Flyer of BRinK - Outdoor Adventure

Flyer of BRinK - Outdoor Adventure


Biological Research in


Wildlife Research





Wildlife Reserve



Biological Research in Kuzikus (BRinK) aims to

investigate a 100km2 traditionally game-rich wildlife

reserve in the Central Kalahari Desert/Namibia and

compile research projects over many years as part of

ongoing conservation and exploration of the area.

Research is done by small community of volunteers

and researchers, living in a simple bushcamp.

Through daily research trips on foot , volunteers will

experience close contact to their thriving

environment, learning how to behave in the bush

and collect data in the field.

Research Projects

- Identify species of bird , their calls and

associated behaviour in Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve

-Reveal the distribution and abundance of large

mammals in Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve

- Or propose your own project idea to be

accomplished in Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve

We welcome any new input and ideas!





BRinK - Biological Research in Kuzikus



To apply to volunteer for BRinK you will write a

method proposal, which you will use for your

chosen project or for you own project idea in

the field.

The most important is your enthusiasm for

the project and your passion for nature!

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Wildlife Reserve

Kuzikus (whitethorn) is a wildlife reserve in the

Central Kalahari in Namibia/Africa, with a diversity

of free-living wildlife . The critically endangered

Black rhinoceros has been introduced in the area

and is particularly taken care of. Kuzikus is devoted

to preserve and protect African wilderness.

Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve is run by family biologists

that endeavor to protect a piece of unspoilt Africa.

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