Movento 240SC for Control of San Jose Scale, Green Apple Aphid ...

Movento 240SC for Control of San Jose Scale, Green Apple Aphid ...

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Movento 240SC for Control of San Jose Scale, Green Apple Aphid

and Wooly Apple Aphid, 2009.

W.H. Reissig and David Combs

Cornell University, New York State Agriculture Experiment Station, Geneva, NY 14456

Several programs of insecticides were applied at various timings through out the 2009 growing season to

evaluate the effectiveness of Movento 240SC against the direct apple pest San Jose Scale (SJS), as well as

the indirect pests of Green Apple Aphid (GAA) and Wooly Apple Aphid (WAA). Treatments were

arranged in a RCB design and replicated three times in 2-tree blocks within a research orchard consisting

of MacIntosh and Cortland cultivars. These plots were sprayed at 150 gpa using a conventional air-blast

sprayer manufactured by Durand Wayland Co. A full list of treatments including materials used and

application timings and rates is listed in Table 1. Pressure from SJS in the orchard was high, however

WAA populations were sporadic. Applications of Measurol 75W (applied 4 Jun, 29 Jun, 14 Jul @1.0

lb/A) were used in an attempt to flare WAA for testing and evaluation purposes. Fruit was evaluated on

the tree for 1 st gen SJS damage on 6 Jul and then again on 17 Aug for the 2 nd gen. Terminals were

examined for GAA on 16 Jul by counting 100 terminals/plot and noting the presence of absence of GAA.

WAA were evaluated by noting the presence or absence of colonies also on 100 terminals/plot on 16 Jul

and 4 Aug. Final harvest evaluations were taken on 20 Aug by randomly selecting 100 fruit/plot and

rating them for SJS infestation. Data was transformed and subjected to an AOV with SuperAnova.

Means were separated with Fisher’s Protected LSD Test (P

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Table 1.

Trt Material Rate/A Timing TC P PF 1C 2C 3C 4C 5C 6C

Red Calypso 480SC + 4.0 oz PF 19-May

Movento 240SC + 9.0 oz

LI 700 0.5 v/v

Purple Movento 240SC + 9.0 oz PF + 2C 19-May 17-Jun

LI 700 0.5 v/v

Blue Movento 240SC + 9.0 oz 2C 17-Jun

LI 700 0.5 v/v

Yellow Lorsban 75WG 1.5 lb TC 24-Apr

Movento 240SC + 9.0 oz 4C 20-Jul

LI 700 0.5 v/v

Orange Lorsban 75WG 1.5 lb TC 24-Apr

Esteem 35WP 4.5 oz 2 apps/sum gen 23-Jun 8-Jul 20-Jul 3-Aug

Pink Untreated Check

Table 2.

Trt % SJS % SJS % SJS @ Harvest % Terminals % Terminals

6-Jul 7-Aug 20-Aug w/ WAA Colonies w/ GAA Colonies

16-Jul 4-Aug 16-Jul

Red 12.3 a 9.7 a 29.7 a 4.0 a 10.7 b 21.3 b

Purple 8.0 a 7.0 a 1.7 a 1.7 a 14.7 b 4.0 a

Blue 14.7 a 13.0 a 25.3 a 4.7 a 23.3 bc 7.0 a

Yellow 16.7 a 5.0 a 11.0 a 6.7 a 1.3 a 22.0 b

Orange 27.3 a 14.7 a 26.0 a 12.0 ab 13.3 b 15.0 b

Pink 37.0 a 18.7 a 26.3 a 26.0 b 41.3 c 16.3 b

Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different

(Fisher's Protected LSD Test, P≤ 0.05). Data was transformed arcsine (Sqrt x).

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