Renegade A-T Brochure - SPS

Renegade A-T Brochure - SPS

Renegade A•T

All Terrain


Weighs 515 grams

Integrated Design

Provides improved reliability

Vertical Shock


Preserves skin and

increases comfort

Split-Toe Design

Facilitates stable, multi-axial motion








1. Inner Impact resistant, top surface layer provides a moisture barrier

2. Bidirectional, high-compression fiber layer adds transverse strength

3. High-modulus core technology enhances sheer force strength

4. Same as 2.; Bidirectional, high-tension fiber layer

5. Outer Impact resistant bottom layer creates a moisture barrier

Experience Our Commitment

The All . Terrain Advantage

Freedom Innovations’ Z-Shock Technology

is paired with a split-toe design to deliver

multi-axial function with +/-15 degrees of

inversion/eversion for All.Terrain stability

and support. The design absorbs shear

forces before they are transferred to the

residual limb in order to preserve skin integrity

and provide greater comfort to users.


515 G

I - A X


Integrated, Lightweight Design

The Renegade A . T prosthetic foot’s design

integration delivers all of the needed function

without any secondary components. This

integration improves reliability and keeps the

product weight low. The lightweight design

minimizes socket pistoning for improved

comfort throughout the day.

Z-Shock design compresses and decompresses to

absorb shear forces and protect the residual limb.

EnduraCore Technology

Fatigue Life Comparison

Based upon a proven industry standard cyclic test, the Renegade A . T with

EnduraCore Technology delivered up to 3 times the fatigue life of alternatives

tested. The improvement results in enhanced durability and reliability so users can

engage in more activities.

3 Times the Fatigue Life

Standard Laminates


Energy Efficiency Comparison

Through testing Renegade A . T was found to store more energy and return up to

35% more energy than the alternative measured. While the Renegade A . T was

found to return 93% of the energy stored, Product A returned 72% of the energy

it stored. The shaded area between the load and unload lines represents energy

lost throughout the test cycle. The Renegade A . T was found to be more efficient

than the alternative measured in this test.

35% More Energy Return

Renegade AṪ

Alternative Load

Renegade AṪ

Alternative Unload

Products of equivalent size and

stiffness category were tested

according to an industry standard

toe deflection test. Both products

were loaded at 20 degrees to a

300 lb load.


n K3/K4 Transtibial and transfemoral amputees

n Weight Rating: 365 lbs

n Connector: Male Pyramid

n Build Height (size 27 cm foot): 6 3/4” (Renegade A•T)

5 1/8” (Renegade LP-A•T)

n Heel Height: 3/8”

n Categories: 1-9

n Profiles Available: Standard Height or Low Profile

n Part Number: Renegade A•T (R11); LP-A•T (R16)

Build Height & Weight Chart

Size Height Weight

(cm) (in) (g)

Renegade A . T 22-25 6 1 /8 625

26-28 6 3 /4 765

29-31 7 1 /2 945

Renegade 22-25 4 3 /4 625

LP . A . T 26-28 5 1 /8 760

29-31 5 5 /8 930

n Sizes: 22-31 cm (default Foot Shell is the Generation 3 foot shell with no CAP)

Warranty: 36 Mos. for Foot Module; 6 Mos. for Foot Shell

Trial Period: 60 days

LCODE † : L5986 & L5987

All coding opinions expressed herein are based upon information

provided by the manufacturer. Regardless of the source of the

information provided, the final responsibility for correct coding

within all established laws, rules, standards and practices is the

sole responsibility of the practitioner submitting the claim.

Stiffness Category Selection

Weight (lbs) Impact Level

Low Moderate High

100-115 1 1 2

116-130 1 2 3

131-150 2 3 4

151-170 3 4 5

171-195 4 5 6

196-220 5 6 7

221-255 6 7 8

256-285 7 8 9

286-325 8 9

326-365 9

Service: 800.767.7776 x3

Fax: 800.869.7776

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