PRICE LIST 2010 - Hire Society

PRICE LIST 2010 - Hire Society

Price List 2010

Hire Society is one of

Perth’s leading suppliers of

cutlery • glassware • crockery

bar accessories • catering equipment


for small, medium and

large events & functions.




Dinner Knife

Dinner Fork

Entrée Knife

Entrée Fork

Dessert Spoon

Soup Spoon

Tea Spoon

Cake Fork

Fruit Fork


Dinner Knife

Dinner Fork

Entrée Knife

Entrée Fork

Dessert Spoon

Soup Spoon

Fish Knife

Fish Fork

Tea Spoon

Cake Fork

Spoon Fruit


Dinner Knife

Dinner Fork

Entrée Knife

Entrée Fork

Soup Spoon

Dessert Spoon

Tea Spoon

Cake Fork

Lady Jane

Dinner Knife

Dinner Fork

Entrée Knife

Entrée Fork

Soup Spoon

Dessert Spoon

Tea Spoon

Hire cost (per day)

$0.4 per item

$0.5 per item

$0.65 per item

$0.85 per item


Bread Tong $3.30

Cake Server $1.50

Cheese Knife $1.50

Chinese Spoon $0.50

Expresso Tea Spoon $0.50

Oyster Fork $0.50

Parfait Spoon $0.50

Salad Fork $1.50

Salad Spoon $2.20

Salad Fork Vecchio $2.20

Salad Spoon Vecchio $1.50

Splayde Fork $0.50

Steak Knife $0.50

Wedding Cake Knife $8.00




Champagne Glass

Red Wine Glass

Bordeaux Glass


Champagne Glass

Red Wine glass

White Wine Glass


Champagne Glass

Red Wine Glass

White Wine Glass

Double Old Fashion Glass

Hi Ball Glass

After Dinner Glass

Keonig Glass

White Wine Glass


Champagne Glass

Red Wine Glass

White Wine Glass

Beer Glass

Hire cost (per day)

$1.00 per item

$0.60 per item

$0.60 per item

$0.50 per item

$0.55 per item

All Purpose Glasses

All Purpose Libby Glass $0.55

Hi Ball Glass $0.55

Old Fashion Glass $0.55

Sweizel All Purpose Glass $0.60

Cocktail Glasses

Coupett Glass $0.70

Daiquiri Glass $0.65

Gin Shooter Glass $0.50

Martini Glass (218 ml) $0.70

Old Fashion Glass $0.55

Poco Grande Glass $0.65

Shooter Glass $0.50

Specialty Glasses

Caffeino Glass (90ml) $0.50

Xl5 Tasting Glass $0.50

Traditional Glasses

Brandy Balloon Glass $0.70

Dutch Elgin Glass $0.60

Glass Beer Mug (285 ml) $0.50

Glass Champagne Saucer $0.60

Liquer Glass $0.45

Pilsner Glass $0.50

Port Glass $0.50

Glass Champagne Saucer $0.60


Hire cost (per day)

Beer Jug Glass $2.50

Beer Jug Poly Carb $2.50

Carafe (1lt) $2.00

Carafe (750ml) $1.50

Carafe Ypsilon $2.50

Jug Poly Carb (1.3 lt) $3.00

Water Jug Glass $2.50

Water Jug Stainless Steel (1.7lt) $5.00


Blender $28.00

Champagne Bucket Stainless Steel $4.60

Champagne Bucket Stand $4.60

Cocktail Shaker $6.00

Giant Martini Ice Bucket $33.00

Ice Bucket Stainless Steel $5.50

Ice Tong $1.50

Ice Tub Large $6.00

Ladel Stainless Steel $1.50

Low Standing Ice Bucket and Stand $15.00

Punch Bowl Stainless Steel $15.00

Rubbish Bin $6.00

Slotted Spoon $1.50

Spirit Measure Cup $1.50

Spirit Measure Free Pour $2.00

Stewards Tray $4.00

Waiters Friend $2.00

Wine Bucket Acrylic $11.00

Wine Cooler Acrylic $4.50

Wine Cooler Stainless Steel $5.50




Dinner Plate

Side Plate

Dessert Bowl Large

Dessert Bowl Small


Dinner Plate

Entrée Plate

Side Plate

Soup Plate

Dessert Bowl


Dinner Plate

Entrée Plate

Side Plate

Dessert Bowl


Dinner Plate

Entrée Plate

Side Plate

Soup Plate

Dessert Bowl

Hire cost (per day)

$0.40 per item

$0.50 per item

$0.70 per item

$0.70 per item

Large Dinner Plates

Dinner Plate Arcopal Large $0.70

Dinner Plate Bristile Large $0.75

Dinner Plate Square Large $1.00

Cup and Saucers

Chinese Tea Cup $0.50

Cup and Saucer Arcopal $0.50

Cup and Saucer Bristile $0.60

Cup and Saucer Demitasse $0.40

Cup and Saucer Prelude $0.60

Cup and Saucer Wedgwood $0.80

Mug $0.45

Bowls and Platters

Bowl Stacker $0.45

Laksa Bowl $1.60

Melamine Rectangular Platter $5.00

Melamine Rectangular Platter (71cm) $10.00

Melamine Square Platter $5.00

Pasta Bowl $0.75

Platter Oval Bristile $5.00

Platter Rectangular Maxwell Williams $7.50

Platter Square Maxwell Williams $5.00

Platter Stainless Steel $4.50

Rice Bowl $0.60

Salad Bowl Bristile $6.00

Salad Bowl Melamine $5.00

Salad Bowl Rectangular $8.00

Salad Bowl Square $6.00


Hire cost (per day)

Dinner Plate Dudson $0.60

Entrée Plate Plain $0.50

Side Plate Dudson $0.50


Pasta Bowl $0.75

Rice Bowl $0.60


3 Tier Cake Stand $5.00

Avanti Plunger $7.50

Bodum Plunger $7.50

Butter Dish $2.00

Butter Pat $1.50

Butter Shell $1.00

Coffee Pot Stainless Steel $5.00

Glass Cake Stand $6.60

Gravy Boat $6.60

Ham Stand $12.00

Lasange Dish $6.50

Milk Jug Bristile $1.50

Milk Jug Med Bristile $2.50

Sugar Bowl Bristile $1.50

Salt and Pepper Shaker Bristile $3.00

Teapot Bristile $5.00

Milk Jug Plain $1.50

Sugar Bowl Plain $1.50

Salt and Pepper Shaker Plain $3.00

Milk Jug Wedgwood $2.50

Milk Jug Wedgwood Tulip $2.50

Salt and Pepper Shaker Wedgwood $3.00

Coffee Pot Wedgwood $7.00

Sugar Bowl Wedgwood $2.50

Rectangular Dish Large $3.00

Rectangular Dish Small $1.80

Salt and Pepper Grinders $4.00

Split Dish $1.30

Sugar Bowl Arcopal $0.80

Glass Milk Jug (600ml) $1.00

Table Number Stands & Numbers $3.00

Teapot Stainless Steel $5.00

Vegie Dish Split $3.00

Airpot 3lt $8.00

Hot/Cold Swirl Jug $8.00


Hire cost (per day)

Chair Covers $6.50

Black, White

Lycra Chair Covers $6.50

Black, French Navy, Mocha

Serviette $1.50

Black, Damask, Red, Rust, Satin Band

Cocktail Serviette $1.00


All in One Cloth 1.8m $26.00

Black, White

All in One cloth 2.4m $28.00

Black, White

Dry Bar Cover $22.00

Mocha, Aqua, Black, French Navy, Gold, Green,

Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Yellow

Skirt 4.2m $22.00

Black, White


Cloth 1.8m x 1.8m $12.00

Aqua, French Navy, Black, Damask, Donley, Gold,

Mocha, Orange, Royal Blue, Taupe, White

Cloth 2.15m x 2.15m $12.00


Cloth 2.4m x 1.5m $10.00

French Navy, White

Cloth 2.4m x 2.4m $12.00

Ivory Featherleaf

Cloth 2.4m Round $12.00

Black, French Navy, Red, Royal Blue, White

Cloth 3m Round $15.00

French Navy, Damask, Black, Federation Green,

Ivory, Mocha, Red, Rust, Sand, White

Cloth 3m x 1.5m $13.50

Black, Donkey, Federation Green, Forrest Green, French Navy,

Hot Pink, Lagoon Blue, Mocha, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Taupe, White

Cloth 3m x 2.15m $17.00


Cloth 3m x 3m $20.00

Plain, Damask

Cloth 3.3m round $20.00

Black, Damask

Cloth 3.65m x 2.15m $18.50

Aqua, Black, Damask, French Navy, Ivory, Ivory Featherleaf,

Mocha, White, Red Rust, Sand, Taupe

Cloth 3m x 2.15m $17.00


Cloth 4.3m x 2.15m $21.00


Cloth 4.6m x 2.15m $25.00


Cloth 4.9m x 2.15m $25.00


Cloth 5.2m x 2.15m $25.00


Cloth 5.5m x 2.15m $25.00


Cloth 6.1m x 2.15m $35.00


Cloth 7.3m x 2.15m $40.00


Cloth 7.9m x 2.15m $28.00


Catering Equipment

Cooking and Heating

Hire cost (per day)

Bain Marie (4 Tray) $66.00

Bain Marie (6 Tray) $77.00

Baking Tray Aluminium $5.50

Baking Tray Stainless Steel $5.00

BBQ (inc. gas) $105.75

Chafing Dish $27.50

Chafing Dish Roll Top $44.00

Deep Fryer $55.00

Gas Ring (inc. gas) $60.75

Gas Urn 29 lt (inc. gas) $79.75

Hot Box 12 Rack (inc. gas) $118.75

Hot Box 18 Rack (inc. gas) $134.75

Hot Box (Electric) $198.00

Perculator (100 Cup) $45.00

Pie Warmer $44.00

Soup Kettle $44.00

Unox Oven $77.00

Urn (10 lt) $18.00

Urn (22lt) $20.00

Urn (36 lt) $24.00

Urn (45 lt) $25.00


Caterers Teapot $10.00

Coffee Warmer $20.00

Cona Pots $5.00


Dance Floors

Ezi Floor Dance Floor (900 x 900) $16.50

Portable Stage $220.00

Starlight Dance Floor (1200mm x 1200mm) $33.00


Extension Cord $7.70

Flood Light $8.00

Flood Light Twin 500 Watt $44.00

Le Fusion Effects Light $77.00

Multi Colour Effect Light $49.00

Par Can Light $33.00

Power Board $6.60

Smoke Machine $33.00


Black Carpet $110.00

Cream Carpet $88.00

Clothes Rack $22.00

Easle $33.00

Red Carpet $50.00

Staunchion $12.00

Staunchion Rope Red 1.5m $6.60

Umbrellas and Candelabras

Candelabra Silver 3 Branch $8.80

Candelabra Silver 5 Branch $8.80

Candelabra Wrought Iron $22.00

Giant Glass Candle Cylinder $6.60

Market Umbrella $77.00


Fish Bowl Vase 300mm $6.00

Rectangular Vase $10.00


Heating and Cooling

Hire cost (per day)

Brazier $22.00

Patio Pal Heater (inc. gas) $101.75

Radiant Heater (no gas) $66.00


Chair Black Butterfly $7.70

Chair Black Matilda $3.55

Chair Black Pippee $2.30

Chair Chivari Champagne, Black, White $16.00

Chair Maitre’d $7.70

Chair White Folding $7.70

Chair White Pippee $2.30

Childrens Chair $1.75

High Chair $16.00

Lounge Black, White $148.50

Ottoman Black, Mocha, White $137.00

Ottomon Cube Black, White $33.00

Wind Break Clear $66.00


Dry Bar Round (600mm) $33.00

Table Raisers $12.10

Table Round (700mm) $11.00

Table Round (900mm) $11.00

Table Round (1200mm) $12.00

Table Round (1500mm) $13.00

Table Round (1650mm) $15.00

Table Round (1800mm) $17.00

Table Round (2150mm) $25.00

Table Square (900mm) $12.00

Table Square (1500mm) $17.00

Trestle (1800mm x 450mm) $20.00

Trestle (1800mm x 760mm) $12.00

Trestle (2400mm x 760mm) $14.00

Trestle Banquet (2400mm x 1100mm) $22.50

73 Carrington Street, Nedlands WA 6009

{T} 08 9389 9921

{F} 08 9389 7923