You get more with - John Deere Industrial Engines

You get more with - John Deere Industrial Engines

Generator Drive


Diesel Engines

You get more with

John Deere

Ready to work!

As soon as you need them

By definition, gen sets must be able to operate at any moment – and John Deere engines are always ready

to go! Instant recovery and exceptional load recovery are your main keys to satisfaction.

Or continually

Because a gen set must also be able to work continuously, John Deere designs their engines

with reliability in mind. Therefore, our engines only require an oil change every 500 hours,

minimizing maintenance.

In any condition

Is your climate hot and dry, sub-zero cold or humid? Don’t worry, John Deere engines work in

any condition. An air filter that has been specially designed for dusty environments, effective

preheating features and a radiator that is adapted to extreme conditions guarantee that your

engine will operate well. And since we design our engines to accompany you for a long time,

we can guarantee that our cooling system will perform in the most extreme conditions.

And for a very long time

Quality has always been at the heart of John Deere. Everyday, we commit our name and

reputation to your gen sets by equipping them with our engines. This is why we place so

much importance on the longevity of our products. Therefore, it is not uncommon to

find engines that have totaled more than 50,000 hours of operation without the slightest


An engine that has totaled

more than 50,000 hours

of operation in a South African

quarry with regular


Ready to give you the choice!

Power ratings 50 Hz

Our solutions to different


Our engines meet the complete range of

pollutant emission standards, while offering a

wide range of powers, from 21 to 460 kW.

Engine standby power (kW)

Power ratings 60 Hz

50-60 Hz non-regulated markets

Simplicity, sturdiness and compactness are

the key features of our range of engines. Even

in the most extreme operating conditions, our

engines will respond to your needs.

50 Hz regulated markets

Our new range meets the Tier 2 emission

standard (introduced by the European

directive 97/68/EC). Also, most of the

engines in this range meet the TA-Luft and

CCNR standards.

60 Hz regulated markets

Within this range, we offer a wide choice

of engines which fully meet the EPA Tier 1,

Tier 2 and Tier 3 emission standards.

Engine standby power (kW)

Ready to reveal all!

Easy maintenance

We design our engines to facilitate maintenance. The interchangeable wet sleeves enable

better temperature control in the combustion chamber and optimize engine performance.

They can be replaced on site without having to remove the engine, thus minimizing the

machine’s downtime and maintenance costs.

By using helical-cut gears, engine noise is reduced along with maintenance costs.

The crankshaft bearings, camshafts and cylinder heads are also interchangeable.


Our sturdy, compact engine blocks are the basis of our products’ longevity. But John

Deere is also the guarantee of numerous technological assets, which themselves are

synonymous with reliability.

For example, the dynamically balanced moving parts, such as the track rod and

crankshaft, make the engine quieter and limit vibrations, while the automatic belt

tightener minimizes maintenance costs and increases belt life.

In addition, several functions, such as the thermostat box and the intake air collector,

have been built into the cylinder head to limit the risk of leakage.

Easy installation

The engine is installed into the machine by using the engine

block’s front and side mounts.

We offer several options and variants in order to ensure our engines’ perfect integration

and guarantee easy access to the service points for the entire service life of the engine.


Our continuing Research and Development efforts are the key to the constant

improvement of John Deere engines. The commitment to technological excellence and

a rigorous manufacturing process are the best guarantees of each John Deere engine’s

precision. Performance, fuel efficiency, reliability and easy installation, in keeping with

environmental standards, are the key words that characterize our engines. They are also

the keys to your satisfaction.

We have more that 4,000 service locations

throughout the world, ready to lend a hand!

Excellent load recovery and perfect frequency regularity.

Ready to accompany you for the long haul!

The power of a worldwide network

The more than 4,000 service locations throughout the world guarantee your peace of mind. With John Deere,

you never have far to go to find assistance and expert advice.Log on to to find the

service center nearest you.

Simply yours

Our engines’ simple design is not only the key to their reliability, but also to their easy

maintenance, and therefore your satisfaction.


2000 HOURS





Our commitment

Our customer service program is based on a system of guarantees that comes up to our

engines. This is why we offer:

• A 2 year/2,000 hour or 1 year/unlimited hour guarantee.

• A guarantee that takes effect the date that the gen set begins operation.

• The possibility of extending the guarantee under certain conditions.

At your side no matter where you are!

Our strong presence in every corner of the world is assured by our competent partners in more than 160 countries.

The public works, forestry and agricultural machinery dealers, as well as the John Deere engine dealers, will ensure the

maintenance of your original equipment. Our spare parts are built according to strict specifics set

by John Deere. Our dealers stock most of these parts, and our central warehouses use our FLASH

parts shipping system, which means you will never have long to wait before receiving an order.

Using this cutting edge system, any spare part that is not available on site can be located and shipped

without delay. Also, the availability of spare parts (delivered in 24 hours in some cases) in our

parts warehouses demonstrates John Deere’s commitment to supporting you for a long time.

Ready to fit!

With total freedom

Freedom is being able to select your engine from a wide range of models that offer 2 types of

displacement for the key powers.

It is also having the choice between a power set (an engine equipped with its own cooling system

and filtration kit) or an engine alone.

And, also, having the choice of an entire series of options (12V – 24V, left or right side service points,

etc.) which are available in a range from 2,4 l to 13,5 l.

Not forgetting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that parts for all engines are available

in our distribution network.

4,5 l engine - 4 cylinder

Total compactness

Imagine a 4 cylinder engine that performs like a 6 cylinder! One of the secrets of John Deere’s

engines is the ability to obtain maximum power in a minimum of space! In order to achieve this, we

do everything we can from the very start of the design process to obtain an ideal performance/size

ratio and guarantee unparalleled power density, all while building engines that fit easily into your

gen sets.

Total fuel efficiency

At John Deere we take fuel efficiency very seriously. In fact, by maximizing

our engine’s fuel consumption, we have also succeeded in significantly reducing

the size of the fuel tank.

Total quality

For some, quality is a hypothetical concept.

For us, it’s a reality that starts at the R&D phase, when each of our components is optimized. The

result has been 5 million engines made throughout the world, each tested 100% and passed for

performance and which vigorously meet all applicable industry standards. And since our engines

are built to be used in generators, we thoroughly research their compatibility, including performing

torsion tests.

In conclusion, when choosing John Deere you benefit from the unique expertise of an independent

engine builder that is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and a major partner of gen set manufacturers.

3D-engineering development of a power unit

North America and Brazil

John Deere Power Systems

3801 West Ridgeway Avenue

P.O. Box 5100

Waterloo, IA 50704-5100

Phone: + 1 800 533 6446 (U.S.)

Phone: + 1 319 292 6060 (Brazil & Canada)

Fax: + 1 319 292 5075



Industrias John Deere S.A. de C.V.

Boulevard Diaz Ordaz No. 500

Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon 66210


Phone: +52 81 8288 1212

Fax: +52 81 8288 8456

Want more


Please request our catalogue.

In it you will find all the details and technical specifics

of our engines.


Industrias John Deere Argentina, S.A.

Juan Orsetti 481

2152 Grandero Baigorria

Sante Fe, Argentina

Phone: +54 341 471 8000

Fax: +54 341 471 8001

Europe, Africa and Middle East

John Deere Power Systems

Usine de Saran

La Foulonnerie – B.P. 11013

45401 Fleury-les-Aubrais Cedex – France

Phone: +33 2 38 82 61 19

Fax: +33 2 38 84 62 66


Australia and New Zealand

John Deere Limited,

Power Systems Division

P.O. Box 1126


NSW 2570


Phone: +61 2 46474857

Fax: +61 2 46461236

Far East

John Deere Asia (Singapore) Pte limited

#06-02/03 Alexandra Point

438 Alexandra Road

119958 Singapore

Phone: +65 (68) 79 88 00

Fax: +65 (62) 78 03 63

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