introduction to Google Scholar

introduction to Google Scholar

introduction to Google


h. douglas barclay law library

faculty enrichment program

wendy scott, assistant director for faculty

and outreach services 1/2005

Today’s Focus

what is Google Scholar?

what is its role in legal scholarship?

what does it index?

what is citation extraction & analysis?

search strategies

additional musings

What is Google Scholar?

“An Internet search tool for scholarly

literature, including peer-reviewed papers,

theses, books, preprints, abstracts and

technical reports from all broad areas of

research... Google Scholar indexes

‘scholarly’ literature from a wide variety of

academic publishers, professional societies,

preprint repositories and universities, as

well as articles available across the web.”

Google search for

“death penalty”

Google Scholar search

for “death penalty”

Value to Legal Scholarship


One stop shopping

Open access to information on protected sites

Efficient and “Google” friendly

Citation analysis

contents & formats

what is indexed?

citations, abstracts & full-text

what is indexed?

“academic books, peer-reviewed papers, theses,

preprints, abstracts and technical reports and articles

from all broad areas of research”

From, About Google Scholar


Citations to web references (LS)

Book web search

Book Library Search

Links to articles on the web

John C. Western Professor,

Geography; Ph.D.,

University of California, Los Angeles,


Social, cultural, urban; Southern

Africa, Europe

William M. Wiecek Chester Adgate


Professor of Law, Professor of History;


Harvard University, 1962; Ph.D.,


of Wisconsin-Madison, 1968 Legal


constitutional law

Peter J. Wilcoxen Associate


Economics and Public Administration;


Harvard University, 1989


economics, natural resource





To access the full-text of the

article remotely, you will be

asked to enter your SU ID #

and name

Let’s be clear…

Abstracts should always be available

Full-text articles will be available if SU

Library is a subscriber

To access full-text remotely, you wil

be prompted to enter SU ID & and

name to create a proxy connection

If full-text does not come up through

Google Scholar, check SUMMIT

citation extraction

and analysis

Professor Arzt’s book was cited

nine times in other documents

retrieved by Google Scholar

Here are the documents (indexed

by Google Scholar) that cite

Professor Arzt’s book.

how to search Google


getting help

... and getting started

about Google Scholar

the basics of Google search

search techniques



advanced searches

other Google search techniques

keyword search

death penalty

“death penalty”

death penalty OR capital punishment

Advanced search for more precision

author search

author: driesen

author: driesen dm

author:wiecek “classical legal thought”

author:wiecek constitution

other strategies

intitle:regulatory reform


additional musings

is Google Scholar really scholarly?

‘pay as you go’?


This Google Scholar reference is to a blog

would you pay for this


happy Googling

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