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and products Our brands are the heart and soul of the adidas Group. And brand

campaigns and communication are our most direct way of connecting

with consumers around the globe. The following pages highlight

some of our biggest and most exciting campaigns for 2007.

» The adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign expands in 2007 with

a whole new look and feel to inspire consumers to overcome their

personal “impossibles”.

» Reebok launches the global “Run Easy” advertising campaign

which communicates the fun and joy of running to all consumers.

» TaylorMade-adidas Golf presents the “Our longest driver ever. Pick

One.” campaign to focus consumer attention on the leading position

the TaylorMade brand enjoys on the PGA tour.

And this is just the beginning. Whether it be highlighting the innovative

features of our performance products or showcasing the depth

of our sports lifestyle offering, we believe these brand campaigns

illustrate an important way that our Group is “setting the pace” in

our industry.

The adidas brand’s largest campaign in 2007 is “Impossible Is Nothing”

and this year communication focuses on the mind of the athlete with more

than 20 international sports personalities using their own hand-drawn

illustrations and paintings to tell their “impossible” stories. Each athlete

chose a defining moment in his or her life and set about the task of

creating the images and words which would later be combined to create

the campaign.

The athletes’ experiences come to life through animated films and print

executions. The results are deeply personal and refreshingly honest.

using the stories that unfold in the campaign, adidas reminds athletes

and non-athletes from every walk of life that they can make their own

“impossibles” come true.

The campaign focuses on why sports matter, why athletes matter and

it celebrates what is great and important about sport.

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david BECKham


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gilBErt arEnas



When no-one else believes in you – believe in yourself

Hi, I’m Gilbert Arenas and this is my story:

When I entered the NBA, the first 40 games of my career I sat

on the bench. They said I was gonna play zero minutes. You

know, I just think they didn’t see the talent that I had. They

thought I was a zero. Instead of sitting there being bitter, I just

practiced, practiced. If no one believes in you, anything you do

is a positive. It wasn’t even about basketball any more, it was

about proving them wrong. Now the reason I wear No. 0 is

because it lets me know that I need to go out there and fight

every day.

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YElEna isinBaYEva




Where you start isn’t necessarily where you end up.

I am Yelena Isinbayeva and this is my story:

I dreamed to be the Olympic champion in gymnastics, but

that’s very difficult because I was so tall. My coach asked

me to try pole vault. I said: “Are you crazy?”. Now I have

20 world records. Where you start isn’t necessarily where

you end up.

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“Impossible Is Nothing” will also be used in 2007 to let consumers tell us about

their own “impossibles” with stories that can touch the heart or make us laugh.

These personal anecdotes will then be featured alongside some of adidas’ key

innovations including the adistar and the MEGABOuNCE to produce creative print

ads and point-of-sale material. The campaign reminds consumers that adidas

knows their goals and can help them achieve their own personal “impossibles”.





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“Impossible Is Nothing” is also a core element of adidas football brand communication

in 2007. Here the story focuses on a battle between two fictitious clubs: “Predator F.C.”

and “F50 Club de Fútbol”, which each feature a star line-up of players dedicated to one

of the brand’s two best footwear products: “Predator ® ” and “+F50 TuNIT”. Predator F.C.

believes “Every hero needs a team” and focuses on players such as David Beckham,

Michael Ballack, Kaká and Juan Román Riquelme who have proven themselves as

individuals first but gained iconic stature by elevating the level of the team play they

inspire. F50 Club de Fútbol features up-and-coming young stars such as lionel Messi,

Arjen Robben, lukas Podolski and Fred who believe “Every team needs a hero”. They

are famous for breaking away from the pack to get noticed and defying the conventions

of the game. This campaign invites consumers to sign up for one of the clubs and then

to participate in a football tournament alongside their heroes.

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» Tracy McGrady, T-MAC 6 » Kevin Garnett, KG Bounce

» Gilbert Arenas, Gil Zero » Tim Duncan, stealth CC

» Chauncey Billups, C-Billups

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adidas will also utilize the inspiration of “Impossible Is Nothing” to fuel further

campaigns in 2007 to provide a broad message to different consumer groups.

One of the best examples of this fresh creative approach is the “It Takes 5ive”

global basketball campaign. It is based on the brand’s core belief that the sport is

bigger than the individual, and that athletes working together can do great things.

This campaign features a team of five top NBA players: Chauncey Billups, Tim

Duncan, Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady all doing what they do

best to blend together for a perfect slam dunk. Each wears his own signature

shoe which is then launched throughout the basketball season.


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Brand communication for sports lifestyle products needs to have a different look

and feel to connect with consumers. And in 2007, adidas Originals is all about

“Free Thinking“. Each element of the campaign combines items from a real and an

imaginary world, creating inventive, playful and enticing visuals that highlight

unique features of the collections. Key collections included in this campaign are

“sleek” by graffiti artist Fafi, Missy Elliott’s signature line “Respect M.E.” and



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