up?’ There are always opportunities and choices to make.

Even deciding not to make a choice is a choice in itself.

The average person buying and selling in the same market

should do fine. For instance, if your property is currently

down 10% on a year ago and you buy another that is also

down in value then the end result is around the same as in

any market. It’s all about the difference between sale and


If you would like the best of both worlds then there is

another option. You could consider keeping your existing

home as a rental for a while (approx 4 years, maybe less

before prices recover- and they will), buy another home

possibly below valuation. Once the market recovers you

have a choice to either sell the rental and use the extra

funds to reduce the mortgage on the owner occupied

property. Alternatively you keep the rental which gives you

tax savings by way of a tax refund. The value of the rental

property will increase over time, and will be much more

than what you could hope to save in the bank over the

same period. Residential real estate investing is still one of

the safest ways to invest money but it is not for everyone.

You don’t need to manage your own investment property;

there are some very good property management companies

around who will take the stress out of investing for you.

There is an optimistic energy happening with definitely

more activity coming about in various industries but it will

still take a while for everything to come back to normalwhat

is normal you may ask?

Companies are recognising that they want to keep as

many of their staff as possible so that they don’t need to

retrain in the future. People are being asked to work less

hours rather than losing their jobs. Remember that we’re

in this together and that the employers are hurting just like

their staff.

Everything goes in cycles and that includes money,

property, industry and life in general. What goes up does

come down. This current cycle is a larger bump in the

road, so to speak, than previous ones, but life goes on and

people still need to keep making plans and moving forward.

Looking back over the past 30 years and despite the various

dips in property values, properties have still gone up in


This month’s quote

The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not

material things... it is the human mind, the human spirit,

the human imagination, and our faith in the future

– Steve Forbes


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eLocal’s ‘Business Mr Fix-it’ Phil


Send your business related questions to Business Mr Fix-it Phil at


A reader asks: Phil, I need help quick. I bought a local franchise three

years ago for $30,000. It hasn’t taken off as the parent company said it

would and I now have just under $300,000 debt on my home in order

to promote the business and meet the annual expenses. Everything

appears to be coming apart which includes my family life. Help!

Phil: A difficult one to answer in a few words without sitting down

to discuss this with you, but this problem is more common than you

would expect. In times like this, being positive and optimistic should

never ever be confused with the need to get real. Consider what I call

the foundation blocks of business.

· Business is a process of money changing hands in a recorded and

controlled manner. If you are not recording and monitoring you are

not following the process.

· Business is all about making a buck. If you are not making a buck

you are not in business.

· Business is all about human relationships. It can’t exist without


Now answer the following question, keeping in mind that $1 + $1 =

$2. Not nearly $2, or on a good day maybe $3, but.. $2.

What is your total annual income? What are your total annual

expenses? What is the Gross profit, the Nett profit before tax and

how many hours per day/ days per week/ weeks per year are you

working in your business? Are you recording and monitoring the total

income and total expenses on a daily, weekly and monthly time frame?

Remember, business is a process, therefore if you don’t know the

answers or even what the questions mean then you need information

and quick. I believe many people in business simply don’t know. It is

time to get real.

Now consider the slowing economy, the type of industry and the

nature of the market you are in and project it into the future one

year from now. Remember, business is all about making a buck.

Realistically as it stands, is your business going to make enough of a

buck to meet future running expenses and repay the debt to the bank

borrowed against your family home? The stakes are high, you need to

get real.

Do you remember the lifestyle you wanted for yourself and your

family, from this business? Is it working for you? Remember, business

is also about people. People like us. Is reality setting in?

If the answers are yes on all accounts then you wouldn’t have a

problem. If the answers are no then it is time to do something about

it NOW!

Three years ago, did you consider a worst case scenario, a time

limit for the project to achieve results and a plan to end the project

in a calm and controlled manner? Most people don’t when they go

into business. 85% of new businesses end within two years and 95%

are gone by five years, so we must have a plan for that occasion and

most people don’t. The objective of all this is not only to operate

a successful business in good times but to protect our hard earned

money when times are tough.

Another question that must be asked is: What role has your bank

manager and accountant played in this chaos? So often when it is

turning to custard all around, many people appear conspicuous by

their absence.


Franklin eLocal’s

new column

A Healthier

Way of Life

by Community Constable

Noel Surrey

Each month Noel will answer readers’ questions on

community safety issues and offer advice on how to look

after yourself, your family and your property.

There are many aspects to community health and I am looking

forward to hearing from readers with some questions and

opinions about the topic. One that impacts on the area of

policing (among others) is responsibility and where the buck

stops. It is always easy once having identified a problem to

sheet home the responsibility for fixing it to someone else; the

Council, Police, C.Y.P.& F.S, etc. But a sad fact of life is that

problems are never fixed by buck passing.

If anyone wants their area to be tidier they should pick and

dispose of some of the rubbish. Not try and take on all the

responsibility for the problem but do what they can and so

set an example for others to follow. It can be frustrating if you

are looking for instant, significant improvement and trying to

engineer others to take on your pet project. After all, the only

person I can control is me and the more I try to manipulate

others, the more they resist. So the best way to effect change is

for me to do what I can and be patient about how quickly that

example catches on.

When we apply these principles to crime there are many things

we can do that will eventually add up to making a difference:

• To reduce the road toll stick to the speed limit, don’t follow

too close, drive to the conditions, be patient.

• Report graffiti or photograph it and remove it.

• When you know about serious crime (assault, theft, drugs)

report as much detail as you can safely discover.

• Don’t use or buy illegal drugs or property of doubtful origin

– if there is no market there is no business.

• Expect good behaviour from your kids, your relations’ kids

and the neighbours’ kids and let them know your expectations,


• Be positive that change for the better will happen.

The bottom line is that we can all make a difference. It is

entirely our choice as individuals as to how much difference we

make and in what area we make it.

Bladder infections

by Cees Hekelaar

Bladder infections or cystitis are an inflammation of the bladder.

They are common in women but very rare in men. About 20% of all

women get at least one bladder infection a year.

Most bladder infections are caused by various strains of E. coli

bacteria that normally live in the gut and travel through the urinary

tract, where they latch to the bladder wall, attached to sugars.

The doctors treat bladder infections with antibacterial drugs, which

will usually cure the condition fast, but the treatment may also

impair your body’s resistance. New or survived E. coli can rapidly

reproduce and cause a new infection. This can result in a chronic


Fortunately there are natural remedies that can help you to

increase your natural resistance and to flush away bacteria.

The first choice to use for support would be the Cranberry.

Cranberry has antibacterial properties and has a sugar, D-mannose,

which ties bacteria, but does not latch on to your bladder’s wall and

thus flushes away the bacteria. Cranberry has no side effects and can

provide long-term treatment for your urinary tract.

My mum, 86 of age now, used to have recurring bladder

infections 3 or 4 times annually for years in her late sixties and early

seventies, until she began taking cranberry. After great results with

many customers I gave mum cranberry extract capsules and she

hasn’t had a bladder infection ever since, while still safely using it.

The extract capsules (a month’s supply) work out cheaper than

drinking the pure juice, as you need to drink 150 ml per day of the

juice, emptying a bottle in 5 days.

Other natural support for your bladder may include:

Vitamin C has acidic properties, helping to kill bacteria.

Juniper berries help clean the urinary tract.

Uva ursi or bearberry is a diuretic and has antiseptic properties.

Goldenseal is an herbal and microbial agent.

Buchu herb when a burning sensation upon urination is a symptom.

Cantharis (homeopathy) also when having a burning sensation as a


Echinacea, the well-known antibacterial and antiviral herb.

Zinc to help increasing immunity and restore damaged tissues.

Practical tips:

Drink a lot (preferably water)

After urinating or bowel motion wipe from front to back to avoid

E. coli bacteria coming in the urethra.

After sexual contact empty your bladder.

This is only a brief explanation about the bladder infections. If

you have any more questions on this subject feel free to call me on

2387806 or see me at Way of Life Health Shop in 68 Edinburgh

Street, Pukekohe.

You may send questions about your health issues to my email

address, wayoflife@orcon.net.nz

Advertising sales 09 239 1699, sales@elocal.co.nz



Mina Whare

Living off the land

Mina (Minarapa) Whare is sitting outside the meeting house at

Pukerewa, remembering the days in his youth when life was very

different, when the land provided almost everything needed and

there was plenty of work “for those that wanted it.”

“I was born in 1937. My family is Ngati Tahinga. My home was

a one room dwelling surrounded by bush with a Puriri tree standing

there – the house is gone but the tree is still there. We had half an

acre of orchard – possums weren’t a problem then. My grandmother

planted kumara, watermelon, corn – everything we needed. We

enjoyed pig hunting and sometimes a wild pig would come to the

pigs in our pens. Someone with a good eye would shoot them. We

did a lot of fishing for shark, crayfish, mussels, paua and kina in

the early spring when they fattened. Fish and meat were dried by

hanging fairly high up in a tree, because we had no refrigeration

– but nothing went to waste. We milked 12 cows and the cream

was kept in vats and stood in our spring stream to keep fresh. You

couldn’t make a living on 12 cows now – what you are earning now

as I see it, is tax for the government. But it was a good life for us.

“Most people shared what they had, we were a community and all

our homes were open house to everyone. We hardly ever went to

town. Once a week, we would telephone in an order for groceries.

I am of the era when there were coupons to get sugar, salt, flour,

benzene, smokes, clothing – unless you had a coupon you couldn’t

get anything. My granddad had shares in Farmers Trading Co

– in those days they traded in livestock as well. So, he was able to

get little bits of extras ordinary workers would not have. I saw the

last coupon book when mum went to the shop where Aston’s farm

was at Waikaretu – after the second world war we started back to

normal shopping.”

Mina recalls with much satisfaction the years he spent clearing

the bush and logging, originally with handsaws, on the Pukerewa

block and how there was always work around. “In those days, you

just went where someone was doing something and got in to help

out – you didn’t ask for pay. It might have been drafting sheep or

carrying posts to a fence line. It was one way of getting a job, when

people saw a person who was keen to work. All my life I was around

Mina loved his life

in early Pukerewa

“The biggest change I have seen in my lifetime is the

reversal on the land – in the old days, there was bush

and trees, a natural setting. The push was on to clear the

land for agriculture – to make money from it. I worked

with my father Toko and a couple of friends logging on

the Pukerewa block. We owned the bigger part of a

1,000 acre block and cleared the bush and cut scrub

- I loved it. People showed me how to chop a tree with

a slasher, I didn’t need an axe. When I got blisters on my

hands, I had to find a better way to do it, so I soon learnt.

When I got a chainsaw, it speeded up the work, but I

had to learn to use it properly and safely. Now that the

bush is all gone and put into farming, the experts of the

world are telling us to go back to growing trees again. It

just went too far.”


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The Whare whanau at Waikaretu School in the 1950s,

Mina (right) and Sally (left)

Tupuna (grandfather)

Whare Hetaraka

Mina was part of many cattle droves to the Tuakau saleyards along the

winding gravel roads through the back country, until stock trucks took over the

job. He recalls droving as fun, enjoying the camaraderie of his fellow drovers,

“they were all good horsemen, good fun too,” he says. He also worked for nine

years for Raglan County Council.

The highlight of his life, Mina says, was the building of the marae at

Pukerewa. “For months in the early 80s, before we even thought of building

a marae, I used to come from my house down the road and sit out on the

gravel road, thinking how wonderful it would be. There was no marae in all of

Waikaretu.” A committee was set up and after much investigation to find the

best design for a building and get the process underway, the Pukerewa Marae

was opened on March 23, 1991 – on the site Mina had envisaged.

Mina and his wife Te Aroha raised seven children, six boys and one girl. For

their generation, times had changed since Mina’s youth. “I think it’s hard for the

mokopuna now,” says Mina. “They must get an education to get a job. They have

to live where the work is and their way of life is different. Not many can live on

the land, like me and those who came before us.”

Killing bugs at killer prices!

Get an E3 dispenser

including can for only


Toko Whare (Mina’s father)

Get rid of bugs and insects with an automatic

Ecomist dispenser using Natural Pyrethrins.

Just set it and forget it!


horses, catching them and hitching them to the hand plough

– that was our tractor. It was fun, I really enjoyed that. The very

best part was sowing grass seed. Dad and I sat on our horses to

throw the seed over 30-40 acres. It took time, but it was very

satisfying, gauging the wind and watching it spreading out and

landing just where you wanted it. It was a heavy job though,

with 12 ton of grass seed to a bag – you knew about it at the end

of the day! Then there was haymaking… I was helped in my

work because I had a very clever horse. I used to break in horses

and sometimes a horse will stand out from the others as special.

He just knew what I wanted and would do anything I wanted

him to.”

Insect control • Odour control • Fragrancing

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0800 75 75 78








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perfectly manicured garden or

to get rid of muddy paths?

Ace Landscapes can give your property a makeover so you can relax and know your

garden will blossom in spring!

If your garden is overgrown, your trees need pruning or your pathways are muddy

and need to be repaved, we can help. Our team specializes in a range of services

from retaining walls to general garden maintenance.

“Ace Landscapes are brilliant! I have so much more time to do things. . .”


We’ll help you decide exactly what you want and how best to get it in the least

amount of time and money, while still giving you the best quality service and

products available.

Call us TODAY on (09) 299 343485 and you’ll receive $100 worth

of landscaping material FREE!*

*Conditions apply. Materials must be used on the AUTUMN MAKEOVER job.



1. Kept Informed: You know what

is happening on your job with

clear communication which saves

you stress.

2. Left Clean: When your project

is finished we leave the site

cleaner than when we started.

3. Fixed Price: What we quote you

will be what you are charged

upon completion so there are no

expensive surprises!

4. Value for Money: You get true

value for your money because our

staff are highly experienced and

skilled and we have access to a

wide variety of the best products


5. Timely: We understand that

your time is important therefore

we keep to our appointments.

Call: 09 299 3485 Fax: 09 299 3488

Email: style@acelandscapes.co.nz Web: www.acelandscapes.co.nz

Voucher for

FREE landscaping materials

Values at $100. Limited spaces left!

This voucher entitles the bearer to a $100 worth of FREE

landscaping materials to be used on an AUTUMN MAKEOVER job.

Not redeemable for cash. Offer expires 30th May 2009

What’s on in Franklin this month

Exhibition - Waiau Pa Art Group

Friday 01 May - Sunday 03 May

Colorful display of paintings by local artists at Karaka War Memorial Hall. Friday 4-9pm, $5 (wine and nibbles), Saturday

(9am-5pm) & Sunday (9am-4pm) Gold coin donation. Contact-Janet Munroe Phone-09 232 1475

Firedance Workshop

Saturday 02 May 11am

Intense 1 day workshop. Make your own practice Poi and all the basics of Firepoi. $60. Held at the Shardu Centre, 15

Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau. Contact-Gina or Julie Phone-021 121 9946 or 021 909 420

Tuakau Saleyards Stampede - Community Fundraiser

Saturday 02 May

Entertainment, period costume, cowboy gun fights, pony rides, Clydesdale Horse Demonstrations and stalls. Contact-

Allan Harris Phone-09 236 8029, 021 258 422

Concert - Clearwaters

Saturday 02 May 8pm

A Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival. See this exciting show, hear all the hits. Pukekohe Town Hall. Adults $35,

under 15yrs $20. Tickets available from i-site and Lewis menswear fashions, Pukekohe.

Community weight loss challenge

Monday 04 May 11:30am-1pm

Monetary prize for the biggest loser in 12 weeks. Cost $35.00 for the 12 week challenge. Just come along on a

Monday 11.45am to 1.15pm and learn about healthy eating. Anglican Church Hall entrance Coles Cres Papakura

Contact-Doria Phone-09 2980504 www.eeziweightchallenge.co.nz

John Rowles - Showcase Entertainment

Tuesday 05 May 7pm

At age 61 Iconic NZ entertainer John Rowles shows no sign of slowing down. He is celebrating 40 years since hitting

the UK charts and the release of his new album ‘The Singer & The Songs’ with an intimate concert tour. Hawkins

Theatre, Papakura Phone-09 361 1000 info@showcasegroup.co.nz www.showcasegroup.co.nz

Best Medicine - Stand Up Comedy Revue

Friday 08 May - Saturday 09 May 8pm-11pm

Sure to be one of the standout performances of the 2009 International Comedy Festival with Kiwi comedy all-stars.

Hawkins Theatre, Papakura. Adult $25.00 Student $18.00 Contact-iTicket Phone-09 361 1000 www.iticket.co.nz

Pukekohe 11th Annual Antique & Collectables Fair

Saturday 16 May

9-4.30 Sat, 10-3 Sun. NZ’s largest fair of its kind. Held at The Indian Assn.Community Hall, Ward Street, Pukekohe.

Refreshments, raffle in support of Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Service - onsite with the 1936 V8 original Pukekohe Fire

Engine. roadshow.antiques@xtra.co.nz

Course - Healthy Eating on a Budget

Saturday 16 May 2pm-4pm

The course involves participants undertaking hands-on preparation and cooking of 2-3 different sample dishes/meals

as well as interactive discussions. Valley School Hall in Pukekohe. $5 donation to help cover food costs. Registrations

are essential. Contact-Deborah Flynn - The River of Life Centre Trust Phone-09 299 9394 david.flynn@slingshot.co.nz

An evening with Sue Nicholson

Monday 18 May

Join Sensing Murder Psychic Sue Nicholson for an up close and personal evening of connection with The Other Side.

Let Sue guide you to The Other Side and then be captivated as Sue connects with many of your loved ones. $55

Hawkins Theatre - Papakura Contact-office@hawkinstheatre.co.nz Phone-www.iticket.co.nz www.papakuraarts.co.nz

Concert - The Romance of Europe

Thursday 21 May 11am

Experience the best music that Europe has produced: opera, operetta and songs by Strauss, Lehar, Puccini, Verdi,

and Mozart – a concert with variety, humour, passion and romance! $25 with lunch included in the ticket price.

Phone-Free phone: 0508 266 237 susan@operatunity.co.nz www.operatunity.co.nz


Cycling Franklin

Sundays Weekly 8am

Leisurely bicycle rides on quiet country roads. Free bicycle safety and maintenance tuition. All ages welcome. Meet

at the Subway Rd - Station Rd junction, Pukekohe. No club, no fees. Just be there. Contact-Ed Austin edaustin@xtra.


Franklin Chess Club

Thursdays Monthly 7 May 7pm

Adult and junior members enjoy the challenge of this strategic game. Some nights tournament matches are played

and some nights we have different challenges to add a variety to the monthly sessions. $10 per annum. At Franklin:

The Centre, Pukekohe.



09 239 1699

Website www.elocal.co.nz

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Web hits over 3.6 million


Ph: 09 239 1699

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Franklin Country Market - Pokeno

Sundays Weekly 9am

Held every week end in Pokeno village. Contact-Rodger Vincent Phone-09 238 8831, 021 2303172 www.


Franklin Market - Pukekohe

Saturdays Weekly 8am

Fishmarket, Fruit & Veges, New Books, Thai Kai, Fast Food, Flowers , Pre-loved furniture, Jewellery, clothing, asian veges,

berries, organics, food, bric-a-brac. Carboot stalls also available from $10 a site. Fundraising stalls FREE Contact-

Rodger Vincent Phone-09 238 8831, 021 2303172 www.franklinmarkets.co.nz

Franklin Toastmasters

Mondays Fortnightly 4 May & 18 May 7pm

Fortnightly meetings - Mondays in the Concert Chambers at Pukekohe Town Hall. Guests most welcome. Contact-

Karen or Robyn Phone-09 235 3997 - 09 299 7005 franklin@toastmasters.org.nz www.toastmasters.org.nz

Tuakau Scottish Country Dancing

Tuesdays Weekly 7:30pm

Come and join the fun at the St Stephens Ave church hall. Beginners welcome, young and old. Contact-Ruth Oldfield

Phone-09 232 6723 g.r.oldfield@vodafone.co.nz

Elocal accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Where

possible extra contact details are given

so you can confirm details and contact event organisers.


Email community events

to editorial@elocal.co.nz or list it on


Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon



a Coffee Machine

and coffee

to the value of


Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Email . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conditions apply

Spend $15 or more to enter

valid until 31/05/09, Prize Drawn 01/06/09

Discount Coupon


Karaka Rd

(state Hwy 22)

opp. Pukekohe

Golf Course


Mon-Fri 8.45am-5.45pm

Sat 8.30am-2pm



Spend $30 on any purchase

and receive $5 OFF

With this coupon. Cond. apply. Valid in May only

Discount only available with this coupon




Normally $49.95.

Any make welcome.

Parts not included.


Pukekohe Mega Centre

Manukau Road, 09 238 4808

Offer expires 30/05/09

*Conditions apply

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Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon

37 Edinburgh St


09 238 5522

Organic and

Food Allergy Specialist

$5 OFF


Deliciously prepared meals.

Ready to heat & eat

or pop in your freezer.

Valid till June ‘09

Bring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!

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Discount Coupon

FREE nose piercing for

your mother-in-law.

Only if she is over 60 years of age.

At Pukekohe’s Saturday market or

Sunday market at Pokeno.

Phone Roger 09 238 8831



Conditions & eligibility apply

• F R A N K L I N •

Every Saturday 8-12

Massey Ave Carpark, Pukekohe

Franklin Country Market Pokeno

every Sunday 9am-4pm.

Heat up at Hell


Two doubles

for $22.00

0800 666 111 www.hell.co.nz

Valid Sunday to Wednesday

Only at Hell Pukekohe

Valid Februaru only ‘09

Terms and Conditions apply.

Not available with any other offer.

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Expires: 30/05/09

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be had.

Discount Coupon

Love your pets?


Barista Training

$70 for 90 minutes.

Phone 239 2005 for bookings.

2 for 1

TWO cups of Coffee

for the price of ONE!

(Conditions may apply)

65-71 Edinburgh St


Limited to 1 voucher per household per month

Bring this Discount coupon to the business above & claim your discount!

Discount Coupon

12 Subway Rd,


Ph: 238 9026

Discount Coupon

Pet’s life

a bit of everything

Toys, Bags, Shoes, Candles and more

10% OFF

dog grooming

for all breeds

Plus FREE GIFT worth $30 dollars

37 King Street Pukekohe

09 238 7683

every non

Paul Millett

Mob: 0275 599 388


Redeemable with this Coupon.


Loan car available.

We are Subaru specialists,

but we can cater for other makes

and models.

off parts and labour

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

Sat 8.30am - 12.30pm

Valid to 30th May 09

Conditions apply

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May 09 only Cond apply

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Discount Coupon




with every tea

or coffee purchased

Valid all May 09

One scone per voucher

Down load our menu



Tues - Fri

7.30am - 4pm

Sat, Sun

8am - 4pm


Thurs - Sun

until 8pm

573 Buckland Road, Buckland, Pukekohe • 09 238 0038

Email: thebucklandcafe@xtra.co.nz


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Boats & Marine

Building & Maintenance



Clothing & Fabric


Food & Drink

Health & Beauty

Home & Garden


Real Estate & Property



Sports & Leisure


In print and online




CAR VALET SERVICES LTD. Contact: Chris & Lynette McIntosh

Location: 46 Adams Drive, Pukekohe 2120 Phone: 09 238 5487

Fax: 09 238 5487 Mobile: 0274 385 487

Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz



Custom exhausts



154 Manukau Rd Pukekohe Ph: 09 238 3832

COUNTIES MUFFLERS For exhausts, mufflers, radiators (new,

repairs/recores), brakes and towbars for your car, digger, tractor,

and commercial vehicles, get a free quote from Counties Mufflers.

Small team means competitive prices. Quality workmanship. Top of

the line parts and products. Proven reputation. Contact: Derek Price

Location: 154 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Email: perftranz@ihug.

co.nz Phone: 09 238 3832 Fax: 09 238 3897



Clean outs New Radiators

Repairs Installation


Top Tank Replacements

Fuel Tank Repairs

Call Brian

09 238 6383, 027 438 6383

17 Massey Avenue, Pukekohe



prompt, efficient and top quality service for all your radiator

requirements on all makes and models of vehicles, trucks, heavy

machinery and tractors. We specialise in supplying new radiators,

installation, clean outs, repairs, recores, top tank replacement and

fuel Automotiveboats tank repairs. SPECIAL OFFER: & Free evaluation and quotes

Contact: Marinebuilding Brian Robinson Location: & 17 Massey Ave, Pukekohe

Email: Maintenancebusiness


toni@rainbowpark.co.nz Phone: 09 238 6383 Fax: 09

238 6318

UNDERCAR ing & SERVICES Fabricfarmingfood

Phone: & Drinkhealth 09 238 1144 Fax: & 09 238 1143 Mobile: 021

Contact: Geoff Clarke Location: Hall Lane,


522 Beautyhome 561 &


BOATS Estate & Propertysecurityshoppingsports




& Leisuretransport

Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat 8am-2pm.

Corner Height & Paerata Rd,

Pukekohe 09 239 1893


Also online www.elocal.co.nz








FRANKLIN MARINE 2007 LTD Franklin Marine provide a full range

of quality boating products and services. Jetskis, Navman electronics,

fishing equipment to name a few. We are off the main road allowing

easy access to drop off boats and customer parking. Finance/

Insurance available. Everything you need in one place. Contact:

Brett McQuarrie Location: Corner of Heights and Paerata Roads,

Paerata Email: fmlmarine@paradise.net.nz Phone: 09 239 1893

Mobile: 021 563 561 Web: www.franklinmarine.co.nz






09 294 6065

Cnr McPherson Rd & Karaka (SH22) Rd, Drury

GOLDEN HOMES COUNTIES Golden Homes offer a “full home

construction service” from start to finish. Bring in your own plan

or choose from over 90 of ours. With 100’s of satisfied customers

here in Counties come and see for yourself at our show home Cnr

McPherson Rd & Karaka SH22 Drury. Take a look at our BIZFINDER

online Contact: David Griggor Location: McPherson Road, Drury,

Auckland, New Zealand Email: counties@goldenhomes.co.nz

Phone: 09 294 6065 Fax: 09 294 6075 Web: www.goldenhomes.




New & 2nd hand building supplies



French Doors

Aluminium Windows

Tools & Machinery

Ranch Sliders


25 Crosbie Rd, Pukekohe Ph/Fax 09 239 0910

www.demolitionplus.co.nz Mob 0274 978 619


Demolition Plus


home renovator or landlord looking for top quality second hand

or new building and maintenance materials? We stock and supply

a large range of the best #1 reusable materials, such as, plywood,


windows, French doors, #3kitchens, bathrooms, Formica bench tops,

Seratone, carpets, vinyl, #4farm gates. Contact: Linda and Robbie

McDonald Location: #5 227 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Email:

demolitionplus@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 239 0910 Fax: 09 239


0910 Mobile: 027 497 #78619 Web: www.demolitionplus.co.nz



STUCK4DRAINS LTD Contact: David and Myra Stuckey Location:


18 Buckland Road, Tuakau #11 Phone: 09 237 8250 Fax: 09 237

8250 Mobile: 027 277 #124111


















We Buy & Sell

204 - 206 King St


Ph: 09 238 7489

CROSBIES COLORPLUS offers inspiration and expertise for all

your interior design dreams to come true. Whether you are after

wallpaper, paint or curtains; we offer a huge range of decorating

products as well as all the practical advice you’ll ever need.

Colourplus truly is all you need to decorate. Drop in and see us!

Contact: Russell Hyland Location: 204 King Street, Pukekohe

Email: crosbies@colorplus.co.nz Phone: 09 238 7489 Fax: 09

238 8308 Web: www.colourplus.co.nz






David Collett

Registered Electrical Inspector

0274 968800

Servicing Franklin Since 1979

COLLETT ELECTRICAL We offer a reliable, quality service for the

domestic, commercial and industrial market. Our services include

maintenance, breakdown service, pump & control, appliance testing

and certification, surge & spike protection and data & communication

installation. SERVICING THE FRANKLIN AREA SINCE 1979. Contact:

David Collett Location: 15 Henderson Ave, Tuakau Email:

d.j.collett@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 236 8693 Fax: 09 236 8647

Mobile: 027 496 8800


Phone Drewe

for a free Quote

09 238 5335

0275 399 851

Specializing in Continuous Copper &

Colorcote Spouting & Downpipes.

External/Internal Fascia Gutter Systems.


CUSTOM FASCIA AND SPOUTING We offer continuous spouting

in five different profiles in both copper and coloursteel, as well as

downpipes that we guarantee will match the style of any home,

building or factory. Our qualified installers provide an on-site made to

measure service and guarantee no joins, leaks or wastage. SPECIAL

OFFER: Mention this ad and get 10% off your internal gutter

replacement Contact: Drewe Pyke Location: Pukekohe Email:

drewe@fasciaandspouting.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5335 Fax: 09 238

5335 Mobile: 0275 399 851 Web: www.fasciaandspouting.co.nz



Chartered Accountant

MYOB and Quickbooks

Approved partners

Tel: 09 238 8925

Fax: 09 238 8525

Mobile: 0272 499 443

Email: thecla@theclajCA.co.nz


QuickBooks Accredited. Contact: Thecla Johnstone Location: 64

Beaver Road, Pukekohe Email: thecla@theclajCA.co.nz Phone:

09 238 8925 Fax: 09 238 8525 Mobile: 027 249 9443 or 021

731 310


SENECA INSURANCE BROKERS Contact: Mark Davie Location:

12 Seddon Street, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 5188 Fax: 09 238

5189 Mobile: 021 343 335



The Feltmaker

Rosemary Sinclair

09 232 9858


Felt Making workshops.

Felting Wool by mail order.


THE FELTMAKER Franklins Feltmaking Specialist has relocated to

a studio 21kms from the Tuakau Bridge at Port Waikato. This rustic

setting doubles as display space and classroom with workshops for

beginners & advanced Feltmaking, Stencilling on fabric & Trapunto

Quilting, Beads from paper, fuchias from silk cocoons. Bring a friend/s

and enjoy a creative day out in this unique setting. SPECIAL OFFER:

Bring 3 Friends to a beginners WORKSHOP and get your place half

price. Contact: Rosemary Sinclair Location: 2181 Tuakau Bridge-

Port Waikato Road, New Zealand Email: rosemarys@orcon.net.nz

Phone: 09 232 9858 Fax: 09 232 9858 Web: www.thefeltmaker.




09 238 4796

Jenny Bowman




30 King St,


JUST ALTERATIONS is a creative alterations studio that keeps your

wardrobe in top shape and perfect fit. Lost buttons, ripped jeans,

broken zips, out of date clothes. With an eye for detail I fit, mend and

alter your clothes at competitive rates. Central location opposite the

post office and 24h service. Pick ups can be arranged out of studio

hours. Contact: Jenny Bowman Location: 30 King Street, Pukekohe

Phone: 09 238 4796 Mobile: 027 652 5370



Waiuku, 8 Kitchener Rd

09 235 8507

Shoes & More Ltd


Accessories to take all the family from work to play

bags wallets

backpacks exclusive



exceptional service for all the family! We are independently owned so

go the extra mile. Leading brand footwear plus beautiful bags, wallets

and exclusive jewellery out of Israel. Visit us soon- our ladies autumn

range now in, and winter boots arriving daily! Contact: Fiona Baker

Location: 8 Kitchener Road, Waiuku Email: bakershu@ps.gen.nz

Phone: 09 235 8507 Web: www.footmark.co.nz




Bore Pumps Water Tanks

Water Pumps Water Tests

Water Purification Electrical

Phone Martin 238 3206

AQUALECTRIX Sales and Servicing of all bore pumps, household/

farm pumps, water filtration and electrical. Ask for Martin Contact:

Martin Moloney Location: 40 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe Email:

martin@aqualectrix.co.nz Phone: 09 238 3206 Fax: 09 238 7131





14 Constable Rd WAIUKU

Ph 09 235 8268


CONCRETE Supplying a full service facility for all irrigation pumps.

Stockists of quality ONGA & Lowara pumps. Stockists of the full

range of STEVENSON concrete blocks Landscaping supplies Red

Scoria, river stones, bark, mulch. A full range of drainage products

including storm water & Builders Supplies Contact: Jo Gubb

Location: 14 Constable Road, Waiuku Email: gubbp@ps.gen.nz

Phone: 09 235 8268 Fax: 09 235 8176




Food Allergy


Catering Available

The Best of the Best

CAFE BERNE “Good food should be as much about nutrition

as it is about taste.” Café Berne is a premier catering company,

incorporating organic and allergy free specialized foods. Wendy and

Julie are happy to create a menu to suit your tastes for that special

occasion. Free delivery in Pukekohe. SPECIAL OFFER: $5 OFF

MEALS TO GO! Contact: Wendy Location: 37 Edinburgh Street,

Pukekohe Email: wendybb@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 238 5522

List your business

We have a special

deal this month,

talk to Shona on

09 239 1699

Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

Mediterranean Cuisine

15 Queen Street, Pukekohe

(next to SMART bar & 0pp Monarch Cafe)

Home cooking @ its best.

31 King St. Pukekohe Ph/ Fax 09 238 7787




Ph/fax: 09 238 7788

Cnr Massey Ave & Graham St Pukekohe


has been providing a retail service to surrounding areas since 1996

and is expanding their service into providing beverage, wine and

spirits for your up and coming event. Email/fax us today with your

requirements. Contact: Harry Singh Location: 6 Massey Avenue,

Pukekohe Email: manager.drivethru@paradise.net.nz Phone: 09

238 7788 Fax: 09 238 7788 Mobile: 021 781 901

St. Margarets Cafe



Licensed - Brunch

Lunch - Afternoon Tea

Private Functions

6 Dykes Road

Karaka, Auckland

Ph/Fax: 09 292 7536

ST MARGARETS CAFE is a licensed indoor/outdoor cafe that sits

at the edge of beautiful tranquil gardens at Karaka. We are open

for leisurely lunches, brunches, morning and afternoon teas Sunday

to Friday 10am - 3.30pm. Saturdays closed. St Margaret’s Café


also provides a unique venue for private functions. Contact: Maree

Furniss Location: 6 Dyke Road, Karaka, New Zealand Email:

stmargarets.cafe@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 292 7536 Fax: 09 292



Ph (09) 238 1607

Download menu www.pocoloco.co.nz

POCO LOCO CAFE Poco Loco is a hip and funky café. The menu

captures the flavours, fun and ease of Latin dining from Spain to

South America to the Mediterranean. Open for lunches and evening

dining from Tuesday through to Sunday. They accommodate large

parties from 6-20 on short notice. SPECIAL OFFER: A pan full of

garlic prawns 1/2kg served hot and sizzling $29.95 Contact: Jan

Purdy and Brenda Laverick Location: 15 Queen Street, Pukekohe,

Email: pocoloconz@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 238 1607 Fax: 09 238

1607 Mobile: Don’t have one! Web: www.pocoloco.co.nz


Buckland Rd, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 0038 Fax: 09 238 0770




Location: 2 Wesley Street, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238 0557

Mobile: 027 281 9297

09 238 5886

Cnr East St & Valley Rd


DIOSA HAIR ‘Diosa’ means ‘goddess’ in Spanish and that’s exactly

how you will feel after you step out of this upmarket salon on

East Street. Hair cuts, curl relaxers, waves, colour and more…

Luxurious, indulgent environment. You deserve the best. Book your

complimentary style consultation today! Contact: Kerryn Muir

Location: 3/76 East Street, Pukekohe Email: diosahair@ihug.

co.nz Phone: 09 238 5886 Mobile: 021 103 3894

09 238 6261

Shop 4, Upper Queen St, Pukekohe

RETTRO HAIR AND BEAUTY for Men’s and Ladies’ Hair Styling,

Special Occasions & weddings, Permanent Waves, Colour, Hair

and Scalp Treatments. Body and Facial Hair Removal for men and

women, Electrolysis and Spray Tan, Makeup, Massage, Manicure,

Pedicure, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint & Shape. SPECIAL OFFER: Free

consultation with every service Contact: Alison McCann Location:

Upper Queen Street, Pukekohe Email: team.rettro@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 09 238 6261 Fax: 09 889 2727 Mobile: 021 897 348




10 West St,


41-45 Twomey Dr,


All appointments and enquiries

09 237 0280

PUKEKOHE FAMILY HEALTH CARE Providing comprehensive

family health care in Pukekohe. Visiting on site Private Specialist

and nurse led clinics. Family friendly Practice. Endorsing wellness

initiatives for your future health. SPECIAL OFFER: Men - book

health WOF with pro-care GP. Get $5 off your next WOF at VTNZ!

Contact: Dr Selina Green Location: 10 West Street, Pukekohe

Email: sgreen@pukekohehealth.co.nz Phone: 09 237 0280 Fax:

09 2383377 Web: Http://www.elocal.co.nz



09 239 1771

daz: 027 689 9052

rach: 027 689 9062


0800 666 111 - www.hell.co.nz

open 7 days from 11.30am till late


“we help you

look and feel

your best”

100 King St.


Phone 09 238 5670

IMAGES MEDISPA An elegant Diamond Award Winning Sanctuary in

the heart of Pukekohe. Our team of 6 therapists are serious about

skin & can help you look & feel your best at any age. IPL Reduction

of wrinkles, pigment & hair, facials, mineral makeup, nails, waxing,

electrolysis, Botox, Fillers & Pamper Packages Plus. Great skin

starts with great skincare. Book your time today. Contact: Office

Location: 100 King Street, Pukekohe Email: info@imagesmedispa.

co.nz Phone: 09 238 5670 Fax: 09 238 6903 Web: www.


SOUL ASCENSION Darryl & Rachel Friar practice Aura Cleansing,

Chakra Balancing & Readings, Crystal healing, Energy Healing, Ear

Candling, Aromatherapy and Spiritual Surgery and Aromatherapy

Massage. They also sell a large range of top quality Crystals and

Geodes, Mind Body and Sprit books, Incences, Pure Essential Oils,

Vaporizers Candles, White Sage, Incense Holders, Fairies, Dragons

and American Indian Figurines, Ornamental Knives, Dream Catchers

and plenty more. Contact: Darryl & Rachel Friar Location: Valley

Heights Lane, Pukekohe Email: admin@soulascension.co.nz

Phone: 09 239 1771 Fax: 09 239 1771 Mobile: 027 689 9052

Web: www.soulascension.co.nz

HELL PIZZA PUKEKOHE It’s a contradiction of terms that pizzas

that taste like heaven are to be found in the place that we all wish

to avoid… Satisfy earthly longings with gourmet pizzas such

as…Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Nemesis, Pride. Shop 6, cnr Stadium

Drive and Edinburgh St. Order online or phone 09 237 1666 today.

SPECIAL OFFER: Download our menu from the eLocal website.

SPECIAL - 3 DOUBLES FOR $33 cond apply Contact: HELL Pizza

Pukekohe Paul Hinton Location: Stadium Drive, Pukekohe Email:

pukekohe@hell.co.nz Phone: 0800 666 111 Fax: 09 239 1666

Mobile: 027 586 5497 Web: www.hell.co.nz www.elocal.co.nz 43


MERYN WAKELIN naturopath

021 367103

BRUCE HARPER osteopath

naturopath health coach

027 2117873



ECOMIST SYSTEMS Contact: Jane and Philip Spence Location:

PO Box 1091, Pukekohe Phone: 0800 757578 Fax: 09 239 0289

Mobile: 021 114 0749



09 2391856 143 Queen St, Pukekohe

healnaturally@ihug.co.nz healnaturally.co.nz

HEAL a primary, complementary health clinic dedicated to natural,

non toxic, non invasive and pain free solutions to all of your health

issues - inspired by the logic of nature and the body’s innate ability

to heal itself. We explore imbalances that create healing crises &

support the body to heal. Contact: Meryn Wakelin - Naturopath,

Medical Herbalist, Massage Therapist. Bruce Harper – Osteopath,

Naturopath, Health Coach Contact: Meryn Wakelin Location: 143

Queen Street, Pukekohe Email: healnaturaly@ihug.co.nz Phone:

09 239 1856 Mobile: Meryn 021 367 103 Bruce 027 211 7873


Franklin Health Centre

10 West Street


Phone: 09 238 4303

Fax: 09 238 2156

“ P e o p l e I n M o t i o n ”



PUKEKOHE PHYSIOTHERAPY dedicated to injury prevention

and wellness in the workplace, providing 9 fully qualified

physiotherapists. An accredited practice with a well-developed

focus on long-term, safe and rapid recovery on pain, postural

problems, joint strains and sprains, Arthritic conditions, etc.

Contact: Pukekohe Physiotherapy Location: 10 West Street,

Pukekohe Email: info@pukekohephysio.co.nz Phone: 09 238

4303 Fax: 09 238 2156 Web: www.pukekohephysio.co.nz


HARDYS PUKEKOHE Contact: Marie Cooper Location: 64 King

St Pukekohe New Zealand Phone: 09 238 6538 Fax: 09 238




5 Smales Road, East Tamaki

09 913 3110, 0508 736682

BARTHROOM DIRECT is a full service bathroom renovation

business, providing quality service and products, for a fair

price. Full project management employs highly trained trades

people. Exclusive products made to our specs. Well respected

family business, est. 1853. Showroom 5 Smales Rd, East Tamaki

Contact: Kevin Cox Location: 5 Smales Rd, East Tamaki Email:

kevin@bathroomdirect.co.nz Phone: 09 9133 110 Fax: 09 913

3113 Web: www.bathroomdirect.co.nz

Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz


phone now for a FR E E QUOTE

238 0514

GREEN ACRES Lawn mowing - edges done FREE, Pensioner

discounts, owner operators, catcher optional. Additional services

include - hedge trimming, rubbish removal, spraying/water

blasting drives, paths and patios. Phone: 09 238 0514 Fax:

09 236 9722 Web: www.greenacres.co.nz



BucksHear ths

Pellet Fires

Solid Fuel Heater

Supply & Installation

Repairs & Maintenance

Chimney Sweeping

Slate & tile hearths

made to order

Mob: 021 2709454 Ph: 09 235 3900


BUCKINGHAM INDUSTRIES LTD Bucks Hearths supply and

install solid fuel wood burners and pellet fires in Franklin, South

Auckland and the Waikato. We specialise in the manufacture of

tile and slate hearths with trims in wood, metal or slate & inspect

existing fires for regulation compliance. Chimney sweeping,

repairs, smoke alarm checks. Contact: Craig Buckingham

Location: 441 Glenbrook-Waiuku Rd, Glenbrook Email: bucks.

hearths@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09 235 3900 Fax: 09 235 3905

Mobile: 021 270 9454 Web: www.buckinghamindustries.co.nz


Add VALUE to your home!

Call us today

09 299 3485


your trusted and valued landscaper

ACE LANDSCAPES For tantalising landscapes that beckon you

outside, call Ace Landscapes. Masters of garden construction

and design. Top installers of patios, retaining walls, fences,

spa pools, swimming pools, barbecue areas, paving and hard

surfaces. Increase living pleasure and property value. Call

ACE today. SPECIAL OFFER: Free landscape consultation

valued at $395 cond apply Contact: Robbie Young Location:

Unit 7/3, Tironui Station Road West, Takanini Email:

style@acelandscapes.co.nz Phone: 09 299 3485 Fax: 09 299

3488 Mobile: 021 587 371 Web: www.acelandscapes.co.nz

HENRY & JET BRAKS Garden plants, Trees, Shrubs, Grass &

Flax. Close to BP Service Centre. Contact: Henry & Jet Braks

Location: 287 Mill Road, Bombay, New Zealand Phone: 09

236 0668






Phone 027 4789857

WALKER PEST CONTROL Rats, mice, flies, cockroaches, borer,

ants, possums, fleas, wasps - “If it is legal we’ll kill it!” Registered

pest control technicians. Trade certificate Food Hygiene, Dairy Board

Microbiology, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. PMANZ Member.

Contact: Tony J Walker Location: 1010 State Highway, Paerata,

Pukekohe Email: itrmn8@ps.gen.nz Phone: 09 238 9885 Fax:

09 238 9885 Mobile: 027 478 9857



Richardson & Shane Chiverrell Location: 224 King Street, Pukekohe

Phone: 09 238 7488





PH. 09 239 1449

MOB. 021 131 2129


The Largest Bake Oven in South Auckland...

FRANKLIN POWDER COATERS has the largest batch oven in

Auckland. We powder coat any metal surface. Roller doors, BBQs,

Race cars, ornaments, aluminium joinery, letter boxes, garden

furniture and much, much more. Contact us today to discuss.

Contact: Anthony Candy Location: 13B Crosbie Road, Pukekohe

Email: franklinpowder@ihug.co.nz Phone: 09 239 1449 Fax: 09

239 1449 Mobile: 021 131 2129


BELCHER INDUSTRIES LTD Steel sales, light and heavy

engineering, hydraulic service and testing, site welding and erection,

site maintenance and contracting, machining – fully equipped

machine shop. Get a quote from us first! We have an in-house design

team and a reputation for excellence. ISO9001:2002 registered.

Contact: Bert Location: 15 Subway Road, Pukekohe Email: karel.

fourie@belcher.co.nz Phone: 09 238 7276 Fax: 09 238 5624

Mobile: 027 453 3912 Web: www.belcher.co.nz


SHERRIFF BENCHER Contact: Jason Sherriff Location: PO Box

99, Drury Phone: 09 2366 911 Fax: 09 2366 911 Mobile: 0274

869 793






Residential Property


du Plessis

Rural Property Sales

Office 09.238.7019

027.222.2117 027.281.3021

DDI 09.237.3117



DDI 09.237.3121



THOMPSON MREINZ, PUKEKOHE When it comes to getting results

call the TOWN & COUNTRY team, James and Elizabeth. Seasoned

negotiators, seasoned marketers, seasoned market knowledge.

Call today. SPECIAL OFFER: Free marketing consultation Contact:

Elizabeth Du Plessis Location: 68 King Street, Pukekohe Email:

e.duplessis@barfoot.co.nz Phone: 09 237311 /AH 09 2389097

Fax: 09 238 7018 Mobile: 027 281 3021, 027 222 2117








5 Roulston Street Street,

t: 09 t: 09 238 238 4424

PO Pukekohe

BOX 210

T: 4424

f: 09 f: 09 238 1708


f: 09 238 1708

e: e: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz


e: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz

COUNTIES LOCKSMITHS 100% locally owned and operated. Locks

supplied, installed or repaired by our friendly team of technicians.

Also lockouts, keys cut, insurance quotes/work, supply and

maintenance of safes. Call now for our full mobile service 24h/7days

or visit our showroom which is open 6 days for your convenience

SPECIAL OFFER: Free surveys and quotes. Superannuant

discounts. Contact: 24h 7days Location: 5 Roulston Street,

Pukekohe Email: countieslocksmiths@xtra.co.nz Phone: 0800

562 572 Fax: 09 238 1708 Web: www.countieslocksmiths.co.nz

List your


We have a special

deal this month,

talk to Shona on

09 239 1699

When you want a locksmith

call Dave

closed circuit TV


security products

or lose it

Lock & Alarms

09 239 2231 027 274 0989

15 Hawke Place


available 7 days

LOCKIT OR LOSE IT Specialising in home security. Standard keys

cut. Latest transponder and multi-track car keys. House alarms

(monitored from $20 + GST per month). Lock fitting and more…

Protect that well-deserved house or car. LOCK IT, OR LOSE IT.

Contact: David Patterson Location: 15 Hawke Place Pukekohe

New Zealand Email: info@lockit.co.nz Phone: 09 239 2231 Fax:

09 238 5280 Mobile: 027 274 0989 Web: www.lockit.co.nz


COUNTIES LOCKSMITHS Contact: 24h 7days Location: 5

Roulston Street, Pukekohe Email: countieslocksmiths@xtra.

co.nz Phone: 0800 562 572 Fax: 09 238 1708 Web: www.




Hand made

Jewellery and Design

Brighouse Design Ltd.

50 Edinburgh St. Pukekohe


Paul Brighouse

ph: 09 239 2502

mob: 027 278 5182

BRIGHOUSE DESIGN Be inspired by Brighouse Design’s black

pearl jewellery celebrating the bounty of French Polynesia,

spectacular diamonds sourced from North America, and more…

Upmarket, artistic, simplistic, traditional, or designer jewellery.

Custom design service. Glitter with beauty from Brighouse Design.

Contact: Paul Brighouse Location: 50 Edinburgh St Pukekohe

New Zealand Email: brighouse_design@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09

239 2502 Fax: 09 239 2586 Mobile: 027 278 5182 Web: www.





52 Edinburgh St. Pukekohe

CHANGE OF ADDRESS New and resale designer fashions and

accessories including Vamp, Verge, Catalyst, Sabatini, Nixon, Cue

and Max etc. Stockists of stunning Venus Bridal gowns and the

Studibaker label. Look your best, garments tailored to fit, hemming

and alterations. Contact: Sue Clark Location: 52 Edinburgh St

Pukekohe New Zealand Email: smt.clark@xtra.co.nz Phone: 09

238 3933 Fax: 09 238 3933 Web: www.change-of-address.co.nz



PILATES SHAPEZ provides three unique benefits: 1. Rehabilitation

- Balance the body to reduce pain. 2. Strengthening - Achieve

more from your body and 3. Flexibility - Improving performance

for daily life. Pilates is first & foremost a total body conditioning.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free Consultation - Offer valid on presentation

of this coupon only Contact: Helen Kirk Location: 1 Puriri Road,

Pukekohe Email: helen@pilatesshapez.co.nz Phone: 027 278

6075 Mobile: 027 278 6075 Web: www.pilatesshapez.co.nz



Contact: Judith Fulton Location: 38 Settlement Road, Pukekohe

Phone: 09 238 7803 Fax: 09 238 7803



ph: 296 9579

HELI CAM AVIATION LTD Treat a friend, family member or a loved

one to a SURPRISE with a helicopter tour, dining or heli-fishing.

For a birthday or anniversary Heli Cam has a range of tours for

everyone. Contact: Steve Johnston Location: 453 Airfield Road,

Ardmore Airfield Email: info@helicam.co.nz Phone: 09 296 9579

Fax: 09 296 9577 Mobile: 021 844 059 Web: helicam.co.nz

STRESSFREE ADVENTURES Contact: Colin J Harrington

Location: 8-12 River Lane, Waiuku Email: Shop@StressFr

eeAdventures.co.nz Phone: 0800 GO BY KAYAK Web: www.





Furniture Removals

and General Freight

Tail-lift Truck

Insurance Cover

Quotes Given

All Areas

Local Business

Snow Harris

Ph 09 238 8820 mob 027 657 3707


Removals and General Cartage is owner/operator of this local

family business, offering professional, safe and efficient removal

and cartage services. Experienced driver, free quotes for cartage

with tail-lift truck. Full insurance cover. SPECIAL OFFER: Free

quotes for Cartage with insurance cover Contact: Linda and Snow

Harris Location: 506 Harrisville Road, Pukekohe Phone: 09 238

8820 Mobile: 027 657 3707







Riverstone Range

$ 899 Mix 4

$ 999


Kim Crawford


$ 1299

$ 1499


Mix 4

St Remy 1125ml

Coruba Original 1L

Coruba Gold 1L

$ 3299 $ 3299

Mix 4

Mix 4

$ 3499


$ 3499 Each

Support your local business www.elocal.co.nz

Gordons Gin 1L

$ 2999 Mix 4




Carlsberg Bottles

$ 2899 15pk

We’ll give you AA Rewards

$ 40

Redeem your AA Coupons here – “Never Drink & Drive”

ID required if under 25




Flea Market

Massey Ave

RUwe are


Manukau Rd

Graham St

Jacobs Creek


$ 999 Each

$ 899

Mix 4

Penfolds Club

Port 750ml

$ 1599

$ 1799


Mix 4


Appletons Rum 1L

$ 4499

Coruba & Cola


Pure Blonde 12pk

Offer Ends 11pm 24th Dec 08

$ 1999

$ 1999


Mon – Wed 9am - 8pm,

Thu 9am - 9pm

Fri & Sat 9am - 10pm,

Sun 10am - 7pm


09 238 7788





great local










Boats & Marine

Building & Maintenance



Clothing & Fabric


Food & Drink

Health & Beauty

Home & Garden


Real Estate & Property



Sports & Leisure


In print and online



“Have you heard?



$1999 *




* Carpet your home offer is based on 29 broadloom metres of GB

Summit carpet only. The offer does not include the removal of existing

carpet, installation, underlay, accessories or the delivery of the new

carpet. Offer ends 30 May 2009. Carpet at selected stores only.




* The offer does not include the removal of existing carpet,

installation, underlay, accessories or the delivery of the new carpet.

Offer ends 30 May 2009. Carpet at selected stores only.

Why look anywhere else when this fantastic

offer is right under your toes?




* The offer does not include the removal of existing carpet,

installation, underlay, accessories or the delivery of the new carpet.

Offer ends 30 May 2009. Carpet at selected stores only.

A touch of class and elegance, this is really

special. Take advantage of the seller’s offer now!


$69 99



Irvine International Eco Arezzo 995




* See in-store for details. Vinyl at selected stores only.

eLocal is now available on-line!


web hits so far ”

Call In TODAY!

14 S tadiumDrive, Pukekohe

Phone09 238 4879



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